December 20, 2012 Honorable Jeffrey C. Cohen Acting Secretary, NYS Board of lectric !

o"er #eneration Siting and n$ironment % m&ire State !la'a Albany, NY 1222%(1%)0 Re: Case12-F-0410 Cape Vincent Wind Power Dear Acting Secretary Cohen* +egarding the re$i,ed !-blic .n$ol$ement !rogram /!.!0 dated No$. 12, 2012 from B!, there are ,e$eral area, "here the D!S made ,&ecific recommendation, a, to "hat action, "ere nece,,ary to ma1e the original !.! &lan ade2-ate. 3he follo"ing re2-e,t, from the D!S "ere not met in B!4, re$i,ed !.!, nor did B! &ro$ide a "ritten e5&lanation a, to "hy it decided not to incor&orate D!S4, recommendation,. 6e "i,h to ma1e clear, for the record that B!7, re$i,ed !.! i, ,-b,tantially lac1ing. 8rom the D!S letter 9ct. 1:, 2012 ;Pursuant to 16 NYCRR 1000.4 (e), Cape Vincent Wind Power, LLC sha within !0 da"s consider the #easures reco##ended $" %P& and, in a 'ina written Pu$ ic (n)o )e#ent Pro*ra# p an 'i ed with the &ecretar", sha as to each speci'ic #easure either re)ise the Pu$ ic (n)o )e#ent Pro*ra# p an to incorporate the %P& reco##endation, or pro)ide a written e+p anation as to wh" it decided not to incorporate the reco##endations., and ;-he P(P shou d identi'" a proposed &tud" .rea, and identi'" an" additiona sta/eho ders or sta/eho der *roups that are within that $roader area. Representati)es and residents o' ad0acent #unicipa ities (e.*., -own o' C a"ton1 Wo 'e (s and, 2ntario) shou d $e considered as potentia sta/eho ders $ased on re*iona sca e i#pacts o' the proposed ar*e3sca e wind ener*" pro0ect, and potentia cu#u ati)e i#pacts with e+istin* or proposed wind ener*" 'aci ities in those 0urisdictions., Ho"e$er, 6olfe .,land, an e5i,ting &ro<ect, and Clayton, a &ro&o,ed &ro<ect, "ere not incl-ded in B!4, re$i,ed !.!.

3he D!S al,o "rote* 4(n addition, we wou d appreciate it i' "ou cou d pro)ide %P& with so#e $asic pro0ect in'or#ation inc udin* (a) a #ap showin* the pro0ect area inc udin* the tur$ine arra" i#its, and the ocation o' e ectric ines, su$stations, switch"ard and interconnection points1 and ($) a description o' the chan*es resu tin* in the conso idated pro0ect inc udin* the nu#$er and si5e o' tur$ines, their ocation, and the pro0ect $oundar".4 B! ignored thi, recommendation by D!S in their re$i,ed !.! and did not change a ,ingle feat-re of their original ma& = 5hibit 1( >a& of Ca&e ?incent 6ind 8arm.= B!4, ma& lac1, bo-ndarie, of the &ro<ect, ,etbac1, from &ro&erty line,, location of t-rbine,, a legend of ho,t lando"ner, and ad<acent lando"ner,. @ocation, of electric line,, ,-b,tation,, ,"itchyard,, and interconnection &oint, are $ag-e and indeterminable. .n B!7, re$i,ed !.! on &age A there i, a chart "hich de,cribe, ,etbac1, di,tance, from non(&artici&ating lando"ner,, yet their ma& doe, not delineate "hich &ro&ertie, are non( &artici&ating ma1ing inter&retation of ,etbac1 di,tance, im&o,,ible. 3he D!S f-rther "rite,* ;!. -he P an shou d pro)ide a pre i#inar" speci'ic (non3*eneric) identi'ication o'6 (i) host andowners1 and (ii) ad0acent andowners17., Again, no ,-ch information i, incl-ded and the recommendation, of D!S "ere ignored. B! "rite, in their re$i,ed !.! 8...has de)e oped a ist o' sta/eho ders usin* the 'o owin* criteria (a pre i#inar" speci'ic ist o' sta/eho ders is attached as 9+hi$it !)6, 5hibit %, ho"e$er, lac1, li,t, of ,&ecific ho,t lando"ner, and ad<acent &ro&erty o"ner,. 3he @yme !lanning Board i, not entirely re&re,ented and Clayton and 6olfe .,land are not incl-ded. .n thi, in,tance B! ha, failed to incl-de "hat they ,aid they "o-ld incl-deB D!S "rite,* ;1. -he Pu$ ic (n)o )e#ent Pro*ra# p an (P an) shou d identi'"6 (c) the ocation o' reasona$ e a ternati)e sites,7.., B!7, re$i,ed !.! ha, no alternate facility ,ite, &ro&o,ed, nor did B! &ro$ide an e5&lanation a, to "hy they ignored D!S4, recommendation,. D!S "rite,* ;:. -he P an shou d inc ude a pro)ision that the .pp icant wi prepare a #onth " spreadsheet3 st" e trac/in* report identi'"in* pu$ ic in)o )e#ent pro*ra# acti)ities conducted $" the .pp icant, su##aries o' 'eed$ac/ recei)ed in such acti)ities, and su##aries descri$in* an" actions ta/en $" the .pp icant in response to such 'eed$ac/., B! officially began their !.! Se&t. 1:. 3o date their "eb,ite ha, neither ,-mmarie, of feedbac1 from the &-blic nor ,-mmarie, of action, ta1en by B! in re,&on,e to feedbac1. .t ha, been t"o month, and their "eb(&age i, blan1 along "ith their re,&on,e to D!S. D!S "rite,* ;(denti'ication o' *oa s and #ethods 'or speci'ic consu tations...d) pro)ide a #ethodo o*" to #easure the success o' the outreach. 8

B! re,&ond, in their re$i,ed !.!* 4...consu tation wi $e dee#ed success'u i' in'or#ation re e)ant to a''ected sta/eho der or a*enc" was pro)ided to a''ected a*enc" or sta/eho der,.., .n addition to information re2-e,ted in &re$io-, letter, to the !SC and B!, the 3o"n of Ca&e ?incent ha, re2-e,ted*  An acc-rate ma& "ith ,&ecific, detail,  li,t, of ho,t lando"ner, and ad<acent lando"ner,  acc-rate and definiti$e ,i'e of &ro<ect ( 200(2C) >6 ha, a A2D $ariation  acc-rate n-mber, for &rod-cti$ity( not e5aggerated by at lea,t % time,  ac1no"ledgment that ,ignificant ad$er,e en$ironmental, ,ocial, financial, and c-lt-ral im&act, e5i,t  re,&ect for o-r 3o"n Com&rehen,i$e !lan and o-r @ocal Eoning @a",. .n ,&ite of the,e re2-e,t,, B! cho,e to ignore the 3o"n4, re2-e,t, in m-ch the ,ame manner that they ha$e ignored D!S recommendation, for im&ro$ing their !.!. 3here ha, to be ,ome recognition in the Article 10 &roce,, bet"een an a&&licant4, rhetoric and their com&liance "ith the la", r-le, and the recommendation, of the D!S. .n B!4, Article 10 ca,e they ob$io-,ly tal1 better than they "al1. Altho-gh "e $ie" the lo,, of home r-le to be -nfair to the intere,t, of o-r comm-nity, "e felt the r-le, that "ere &rom-lgated by D!S attem&ted to balance the intere,t, of all the &layer,, -, incl-ded. Ho"e$er, if B! contin-e, to be -nre,&on,i$e to the,e r-le,, a, they ha$e been "ith their !.!, then "e fore,ee a contin-ed ad-lteration of the Article 10 &roce,,. #o$ernor C-omo, d-ring the ,igning of the NY !o"er Act 2011, ,tated that ;the &roce,, "ill be fair,F and "e ho&e and e5&ect that the Siting Board "ill -&hold the e5&ectation of the go$ernor. +e,&ectf-lly yo-r,, Grban Hir,chey H 3o"n S-&er$i,or Broo1, Bradgon H De&-ty S-&er$i,or John Byrne H 3o"n Co-ncil Clifford Schneider H 3o"n Co-ncil >ichelle 9,"ald H 3o"n Co-ncil +ichard >ac,herry H !lanning Board Chairman +obert S. Bro"n H !lanning Board Cyril C-llen H !lanning Board !a-l Docte-r H !lanning Board He,ter Cha,e H Eoning Board

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