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Map 61 Ephesus

Compiled by C. Foss and G. Reger (islands), 1994 Introduction

The continental part of the map comprises three distinct geographic regions: the coasts of Ionia and Caria, the Maeander valley, and the mountainous hinterland of Caria. The coastal region, settled by Greeks in their first great expansion in the Iron Age, became the site of major cities and many smaller settlements along its deeply indented coastline. The excavators of Ephesus and Miletus have long surveyed the regions of those cities, and other classical scholars have investigated the rest of Ionia. The Ionian coast has seen great physical changes since antiquity. The vast quantities of alluvium deposited by the R. Maeander have made the ancient port of Ephesus an inland town, and turned the former Gulf of Latmos near Miletus into a lake (inset and E2). The Carian coast, with its numerous small ports, is well known thanks to the researches of Bean and Fraser. The broad Maeander valley, which divides Ionia from Caria, always played a major role in the economy of the region with its fertility and the communication it provided between coast and interior. It has not been systematically surveyed. The rivers tributaries offered an outlet for the scattered settlements in the basins and plateaus of the heavily forested interior of Caria. Much of this region, as well as many parts of neighboring ones, was carefully explored by Louis Robert. The map omits Carian sites for which no Greek name is attested; for these, see Radt (1970). For unnamed village sites also not marked, see Marchese (1989, 147-54). Islands The Aegean islands here pose difficult problems. The number of poleis (city-states) and other sites is considerable. Ancient sources such as Pliny the Elder and some of the later geographers offer a welter of names. These are often corrupt, and in some instances they can be associated with a specific island only with the greatest hesitation. Research and archaeological exploration have treated the different islands very unevenly. For example, it is still unclear where the main polis site was on Kalymna, whereas the territory of Ialysos on Rhodes (Map 60 G3) has been so thoroughly documented by Papachristodoulou (1989) that only a selection of the sites identified there can be marked at this scale. Future work is sure to improve our knowledge of the topography of many islands. Individual farms (choria) attested by the Diocletianic inventories are omitted both from the map and from the Unlocated Toponyms; most of their locations are in any case not known. Tholaria are also omitted; again, the locations of many remain uncertain. Single graves and small groups of graves are omitted likewise; it is a matter of judgment when graves become a cemetery, but in general only those that their discoverers or excavators term a necropolis are marked. Sherd scatters discovered in surveys are generally not indicated unless other, more substantial evidence (for example, walls) suggests a settlement. In the same connection note that the rich results of several surveys cannot be reflected at this scale because the areas covered were too small (for example, Erard-Cerceau 1993; Brunet 1988). Towerssuch a common feature on the islandsare marked as forts; choice of this symbol, however, is not meant to prejudice views on the purposes of these structures, which continue to be debated. In general, only the relatively well-preserved towers are marked.



All place names are in Turkey unless otherwise noted Abbreviations
IK 17.1 IK 28 IK 30 IK 35 IK 38 IK 41 IPriene Robert, Hell. Robert, OMS TIB Phrygien R. Meri et al., Die Inschriften von Ephesos VII.1, Bonn, 1981 W. Blmel, Die Inschriften von Iasos, Bonn, 1985 E. Varinlioglu, Die Inschriften von Keramos, Bonn, 1986 W. Blmel, Die Inschriften von Mylasa II, Bonn, 1988 W. Blmel, Die Inschriften der rhodischen Peraia, Bonn, 1991 W. Blmel, Die Inschriften von Knidos, Bonn, 1992 F. Hiller von Gaertringen (ed.), Inschriften von Priene, Berlin, 1906 L. Robert, Hellenica, 13 vols., Paris, 1946-65 L. Robert, Opera Minora Selecta, 7 vols., Amsterdam, 1969-90 K. Belke and N. Mersich, Tabula Imperii Byzantini 7, Phrygien und Pisidien, DenkWien 211, 1990

Grid G2 C1 E4 D2 B4 D3 A5 F2 F2 F1 D3 G4 B4 G4 D2 D2 F3 F2 E2 B5 B5 G2 E1 E4 H2 B4 G4 F4 A3 Name Acharaka Aegaeum Mare Ag. Ioannis Ag. Ioannis Aigiale Akrite Ins. Akrotiri Alabanda/ Antiocheia Chrysaoron Alinda/ Alexandria ad Latmum Almoura Amazonion Pr. *Amnista Amorgos Ins. Amos Ampelos M. Ampelos Pr. Amynanda Amyzon/ *Mydon Anaia Anaphe Anaphe Ins. Anineta Anokome Antimachia Antiochia ad Maeandrum Antiocheia Chrysaoron = Alabanda Anydros? Ins. Apeiros Aphrodisias Pr. Aphrodite?, T. = Eileithyaia, T. Aplomata Period HR ACHR ACHR ACHRL AH CHRL/ H CHRL/ H R H CHR Modern Name / Location Salavatl on Nisyros GRE on Samos GRE Tholaria, on Amorgos GRE Arkoi GRE on Thera GRE Araphisar Karpuzlu Eskioba Geranos, Patmos GRE Sgt Amorgos GRE Hisarburnu Karbounis, on Samos GRE Aspro Kabo GRE Alakilise? Mazn Kalesi Kadikalesi Kastelli GRE Anaphe GRE Bgdelik near Kozpnar Antimakhia, on Kos GRE Aliagaiftligi Amorgopoulo GRE region N and W of Physkos Boz Burun on Naxos GRE Reference PECS See Map 57 Jacopi 1932 Shipley 1987, 254 RE 1 RE Sperling 1973, 11-12 RE Robert 1973, 448-66 PECS IK 17.1, 187 RE Patmos, col. 2179 Bean 1957, 61 RE IK 38.95 Shipley 1987, 279 Shipley 1987, 279 Bean 1955, 165 RE ATL I, 521 Mller-Wiener 1961, 66 Hiller 1899, 351-58 RE Robert 1980, 325-34 Foss 1979, 56 (n. 20) Herzog 1899, 165-66 See Map 65 RE Fraser 1954, 68-69 Fraser 1954, 63 Orlandos 1976, 154-57


MAP 61 EPHESUS Grid Name Apollo, T. = Asklepieion, T. Apollo Asgelatos, T. Apollo Lepsios, T. Apollo, T. Apollo, T. Apollonas Apollonion Aquae Ar(ai)ai Inss. Archilocheion?, T. Arethousa Arethousa? Argiai Inss. Argos Arkesine Arkonnesos Ins. Arkonnesos Ins. = Aspis Ins. Armenokhori Aroma Arsinoe(ia) = Ephesus Artemis Parthenos, T. Artemis Tauropolos, T. Artemision Ascania Ins. *Asia Asklepieion, T. Asklepieion, Thesmophorion?, Apollo, T. Asklepieis = Therma Aspat Aspis/ Arkonnesos Ins. Aspripetra Astragon Astypalaia Astypalaia Ins. Astypalaia M. Astypalaia Pr. Astypalaia/ Isthmos Athena Poliouchos, T. Athena, Zeus?, T. Athymbra = Nysa Aulai Aulon Aurelia Neapolis = Neapolis Automate Ins. = Hiera Ins. Bargasa Bargasa = Pargasa Bargylia Bargylietikos Sinus = Iasi(k)os Sinus Basilicus Sinus Bathos Batinetis Belevi Period Modern Name / Location Reference


B5 D3 A3 D4 B3 A3 E3 A3 C2 D2 D3 E4 B4 E4 C4 G2 D3 C2 A3 A5 E1 E4 A3


on Anaphe GRE on Lepsia GRE on Delos GRE Khristos Ierusalem, on Kalymna GRE on Naxos GRE on Mykonos GRE Elitas, on Paros GRE on Ikaria GRE spring, on Samos GRE Strongili and Airilousa GRE Stauros, on Nisyros GRE on Amorgos GRE Kara Ada on Astypalaia GRE Kavakl on Leros GRE on Ikaria GRE on Rheneia GRE Christiana GRE lower Cayster valley on Kos GRE on Paros GRE

Hiller 1899, 352-53 Bean 1957, 136 Bruneau 1983, 19-60 Newton 1865 I, 304-12 Sauer 1892, 46 (no. 47-48) Svoronos 1893, 487 See Aqueducts RE Arai Berranger 1992, 108-12 Zapheiropoulos 1963, 273 Shipley 1987, 279 RE Hyetussa Bean 1957, 119 Rougemont 1993 RE 1 Hope Simpson 1973, 161-62 von Diest 1913, 28 Bean 1957, 134 Polites 1939; Papalas 1983 Charre 1993, 133-42 Pliny, NH 4.71 Kirk 1985, 164 Herzog 1932 Berranger 1992, 90-93, 104-105


E4 D1 D4 G3 C4 C4 D2 E3 D4 A3 A5 G4 A3


fortified site Doganbey Adas on Kos GRE Elmack? on Astypalaia GRE Astypalaia GRE on Samos GRE Kzl Burun on Kos GRE on Naxos GRE on Thera GRE near Orhaniye on Naxos GRE

Foss 1988, 161 RE Arkonnesos 2 Levi 1925 Marchese 1986, 237 Hope Simpson 1973, 159-61 RE Shipley 1987, 279 Bean 1955, 162 Bean 1957, 122-23 IG 12.5.41 Sperling 1973, 35-37 IK 38.118 RE Naxos, col. 2082

G2 F3 E3 E4 E2 E1


Haydere Varvl Akbk Liman on Kalymna GRE opposite Samos mausoleum, tumulus

PECS RE RE Koukoule 1982, 56-57 RE Samos, col. 2182 Praschniker 1979, 170-71

940 Grid E1 E1 E4 D3 G4 G4 F2 E1 G3 F5 F5 F3 E4 G4 D2 G2 G3 E4 F4 E1 E1 A5 D4 E4 B5 A3 D4 A3 A3 A3 B4 F4 F1 E3 F5 E1 B3 C2 C2 D4 A3 A3 A3 G4 E4 A5 A3 D4 F4 A5 Name Belevi *Boneita Bourina Branchidai = Didyma Brouzi Bubasius Sinus Bybassos Caria Cayster fl. Cedreaticum Sinus Chalke Chalke Ins. Chalketor Chelone Pr. Chersonesos Chesios fl. Chrysaoras fl. Chrysaoris Cnidus Cnidus Colophon Colophon/ Colophon ad Mare/ Notion Columbus Cordylusa Ins. Cos Ins. Creticum Mare Cyclades Inss. Damos Delion Delos Delos Ins. Dia = Tralles Dia? Ins. Diabetai Inss. Dideiphyta Didyma/ Branchidai Dimastos? Ins. Dioshieron Donousa Ins. Doridis Sinus = Kerameios Sinus Drakanon Drakanon Pr. Drekanon? Pr. Drios M. Dryos Eileithyaia, Zeus Hypatos, Aphrodite?, T. Elaioussa Ins. Eleusinioi Theoi, T. Eleusis? Elytas fl. Embolas Emecik Emporion Period A? R H H R CHR ACHRL R CHR CH CHR R? C HRL AC AC HRL/ H/ ACHR C?

MAP 61 EPHESUS Modern Name / Location quarries Kkkale spring on Kos GRE on Leros GRE Hisarn Bay Hisarn district region S R. Maeander Gkova Krfezi GRE Chalke GRE Karakuyu on Kos GRE Daraya on Samos GRE Mastavra Dere ahinler? Tekir Burgaz? Degirmendere S of earlier foundation on Thera GRE Kondelioussa GRE Kos GRE GRE HR ACHR ACHR on Kalymna GRE on Paros GRE on Delos GRE Delos GRE Niketerio GRE Gialesine, Korabalo and Marmoras GRE Kireli Didim Ag. Theodoros GRE Kurukemer Donoussa GRE on Ikaria GRE GRE on Kos GRE on Naxos GRE on Paros GRE Kounados, on Paros GRE Kzl Ada on Kos GRE on Thera GRE on Paros GRE on Kalymna GRE site with temple on Thera GRE Reference Praschniker 1979, 169 IK 17.1, 165 Gow 1950, 133 Benson 1963, 9 Fraser 1954, 62-63 Fraser 1954, 63-65 KlPauly Karer See Map 56 Bean 1957, 63 See Map 60 See Map 60 IK 35, 107-13 Bean 1957, 126 Fraser 1954, 65-67 Shipley 1987, 290 RE Marchese 1986, 97 RE 1 IK 41.1-2 RE Kolophon 2 RE Notion 1 Della Setta 1924 Pliny, NH 5.133; FOA XII RE; Buchholz 1982 See Map 60 See Map 57 Newton 1865 I, 299-303 Berranger 1992, 81-82 Bruneau 1983 Bruneau 1983 RE 3 Pliny, NH 5.133; StByz Keil 1914, 66 RE See Map 60 Robert 1989, 71-73 StadMM 281 Papalas 1992, 98-101 RE Ikaros, col. 983 Bean 1957, 126 DiodSic 5.51.4 Rubensohn 1901, 173-74 Berranger 1992, 82-85 RE Elaiussa 2; C. Foss Laurenzi 1931, 623-25 Hiller 1899, 302-308 IG 12.5, test. 1435 Bean 1957, 128-29 Bean 1952, 171-73 Sperling 1973, 16-17




MAP 61 EPHESUS Grid E2 Name Ephesus/ Arsinoe(ia) Eudonos fl. = (H)Eudonos fl. Euhippe Eulimna Ins. Europos/ Euromos/ Philippoi *Hyromos *Kyromos Euthenai Ferek Gaison? fl. Gallesion M. Gelos = *Tlos Gerbekse Gerga/ Leukai Stelai? Glauke Glck Gonia Grion M. Grotta Gyroulas Hacbayramlar Halasarna Hales fl. Halicarnassus Harpasa Harpasos fl. Haytl Heraclea ad Latmum/ Pleistarcheia Heraion Herakleia Ins. Herakleion (H)Eudonos fl. Hiera/ Automate Ins. Hierakome T. Hekate Hippouris Ins. Histoi Horomedon M. Hybanda Ins. *Hydai/ *Kydai Hydas Hylas Hydissos Hydria Hydrousa Hyetousa Ins. Hyetoessa Ins. Hygassos *Hylimos/ *Olymos Hyllarima Period ACHRL/ H HR CH/ HRL/ H C C HR H CR RL? L R/ C C H AR R AH AL A ACHR R CHRL RL R HR? CHRL/ H ACHR H R HRL HR ACHRL C? CH/ C R CHR R H C/ H HRL Doganbey Alaman Da site with churches near Ovack S Dipburnu fortified site on Thera GRE Ilbir Da on Naxos GRE on Naxos GRE tumulus on Kos GRE Avc ay Bodrum Arpaz Akay fortified site Kapkr on Samos GRE Herakleia GRE above Kavakl Tabakhane dere Palaia Kameni GRE N Turgut Phtini GRE on Ikaria GRE on Kos GRE zba Damlarboaz Selimiye Karacahisar on Paros GRE on Samos GRE Kephoulia GRE on Losta Bay Kafaca near Mesevle Modern Name / Location Seluk Reference RE Ephesos; Scherrer 1995 RE Arsinoe 14 PECS See Map 60 RE 1; Robert, Hell. 8, 31-37; Errington 1986 ATL I, 559 Altnsivrisi IK 38.142 Bean 1957, 67 RE Robert 1989, 88 Fraser 1954, 33; C. Foss PECS Marchese 1986, 104 RE 2 Fraser 1954, 77 Sperling 1973, 19 RE Tzedakis 1973 Kontoleon 1954 Marchese 1986, 102 Hope Simpson 1962, 171-72 RE 1 RE Halikarnassos RE RE 1 Roos 1975, 340 RE Herakleia 15 Walter 1990 IG 12.7.509 IPriene 48 Tischler 1977, 52, 62 Forsythe 1992, 192-98 Robert 1970, 558-61 Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica 4.1712 Papalas 1992, 27, 57 Neppi Modona 1933, 18 RE; Philippson 1936, 6 IK 35, 99-105 IK 38.75 PECS Hydisos RE Paros, col. 1791 Shipley 1987, 258 RE Hyetussa Carter 1982 RE; Robert, Hell. 10, 226-27 PECS


G2 F5 F3

Dalama GRE Ayakl

G4 G3 E2 E1 G4 G2 E2 H3 A5 F3 A3 A3 G3 E4 E1 E3 G2 G2 G3 F2 D2 A4 E2 F2 A5 G3 B5 C2 E4 inset F3 G4 F3 A3 D2 D3 G4 F3 G2

942 Grid F4 A3 F3 F3 G3 G3 C2 C3 D2 F3 inset A4 A4 E4 F2 E4 D2 G3 G4 D3 E3 D4 D3 D2 A3 E5 A5 F3 E3 E3 G4 F3 G4 C2 G2 D2 G4 E2 F3 D4 E4 F3 B4 E1 D2 B3 Name Hymos? Ins. Eirmos? Ins. Hyria Iasi(k)os/ Bargylietikos Sinus Iasos Idrias Edrias Idyma Ikaros Ins. Ikaria Ins. Ikarion Mare Imbrasos fl. Ioniapolis Ionopolitikos/ Latmikos Sinus Ios Ios Ins. Isthmos = Astypalaia Istros Ins. Kadyie Kaisareia = Tralles Kalinos Ins. Kalithea Kallipolis Kallipolis Kalydnioi Inss. Kalymna Ins. Kamares Kambos Kanebion = Kys Kantharion Pr. Kargadousa Karion = Melie Karpathion Mare Karterados Karyanda Karyanda (Neapolis) Karyanda/ Krousa? Ins. *Kasara Kasossos Kastabos Hemithea, T. Kataphydion Kavakl Kazania Kedreai Kenchrios fl. *Kenios fl. Kephalos Kerameios/ Doridis Sinus Ceramicus Sinus Keramos Keria Ins. Kerkaphos M. Kerketeus M. Kheimarros-Bardaki Period

MAP 61 EPHESUS Modern Name / Location Nimos GRE ACH CHR/ H CHRL C CHR on Naxos GRE Asn Krfezi Asnkalesi region around Stratonikeia Kozlukuyu Ikaria GRE on Samos GRE Mersinet Iskelesi Bafa Golu on Ios GRE Ios GRE Giali GRE R L CHR CHR AR zml Kalinos GRE on Samos GRE Duran iftlik? Gelibolu? Kalydaioi GRE Kalymna GRE on Kos GRE on Patmos GRE A H?R CR R CHR H? HR AC CH? ACH CHR R H C?H CHR/ R R CHRL H CH? GRE on Paros GRE on Thera GRE Salih Adas? Gl Karabalar Adasi Asardibi Ulas Pazarlk on Ikaria GRE on Samos GRE ehir Adas Deirmendere Sar ay on Kos GRE Kerme Krfezi Gkova Krfezi ren Keros GRE Karaca Da on Samos GRE on Naxos GRE Reference RE Lamprinoudakes 1987 IK 28.2, 153-54 RE RE 15 ATL I, 483-84 PECS RE 2 Burr 7-8 Buschor 1953 Peschlow-Bindokat 1977a RE Cook 1961, 96 RE RE RE 1; Buchholz 1982 RE Neppi Modona 1933, 26 Shipley 1987, 252 IK 38.157 IK 38.157 ATL 1, 495 RE Neppi Modona 1933, 19-20; Sherwin-White 1978, 28 Pace 1909, 372 Shipley 1987, 280 Berranger 1992, 122-23 Burr 41-43 Sperling 1973, 23 Bean 1955, 155-60 Bean 1955, 155-60 ATL 1, 553; Bean 1955, 155-60 IK 38.21 RE Cook 1966 Papalas 1992, 61-62 Paton 1900, 60-61 Shipley 1987, 261-62 RE IK 17.1, 102 Crampa 1972, 145 (no. 69 lines 12-13) Sherwin-White 1978, 19-20 (n. 47) RE Fraser 1954, 70 Mela 1.84 PECS ATL 1, 501 RE 1 Shipley 1987, 280 RE Naxos, cols. 2084-85; Dalongeville 1993, 11


MAP 61 EPHESUS Grid D2 C2 F3 C4 F3 F1 G4 E1 E2 F1 G3 G3 E1 E2 C2 C2 E4 A3 G4 C4 E2 F3 F3 G3 E3 F4 A3 A3 A5 G3 Name Khora Khrysomilia Kildara Kinaros Ins. Kindye Krtepe Kzlky Klaros Klaseas fl. *Kleimaka Koliorga Koraia Korakion M. Kores(s)os/ Tracheia M. Korsiai Inss. Korsiai? Kos Kos Meropis Koukounaries Kressa Kretikos Sinus Krousa? Ins. = Karyanda Ins. Krtkaya Kuyruklu Kale Kybersos? fl. *Kydai = *Hydai Kyllandos *Kymnissa Kynossema Pr. Kynthos M. Kynthos M. Kyra Panagia Kys/ Kanebion/ Palaiapolis Labraunda Lade Ins. Lagina Lak(e)ter Pr. Larisa Larymna Latmikos Sinus = Ionopolitikos Sinus Latmos Latmos M. Lebedos/ Ptolemais Lebinthos Ins. Orobis? Ins. Lefkas Leia? Ins. Leimon Lepre Akte = P(e)ion M. Lepsia Lepsia Ins. Lepsimandos? Ins. Lepsimanioi Ins. Leros Leros Ins. Lethaios fl. Period C H C C H HR ACH R R H H R CHR/ CR CHR CHRL AC A R Modern Name / Location on Samos GRE on Korsiai Inss. GRE Asarda Kinara GRE Srtma tumuli site with fort and temple N of refounded Colophon Krknc Boaz Dere formerly Kiserli Eleki Baclar Snd Da Panayir Da Phournoi GRE on Phournoi GRE on Kos GRE on Paros GRE inlet, Sere Liman Reference Shipley 1987, 262 Rehm 1929, 20 Bean 1957, 99-100 RE PECS Kindya Keil 1914, 66 Fraser 1954, 43 RE RE Keil 1914, 66 Marchese 1986, 100 Marchese 1986, 100 RE RE Suppl. 12 Ephesos B, col. 1595; Brein 1976 RE Korassiai, Korseai Dunst 1974 Bean 1957, 119-26 Berranger 1992, 120-22 RE 1 Burr 6 Atalay 1985 Radt 1969 Tischler 1977, 85-86 Bean 1957, 84-85 Robert, OMS 3, 1475 RE Plassart 1928 Berranger 1992, 81 Sperling 1973, 25 PECS RE PECS RE RE PECS Bean 1957, 126 RE Tralleis, col. 2125 Carter 1991 Peschlow-Bindokat 1977, 100 RE 1 RE RE Marangou 1982 RE RE 2 Bean 1957, 136 RE RE ATL 1, 513 Benson 1963, 6-12 RE 1 RE 4



quarry fortified site Ac ay Elmal? Ake Ky Karaburun on Delos GRE on Paros GRE on Thera GRE Bellibol

F3 E2 G3 E4 F2 G4 F2 F2 D1 C3 B4 C4 G2 D3 D3 E3 D3 D3 E2

near Beypnar off Miletus Turgut on Kos GRE N Tralles SE Incirli Ada next to Heraclea Beparmak Da Kisik Lebintha GRE on Amorgos GRE Ligada GRE Kzlkaya on Lipsos GRE Lipsos GRE Kalolimnos GRE on Leros GRE Leros GRE Derbent ay


944 Grid Name Leukai Stelai? = Gerga Leukophrys = Magnesia ad Maeandrum Lide M. Lince? = Priene Litus Leuca Livadi Livadia Lobolda Loryma Madnasa Maeander fl. Magnesia ad Maeandrum/ Leukophrys Maiandros/ Maiandroupolis? Makria Pr. Makris Ins. Maltezana Manolates Marathesion Marathion Marmara Marnas fl. Marpessa M. Marsyas fl. Mastaura Melanes Melanteioi Skopeloi Melantioi Petrai Melas? Melie/ Karion Mes(s)ogis M. Meter Theon, T. Mikra Thalassa Miletus Minoa *Mobolla Monolithos Morsynos fl. Moura Mycale M. *Mydon = Amyzon Mykonos Mykonos Ins. Mylasa Mylasa Myndos Myonnesos Ins. Myous Myrsineai Narthekis Ins. Narthecusa? Ins. Naulochos Naxia Naxiakos? Sinus Naxos Naxos Ins. Period

MAP 61 EPHESUS Modern Name / Location Reference

F3 E4 C4 E5 F3 G4 E3 E2 F2 E2 D1 D1 C4 D2 E2 A3 E5 E2 A3 F2 G2 A3 B3 B5 A3 E2 F1 A5 F3 E2 B4 G3 A5 H2 C4 E2 A3 A3 F3 F3 E3 D1 E2 A3 E2 F5 E2 F2 A4 A3 B3


Trman Da Sralca Burnu on Astypalaia GRE on Telos GRE Grbet ky Bozuk Gl? Menderes Tekke Ske? Doanbey burnu formerly Bolemo on Astypalaia GRE on Samos GRE Ambar Tepe on Paros GRE on Telos GRE Dervent dere on Paros GRE ine Cay Mastavra on Naxos GRE near Mykonos GRE near Anaphe GRE on Naxos GRE Kale Tepe near Gzelaml Aydn Dalar on Thera GRE Gulf of Iasos Balat on Amorgos GRE Mula on Thera GRE Dandala Su spring on Astypalaia GRE Samsun Da on Mykonos GRE Mykonos GRE Milas Pein Kalesi? Gmslk ft Kale Afar on Paros GRE Bogaz Ada GRE Akbogaz? Badack? on Naxos GRE Naxos GRE

Radt 1970, 262 Bean 1955, 162; C. Foss Hope Simpson 1973, 161 Hope Simpson 1970, 66-68 Marchese 1986, 100 RE Bean 1955, 155 RE Maiandros 1; TIB Phrygien 332-33 PECS ATL 1, 514-15 RE Makria akra RE Zerbouda 1971, 552 Shipley 1987, 260 IK 17.1, 111 Berranger 1992, 114 (n. 208) Susini 1963, 265 RE Rubensohn 1901, 158 RE 1 RE Welter 1924, 18 StadMM 280 Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica 4.1706-1707 IG 12 Suppl. no. 194 (line 16) Kleiner 1967 RE 2 RE Sperling 1973, 33-34 RE PECS Miletos RE 7 RE Sperling 1973, 27-28 RE Hope Simpson 1973, 161 RE Mykale 2 Mbius 1925, 38 RE RE Cook 1961, 98-101 RE 1 RE 2 RE 2 Rubensohn 1901, 175-76 RE; Shipley 1987, 281 See Map 60 RE Suppl. 9 Priene, col. 1184 ATL 1, 524 IG 12.5.445A (line 12) RE 5 RE 5


MAP 61 EPHESUS Grid G2 D2 D2 A3 B3 E4 E4 E4 G2 A5 A3 C2 F4 G2 E2 G3 E3 E2 E3 G1 A3 D2 A3 E2 D2 G3 F4 E2 A3 B4 C2 C4 D2 D3 D4 E3 E2 E3 F3 A3 A3 F2 F3 D3 D3 E3 E1 E2 E4 D4 Name Neapolis/ Aurelia Neapolis Neo Karlobasi Neokhorion Nestos fl. Nikasiai Inss. Nisyrion Inss. Nisyros Nisyros Ins. Notion = Colophon Nysa/ Athymbra Oia Oikonomos Oinoe *Olymos = *Hylimos Onougnathos? Pr. Orthosia Ortygia *Oula Ouranion Paktyes M. Palaia Myndos Palaiapolis Palaiapolis = Kys Palaiokastro Palaiomonastero Palaiopyrgos Palinouros Pr. Panaima *Panamara Pandion? Collis Paridon Panionion Panormos Panormos Panormos Panormos Panormos Panormos Panormos Panormos Panormos Panormos Pargasa/ Bargasa Paros Paros Ins. *Parparia Passala Patmos Patmos Ins. Pedasa Pegaseum Stagnum P(e)ion/ Prion M./ Lepre Akte Pele Perakastro Period HCL/ R CH AC Modern Name / Location Inebolu on Samos GRE on Samos GRE on Paros GRE GRE Perigousa and Pakhia GRE on Nisyros GRE Nisyros GRE Sultanhisar on Thera GRE on Paros GRE on Ikaria GRE Ince burun Ortas near Kirazl Ula? Burgaz Ovack Da Bozda Beyda on Mykonos GRE on Samos GRE on Paros GRE Samos GRE on Samos GRE Bayaka Karayksek Da near Gzelaml Mykonos GRE Kalantou, Naxos GRE Korsiai Inss. GRE on Astypalaia GRE Vathy, Samos GRE Patmos GRE Kalymna GRE Kovela Liman Paa Liman Alaman Gl Gkbel on Paros GRE Paros GRE near Karaveliler Sakz on Patmos GRE Patmos GRE Gkeler Cellat Gl Blbldag on Kos GRE on Kalymna GRE Reference RE 13; Robert, OMS 6, 697-703 Shipley 1987, 255-56 Shipley 1987, 259 Rubensohn 1901, 176-77 IG 12.7, 161 Strabo 10.5.16 Hope Simpson 1962, 169 RE 1; Buchholz 1982 RE 10 Hiller 1899, 299-302 Schilardi 1973 Polites 1939, 139-43 RE ' 2 RE 2 IK 17.1, 102 ATL 1, 529-30 Bean 1955, 155 Strabo 14.1.39; C. Foss Bean l955, 145 RE 2 Bakalakis 1964, 556; G. Reger Shipley 1987, 260 Berranger 1992, 123-24 Brchner 1906 Shipley 1987, 281 RE Panamaros Fraser 1954, 61; RE Pandion 1 PECS RE Mykonos, col. 1036 RE Naxos, col. 2082 Haussoullier 1902, 141 Hope Simpson 1973, 164 Brchner 1906 RE Patmos, col. 2186 RE Kalymna, col. 1769 RE Panormos 2 RE 1 Meri 1985 PECS Bargasa Berranger 1992, 57-80 RE 1 ATL I, 532 IK 35, 117-19 Hope Simpson 1970, 48-51 RE RE RE Pagaseischer Sumpf Brein 1976 Neppi Modona 1933, 103-104; Schatzmann 1934 Bean 1957, 130





946 Grid A5 B4 E3 A3 G4 G4 D3 A3 E2 G4 E4 F3 G3 G3 A3 F4 F4 E3 A4 E2 A3 E2 D4 C2 E2 D4 C2 A4 E4 B4 G4 E2 C2 A3 A3 G5 G5 G4 D2 D2 D2 G3 B4 G4 E2 E2 A5 Name Perissa Phakoussai Inss. Pharmakousa Ins. Philippoi = Europos Philitzi Phoinix Phoinix M. Phora Phorbia? Pr. P(h)ygela Physkos Phyxia? Pidasa Pedasa Pion M. = P(e)ion M. Pisye Pitye *Pladasa Pleistarcheia = Heraclea ad Latmum Polichne Polypodousa Ins. Pontikokastro Poseidion Pr. Poseidon Phytalmios?, T. Poseidon Pr. Poseidon?, T. Poseidon?, T. Pothaia Pramnos M. Priene/ Lince? Prion M. = P(e)ion M. Prion? M. Proespera Psaropyrgos Pserimos Ins. Ptolemais = Lebedos Pygela = P(h)ygela Pyrgos Kheimarrou Pyrnos Pyrra Rhakhes Rheneia Rheneia Ins. Rhodos Rhodos Ins. Rhodoussa/ Ropousa Ins. Samiopoula Samos Samos Ins. Sarni Schinoussa Ins. Schoenus Sinus Seleuceia ad Maeandrum = Tralles Selinous fl. Selinousia L. Sellada Period AC?HR

MAP 61 EPHESUS Modern Name / Location on Thera GRE Kato Kouphi GRE Pharmakonisi GRE on Paros GRE Fenaket Karayksek Da on Patmos GRE Akrotiri, on Mykonos GRE Kuadas Marmaris on Kos GRE Cert Osman Kale Pissiky andren on Naxos GRE Palamutbk Adas on Syme GRE Tekaga Burnu on Ios GRE Posidonio, Samos GRE on Paros GRE on Samos GRE on Kalymna GRE on Ikaria GRE Gllbahe on Kos GRE on Ikaria GRE on Ios GRE Pserimos GRE on Naxos GRE Bykkaraaa Sarkemer? on Ikaria GRE on Rheneia GRE Rheneia GRE GRE GRE Ylanckadas on Samos GRE on Samos GRE Samos GRE large fortified site Skhinoussa GRE Delikta Bk Abuyat Dere Gebekilise Gl on Thera GRE Reference Sperling 1973, 30-31 IG 12.7.507-508 RE Pharmakussa Schilardi 1975, 95-96 RE 14 RE Phoinix 14 RE Patmos, col. 2186 Svoronos 1893, 487 IK 17.1, 104 RE Suppl. 11 Gow 1950, 163-64 PECS Pedasa RE Pisye IK 38.159 IG 12.5, test. 1415 StByz Hope Simpson 1962, 169 RE 7 Graindor 1904, 310 Shipley 1987, 281 Schilardi 1975, 95 Shipley 1987, 265-66 Bean 1957, 130 RE Ikaros, col. 984 RE Suppl. 9 ItMiller 704 RE Kos, cols. 1473-74 Zapheiropoulos 1970, 420-21 RE Ios, col. 1932 Neppi Modona 1933, 26 RE Naxos, cols. 2084-85 ATL 1, 544 Philippson 1936, 6 Polites 1939, 143-48 Bruneau 1983, 265 RE 1 See Map 60 See Map 60 RE ; RE 3 Shipley 1987, 259 RE 3 RE 3 Fraser 1954, 75-78 IG 12.7, 161 Fraser 1954, 62 RE Selinus 11 RE Selinus 5 Dragendorff 1903, 258-80




MAP 61 EPHESUS Grid F3 A4 F3 F3 D3 E4 E2 E4 E2 A3 D3 F4 E1 G3 F3 D4 F4 F4 inset G4 D5 E3 E3 D3 E3 E5 E5 G3 A2 A2 E4 E4 F4 F2 F3 E2 A5 G3 A5 A5 A5 C2 E4 Name Si(b)de Sikinos Ins. Sinuri, T. Sralk Skalia Skanderion Pr. Skolopoeis Skopias? Pr. Solmissos? M. Sounion Pr. Sporades Inss. Stadia Stena Stratonikeia Syangela Sykia Syme Syme Ins. Syrie Ins. Syrna Syrnos Ins. Taramptos Ins. Teichioussa Telendos Ins. Telmissos Telos Telos Ins. Tendeba Tenos Tenos Ins. Termera Termerion Pr. Teutloussa Ins. Thasthara Theangela Thebai Thera Thera Thera Ins. Therasia Ins. Therasia? Therma/ Asklepieis Thermai Thesmophorion?, T. = Asklepieion, T. Thia? Ins. Thorax M. Thyaira Thymnias Sinus Thyssanous *Tlos/ Gelos Tracheia M. = Kores(s)os M. Tragia Ins. Tralles/ Dia/ Seleuceia ad Maeandrum/ Kaisareia Triopion Period C CH H CHR C R R RL? H HRL C R? ACHR R HR Modern Name / Location Alazeytin? GRE Yu. Kadnal fortified site on Kalymna GRE Skandari, on Kos GRE near Doanbey Fener Burnu Davut Da on Paros GRE Sporades GRE Data Dereboaz Eskihisar Kaplan Da on Kalymna GRE on Syme GRE Syme GRE Kurutepe Bayr Ag. Ioannis GRE Tarandos near Kazkl Telendos GRE Grece? on Telos GRE Telos GRE Akgedik? GRE GRE Asarlk Koca Burun Seskli GRE near avdarky Etrim W Doanbey on Santorini GRE Yerkesik Santorini GRE Therasia GRE GRE on Ikaria GRE on Nisyros GRE Reference Hornblower 1982, 94-95 See Map 60 Robert 1945 Bean 1955, 131-32 Koukoule 1982, 59 Bean 1957, 120-21 Wiegand 1904, 17 Bean 1955, 162 RE Rubensohn 1901, 164 RE Sporaden RE 1 Robert 1989, 75 RE Radt 1970, 224 Bean 1957, 130; Koukoule 1982, 41 (n. 27) Hope Simpson 1962, 168-69 RE 1 RE IK 38.87 RE ATL 1, 553 PECS Teichiussa Bean 1957, 130-31 Bean 1955, 151-55 Hope Simpson 1970, 63-66 RE Marchese 1986, 237 See Map 60 See Map 60 RE RE Susini 1963, 260 Marchese 1986, 107, 134 RE Wiegand 1904, 469-74 Hiller 1899, 185-298; Hoepfner 1997 IK 38.163 RE RE 1 Sperling 1973, 39-41 Robert, OMS I, 549-68 Pantelides 1891; Philemonos-Tsopotou 1984 Forsythe 1992, 198-204 Strabo 14.1.39 Meri 1979 Fraser 1954, 62 RE Thyssanus Fraser 1954, 58-59 ATL 1, 512 Gomme 1945, 281 RE Tralleis 2 RE Tralleis 2, col. 2105 RE Tralleis 2, col. 2105 Bean 1952, 209



A5 E2 F1 G4 G4 G4


Palaia Kameni GRE Gm Da Tire Bozburun Liman Ortaca Pinarlbk?

D3 F2



Agathanisi GRE Aydn


948 Grid E4 E2 E2 E2 A3 G4 D3 G3 E3 Name Triopion Pr. Trogiliai Inss. Trogilion Pr. Tsoko Tsikalario Tymnos Xerokambos Xystis Zephyrion Zeus?, T. = Athena, T. Zeus Hypatos, T. = Eileithyaia, T. Zeus Melosios, T. Period CH R R A? HR CH R R

MAP 61 EPHESUS Modern Name / Location Deveboynu Burun S Dip Burnu Dip Burnu on Samos GRE on Naxos GRE Bozburun on Leros GRE Krteke at Halicarnassus Reference RE 1 RE Trogilion RE Shipley 1987, 265 Touchais 1982, 606 Fraser 1954, 61-62 Dawkins 1905, 172-74 BE 1982.362 Bean 1955, 85


on Naxos GRE

RE Naxos, cols. 2082-83

Grid E2 E2 D2 E1 E2 E2 E2 E4 E4 F2 F2 G3 Name / Location Aqua Iulia? Aqua Troessitica NW Heraion on Samos S from *Boneita to Ephesus near Selinous fl. at Miletus at Priene near Kos N Pele on Kos at Tralles at Tralles S of Gerga Period R R R RL L R H R R? R L L Reference RE Suppl. 12, col. 1604-1605 RE Suppl. 12, col. 1604-1605; Scherrer 1995, 228 Shipley 1987, 259-60 RE Suppl. 12, col. 1604-1605 RE Suppl. 12 Ephesos B, cols. 1604-1605 Wilski 1906 RE Suppl. 11, cols. 1191-93 Laurenzi 1931, 614-15 Herzog 1901, 139; Plieninger 1920, Taf. 28 Pappaconstantinou 1909, 298 Pappaconstantinou 1909, 298 Paton 1896, 191

Grid D2 E4 F3 H2 Location at Neokhorion on Samos near Triopion at Keramos at Antiochia ad Maeandrum Period A H R? R Reference Dunst 1972, 124-27 Bean 1952, 180 Varinlioglu 1982, 66 RE Antiocheia 16

Grid A3 A3 A5 E4 E4 E4 F5 Location on Rheneia near Oikonomos, on Paros on Therasia NW Kos cluster W Kos on Nisyros on Chalke (2) Period CH H?R? H?R? C?H?R? C?H?R? ACH Reference Couilloud 1973 Schilardi 1973, 263 RE Therasia, col. 2366 Herzog 1901, 139 Laurenzi 1931, 616-18 Papachristodoulou 1988, 208 See Map 60



Forts / Fortified Settlements

Grid D3 E4 E5 Location on Akrite on Nisyrion Inss. (3) on Telos (4) Period C?H?R? C?H? CH Reference Hope Simpson 1970, 51 Pleininger 1920, 196 Susini 1963, 261-65

Grid A3 A3 A3 A3 A3 C2 E4 Location on Rheneia on Mykonos on Marpessa M. on Paros NW Hydria near Dryos on Paros S Korsiai? on Horomedon M. on Kos Period H H?R? CHR H?R? H?R? H?R? A Material M M M M M M M Reference Couilloud-Le Dinahet 1978, 876-77 G. Reger Berranger 1992, 115-16 Rubensohn 1901, 171-72 Rubensohn 1901, 173 Rehm 1929, 20 Pritchett 1965, 424

Itinerary at Keramos Cnidian peninsula Ephesus Cayster valley and Smyrna Ephesus Maeander valley Ephesus Maiandroupolis Ephesus NW Halicarnassus peninsula Labraunda Mylasa Miletus Didyma Miletus Didyma Miletus Iasos Tralles Cayster valley Tralles Physkos Period H?R H?R? RL RL C?R? L H?R CR A R R?L R? RL Reference IK 30, 2 Bean 1952, 179 IK 17.1, 148 Magie 1950, 789-90 Philippson 1936, 25 Magie 1950, 796 Bean 1955, 131, 139 Westholm 1963, 9-10 RE Didyma Philippson 1936, map 3 Magie 1950, 796 Keil 1914, 66 Magie 1950, 797

Grid C4 E4 Location S Astypalaia, at Moura on Astypalaia hot springs on Nisyros Period L HR Reference Hope Simpson 1973, 161 Strabo 10.5.16

Grid E4 Location in N Cos Period R Reference Neppi Modona 1933, 1



Unlocated Toponyms
Name Acanthus/ Dulopolis Achilleus/ Achilleia Ins. Achillikos Acheloos fl. Aethalia Amphilysos fl. Apollo Delios, T. Asopos fl. Assoron M. Azibintha Ins. Biblos/ Biblines fl. Bolbai Chesion Chesios Pr. Chios Cyclopis Ins. Deikterion Dimastos M. Dryoussa Drys Dulopolis = Acanthus Elaious Epibomous? Erine Gaisonis L. Geopharion Regio? Gigantea Gigartho spring Gorgyra Haleis fl. Herakleotis Hierakome Hormos Heraites Hybettos fl. or spring Hyblisseis Hymessos Hypaton Ipnous(ia) Kalamoi Kasolabeis Klamadai Kodapeis *Koraza/ *Koarenda/ *Koaranza Koskinia Kranaos Krasos pr. Kryassos Kydonia Period H R village on Astypalaia Ins. on Mykonos H H R H? R H C H H C R A? R H C C H CH H R H R CH H A H R R C CH H R? C C C C H R C H HR H on Samos on Naxos on Paros on Samos on Naxos near Heraclea on Samos on Samos Cnidus peninsula on Samos on Mykonos near Priene near Priene on Naxos on Rhodos near Theangela near Priene on Samos on Nisyros on Samos on Samos on Cos region near Ephesus S bank R. Maeander on Samos on Samos near Mylasa on Nisyros on Samos on Samos N Kerameios Sinus? on Samos R. Lagina S bank R. Maeander near Antiochia ad Maeandrum Carian / Lycian coast Rhodian Peraea on Cos? Probable Location near Cnidus Reference RE Akanthos 4; RE Dulopolis 2 Shipley 1987, 279, 281 RE Suppl. 1 Svoronos 1893, 487 Livy 37.13.3; Thiel 1946, 324 (n. 524) Shipley 1987, 279 Matthaiou 1990, 116 Strabo 8.6.24 Shipley 1987, 279 Pliny, NH 4.71 IG 12.5, test. 1415 ATL 1, 510 Shipley 1987, 290 Shipley 1987, 290 ATL 1, 565-66 Pliny, NH 5.133 Shipley 1987, 280-81 Svoronos 1893, 487 RE Dryusa 2 RE 1 IG 12 Suppl., no. 194 (lines 14-15) IG 12.3.6 (line 12) Fraser 1954, 68 RE Shipley 1987, 279 IG 12.3.92 (line 2) Shipley 1987, 279 Shipley 1987, 280 Gow 1950, 131 RE Robert 1970, 559-60 Shipley 1987, 281 Shipley 1987, 281 ATL 1, 558 Robert, Hell. 10, 223-26 IG 12.3.92 (lines 2-3) Shipley 1987, 280 Shipley 1987, 280 ATL 1, 499; SEG 40.991.7 Shipley 1987, 280 ATL 1, 504 ahin 1973 Robert, OMS I, 351-55 Robert, OMS I, 359-60 Fraser 1954, 56 (n. 4) Fraser 1954, 55-56 Gow 1950, 135

MAP 61 EPHESUS Name Kyrbissos Kyrnos Lamse Ins. *Larasa Leistadai Leuke Kome Leukopeia? Leukothea spring Marpessa Melainai Miletos Mino(i)a/ Minoida My(...) regio *Narba Narisbareis Naryandos Nymphaia Ins. Nysa Nysion M. Omboi Orkatos Panormos Pegousa Peplos M.? Philotos/ Philoton Phloion Phor Sinus Phyle Ins. Phylincheia (regio) Pothaia Prinassos Prokne Ins. Ptelea? Rhypara Ins. Siloi Steganon/ Steganos Ins. Symmaethos Tarbaneis *Tarmia Temenion Temenion Themessos Thetaedia Ins. Thymbria Tragia Zephyrion Period C R R R A HL H R C?H?R? H H H C C HR R Probable Location near Idyma on Bubasius Sinus N Tralles on Naxos near Mylasa on Cos on Samos on Paros on Thera on Samos on Paros Arkesine near Antiochia ad Maeandrum Mt. Latmos area? near Halicarnassus on Naxos on Naxos H ACHR CHR R C H A C R H ACHR H R H R C R C C H H C H R R R near Antiochia ad Maeandrum perhaps in Lycia or on Lycian border near *Mobolla Leros? Xerokastro? on Paros near Stratonikeia near Myous on Naxos near Myndos near Mylasa on Kalymna on Kalymna Cnidus peninsula on Mykonos on Ios on Samos on Paros near Amorgos Arkesine on Kalymna in Rhodian Peraea on Cos Reference Robert, OMS VII, 304-308 Fraser 1954, 62 Pliny, NH 4.71 RE Athenaeus 8.348b Robert 1935, 337 Gow 1950, 150 Shipley 1987, 280-81 RE Paros, col. 1791 IG 12.3.330 (lines 33, 73) Shipley 1987, 281 Berranger 1992, 132 IG 12.7.61 (line 2) Robert OMS I, 359-61 ATL 1, 524-25 RE Naryandis 2 Shipley 1987, 279, 281 IG 12.5, test. 1415 IG 12.5, test. 1415 Robert 1935, 337 Koukoule 1982, 56-57 Koukoule 1982, 53-56 Bean 1952, 204 IG 12.5, test. 1516.2 IG 12.5.1005 (line 4) Shipley 1987, 281 IG 12.5.115 RE 3 IG 12.7.58 (line 4) Koukoule 1982, 40-52 RE Suppl. 14 RE 3 Gow 1950, 149 Shipley 1987, 279, 281 ATL 1, 548 RE RE Antiocheia 16 ATL 1, 553 RE Tarmianoi Manganaro 1963, 300-301 IG 12.5.116 RE Pliny, NH 4.71 RE IG 12.5, test. 1415 Bean 1955, 162




False Toponym
Name Neapolis in Ionia Period Reference Robert, OMS VI, 700-703

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