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I called Upon The Name of Jesus You can too!

Once while working at a major outlet chain and tornadoes were predicted for our area and off in the distance the tornado siren sounded and I went outside and helped get all the others to safety indoors, I went back outside and stood and I had no one to call upon who who could stop that tornado but Jesus!!!! I called upon His name and I rebuked that tornado and that storm in the name of Jesus!!!!! Someone asked me why did I hazard my life so? I said because I did not know if anyone else could call upon that name, but i knew i could and i knew He would hear me and I stood there to save the lives of those people and I called upon the name of Jesus while all others took shelter!!!! And we did not get hit, though others in another part of the town did. it was amazing how the reports came back to me of people said, you know we was watching you outside braving that weather and it was so strange as we knew you was praying and calling out to God a peace came over us and we knew somehow we was going to be safe and Thank You for standing in our behalf and praying for us like you did, we were safe! I called upon the one who alone could save! Jesus!!!! As I hurried to help get all the others indoors, the ord spoke to me and said behold you are a Son of God and behold you go outside and face this threat and call upon me and I will hear from heaven I will rebuke that storm if you call upon my name...and I did and he rebuked that storm and we ALl was safe that day!!!! I called on the name of Jesus!!!!! I tell you in the name of the Lord, the power of God came upon me and I knew if i prayed God would stand with me and stop that tornado and He did!!!! I called upon Jesus!!!!!! One time in my life I went through such hideous anxiety and fear that I was losing my mind! I talked to friends and others and tried to find help but there was none. Oh fear like you have never known! tormenting you day and night! There are and is a fear WORSE than even the fear of death! It will invade your sleep, your dreams, your very life and torment you! One day after seeking answers that never came I was at my wits end and i drove down a lone dirt road and i pulled over and I cried.....I cried....I mean I cried like I had not done so in years! I was at my wits end! I went into a vision as I called upon the ONLY NAME that could save me...JESUS!!! In the vision he descended from heaven and came right down to where I was and when he touched me with his Hand, a peace that passes all understanding came and filled my soul and all that fear and tormenting anxiety left me right then and there! Oh Hallelujah!!!! There is power in the name and person of Jesus Christ! Call upon that Name! JESUS! The only time in my life I let the devil talk me into drinking at a party and I got so drunk I should have been sent to a hospital, I was too dizzy and sick to even move and was throwing up all over the place, I was torn slap to pieces, the hurt I had done to my Lord, hurt much more worse than all that liquor! While I was left alone while the devils laughed at me, I had no place to go and no one to call but JESUS!!!! I CALLED ON JESUS IN THAT FILTHY DRUNKEN STUPOR AND I TELL YOU HE CAME!!!!!! ALL OF A SUDDEN THAT ROOM STOPPED SPINNING AS IF A MIGHTY HAND HAD STOPPED IT, I FEL A PEACE

AND A LOVE AND A FORGIVENESS SO STRONG AND SO POWERFUL AS I FELT A MIGHTY ARM PICK ME UP AND HOLD ME CLOSE TO ITS CHEST AND I KNEW IN THAT DARK ROOM IT WAS THE HAND OF MY LORD AND SAVIOR!!!!! I BALLED FOR HOURS! THERE JUST ME AND HIM!!!! I CALLED ON THAT NAME OF JESUS AND HE CAME!!!! YOU TOO CAN CALL ON THAT NAME AND I ASSURE YOU HE WILL COME!!!! GLORY!!!!! When on a certain day in school the teacher made me get up in front of the whole class and embarrassed me before all of my friends, because my hands and clothes were dirty and I smelled like a fireplace, he did not know we was so poor we still had to heat with a fireplace and we barely had any running water and most of the time we got dressed for school in that freezing cold house under the covers because it was so cold. Then that teacher embarrassed me so bad and the class laughed at me and he made me stand in the hallway till someone would come and take me to the gym to shower. I ran to the bathroom stall, I shut the door, all alone and had no one to call...except Jesus!!!!!! I cried out to Him!!!!! He came to my rescue!!!!! All of my natural life, from a puny malnourished poverty stricken kid who had a very abusive father that made me lay in bed at nights shedding tears untold, hungry, starving to death, fear like i have never known that any minute that big huge 280 pound strong man would come in through that door and beat me black and blue from head to toe with his fist once again!!!! Nightmares untold!!! I had NO WHERE TO GO BUT TO CALL ON JESUS!!!!! When he put a hole in my back from kicking me with his pointed boots and made me sit next to him when we did have food to he could slap me across the floor because I would not eat, because my stomach was in knots just being in the same house with him and I would throw up from just a bite of something, and he would beat me all over again! I had no where to go....BUT CALL ON JESUS!!!!!!! When it came time to forgive Him for all the wicked things he had done unto me, I had no where else to go but to Jesus!!!!! Call upon the only Name that Saves!!!!! JESUS!!!! I have been to places in my own life I was so scared to pray, I felt so alone, dead, had no words to say, could barely breath!!!!! All that came to my heart and mind when no words were there was this....Jesus!!!!!!!! I cried His Name a thousand times over and I tell you....HE CAME TO ME!!!!!!!! IF YOU FEEL LOST AND DONT HAVE ANY WORDS TO SAY BECAUSE YOU FEEL SO UNWORTHY AND NOT ABLE TO BE LOVED THEN LET ME DEDICATE THIS SONG TO YOU!!!!!!

The Bible says you are LOST! That means at one time you was Home! You had a first home before you became lost from it and now you are lost in your second home! But this world is NOT your home! Jesus was your first Home! he came to seek and save you which was LOST! Do not believe the LIE of the One who is telling you that all you are is a

no good for nothing worthless person, that is a LIE and he knows it!!!! He is the one who STOLE you from your true father which was and is GOD!!!! I challenge you to stop listening to His Voice and start having faith in a true voice that speaks truth to you! You have always felt different, though you hid it ever so well, you knew deep inside you was different and that there was more to life that what you have found! In other words a part of you is seeking some part of it that has been lost! That part of you is as a Bride searching for her True Husband, but her current one abuses her daily with lies and filth and hate and strife and deceit and cunning and bruises and drugs and on and on!!!! Oh Listen to me dear reader!!!! That is NOT your true Husband but an Imposter!!!! he is a Liar! Like an adulterous man or woman will tell lies to commit whoredom with another behind your back that is what the Devil has done! Your true Husband has been bleeding on a Cross hanging between Heaven and Earth to reach YOU! Hoping you would see Him and His Love for you!!!! His name is Jesus!!! God Almighty came down and put on Human Flesh and got on a Cross to tell be lifted up High so you would have no problem seeing Him and the blood dripping from his head, His Hand His feet His Side to tell you that are and have been LOST from HIM!!! I FORGIVE YOU!!!!!!! COME HOME!!!!!!!! GLORY!!!!!!!!!

Have HOPE my friends!!!! Jesus Christ hath set you FREE from every single thing that was wrong and has gone wrong in your life!!! He did NOT die for Himself!!!! HE D I E D FOR Y O U!!!!!!! Listen He already had everything one could want, so He said to the Father! God let me become the drug addicts addiction, let me be the cuss words he speaks, let me be the prostitute that burns in her lust!!! let me the Crack addict!!!! Oh Father God let me the man that is abusing the children, that he might be Free! The thief and the liar, oh God I will become them in your sight! That wicked pedophile and gay priest that burns in their lust father, I will become that for them in your sight and when I breathe my last breath upon this cross, let e go to hell and burn in your wrath in their place that THEY MIGHT BE SET FREE, FOR THEY ARE LOST AND THEY NEED A SAVIOR!!!! LET MY LOVE BE THEIR SAFETY AND REFUGE AND LET MY LOVE BE THE ANSWER FOR ALL OF THEIR PROBLEMS, OH GOD DO NOT LAY THESE THINGS THEY DO UNTO THEM, BUT LET YOUR WRATH BURN ME IN THEIR PLACE, FOR I SEE THEY ARE LIKE INNOCENT CHILDREN AND THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY ARE DOING, HAVE MERCY ON THEM OH GOD AND GIVE YOUR LOVE FOR ME UNTO THEM AND LET ME TAKE YOUR WRATH!!! Oh Sinner and saint alike!!!! Fall on your face at such LOVE!!!! Christ is the Answer!!!!!! Not religion, not Buddha, not Muhammed, not abuse, not perversion, not drugs, lying, stealing cheating...CHRIST ALONE GAVE HIS LIFE FOR YOU!!!! NO OTHER PERSON THAT HAS EVER LIVED HAS OR COULD HAVE BEEN THE ONE TO DO IT BUT JESUS THE CHRIST!!! RECEIVE HIS LOVE FOR YOU TODAY!!!!

When we say we are lost and we need help, this explains the WHY we feel LOST, why we use everything but the answer to fill that void! We use drugs, sex, movies, the world, music, religion, people, places, events and on and on we try this and we try that, to fill the void, to answer the question of WHY, to KNOW, We seek answers!!!! Why does the Gay and Lesbian use one another to fill that bottomless pit inside of them??? Why does the gangs run as gangs, because their is safety and security in numbers!!! The man turns to another man to fill an empty void, the crack head turns to drugs to fill that void! We turn to anger, bitterness and hate to fill the void, we gossip to make ourselves appear to be the normal ones while we slay our fellow brother or sister of humanity. Why does the politician use money and fame and power to fill that void??? because they are LOST!!! They are seeking anything and everything to find their Head! In the garden the head of Humanity was Lost! Let me tell you dear reader.....If you have breath in your nostrils right now...THERE IS H O P E FOR YOU!!!!!! The Answer has been found!!!! Not it is NOT RELIGION!!! it is a Person!!!! His name is Jesus!!!! he found the thing that would eternally fill the void in your life, something so powerful it would break every chain, something with a Love so Great you would so happy receive and share with all the world! He found the lost head of humanity! he found GOD! Then He gave up that God for Himself and gave it too you!!!! YOU can be FREE right now from every addiction, from every broken heart, from every religious law, from every broken heart and marriage!!! You can be free from the loss and hurt of a loved one in death, from fear of cancer and disease and of hell...there is an answer and it will fix and repair and heal and save and MAKE YOU WHOLE once again!!!! You are and have been LOST, this is your WHY being answered!!!! WHY do you do what you do, why does the world do like it does? L O S T! Some part of you has been lost and Jesus found it!!!! And He gave it to you freely so you will be COMPLETE FROM NOW ON!!!! CHRIST IS THE ANSWER!!!! HAVE F A I T H IN GOD!!!! THERE IS HOPE FOR YOU!!!!, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, THEN YOU STILL HAVE BREATH AND LET ME ASSURE YOU THERE IS AN ANSWER AND HOPE FOR YOU!!!! LOVE WAS LOST AND NOW IT HAS BEEN FOUND! IT IS YOURS FREELY! RECEIVE IT BY FAITH!!!! PRAISE YOU JESUS!!!