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Things Change Things Remain The Same by Rik Rue; piece inspired by and dedicated to the late Paul

Bowles and Bryan Guysen, Atlas Mountains, Morocco. An audio montage journey which includes sound sources from the Australian outback. Conceived as a radiophonic piece, it was originally performed at the Solos festival in Switzerland & Germany, and has been broadcast on ABC Arts and on ORF Kunst radio in Vienna. Mound Of Mounds by Shane Fahey is a piece that explores feelings of solitary presence in a bushland setting. It includes recordings at West Head, Sydney with David Haines; recordings of Tegan Northwood vocalising in-situ at West Head (samples by Tegan Northwood); plus studio recordings of Dave Bullock performing with gongs. The audio was made as a soundtrack to the video piece called Mound Of Mounds by David Haines & Shane Fahey. The sound materials in the drone piece Silent Latitudes by Julian Knowles have their origins as digital recordings made at one of Alan Lambs environmentally-activated wire installations. The original prototype instrument was a found instrument in the purest sense, consisting of abandoned telegraph lines which Alan encountered in a field. He subsequently built a number of long-wire instruments in open country to explore the phenomena further. When acted upon by wind and temperature changes, the wires start to resonate or sing. An evocative array of endlessly transforming timbral and harmonic shifts become audible, which vary from hour to hour and from day to day. The source recordings where collected, over three days in 1993, using resonators placed against the wires at his long-wire installation at Baldivis, Western Australia. The group piece Spatial Circumference consists of spatial surround sound recordings in coastal and rainforest regions on the South Coast of NSW, spot source recordings and tuned resonance acoustic modeling synthesis. The audio piece was conceived and made in conjunction with video recordings by Peter Oldham of the same rainforest and beach locations. The video piece called Spatial Circumference was assembled and edited by Peter Oldham & Social Interiors and was performed live at the Sydney Perspecta for the Between Art and Nature series in 1997.

Things Change, Things Remain the Same composed and produced by Rik Rue. Recorded and mixed by Rik Rue and John Jacobs at ABC Studios,Ultimo, Sydney. Mound of Mounds composed and produced by Shane Fahey. Recorded and mixed by Shane Fahey at Megaphon Studios, Sydney. Silent Latitudes composed and produced by Julian Knowles. Recorded and mixed by Julian Knowles at The North Shore Study. Spatial Circumference composed and produced by Rue/Fahey/Knowles. Recorded and mixed by Social Interiors at UWS Nepean Studios, Sydney. Protools expertise: Julian Knowles.

Rik Rue: DAT field recordings, minidisc recorders, CD players and DAT player. Shane Fahey: DAT field recordings, minidisc recorder, 2 analog tape, samplers. Julian Knowles: DAT field recordings, resonators, 8-track analog tape, analog mixer

Mastered by: Don Bartley Benchmark Mastering, Sydney Cover Artwork & Layout by Tegan Northwood and Geronimo Cover Stills taken from video work Spatial Circumference - camera work by Peter Oldham Web clips prepared by Craig@Metro Screen We have much gratitude to Alessio Cavallaro for his outstanding encouragement and ongoing support by way of facilitating grants, promoting our performances and putting forward our musical/sound concept in the face of ever more commercial and classical paradigms. Thanks to Sarah Waterson for her wonderful artwork and promotion of our Australia Perspecta: Between Art and Nature performance and general enthusiasm for our blend of experimental sound work. Special thanks to Peter Oldham for his excellent camera work and diligence he applied to realise our particular visual arenas and his candid response to the natural environments to which he was subjected. Thanks to David Haines for his great mental and emotional energy in making the video for Mound of Mounds; his creative restraint and ready supply of discourse helped heaps. Thanks to Alan Lamb for some cordial and relaxed afternoons on his wires, and his idiosyncratic perspectives on the universe. We would like to express our gratitude to Roger Richards for the release of our previous Social Interiors albums on the Extreme label and thank him for his tireless support, efficiency and imagination in getting our best on record. Extra special appreciation to Tegan Northwood for keeping the camp fires burning throughout the long night of hibernation. (c) Social Interiors 2006 (p) Endgame Records 2006 For more information about Social Interiors, contact: e: w:

1. Things Change Things Remain The Same 2. Mound of Mounds 3. Silent Latitudes 4. Spatial Circumference

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