2 Corinthians 6:2 "...behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation...

" Admit that you're a sinner (Luke 18:9 1!, "#:!1, 1 $ohn 1:8%, unable to save yourself (&cts 1#:#9% Pray to the Lord Jesus Christ ('omans 1(:1#%, proclaiming your belief (&cts 8:#), 'omans 1(:9%, trusting in Him and what He did for you ('omans #:"" "*, +:8, 1(:# !%, and ask Him to save you from hell (Luke "#:!" !#% (,i-ht now, befo,e you finish ,eadin- this pa-e%. .............................. /f you, with a believin- hea,t, asked the Lo,d $esus to save you, 0e did. 0e p,omised 0e would. (1itus 1:", " 1imothy 1:1, 0eb,ews 1(:"#, 1 $ohn ":"+% 2ou will inevitably sin a-ain, but all you, sins of the past, p,esent, and futu,e (0eb,ews ):"" "), 9:11 1", 1(:1", 1 $ohn ":1 "% a,e washed away by the blood of 3h,ist, so you, futu,e mistakes can neve, take away you, salvation. (1 1hessalonians +:"# "!% 2ou a,e a new c,eatu,e ($ohn #:#, " 3o,inthians +:1)%, an adopted child of 4od ($ohn 1:1", 'omans 8:1+ 1*%, safe fo,eve, (0eb,ews ):"+%, and -ua,anteed a place in heaven. ($ohn 1!:" #% itus !:" "5ot by wo,ks of ,i-hteousness which we have done, but acco,din- to his me,cy he saved us..." # John ":#! "1hese thin-s have / w,itten unto you that believe on the name of the 6on of 4od; that ye may know that ye have ete,nal life..." John #$:2% "&nd / -ive unto them ete,nal life; and they shall neve, pe,ish, neithe, shall any man pluck them out of my hand." &phesians ':!$ "...the holy 6pi,it of 4od, whe,eby ye a,e sealed unto the day of ,edemption."

5ow that you know the Lo,d $esus has saved you, how can you show 0im you, -,atitude7 (&cts 9:*% 2ou will stand befo,e 0im to be 8ud-ed on how you spent the ,est of you, life afte, you we,e saved. (" 3o,inthians +:1( 11, 1itus ":1", #:1!, 1 3o,inthians 1+:+8% (ill you be rewarded or ashamed) (1 3o,inthians #:11 1+, 'evelation #:1*% *tudy the Holy +ible every day,,, John #':2! "$esus answe,ed and said unto him, /f a man love me, he will keep my wo,ds..." 2 imothy 2:#" "6tudy to shew thyself app,oved unto 4od, a wo,kman that needeth not to be ashamed, ,i-htly dividin- the wo,d of t,uth." 2ou can ,ead the 9ible online at www.8ustbible.com 5on p,ofit 9ible sto,e: +1) 88" "11" www.localchu,chbiblepublishe,s.com &nd bewa,e of fake bibles. 6ee the diffe,ence at http:::sites.-oo-le.com:site:wa,ofwo,dsminist,ies $oin a 9ible believin- chu,ch... Hebrews #$:2'-2" "&nd let us conside, one anothe, to p,ovoke unto love and to -ood wo,ks: 5ot fo,sakin- the assemblin- of ou,selves to-ethe,, as the manne, of some is; but e;ho,tin- one anothe,..." <o, help findin- a -ood chu,ch in you, a,ea, check the di,ecto,y at www.biblebelieve,s.com:chu,ches ell others how to be saved,,, .ark #6:#" "&nd he said unto them, 4o ye into all the wo,ld, and p,each the -ospel to eve,y c,eatu,e."

H/( / 0& / H&12&3
4o you know who 0od is) 0od is a rinity, # John ":5 "<o, the,e a,e th,ee that bea, ,eco,d in heaven, the <athe,, the =o,d, and the 0oly 4host: and these th,ee a,e one." he (ord is Jesus Christ, 1bout 2$$$ years ago6 Jesus came to earth in a human body, John #:#' "...the =o,d was made flesh, and dwelt amon- us..." 2 John #:5 "...$esus 3h,ist is come in the flesh." Jesus Christ is the begotten *on of 0od and He is 0od Himself at the same time, hat is the essence of the rinity, John #:# "/n the be-innin- was the =o,d, and the =o,d was with 4od, and the =o,d was 4od." # imothy !:#6 "...4od was manifest in the flesh..." 4o you know what 0od can do) 0enesis #:# "/n the be-innin- 4od c,eated the heaven and the ea,th." Psalm #'5:" "4,eat is ou, Lo,d, and of -,eat powe,: his unde,standin- is infinite." Proverbs #":! "1he eyes of the L>'? a,e in eve,y place, beholdin- the evil and the -ood."

.to heaven.ks of the flesh a. this the 8ud-ment..is sin. Psalms !7:" "..ark 7:'! "..doth the L>'? hate.e all as an unclean thin-.. lasciviousness.ton-ue.the . /dolat. shall be Duenched." Proverbs 2#:' ".e think ye evil in you." Luke #6:22-2' "." &8odus 2$:5-#6 "1hou shalt not take the name of the L>'? thy 4od in vain... looketh on a woman to lust afte..de.yin.e these. is alto-ethe.y with he.mented in this flame... be -ood enou-h to -et to heaven.son" has nothin. shall have thei..... witchc.ehend how bad sin is..to be a "-ood pe... hath committed adulte. into the fi.. we deceive ou.. &dulte..t. 1hou shalt not bea. hea.neth with fi... & p. and all ou..atthew 7:' "&nd $esus knowin.. ABatthew +:"8 ".s.oud hea. 2ou can neve." Proverbs 6:#6-#5 "1hese. a lyin.....imstone: which is the second death..it is appointed unto men once to die...aft.." Have you sinned) 0alatians ":#7-2# "5ow the wo... false witness a-ainst thy nei-hbou..s...y. .unkenness..and such like. thou-hts said. d.nication.died. he c..y.eady in his hea. we canEt comp. al.efo. all have sinned.t.. pa.. he..." Proverbs 2':7 "1he thou-ht of foolishness is sin...e that neve." 9omans 6:2! "<o..y man at his best state 4od doesnEt want anyone to -o to hell." # John ":#5 "&ll un. =he.we a. uncleanness.. :saiah 6':6 "... vanity.ied and said.. which a.. the wa-es of sin is death.selves.i-hteousnesses a.. but afte.y.thei.e as filthy ." 9evelation 2#:% ". 1hou shalt not commit adulte..e manifest.a-s.to do with -ettin. @nvyin-s." ." 9omans !:2! "<o." # John #:% "/f we say that we have no sin.oud look.eve."C 1hou shalt not steal. mu. make up fo.all lia..&nd in hell...ts7" Hebrews 7:25 ".i-hteousness is sin.." .. the bad thin-s weEve done. 5o amount of -ood deeds can eve.e and b../ am to.ich man.whosoeve... fo." &s flawed bein-s.t in the lake which bu." 1.into hell..a p.

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