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GAY MARRIAGE 1. A federal judge recently overturned Amendment 3 to Utah’s Constitution which defined marriage as being between a man and a woman. This ruling resulted in same-sex marriages being performed in Utah. Do you support this judge’s decision? ___ Yes ___ No ___ Undecided 2. Do you support the State’s efforts to appeal this Judge’s decision to a higher court? ___ Yes ___ No ___ Undecided

8. Would you support a gas tax that is based on a percentage of the price of gas rather than a fixed amount as it has been? ___ Yes ___ No ___ Undecided AIR QUALITY 9. How would you solve Utah’s Air Quality problems? _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ 10. Would you be willing to be legally restricted from driving your own vehicle if it helped improve overall air quality? ___ Yes ___ No ___ Undecided

3. Would you support a proposed Constitutional 11. Would you be willing to carpool if it helped improve Amendment that would affirm religious institution’s rights overall air quality? to deny performing same-Sex marriages based on religious ___ Yes ___ No ___ Undecided beliefs? ___ Yes ___ No ___ Undecided MISCELLANEOUS 12. Do you support the legalization of recreational 4. Would you support a proposed Constitutional marijuana in Utah? Amendment that would affirm business owner’s rights to ___ Yes ___ No ___ Undecided deny performing marriage related service for same-sex couples based on religious beliefs? 13. Do you support the legalization of medicines made ___ Yes ___ No ___ Undecided from extracts of marijuana plants in Utah? ___ Yes ___ No ___ Undecided TAXES The Legislature is proposing a bill that would enforce a 14. What is the most important issue facing Utah today? sales tax for internet retailers. The bill is seen as creating _______________________________________________ an equal playing field for brick-and-mortar stores who are currently taxed and their online competition who are not. 15. If there is anything you would change in Utah, what would it be? 5. Would you support a sales tax being paid by online _______________________________________________ retailers? ___ Yes ___ No ___ Undecided _______________________________________________ 6. Should retail businesses be taxed equally regardless of being online or brick-and-mortar? ___ Yes ___ No ___ Undecided _______________________________________________

16. Would you support legislation that would make the Attorney General’s office an appointed position rather than The Legislature is proposing a change in the way gasoline an elected one like it is today? is taxed. The State gas tax has been the same fixed amount ___ Yes ___ No ___ Undecided for nearly 20 years. Over that time, inflation has eroded the value of the taxes collected and thus, the State’s ability to STAY IN TOUCH WITH YOUR LEGISLATOR! collect enough revenue to maintain its existing roads. Receive regular emails from your Representative by leaving me your email:_____________________________ 7. Would you support a gas tax that was flexible based on the rate of inflation? ___ Yes ___ No ___ Undecided PAID FOR BY THE UTAH REPUBLICAN PARTY

Representative Jeremy Peterson Utah Republican Party
117 East South Temple Salt Lake City, Utah 84111



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Hello Constituents! As we head into the Legislative Session, I would like to gather some of your feedback on the various issues that we will be facing this year. Please take a moment to review these questions and share your views with me. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time. I look forward to hearing from you. CAUCUS NIGHT March 20, 2014 Find locations at Sincerely, Rep. Jeremy Peterson 801.390.1480 This survey is also available online at:

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117 E South Temple Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Rep. Jeremy Peterson

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