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Offshore and Onshore Pipeline Solutions

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Offshore and Onshore Pipeline Solutions


The Tenaris Difference

Over the years, Tenaris has become an industry tubular products and services leader by being reliable. Producers know they can count on Tenaris to develop, manufacture, and deliver the most efcient and cost-effective solutions for their challenges no matter where they are in the world.

2 | Offshore and Onshore Pipeline Solutions

Tubular Products and Services for Today and Tomorrow Continuing global oil and gas demand is driving operators to extend their exploration efforts into deeper offshore waters and tap difcult-toproduce land reservoirs. To satisfy this demand, offshore operators need advanced technology solutions to challenges such as sour service, hightemperature/high-pressure (HT/HP) environments, and long-distance tiebacks in deep and ultra-deep water. Meanwhile, onshore operators seek new versions of heavy wall line pipe and pipe protection solutions that provide more effective concrete coatings. Today, these operators are turning to Tenaris for their onshore and offshore technology solutions. Tenaris has earned an industry leadership reputation for anticipating future operator needs, conducting exceptional research and development, manufacturing high-quality products, offering valuable technical and commercial product sales assistance, and hosting specialized workshops that support operators as they plan future projects.

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Service Centers Commercial Offices

Offshore and Onshore Pipeline Solutions


Pipeline Solutions for Todays Challenges

Currently, Tenaris provides complete tubular solutions packages for the most demanding operator challenges. Solutions include: Steel catenary, hybrid risers and top tension risers. The circulation of uids from the seaoor to the surface is critical to any offshore production operation. Regardless of the riser type and conguration, Tenaris helps operators overcome their riser challenges by utilizing its experience in matching customers high performance specications and assisting with the selection of the most advantageous materials. Tenaris provides single- and dual-cased top tension risers, single-line or multibore hybrid risers, and any conguration of steel catenary risers. Export lines and owlines. Tenaris export lines and owlines can withstand extreme deepsea environments, as well as the demanding installation methods associated with J-lay and reeling. Tenaris offers some of the most advanced, custom-made, heavy wall tubular products available in the industry. Hot induction bends. In addition to employing the traditional method of achieving hot induction bends, Tenaris offers the offline full Quench & Temper method for high specication products. Extensive research by Tenaris has revealed that this method produces more homogenous bend properties which, in turn, lead to better performance for the most demanding offshore projects, such as HP/HT elds, Arctic and Arctic-like environments, ultra-deepwater elds and sour environments. Tubular components for subsea applications. Tenaris provides tubular components such as pipe for jumpers, bends, clad pipe and clad bends to support seaoor applications that rely on a remote site or a host facility for utility and well control services. Packages can be customized to meet project specications. Tubular components for structural applications. Tenaris provides structural pipes for highly critical offshore applications such as platforms and jack-up rigs. Pipes are provided in weldable high grades and in lengths customized to customer needs. Coiled line pipe. Tenaris offers a broad range of coiled line pipe for downhole and subsea applications. A unique manufacturing process is employed that allows the production of line pipe in continuous lengths. All line pipe is supplied in coil form, and strings range from 2 km to 7 km in length depending on the diameter. After the pipe is manufactured, an external corrosion coating is applied, usually a three-layer system (FBE plus copolymer adhesive plus HDPE or PP top coat) along with an improved cleanliness integrity to NAS 8, 7 or 6 levels. Laser Ends Measurement Service. Using laser optical displacement sensors that measure the distance between the sensors measuring head and the surface of the tube, the Tenaris Laser Ends Measurement System can perform a complete dimensional assessment of pipe ends to enable a more efcient alignment and to minimize the Hi/Lo differential prior to welding. Depending on customer requirements, the system can cover outside diameter, inside diameter and wall thickness. Coating, double-joint, anode pads and anode installation services. Tenaris offers coating, double-joint pipe, anode and anode pad installation for deep and ultradeepwater projects. These services reduce welding time on site and provide excellent protection for the pipe during its operating life. In addition, the services are done at the mill prior to reaching the project site which reduces labor in the eld by virtually one-half.

4 | Offshore and Onshore Pipeline Solutions

Anticipating the Future Needs of our Customers

Another differentiator that distinguishes Tenaris is an ability to anticipate and then begin research and development on products for the future. As operators embrace new and more complex projects both onshore and offshore, Tenaris continues to devote its resources to nding innovative solutions that will meet operators challenges on these projects. This is accomplished through ongoing research and development of tubular technologies that are safe, technologically sound and economically viable. Additionally, all four of Tenaris R&D centers, along with other internationally recognized universities and laboratories around the world, participate in collaborative programs with customers and key industry players to conduct research and advance data on product technology that is aligned with anticipated future industry needs. Joint Industry Programs (JIPs) Often, when the industry faces common challenges, the best way of solving them is for industry, academia and government players to join forces in serious collaborative efforts called Joint Industry Programs (JIPs). In the past, Tenaris has participated in numerous JIPs and continues to use this technique to help develop future products that the industry requires. For example, Tenaris new 100 Ksi steel grade was developed, in part, through a JIP collaborative effort. At the JIP, operators indicated that steels with a yield strength of 100,000 psi would be needed for constructing the top tension risers for future offshore deepwater projects. Working with the JIP, Tenaris engineers were able to develop the 100 Ksi tubular steel grade, an extremely high specication tubular steel with a yield strength of 100,000 psi and a reduced pipe wall thickness for lower overall tube weight. Cooperative Programs with Universities and Academia Tenaris global network of R&D centers and manufacturing facilities collaborates with more than 60 universities and research institutions worldwide on cooperative programs that focus on basic and applied research. This combination of internal and external expertise provides avenues that lead to the development of valueadded products and improved production processes that directly contribute to our customers success.

Offshore and Onshore Pipeline Solutions


A Global Research and Development Network

Much of Tenaris increased level of performance can be attributed to dedicated efforts to continually increase the quality and range of its products by working with customers and analyzing new trends in the sectors where they operate. Often, this dedication requires exhaustive product research and development, as well as an ability to foresee and then develop products that will ll future operator needs. One of the distinctions that enable Tenaris to rise above its competitors is its worldwide research and development network. This network is a fundamental component in Tenaris approach to differentiation. By acquiring great knowledge of engineering sciences and tubular properties and then combining it with a base of experience gained through working side-by-side with its customers, Tenaris has been able to establish itself as an exceptional provider in the pipeline services marketplace. Globally, around 200 scientists and engineers, more than half of whom have a masters or doctorate degree, work in these R&D centers. Their dedication to continuous improvement and product innovation has already proven invaluable on complex customer exploration and production projects, and highperformance mechanical and structural applications.

6 | Offshore and Onshore Pipeline Solutions

Worldwide Centers for Product Research and Development

TenarisTamsa center, Veracruz, Mexico The Veracruz center focuses mainly on line pipe and the creation of new products for energy industry tubular goods applications. Research work is centered on the advancement of innovative welding technology and the qualication of premium connections, as well as improving metallurgy and materials, process development, and fracture mechanics studies. Its fullscale testing laboratory utilizes some of the most sophisticated equipment worldwide for testing pipes and threads. Metallurgy and materials research. By proactively conducting continuous research on oil and gas metallurgical technology and working closely with operators, Tenaris has been able to determine the types of metals and materials that will be needed to achieve the high-specication levels of performance operators say they will need for their anticipated future projects. Welding technology innovation. The development of improved welding techniques enables and facilitates the welding of newly developed steel grades critical performance features and supports improvements in such as galling resistance and innovative techniques such as sealability performance. This double joint welding. test validates the reliability of a products structural design Fracture mechanics studies. and performance through To ensure that future testing that simulates the pipe materials exhibits a specic conditions in the oil sufciently high Charpy eld where it will be used. V-notch impact value to Such testing also provides for arrest a propagating fracture, the qualication of premium Tenaris uses fracture connections and the fatigue mechanics studies to evaluate testing of steel catenary the structural integrity of its risers, top tension risers and future tubular components. owlines being developed for use in future pipeline Process development applications. optimization. Tenaris continually strives to optimize the manufacturing Tenaris NKKT center, processes it uses in order Kawasaki, Japan to ensure that it will be The Kawasaki center capable of manufacturing specializes in high-chromium the products needed for steel tubular products (i.e., future oil and gas tubular Cr13 steel grade) for diverse goods applications. One of applications. Full-scale testing the tools that is employed in of premium connections is this effort is Finite Element performed, along with the Analysis (FEA). FEA design and development of enables metallurgists and corrosion-resistant alloys, manufacturing engineers to sour service materials and obtain a detailed visualization drill pipe. of where structures bend or twist and indicates the Tenaris Dalmine center, distribution of stresses and Italy displacements. This, in turn, Research at this facility enables engineers to design mainly focuses on two areas: and manufacture tubular hot rolling processes and goods that exhibit higher product development for performance characteristics. mechanical and thermal applications. The center conducts its own independent Full-scale laboratory testing. Full-scale performance testing research and also collaborates complements FEA and is a with external research critical step to fully verify institutes on either extensive basic or highly specialized areas of research. Tenaris Research and Development center, Campana, Argentina Research at the Argentina center covers both products and processes. In terms of processes, researchers focus on steelmaking innovations, rolling, heat treatment, nondestructive testing and the tracking of tubular products. The center also provides scientic and technological research support in such diverse areas and disciplines as metallurgy, steelmaking, chemistry, applied physics, structural integrity, mechanical design, materials and coatings. Investigations are conducted using state-of-theart methodologies and tools including the extensive use of modeling techniques such as FEA and full-scale product testing.

Offshore and Onshore Pipeline Solutions


Tenaris Offshore and Onshore Tubular Solutions

Tenaris delivers a wide range of seamless and welded tubes for onshore line pipe to be usedinthe most demanding conditions. From the surface to the sea oor, Tenaris offers tubular solutions for almost any offshore challenge. This offering includes riser pipes, export and ow lines, subsea system components, coiled line pipe, stainless steel tubes for umbilicals, and accessories.

Oil and gas pipelines

8 | Offshore and Onshore Pipeline Solutions

Steel Catenary Risers Work Over Riser


Offshore and Onshore Pipeline Solutions


Hot Induction Bends

Top Tension Risers

Flowlines, Anticorrosion and Thermal Insulation Coating

Offshore and Onshore Pipeline Solutions

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Product Range and Properties

Tenaris manufactures a complete range of seamless and welded pipes for applications under the most demanding conditions and services. Products are manufactured in accordance with particular project specifications and National or International Standards such as: API 5L, API 5LCP, DNV OS F101, ISO 3183, ISO 15590 and EN 10208.
WALL THICKNESS mm OUTSIDE DIAMETER 33.4 60.3 88.9 2.9 3.2 3.6 4.0 4.5 4.8 4.9 5.2 5.6 6.3 7.1 8.0 8.4 8.8 9.5 10.2 11.1 12.7 13.5 14.3 15.9 17.5


WALL THICKNESS mm OUTSIDE DIAMETER 323.85 355.6 406.4 457.2 508 558.8 609.6 660.4 711.2 762 812.8 863.6 914.4 965.2 1016 1066.8 1117.6 1168.4 1219.2 6.35 6.86 7.14 7.92 8.74 101.6 9.53 10.31 11.13 11.91 12.70 14.27 15.09 15.88 17.48 19.05 20.62 22.23 23.83 25.40 26.42 28.58 30.48 31.75 114.3 127.0 139.7 141.3 146.1 152.4 159.0 165.1 168.3 177.8 187.7 193.7 196.9 203.2 209.6 215.9 219.1 222.3 228.6 232.0 241.3 244.5 246.9 254.0 266.7 273.1 279.4 0.250 0.270 0.281 0.311 0.344 0.375 0.406 0.438 0.468 0.500 0.561 0.594 0.625 0.688 0.750 0.811 0.875 0.938 1.000 1.040 1.125 1.200 1.250 287.0 WALL THICKNESS 298.5 300.5 304.8 317.5 323.9 330.2 339.7 344.7 346.1 355.6 368.3 377.0 381.0 385.0 394.0 406.4 457.0 473.1 508.0 533.4 558.0 609.6 660.4 711.0

12.75 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 OUTSIDE DIAMETER 42 44 46 48 in

*OD and WT not reported in the table may be available after a dedicated technician analysis.

0.114 0.126 0.141 0.157 0.177 0.189 0.193 0.204 0.220 0.248 0.279 0.315 0.330 0.346 0.374 0.401 0.437 0.500 0.531 0.563 0.626 0.689

11 | Offshore and Onshore Pipeline Solutions

18.3 19.1 20.6 21.4 22.2 25.4 26.5 28.0 30.0 31.0 32.0 35.0 36.0 38.0 39.0 40.0 41.0 42.0 44.0 46.0 48.0 50.0 52.0 53.0 55.0 58.0 60.0 64.0 1.315 1.900 2.375 3.500 4.000 4.500 5.000 5.500 5.563 5.750 6.000 6.250 6.500 6.625 7.000 7.390 7.625 7.750 8.000 8.250 8.500 8.625 8.750 9.000 9.134 9.500 9.625 9.720 10.000 10.500 10.750 11.000 11.300 11.750 11.830 12.000 12.500 12.750 13.000 13.375 13.570 13.625 14.000 14.500 14.840 15.000 15.155 15.511 16.000 18.000 18.625 21.000 22.000 24.000 26.000 28.000 0.720 0.752 0.811 0.842 0.847 1.000 1.043 1.102 1.181 1.220 1.259 1.378 1.417 1.500 1.540 1.574 1.614 1.653 1.732 1.811 1.889 1.968 2.047 2.086 2.165 2.283 2.362 2.519 WALL THICKNESS in OUTSIDE DIAMETER 20.000

12 | Offshore and Onshore Pipeline Solutions

Seamless Pipe Line Projects Typical Requirements


PROPERTIES6 OFFSHORE SERVICE3 Steel Design Carbon Equivalent (IIW)1 Carbon Equivalent (Pcm)1 P (% max) S (% max) Nb+V+Ti (% max) Mechanical Properties RT Min YS RT Min TS HT Min YS Actual Values RT YS & RT TS variation (Mpa) Y/T (max) Hardness (max single reading Hv10) Minimum Average Toughness (Joules) at -20C CTOD (mm) at -20C Corrosion Resistance Non Destructive Inspection Tests as per NACE TM0284 & as per ASTM G39 (Sln NACE TM 0177) L & T Defects (Notch Depth) Laminations max area (mm2) Dimensional Tolerances As applicable4 1000 500 1000 5% of Nominal WT 100 0.87 - 0.90 248 100 0.20 As applicable 120 0.90 260 100 at - 50C 2 120 0.90 260 100 120 0.90 260 100 120 0.90 248 100 130 0.93 280 100 1" (25.4 mm) > 1" (25.4 mm) 1" (25.4 mm) > 1" (25.4 mm) 0.41 0.43 0.22 0.23 0.018 0.008 0.12 C-Mn S TEEL G RADES X60 TO X70 ARTIC SERVICE 0.41 0.43 0.22 0.23 0.018 0.005 0.12 HP/H T SERVICE 0.41 0.43 0.22 0.23 0.018 0.005 0.12 GAS SERVICE 0.41 0.43 0.22 0.23 0.018 0.005 0.12 As applicable As applicable SOUR SERVICE 0.39 0.42 0.21 0.22 0.015 0.003 0.12 0.018 0.005 0.12 0.24 C-Mn STEEL GRADE X805


Symbols: RT Room Temperature, HP High Pressure, HT High Temperature, YS Yield Strength, TS Tensile Strength, CTOD Crack Tip Opening Displacement, L&T Longitudinal & Transverse, FPBT Four Point Bend Tests Notes: 1. As applicable according to C content and specific requirements. 2. YS derating values at maximum design temperature as per DNV OS F101 Section 5 Figure 5-1. 3. In case of Reel-Laying RT Min YS and RT Min TS are guaranteed after Laboratory or Full-scale Installation Simulation Tests. 4. In case of Offshore Service restricted ID end Tolerances can be supplied after calibration or machining. 5. Cr13 Weldable is also available and requirements shall be analyzed on case by case basis. 6. Depending on Specific Project Requirements offered values may change. 7. 100 ksi Weldable up to 1" is also available and requirements shall be analyzed on case by case basis. 8. Tenaris can produce customized seamless pipes according to customer requerimients.

Offshore and Onshore Pipeline Solutions

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WALL THICKNESS mm OUTSIDE DIAMETER 323.85 355.6 406.4 457.2 508 558.8 609.6 660.4 711.2 762 812.8 863.6 914.4 965.2 1016 1066.8 1117.6 1168.4 1219.2 0.250 0.270 0.281 0.311 0.344 0.375 0.406 0.438 0.468 0.500 0.561 0.594 0.625 0.688 0.750 0.811 0.875 0.938 1.000 1.040 1.125 1.200 1.250 1.375 1.452 1.500 1.575 WALL THICKNESS 6.35 6.86 7.14 7.92 8.74 9.53 10.31 11.13 11.91 12.70 14.27 15.09 15.88 17.48 19.05 20.62 22.23 23.83 25.40 26.42 28.58 30.48 31.75 34.93 36.88 38.10 40.00 12.75 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 OUTSIDE DIAMETER 42 44 46 48 in

14 | Offshore and Onshore Pipeline Solutions


WALL THICKNESS 0.38 0.5 0.75 1 1.25 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 4.88 5.51 5.75 5.56 6.63 7 8.63 9.63 10.75 12.75 13.38 14 16 18 18.63 20 22 24 in WALL THICKNESS


1.900 2.000 2.200 2.250 2.650 3.000 3.175 3.200 3.750 4.000 4.370 4.550 4.770 4.850 5.100 5.156 5.540 6.000 6.350 7.010 7.137 7.620 7.925 8.180 8.738 8.560 9.525 9 .930 10.312 10.720 11.125 11.913 12.320 12.700 13.056




Offshore and Onshore Pipeline Solutions

0.074 0.078 0.086 0.088 0.104 0.118 0.125 0.126 0.147 0.157 0.172 0.180 0.187 0.190 0.200 0.203 0.218 0.236 0.250 0.276 0.280 0.300 0.312 0.322 0.344 0.337 0.375 0.390 0.406 0.422 0.438 0.470 0.485 0.500 0.514






























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A Proven Track Record

Tenaris has established an enviable eld-proven track record by providing high-specication products for some of the largest projects ever attempted both onshore and in deep and ultra-deep offshore waters.


Independence Cascade & Chinook Sapinho - Lula Lula NE - Lula Lula Thunder Horse Cesar Tonga Greater Plutonio AKPO Gorgon Kizomba A, B, C & D Gumusut Pazor Sul - Norte Capixaba Bonga Usan West Delta Deep Marine Vega Marulk Snorre Heera Kupe

End User
Anadarko Petrobras Petrobras Petrobras Petrobras BP Anadarko BP Total Chevron ExxonMobil Shell Total Petrobras Shell Total Burullus Statoil Statoil Statoil ONGC Origin

Gulf of Mexico Gulf of Mexico Brazil Brazil Brazil Gulf of Mexico Gulf of Mexico Angola Nigeria Australia Angola Malaysia Angola Brazil Nigeria Nigeria Egypt Norway Norway Norway India New zeland

Products Supplied
Seamless pipe for SCRs, ineld lines, hot inductions bends Outer and inner pipe for pipe in pipe, gas export lines, anticorrosion and insulation coating, hot induction bends, seamless pipe for hybrid risers, laser end measurement Welded pipe for gas export lines (sour service) with external polypropylene coating Welded pipe for gas export lines (sour service) with external polypropylene coating Welded pipe for export lines (sour service) Seamless pipe for owlines and SCR's, anticorrosive coating, hot induction bends Outer and inner pipe for pipe in pipe, hot induction bends Seamless pipe for ineld lines, double joint, anticorrosive coating, hot induction bends, laser end measurement Seamless pipe for export lines, SCR's, owlines and oil ofoading lines Seamless pipe for owlines, ineld lines, hot induction bends, laser end measurement Outer and inner pipe for pipe in pipe, seamless pipe for TTR's, ineld lines, anticorrosive coating, hot induction bends, laser end measurement Seamless pipe for owlines, SCR's and exports lines, upset pipes for WOR's, hot induction bends Outer and inner pipe for pipe in pipe, mother pipes for bends, jumpers, buckle arrestors, double joint, anticorrosive coating Welded pipe for gas export lines (sour service) with external polypropylene coating Seamless pipe for owlines and SCR's, anticorrosive coating, hot inductions bends, buckle arrestors, J-lay collars Outer and inner pipe for pipe in pipe, seamless pipe for hybrid risers, hot induction bends Seamless pipe for owlines, anticorrosive coating and hot induction bends Seamless pipe for owlines, upset pipes for workover risers Outer pipe for pipe in pipe Seamless pipe for TTR's Seamless pipe for owlines Seamless pipe for owlines, anticorrosive coating

Depth Feet
9,039 8,250 7,060 7,060 6,955 6,036 4,729 4,593 4,511 4,429 4,425 3,937 3,937 3,937 3,599 3,248 2,789 1,246 1,198 1,198 164 115

2,739 2,500 2,152 2,152 2,120 1,829 1,433 1,400 1,375 1,350 1,349 1,200 1,200 1,200 1,097 990 850 380 365 365 50 35


Camisea OCP SAS Gassi Touil Rajasthan El Merk Karachaganak Phase II Gbaran

End User
TGP OCP ADNOC Sonatrach Cairb Sonatrach Karachaganak Shell

Peru Ecuador Middle East Noth Africa Middle East Noth Africa Caspian Sea Nigeria

Products Supplied
Welded pipe for gas line transportation with anticorrosive coating Welded pipe for oil line transportation with anticorrosive coating Seamless pipe Seampless pipe, anticorrosive coating Seamless pipe Seampless pipe, anticorrosive coating Seamless pipe, anticorrosive and insulation coating Seamless pipe

Quantity Km
700 500 442 122 262 252 132 225

430 310 275 76 163 157 82 140

16 | Offshore and Onshore Pipeline Solutions

Adding Value to Every Pipeline Project

Tenaris adds value to every solution it provides for its customers through minimized risk, innovative engineering and manufacturing processes, and by using its full-scale facilities to fully test and qualify products before they are placed in service. By providing products and services that feature both technical and commercial reliability, Tenaris has built a reputation as the industrys go to company for obtaining pipeline solutions for the toughest challenges. With manufacturing facilities in 15 countries, R&D centers in four countries, the availability of an extensive Internet website, and a Tenaris Service and Distribution Network that assists customers in more than 30 countries, Tenaris provides an unmatched worldwide industrial and customer support system. Tenaris customers also receive added value through managed manufacturing ows that allow the company to simultaneously produce steel pipes of consistent quality for a customer project from several different strategically located mills. This managed process reduces the manufacturing time and ensures that orders are lled on time and on budget. Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) is another added value customers receive. Because deepwater offshore operations and complex onshore projects involve tremendous costs, recapturing these costs can positively impact an operators bottom line. Therefore, Tenaris provides complete supply chain management that simplies logistics, creates exibility and ensures a streamlined approach to lower operator TCO and create a seamless process from purchase to delivery. If your current or future plans involve deepwater, ultra-deepwater, or complex onshore projects, Tenaris can help you meet any challenge you encounter by offering complete tubular packages and solutions that deliver the ultimate in performance and reliability during the life of the project. You can learn more about Tenaris onshore and offshore solutions by visiting the company website at or by emailing a request for information to A representative will be glad to show you how Tenaris can make a difference on your next project.

Offshore and Onshore Pipeline Solutions

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