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Student: Cherie Mae Cadiz COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION PROFILE NAME OF ORGANIZATION: Santropol Roulant Contact Information: Ben: ben@santropolroulant.

org Communit !er"ed: Southshore, Jeanne-Mance, Plateau, Montreal-north Mandate# P$i%o!o&$ '(or )a%ue!: Santropol Roulant utilizes food to tr to decrease social and econo!ic isolation in the co!!unit . "n addition, Santropol encourages outh in#ol#e!ent through their #olunteer progra! and urban food agriculture s ste!. B follo$ing % Core Principles of &ngage!ent, $hich is !ade a#ailable on the $ebsite, the ha#e succeeded to flourish in the co!!unit to continuall pro#ide !eals to their clients. Pro*ram!( Acti"itie!( Re!ource!: Santropol pro#ides #arious progra!s that facilitate in carr ing out their purpose: - 'olunteering: "n this progra!, interested participants are gi#en an orientation session $here the introduced to facilit , !andate, and function of the !eals on $heels progra!. 'olunteers help !aintain the co!!unit gardens, beehi#es, coo(, pac(age, and deli#er !eals. 'olunteers also help people fi) their bi(es in their co!!unit bi(e $or(shop. - Meals on *heels Ser#ice: #olunteers coo(, pac(age and deli#er !eals + da s a $ee( either b car, public transportation, b bic cle or b foot to people,s ho!es. -he purpose of this progra! is to address social and econo!ic isolation because !an of the clients are unable to easil lea#e their ho!es due to health or li#ing conditions such as indi#iduals $ho ha#e lost their autono! . - .rban /griculture: Santropol has !ultiple gardens in Montreal, including one on Mc0ill ca!pus. -hese gardens suppl produce for their Meals on *heels progra!, their 1resh Bas(et Progra!, $hich pro#ides fresh fruits and #egetables to fa!ilies, and for local !ar(ets. -he ha#e also i!ple!ented $or! co!posting on their site that enables the! to efficientl co!post their $astes. - 0arden and 2itchen *or(shops: these $or(shops pro#ide participants infor!ation on gardening and coo(ing techni3ues. C%iente%e &rofi%e: Clientele are of an age that usuall suffer fro! a disabilit , condition that ha#e led the! to lose their autono! . -he especiall care to seniors in the co!!unit $ho suffer fro! chronic conditions. Clients usuall ha#e a difficult ti!e lea#ing their ho!es, $hich is $h !eal deli#eries !a(e it easier for the! $hile also addressing social isolation. So!e clients ha#e a lo$ socioecono!ic status and li!ited inco!e. Santropol pro#ides fresh food #ia their 1resh Bas(et Progra!. Clients li#e in #arious areas on the island such as South Shore, Montreal4orth, Jeanne-Mance and the Plateau. Lin+ to A*enc &rioritie!(&ro*ram c%iente%e: /ll the clients that co!e to the /lan &d$ards Pain Manage!ent .nit suffer fro! not onl chronic pain, but other illnesses that contributes to their current situation. So!e clients ha#e lost their autono! and depend on fa!il and other resources for their dail acti#ities. 5ue to chronic pain and, often ti!es, coupled $ith depression, so!e clients re!ain in bed and ha#e lost !oti#ation to lead social li#es outside the ho!e. Santropol and the Pain Clinic both ser#e clientele that are debilitated b chronic conditions that affect their 3ualit of life and both atte!pt to i!pro#e a certain aspect of their li#es. Santropol atte!pts to address the social isolation related to chronic illness, $hich !a include chronic pain. 6astl , social isolation, along $ith chronic illness, is a stressor can contribute to depression. B decreasing social isolation this !a decrease stress and depression. /ddressing pain at the clinic through #arious inter#entions also decreases a stress, help decrease depression and therefore !a allo$ clients to do acti#ities. O,!er"ation!: Santropol Roulant is a highl organized CB7 that is self-sufficient and is #er $ell established in the co!!unit . -he ha#e a s ste!atic $a of running the progra!s that facilitates s!ooth operations each da . -he fact that

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