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Retire all politicians immediately for only then TNT Time Necessary Think !

n" #$ % Two e&tra terrestrials are workin% with the 'merican %overnment 'nd they decided Retired (anadian )efense *inister +aul ,ellyer should wrap it up for the truths of ,ellyer was hell to them still on the $ob ,ow can they know when a person is brain dead and about life support? -e Thank .od # the media # /0 not the wherewithal 1 handle the truth /pper (lass ain2t %ot any3 puppets of bias with under%round strin%s 0win% 45- 6 4earned 5smosis -orld and below the impoverished starvin% sick whiners as the invisible bias strin%s reach to them 0win% 4ow 0weet (harity however none lower than the on hi%h underworld 'nd the back stabbin% %lad handin% back scratchin% bullshit %oes on This " know by the stories untold3 the way they treat whistleblowers causes infinite to fold )own with +overty 7 Tomorrow 7 Tomorrow 7 8eauty 9ueens for world peace and like that -e %ot reli%ion and /N and we %ot N:-0 Never :ndin% -ar 0tory;<=>? ;=/To@/nited@Nations 'nd we %ot the Nobel +eace +riAe that e&plains and takes the +riAe

The Nobel +eace +riAe )oublethink

)oublethink means holdin% two contradictory beliefs simultaneously. N:-0 Never :ndin% -ar 0tory There is no difference between %ood and evil as the relevance a mere matter of bias perception The Nobel Peace Prize (Norwegian and Swedish: Nobels fredspris) is one of the five Nobel Prizes created b the Swedish ind!strialist" inventor" and armaments

manufacturer #lfred Nobel" along with the prizes

in $he%istr " Ph sics" Ph siolog or Medicine" &iterat!re. Since '()'" it has been awarded ann!all (with so%e e*ceptions) to those who have +done the %ost or the best work for fraternit between nations" for the abolition or red!ction of standing ar%ies and for the holding and pro%otion of peace congresses.+,'-<&@/$#y'*B (ancer (ured -ho could possibly be more pathetic e&cuses for humanity than our apathetic corporate puppet %overnments?,f y: *edical (onspiracy =

www."yffy".com "n your face for your "nformation

'nd we %ot the Coice of ,ope at the bottom of the bo& that is actually a $ar still a$ar but keeps /0 there;<1 D/+andora@s@8o&@a@Ear@if@5nly@,ad@8een@+lu%%ed@-ith@a@+enile@ 0ystem@-hen@'$ar ,ow can they know when a person is brain dead and about life support?

They say it is $ustice that is blind Forthri%ht Forthwith Forthcomin% FFF

"n the name of .od of3 for and with the +eople -TF'((.f!G@c

FFF Fickle Fate Fin%er

"%norance our 'lbatross Truth our 'mmo their 'lamo

/nderstandin% "nfidels makes sense when dealin% with 'brahamic made problems ,olians holier than thou as .od is my witness a matter of -it to wit "T "nvincible Triad ,umanity H0pirit Force 4awI Rule of 4aw

SPIRIT: strength, courage, character, guts, will, strength of mind, fortitude, FORCE
HOLIANS ,ome@%rown 5ri%inal 4ocal "ndi%enous 'bori%inal Native 0olidarity www.+ots1 5ccult (rushers www."nfidels1 'll in one or none

/nited Nations 'lien Jionist "nsidious +uppets
The 0tar of )avid in the 4enin%rad (ode&3 = > (: /pon independence in =D#>3 the new Eewish state was formally named Medinat Yisrael3 or the 0tate of "srael3 after other proposed historical and reli%ious names includin% Eretz Israel HKthe 4and of "sraelKI3 Jion3 and Eudea3 were considered and re$ected.L1;M "n the early weeks of independence3 the %overnment chose the term K"sraeliK to denote a citiAen of "srael3 with the formal announcement made by *inister of Forei%n 'ffairs *oshe 0harett.L1!M The name "srael has historically been used3 in common and reli%ious usa%e3 to refer to the biblical Nin%dom of "srael or the entire Eewish nation.L1?M 'ccordin% to the ,ebrew 8ible the name K"sraelK was %iven to the patriarch Eacob H0tandard Yisrael3 IsrlO 0eptua%int .reek: PQRSTIsralO

Kstru%%le with .odK

The area is als "n wn as the


after he successfully wrestled with the angel f the L rd!L1DM

EacobUs twelve sons became the ancestors of the "sraelites3 also known as the Twelve Tribes of Israel or Children of Israel. Eacob and his sons had lived in (anaan but were forced by famine to %o into :%ypt for four %enerations until *oses3 a %reat@%reat %randson of Eacob3L< M led the "sraelites back into (anaan durin% the K:&odusK. The earliest archaeolo%ical artifact to mention the word K"sraelK is the *erneptah 0tele of ancient :%ypt Hdated to the late =<th century 8(:I.L<=M

H ly Land#
$eing h ly f r all A$raha%ic

religi ns including

&udais%# Christianity# Isla%

and the 'ah()* Faith!'m@5yl99

An h nest &ew tells the Truth

*: 6 *other :arth the ,oly 4and of ,54"'N0 <