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我們都做過錯事,對人不友善 和沒有愛心。聖經說:「世人 都犯了罪,虧缺了上帝的榮 耀。」(羅馬書3:23)最可怕 的是,罪使我們與上帝隔絕, 因為上帝沒有罪過,而且是完 美的。為了將我們帶回到上帝 面前,耶穌,上帝的兒子、親 自擔當了全人類的罪。

All of us at times have done wrong and been unloving and unkind to others. The Bible says, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). The worst thing about our sins is that they separate us from God, who is absolutely sinless and perfect. In order to bring us to God, Jesus, the Son of God, took the punishment for our sins.

救恩是個禮物。你只需邀請耶穌 進入你的心中。祂已在你心門外, 等你開門。如果你還不曾這麼做, 現在就可以作以下這個簡短的禱 告:

親愛的耶穌,我打開心門,請您 進到我的生命中來,以您的愛來 充滿我。阿們。

Salvation is a gift. All you have to do is receive Jesus into your heart. He’s there, waiting to come in. If you haven’t yet done so, you can right now by praying a simple prayer like the following:

Dear Jesus, I now open my heart and I ask You to come into my life. Please fill me to overflowing with Your love. Amen.

救恩不是獎賞,獎賞你做 的善事,或沒做的惡行。 它是一份禮物,不是你靠 個人什麼行為所能贏得的。

Salvation is not a reward. It’s not payment for anything good you may have done or anything bad you may have not done. It is a gift that you don’t earn and can’t earn by any kind of works of your own.

你不必擔心自己是否會失去 救恩,也不必考慮如何保存 救恩。一旦你接受耶穌基督 做你的救主,便沒有這樣那 樣的要求了,你已是一個得 救了的上帝孩子!你現在已 經有永生了,你是無法失去 它的。

You don’t need to worry about whether or not you are going to lose your salvation or how you are going to manage to stay saved, because once you’ve received Jesus as your Savior, you are saved! You have eternal life right now, and you can’t lose it.

即使你不完美,且難免犯錯誤,上 帝仍會救你。救恩是永恆的。上帝 已經賜予你救恩,便不會再收回。 救恩已是你的了!耶穌說, “我決不撇下你,也不 離棄你。” (希伯来书 13:5)

Even though you’re not perfect and you’re bound to make mistakes, God is going to save you anyway. Salvation is forever. He’s already given it to you, and He’s not going to take it back. It’s yours! Jesus says, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5)
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