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former Midwesterners making a positive difference in our adopted home of Nevada

Jan / Feb 2014 Newsletter 9

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Frank...Sammy...Dean. Simply

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mentioning those first names takes you back to an era. An era of music, an era of style and an era of what Las Vegas once was. An era that our grandparents fondly remember. Songs that bring smiles to their faces. They were The Rat Pack. Fast forward to 2013. Dakota...Denny...Doug. They are THE BROADWAY RAT PACK. More importantly to us, they are former Chicagoans! Chris Rich, a production crew member of the show tells us, "my friend happened to own a club downtown. Not just any club! The famous Excalibur Night Club on North Dearborn! We auditioned and they loved it." The contract was signed and they began performing as Frank, Sammy and Dean. The next 6 months were a whirlwind of selling tickets, performing and promoting the show. "The next thing we know, we're getting booked for private parties and government events", said Dakota. They continued this way for over 4 years, perfecting the act and building the Production Company. Denny, with a huge smile on his face said, "and then, IT HAPPENED! We received a call from Las Vegas." Today, THE BROADWAY RAT PACK is at the Four Queens Hotel and Casino, located Downtown on Fremont Street, performing 5 nights a week, 2 shows per night. Opening the show is Comic Otto Rogattsi. "He's a hard act to follow, except when he tries to sing", laughed Denny. Dakota Horvath (as Frank Sinatra) has had the honor of sharing the stage with Tony Bennett and has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and the Oprah Show. Denny Myles (as Dean Martin) has the uncanny ability to grasp the crowd with his nonchalant style and breezy wit as being completely into Dean. Doug Starks (as Sammy Davis Jr.) will sing and dance his way into your heart. Close your eyes and you will not believe you ears. The Broadway Rat Pack is a JAM KING Production with former Chicagoan Danny Z as the Executive Producer. Their offices are located in Chicago. Show days are Tuesday thru Saturday with 2 shows a day 4pm and 9pm. Tickets are currently available as a GROUPON. Visit http://www.groupon. com/deals/gl-the-broadwayrat-pack. At the end of each show, the cast is available to each guest for photos. "We are pleased with the former Chicagoan support we've received from CITD members", said Dakota. "We are proud to be a part of this family." Thank you to all!!


appreciate each of you, for your unique accent, your unique attitude, your neighborly smile and your Shop Mary Romano Chicagoan Loyalty to Founder our Business Members. The CITD website at is home to all the information you'll need to be a proper Chicagoan In the Desert. Our Business Member Directory will guide you to all of our "Chicagoan Perks". We also urge you to become familiar with our growing family of business members by LIKE'ing their Facebook pages. While on our website, please consider becoming an Official Social Member. A 1-year membership is only $20 and receive a FREE auto/window removable decal. When you're with us, you're home... because we take care of our own!



and Jil-Marie Borchers have certainly had a fast and furious 2013. In a nutshell, they packed up their belongings, left Chicago, drove cross country, got engaged, started their business, bought a home, and got married! With their feet set atop the desert sand, they began the process of networking. As Jil-Marie got out talking to people, she heard of Chicagoans In The Desert, LLC. Our first meeting with Dan & Jil-Marie was at Brandos Sports Bar with Nick and Anthony Brandonisio. It began with smiles and hugs! CELEBRITY PHOTOBOOTH worked their stuff at our Bears vs. Packers Event at Brandos. Celebrity PhotoBooth provides a fun and entertaining way to bring out the real personalities of your guests with or without the use of props. From weddings, corporate events, private parties, to sweet 16s or BEARS Events, Celebrity Photobooth will make your event memorable. Each guest receives a 4 photo strip that is available in 7 seconds! For more info visit www.celebrityphotoboothlv. com and dont forget to ask for your Chicagoan Perk when booking your party.



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someone mentions the word home, it evokes all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings inside of you. Love, family, close neighborly ties, the place you spend most of you time, where you belong. Where you feel, well, at home. To some of us home also means a specific place. And to a large portion of the transplanted population of Las Vegas, that place will always be Chicago. My husband and I are part of that vast group; we will never truly think of Vegas as home, its just where we live. After attending a Chicagoans In The Desert event recently, I had the thought, Chicago means so much to us, its where our home has always been, where our families are...But...what does it mean to other people? So me, being me, I decided to find out the answer to that question. Since I dont own a reporter quality video VICTORIA KAER, AUTHOR camera or a microphone with which to do street interviews, I settled for another venue to get my answers. I belong to a writers web site. One that has members from around the world. So I posted and asked people: If someone says to you, Im from Chicago, whats the first thing you think of? I was a bit surprised by the answers. I had thought for certain Cubs would be the first thing most people would think of. Shockingly, it was the Bears that came in first. Though, followed by the Cubs, though the gap was not as close as one would expect. And actually, pizza beat out the Cubs. Other answers I received were mosquitoes, no surprise there. Some places that were mentioned, the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Christopher Columbus memorial, Oprah/Harpo studios. The Blackhawks made the list although they werent very high on it. For some odd reason someone said New York, Ive yet to figure out why exactly. It also made the list as a place people would like to visit someday. The 20s were tossed in there by another person. Chicago accent, ( accent, what accent? I swear I do not have an accent, people!!) Illinois, which I guess would be a logical answer. Of course someone had to toss in Divergent, if you havent read the series, its set in Chicago. Last but certainly not least, home and childhood memories were on the list. Things a lot of us would agree are the first things we think of when Chicago is mentioned. Chicago means a lot of different things to so many people, but to many of us it will always and forever be home. No matter where we go in this world, Chicago will always call us back.




Thursday January 2nd and Friday January 3rd, 2014 Windy City Beefs-N-Pizza located at 9711 S. Eastern Avenue will celebrate its 1 year anniversary. All are invited to Shop Chicagoan! Anniversary specials include $0.99 Vienna Chicago Style Hot Dogs (limit 10 please) and 50% off ALL pizzas. Anniversary specials are DINE-IN ONLY, and yes, weather permitting, the outdoor eating area is considered dine-in. Windy City has been a tireless champion on behalf of Chicagoans In the Desert, LLC. The counter space at both locations is dedicated to our marketing materials, which includes information, logos and advertising for ALL our Business Members. WCBNP also generously donates raffle prizes for our events, no matter where they are being held. Congratulations to Tim & Dakota.



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