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Tips for Tutoring ESL students in the United States How do you teach English to a struggling private student

in the United States? What will you actually do for 60- !0 "inutes together? How will you "a#e the lessons "eaningful enough that your client feels satisfied and wants to retain you for future lessons? $irst% you "ust &e very clear a&out the client wants and e'pects( So"e tutors even present a written contract outlining their rates% the location and ti"es of "eetings% and pay"ent policies( )*ve never &een that for"al% &ut ) have also never &een &urned the way so"e tutors have &een( )n fact% )*ve had only very positive e'periences with clients( Why? +erhaps luc#, perhaps &ecause ) screen potential clients( ) only wor# with professionals% graduate students% and-or friends and spouses of friends with a solid foundation in English( .e e'plicit a&out what you want and don*t want to teach a client( .e prepared to provide options for potential clients that you re/ect( $or students who want to i"prove their conversation% ) strongly suggest thatyou select the topic and "aterials in advance( 0ou can use newspapers and-or "aga1ines to find appropriate articles to &egin the conversation( 2) usually assign the articles a wee# ahead and give the" "y conversation wor#sheets(3 4y favorite &oo# - &ecause ) wrote it and it provides 56 self-contained the"atic chapters - is 7o"pelling 7onversations8 9uestions and 9uotations on Ti"eless Topics( :)S.;- 08 5 <66=!=>? ( The co"&ination of poignant @uestions% voca&ulary lists% prover&s% and witty @uotations "a#es your /o& "uch easier( )f you have a wea#er student loo#ing to i"prove their spea#ing s#ills% then ) would advise using a picture dictionary( There are several fine ones( 0ou "ight use the A'ford +icture Bictionary to open conversations% and ) would &e te"pted to as# the client to &ring in photographs and ads each wee#( 0ou will need patience and &e prepared to repeat words( 4any students will want to wor# on their pronunciation( 0ou can also as#-assign the" listening activities on the we&( ) li#e Coice of D"erica*s Special English progra"s for inter"ediate and advanced students( 0ou will have to direct lower level to we&sites to practice their listening and spea#ing s#ills with drills( They will love the wor#, you "ight go "ad repeating vowel sounds( 0ou can also "a#e a good inco"e helping ESL students write college ad"ission essays% practice TAE$L and EFE essays% and proofreading papers( There are "any fine &oo#s you can use( ) reco""end Geith $olse*s Ereat Essays and pic#ing any of the standard test preparation guides pu&lished &y .arrons or Gaplans( $or worse or for &etter% the focus is on structure and not content( Spelling% so"ehow% often doesn*t even officially "atter( 0ou "ight also use the e'cellent 7a"&ridge Coca&ulary in Use series and Era""ar in Use series( 0ou can also reco""end Era""ar Trou&lespots for international students(

$inally% ) have had great success sharing insights on adapting to D"erican culture( 4y favorite &oo# for this challenging tas# re"ains 7hec#lists for Life8 05 Lists to Help 0ou( Each chapter focuses on a practical life s#ill fro" &uying a co"puter and finding a good "echanic to organi1ing your wor#place and writing letters of condolence( )nevita&ly the readings lend the"selves to engaging conversations and a satisfying e'change of infor"ation and insights( ) have also assigned readings fro" Bon*t Sweat the S"all Stuff% &ut the advice offered often see"s very idealistic and naive to i""igrant professionals( Still% clients love the idio"s and find the perspective illu"inates un#nown aspects of D"erican culture - or at least a seg"ent of D"erican culture( $inally% the #ey to tutoring ESL students - or anyone else - re"ains respecting the student% "eeting their needs% and providing a solid structure for your lessons( ) have found that using a set te't% developing a #nown routine% and co"&ining conversation% voca&ulary% and writing s#ills "a#es for a successful and satisfying e'perience( Ds Willia" Sha#espeare noted four centuries ago% HDll*s well that ends wellH( Therefore% you should also have the grace to #now when to end your lessons( So"e clients will want to #eep wor#ing with you( Set a clear goal for your lessons% and conclude when the students have reached that goal( 0ou can then &eco"e genuine friends and leave "oney out of the e@uation( Ar not( 0ou choose( What are your goals? Ds for "y &ac#ground% here is a short &io that you can use( .orn in ;ew 0or# 7ity and raised in )ndiana% Eric Foth has taught English and Writing in 7alifornia for the last do1en years( Foth currently teaches undergraduate engineering students and graduate science students the pleasures of writing and pu&lic spea#ing in English at the University of Southern 7alifornia( D for"er /ournalist and 7ongressional aide% he has also taught nu"erous ESL courses at Santa 4onica 7ollege% U7LD E'tension% and 7al State % Long .each*s D"erican Language )nstitute( Foth also taught the first citi1enship class in the Santa 4onica-4ali&u Ddult Education 7enter and later directed the 7ES Ddult Education 7enter( Foth received his .D in philsophy and D"erican History fro" Wa&ash 7ollege and his 4D in 4edia Studies-7o""unication fro" ;ew School University( He has also taught in Spain and $rance( Foth is a "e"&er of 7alifornia Teachers of English to Spea#ers of Ather Languages% Teaching English to Spea#ers

of Ather Languages% and the )nternational 7o""unication Dssociation( He recently pu&lished his first &oo#% 7o"pelling 7onversations8 9uestions and 9uotations on Ti"eless Topics - Dn Engaging Te't&oo# for Ddvanced ESL Students( What other infor"ation can ) provide to ca/ole you into letting "e post short articles on ESL Lounge?