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R Curry/ETP Development Process

Class Tutorials: Integrating Web Courses into the Language
Arts/Social Studies Core Middle School Classroom
SPONSOR COMPANY: National Semiconductor
MENTOR NAME: Tansie Iwafuchi

ABSTRACT : This ETP is designed to help differentiate instruction for student learning.
The web-based tutorial lessons are designed especially for learners in need of relearning
and review to reach grade level proficiency and for advanced students to advance at an
accelerated rate.

I developed web-based courses using the NSC Ready/Go program. For my ETP, I have
used my new-found skills to replicate a similar web course development using
Dreamweaver and Mozilla Composer.

Using web editors, such as MS Word (at NSC), Dreamweaver and Mozilla Composer (on
my own computers), I designed a template for the class tutorials and started inserting
content, links and questions.

Describe how your ETP aligns with NBC or State standard as stated
in your proposal:
The tutorial units will be based on CA state standards in Language Arts and History/Social
Studies and connect to the state adopted standards-aligned curriculum in use in the

Describe the connection between your ETP and the Summer

In my Summer Fellowship, I worked on creating Web Courses for industry. Using many of
those skills, I have designed and launched web-based student tutorials to support student
Check it out online at

I have already created general web pages for every chapter or unit and will work on
creating more detailed and specific content during the year, a few weeks ahead of
using it in class. By the end of the first year, I will have a complete set of tutorials
for every chapter and section to support the text program in meeting the learning
needs of all learners.

I will pilot this with my class and offer it to other teachers in my districts 3 middle
schools. Upon request, I would be glad to share it with teachers elsewhere as well.

I will encourage participating teachers to give ongoing informal feedback to modify

it to make it more effective. I also envision having them complete a survey in the
later part of the year using the free online survey tool, .

Since I do not have access to any web editor other than MS Word at the worksite, I
will need to work on much of the ETP plan off site. Whatever I do at NSC, ends up
having to be redone later.

The project includes a tutorial for every Language Arts and Social Studies unit.
Every chapter and section will have a review/relearn section and a chapter review
test which will cover all areas covered on the actual section and chapter tests. If
there is a need, I can also do section and chapter summaries in the students’ home
languages as well.
Language Arts Tutorial:

For the content, I am using chapter summaries from the district’s adopted text
The images are linked to their source on the web and can serve as catalysts of
interest for the students as they browse them.

Social Studies Tutorials: