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Cisco Router Throughput

Lets know about the Cisco router throughput from the below message: 1 No Drop Rate and RFC-2544 Tests Routers have traditionally been tested using RFC 2 !! or similar types of performance tests" RFC 2 !! re#uires tests to be run at a no drop rate $%&R'" (his testing is done by using a fi)ed packet si*e+ usually ,!-byte packets+ and the results are usually published as a metric in kilopackets per second $kpps'" (he tests are designed to show the C./ power and processing power of the platform $(able 1'" 0nother popular techni#ue for providing router performance information is also an %&R test+ but it is performed with ma)imum packet si*e and presented as a throughput test" Results are delivered as megabits per second $1bps'" (his test yields a ma)imum data-rate forwarding of specific features"

For %&R tests sometimes the platforms can process and forward packets faster than the aggregate bandwidth of the interfaces that the specific models can support" 2n this situation+ all available interfaces are driven to line rate and C./ usage recorded" 3hat these tests do not provide is any indication of how the router will perform in a production environment" (hey assume that router C./s scale linearly to the point where they drop packets" (he tests provide no means for analy*ing router services+ softwarebased algorithms+ or other features" (here is no ability to account for real protocols+ application layer gateways $0L4s'+ or other real-world traffic" 0lso+ production networks tend to have varied packet si*es" 5oice traffic and (C. acknowledgements $0C6s' tend to be very small packets+ generally ,! to 78 bytes" File transfers and some applications tend to use as large a packet si*e as they can negotiate" (hus+ %&R tests with fi)ed packet si*es do not provide a very realistic look at router performance in a production environment" 2 Firewall testing Firewall testing is much more complicated than any other test discussed in this document" 9one-based firewall $9:F' is a stateful application+ maintaining and monitoring the state of all (C. connections through it" 2t has multiple 0L4s that allow it to inspect and monitor specific protocols and applications" 9:F also inspects traffic both within and between *ones"

(hus+ test methodology significantly affects performance" (esting different applications invokes specific 0L4s+ each of which may affect test results differently" 1any test tools can generate packets with (C. headers+ but never complete the handshake and establish state for monitoring" 2n some situations+ the firewall may see this situation as a denial-of-service $&o;' attack+ because it would rarely be encountered in a production network unless under attack" (he use of pure /ser &atagram .rotocol $/&.' or other stateless traffic patterns can also produce varying results" For the purposes of this document+ firewall is configured with two *ones+ and all traffic is sent between *ones" (he traffic generated is stateless and uses the same /&. port number" .erformance is measured in ma)imum throughput and the number of ma)imum concurrent sessions" <ne element that influences the ma)imum-sessions metric is the amount of installed memory in the platforms" (hese tests used default memory" (able ! gives firewall performance information by platform"

0gain+ the data presented in this section is for ma)imum performance and is not very valuable for use in a production network" 0lthough a router may be able to forward more than 1 4bps of encrypted traffic in a lab-based performance test+ it should not be e)pected to perform at that level in a customers network" .acket si*es will vary in a real network+ and routers cannot be stressed to %&R" 1a)imum tunnels are a specific point where performance derived in a lab situation varies from a production design" 0lthough this number is easy to reproduce in a test environment+ very little traffic will be forwarded over those tunnels during the test" Firewall performance will vary depending on the nature of the traffic" :ecause 9:F monitors the state of traffic and monitors specific protocols and applications+ actual application traffic will affect the throughput of the firewall"

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