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Regional elections for Senators

The senators are the representative of the entire country, majority of our senators are from Luzon, with a sprinkling coming from the Visayas and Mindanao. Election senators y regions, will give regions outside !mperial Manila a chance to e ade"uately represented in the #enate. !t will reduce the e$penses to e shouldered y the candidates, as they would focus their resources in their specific regions rather than the entire country. Less e$penses might encourage more deserving ut financially% handicapped candidates to come forth and throw their hats in the political arena. &ur respective senators prioritized their regions specifically their provinces when it comes to fund allocation of their 'riority (evelopment )ssistance )ssistance *und. The udget allocation of the #enators are not e"ually distri uted, for e$ample #enator Edgardo )ngara has a scholarship program with a "ualification that the applicant must e a ona fide resident of )urora 'rovince, the #enator home province. #econd, #enator +hiz Escudero allocated ',-M of his '()* to #orsogon compare to the allocation to Tawi Tawi amounting to ',.,M considering that Tawi Tawi needs more assistance eing one of the poorest province in the +ountry and ).MM as one of the poorest .egion in the 'hilippines. !n paying ta$es, everyone has to pay their e"ual share regardless of the region they elong ut when the ta$es will e ack in the form of projects and enefits, some of the .egions received favoura ly higher allocations for social services and economic development e$penditures. The pu lic investments in infrastructure, services, and productive activities are concentrated in these regions over a long period of time *or this reasons, we are in favour of electing senators on a regional asis. SUMMARY (Pag nanghingi pa additional info sir)
The priority Development Assistance Fund is a discretionary fund available for the member of Congress, the Senators and the House of Representatives. t is designed to allo! the "egislators to fund small scale infrastructure and is amount is dependent !ith a relationship of the Senators to the sitting #resident meaning the #DAF allocation can be decreased or increased at any given time and having more number of Senator do not necessarily mean that the budget re$uirement !ill automatically increase. %optional&

The #enators fund allocations will e directly goes to their constituents needs, enefits, and developmental projects that will lessen the corruption as every senators are accounta le for their respective region. The election of senator per region will e the first step to attain the development in every region and to at least lessen the people living elow the poverty line that will result vast economic growth of the entire country.