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In the Name of God the Most Compassionate the Most Merciful , in this Book we are going to
learn some important words , and I’am going to make it in three forms

:( ) ‫ا‬
‫ )*) ﻥذج‬+‫ إ‬-.‫ و أﻥ ﺱ‬، ‫ا اب ﺱ   ات ا‬#‫ ه‬% ، ‫ ا ا ا‬

The First Form:

a bit ‫ة‬23 4- ،*-

A bit extra ‫ ﻡ اد‬7‫* أآ‬
ً -
a block of flats :3*‫; ﺱ  ﻡ‬:< =>?‫ﻡ‬
A box of matches @‫ی‬B‫ آ‬B=
A buoy ‫ ورة‬E‫ ا‬/ ‫ا>اﻡ‬
A cherry tree ‫<?ة از‬
A consumer G‫ﻡ‬
a few 
a happy new yea ‫ =ﻡ ﺱ ا‬G + ‫أﺕ‬
a hundred  ‫ﻡ‬
A hunter- gather ‫م‬4‫ ا‬J‫د وﻡ‬3
A long time ‫>ی‬K ‫ﻡ ة‬
A party’s parliamentary body ‫ب‬LM ‫ﻥ‬B‫ ا‬N‫ا‬
A priori O ‫ﻡ‬
A quarter past one p.m. ‫ ﻡءا‬J‫ا>ا ة و ا‬
A quarter past three p.m. ‫ ﻡءا‬J‫ و ا‬77‫ا‬
A quarter past two p.m. ‫ ﻡءا‬J‫ﻥ و ا‬7‫ا‬
A quarter to four p.m. ‫ ﻡءا‬J‫ ا‬Q‫اا إ‬
A quarter to three p.m. ‫ ﻡءا‬J‫ ا‬Q‫ إ‬77‫ا‬
A quarter to two p.m. ‫ ﻡءا‬J‫ ا‬Q‫ﻥ إ‬7‫ا‬
A yield S / ‫>ل‬SM‫ﻡ‬
A.O.G. ( arrival of goods) =TB‫>ل ا‬3‫و‬
Abandon ‫ یك‬/ ?‫ی‬
Abdomen 4
Ability to pay ‫ رة ا اد‬-
Ablution ‫ا>ﺽ>ع‬
Ablution with sand ‫ا‬
Aboriginal ‫>ن‬3Q‫ان ا‬
Above ‫>ق‬
Abroad ‫ﺕع‬
Abstain @‫>ی‬S‫ ) = ا‬J ‫)ی‬
Abuse ‫ إﺱءة‬- ‫ء‬+‫ی‬
Abusive ‫ – ﻡ‬%‫ﺕ‬
Accelerated increment \?‫ ﻥ> ﻡ‬/ ?‫زیدة ﻡ‬
Acceleration \?‫ﺕ‬
Access ‫اض‬-‫>ل – إدة – إ‬S -‫>ل‬3‫و‬
Accessible ‫>ل إ‬3>‫ﺱ\ ا‬
Accident ‫دث‬
Accommodate a request _K ‫ ی\ – ی>ى‬- %B‫ی‬
According to ‫ ـ‬:BK ،_
Account Number ‫ب‬M‫ ا‬-‫ر‬
Accountant _‫ﺱ‬M‫ا‬
Accounting ratios B‫ﺱ‬M‫ا _ ا‬
Accounts ‫ت‬
Accounts payable J ‫ت ا‬
Accounts receivable B:‫ت ا‬
Accrue ‫ی ر‬
Accrued J?‫ ﻡ‬/ \SM‫ ﻡ‬/ ;M‫ﻡ‬
Accruing inerest :M‫>ا ﻡ‬
Accurate (adj.) ;-‫د‬
Across B=
Act \7‫ﺕ‬
Act of God ‫ ر‬-‫ء و‬T-
Action plan (agenda for action ) \= 4b
Actor \7‫ﻡ‬
Actress 7‫ﻡ‬
Actually ::M‫ ا‬%
Adapt J‫ ﻡ‬c‫ی‬
Adaptable -‫ او ا‬c‫ﺱ\ ا‬
Adaptation c‫ﺕ‬
Adapter ‫>ل‬M‫ﻡ‬
Added value T‫ ا‬:‫ا‬
Addition J
Address ‫= >ان‬
Address book ‫ﻡة = وی‬
Adjudication S- ‫ﻡ‬
Adjust programme d‫ ﻥﻡ‬eMS‫ﺕ‬
Adjustment fB‫ ﺽ‬- \‫ﺕ>ی – ﺕدی‬
Adjustment bureau ‫ﻡ_ ا>ی‬
Administration 44h‫دارة ) ا‬g‫) ا‬
Administrator ‫ا ی‬
Admission ‫ار‬-‫إ‬
Adopt + B‫ی‬
Adore _M‫; – ی‬E‫ی‬
Advantage card L‫آرت ﻡ‬
Adverse _‫ ﻡ وئ – ﺱ‬-i‫ﺱ‬
Advertisement ‫إ=*ن‬
Affection > -OBM‫ ﻡ‬-c4=
Affluent society ‫ ا>ة‬J?‫ﻡ‬
Afraid c b
Africa :‫أی‬
African %:‫أی‬
Afternoon k‫ ا‬
Age =
Age analysis of accounts receivable B:‫ب ا‬M % ‫ﻡ‬L‫\ ا‬M‫ا‬
Agency substitutes ‫\ ا ی>ن‬SM‫ت ﺕ‬Q‫وآ‬
Aggravation / recrudescence ‫ﺕ>ی‬
Aggregation J?‫ﺕ‬
Agile ;<‫ر‬
Agree ;‫ی>ا‬
Agreement ‫اﺕق‬
Agricultural credit %=‫ا ن زرا‬
Agricultural loan %=‫را‬L‫ض ا‬:‫ا‬
Agro- based =‫را‬L‫ ا‬+=  -
Aid cutoff ‫ع ا>ﻥ‬4-
Aim ‫ه ف‬
Airmail ‫ی >ي‬
Airplane ‫ ة‬K
Airport ‫ر‬4‫ﻡ‬
Aisle  ‫ آ‬%‫  آاﺱ‬%E‫ﻡ‬
Aisle seat %E‫ ا‬% :‫ﻡ‬
Alarm ‫ار‬#‫إﻥ‬
Alarm clock OB ‫ﻡ‬
Alienation/ retention _ ?‫ﺕ‬
Alive %
All J
All – time high / unprecedented %‫ﺱ‬-
Allergy ‫ا?وب‬
Alligator ‫ﺕح‬
Almonds ‫>ز‬
Alms - 3
Alphabet ‫? ی‬o‫ا‬
Also ً T‫أی‬
Altemat ‫ﻡوب‬
Always ً  ‫دا‬
Amateur ‫هو‬
Amazed p‫ ﻡ ه‬، ‫ه>ل‬#‫ﻡ‬
Amazing p‫ﻡ ه‬
Ambitions ‫>ح‬K
Ambulance ‫= إﺱف‬
America ‫أﻡی‬
American %‫ﻡآ‬o‫ا‬
Amount -
Amusement park %‫ﻡ*ه‬
Anaesthetic ‫ ر‬h‫ﻡ‬
Analyse \M‫ی‬
Analytical reports M‫ری ﺕ‬:‫ﺕ‬
Ancestors ‫ أﺱ*ف‬/ ‫ ود‬
Anchor ‫ﻡﺱة‬
Anchor ‫ ﻡﺱة‬/ >‫یﺱ‬
Anchor ‫ ان‬q‫ ﻥ‬% @B7‫یﺱ> وی‬
Angel ‫ﻡ*ك‬
Angles  *‫ا‬
Ankle \‫ا‬
Announce ‫ی‬
Annual ‫ﺱ >ی‬
Annual ring ‫ ﺱ >ی‬:
Annuity ‫ ﺱ >ي‬f-
Another br
Answer ‫>اب‬
Anti- cyclical measures ‫ﺱر‬o‫@ ا‬B7‫ﺕ  ﺕ‬
Antiquities ‫ ی‬- ‫)ر‬r
Antiseptic 4‫ﻡ‬
Antiseptic :‫ – ﺕ‬4‫ﺕ‬
Antler \=>‫ن ا‬-
Anxious ;-
Ap- dating ‫اﺱل‬
Apart from = *T
Apartment :< ، s
Apartment building  ‫=رة ﺱ‬
Apartments ;:<
Appalling ‫ع‬L‫ﻡ‬
Apparel ‫ﻡ>دی*ت‬
Appearance k‫ﻡ‬
Appendicitis ‫ا ة‬L‫اب ا‬
Appetite <
Appetizer %E‫ا‬
Apple ‫ﺕ‬
Appliances % ‫ن آ‬
Applicant t>‫_ ا‬K
Application t‫_ و‬K
Apply _K ‫ م‬:‫ی‬
Appointment ‫ﺕ‬
Appointment ‫ﻡد‬
Appointment book =‫ﻡة ﻡ>ا‬
Apricot pE‫ﻡ‬
April \‫ای‬
Apron ‫وزرة‬
Aquarium % ‫ ا‬cM‫ا‬
Arbitrary dismissal %‫\ ا‬S‫ا‬
Arbitration M‫ا‬
Arch :=
Archer ‫ ام‬%‫راﻡ‬
Archery ‫اﻡی‬
Area code :4 ‫آ>د ا‬
Arithmetic mean %M‫ ا‬f‫ا>ﺱ‬
Armpit f‫إ‬
Armrest %‫ی اﺱ‬
Arms ‫أذرع‬
Arrangement ‫ﺕ>ی ا ی>ن‬
Arrears/ unpaid balances ‫ات‬b.‫ﻡ‬
Arrive \S‫ی‬
Arrow ‫ﺱ‬
Art gallery ‫ﻡض رﺱ>ﻡت‬
Artery ‫<ین‬
Artichoke ‫<>ف‬h‫ا‬
Article ‫وع‬E‫ﻡ‬
Articles of agreement ‫ﺱ‬.‫ ﺕ‬M Q
Artist ‫ ن‬
As/ qua ‫ل‬7‫\ ا‬B‫ ﺱ‬%= /7
Ascetic ‫ – زاه‬cE:‫ﻡ‬
Asceticism cE:‫ﺕ‬
Ashtray ‫ة‬.4‫ﻡ‬
Asia ‫ﺱ‬r ‫رة‬-
Asian ‫ﺱ>ي‬r
Ask ‫ل‬.‫ی‬
Asparagus u‫ﻥ‬B‫ا‬
Asphyxiated ; h‫ﻡ‬
Aspirin ‫ی‬B‫ﺱ‬o‫ا‬
Association 4‫ – را‬
Assortment c S‫ﺕ‬
Astronaut ‫ء‬T‫را ا‬
Asymmetric ;‫ ﻡ‬s
at all :4‫ﻡ‬
at different times of the day ‫ ﻡ ا>م‬h‫ت ﻡ‬-‫ أو‬+
At factor cost ‫ ا‬
at first ‫ﻡ‬o‫ دئ ا‬+ ،Q‫أو‬
At last ‫ ا ی‬+ ، ‫ا‬b‫أ‬
At maturity ‫ق‬:M‫ﺱ‬Q‫= ا‬
At par %3o‫ا ا‬
At sight ‫*ع‬Kv
At sight ‫*ع‬KQ‫= ا‬
At sight & up to ‫ه‬S-‫*ع و ة أ‬Kv
at the end of ‫ ﻥی‬+
At the front of ‫ ﻡ أو  ای‬:‫ ﻡ‬%
At the grass roots level ‫= ة‬:‫ ﻡ>ى ا‬+=
At zero interest ‫ ون >ا‬
Atheism ‫د‬M‫إ‬
Atheist M‫ﻡ‬
athens  )‫ﻡ ی  أ‬
Athlete (n) +‫ ریﺽ‬wh<
Athletic (adj.) +‫ریﺽ‬
Athletics ‫>ى‬:‫أب ا‬
Atlantic ocean %4 Ko‫ ا‬fM‫ا‬
ATM %x‫اف ا‬S‫ا‬
Atomic dust ‫ر ذري‬Bs
Attached % @B)
Attack ‫ی‬
Attention B‫اﻥ‬
Attic َ‫ا‬
Auction ‫اد‬L‫ﻡ‬
Audience ‫*ت‬:‫= ا‬-
Auditing ‫اا‬
Auditor J‫ﻡا‬
Auditorium ‫ﺱع‬Q‫= ا‬-
August q4s‫أ‬
Aunt =
Australia ‫اﺱا‬
Australian %‫أﺱا‬
Author cz‫ﻡ‬
Authorised capital O ‫رأس ال ا>ح‬
Authority 4‫ا‬
Autumn c‫ی‬h‫ا‬
Available >‫ ﻡ‬-‫ﻡح–ﻡ>>د‬
Avenue ‫دة‬
Average of collection period \SM‫ ة ا‬f‫ﻡ>ﺱ‬
Aviation ‫ان‬4‫ا‬
Avocado ‫>آﺕ‬o‫ا‬
Awarding committee M‫?  ﺕ‬
Awareness %=‫و‬
B. C. ‫\ ا*د‬B-
Baby J‫رﺽ‬
baby (pl. babies) J‫\ رﺽ‬K
Back t
back ‫ ا>راء‬+‫ إ‬،b
Backbenchers ‫ن‬B‫ ا‬% h‫= ا‬:‫>ن ا‬M‫ﻡ ی‬
backgammon ‫و‬4‫ ا‬B
Backpack t B:
backwards ch‫ ا‬+‫إ‬
Bacon ‫ د‬:‫ی ﻡ‬L b M
Bad-tempered _‫ﺽ‬s ‫اج‬L‫ذا ﻡ‬
Bad debt loss index ‫ﻡ ل ا ی>ن ا وﻡ‬
Badge ‫<رة‬
Badly managed N‫ذات أدارة ﺱ‬
Badminton E‫ ای‬q ‫ﺕ‬
Bagel %: LBb
Baggage ‫ _ ﺱ‬:
Baggage claim _ :M‫ﺕ ا‬
Bagpipes ‫ب‬:‫ﻡر ا‬L‫ﻡ‬
Baguette %‫ ﻥ‬LBb
Bait ‫ ا رة‬w<
Bakery ‫ن‬
Balance ‫ا>ازن‬
Balance 3‫ﻡ>ازﻥ – ر‬
Balance of payments ‫ان ا >=ت‬L‫ﻡ‬
Balance sheet %‫ﻡ‬h‫ب ا‬M‫ا‬
Balcony <
Ball ‫آة‬
Ballerina OB‫ ا‬S-‫را‬
Ballet OB‫ ا‬w-‫ر‬
Balloon ‫ی>ﻥ‬
Balloon loan ‫ه‬b‫ ا‬OK-‫ ا‬B‫ )اآ‬f:‫ض ﻡ‬- )
Ballot box ‫اع‬-Q‫ وق ا‬3
Ban J ‫ – ی‬4h‫ی‬
Banana ‫ﻡ>ز‬
Band :‫ ﻡ>ﺱ‬-
Band-Aid ‫*ﺱ‬
Banister ‫ی‬L‫=>د ا را‬
Banjo >?‫ﻥ‬
Bank G 
Bank Account %S‫ب ا‬M‫ا‬
Bank credit %S‫ ن ا‬Q‫ا‬
Bank draft S‫>ا ﻡ‬
Bank loan %S‫ض ﻡ‬-
BANK RATE Sh‫ﻡ ل ا‬
Bank statement G B‫ ب ا‬cE‫آ‬
Bankruptcy ‫*س‬g‫ا‬
Bar ‫ر‬
Barbecue ‫ ا ر‬+= ‫>ي‬E‫ی‬
Barber ‫*ق‬
Bare ‫=ری – * أ)ث‬
Bargain ‫ﻡوﻡ‬
Bark ‫ء‬M‫?ة )ا‬E ‫ر‬h‫ة ا‬E:‫)ا‬
Barn ‫ا?ن‬
Barracks p?‫) ت ا‬
Barrel \‫ﻡ‬
Bartender %-‫ﺱ‬
Barter T‫ی‬:‫ی – ﻡ‬:‫ی‬
Base ‫ﺱس‬o‫ ا‬/ ‫= ة‬:‫ا‬
Base rate +‫دﻥ‬o‫ ا‬M‫ا‬
Baseball ‫>ل‬BB‫ا‬
Baseball cap ‫>ل‬BB‫ ا‬B-
Baseball glove ‫>ل‬BB‫ز ا‬-
Basic work data ‫ﺱﺱ‬o‫ﻥت ا\ ا‬
Basket ‫ﺱ‬
Basketball ‫آة ا‬
Bat ‫رب‬T‫ا‬
Bat ‫ش‬b
Batch costing ‫ ا  ا>ا ة‬c‫ ی ﺕ‬:‫ﺕ‬
Batch production ‫ﻥج  ت‬g‫ا‬
Bath >‫ﻥ‬
Bathrobe ‫ م‬q‫ﻥ‬
Bathroom ‫ﻡض‬
Battery ‫ری‬4
Be awarded e ‫ﺕ‬
Be engaged ‫ى‬b‫>ل  أ‬2E‫ﻡ‬
be going to ‫ أن‬G<>‫ ی‬، ‫ی >ى‬
Be injured )‫ د‬%) ‫ب‬S‫)ی‬
Be stripped of ‫یُ?د ﻡ‬
Beach iK<
Beach ball iKE‫آة ا‬
Beach pail ‫دل‬
Bead note ‫آة ﺕ ی‬#‫ﻡ‬
Beads ‫ز‬b
Beak ‫ر‬: ‫ﻡ‬
Beans >3
Bear ‫دب‬
Beard M
Beat the record +‫ﺱ‬:‫ ا‬-‫ ا‬4M‫ی‬
Beautiful \
because ‫ن‬o
because of _B
Bed ‫ﺱی‬
Bed spread ‫ﻡش ﺱی‬
Bed table ‫ﻡ ة ﺱی‬
bedouin +‫ أ=ا‬، ‫ وى‬
Bedroom ‫?ة ا >م‬
Bee M‫ﻥ‬
Beef :B‫ ا‬M
Beer ‫ة‬
Beetle ‫ ء‬b
Beets ‫< ر‬
Before \B-
Beggar ‫ﻡ>ل‬
Behind ‫وراء‬
believe ‫ ق‬S‫ی‬
Bell ‫س‬
Bellboy ‫دم  ق‬b
belong to (ed) wh‫ی‬
Below @M‫ﺕ‬
Belt ‫ام‬L
Bench \‫>ی‬K :‫ﻡ‬
Benchmark ‫ﺱ د‬Q‫ ا‬-*=
Bend ‫ ء‬M‫اﻥ‬
Beneath \‫ أﺱ‬/ @M‫ﺕ‬
Beneficiary ‫ﻡ‬
Benefit ‫ ة‬
Berber B‫ \ ا‬B-
Beret O‫ی‬
Beside _‫?ﻥ‬
besides G‫ >ق ذ‬،G‫ ذ‬+‫ﺽ إ‬g ،G‫ ذ‬+= ‫=*وة‬
Better ‫أ‬
between ‫ﻡن‬L‫( )ن وا‬N< ‫) )ا)  أو‬
Beverage ‫وب‬E‫ﻡ‬
beyond ‫ وراء‬، 
Bicycle  ‫درا ه>ا‬
Bicycle helmet ‫ ا رات‬B-
Biking ‫ق درات‬B‫ﺱ‬
Bikini % 
Bill ‫ﺕ>رة‬
Bill of exchange B‫آ‬
Billion ‫>ن‬
Binder _‫ﻡ? ا‬
Binoculars k‫رة ﻡ‬k‫ﻥ‬
Biology ‫ء‬o‫= ا‬
Bird K
Birdhouse  4‫@ ا‬
birth >‫ ﻡ‬،‫ﻡ*د‬
Birthdate ‫ ﻡ*د‬u‫ﺕری‬
birthday ‫ = ﻡ*د‬،‫ی>م ﻡ*د‬
Bitter ‫ذع‬Q K ‫ذا‬/‫ﻡ‬
Black ‫أﺱ>د‬
Blackberries ‫= _ اﺱ>د‬
Blackboard ‫َ>رة‬B‫ﺱ‬
Blanket ‫ﻥ‬4
Blasphemy ‫ا‬
Bleeding :‫ﻡ‬
Blender ‫*ط‬b
blind c‫ آ‬،+=‫أ‬
Blinds  ‫ﺱ‬
Block ;‫ی‬4‫ی ا‬
Blocks ‫آ‬
Blond :<‫أ‬
Blood pressure ‫ ا م‬f2‫ﺽ‬
Bloodstream ‫ﻡ?ى ا م‬
Blossom ‫إزهر‬
Blouse %‫ر‬b w-
Blow up d ‫ی‬
Blue ‫أزرق‬
Blueberries ‫= _ ي‬
Board chairman ‫دارة‬g‫ ا‬q?‫ ﻡ‬q ‫ر‬
Board of directors ‫دارة‬g‫ ا‬q?‫ﻡ‬
Boarden J‫ ی>ﺱ‬/ J‫ی‬
Boarders ‫ ود‬
Boarding \‫آ‬o ‫ﻡ‬-‫ا‬
Boat ‫زورق‬
Boat _‫ﻡآ‬
Body building ‫م‬o‫آل ا‬
Boil %2‫ی‬
Bolt ‫ﻡر‬
Bomb B -
Bond ‫ﺱ‬
Bonds ‫ﺱ ات‬
Bone k=
Bones ‫م‬k=
Book ‫آب‬
Book L?M‫ی‬
Book bag _‫ ا‬B:
Book value ‫ ا ی‬:‫ا‬
Booking L?
Bookkeeper ‫ت‬M‫آﺕ_ ا‬
Bookkeeping ‫إﻡك ا ﺕ‬
Book****ves _‫ ا‬c‫أر‬
Bookstore _‫ﻡ? آ‬
Boom & bust ‫اﻥش وآد‬
Boom/ pick – up / rebund / recovery ‫اﻥش‬
Boot ‫ وق ارة‬3
Boot B- ‫اء‬#
Boots ‫>ت‬
Border guard ‫>ا أﻡ‬
bore \ >= ‫ ی‬،\‫ی‬
Borer ‫ب‬:7‫ﻡ‬
Boring \‫ﻡ‬
botany ‫ت‬B ‫= ا‬
Bottle ‫ز‬
Bottom +‫أدﻥ‬
Bought L‫ه‬
Bought up M‫ﻡ‬
Bouquet ‫ أزهر‬-
Bow =#‫ی‬
Bowling  >B‫ا‬
Box ‫ وق‬3
Boxer ‫ا*آ‬
Boxing ‫ا*آ‬
Boxing glove ‫ز ا*آ‬-
Boxing ring ‫ ا*آ‬B
Boy %B3
Bracelet ‫ﺱ>ار‬
Brain u‫ﻡ‬
Brain power \:‫>ة ا‬-
Branch Ss
Branch banks ‫رف ذات اوع‬S‫ا‬
Branches ‫?ة‬E‫وع ا‬
Brass 3o‫س ا‬M ‫ا‬
Brassiere ‫ ی‬7 ‫ ری‬3
brave ‫ ئ‬،‫ ام‬:‫ ﻡ‬،‫<?ع‬
Bread LBb
Break ‫اﺱا‬
Break- down ‫اﻥر‬
Break-up  L?‫اﻥر – ﺕ‬
Break off ‫ی‬
Break the record %‫ﺱ‬:‫ ا‬-‫ ا‬4M‫ی‬
Breakfast ‫>ر‬4‫ا‬
Breathe in q ‫; – ی‬E ‫ی‬
Breathe out ?‫رج ا‬b %‫د ا>اء إ‬4‫ی‬
Breathing q ‫ﺕ‬
Brick ‫>ب‬K
bridge  ،‫آ>ى‬
Bridle ‫?م‬
Briefcase ‫  ی‬kM‫ﻡ‬
bright ‫ق‬E‫ ﻡ‬،‫ وﺽء‬،JK‫ﺱ‬
bright J- ، ‫زا‬
Brilliant +‫  ًا – أ‬+‫ذآ‬
Bring about ‫ ث‬Mُ‫ی‬
Bring up +‫ی‬
Broad ‫=ی‬
Broccoli %‫وآ‬
Brochure ‫)آ_ – آاﺱ ) =ی‬
Broken E‫ﻡ‬
Broker ‫ﺱر‬
Brokerage ‫ﺱة‬
Brooch ‫وش‬B‫ا‬
Broom E:‫ﻡ‬
Broth ‫ﻡق‬
Brother ‫أخ‬
Brother-in-law ‫و‬L‫> ا‬b‫أ‬
Brown % 
Brunette ‫اﻡأة ﺱاء‬
Brussels sprouts _‫آﻥ‬
Bubbles J-:
bucket ‫ دل‬،>‫د‬
Buckle ‫ام‬L ‫اء أو‬#) ‫ی‬L‫)إ‬
Bud =
Buffalo ‫ﻡ>س‬
Buffer fund % -‫ و‬3‫ ر‬- 3‫ر‬
Bug ;
Build % B‫ی‬
Building + B‫ﻡ‬
Building and Engineering ‫ ء وا ﺱ‬B‫ا‬
Bulk ‫دی‬S-‫آ ا‬
Bull ‫)>ر‬
Bullet 33‫ر‬
Bulletin board f  >
bump into (ed) ‫ ـ‬4‫ یﺕ‬،‫ م‬S‫ی‬
Bun *- ‫*ة‬M‫آ ﻡ‬
Bunco ‫*س‬b‫إ‬
Bunsen burner ‫ی‬L  ->‫ﻡ‬
Buried ‫ﻡ >ﻥ‬
Burns ‫وق‬M‫ا‬
Bus q>‫أﺕ‬
Bus stop q>‫ أﺕ‬4M‫ﻡ‬
Business \=
Business around the world ‫ا\ >ل ا‬
Business card \= -4
Business credit ‫=ل‬o‫ ا‬% ‫ ن‬Q‫ا‬
Business establishment ‫=ل‬o‫ة ا‬.E ‫ﻡ‬
Business loans limits ‫ ود‬
Business risk ‫=ل‬o‫ ا‬Kh‫ﻡ‬
Businessman ‫ر\ أ=ل‬
Businesswoman ‫ﺱ ة أ=ل‬
Butcher ‫ار‬L?‫ا‬
Butter ‫ز ة‬
Butter knife L‫ﺱ  ا‬
Butterfly <‫ا‬
Buttocks ‫أرداف‬
Button ‫زرار‬
Button ‫زر – ﻡح \ ا?ز‬
By- products = ‫ﻡ ?ت‬
by = ،‫ب‬: ،_‫?ﻥ‬
By elections = ‫ت‬h‫اﻥ‬
By the park L ‫?>ار ا‬
By virtue of _> – +T:
Bylaws M Q
Bypass _ ?‫ – ی‬+<M‫ی‬
C. &.F. (cost & freight) ‫>ل‬3>‫ا  ء ا‬
C.B.D. ( cash before delivery) J ‫ا‬
C.I.A ( cash in advance) ‫ ﻡ‬:‫ ﻡ‬J ‫ا‬
C.I.F. cost. Insurance and freight) ‫>ل‬3>‫ا  ء ا‬
C.O.D.( cash on delivery ‫ = ا>ری‬J ‫ا‬
C.W.O. ( cash with order) _4‫ = ا‬J ‫ا‬
Cabbage ‫ﻡ>ف‬
Cabin ‫آ>خ‬
Cabinet ‫اﻥ‬Lb
Cable car :‫ﺱرة ﻡ‬
Cactus ‫ر‬B3
Cafe %:‫ﻡ‬
Cage w-
Cake ‫آ‬
Calcuated risk >M‫ة ﻡ‬Kh‫ﻡ‬
Calculator B‫ ﺱ‬r
Calendar ‫>ی‬:‫ﺕ‬
caliph ‫ ا‬b
Call ‫ﻡ‬
Call at ‫ور ﻡن‬L‫ی‬
Call loan _4‫@ ا‬M‫ض ﺕ‬-
Camcorder >‫>ی  ی‬S‫ ﺕ‬r
Camel \
Camera ‫>ی‬S‫ ﺕ‬r
Camouflage >‫ﻡ‬
camp h‫ ﻡ‬،‫ﻡ‬
Campaigh promises h‫ﻥ‬Q‫و=>د ا‬
Camper ‫ﻡ‬
Campfire h‫ﻥر ا‬
Camping h‫ا‬
can ‫ ر‬:‫ ی‬، J4‫ی‬
can be eaten O‫آ\ )ﻡ ا أآ‬z‫)ی أن ی‬
Can opener 
Canada ‫آ ا‬
Canadian ‫آ ي‬
canal =‫ ﺕ‬،‫ ة‬-
Cancel %2‫ی‬
Candidate e<‫ﻡ‬
Candle <
Candlestick ‫< ان‬
Candy ‫>ى‬
Canoe 23 cb ‫رب‬-
Cantaloupe ‫اﻥ>ب‬
Canvas pb
Canyon ;‫واد ﺽ‬
Capital ‫رأس ال‬
Capital employed ct>‫رأس ال ا‬
Capital inflow ‫>ل رأس ال‬b‫د‬
Cappuccino 4‫>ة إی‬-
Capture ‫ﺱ‬.‫ی‬
Car ‫ﺱرة‬
Car problems ‫آ\ ارة‬E‫ﻡ‬
Caravan -
Card holder ‫ﻡ\ ارت‬
Care ‫= ی‬
Careful ‫س‬M‫ﻡ‬
Careless \‫ﻡ‬
Carelessly ‫هل‬
Caribbean Sea %B‫ اری‬MB‫ا‬
Carousel b ‫=ض‬
Carpenter ‫ا ?ر‬
Carriage \b =
Carriage ‫>ر‬4  =
Carriage ‫>ل‬h‫= ﺕ?ه ا‬
Carrot ‫ر‬L
Carry \M‫ی‬
Carry on ‫ی‬
Cartogram ‫ ﻥ‬4‫ی‬b
Carved out of ‫>ع ﻡ‬4:‫ – ﻡ‬% ‫>ت‬M ‫ﻡ‬
Cash discount ‫ ي‬: ‫ ا‬Sh‫ا‬
Cash register ‫ ى‬:‫ﺕ?\ ﻥ‬
Cashews @‫آ<>ﻥ‬
Cashier ‫ وق‬3 ‫أﻡ‬
Casino ‫ﻥد‬
Castle -
Cat ‫ه‬
Catalyst =‫ =ﻡ\ ﻡ‬-L \‫=ﻡ‬
Cataract ‫<*ل‬
Catch G‫ی‬
catch (caught) ،‫ ب‬G‫ ی‬،c:‫ی‬
catch a train ‫ر‬4:‫; ا‬M‫ی‬
catch fire \E‫ی‬
catch fish ‫د ﺱ‬4S‫ی‬
Caterpillar <‫ اا‬-‫ی‬
Cathedral  ‫آﺕ را‬
Cattle <‫ﻡ‬
Cauliflower fB‫ﻥ‬-
Cave c‫آ‬
cave ‫رة‬2‫ ﻡ‬،c‫آ‬
Cavity ‫?>ة‬
CD-ROM d‫ص ﻡ ﻡ‬-
Ceiling c:‫ﺱ‬
Celebration ‫ال‬
Celery q‫ا‬
Cell b
cell ‫اﻥ‬L‫زﻥ‬
Cells ‫*ی‬b
Cemetery ‫ة‬B:‫ﻡ‬
Center L‫ﻡآ‬
center f‫ وﺱ‬،L‫ﻡآ‬
Centerpiece / cushion ‫د=ﻡ‬
central +4‫ وﺱ‬،‫ى‬L‫ﻡآ‬
central america +4‫أﻡی ا>ﺱ‬
Century ‫ن‬-
certainly G< ‫ دون‬، ‫آ‬.
Chain ‫ﺱ‬
Chair %‫آﺱ‬
Chalkboard eraser ‫>رة‬B‫ ا‬M‫ﻡﺱ‬
Chamber of commerce ‫ ا?ری‬2‫ا‬
Champagne ‫ﻥ‬BE‫ا‬
chance ‫ ﻡ>اﺕ‬3
Chandelier ‫< ان‬
change ‫ة‬23 = + ‫>د‬:‫) )ﻥ‬
change 2‫ ی‬، 2‫ ی‬، ‫ ل‬B‫ی‬
Chapel  ‫ ح آ‬/‫ة‬23  ‫آ‬
Chapter ‫ﺱ>رة‬
Characteristics ‫ة‬L‫ت ﻡ‬3
charcoal _4M‫ ا‬M ،+‫ﺕ‬B‫ ﻥ‬M
Charge ?E‫ی‬
Charity ‫ى‬b \=
Charity ‫ی‬b ‫ﺱ‬z‫  – ﻡ‬-‫ إن‬-?‫ﻡ‬
Charity ‫ن‬g‫ا‬
Chart %‫رﺱ ﻥ‬
Cheap wb‫ر‬
Cheat p2‫ی‬
Check G<
Check list ‫  اا‬-
Checkered ‫>ان‬o‫ ا‬ch‫ﻡ‬
Checkers ‫ ا اﻡ‬B
Cheek  ‫و‬
cheer ‫ ح‬M3 ،‫هف‬
Cheer \‫ ی‬،c‫ی‬
cheer (ed) c‫ی‬
Cheese B
Chef ‫ة‬4‫ ا‬q ‫ر‬
Chemical fertilizer ‫ﺱد آوى‬
chemistry ‫= اء‬
Cheque bank ‫د <ت‬
Cherries ‫از‬
Chess d‫ﻥ‬4E‫ ا‬B
Chest ‫ ر‬3
Chewing gum =
Chicken ‫د‬
Chief B- " q ‫"ر‬
child \K
childhood >K
Children ‫ل‬K‫أ‬
Chilly ‫رد‬
Chimney  b ‫ﻡ‬
Chin -‫ذ‬
china S‫ا‬
Chocolate O‫ﺕ‬Q>‫<>آ‬
Choir ‫ ی‬E ‫= ﻡ‬
Choking ;‫ﻥ‬b
Chops ‫آ‬
Chopsticks S‫= ان أآ\ ا‬
Chrisitian %M‫ﻡ‬
christmas 12/25) e‫)= ﻡ*د ا‬
Church  ‫ا‬
church (es)  ‫آ‬
cigarette ‫ﺱ?رة‬
Cigarettes  ?‫ﺱ‬
Circle ‫دا ة‬
Circulate ‫ی ور‬
Circulating capital ‫رأس ال ا اول‬
Circus ‫ﺱك‬
cities ‫ﻡ ن‬
City  ‫ﻡ ی‬
city ‫ة‬B‫ﻡ ی  آ‬
Civil defence %‫ا ع ا ﻥ‬
Clam % 3 ‫ون‬L
clam ‫هدئ‬
Clap ;S‫ی‬
Claw _h‫ﻡ‬
clay e‫واﺽ‬
Clean ck‫ﻥ‬
Cleaning house 3:‫ ﻡ‬s
Cleanser ck ‫ﻡ‬
clearly ‫>ﺽ>ح‬
Clerk \M‫ ﻡ‬% =‫ﻡ‬
Client \=
Cliff ‫ى‬h3 ‫ي –ف‬h3 ‫ ر‬M ‫ﻡ‬
Climb ;‫ی‬
Climber ‫ل‬B?‫ﻡ; ا‬
Clipboard ‫>ح آ‬
Clock ‫ة‬B‫ﺱ= آ‬
Clock tower =‫ج ا‬
Closed ;2‫ﻡ‬
closed road ;2‫ی; ﻡ‬K
Clothespin GBE‫ﻡ‬
Cloudy  s
Clown ‫ﻡج‬
Coalition ‫إ *ف‬
Coalition split ‫ *ف‬g‫ ا‬% ‫م‬:‫اﻥ‬
Coast \‫ﺱ‬
Coat ‫ﺱة‬
Coat rack =<
Cocktail \‫آ>آ‬
Cocoa ‫آآو‬
Coconut ‫>ز ا‬
Coffee ‫>ة‬-
Coffee grinder   M4‫ﻡ‬
Coffee pot ‫>ة‬:‫ ر ا‬-
Coil c‫ﻡ‬
Coin ‫= ﻡ ﻥ‬
Coins ‫=*ت‬
Coinsurance ‫ك‬E‫ﻡ ا‬.‫ا‬
Cola Q>‫آ‬
Cold ‫رد‬
Cold water ‫ﻡء رد‬
Coliseum ‫ ی‬:‫ﻡ رج روﻡ ا‬
Collar -‫ی‬
Colleague \‫زﻡ‬
Collect call %:‫ ا‬%= o‫ﻡ ﻡ >= ا‬
Collection \SM‫ﺕ‬
Cologne ‫آ>>ﻥ‬
Colonist ‫ﻡ‬
Colony ‫ﻡة‬
Colourful ‫>ان‬o‫ ا‬+‫زاه‬
Column ‫=>د‬
Comb fE‫ﻡ‬
Combine T‫ ی‬- J?‫ی‬
Come %‫ﺕ‬.‫ی‬
come back J‫ ی‬،‫ی>د‬
come from ‫ ر‬S‫ ﻡ‬، O3‫ أ‬، ) ‫ ﻡ‬+‫ﺕ‬.‫)ی‬
come in \b ‫ی‬
come up J‫یﺕ‬
comma ‫ ا‬+) 3‫)ا‬
Commandments E‫ی ا‬3>‫أواﻡ ا‬
Commentary ;‫ﺕ‬
Commercial discount ‫ ا?ري‬Sh‫ا‬
Commercial relations ‫ت ا?ری‬-*‫ا‬
Commission >=
Commit _‫یﺕ‬
Committee  ?
Committee chairman  ? q ‫ر‬
Committee rapporteur  ? ‫ر‬:‫ﻡ‬
companion _3 ،;‫ر‬
Company ‫<آ‬
Compared with ‫رﻥ ـ‬:
Compass 3>
Competition  ‫ﻡ‬
Competitors ‫ا >ن‬
Complaint ‫<>ي‬
Complicated _3 - :‫ﻡ‬
Complicated :‫ﻡ‬
Composite value :: -
Comptroller ‫ ت‬J‫ﻡا‬
Computer ‫>ﺕ‬B‫ا‬
Computing ‫>ﺕ‬B‫اﺱل ا‬
Conceited ‫ور‬2‫ﻡ‬
Concert :‫ ﻡ>ﺱ‬
Conciliation MS‫ا‬
Conditional sales contract %K< J :=
Conditions ‫أ>ال‬
Conductor \3>‫ا‬
Cone ‫وط‬h‫ﻡ‬
Confiscation ‫درة‬S‫ﻡ‬
Congestion ‫ظ‬k‫ اآ‬/ ‫ازدم‬
Congregation EM‫ا‬
Congregational prayer =?‫*ة ا‬3
Coniferous ‫ء‬E‫ ا‬% -‫ أورا‬:‫ ﺕ‬Q– ‫ة‬Th‫دا  ا‬
Connected S‫ ﻡ‬/ 4B‫ﻡﺕ‬
Conquer ‫م‬L‫ی‬
Consequently G# ?‫وﻥ‬
Constant @) -  ‫دا‬
Constituency h‫دا ة اﻥ‬
Constituent assembly ‫ﺱ‬.‫ ﺕ‬
Consultative body ( ‫ري‬E‫ إﺱ‬q?‫ ( ﻡ‬N‫ه‬
Consumer credit %‫ا ن اﺱ*آ‬
Consumer finance companies %‫ﺱ*آ‬Q‫<آت ا>ی\ ا‬
Consumer lending institutions c‫ﺱت ا‬z‫ﻡ‬
contain (ed) += ‫>ى‬M‫ی‬
continue ‫ی‬
Contract w:‫ – ی‬p ‫ی‬
Contract :=
Contribute (to) % ) ‫) ی‬
Contribution ‫إﺱم‬
control (controlled) + M‫ ی‬،fBT‫ی‬
Control by sampling ‫ = ت‬#b. -‫ا‬
Convenient  *‫ﻡ ﺱ_ – ی‬
conversation )‫د‬M‫ﻡ‬
Converted to Islam ‫ﺱ*م‬v ‫اه وا‬
Convertible +4 \-
Cook >4‫ی‬
Cook book %K ‫آب‬
Cooler ‫د‬B‫ﻡ‬
Coptic +4B-
Coral ‫ان‬
Core budget ‫اﻥ‬L‫_ ا‬3 ‫ﻡ‬
Corel reefs ‫_ اﻥ‬E‫ا‬
Corkscrew  ‫ﻥز= ا ادة ا‬
corm ‫رة‬#‫ أو ا‬e:‫_ ا‬
Corn ‫ذرة‬
corn oil ‫زی@ ذرة‬
Corner ‫رآ‬
Corrupt ‫ ﺱ‬،p‫ﻡﺕ‬
Cosmetics ‫ﻡج‬
Cost accounting c‫ب ا‬
Cost of capital ‫ﺕ رأس ال‬
Cost price ‫ﺱ ا‬
Costume ‫زي‬
Cottage 23 @
Cotton 4-
Couch ‫أری‬
cough M‫ آ‬، ‫ﺱل‬
Cough syrup M ‫دواء‬
could ‫ ه\ ی‬- ‫ع‬4‫اﺱ‬
Counter ‫ﻡ ة‬
Countryside c‫ای‬
Courageous ‫<?ع‬
Courtyard ‫ ء‬
Cousin ‫ل‬b ‫ا = أو‬
cousin h‫ا‬،‫ ا‬،‫ل‬h‫ ا‬،‫)ا )ا‬
Cow ‫ة‬:
Cowboy :B‫ ا‬%=‫را‬
Cowrie =‫ – ود‬3
Crab ‫آ>ری‬
Crack ‫خ‬E‫ﺕ‬
Crafts ‫ف ا وی‬M‫ا‬
Craftsman %
Cramps w2‫ﻡ‬
crash ‫ ام‬43‫ ا‬،c = ‫م‬4‫>ت ارﺕ‬3
Crash )‫ د‬% ‫ م‬4S‫ﺕ‬/? ‫ﺕ‬
Crash programme c7‫ =\ أو ﻡ‬d‫ﻥﻡ‬
Crate w-
Crawl >BM‫ی‬
Cream ‫ ة‬E:‫ا‬
Created funds ) M‫ﻡ>ال ا‬o‫ا‬
Creature ‫>ق‬h‫ﻡ‬
Credit \o‫ ا‬JB‫إ ن – ا‬
Credit card ‫ ا ن‬-4
Credit insurance ‫ﻡ ا ی>ﻥ‬.‫ﺕ‬
Credit reporting agencies ‫ت‬Q‫وآ‬
Credit risk ‫ ن‬Q‫ ا‬Kh‫ﻡ‬
Credit sales o‫ت ا‬B‫ا‬
Creed ‫ ة‬:=
Creek ‫ ول‬
Crew c‫ﺕ? ی‬
Crganisation chart k  %‫رﺱ ﻥ‬
Cricket @‫ ای‬B
Crime ‫ی‬
Critical ‫ ى‬:‫ﻥ‬
Crocodiles of tourists ‫>ف ﻡ اح‬3
Croissant *‫آ ه‬
Crooked ‫أ=>ج‬
Crop SM‫ی‬
crop ‫>ل‬SM‫ﻡ‬
Cross – section data  S‫ﻥت إ‬
Cross country skiing c‫ ای‬B= ;L‫ا‬
Crosswalk ‫ة‬E‫ﻡ ا‬
Crowd E
Crown ‫ﺕج‬
cruel ‫س‬-
Cruise MB‫ ا‬% ‫>ف‬4‫ی‬
Crust LBh‫ة ا‬E-
Cry %B‫ی‬
cry (cried) +B‫ ی‬- ‫خ‬S‫ی‬
Crystal ‫>ر‬
Cucumber ‫ر‬b
Cuff ‫>ن‬4 B‫)  ا‬
Cuisine uB4‫ﻡ‬
Cultural :)
Culture :) / ‫رة‬T
Cuotff point \‫ع ا>ی‬4-
Cup ‫ ?ن‬
cup up ‫اء‬L‫ أ‬+‫ إ‬J4:‫ی‬
Curb/ constraint / constriction/ bottleneck B:=/ ; =
Curly ?‫ﻡ‬
Currency =
Current price ‫ا ا?ري‬
Curtains  ‫ﺱ‬
Curve + M ‫ﻡ‬
Cushion ‫وﺱدة‬
Custom ‫=دة‬
Custom :‫=ف – =دة – ﺕ‬
Custom J?‫ ﻡ‬wh‫)=دة ) ﺕ‬
Customer ‫ز>ن‬
customer E‫ ﻡ‬،\= ،‫ز>ن‬
Customs ‫رﺱ>م آ‬
Cut ‫ی?ح‬
cut (3) w:‫ ی‬- ‫ ی?ح‬-J4:‫ی‬
Cut off J4:‫ی‬
cut off J4: Jh‫ی\ أو ی‬L‫ ی‬+ ) J4:‫)ی‬
Cutting board J4:‫>ح ﺕ‬
Cyclical fluctuations ‫ت ا وری‬B:‫ا‬
Daily %‫ی>ﻡ‬
Dam ‫ﺱ‬
Damage c‫ ﺕ‬/ ‫ﺽر‬
Dance w-‫ر‬
Danger 4b
Dark ‫*م‬t
dark ‫ﻡ; ا>ن‬s ،‫ﺕ‬- ،‫ داآ‬،‫ ﻡ‬،k‫ﻡ‬
darkness t ،‫*م‬t
Darts ‫اﻡح‬
Date back %‫ إ‬Oh‫ ﺕری‬J‫ی‬
Dates e
Daughter  ‫ا‬
Day ‫ی>م‬
De facto J-‫ ا>ا‬M
dead @‫ﻡ‬
deaf ‫ش‬K‫ أ‬،3‫أ‬
Deaf 3‫ ا‬/‫ش‬K‫ا‬
dear ‫ت‬4h) +‫ﺕ‬L‫ی‬L= ،‫ى‬L‫ی‬L=)
Death rate ‫ﻡ ل ا>ت‬
Debit ‫ﻡ ی‬
Debt ‫دی‬
Decayed N‫ ﺱ‬/  ‫ ﻡ‬/ M‫ﻡ‬
Deceive – trick ‫ ع‬h‫ی‬
December B‫دی‬
decide ‫ر‬:‫ی‬
Deciduous trees ‫ء‬E‫ ا‬% -‫ أورا‬f:‫أ<?ر ﺕ‬
Deck  ‫ ا‬t
Decline ‫\ – ی ه>ر‬:‫ی‬
Decline/ drawdown %‫ﺕ ﻥ‬
Decoration ‫ف‬b‫ز‬
Decoration  ‫زی‬
Decorative % ‫ی‬L‫ﺕ‬
Decrease \:‫ی‬
deep ;=
Deer %Bk‫ا‬
Deferred annuity \z‫ ﺱ >ي ﻡ‬f-
Definite right ‫; ﻡ>م‬
Delicate _4‫ ا‬J‫ ﺱی‬/ ;-‫ر‬
Delicious #‫ی‬#
Delighted dB‫ ﻡ‬،‫ﻡور  ا‬
Deliver ‫ی‬
Demand _4‫ا‬
Demand deposits _4‫ ا‬J ‫ودا‬
Demonstrate B‫ أو ی‬e‫ی>ﺽ‬
Demonstration ‫هة‬k‫ﻡة ا ﻡ‬
Demur ‫ ﻡرﺽ‬- G<
Denationalisation ‫ﻡ‬. ‫ارات‬- ‫ء‬2‫إ‬
Dense ٌ‫د  ا‬L‫ ﻡ‬/ 7‫آ‬
Dentist ‫_ أﺱ ن‬BK
Deodorant ‫ اق‬M ‫ی\ را‬L‫ﻡ‬
depart ‫درة‬2‫ ﻡ‬،\‫ی‬
Department -
Department store ‫ﻡ? =م‬
Depend += \‫ی او ی‬
Depletion ‫>ب‬T‫ﻥ‬
Deposit ‫ﻡ>دع‬
Deposit – import ‫>ی\ ا‬M ‫اﺱاد‬
deposit ledger ‫ﻡﻥت‬o‫د ا‬
Depressed area/ disaster area > ‫ ﻡ‬:4 ‫ﻡ‬
Depression ‫ط‬B‫ – إ‬h ‫ﻡ‬
depth ;=
Dermatitis ‫ﻡض  ى‬
Derogation ‫ص‬:‫اﻥ‬
Descendants ‫ ر ﻡ‬M ‫ ﻡ‬/ *‫ﻡ ﺱ‬
Description c3‫و‬
Desert ‫اء‬M3
Designer S‫ﻡ‬
Designs ‫ت‬S‫ﺕ‬
Desk _‫ا‬
Desk lamp _‫ح ﻡ‬BS‫ﻡ‬
Desperately ‫س‬.
Dessert ‫م‬4‫>ى  ا‬
Destination ‫>ل‬3>‫ﻡن ا‬
Destined hour ‫ﻡ‬:‫ا= – ی>م ا‬
Destitute ‫ﻡ م‬
Details \3‫ﺕ‬
Determined ‫م‬L‫ ا ا‬-= / S‫ﻡ‬
Develop ‫>ر‬4‫ی > – ی‬
Devoted wh‫ﻡ‬
Diabetic ‫>ل ﺱي‬B ‫ب‬S‫ﻡ‬
Dial ‫ص ﺕ>ن‬- ‫ی ی‬
Diameter ‫ ا ا ة‬4-
Diamond ‫ﻡﺱ‬
Diamond ‫ﻡس‬
Diaper ‫ﺽ‬
diary (pl. diaries) ‫آة ی>ﻡ‬#‫ ﻡ‬،‫ﻡة‬
Dice ‫ا د‬
dictionary ?‫ ﻡ‬،‫ﻡ>س‬-
Different ch‫ﻡ‬
Difficulty standing ‫>ف‬->‫ ا‬+ >3
Dig M‫ی‬
Dignified ‫م‬M‫ ﻡ‬- \?B‫ﻡ‬
Dining ‫م‬K
Dinner ‫ء‬E‫ا‬
Dinosaur ‫>ر‬3 ‫ا ی‬
Dip \ ‫ ﺱ‬+ JT‫ی‬/q2‫ی‬
Direct costs ‫<ة‬B‫ ا‬c‫ا‬
Direction ?‫اﺕ‬
Direction O>‫ﺕ‬
Directives ‫ﺕ>ت‬
Director ‫ج‬h‫ﻡ‬
Director ‫ﻡ ی‬
Dirt road ;‫ی‬4‫أرﺽ ا‬
Dirty ‫ر‬#-
Disabled %2‫ﻡ‬
Disadvantages ‫ﻡوئ‬
Disaster- prone area ‫ ﻡﺽ >ارث‬:4 ‫ﻡ‬
Disastrous J / b‫و‬
Disco >‫ا ی‬
Discount h‫ﺕ‬
Discount h‫ – ﺕ‬Sb
discuss (discussed) p- ‫ی‬
discussion E- ‫ﻡ‬
Diseased heart ‫_ ﻡی‬-
Disguised unemployment  :‫ ﻡ‬4
Dishonest \T‫ ﻡ‬،‫ﻡ‬r s
Dishwasher ‫>ن‬MS‫ ا‬s
Disk ‫ص‬-
Disk drive ‫ص‬:‫ ا‬J‫دا‬
Dismiss ‫د‬4‫ی‬
Disorder ‫اب‬4‫= – اﺽ‬
Disown ‫أﻥ‬
Disrupt c->‫ ی‬-\4‫ی‬
Disruptive ‫ ) ﻡ ﻡ‬4b)
Dissaving / diseconomy ‫ی‬#B‫ﺕ‬
Dissident ;E ‫ﻡ‬
Divergence / spread ‫ﺕوت‬
Diversification J‫ﺕ >ی‬
divide into +‫ إ‬: ‫ی‬
Dividend ‫ ا‬e‫ر‬
Dividend e‫ ا‬% S
Divine religions ‫دین اوی‬o‫ا‬
Diving q4s
Diving board q42‫>ح ا‬
Division -
do – does (did - done) \‫ ی‬،\‫ی‬
Doctor ‫دآ>ر‬
Dog _‫آ‬
Dog racing ‫ق ا*ب‬B‫ﺱ‬
Dolphins  ‫ا‬
Dome B-
Domestic policies b‫ﺱﺱ دا‬
Don't touch q‫ﻡ >ع ا‬
Don’t mind J‫ یﻥ‬Q
Donate ‫ع‬B‫ی‬
Door ‫ب‬
Door knob ‫ب‬B‫ ا‬B:‫ﻡ‬
Door knocker ‫ب‬B‫رع ا‬-
Doorman ‫>اب‬
Dormant dabt. -‫دی را‬
Double ‫دوج‬L‫ﻡ‬
Double c=T‫ ار ﻡ‬:‫ﻡ‬
Doubles competitions +‫و‬L‫ﻡ ت ا‬
Down @M‫ﺕ‬
down \‫ أﺱ‬+‫إ‬
Down payment 7‫ م ا‬:‫ﻡ‬
Downward adjustment h‫ – ﺕ‬b
Dozen ‫دﺱ‬
Dragon  ‫ﺕ‬
Dragonfly ‫د>ر‬
Drama ‫ﻡ‬
Dramatically ‫ة‬7‫ ﻡ‬:‫ی‬4
Drawbacks ; ‫ =>ا‬/ w :‫ﻥ‬
Drawee O= ‫>ب‬M‫ا‬
Drawer _‫ا‬
drawing +=‫ أ‬+‫إ‬
Drawing account ‫ب ري‬
drawing board ‫> رﺱ‬
Dress ‫رداء‬
Dresser q*‫اﻥ ا‬Lb
Dressing ‫ر‬s / ‫ﺽدة‬
Drill ‫ب‬:7‫ﻡ‬
Drill ‫ب‬:7 M‫ی‬
Drill ‫ب‬:7 M‫ی‬
Drill bits Drill bits
Drilling machine M‫ ا‬r
Drink ‫<اب‬
Drinking straw 3S‫ﻡ‬
Drive mad  ?‫ی‬
Driver ; ‫ﺱ‬
Driver's license ‫دة‬:‫ ا‬Sb‫ر‬
Drought ‫ا?ف‬
Drugs ‫ رات‬h‫ﻡ‬
Drugstore  3
Drum BK
Drummer ‫ل‬BK
dry (dried) cE ‫ ی‬،c?‫ی‬
Dry cleaners 2‫ﻡ‬
Duck 4
Duly %‫ی; اﺱ‬4
Dump ‫ ﻡ‬wh +:‫ی‬
Dust pan ‫روف‬
E-mail %‫ی إوﻥ‬
E.O.M. ( end of month) E‫ ﻥی ا‬% J ‫ا‬
Each \‫آ‬
each \‫آ‬
each other bx‫ آ\ ﻡ  ا‬،T T
Eagle ‫ﻥ‬
Ear ‫أذن‬
Earache ‫ذن‬o‫ ا‬% ‫أ‬
Early B‫ﻡ‬
Earn a living O‫>ﺕ‬- _‫ی‬
Earner ‫ ﻡ ر‬-e‫ﻡ‬
Earner ‫ ﻡ ر‬- e‫ﻡ‬
Earnings – revenues ‫إیادات‬
Earrings ;
Earth ‫رض‬o‫ا‬
Earthquake ‫ال‬L‫ز‬
Easel \‫ﻡ‬M‫ا‬
East ‫ق‬E‫ا‬
East ‫ق‬E‫ا‬
Eat \‫آ‬.‫ی‬
Eat away \‫ ی‰آ‬/ G‫ ی‬/ +B‫ی‬
Ecmonic receovery ( revival ) ‫دي‬S-‫اﻥض ا‬
Economic malaise ‫دی‬S-‫ ا‬: ‫ﺽ‬
Economic rate of retum ‫دي‬S-‫= ا‬
Economic slump ‫دي‬S-‫ﺕ ه>ر ا‬
Economist ‫د‬S-‫= ا‬
Educate ‫ ی رب‬/ +‫ ی‬/ ‫ی‬
Efficient ‫ء‬c‫آ‬
Eggplant ‫ذﻥ?ن‬
egypt S‫ﻡ‬
egyptian ‫ى‬S‫ﻡ‬
Eight ‫)ﻥ‬
Eight 8
Eight hundred  ‫)ﻥ‬
Eighteen E= ‫)ﻥ‬
Eighteen 18
Eighth ‫ﻡ‬7‫ا‬
Eighty ‫)ﻥ>ن‬
Elbow ;‫ﻡ‬
Elders ‫ا >ن‬
Election campaign h‫ﻥ‬Q‫ ا‬M‫ا‬
Election theme h‫ﻥ‬Q‫ ا =ی ا‬% ‫ﻡ>ﺽ>ع‬
Electorate Bb ‫ﻡ?>ع ا‬
electric % ‫آ‬
Electrical plug  ‫ﺱ ادة آ‬
electricity ‫اء‬
electronic +‫إوﻥ‬
Elephant \‫ا‬
Elevator S‫ﻡ‬
Eleven E= ‫أ‬
Eleven 11
Embargo k
embassy ‫ﺱرة‬
Emergency ‫رئ‬K
Emergency meeting ‫رئ‬K ‫اع‬
Employ \2E‫ ی‬/ ct>‫ی‬
Employ ct>‫ی – ی‬
Employee ct>‫ا‬
Employee` ct>‫ﻡ‬
Employer \‫_ ا‬3
Employment ‫ا‬
Empty ‫رغ‬
Encyclopedia ‫دا ة ﻡرف‬
Endogenization J‫>ی‬4‫ﺕ‬
Energy -K
Engaged >4h‫ﻡ‬
Engine ‫ك‬M‫ﻡ‬
engine ‫ك‬M‫ﻡ‬
engineer ‫ﻡ س‬
engineering ‫ه ﺱ‬
England ‫إﻥة‬
English ‫ي‬L‫إﻥ‬
enjoy (ed) ‫ ـ‬J‫ی‬
Enormous  ‫ه‬
enough ‫ واف‬،‫آف‬
Entertainment ‫ﺕ‬
Entitled ‫ ﺱ‬/‫@ = >ان‬M‫ﺕ‬
Entrance \b ‫ﻡ‬
Envelope ‫ف‬t
envelope ‫*ف ﺱ‬s) ‫ف‬t)
Environment NB‫ا‬
Equality ‫اواة‬
Equalization ‫>ر‬o‫ﺕ ی\ ا‬
Equation ‫ﻡد‬
Equipment ‫ﻡ ات‬
Equipment ‫ >ازم‬/ ‫ﻡ ات‬
Era = – S=
Eraser ‫ة‬M‫ﻡ‬
Escrow account ?‫ب ﻡ‬
especially 3b ‫>رة‬S ،‫ص‬b O>
Espresso >‫ی‬B‫اﺱ‬
Essential ‫ﺽورى‬
Establish a record +‫ﺱ‬- -‫ی?\ ر‬
etc. (etcetera) br +‫إ‬
Europe ‫أورو‬
europe ‫أور‬
European %‫أورو‬
Evacuation ‫*ء‬bg‫ا‬
even +
even if > +
Evening ‫ﻡء‬
Event %h‫ ث ﺕری‬
Eventually ‫ ا ی‬+
eventually ‫ﻡ‬o‫ ﻥی ا‬+ ،‫ا‬b‫أ‬
Eventually ‫ ا ی‬% / ‫ا‬b‫أ‬
ever ‫ت‬-‫و‬o‫@ ﻡ ا‬-‫ و‬+ ،@-‫ أى و‬+ ،@-‫ آ\ و‬+ ، ‫ دا‬،‫دوﻡ‬
every \‫آ‬
everybody wh< \‫ آ‬، ‫ آ\ وا‬،J?‫ا‬
everyone wh< \‫ آ‬، ‫ آ\ وا‬،J?‫ا‬
everything i< \‫آ‬
everywhere ‫ آ\ ﻡن‬+
Evidence   – Q‫د‬
Evil E‫ا‬
Ex- gratia \:‫ ون ﻡ‬
Ex officio _S ‫ ا‬M
exactly fBT ، ‫ﺕﻡ‬
exam ‫ن‬M‫اﻡ‬
Excerpt ‫ت ﻡ‬4:‫ة – ﻡ‬#B‫ﻥ‬
Exchange ‫د‬B‫ﻡ‬
Exchange ‫دل‬B‫ی‬
Exchange ‫دل‬B‫دل – ی‬B‫ی‬
Exchange ‫ا‬3 – ‫دل‬B‫ﺕ‬
exchange rate ‫ف‬S‫ﺱ ا‬
Excise duty ‫ اﺱ*ك‬B‫ﺽی‬
Excited ‫ر‬7‫ﻡ‬
excited ‫ ن‬،\ ‫ﻡ‬
exciting 7‫ﻡ‬
exclaim (ed) B?‫ ﻡ‬eBS‫ی‬
Excursions ‫هت‬L‫ ﻥ‬/ ‫ة‬S- ‫ر*ت‬
Excuse me ‫رة‬#‫ﻡ‬
Executives ‫دارة‬g‫>>ن = ا‬N‫ا‬
Exercise ‫ﺕی‬
Exhibition ‫ﻡض‬
Exit ‫ج‬h‫ﻡ‬
Exotic c‫ی‬K / _‫ی‬s
Expand ‫ – ی د‬J‫ی>ﺱ‬
Expand J‫ی>ﺱ‬
Expedient ‫زم‬Q
Expendibure ‫وت‬S‫ﻡ‬
Expenditure / outlay ‫إﻥق‬
Expensive ‫ل‬s
experiment ?‫ﺕ‬
Expire \o‫ ا‬: ‫ – ی‬% ‫ی‬
Expiry ‫ء – " إﻥء‬T:‫"إﻥ‬
Expiry Date *S‫ اﻥء ا‬u‫ﺕری‬
Explorer cE‫ﻡ‬
Explosion ‫اﻥ?ر‬
Export ‫ ر‬S‫ی‬
Exposte ;Q
Express approval M‫ی‬3 :‫ﻡ>ا‬
Extension ‫ق‬:M‫ﺱ‬Q‫\ ا‬.‫ﺕ‬
Extension officer %=‫ﻡ< زرا‬
Extention %=‫)إر<د ) زرا‬
extra ‫ زا‬،+‫إﺽ‬
Extrabudgetary ‫اﻥ‬L‫رج ا‬b ‫ﻡ‬
Extract ‫ع‬L ‫ – ی‬wh‫ی‬
Extractive industries ‫ا‬h‫ =ت اﺱ‬3
Extraordinary ‫ =دي‬s
Extremely ‫ اط‬، ‫ ا‬
Eye drops  ‫ة‬4-
Eyebrow ‫_ ا‬
Eyelashes ?‫أه اب ا‬
Eyelid ‫ ا‬
Eyes ‫=>ن‬
F.O.B. ( free on board) ‫ة‬bB‫ ا‬t ‫ا‬
Fabric ‫ﻡدة‬
Face O‫و‬
face cream O>‫آی ا‬
Face value ‫ ﺱ‬-
Face value ‫>ری‬3 -
Facility \‫ﺕ‬
Factory J S‫ﻡ‬
Faint O= +2‫ ی‬/ O=‫ و‬:‫ی‬
Fainted = %s‫أ‬
Faithful ‫ﻡ‬z‫ﻡ‬
Faithfulness ‫ین‬g‫ا‬
Faithless (disbeliever) ‫آ‬
Fall c‫ی‬h‫ا‬
Fall ‫>ط‬:‫ﺱ‬
fall (fell, fallen) d7‫ وا‬4) f-‫)ی‬
fall asleep ‫ ی م‬،‫ ا س‬OB2‫ی‬
fall ill ‫ب ض‬S‫ی‬
fall in love _ + J:‫ی‬
Family  =
famous for ‫ < ـ‬،‫>ر ـ‬E‫ﻡ‬
Famous writers ‫>ری‬E‫آب ﻡ‬
Far ‫ ًا‬
Farm =‫ر‬L‫ﻡ‬
farm =‫ر‬L‫ﻡ‬
farmer ‫ *ح‬،‫ارع‬L‫ﻡ‬
farming =‫را‬L‫ا‬
Fascinating ‫*ب‬b – b‫ﺱ‬
Fast =
Fasting ‫م‬S‫ا‬
Fate ‫ ر‬:‫ا‬
Fate and divine decree ‫ ر‬:‫ء وا‬T:‫ا‬
Father ‫أب‬
Father-in-law >M‫ا‬
Faucet ‫>ر‬B 3
favorite \T‫ﻡ‬
Fax machine q‫ﻡآ  اآ‬
fear ‫>ف‬b
Feasibility study *S‫ دراﺱ ا‬/ ‫دراﺱ ا? وى‬
Feast =
feather E‫ری‬
February ‫ای‬B
February (feb.) ‫ای‬B
February second ‫ای‬B ‫ ﻡ‬%‫ﻥ‬7‫ا‬
Feduciary ‫ء‬4s ‫>د  ون‬:‫ ار ﻥ‬3‫إ‬
Feed 4‫ی‬
feed (fed) *K J‫ ﺕﺽ‬، ‫ى‬#2‫ ی‬،4‫ی‬
Feeding the needy ‫م ا‬K‫إ‬
Fees ‫ رﺱ‬/ ‫ا‬
Feet \‫أر‬
Felucca  ‫ ا‬t
Feminist O ‫ﻥ‬
Fence ‫ﺱ>ر‬
Fencing c ‫رزة‬B‫ﻡ‬
Fender ‫>ی‬S‫ا ﺕ‬
Ferris wheel ‫=? دوارة‬
Ferry B‫ا‬
ferry (pl. ferries) ‫ﻡ ی‬
Fertile _Sb
Fertile (adj.) _Sb
Festival ‫ﻡن‬
festival ‫ ال‬،‫ﻡن‬
Festivals ‫ أ=د‬/ ‫ﻡﻥت‬
Fever +
Few \-
few ‫\  ا‬- ‫= د‬
Field \:
Fifteen E= b
Fifteen 15
Fifth q‫ﻡ‬b
Fifty ‫>ن‬b
Fifty 50
Fifty percent   ‫>ن‬b
Figs ‫ﺕ‬
File c‫ﻡ‬
Fin G‫ز=  ا‬
Finalist  ‫راة ﻥ‬B‫ ﻡ‬+ ‫ك‬E‫ا‬
Finance ‫ا>ارد ا‬
Finance companies \‫<آت ا>ی‬
Finance minister ‫وزی ا‬
Financial %‫ﻡ‬
Financial +‫ﻡ‬
Financial markets ‫أﺱ>اق ﻡ‬
Financial package \‫ ﺕ>ی‬4b
Financial risks ‫ ا‬Kh‫ا‬
Financial stress ‫ ﻡ‬B‫ﺽی‬
Financialization of savings ‫ات‬b ‫ ا‬ct>‫ﺕ‬
Financing \‫ا>ی‬
Findings 7M d ‫ﻥ‬
Fingers J3‫أ‬
Fire ;‫ی‬
fire ‫ ﻥر‬، ;‫ی‬
fire engine ;‫ی‬M‫ء ا‬K‫ﺱرة إ‬
Fire extinguisher ;‫ی ی‬K
Fire fighter i4‫ر\ ﻡ‬
Fire fighting equipment ;‫ی‬M‫ء ا‬K‫ة إ‬L‫أ‬
Fire helmet i4‫ ﻡ‬B-
Fire hose i4‫>م ﻡ‬Kb
Fire place ‫ة‬. ‫ﻡ‬
Fire station i4‫ ﻡ‬4:‫ﻥ‬
Fire truck i4‫ﺱرة ﻡ‬
Fireplace screen ‫ة‬. ‫<< ا‬
Fireworks ‫أب ﻥری‬
Fireworks ‫أب ﻥری‬
Firm price % ‫ﺱ ﻥ‬
First Q
ً ‫أو‬
first ‫أول‬
First aid ‫و‬o‫ﺱت ا‬g‫ا‬
Fiscal drag %‫=_ء ﻡ‬
Fiscal policy ‫اﺱ ا‬
Fish G‫ﺱ‬
fish ‫ ﺱ‬- ‫د ﺱ‬4S‫ی‬
fisherman G‫د ﺱ‬3
Fishing G‫ ا‬3
fishing G‫ ا‬3
Fishing hook ‫ ا رة‬w<
Fishing pole ‫ا رة‬
Five b
Five 5
Five hundred  b
Five minutes ; -‫ د‬qb
Fixed price >‫ ) ﻡ‬/ @) ‫ﺱ‬
Flag =
Flag ‫ رای‬/ =
Flagpole ‫ﺱری ا‬
Flamingo >? ‫*ﻡ‬
Flashlight %T‫>ء ا>ﻡ‬T‫ا‬
Flat rate >‫ﺱ ﻡ‬
flat tyre ‫ل ﻡ ا>اء‬b ‫ر ﺱرة‬K‫إ‬
Flight ‫ان‬K ‫ر‬
Flippers c‫ز=ﻥ‬
Float ‫ی>م‬
Floating gardens ‫ اء‬%= K ; ‫ ا‬
Flock ‫ﺱب‬
Flood ‫ ء‬2‫ ی‬/ ‫ی‬
Flood (v) ‫ ء‬2‫ ی‬/ ‫ی‬
Floor ‫أرﺽ‬
Floppy disk ‫ص ان‬:‫ا‬
Florist ‫ه>ر‬L‫ ا‬J 
Flow chat \‫  ا‬%‫رﺱ ﻥ‬
Flow process chart ‫آ ات‬M %‫رﺱ ﻥ‬
Flower ‫زهة‬
Flower pot ‫ زه>ر‬w3‫أ‬
Flute ‫>ت‬
Fly 4‫ی‬
fly (flew – flown) ‫ ة‬K ‫>د‬:‫ ی‬- ‫ ی >ا‬- 4‫ی‬
fly (pl. flies) ‫ذ‬
Foam ُ‫>ة – ز‬s‫ر‬
Fog ‫ب‬B‫ﺽ‬
Folder ‫وراق‬o‫ ا‬k
Folk hero %B< \4
follow (ed) +‫ ی‬، (:‫ی‬K) JB‫ی‬
following +‫ ﻡ ی‬،+‫ا‬
Fomous writers ‫>ری‬E‫آب ﻡ‬
Fondue ‫>ﻥ و‬
Food ‫م‬K
food ‫م‬K
Food from the air ‫اء ﻡ ا>اء‬#s
Food processing  ‫ا‬#s ‫ =ت‬3
fool ;‫ أ‬wh<
foolish O‫ أ‬،;‫أ‬
Foot ‫ م‬:‫ا‬
Football ‫ﻡی‬o‫ م ا‬:‫آة ا‬
football ‫ م‬- ‫آة‬
football ground ‫ م‬- ‫ﻡ_ آة‬
football match ‫ م‬- ‫ﻡ_ آة‬
football team ‫ م‬- ‫ی; آة‬
footbridge ‫ة‬E‫>ر ا‬B ‫آ>ى‬
footpath ‫ﻡ‬
Footprint ‫ م‬:‫أ) ا‬
for ‫ )  ـ‬،B ،\o ، ‫ ـ‬، - ، ‫ ة‬
Forearm =‫ﺱ‬
Forefeiture ;M‫>ط ا‬:‫ﺱ‬
Forehead B
foreign +B ‫أ‬
Foreign capital %B o‫رأس ال ا‬
Foreign currency B ‫= أ‬
Foreign exchango earner %B o‫ ا‬:  ‫ ر‬S‫ﻡ‬
Foreign policy ‫ر‬b ‫ﺱﺱ‬
Forest s
Forgiveness ‫ة‬2‫ﻡ‬
Fork ‫<>آ‬
Form ‫ﻥ>ذج‬
Fortress S
Fortress - – S
Fortunately ‹M‫ﻡ  ا‬
Forty ‫أر>ن‬
Forty 40
forward ‫ﻡم‬o‫ ا‬+‫إ‬
Fossil fuels ‫یت‬M‫ ﻡ ا‬d‫>د ﻥﺕ‬-‫و‬
Foul B ‫ﻥ>ن‬: ch‫ﻡ‬/.4b
Foundation ‫أﺱس‬
Founder q‫ﺱ‬z‫ﻡ‬
Founders ‫ﺱ>ن‬z‫ﻡ‬
Fountain ‫>ع‬B ‫ی‬
Four ‫أر‬
Four 4
Four hundred  ‫أر‬
Four meters long ‫ أر أﻡر‬O>K
Four o'clock a.m. B3 ‫اا‬
Four o'clock p.m. ‫اا ﻡءا‬
Fourteen E= ‫أر‬
Fourteen 14
Fourth J‫را‬
Fox _)
Fractures ‫ا>ر‬
Fragile ‫ﻥر‬Q‫ ا‬J‫ ﺱی‬/ p‫ه‬
Frame ‫ر‬K‫إ‬
franc G‫ﻥ‬
France ‫ﻥ‬
free ‫>ل‬2E‫ ﻡ‬s ،\2E‫ل ﻡ ا‬b ،;K ،
free \:‫ دون ﻡ‬،+‫ﻡ?ﻥ‬
Free of charge ‫\ ﻡدى‬:‫  ون ﻡ‬-‫ﻡ?ﻥ‬
Free zone ‫ ة‬:4 ‫ﻡ‬
Freedom ‫ی‬
Freedom O‫ی‬
freedom ‫ی‬
Freer access J‫ ﻡ?ل اوﺱ‬e
Freezer ّ?‫ا‬
Freight ‫را‬
French %‫ﻥ‬
French fries ‫ة‬M‫ ﻡ‬qK4
Fresco %ّS?‫>ی ا‬S‫ا‬
Fresh ‫زج‬K
Friday ?‫ا‬
Friday ?‫ا‬
Friend ;‫ ی‬3
friend ;‫ ی‬3
Friendly ‫ ودي‬، ‫ودود‬
friendly ‫ ﻡل = ة‬،‫ودود‬
frightened ‫  ا‬c b ،‫ﻡ=>ب‬
Frightening _=‫ ﻡ‬،ch‫ﻡ‬
Frog ‫ﺽ ع‬
from ‫ﻡن‬L‫)ﻡ )ن وا‬
Front B
Front desk ‫ل‬B:‫ﺱ‬Q‫ا‬
Frontiers-borders ‫ ود ا و‬
Fross value ‫ إ‬-
Frozen ?‫ﻡ‬
Fruit ‫آ‬
fruit ‫آ‬
Fruit ‫ة‬7‫ا‬
fruit is expensive 7‫ ا‬s ‫اآ‬
Fruit salad ‫ >اآ‬4‫ﺱ‬
Frying-pan ‫*ة‬:‫ﻡ‬
Full – employment ‫= آﻡ‬
Fun ‫ﻡح‬
fun ‫ ﺕ‬،‫ﻡ‬
Function relations t>‫ت ا‬-*‫ا‬
Funds ‫ﻡ>ال‬o‫ا‬
Funnel J-
funny GMT‫ﻡ‬
funny _‫ی‬s

The Second Form:

Fur ‫اء‬
Furnished )z‫ﻡ‬
Furnished <‫ﻡو‬
furniture ‫أ)ث‬
Fuse \
future \B:‫ﻡ‬
Gallery ‫ﻡض  >ن‬
Game _
Gap. Default/ deficiency L?=
Garage ‫ﻡاب‬
Garbage can ‫ﻡ‬:‫ وق ا‬3
Garden :‫ ی‬
Garden hose ‫>م‬Kb
Gardening :‫ ی‬M‫أ=ل ا‬
Garlic ‫)>م‬
Gas station ‫ی‬L  4M‫ﻡ‬
Gasoline ‫زو‬2‫ا‬
Gazebo >B‫زی‬
Gazelle ‫ا‬Ls
Gearing ‫ ا ی‬B‫ ی ﻥ‬M‫ ﺕ‬/‫ﻡ>ال‬o‫ ا‬ct>‫ﺕ‬
General assembly ‫ا? ا>ﻡ‬
General elections ‫ت =ﻡ‬h‫اﻥ‬
General Federation of Trade Unions ‫ت ال‬:  ‫د ام‬M‫ﺕ‬Q‫ا‬
General manager ‫ﻡ ی =م‬
Generation \
Genes )‫ = ا>را‬+) ‫) ت‬
Genes (n) )‫ = ا>را‬+) ‫) ت‬
Genetic engineering )‫ه ﺱ ورا‬
Gentleman \B‫ر\ ﻥ‬
gentleman \‫ ر\ ﺽ‬، ‫ﺱ‬
Geological formation +>> \E‫ﺕ‬
Geology >>?‫= ا‬
Geothermal energy ‫رض‬o‫ ا‬K % ‫اری‬M‫ ا‬-4‫ا‬
German %‫أﻥ‬
Germany ‫أﻥ‬
Ges leak ‫ز‬2‫ﺕب ا‬
get (got) S‫ ی‬،eBS‫ ی‬،‫ ی ل‬،‫ ی‬،+= \SM‫ ی‬،TM‫ی‬
get bored _‫ ی‬،‫م‬.‫ی‬
get into \b ‫ی‬
get lost ;‫ی‬4‫\ ا‬T‫ ی‬، >‫ی‬
get old ‫ ا‬+ B‫ی‬
get on a train ‫را‬4- _‫یآ‬
get out ‫ج‬h‫ی‬
Get through br whE \3>‫ی‬
get through ‫ق‬h‫ی‬
get to +‫\ إ‬S‫ی‬
get up ‫>م‬:‫ ی‬، ‫ی  ﻡ ااش‬
Giant ‫=*ق‬
Gift B‫ه‬
Gifts ‫ه ای‬
Ginger \B?‫زﻥ‬
Giraffe ‫زرا‬
Girl ‫ة‬
Give %4‫ی‬
Give back ُ‫ی‬
Give up = +h‫ی‬
glad ‫ﻡور‬
Glass ‫زج‬
Glasses ‫رة‬k‫ﻥ‬
Globe ‫رﺽ‬o‫اة ا‬
Gloves ‫ز‬-
Glue 3
Glue ‫اء‬s
Glue gun ‫اء‬2‫ﻡ س ا‬
Go _‫ه‬#‫ی‬
go ‫ه_ ـ‬#‫ ی‬، ‫در ان‬2‫ ی‬، _‫ه‬#‫ی‬
go away \‫ ی‬، B‫ی‬
go back ‫ ی>د‬،J‫ی‬
go down ‫ق‬2‫ ی‬، (qE‫_ )ا‬2‫ﺕ‬
go for a walk <‫ه ﻡ‬L  _‫ه‬#‫ی‬
go on \3‫ ی>ا‬،‫ی‬
go on ‫ ث‬M‫ی‬
go out ‫>ء وا ر‬T) i4 ‫)ی‬
go outside ‫ج‬h‫ی‬
go up J‫یﺕ‬
Goat L=‫ﻡ‬
god +‫ا ﺕ‬
god bless G ‫رك ا‬
God bless him and grant ‫ وﺱ‬O= ‫ ا‬+3
god willing ‫إن <ء ا‬
Goggles ‫ی‬->‫ر ا‬k ‫ﻡ‬
Gold _‫ذه‬
Gold backing _‫ء ذه‬4s
Gold coin B‫= ذه‬
Golden %B‫ذه‬
Golf c>2‫ ا‬B
Golf ball c>?‫آة ا‬
Golf cart c>?‫ ا‬B:
Golf clubs c>?‫ ا‬S=
Golf course c>?‫ﻡ_ ا‬
Golf courses c>?‫ﻡ*=_ ا‬
Golf tee ‫ م‬:‫ة آة ا‬L‫رآ‬
Gondola ‫ ول‬
good ‫ ﺱر‬،c4 ، ، 
Good h‫ا‬
good afternoon k‫  ا‬M‫ﺕ‬
good at + ‫ ﻡه‬،+ ‫ء‬c‫آ‬
good evening h‫ﻡء ا‬
good for ‫ ـ‬e3 ،‫ﻡ ـ‬
good heavens _?) ‫)ی ء‬
Good luck ‫ ا‬G:‫ و‬، ‫ ﺱ ا‬k
good morning h‫ح ا‬B3
good night b += eBS‫ﺕ‬
goodbye ‫ء‬:‫ ا‬+‫إ‬
Goodnight h‫ﻡء ا‬
Goodwill ‫آ‬E‫\ أو ا‬M‫<ة ا‬
Goose ‫وز‬
Gorilla *‫>ری‬2‫ا‬
Gospel \?‫ﻥ‬g‫ا‬
govern (ed) M‫ی‬
Government ‫>ﻡ‬
Government bond %‫>ﻡ‬M‫ا ا‬
Gradually ?‫ﺕ ری‬
Gradually ً?‫ﺕ ری‬
Gradually (adv.) ً?‫ﺕ ری‬
Grain B
Grand Tour ‫ر ﺕ‬
Grandchildren ‫أد‬
Grandmother ‫ ة‬
Grape _ =
Grapefruit ‫ی_ وت‬
Grass _E=
Grass roots B< ‫= ة‬-
Grasshopper ‫ا?اد‬
Grave impunity  ?‫ا‬
Gray ‫رﻡدي‬
great-aunt ‫@ ا? أو ا? ة‬b‫أ‬
great k=
Green Tb‫أ‬
Greenhouse >3
Greenhouse ‫ﺕت وﻥ>ه‬B ‫  ا‬%‫@ ز‬
greet (ed) ‫ ی_ ـ‬،+M‫ی‬
greeting M‫ﺕ‬
Grill ‫>اة‬E‫ﻡ‬
Grin B‫ی‬
Grind M4‫ی‬
Groaned ‫و‬.‫ﺕ‬
Grocery store ‫ل‬:B‫ا‬
Gross negligence ?‫هل ا‬g‫ا‬
Gross profit e‫ﻡ?\ ا‬
Ground information B4‫ ا‬%= ‫ﻡ>ﻡت‬
Group =
grow (grew, grown) BS‫ ی‬،eBS‫ ی‬،> ‫ ی‬،‫رع‬L‫ی‬
Guarantee T‫ی‬
Guard ‫رس‬
guard (ed) ‫س‬M‫ی‬
Guess h‫ی‬
guessing h‫ﺕ‬
guest c‫ﺽ‬
guide ‫ أو آب‬wh<) \‫ د‬، <‫)ﻡ‬
Guide book +‫د\ ﺱ‬
Guitar ‫رة‬7-
Gun ‫ﻡ س‬
Gymnastics ‫ز‬B?‫=_ ا‬Q
Habit ‫ د‬wh‫) =دة )ﺕ‬
Hair <
Hair conditioner E _K‫ﻡ‬
hair cream E‫آی ا‬
Hair spray E @B7‫ﻡ‬
Hairbrush < ‫<ة‬
Half cS‫ﻥ‬
Half past one p.m. ‫ ﻡءا‬cS ‫ا>ا ة و ا‬
Half past three p.m. ‫ ﻡءا‬cS ‫ و ا‬77‫ا‬
Half past two p.m. ‫ ﻡءا‬cS ‫ﻥ و ا‬7‫ا‬
Hall ‫رده‬
hall 3
Ham ‫ی‬L h‫ ا‬M
Hamburger ‫>ر‬B‫هﻡ‬
Hammer -4‫ﻡ‬
Hammer ‫ )<آ>ش‬-4‫)ﻡ‬
Hammock BE‫ر> ا‬o‫ا‬
Hand ‫ی‬
Hand over +‫ی إ‬
Hand truck ‫= ی‬
Handler ‫>ان‬M‫ ا‬q‫ﺱی‬/‫ﻡ رب‬
Hang ;‫ی‬
Hang up ‫\ ا>ن‬:‫ی‬
Hanger ‫ب‬7‫ ا‬:‫ﺕ‬
Hanging gardens ‫ل‬B?‫ ا‬- % ; ‫ ا‬
happily ‫دة‬
Happy ‫ﺱ‬
happy ‫ﺱ‬
Happy new year ‫=م ﺱ‬
Harbor ‫ﻡ ء‬
Hard _3
Hard boiled eggs ‫ ﻡ>ق‬
Hard disk _S‫ص ا‬:‫ا‬
Hardcore sector \E‫ع ﻡ‬4-
Hardware ‫ت‬Qr
Hardware ‫>ﺕ ا ﻥ‬B‫ة ا‬L‫أ‬
Harmonica ‫هرﻡ>ﻥ‬
Harness ‫= ة‬
Harvest ‫د‬SM‫ا‬
has got = has = ،O‫ ﻡ‬،G‫ی‬
Hat B-
Hatch M
hate 2B‫ ی‬، ‫ی‬
Hatred ‫آاه‬
Haul ‫ب‬#
Have G‫ی‬
have ‫م أو <اب‬K ‫ ی ول‬،G‫ ی‬،G‫ی‬
have got ‫ = ه‬، = ،‫ = ه‬،‫ = آ‬،‫ = ك‬،‫= ى‬
have got = have = ،O‫ ﻡ‬،G‫ی‬
have got to = must ‫ أن‬+2B ‫ ی‬،‫ی?_ أن‬
have to ‫ی?_ أن‬
Hawk :3
Hay p-
He >‫ه‬
He is ‫ه> ی>ن‬
He is ‫ه> ی>ن‬
He was ‫ه> آن‬
Head ‫رأس‬
Head dress ‫رداء اأس‬
Headache ‫ اع‬3
headache ‫ اع‬3
Headlights ‫ت ارة‬E‫آ‬
Health club %M3 ‫ﻥدى‬
Hear J‫ی‬
Hearings ‫ت اﺱع‬
Heart _-
Heart-lung machine = 3  ‫ر‬
Heartbeat _:‫ ا‬B‫ﻥ‬
Heavy \:)
Heel _:‫ا‬
Helicopter >‫ا‬
Hell M
Hello *‫أه‬
hello , hallo, hullo *‫ أه‬، >r
Helmet ‫>ذة‬b
Help ‫ﻡ= ة‬
Hem <
Hepatitis ‫ ى‬B‫ﻡض آ‬
Herd J4-
Here  ‫ه‬
Heritage ‫ﺕاث‬
hidden .Bh‫ﻡ‬
hide (hid, hidden) iBh‫ ی‬،+h‫ی‬
High J‫ﻡﺕ‬
High-value :‫ ا‬+s
High heels %= _‫آ‬
Highlight ‫از – أه‬
Highway J‫ی; ﺱی‬K
Hiking ‫ ام‬-o‫ ا‬%= ‫ة‬L ‫ا‬
Hill \‫ﺕ‬
hill \‫ﺕ‬
Hip ‫>ض‬M‫\ ا‬S‫ﻡ‬
Hippopotamus  ‫س ا‬
Hire ‫ة‬S- ‫ی ة‬
Hire .‫ی‬
History u‫ﺕری‬
hit (3) += fBh‫ ی‬،‫ب‬T‫ی‬
Hockey %‫ا>آ‬
Hoe -L‫ﻡ‬
Hold ;‫ی‬
Hold k ‫ی‬
hold on k‫أﻥ‬
Hold tight ‫ م‬G‫ی‬
Hole ‫ة‬
hole ‫ ة‬،_:) ،M
Holiday 4= ‫ی>م‬
Holy Books ‫ ﺱ‬:‫ا_ ا‬
Honey \=
Hood ‫ >ة‬-
Hook ‫ّف‬4b
Horizontal expansion %:‫ أ‬J‫ﺕ>ﺱ‬
Horse ‫ن‬S
Horse racing \h‫ق ا‬B‫ﺱ‬
Horseback riding \h‫رآ>ب ا‬
Hospital +E‫ﻡ‬
Host cT‫ا‬-
Host cT‫ا‬
Host cT‫ی‬
Hostess ‫ ا =>ى‬B3 -OT‫ا‬
Hot ‫ر‬
Hot air balloon ‫د‬4 ‫ﻡ‬
Hot dog ‫ه>ت دوج‬
Hot money =‫و‬E‫ ﻡ‬s ‫أﻡ>ال‬
Hot springs  b‫ ﻡ ﺱ‬J ‫ی‬
Hot water b‫ﻡء ﺱ‬
Hotel ‫ ق‬
Hotel staff ‫ ا ق‬+ ‫ اﻡ‬N‫ه‬
Hour =‫ﺱ‬
Hours ‫ﺱ=ت‬
House ‫ل‬L ‫ﻡ‬
House painter ‫ش‬:‫ﻥ‬
Household sector %‫ع اﺱ*آ‬4-
housewife (housewives) @ ‫ر‬
How c‫آ‬
how c‫آ‬
how deep ;= ‫ﻡ‬
how far  ‫ﻡ‬
how fast =‫ﻡ ﺱ‬
how high ‫ﻡ ارﺕع‬
how long ‫ ﻡ ا ة‬، ‫>ل‬K ‫ﻡ‬
How many ‫آ ا د‬
how many ‫آ = د‬
how many times ‫آ = د اات‬
How much 
how much ) ‫ ﻡ‬، ‫ ار‬:‫ﻡ ﻡ‬
how much money ‫>د‬: ‫ ار ا‬:‫ﻡ ﻡ‬
how often ‫آ ﻡة‬
how old = ‫ﻡ‬
how tall +=‫ أ‬+‫>ل )إ‬K ‫)ﻡ‬
how wide ‫ﻡ =ض‬
however ‫ى وﺱ‬.) ‫ آ‬،‫)ﻡ‬
huge h‫ﺽ‬
Huge amounts  ‫آت ه‬
Humbly ‫>ع‬Eh
Humour-Fum ‫ﻡح‬
Hundred  ‫ﻡ‬
Hungry J 
Hunting 3
Hurry \?‫ی‬
hurry , hurrah ‫ج‬Q‫ن أو ا‬M‫ﺱ‬Q‫ ا‬+= ‫ )هف ی ل‬k= ، \ ‫)ه‬
hurry up (hurried) ‫یع‬
hurt (3) T‫ ی‬،‫ذى‬z‫ ی‬،z‫ی‬
Husband ‫زوج‬
Hydro-electric ‫ ه روآ‬-K
Hydroponics ‫ اء أو اﻡل‬% =‫را‬L‫ا‬
Hypocrisy ‫ﻥق‬
Hypocrite ; ‫ﻡ‬
I am ‫أﻥ أآ>ن‬
I am ‫أﻥ أآ>ن‬
I was @ ‫أﻥ آ‬
i’d rather \T‫أ‬
I’m all for it ‫ی‬z‫ﻡ‬
Ice d)
Ice-skate ?‫ ا‬%= ;L‫ا‬
Ice cream %‫*ﺕ‬
Ice skating ?‫ ا‬%= ;L‫ﺕ‬
Ice water d7‫ﻡء ﻡ‬
Iceberg ‫\ ا? ي‬B?‫ا‬
idea ‫ رأى‬، ‫ة‬
Identical ;4‫ ﻡ‬/ \)‫ﻡ‬
Idle balances 4‫ ة ﻡ‬3‫أر‬
Idle capacity 4‫ ﻡ‬-K
Idolater ‫و)ن‬o‫دة ا‬B=
Idolater + )‫و‬
if ‫ إذا‬،‫ إن‬،>
Ignore \‫ی?ه‬
ill \= ،‫ﻡی‬
Ill effects N‫)ر ﺱ‬r
Illegal +‫ﻥ>ﻥ‬- s
Illegal + ‫ﻥ>ﺱ‬- s
Illiterate ‫اءة وا‬:‫ ﺕف ا‬Q /‫أﻡ‬
Illuminate ‫ﺽ>اء‬Q ‫ی‬L‫ی  – ی‬
imagine ‫>ر‬S‫ ی‬،\h‫ی‬
immediately ‫ >را‬،‫ل‬M‫ ا‬+
Immediately ‫ل‬M‫ ا‬%
Implicit support % ‫د= ﺽ‬
Import ‫ی>رد‬
Important ‫هم‬
Imports ‫واردات‬
Impress   =B4‫یك اﻥ‬
Impressed ‫) ـ‬.‫ﻡ‬
Impressed ً  ً=B4‫یك اﻥ‬
Imprest account ‫= ة‬
In- service training ‫ ﻡ‬h‫ا ری_ أ) ء ا‬
in ‫ ـ‬، ‫*ل‬b + ، (‫ﻡن‬L‫ )ن وا‬+
In a hurry ‫ل‬B:‫اﺱ‬
In a row %‫ ا>ا‬%=
In box ‫وارد‬
in fact J-‫ ا>ا‬+ ،::M‫ ا‬+
In favour of e3 + / _‫ ﻥ‬+
in front of ‫أﻡم‬
in full \‫ ﻡ‬،*‫آﻡ‬
In particular wbo‫ ا‬+=
in the end ‫ ا ی‬+
In the heart of \b‫ دا‬+ – _- +
in the middle cS ‫ ا‬+ ، f‫ ا>ﺱ‬+
In the middle cS ‫ ا‬%
in the old day ‫ ا>د اﺽ‬+ ،:‫زﻡ  ا‬o‫ ا‬+
In the pipeline # ‫ ا‬- / ‫ ا‬-
in the way ;‫ی‬4‫ ا‬+
Inauguration of parliament ‫ن‬B‫اح ا‬
Incentive L
Incident ‫ ث‬
include += \E‫ی‬
Income \b‫د‬
Income bracket \b ‫ ا‬M‫<ی‬
Income statement \b ‫ت ا‬
Incorporeal ‫ ﻡدي‬s
Increase ‫ی‬L‫ی‬
Incredible \‫ه‬#‫ ﻡ‬،‫ ق‬S‫ ی‬Q
Independents ‫>ن‬:‫ا‬
Index number % ‫ ا‬-‫ا‬
india ‫ا‬
indian ‫ه ى‬
Indicate %‫ إ‬E‫ﺕ‬
Indigestion T‫= ا‬
Individual ‫دي‬
Individual Sports ‫أب دی‬
indonesia ‫إﻥ وﻥ‬
Industrial management = S‫دارة ا‬g‫ا‬
Industrial relations = S‫ت ا‬-*‫ا‬
Industrial safety controller %= 3 ‫_ أﻡ‬-‫ﻡا‬
Industrial safety precautions %= S‫ﻡ ا‬o‫ت ا‬K‫ا‬
Infant 3:‫ا‬
Infected ‫ﻡ>ث‬
Infected wound ‫ح ﻡ>ث‬
Infinity ‫ا*ﻥی‬
Inflation ‫ی‬#so‫ أﺱر ا‬hT‫ﺕ‬
Information ‫اﺱ*ﻡت‬
Infrastructure ‫>ﻡت‬:‫ﻡ‬
Ingredients ‫م‬4‫ﻡ>ﻥت ا‬
Inhabitants ‫ان‬
Inheritance ‫ ﺕآ‬/ ‫ﻡاث‬
Injection  :M‫ا‬
Injury ‫أذى‬
Injury \= 3‫إ‬
Inmmanbulation of the Kaaba ‫>اف‬4‫ا‬
Inorganic ‫>ى‬T= s
Inputs ‫ﻡت‬L‫ﻡ‬
Insecticide ‫ى‬E B‫ﻡ‬
Insects ‫ات‬E
inside \b‫ ا‬
Inside rips ‫ ﺱی‬/ ‫ﻡ>ﻡت ﻡ>)>ق‬
Insist S‫ی‬
Insolvency ‫=ر‬Q‫ا‬
Insomnia ‫أرق‬
Inspection wM
Inspection p‫ا‬
Install _‫یآ‬
Installations security ‫‰ت‬E ‫أﻡ ا‬
Instalment f-
Instead of ‫ ﻡ‬Q 
Instructions ‫إر<دات – ﺕت‬
Instructions ‫ﺕت‬
Instrument ‫ – أداة‬r
Instruments ‫أدوات‬
Insurance policy ‫ﻡ‬.‫ ﺕ‬S>
Intangible assets ‫>ل ﻡ >ی‬3‫أ‬
Integrated project management ‫وع‬E ‫دارة اﻡ‬g‫ا‬
Intense c = – ‫< ی‬
Intensive c7‫ – ﻡ‬L‫ﻡآ‬
Interest ‫اهم‬
Interest ‫ ة‬
Interest free loan ‫ض  ون >ا‬-
interested in ‫ﻡ ـ‬
interesting ‫>ق‬E‫ ﻡ‬،J‫ﻡ‬
Interference \b ‫ﺕ‬
Interim / pro tem %‫@ – ﻡ‬-z‫ﻡ‬
international +‫دو‬
International %‫ق دو‬B‫ﺱ‬
International call ‫ﻡ دو‬
International issues ‫ی دو‬T-
International labour office %‫ﻡ_ ا\ ا و‬
International Labour Organisation (ILO) ‫ ا\ ا و‬k ‫ﻡ‬
Interpretation of the Quoran ‫ن‬r:‫ﺕ ا‬
Interrupt ‫ )أ) ء ا*م‬JK:‫)ی‬
Intersection JK:‫ﺕ‬
Intestines ‫أﻡء‬
into \b‫ ا ا‬+‫ إ‬، \b‫ ا ا‬+
Introduce ‫ م‬:‫ی‬
Invaders ‫اة‬Ls
Invalid vote \K ‫>ت‬3
Invasion ‫ ه?>م‬-  - ‫رة‬s - ‫و‬Ls
Invasive +‫= واﻥ‬
invent (ed) ‫ع‬h‫ی‬
invention ‫اع‬b‫ا‬
Invest 7‫ی‬
Investigate ‫ي‬M‫ = – ی‬MB‫ی‬
Investment ‫ر‬7‫اﺱ‬
Invisible exports ‫>رة‬k ‫ ﻡ‬s ‫درات‬3
invitation ‫د=>ة‬
invite >= ‫ی‬
Inward KB‫ا‬
ireland ‫ای ا‬
Iron ‫ﻡ>اة‬
irrigate +:‫ ی‬،‫یوى‬
irrigation +:‫ ﺱ‬،‫رى‬
Is located J:‫ﺕ‬
Islamic jurisprudence ‫ﺱ*ﻡ‬g‫ی ا‬E‫ا‬
Island ‫یة‬L
Isolate \S‫ ی‬/ ‫ل‬L‫ی‬
Issue paper/ a write- up paper ‫ی‬:‫دراﺱ ﺕ‬
Issuing hT‫ﺕ‬
it could be ‫ ﺕ>ن‬- ، ‫ر ﺕ>ن‬
It is ‫ﻥن‬g‫ ا‬2) ‫ ﺕ>ن‬+‫ ه‬، ‫)ه> ی>ن‬
It is ‫ﻥن‬g‫ ا‬2) ‫ ﺕ>ن‬+‫ ه‬،‫)ه> ی>ن‬
It looks like rain 4‫ و أن اء ﺱ‬B‫ی‬
It might be ‫ر ی>ن‬
It was ‫ﻥن‬g‫ ا‬2) @‫ آﻥ‬+‫ ه‬،‫)ه> آن‬
it’s no good ‫  وى‬Q
Italian %4‫ی‬g‫ا‬
Italy 4‫إی‬
Itinerary ‫ن >ا= ا‬
Iunch hour ‫اء‬#2 =‫ﺱ‬
Jacket c4‫ﻡ‬
Jam +‫ﻡ‬
jam ‫ اآ‬+‫ﻡ‬
January ‫ی ی‬
January (jan.) ‫ی ی‬
January first ‫ول ﻡ ی ی‬o‫ا‬
Japan ‫ان‬
Japanese %‫اﻥ‬
Jar ‫ی‬3
Jaw G
Jeans L 
Jellyfish MB‫ ی\ ا‬-
Jet skis  ‫ری ﻡ‬h ‫درا‬
Jew ( Hebrew) ‫ی>دي‬
Jewel %
jewel ‫ ? آی‬،‫>هة‬
jeweller ‫ ا?>اه‬J 
jewellery + ،‫>اه‬
Jewelry %
Jewelry box ‫ وق ﻡ?>هات‬3
Jewelry store % ?‫ﻡ‬
Jinn ?‫ا‬
Job t‫و‬
Job analysis t>‫\ ا‬M‫ﺕ‬
Job opportunity \= 3
Job specification  ‫ ا‬c3‫و‬
Job study t>‫دراﺱ ا‬
Jogging %E‫ریﺽا‬
join (ed) >‫ ی‬، M‫ ی‬، T ‫ ی‬، + ‫ك‬E‫ ی‬، ‫; ـ‬M‫ ی‬،+‫ إ‬T ‫ ی‬، f‫ ی‬،\S‫ی‬
Joint \S‫ﻡ‬
Jointly & severally \‫ﻡ واﻡ‬T
Joke ‫ﻥ‬
Journal ‫د ی>ﻡ‬
Joy ‫ – ﺱدة‬
Juice S=
juice S=
July >>‫ی‬
Jump L:‫ی‬
Jump rope \BM‫ ا‬f‫ﻥ‬
June >‫ی>ﻥ‬
June >‫ی>ﻥ‬
Junt ‫ه‬L‫ ﻥ‬- >
just ،S- @-‫ و‬# ‫ ﻡ‬،‫ت‬kM \B- ،Q
Kaaba B‫ا‬
Kangaroo 2 ‫ا‬
Kayak ‫زورق  ي‬
Keen w‫ ی‬/ ‫هم‬Q‫< ی ا‬
keep (kept) ‫م‬L‫ ی‬،+:B‫ ی‬، +‫ ی‬، + :‫ ی‬،G‫ ی‬،+= ‹M‫ ی‬، ‫‹ ـ‬M‫ی‬
keep calm ‫م ا وء‬L‫ا‬
keep quiet ‫م ا وء‬L‫ا‬
Keep track of J‫ی‬
keeper ‫رس‬
Ketchup KK S3
Key ‫ﻡح‬
key ‫ﻡح‬
Key ring e‫ﻡ ا ﻡﺕ‬
Key to history u‫ﻡح ری‬
Keyboard e‫> اﺕ‬
Keyboard ‫>ﺕ‬B‫ ا‬e‫> ﻡﺕ‬
Kharijites ‫>ارج‬h‫ا‬
Kick ‫ر‬
Kids ‫ل‬K‫أ‬
Kind c 3 - ‫ﻥ>ع‬
Kindness :< - ‫ رأ‬- c4=
King G‫ﻡ‬
Kiss B-
Kitchen uB4‫ﻡ‬
Kite -‫ ة ور‬K
Kitten ‫ة‬23 ‫هة‬
Kiwi ‫)ة ا>ي‬
Knee B‫اآ‬
Knee B‫رآ‬
Kneel ‫رآ>ع‬
Kneel J‫یآ‬
Kneel down J‫یآ‬
Knife ‫ﺱ‬
Knight ‫ارس‬
Knock B4b
Koala Q‫دب ا>ا‬
L.E. O 
L.O.U. (I owe you) ‫ﺱ  ی‬
Label ‫ وق‬3 - ‫>یت )ز‬M‫ ﻡ ا>رق >ﻡت = ﻡ‬4- - ..)
Label ‫>ي‬M‫; ن ا‬S‫ﻡ‬
Label ;S‫ی‬
Labeling ‫>ى‬M‫ ن ا‬-4 JT‫ی‬
Labelling ‫>ى‬M‫ ن ا‬-4 JT‫ی‬
Labour contract \‫ ا‬:=
Labour court = M‫ﻡ‬
Labour dispute %= ‫اع‬L‫ﻥ‬
Labour Party %= ‫ب‬L
Labour productivity ‫ی ي اﻡ‬o‫إﻥ ا‬
Labour relations \‫ت ا‬-*=
Labour supply ‫اوض ﻡ ا‬
Lace ‫اء‬#M‫رط ا‬
Ladder ‫ﺱ‬
ladies and gentlemen +‫ وﺱدﺕ‬+‫ﺱ اﺕ‬
Lady ‫ﺱ ة‬
Lair ‫اب‬#‫آ‬
Lake ‫ة‬M
Lamb \
Lamp ‫ح‬BS‫ﻡ‬
Landmark ‫رزة‬B‫ا ا ا‬
Landscape %BK k ‫ﻡ‬
Landscapes ‫ﻡ‬
Landslide ‫اﻥر ا‬
Lane ‫رة‬
Language 2
Language 2
Lantern ‫ة‬E‫ﻡ‬
Lap ‫ق‬B‫ ﺱ‬% ‫دورة وا ة‬
Lapel ‫ ر اة‬3 K
Large J‫واﺱ‬
Larger J‫أوﺱ‬
Lasagna ‫زاﻥ‬Q
Laser printer ‫ر‬L K
Lash ‫ﺽ –  ة‬
Lash ‫ ة أو ﺽ >ط‬
Last b‫أ‬
Last ;‫ ﺱ‬-br - b‫أ‬
Last fall %‫ اﺽ‬c‫ی‬h‫ا‬
Last forever Ž ‫ﺕ‬
Last month %‫ اﺽ‬E‫ا‬
Last spring %‫ اﺽ‬J‫ا‬
Last summer %‫ اﺽ‬cS‫ا‬
Last week %‫>ع اﺽ‬B‫ﺱ‬o‫ا‬
Last winter %‫ء اﺽ‬E‫ا‬
Last year %‫ام اﺽ‬
Late b.‫ﻡ‬
Latifundia ‫ع‬E‫ﻡ‬
Latte ‫>ة‬- ‫آ>ب‬
Laugh GMT‫ی‬
Laugh GMT‫ی‬
Launch ‫ء‬T‫روخ ا‬3 ;4‫ اء او ی‬%‫ل ا‬L ‫ی‬
Laundered money ‫أﻡ>ال ام‬
Laundering ‫وع‬E‫ ﻡ‬s _‫آ‬
Laundromat  ‫ آ‬s
Laundry \s
Lawn \?‫ﻥ‬
Lay- off ‫ ﻡ‬h‫إﻥء ا‬
Lay down ‫ ای‬+=) ‫)ﺕ د‬
Lay off workers ‫ = =ل‬+ 2‫ی‬
Layoff \‫\ ﻡ ا‬S
Lazzy ‫ آ*ن‬، ‫آ>ل‬
Leading ‫دى‬- /+ ‫ ر‬/ ‫رز‬
Lean % M ‫ی\ – ی‬
Leare ‫ذن‬. ‫إزة‬
Learn ‫ی‬
Leather ‫ ﻡ >غ‬
Leave ‫ذن‬. ‫إزة‬
Leaves ‫ت‬B ‫ورق ا‬
Leaves ‫?ة‬E‫أوراق ا‬
Lecturer ‫ﺽ‬M‫ﻡ‬
Leek ‫آات‬
Left ‫یر‬
Legend ‫>رة‬4‫أﺱ‬
Legislation J‫ی‬E‫ﺕ‬
Legislative body ‫ی‬E‫ ﺕ‬N‫ه‬
Legislator ( law maker) ‫ع‬E‫ﻡ‬
Legs ‫ن‬:‫ﺱ‬
Leisure facilities O‫ وﺱ \ ا‬/ ‫ﺕ*ت‬
Lemon ‫>ن‬
Lemon ‫>ﻥ‬
Lemonade +M‫ >ن ﻡ‬S=
Lemonade ‫وب‬E‫)>ﻥدة )ﻡ‬
Lending ‫اض‬-‫ ) إ‬c‫) ﺕ‬
Length ‫ﻡن‬L‫>ل )ن و‬K)
Length of visit ‫ﻡ‬-g‫ ﻡ ة ا‬- ‫یرة‬L‫ﻡ ة ا‬
Lens ‫>ر‬S‫ی‬
Lentils ‫= س‬
Leopard ‫ﻥ‬
Leopard  ‫ا‬
Lessee .‫ﻡ‬
Lessor z‫ﻡ‬
Let’s = let us ‫ ه‬-  =‫د‬
Letter ‫ب‬4b
Letter of credit ‫ب ا=د‬4b
Lettuce qh‫ت ا‬B‫ﻥ‬
Leverage ‫ا ا‬
Leverage ‫>ة ﻡ‬-
Levy T‫ی‬
Liberty ‫ی‬
Library B‫ﻡ‬
Library B‫ﻡ‬
Libraty B‫ﻡ‬
Licence Sb‫ر‬
License plate ‫ا> ا ﻥ رة‬
Lick ;‫ی‬
Lid ‫ء‬4s
Lie ‫ب‬#‫ی‬
Lie (lay – lain) J?4T‫ ی‬- +:‫ی‬
Lie down %:‫ی‬
Lie to += ‫ب‬#‫ی‬
Life ‫ة‬
Life jacket ‫ﺱة ﻥ?ة‬
Lifeboat ‫رب ا ?ة‬-
Lift J‫ی‬
Lift (ed) J‫ی‬
Light  ‫ ی‬- iT‫ ی‬- \E‫ی‬
Light bulb ‫ح‬BS‫ﻡ‬
Light switch ‫ﻡح ا >ر‬
Lighter =Q‫و‬
Lighthouse ‫ﻡ رة‬
Lighthouse ‫  ر‬/ ‫ﻡ رة‬
Lightning ‫ق‬
Like + _s‫_ ـ ی‬M‫ی‬
Like this – that :‫ی‬4‫ ا‬#
Lime %T ‫>ن‬
Limestone ‫? ى‬
Line c3
Line management ‫ی‬# ‫دارة ا‬g‫ا‬
Line with straw p: 4B‫ی‬/>EM‫ی‬
Linear responsibility chart ‫>ت‬N %‫رﺱ ﻥ‬
Linen ‫آن‬
Linerar production %4b ‫إﻥج‬
Link \S‫ ی‬/  f‫ی‬
Lion ‫ﺱ‬o‫ا‬
Lips ‫<ة‬
Lipstick E‫أ ا‬
Liquid ratio >‫ ا‬B‫ﻥ‬
Liquor \ ‫ﺱ‬
List cE‫ آ‬- ‫  ول‬-  -
Listen @S ‫ی‬
Literature ‫آت أد‬
Literature ‫دب‬o‫ا‬
Livestock %<‫ﻡ>ا‬
Lizard M‫ا‬
Llama ‫>ان ا*ﻡ‬
Loan amortization/ payback/ refunding / repayinent ‫ض‬- ‫ﺱ اد‬
Lobster MB‫اد ا‬
Local +M‫ﻡ‬
Local dishes M‫أآ*ت ﻡ‬
Local governorate M‫ ا‬%kM‫ﻡ‬
Locate ‫ء‬%< J‫ی ﻡ>ﺽ‬
Lock ‫\ أو ح‬: \:‫ی‬
Locker \:‫اﻥ ﺕ‬L
Log onto the Internet @‫ﻥﻥ‬g‫ ا‬+ \‫ أ ا‬B‫ی‬
Logical ‫>ل‬:‫\ ﻡ‬E – :4 ‫ﻡ‬
Logistic capacity ‫ اﺱ‬-K
Long \‫>ی‬K
Long- term planning o‫>ی\ ا‬K f4h‫ﺕ‬
Long \‫>ی‬K
Long for +‫ی>ق إ‬
Look k‫ﻥ‬
Look ‫ و‬B‫ی‬
Look after += ‫ ی‬، ‫ ـ‬+ ‫ی‬
Look at +‫ إ‬k ‫ی‬
Look for = MB‫ی‬
Look forward to += c‫ ی‬- +‫>ق إ‬E J4‫ی‬
Look like OBE‫ ـ )ی‬E‫ و ﻡ‬B‫)ی‬
Look like OBE‫ی‬
Look like ‫\ أن‬M‫ و ﻡ ا‬B‫ ی‬- ‫ن‬.‫ و آ‬B‫ی‬
Lord ‫ص‬h<o‫\ اﺱ  ا‬B- J‫ إﻥ?ا ی>ﺽ‬+ ‫_ <ف‬:) ‫)>رد‬
Lorry \:‫ = ﻥ‬- M< ‫ ﺱرة‬- ‫>رى‬
Lose h‫ی‬
Lose (lost) ‫م‬L ‫ ی‬- h‫ ی‬- :‫ی‬
Loss ‫رة‬b
Loss of fitness \ -‫ ان ا‬:
Lotion ‫>ل‬s
Loud J‫ ﻡﺕ‬، ‫=ل‬
Loud _b3 ،J‫ ﻡﺕ‬،‫=ل‬
Lounge chair ‫ اﺱا‬% %‫آﺱ‬
Love _
Love + ‫ا‬7‫_ آ‬s‫ ی‬، _M‫ی‬
Lovely ‫اب‬# ، J‫  ی‬، \
Low S-
Low h ‫ﻡ‬
Lower Egypt ‫ى‬MB‫ ا‬O>‫ا‬
Loyalty – faithfulness ‫*ص‬bg‫ا‬
Luck ‹
Luckily ‹M‫ ا‬M
Lucky ‫>ظ‬kM‫ﻡ‬
Lucky ‫>ظ‬kM‫ﻡ‬
Luggage ‫أﻡ‬
Lunch ‫اء‬#2‫ا‬
Lung  ‫ر‬
Lungs ‫ا ن‬
Luxury goods ‫ ﺕ‬J‫ﺱ‬
Lynx ;<>‫>ان ا‬
machinery ‫ت‬xQ‫ا‬
Mad ‫ﻡ? >ن‬
Made from i< ‫ ﻡ‬7‫ >ع ﻡ )أآ‬S‫)ﻡ‬
Made of ‫ >ع ﻡ‬S‫ﻡ‬
Made with ‫ >ع ـ‬S‫ﻡ‬
Magazine ?‫ﻡ‬
Magians (magi) ‫ﻡ?>س‬
Magnet q4 2‫? ا‬
Magnificent k= / J ‫را‬
Magnifying glass ‫ة‬B‫رة ﻡ‬k‫ﻥ‬
Maid ‫دﻡ‬h‫ا‬
Mail ‫ی‬
Mailbox ‫ی‬B‫ وق ا‬3
Mailman ‫ی‬B‫ ا‬%=‫ﺱ‬
Main %‫ أﺱﺱ‬،% ‫ر‬
Make (made) \‫ ی‬، J S‫ی‬
Make a fire ‫ ﻥرا‬->‫ ی‬- ‫\ ﻥرا‬E‫ی‬
Make a journey  ‫>م‬:‫ی‬
Make a living O-‫ی_ رز‬
Make sentences \ ‫آ>ن‬
Makeup ‫اج‬
Male-dominated society \‫ ا‬O= 4‫ ی‬J?‫ﻡ‬
Malnutrition ‫ی‬#2‫ﺱ>ء ﺕ‬
Mamelukes G‫ا‬
Man \‫ر‬
Management analysis ‫دارة‬g‫\ ا‬M‫ﺕ‬
Management appraisal ‫دارة‬g‫ ا‬:‫ﺕ‬
Management by ******ives ‫ه اف‬o ‫دارة‬g‫ا‬
Management development ‫دارة‬g‫>ی ا‬4‫ﺕ‬
Management rations ‫دارة‬g‫ﻥ_ ا‬
Management services ‫دارة‬g‫ ﻡت ا‬b
Manager ‫ﻡ ی‬
Manager ‫ﻡ ی‬
Managerial grid ‫دارة‬g‫ ا‬B<
Mandolin ‫ﻡﻥ و‬
Mango >?‫اﻥ‬
Mania J‫_ ? >ن – و‬
Manufactured by 4‫  >اﺱ‬S‫ﻡ‬
Manufacturing J S‫ﺕ‬
Manure ‫ ﺱد‬JT‫ی – ی‬
Many 7‫آ‬
Map 4‫ی‬b
Marathon \‫>ی‬K ‫ق‬B‫ﺱ‬
Marble ‫م‬b‫ر‬
March ‫ﻡرس‬
March ‫اة‬
March ‫>ة =ی‬4b >4h‫ی‬
March third ‫ ﻡ ﻡرس‬7‫ا‬
Marching band :‫ ﻡ>ﺱ‬-
Marginal accounts ‫ ی‬M‫ت ا‬M‫ا‬
Marginal costing ‫ ی‬M‫ ا‬c‫ب ا‬
Marina %‫ﻡﺱ‬
Marker ‫ا*ﻡ‬
Market ‫ﺱ>ق‬
Market value ‫ _ ا>ق‬:‫ا‬
Markings ‫=*ﻡت‬
Marquee ‫ﺱادق‬
Marsh J: ‫ﻡ‬
Martial arts ‫ل‬:‫ >ن ا‬
Mask ‫ ع‬-
Mass production ? ‫إﻥج‬
Mass production ?‫إﻥج ا‬
Massive h‫ ﺽ‬/ \ ‫ه‬
Massive h‫ه \ – ﺽ‬
Massive h‫ﺽ‬
Massive turnout \ ‫ل ه‬B-‫إ‬
Mast ‫اری‬
Master plan  ‫ ر‬4b ) ‫ <ﻡ‬4b )
Match  *‫ ی‬، ‫* ـ‬7‫ ی? ﻡ‬، ;>‫ی‬
Matches ‫ب‬:) ‫=>د‬
Material ‫ش‬- - ‫ﻡدة‬
Mathematics ‫= ایﺽت‬
matrix management ‫م‬o‫دارة ا‬g‫ا‬
Mattress _‫ﻡاﺕ‬
Maximum +S-o‫ ا‬M‫ا‬
May >‫ﻡی‬
May - ، \M‫ ی‬، ‫ ی‬، ‫ ر‬، \
May >‫ﻡی‬
May (can) ‫ ـ‬e‫ ی‬، ‫أی‬
May Day ‫= ال‬
May I come in? ‫>ل؟‬b  + e‫>ل؟ أﺕ‬b ‫ ا‬+ ‫أی‬
Maybe \ ، ‫ر‬
Mayonnaise L‫ﻡی>ﻥ‬
Mayor ‹M‫ ا‬- ‫ا ة‬
Meadow ‫ﻡج‬
Meaning % ‫ﻡ‬
Meanwhile ‫ أ) ء‬+ ، @->‫ ا‬q‫ ﻥ‬+
Measure \‫ ی‬- q:‫ی‬
Medical facilities OBK ‫ ﻡت او اﻡﻥت‬b
Medical history %BK \?‫ﺱ‬
Medicine ‫دواء‬
Medicine ‫ =*ج‬- ‫دواء‬
Medium f‫ء ﻡ>ﺱ‬%<
Meeting ‫ء‬:
Megaphone ‫>ق‬
Melon ‫<م‬
Melt ‫وب‬#‫ی‬
Member of parliament (MP) ‫> ن‬T=
Members ‫أاد‬
Memo ‫آة‬#‫ﻡ‬
Memorable ‫آ‬#‫; ا‬M‫ﺕ‬
Memorandum of association q‫ﺱ‬.‫ ا‬:=
Memorize _- t = ‹M‫ی‬
Menu ‫م‬4‫  ا‬-
Mercantile debt ‫ا ی ا?ري‬
Merchant ‫ﺕ‬
Mermaid ‫ا‬b ->h‫ )ﻡ‬MB‫ =وﺱ ا‬- MB‫   ا‬- ‫)>ری اء‬
Message ‫رﺱ‬
Message >‫رﺱ < أو ﻡ‬
Message ‫رﺱ‬
Metal ‫ﻡ ن‬
Mexico G‫ا‬
Microprocessor ‫>ﺕ‬B \2E‫ا?ز ا‬
Microwave c‫ن ﻡووی‬
Midday ‫ة‬k‫ ا‬- ‫ ا ر‬cS ‫ﻡ‬
Middle f‫أوﺱ‬
Middle management +4‫دارة ا>ﺱ‬g‫ا‬
Midnight \‫ ا‬cS ‫ﻡ‬
Midwife ‫ﻡ> ة‬- >‫ ﺕ‬-
Might ‫آن ر‬
Might ‫آن ر‬
Migrate ‫ی‬
Mile ‫ ﻡ‬1906 = ‫ یردة‬1760) = \‫)ﻡ‬
Milk B
Mill  M4‫ﻡ‬
Millennium o‫ا‬
Milliliter ‫ ﻡ ا‬co‫ء ﻡ ا‬L) ‫)ﻡ‬
Million ‫ا>ن‬
Minaret ‫ﻥ‬#N‫ﻡ‬
Mine + ‫ص‬b ، +‫ ﻡ‬، +
Mineral ‫ﻡ ن‬
Mineral water %‫ﻡء ﻡ ﻥ‬
Minimum +‫دﻥ‬o‫ ا‬M‫ا‬
Minister ‫وزی‬
Minute :- ‫ا‬
Minute hand ; - ‫ب ا‬:=
Minutes ; -‫د‬
Miracle ‫ة‬L?‫ﻡ‬
Mirror ‫ة‬r‫ﻡ‬
Miss the record +‫ﺱ‬:‫ ا‬-‫ ﺕ?\ ا‬+ \E‫ی‬
Miss the record +‫ﺱ‬- += ‫>ل‬SM‫ ا‬+ \E‫ی‬
Misses ‫ﺱ ة‬
Mister ‫ﺱ‬
Model ‫=رﺽ‬
Modern ‫ى‬S= - ‫ ی‬
Modular production ‫ﻥج اري‬g‫ا‬
Moist _K‫ر‬
Moistened \B‫_ – ﻡ‬K‫ر‬
Molten ‫ة‬S ‫ﻡ‬
Moment kM
Monastery ‫دی‬
Monastery ‫ن‬B‫ اه‬O ‫ ﻡن ی‬- ‫دی‬
Monday  )Q‫ا‬
Monday  ‫ﺕ‬Q‫ا‬
Monetary policy ‫ ی‬: ‫اﺱ ا‬
Monetization / minting ‫>د‬: ‫ ا‬G‫ﺱ‬
Money ‫ﻡل‬
Money ‫ال‬
Money exchange ‫ا‬3
Money order J‫أﻡ د‬
Money order ‫>ا ی ی‬
Monitor _-‫اا‬
Monitor ‫ب )ا>ﻥ‬-‫)ا‬
Monk _‫راه‬
Monkey ‫د‬-
Monopoly ‫ار‬
Monorail ‫  ی ي ﻡد‬fb
Monotheism >‫ا‬
Month E‫ا‬
Monument )‫أ‬
Monuments ‫)ر‬r
Moon :‫ا‬
Moratorium ;M‫ دی ﻡ‬J‫\ د‬.‫ ﺕ‬/‫\ ا اد‬.‫ﺕ‬
Mores ‫=دات وأ=اف‬
Morning ‫ح‬BS‫ا‬
Morocco 2‫ا ا‬
Moscow >‫ﻡ>ﺱ‬
Moses +‫ ﻡ>ﺱ‬+B ‫ا‬
Moslem ‫ﻡ‬
Mosque ?‫ا‬
Mosque J‫ ﻡ‬- ?‫ﻡ‬
Mosquito ‫ >ﺽ‬- ‫ﻥﻡ>ﺱ‬
Most J?‫ ا‬7‫ أآ‬- ‫ = دا‬7‫آ‬o‫ا‬
Most of k‫ﻡ‬
Mother ‫أم‬
Mother-in-law ‫ة‬M‫ا‬
Motion study ‫آ‬M‫دراﺱ ا‬
Motorboat ‫ك‬M ‫ود‬L‫زورق ﻡ‬
Motorcycle ‫ری‬hB‫ا را ا‬
Mountain \B
Mountain lion %B ‫أﺱ‬
Mountaineers ‫ل‬B?‫> ا‬:‫ﻡ‬
Mouse ‫ر‬.
Mouse ‫>ﺕ‬B‫ر ا‬.
Move ‫ك‬M‫ﺕ‬
Move into ‫ )ﻡ  ی‬%‫\ إ‬: ‫)ی‬
Movie theater  ‫ﺱ‬
Mule ‫ر‬
Multiple activity chart ‫ ا دة‬4E‫ Žﻥ‬%‫رﺱ ﻥ‬
Multiple management ‫دارة ا دة‬g‫ا‬
Multiplication ‫ﺽب‬
Municipal elections ‫ت  ی‬h‫اﻥ‬
Mural ‫ اري‬
Muscle T=
Muscles ‫*ت‬T=
Museum cM‫ﻡ‬
Mushrooms ‫اب‬2‫ ا‬p=
Musician %:‫ا>ﺱ‬
Mustache ‫<رب‬
Mustard ‫دل‬h‫ا‬
Mutter ‫ی‬
my god _?) +‫)ی إ‬
Nail t
Nail ‫*ووظ‬- ‫ﻡر‬
Nail ‫ﻡر‬
Nail clippers t‫ أ‬:‫ﻡ‬
Nail polish t‫*ء أ‬K
Napkins ‫ ﺱة‬K>
Narrator ‫راوي‬
Narrow ;‫ﺽ‬
National issues ‫>ﻡ‬- ‫ی‬T-
Nature B4‫ا‬
Nature B4‫ا‬
Nature of the work \‫ ا‬BK
Near _‫ی‬-
Neck B-‫ر‬
Necklace :=
Necktie ; ‫ ا‬4‫ر‬
Nectarine ‫>خ‬h‫ا‬
Needle ‫إة‬
Negotiable ‫ﻡ اول‬
Neighbor ‫ر‬
Neighbours ‫ان‬
Nest p=
Net margin ( profit) %S‫ ا‬e‫ا‬
Neurons BS= ‫*ی‬b
New ‫ ی‬
News stand ‫ء‬B‫وآ أﻥ‬
Newspaper ‫ی ة‬
Next fall ‫دم‬:‫ ا‬c‫ی‬h‫ا‬
Next month ‫دم‬:‫ ا‬E‫ا‬
Next spring ‫دم‬:‫ ا‬J‫ا‬
Next summer ‫دم‬:‫ ا‬cS‫ا‬
Next to ‫ﻡ?ور ـ‬
Next week ‫دم‬:‫>ع ا‬B‫ﺱ‬o‫ا‬
Next winter ‫دم‬:‫ء ا‬E‫ا‬
Next year ‫دم‬:‫ام ا‬
Nightclub % +‫ﻡ‬
Nine ‫ﺕ‬
Nine 9
Nine hundred  ‫ﺕ‬
Nineteen E= ‫ﺕ‬
Nineteen 19
Ninety ‫ﺕ>ن‬
Ninety 90
Ninth J‫اﺱ‬
No longer ‫ ی‬
No smoking b ‫ﻡ >ع ا‬
Noise ‫ﺽ>ﺽء‬
Noisy d=L‫ﻡ‬/‫>ﺽء‬T‫ ا‬7‫آ‬
Nomadic \‫ة ا‬M _M‫ ﻡ‬/ ‫رل‬
Nomadic ‫\ وال‬:  _M‫ وي – ﻡ‬
Nominal value ‫ إﺱ‬-
Non-renewable ‫ ﻡ? دة‬s
Non-smoking b ‫ﻡ >ع ا‬
None ‫ء‬%< Q
Noodles \2‫ا‬
Noon ‫ ا ر‬cS ‫ﻡ‬
Normal B4‫ ا‬M‫ا‬
Normal B4‫ ا‬M‫ا‬
Normal (adj.) B4‫ ا‬M‫ا‬
North ‫ل‬E‫ا‬
North ‫ل‬E‫ا‬
Nose c‫أﻥ‬
not at all >‫ا‬
Notary ;)>‫ﻡ‬
Note -‫= ور‬
Notebook ‫ﻡة‬
Notes payable J ‫أوراق ا‬
Notice ‹*‫ی‬
Notice of garnishment L? ‫إ<ر‬
Nourishment ‫ی‬#2‫ﺕ‬
November B>‫ﻥ‬
Now ‫ن‬x‫ا‬
Nuclear reactions ‫ا=*ت ا >وی‬
Number -‫ر‬
Nurse ‫اﺽ‬
Nut >‫ﻡ‬3
Nut ‫  ق‬/ ‫)ة >ز‬
Nutrients M‫ی  ت ا‬#2‫ا>اد ا‬
Nuts ‫ ق‬
Nylon ‫ا ی>ن‬
Oar ‫ﻡ? اف‬
Oasis ‫وا‬
Observe ‹*‫ی‬
Obvious e‫واﺽ‬
Occupational diseases  ‫أﻡاض ا‬
Occupied G ‫ﻡ‬
October >‫أآ‬
Octopus ‫>ط‬B4bo‫ا‬
Oculist ‫_ =>ن‬BK
Odd ‫ی_ – <ذ‬s
of course G< ‫ دون‬، ‫آ‬.
Office _‫ﻡ‬
Office building ‫آ‬E‫ ا‬% B‫ﻡ‬
Official ct>‫ﻡ‬
oft loan ‫ض ﻡ‬-
Often ً Bs
Oil @‫زی‬
Old ‫=?>ز‬
Olives ‫ی>ن‬L‫ا‬
Olympic Games B‫و‬o‫ب ا‬o‫ا‬
Omelet B‫=? ا‬
On +=
On- muslims ‫ ا‬s
On-site J->‫ ا‬+
On demand _4‫= ا‬
On the left of ‫ ار‬%=
On the right of ‫ ا‬%=
On time ‫ د‬M‫@ ا‬->‫ ا‬%
Once upon a time ‫ذات ﻡة‬
Oncost ‫ﺽ‬g‫ ا‬c‫ا‬
One ‫وا‬
One 1
One billion ‫ﻡر‬
One day ‫ی>م ﻡ‬
one day ‫ذات ی>م‬
One eighth )
One fifteen a.m. B3 J‫ا>ا ة و ا‬
One forty five a.m. B3 J‫ ا‬Q‫ا>ا ة إ‬
One hour ‫ﺱ= وا ة‬
One hundred 100
One hundred and ond 101
One hundred percent    ‫ﻡ‬
One hundred thousand 100000
One million 1000000
One minute ‫ وا ة‬:-‫د‬
One month ‫< ﻡ‬
One month ago < # ‫ﻡ‬
One o'clock a.m. B3 ‫ا>ا ة‬
One o'clock p.m. ‫ا>ا ة ﻡءا‬
One quarter J‫ر‬
One third )
One thirty a.m. B3 cS ‫ا>ا ة و ا‬
One thousand 1000
One week ago ‫>ع‬B‫ أﺱ‬# ‫ﻡ‬
One year ‫=م وا‬
One year ago ‫ =م‬# ‫ﻡ‬
One year old  ‫= ﺱ‬
Onion \SB‫ا‬
Open ‫ﻡ>ح‬
Open- door policy ‫ﻥح‬Q‫ﺱﺱت ا‬
Open- ended support ;4‫د= *  ود – د= ﻡ‬
Open-heart surgery ‫_ ا>ح‬:‫= ا‬
Open account ‫ب ﻡ>ح‬
Open an account ‫ ب‬e‫ی‬
Opera ‫أوا‬
Opera glasses ‫وا‬o‫رة ا‬k‫ﻥ‬
Operate ‫ی?ى = ا‬
Operate ‫ ی ی‬/ \2E‫ی‬
Operation ‫= ا‬
Operator \‫اﻡ‬
Opportunity 3
Opposition benches ‫= ارﺽ‬:‫ﻡ‬
Opposition party ‫ب ﻡرض‬L
Option ‫ر‬b‫ا‬
Oracle ‫آه‬
Orange %:‫>ن ﺕ‬
Orange juice ‫ل‬:‫ ﺕ‬S=
Orchard ‫ن آ‬
Orchestra ‫ورآا‬o‫ا‬
Order _‫ ﺕﺕ‬/ ‫م‬k‫ﻥ‬
Organ s‫ )أر‬:‫ ﻡ>ﺱ‬r)
Organic farming ‫>ی‬T‫ت ا‬BSh =‫را‬L‫ا‬
Orientalist ‫ق‬E‫ﻡ‬
Original %3‫أ‬
Original %3o‫ا >ذج ا‬/ %3‫أ‬
Original +3‫أ‬
Originate B‫ی‬
Ornament ‫ة‬h‫ا‬
Ornaments ‫زی ت‬
Ostrich ‫ا ﻡ‬
Out- turn/ earnings/ proceeds S
Out box ‫در‬3
Out of order ‫ ﻡ‬h‫رج ا‬b
Outlet # ‫ﻡ‬
Outreach services ‫ ﻡت ﻡ= ة‬b ) = ‫ ﻡت ا‬b)
Outside ‫رج‬h‫ا‬
Outstanding ‫ را  ﻡزة‬/ ‫رزة‬
Outstanding ‫ ﻡ د‬s
Outward ‫ه‬k‫ا‬
Oval ‫>ي‬T
Oven ‫ن‬
Over – employment K‫= ﻡ‬
Over – production ‫ﻥج‬g‫ ا‬% ‫إاط‬
Over consumption ‫ﺱ*ك‬Q‫ ا‬% ‫إاط‬
Overall deficit %‫ آ‬L?=
Overdraft ‫>ف‬E‫ ا‬%= _M‫ﺱ‬
Overdraw 3‫ ﻡ ا‬7‫_ أآ‬M‫ﺱ‬
Overdue ‫ق‬:M‫ت ﻡد اﺱ‬
Overhead projector % >‫=رض ﺽ‬
Overload costs 7‫ ا‬c‫ا‬
Owe ‫ی ی‬
Owl ‫>ﻡ‬
Own up ‫ح‬S‫یف – ی‬
Owner G‫ﻡ‬
Oxygen ?‫أآ‬
Oxygen-rich ?‫آ‬o + s
Oysters ‫رة‬M‫ﻡ‬
Pacific ocean ‫ ادي‬fM‫ا‬
Package ‫رزﻡ‬
Package ‫د‬K – >‫ ﻡ‬B=
Package tour = ‫ر ﺱ‬
Paddle ‫ﻡ? اف‬
Padlock \-
Paganism x‫د  د ا‬:=Q‫ا‬
Pail >‫د‬
Paint ‫*ء‬K
Paint roller ‫  هن‬r
Paintbrush ‫<ة ا ه‬
Paintings ‫>ر زی‬3
Palace S-
Palace S-
Palette ‫> أ>ان رﺱم‬
Palm ‫ ا ا‬q‫ی‬
Palm trees \h‫ﻥ‬
Pan ‫*ة‬:‫ﻡ‬
Panda ‫ﻥ ا‬
Pantomime % ‫\ إی‬7‫ﺕ‬
Pants ‫>ن‬4 
Papaya ‫ي‬
Paper ‫ورق‬
Paper clip ‫د>س ورق‬
Papyrus ‫دى‬B‫ورق ا‬
Parachute ‫را<>ت‬
Paradise  ?‫ا‬
Parallel ‫ﻡ>ازى‬
Parasailing ‫ر‬MQ‫ا‬
Parasol b q< k‫ﻡ‬
Pari passu ‫ م اواة‬- +=
Park ‫ة‬L ‫ﻡ‬
Park L ‫ ﻡ‬،‫ =ﻡ‬:‫ ی‬
Parka  ‫ﺱة ا‬
Parliament’s standing committee  ‫ﻥ ا ا‬B‫ا?  ا‬
Parliamentarian %‫ﻥ‬
Parliamentary committee ‫?  ﻥ‬
Parliamentary debate ‫ ﻥ‬E- ‫ﻡ‬
Parliamentary group ‫ﻡ?>= ﻥ‬
Parliamentary heckling %‫هج ﻥ‬
Parliamentary immunity ‫ﻥ ﻥ‬T
Parliamentary session ‫دورة ﻥ‬
Parliamentary sub- committee = ‫?  ﻥ‬
Parrot ‫ء‬2B
Parsley q‫ وﻥ‬:B‫ا‬
Partner G‫<ی‬
Party manifesto ( programme) ‫ب‬LM‫ ا‬d‫ﻥﻡ‬
Party slates ‫ب‬LM‫>ا  ا‬-
Party spokesman ‫ب‬LM‫ ث ﺱ ا‬M‫ﻡ‬
Pass my kingdom %‫أورث ﻡ‬
Passenger ‫ﻡ‬
Passport ‫>از ﺱ‬
Past +‫ﻡﺽ‬
Pasta ‫ﻡوﻥ‬
Pastry ‫ﻡ? ت‬
Pasture +=‫ﻡ‬
Patience BS‫ا‬
Patio ‫ ء‬
Patriotism O K‫و‬
Pattern ‫ل‬7‫ﻡ‬
Pavement c3‫ر‬
Paw ‫>ان‬M‫ م ا‬-
Payback period \SM‫ة ا‬/ ‫ة ا اد‬
Payments / disbursements ‫ﻡ >=ت‬
Payoff/ retum ‫ﻡدود‬
Peace ‫ﺱ*م‬
Peach ‫>خ‬b
Peacock ‫ووس‬4‫ا‬
Peak \B?‫ ا‬-
Peanuts %‫>ل ﺱ>داﻥ‬
Pear ‫ى‬7‫ا‬
Pearls ‫ة‬zz
Peas ‫ء‬Q‫ز‬B‫ا‬
Pedestrian ‫ة‬E‫>ر ا‬B=
Peel E:‫ی‬
Peeler ‫ة‬E:‫ﻡ‬
Pelican J?B‫ا‬
Pen B -
Pen-name %M3 _‫)اﺱ ﻡر)ﺕ‬
Pencil ‫ص‬3‫ ر‬-
Pencil sharpener :‫اة ا‬B‫ﻡ‬
Penguin ;‫ی‬4B‫ا‬
Penicillin  B‫ا‬
Penury J- ‫ ﻡ‬:
People ‫ا س‬
Pepper \
Peppers %‫\ روﻡ‬
Per capita income ‫\ ادي‬b ‫ﻡ ل ا‬
Per person ‫د ا>ا‬
Percentage ‫>ی‬N‫ ﻡ‬B‫ﻥ‬
Perch ‫ء‬2B
Perform \= ‫دي‬z‫>م او ی‬:‫ی‬
Performance %‫=ض ﻡ‬
Performance %:‫ ﻡ>ﺱ‬%‫أداء ﻡ‬
Perfume 4=
Period of grace ‫ة ﺱح‬
Perishing G‫ن – ه‬
Permanent working capital ‫رأس ال‬
Permature elections ‫ت‬h‫اﻥ‬
Perpendicular ‫=>دي‬
Persimmon e‫ی‬S‫ﺕ‬
Persist dM‫ی‬
Personal inspection %‫اﺕ‬#‫ ا‬p‫ا‬
Personnel management ‫اد‬o‫>ن ا‬N< ‫إدارة‬
Perspective ‫>ر‬k ‫ﻡ‬
Perspire ‫یق‬
Pesticides ‫ •ت‬B‫ﻡ‬
Pet \ ‫>ان ﻡ‬
Petal B‫ا‬
Ph D ‫در ا آ>را ?ﻡ‬
Pharmacy  S‫ا‬
Pheasant َ‫  ا – َر‬K
Philosopher ‫>ف‬
Phone booth ‫آ  ﺕ>ن‬
Photocopier ‫>ی‬S‫ ا‬r
Photographer % >T‫ ر ا‬S‫ا‬
Photosynthesis + >T‫ ء ا‬B‫ ا‬/ \7‫ا‬
Photosynthesis % >T‫ ء ا‬B‫ا‬
Physician d‫_ )ﻡ‬BK)
Physician d‫ )ﻡ‬+ K _BK)
Physicist ‫یء‬L‫ ا‬% Bb -=
Pianist >‫ﻥ‬B‫=زف ا‬
Piano >‫ﻥ‬
Pick up #b.‫ – ی‬+= \SM‫ی‬
Picnic ‫ه‬L‫ﻥ‬
Picnic basket ‫ﺱ ا*ت‬
Picnic table ‫و ا*ت‬K
Pie ‫ة‬4
Piece 4-
Pier  ‫د=ﻡ‬
Piety ‫>ى‬:‫ا‬
Pig ‫ی‬L b
Pigeon ‫ﻡ‬
Pilgrimage dM‫ا‬
Pill ‫ دواء‬B
Pillars of Islam ‫ﺱ*م‬g‫أرآن ا‬
Pillow ‫وﺱدة‬
Pillow case ‫ ة‬h‫ ا‬q‫آ‬
Pilot ‫ر‬K
Pilot’s license ‫ان‬K Sb‫ر‬
Pine cones > S‫ا‬
Pineapple ‫ﻥﻥس‬o‫ا‬
Ping-pong ‫و‬4‫آة ا‬
Pink ‫وردي‬
Pious %:‫ﺕ‬
Pipe ‫>ن‬s
Pitch +‫ﻡ_ ریﺽ‬
Pitcher ‫ذف‬:‫ا‬
Pitcher ;‫إی‬
Pitchfork ‫راة‬#‫ﻡ‬
Pizza ‫ا‬LB‫ا‬
Place mat Place mat
Plaid p: ‫ ا‬J‫ ﻡ‬d‫ﻥ‬
Plain 4B ‫أرض ﻡ‬/\‫ﺱ‬
Planeload ‫ ة‬4‫> ا‬
Planet _‫ا>آ‬
Plant B‫ﻥ‬
Plaque ‫وش‬
Plastic G‫*ﺱ‬
Plate ;BK
Platform S ‫ﻡ‬
Play _‫ی‬
Playground _‫ﻡ‬
Playing cards _‫ورق ا‬
Playwright %‫ ﻡ‬cz‫ﻡ‬
Pleasant c4
Please GT ‫ﻡ‬
Pliers <‫آ‬
Plot ‫رض‬o‫ة ﻡ ا‬B‫ آ‬-‫ ﻡ ر‬- /‫ أرض‬4-
Plow ‫اث‬M‫ﻡ‬
Plum ‫>ق‬-B‫ا‬
Plural J
Pluralistic ‫ﺕ دي‬
Pocket _
Podium = S ‫ﻡ‬
Poetry <
Point at %‫ إ‬E‫ی‬
Point of interest ‫ *هم‬7‫ ﻡ‬/ ‫ﻡن هم‬
Poison ‫ﺱ‬
Poker ‫>آ‬B‫ ا‬B
Police KE‫ا‬
Police station K< 4:‫ﻥ‬
Polite ‫دب‬z‫ﻡ‬
Political apathy ‫ة ﺱﺱ‬QB‫ ﻡ‬Q
Politics ‫اﺱ‬
Polka-dot ‫م‬h‫ ﻡ‬d‫ﻥ‬
Polling stations ‫اع‬-Q‫ ا‬L‫ﻡاآ‬
Polo >>B‫ ا‬B
Polyp +‫ >ان ﻡﻥ‬/ _>B‫ا‬
Polytheism ‫<ك‬
Polytheist ‫ك‬E‫ﻡ‬
Pond ‫آ‬
Pool table ‫رد‬B‫و ا‬K
Poor turnout c‫ل ﺽ‬B-‫إ‬
Popcorn ‫ر‬E‫ا‬
Population ‫ان‬
Porch ‫>ف‬:‫\ ﻡ‬b ‫ﻡ‬
Pork ‫ی‬L h‫ ا‬M
Porter ‫ل‬M‫ا‬
Pose GB‫ﻡﺕ‬
Position J‫ ﻡ>ﺽ‬، ‫ﻡن‬
Post office ‫ی‬B‫ﻡ_ ا‬
Postcard ‫ ی ی‬-4
Pot ‫ ر‬-
Potato qK4B‫ا‬
Potato chips ‫ة‬M‫ ﻡ‬qK4
Pottery ‫ری‬h ‫ﻥ‬r
Pound ‫ >اﻥت‬w-
Pour _S‫ی‬
Poverty :‫ا‬
Powder ‫>ق‬M‫ﻡ‬
Power strip O-4‫ ا‬f‫<ی‬
Powerful ‫>ي‬-
Prayer ‫*ة‬S‫ا‬
Precious ) – q‫ﻥ‬
Pregnant \‫ﻡ‬
Premium /a compte f-
Prescription BK 3‫و‬
Present ‫رع‬T‫ﻡ‬
Preservation += kM‫ا‬
Pressure gauge f2‫= اد ﺽ‬
Prestigious B‫ر أو ه‬B=‫ذو ا‬
Prevent J ‫ی‬
Previous ;‫ﺱ‬
Price )
Price- indexation ‫ﺱر‬o‫ ا‬f‫ر‬
Price differentials ‫ﺱر‬o‫وق ا‬
Price discrimination ‫ اي‬L‫ا‬
Price rating ‫ﺱر‬o‫ ی ا‬M‫ﺕ‬
Priest ‫آه‬
Printer K
Printer 4‫ا‬
Prior charges :‫ ا‬c‫ا‬
Private ‫ص‬b
Private road ‫ص‬b ;‫ی‬K
Privatisation 3h‫\ ﻡ ا اﻡ  ا‬:‫ﻥ‬
Probability ‫ل‬Q‫ا‬
Probably \M‫ﻡ ا‬
Procedural session ‫ إاءات‬
Procedures ‫إاءات‬
Processing L?‫ﺕ‬
Processing industries L?‫>ی ) ا‬M‫ =ت ﺕ‬3 )
Proclaim the rights of man ‫ﻥن‬g‫>ق ا‬:M ‫ی دى‬
Producer d ‫ﻡ‬
Production ‫إﻥج‬
Production control ‫ﻥج‬g‫ ا‬fB‫ﺽ‬
Production incentives ‫ﻥج‬g‫ ا‬L‫>ا‬
Production management ‫ﻥج‬g‫إدارة ا‬
Production planning ‫ﻥج‬g‫ ا‬f4h‫ﺕ‬
Productivity ‫ﻥ‬g‫ا‬
Products ‫ﻡ ?ت‬
profession  ‫ا‬
Professional ‫ف‬M‫ﻡ‬
Professional ‫ف‬M‫ﻡ‬
Professional associations  ‫ت ا‬: ‫ا‬
Professionalism  ‫ق ا‬4‫ا‬/‫ﻥ‬M‫ا‬
Professor ‫ﺱذ‬o‫ا‬
Proficiency ‫آءة‬
Proficient ‫ء – ﻡه‬c‫آ‬
Profile B‫>رة ا?ﻥ‬S‫ا‬
Profile ‫ة‬#B‫ﻥ‬

The Third Form:

Profit ‫ >ا‬/‫أرح‬
Profit e‫ر‬
Profit e‫ر‬
Profit recipient ‫رح‬o‫ﻡ ﻡ ا‬
Profit recipient ‫ري‬:= e‫ﻡ‬
Profitable e‫ﻡ‬
Prohibited ‫ﻡ >ع‬
Promoter ‫را‬
Promotion d‫ﺕوی‬
Promotion of exports ‫درات‬S‫ﺕ  ا‬
Propeller J‫ا ا‬
Properly eM3 \E
Properly -  ،%2B ‫آ ی‬
Prophet %B‫ﻥ‬
Prophet’s tradition ‫>ي‬B‫ ی ﻥ‬
Proportion B‫ ﻥ‬/ ‫ء‬L / _‫ﺕ ﺱ‬
Proportional representation %B‫\ ﻥ‬7‫ﺕ‬
Prostrate ?‫ی‬
Protection against firs ;‫ی‬M‫ی ﺽ ا‬->‫ا‬
Protest Against %= dM‫ی‬
Prune ‫ب‬#E‫ ی‬/:‫ی‬
Psalms ‫>ر‬L‫ا‬
Psychiatrist +‫_ ﻥﻥ‬BK
Public ‫=م‬
Public opinion ‫راى =م‬
Public relations ‫ت اﻡ‬-*‫ا‬
Public transport ‫*ت اﻡ‬3‫ا>ا‬
Pudding d‫>دﻥ‬
Pull ‫ب‬#?‫ی‬
Pulley ‫ة‬
Pulse B ‫ا‬
Pump hT‫ﻡ‬
Pump hT‫ – ﻡ‬uT‫ی‬
Pumpkin 4:‫ا‬
Punish _-‫ی‬
Puppet ‫آ‬M‫دﻡ ﻡ‬
Puppy ‫و‬
Purchase ‫ي‬E‫ی‬
Pure ‫ه‬K
Purple %? 
Purpose ‫ض‬s
Purse ‫ ا>س‬q‫آ‬
Push J ‫ی‬
Push pin ‫د>س رﺱ‬
Put someone through ً‫ ﺕ>ﻥ‬ShE‫\ ا‬3>‫ی‬
Puzzled ‫ر‬M‫ﻡ‬
Pyramid ‫هم‬
Quail \#‫ی‬
Qualifications ‫ه*ت‬z‫ا‬
Quality control ‫ ا?>دة‬fB‫ﺽ‬
Quantity ‫آ‬
Quantity discount ‫ ا‬Sb
Quantum ‫آ – آ‬
Quarter J‫ا‬
Queen ‫ﻡ‬
Question ‫ال‬z‫ﺱ‬
Queue ‫>ر‬K
Quiche Quiche
Quick assets ‫>ل ای‬3o‫ا‬
Quick ratio J‫ﻡ ل ا اول ای‬
Quiet ‫ه وء‬
quiet ‫هدئ‬
Quite ‫ﺕﻡ‬
Quiz ‫ – ﻡ>ﻡت‬:‫ﻡ‬
Quoran ‫ن‬r:‫ا‬
R.O.G.( receipt of goods) =TB‫اﺱ*م ا‬
Rabbit _‫رﻥ‬o‫ا‬
Raccoon ‫راآ>ن‬
Race ‫= و‬
Race ‫ق‬B‫ﺱ‬
Racket ‫ب‬T‫ﻡ‬
Racquetball q ‫ب ا‬T‫ﻡ‬
Radiate E ‫ ﺕ‬/JE‫ﺕ‬
Radio >‫اادی‬
Radish \?
Rafting c‫ﺕ? ی‬
Raider ‫ – ا اه‬2‫ا‬
Raiding %= ‫رة‬s‫ﻡ اه – ا‬
Railroad ‫ ی ی‬M‫ا ا‬
Rain 4‫ﻡ‬
Rain boots 4‫اء ﻡ‬#
Rain coat 4‫ ا‬c4‫ﻡ‬
Rain forests ‫ة‬4‫ﺱ>ا  ا‬Q‫ت ا‬2‫ا‬
Rainbow ‫ح‬L- ‫>س‬-
Raise J‫ی‬
Raise money ‫>د‬:‫ ﻥ‬J?‫ی‬
Raisins _‫ز‬
Rake _E‫ ا‬J? ‫أداة‬
Rapids J‫ﺱی‬
Rapporteur ‫ر‬:‫ﻡ‬
Rash ‫  ي‬eK
Raspberries ;‫ﺕ>ت ا‬
Rat ‫ذ‬
Rate - – ‫ﻡ ل‬
Rate ‫ﻡ ل‬
Rate ‫ﺱ –ﻡ ل‬
Rate of return ‫ﻡ ل ا‬
Rated/ quoted / tariffed ‫ﻡ‬
Rationing ‫ي‬B ‫ﺕ‬
Rationing / rationalization <‫ﺕ‬
Rattle phEh‫ی‬
Razor -*M‫ﻡ>س ا‬
Razor blade JK-
Reach fB‫ی‬
Read ‫أ‬:‫ی‬
Rebate \‫ی‬L ‫ﺕ‬
Receipt %K 3‫و‬
Receive ‫ی‬
Recently ‫ة‬S- ‫ ة‬# ‫ ﻡ‬،7‫ ی‬
Reception traffic ‫ﻡور‬
Receptionist ‫ل‬B:‫ﺱ‬Q‫=ﻡ\ ا‬
Recite \‫ی> – یﺕ‬
Reclamation ‫*ح‬S‫اﺱ‬
Recommend +‫آ‬L‫ ی‬/ +3>‫ی‬
Rectangle \4‫ﻡ‬
Recycled material  S‫ﻡدة ﻡد ﺕ‬
Red ‫أ‬
Red- tape ‫اوﺕ‬
Red cross o‫_ ا‬S‫ا‬
Reduce h‫ ی‬/ \:‫ی‬
Reef ‫اع‬E‫)  ا‬
Reflection ‫اﻥس‬
Refrigerator *)
Region -‫إ‬
Region :4 ‫ ﻡ‬- -‫إ‬
Regression ‫ ار‬M‫ارﺕ اد – اﻥ‬
Regular meeting ‫اع =دي‬
Reins ‫?م‬
Related ‫\ ـ‬S‫ﻡ‬
Relax +b‫ی‬
Release J ‫ ﺕ‬/ ;4 ‫ﺕ‬
Release ‫; ﺱاح‬4‫ی‬
Relic ‫ س‬:‫أ) ﻡ‬
Religious + ‫دی‬
Religious ceremonies  ‫<  دی‬
Religious matters  ‫ﻡ>ر ا ی‬o‫ ا‬/‫>ن‬NE‫ا‬
Religious observances ‫دات‬B=
Remains ‫*ت‬T / ‫ی‬:
Remove >M‫ی‬
Renegade ‫ﻡﺕ‬
renew ‫ی? د‬
Rent .‫ی‬
Rent ‫>ی‬K ‫ ة‬.‫ی‬
Rental car ‫ة‬z‫ﺱرة ﻡ‬
Reparations ‫ﺕ ا‬
Repeat elections ‫=دة‬g‫ت ا‬h‫اﻥ‬
Repent ‫ی>ب‬
Repentance >‫ﺕ‬
Repentant _ ‫ﺕ‬
representation \7‫ﺕ‬
Representative ‫ ﻡ وب‬/ \7‫ﻡ‬
Representative \7‫ﻡ‬
Reputation ‫ﺱ‬
Require _4‫ی‬
Requirements ‫ت‬B4‫ﻡ‬
Rescue #: ‫ی‬
Rescue ( relief) ‫ذ‬:‫ﻥ‬g‫ا‬
Rescuers ‫ذ‬:‫ﻥ‬g‫رل ا‬
Research assistant ‫ﻡ  ﻡ‬
Reservation L?
Reserve L?M‫ی‬
Reserve ‫>ان‬M‫ت وا‬B ‫ی ا‬M ‫أرض‬
Reserve ‫ودی‬
Residual / excess/ spillover  
Resist ‫وم‬:‫ی‬
Resistance ‫وﻡ‬:‫ﻡ‬
Resistant ‫وم‬:‫ﻡ‬
Resort += ‫یدد‬
Resort J? ‫ ﻡ‬/ cS‫ﻡ‬
Resource gap ‫= م آی ا>ارد‬
Rest hour (break) ‫@ ا‬-‫و‬
Restaurant 4‫ﻡ‬
Restrictions ‫>د‬-
Resurrection B‫ا‬
Retail  L?‫ﺕ?رة ا‬
Retail credit bureaus  L?‫ﻡﺕ_ ا ن ا‬
Retrenchment ‫ت‬: ‫ ا‬h‫وت ) ﺕ‬S‫ ا‬f2‫) ﺽ‬
Returiyield =
Return of capital ‫= رأس ال‬
Reunited \E‫ ا‬
Review ‫ ی‬:‫ ﻥ‬:‫ﻡ‬
Reviewer %‫ أد‬-‫ﻥ‬
Revolving ‫ﻡ? د‬
Rhinoceros ‫ن‬:‫و ا‬
Ribbon f‫<ی‬
Rice ‫رز‬o‫ا‬
Ride _‫یآ‬
Rifle - 
Right ‫ی‬
Ring ‫ﺕ‬b
Ripe J‫یﻥ‬
Ripen dT ‫ﺕ‬
Rituals  < – ‫>س‬:K
River ‫ﻥ‬
Roar ‫ار‬L‫ ی‬،‫خ‬S‫ی‬
Robbery -‫ا‬
Robot %r ‫إﻥن‬
Rock climbing ‫>ر‬hS‫ﺕ; ا‬
Rocket ‫روخ‬3
Rodeo ‫ر= اان‬S‫ﻡ‬
Roller blades ;L‫اء ا‬#
Roller coaster %‫>اﻥ‬o‫ر ا‬4:‫ا‬
Roller skating ;L‫ب ﺕ‬:B-
Rolling pin Rolling pin
Rolling plan ‫وع ﻡ? د‬E‫ﻡ‬
Rolling sea ‫ ﻡ>ج‬M
Rolodex Rolodex
Roof c:‫ﺱ‬
Room service ‫ف‬2‫ ﻡ ا‬b
Rooster G‫دی‬
Root ‫ر‬#
Roots ‫?ة‬E‫ور ا‬#
Rope \B
Rose ‫زهة‬
Rot ‫ ی‬/ ‫ی‬
Rot (v) ‫ ی‬/ ‫ی‬
Rotten ‫ﺱ‬
Rough Eb
Rough q‫ أﻡ‬s) Eb)
Round ‫ﻡ ی‬
Round ‫> – دورة‬
round ‫دا ى‬
Round - the clock work =‫ ﺱ‬24 \=
Row ‫ی? ف‬
Row c3
Rowboat c‫ﻡآ_ ﺕ? ی‬
Rowing c‫ا? ی‬
Rows ‫>ف‬3
Royalty ‫رﺱ اﻡز‬
Rubber gloves ‫ط‬4‫ز ﻡ‬-
Rubbish ‫ ز‬/ ‫ﻡ‬-
Rude ;‫أ‬
Rug ‫ﻥ‬4
Ruins ‫اب‬b
Ruins ‫*ل‬K‫أ‬
Ruins ‫م‬4 / ‫*ل‬K‫ا‬
Ruler ‫ة‬4‫ﻡ‬
Ruling coalition ‫إ *ف آ‬
Ruling party ‫آ‬M‫ب ا‬LM‫ا‬
Run ‫ی و‬
Run- up ‫ارﺕع‬
Run out % ‫ ﺕ‬/ # ‫ﺕ‬
Run out of # ‫ی‬
Running my own business %= ‫إدارة‬
Rural community %‫ ای‬J?‫ا‬
Russia ‫روﺱ‬
Russian %‫روﺱ‬
Rust ‫ أ‬3
Rust ‫ أ‬S‫ی‬
Sabian i3
Sabotage _‫ی‬h‫ا‬
Saboteurs ‫>ن‬h‫ا‬
Sacred duty ‫ س‬:‫وا_ ﻡ‬
Sacred month ( the Holy Month ) ‫ام‬M‫ ا‬E‫ا‬
Saddle ‫ﺱج‬
Safety “Seat” belt ‫ﻡن‬o‫ام ا‬L
Safety glasses -‫رة وا‬k‫ﻥ‬
Safety pin GBE‫د>س ﻡ‬
Sail ‫<اع‬
Sailboat %=‫ﻡآ_ <ا‬
Sailing ‫ر‬M‫إ‬
Sailor ‫ّر‬M
Salable d ‫را‬
Salad 4‫ﺱ‬
Salad bowl 4‫; ا‬BK
Salary _‫ﻡﺕ‬
Sale ‫أوآزی>ن‬
Sales ‫ت‬B‫ﻡ‬
Sales index ‫ت‬B‫د\ ا‬
Sales management ‫ت‬B‫إدارة ا‬
Salmon ‫ا>ن‬
Salt e‫ﻡ‬
Sand \‫رﻡ‬
Sand castle \‫ ﻡ اﻡ‬-
Sandals ‫ ل‬3
Sandwich p‫ﺱ وی‬
Sanitary napkins M3 \‫ﻡ دی‬
Satellite % 3 -
Satisfaction = - / ‫رﺽء‬
Saturday @B‫ا‬
Saturday @B‫ا‬
Sauce SS‫ا‬
Saucer ‫; ا ?ن‬BK
Sausage ;?‫ﺱ‬
Savings ‫ات‬b ‫ﻡ‬
Saw ‫ر‬E ‫ﻡ‬
Saxophone ‫ﺱآ>ن‬
Scaffold S ‫ﻡ‬
Scale ‫ان‬L‫ﻡ‬
Scallions Tb‫\ أ‬S
Scarce ‫ﻥدر‬
Scarecrow =L‫ا‬
Scared c b
Scarf ‫و<ح‬
Scholar wh‫ ﻡ‬
Scholastics ‫*ﺱ دی >ن‬
School ‫ﻡ رﺱ‬
Schools of law :‫ا ارس ا‬
Scientific management ‫دارة ا‬g‫ا‬
Scissors w:‫ﻡ‬
Scratch GM‫ی‬
Scream b3
Screen ‫>ﺕ‬B‫<< ا‬
Screw ‫*ووظ‬-
Screwdriver G‫ﻡ‬
Scrub brush ‫<ة )ب‬
Scuba diving ‫@ اء‬M‫ ﺕ‬B‫ا‬/‫>ص‬2‫ا‬
Sculptor ‫ت‬M ‫ا‬
Sea M
Sea lion MB‫=?\ ا‬
Sea plane  ‫ ة ﻡ‬K
Seafood ‫ي‬M ‫م‬K
Seagull ‫ا >رس‬
Seal MB‫=?\ ا‬
Seashore MB‫ ا‬iK<
Seat :‫ﻡ‬
Seat belt ‫ام أﻡن‬L
Seaweed ‫ي‬MB‫_ ا‬E‫ا‬
Second ‫)ن‬
Second-hand ‫ﻡ‬
Second hand %‫>اﻥ‬7‫ب ا‬:=
Secretary ‫ﺱﺕ‬
Secretary general ‫ﻡ ام‬o
Section ‫ع‬4-
Secured loans ‫>ﻥ‬T‫وض ا‬:‫ا‬
Securely  ‫ﻡ‬r :‫ی‬4
Security check % ‫ أﻡ‬wM
Seeds ‫رة‬#
Selfish %‫أﻥﻥ‬
Sell JB‫ی‬
Semivariable costs ‫ة‬2‫ ﻡ‬B< c‫ﺕ‬
September BB‫ﺱ‬
Series ‫ﻡ*ت‬
Serious ‫د‬
Serious ‫  ي‬،‫د‬
Servants of God ‫د‬B=
Service provider ‫ ﻡت‬b _‫ م أو ﻡ‬:‫ﻡ‬
Set fBT‫ی‬
Set off ‫ أ ر‬B‫ی‬
Set up :‫ – ی‬q‫ﺱ‬z‫ی‬
Settle K>‫ ی‬/ :‫ی‬
Settle (v) K>‫ ی‬/ :‫ی‬
Settlement ‫ – ﺕ>ی‬S‫ﺕ‬
Sevebteeb 17
Seven B‫ﺱ‬
Seven 7
Seven hundred  B‫ﺱ‬
Seventeen E= B‫ﺱ‬
Seventh J‫ﺱ‬
Seventy ‫>ن‬B‫ﺱ‬
Seventy 70
Seventy five percent   ‫>ن‬B‫ و ﺱ‬b
Severance pay ‫ ﻡ‬h‫ة ﺕك ا‬.‫ﻡ‬
Sewing machine Kb  ‫ﻡآ‬
Shade \t
Shadow \t
Shampoo >B‫<ﻡ‬
Share ‫رك‬E‫ی‬
Shareholder ‫ﻡه – ﻡ\ ا‬
Shares ‫أﺱ‬
Shark ‫ش‬:‫ا‬
Sharp ‫د‬
She %‫ه‬
She is ‫ ﺕ>ن‬%‫ه‬
She is ‫ ﺕ>ن‬+‫ه‬
She was @‫ آﻥ‬+‫ه‬
Sheep ‫وف‬b
Sheets ‫ﻡ*ءات‬
Shift \= ‫وردی‬
Shiite +<
Shin \‫ ا‬BS-
Shiny J‫ﻡ‬Q
Ship ‫ة‬B‫ﺱ  آ‬
Shipwreck -‫ر‬s  ‫ﺱ‬
Shirt w-
Shoe soles ‫اء‬#M‫ﻥ\ ا‬
Shoelaces ‫اء‬#M‫رط ا‬
Shoes ‫اء‬#
Shop ?‫ﻡ‬
Shopping ‫ﺕ>ق‬
Shopping bag ‫ ﺕ>ق‬B:
Shore iK<
Short S-
Short circuit % ‫اس ا‬
Shorts ‫<>رت‬
Shoulder c‫آ‬
Shoulders ‫أآف‬
Shovel ?‫ﻡ‬
Shower ‫دش‬
Shows ‫=وض‬
Shrimp ‫ي‬B
Shutter ‫ة‬# ‫اع ا‬S‫ﻡ‬
Sick leave ‫إزة ﻡﺽ‬
Side _ 
Side _‫ﻥ‬
Sigh  ‫ی‬
Sign ‫إ<رة‬
Signature identification J->‫ت ا‬-4
Silhouette ‫وب‬s
Silk ‫ی‬
Silk worm L:‫دودة ا‬
Silly ‫ﺱذج‬
Silt +K / ‫ی‬s
Silt (n) +K / ‫ی‬s
Silver T
Silver %T
Similar \)‫ ﻡ‬/ OE‫ﻡ‬
Sinful )r
Sing % 2‫ی‬
Single ‫ﻡ د‬
Singles tournament ‫دورة أب دی‬
Singular ‫ﻡد‬
Sink uB4‫>ض ا‬
Sister @b‫أ‬
Sister-in-law ‫وج‬L‫@ ا‬b‫أ‬
Sit q?‫ی‬
Sites h‫ ﺕری‬J-‫ﻡ>ا‬
Situated  - – J-‫وا‬
Siwans ‫أه\ ﺱ>ة‬
Siwi ‫ ا>ی‬2‫ا‬
Six ‫ﺱ‬
Six 6
Six hundred  ‫ﺱ‬
Sixteen E= ‫ﺱ‬
Sixteen 16
Sixth ‫ﺱدس‬
Sixty ‫ﺱ>ن‬
Sixty 60
Skate ?‫ ا‬%= ;L‫ﺕ‬
Skateboard ;L‫>ح ﺕ‬
Skeleton +k= \‫ه‬
Ski ;L‫أداة ا‬
Ski boots ;L‫اء ا‬#
Ski lift ;L‫ ا‬S‫ﻡ‬
Ski poles ;L‫ ا‬S=
Ski slope ;L‫ را‬M ‫ﻡ‬
Skiing ;L‫ا‬
skin cream ‫ة‬EB‫آی ا‬
Skirt ‫>ﻥ‬
Skis ?‫ ا‬%= ;L‫ا‬
Skull ?
Skydiving ‫ء‬T‫ ا‬% B‫ا‬
Skylight ‫ﻡ >ر‬
Skyline ;o‫ا‬
Sled :L‫= ﻡ‬
Sleep ‫ی م‬
Sleeping bag ‫ ﻥ>م‬B:
Sleeve ‫آ‬
Slice M‫<ی‬
Slide ;L ‫ی‬
Slope \‫ ی‬/ ‫ ر‬M ‫ی‬
Slow ‫ء‬%4
Slow down \‫ ی‬/ i4B‫ی‬
Small 23
Smaller 23‫أ‬
Smash ‫ ة‬E J ‫ی‬/‫ی‬/4M‫ی‬
Smell E‫ی‬
Smell M ‫را‬
Smile ‫اﻡ‬
Smoke b ‫ی‬
Smooth q‫أﻡ‬
Smooth q‫أﻡ‬
Snail ‫ون‬L
Snake +‫أ‬
Snarled ?‫زﻡ‬
Sneakers cb ‫اء‬#
Snorkelling q ‫ﻥ_ ا‬. q42‫ا‬
Snow d)
Snowmobile d) =
Soap ‫>ن‬3
Soccer ‫ م‬:‫ آة ا‬B
Soccer ‫ م‬:‫آة ا‬
Soccer ball ‫ م‬:‫آة ا‬
Soccer field ‫ﻡ_ اة‬
Social overhead capital ‫>ﻡت ا‬:‫ا‬
Socks S- ‫>رب‬
Soft =‫ﻥ‬
Soft boiled eggs ‫ ﻡ>ق‬cS‫ ﻥ‬
Software ‫>ﺕ‬B‫ آ‬d‫اﻡ‬
Software ‫>ﺕ‬B‫ آ‬d‫ﻥﻡ‬
Software ‫>ﺕ‬B‫ ا‬d‫اﻡ‬
Solar city qE‫ﻡ ی  ا‬
Solar power < -K
Sold out @
Soldier ‫ ي‬
Soldiers ‫ >د‬
Solid color ‫ﺕ‬- ‫>ن‬
Solo flight O‫ان دی‬K ‫ر‬
Solvent ‫ﻡ>ﺱ‬
Sombrero ‫ ﻡ‬B-
Son ‫ا‬
Sore throat _‫; ﻡ‬
Sorrow c‫ﺱ‬o‫ا‬
SOS )2‫ﻥ اء اﺱ‬
Soufflé >‫ﺱ‬
Sounds ‫ و‬B‫ﺕ‬
Soup ‫ء‬
Soup bowl ‫ء‬M‫; ا‬BK
Soup spoon ‫ء‬M‫ ا‬:‫ﻡ‬
Sour ‫ ﺱ‬، ‫ﻡ‬
South ‫ا? >ب‬
South ‫ا? >ب‬
South America > ?‫أﻡی ا‬
South American %‫ >ب أﻡی‬
Souvenir ‫آر‬#‫ﺕ‬
Sow ‫ر‬#B‫ ی‬/ ‫رع‬L‫ی‬
Sow (v) ‫ر‬#B‫ ی‬/ ‫رع‬L‫ی‬
Space shuttle ‫ء‬T B‫ﻡآ‬
Space suit ‫ء‬T 
Spade ‫ﻡ?اف‬
Spain ‫ﻥ‬B‫أﺱ‬
Spanish %‫ﻥ‬B‫إﺱ‬
Speak ‫ی‬
Speaker =‫ﺱ‬
Speaker ‫ن‬B‫ ا‬q ‫ر‬
Spear throwing e‫ اﻡ‬+‫ رﻡ‬B
Special delivery 3b ‫ ﻡ‬b
Specialist + Sb‫ا‬
Specialize in % wSh‫ی‬
Speculations ‫رت‬T‫ﻡ‬
Speculative building ‫*ل ا?ري‬2‫ *ﺱ‬+ B‫ﻡ‬
Speed =‫ﺱ‬
Speedboat J‫ري ﺱی‬h ‫زورق‬
Spice tour ‫)رة وا‬g N‫ر ﻡ‬
Spices ‫ رات‬-\‫ﺕ>ا‬
Spider ‫>ت‬B =
Spill _S‫ی‬
Spine ‫ﻥ>ء‬
Spirit ‫روح‬
Spiritual genius ‫ت او‬-‫<ا‬g‫ا‬
Splinter group :E ‫ﻡ?>= ﻡ‬
Split 4E ‫ ﺕ‬/ \S ‫ﺕ‬
Sponge ? ‫إﺱ‬
Spoon :‫ﻡ‬
Sports car ‫ﺱرة ریﺽ‬
Spotted f: ‫ﻡ‬
Spray ‫یش‬
Spray ‫ ر<ش‬/ ‫رذاذ‬
Spread E ‫ی‬
Spread ‫ر‬#B‫ – ی‬E ‫ی‬
Spring J‫ا‬
Spring J‫ا‬
Square J‫ا‬
Square ‫ﻡ ان‬
Squash %S‫ع ا‬:‫ا‬
Squid ‫ر‬B
Squirrel ‫ا ?ب‬
Stack ‫آ>ﻡ‬
Stadium ‫إﺱد‬
Staff t>‫ ا‬N‫ه‬
Stage ‫ ﻡح‬OBEb
Stagflation hT ‫ن‬:‫رآ>د ﻡ‬
Staggered \‫ ﻡا‬+=
Stagnation / recession ‫رآ>د‬
Stained glass ;E‫زج ﻡ‬
Stairs *‫ﺱ‬
Stake _S‫ﻥ‬
Stamp JK
Stamp ‫ ی ى‬JBK
Stand someone wh< \M‫ی‬
Stand up ‫اﻥ‬
Standard deviation %‫ﺱ‬:‫اف ا‬M‫ﻥ‬Q‫ا‬
Standby tax K‫ إ‬B‫ﺽی‬
Stapler ‫دﺱ‬
Star ?‫ﻥ‬
Starfish MB‫ﻥ? ا‬
Starvation =?‫ﻡ‬
Statement of condition %‫ ا‬J‫ن >ﺽ‬
Station 4M‫ﻡ‬
Statistics ‫ ت‬Sg‫ا‬
Statue ‫ل‬7‫ﺕ‬
Statue ‫ل‬7‫ﺕ‬
Stay %:B‫ی‬
Steak M M‫<ی‬
Steam ‫ر‬h
Stem ‫ﺱق‬
Stereo >‫اﺱی‬
Sterilize :‫ی‬
Stern ‫د‬
Stethoscope _B4‫ﺱ= ا‬
Stew b‫م ﺱ‬
Stir ‫ك‬M‫ی‬
Stirrup ‫رآب‬
Stock turnover =TB‫دوران ا‬
Stomach ‫ﻡ ة‬
Stone ?
Stool \‫>ی‬K %‫آﺱ‬
Stop c-
Stop watch ‫ف‬:‫ﺱ= إی‬
Store ?‫ﻡ‬
Storm 3=
Storm ًB‫ﺽ‬s J ‫ی‬
Straight :‫ﻡ‬
Straight ahead ‫Žﻡم‬
Straighten ‫>م‬:‫ – ی‬:‫ی‬
Strategy of triage ‫و>یت‬o‫ ی ا‬M‫اﺱاﺕ? ﺕ‬
Strawberries ‫ااو‬
Street ‫<رع‬
Street sign ;‫ی‬K ‫=*ﻡ‬
Street vendor ‫رع‬E‫ ا‬% J 
Streetcar ‫ﺕام‬
Streetlight ;‫ی‬4‫إﻥرة ا‬
Stretch f‫ی‬
Strike ‫إﺽاب‬
String fb
String beans >3
Striped :‫ﻡ‬
Stripped :‫ – ﻡ‬f4h‫ﻡ‬
Stroller ‫ك‬M‫ ﻡ‬%‫آﺱ‬
Struggle ‫ل‬T‫ ﻥ‬- ‫آح‬
Studio ‫ﻡﺱ‬
Study ‫ی رس‬
Stupid %Bs ،;‫أ‬
Submarines ‫ت‬3‫>ا‬s
Submerge ‫@ ا‬M‫ ﺕ‬2‫ی‬
Subsidy = ‫ا‬
Subsistence ‫اف‬
Subtraction ‫ح‬K
Suburb ‫ﺽ‬
Subway ‫ﻥق‬o‫ﻡو ا‬
Successor ‫ – وری‬cb
Suddenly ‫ة‬.?
Suede ‫ﺱة‬
Sugar ‫ﺱ‬
Suit #
Suitable for ‫ﻡ ﺱ_ ـ‬
Sultan ‫ن‬4‫ا‬
Summer cS‫ا‬
Summer cS‫ا‬
Sun qE‫ا‬
Sun block q< ‫آی‬
Sun glasses q< ‫رة‬k‫ﻥ‬
Sunbather %< ‫م‬
Sunburn %< ‫ق‬
Sunday o‫ا‬
Sunday Q‫ا‬
Sunflower qE‫ّد ا‬B=
Sunna  ‫ا‬
Sunni % ‫ﺱ‬
Sunset ‫وب‬2‫ا‬
Super profits b ‫أرح‬
Supervisor ‫ف‬E‫ﻡ‬
Supply and demand _4‫اض وا‬
Support price ‫ﺱ ﻡ =>م‬
Surf the net ‫ ا>ﻡت‬B< \b ‫ی‬
Surgeon ‫_ اح‬BK
Surroundings O4M‫ ا‬ONB‫ا‬
Surtax ‫ إﺽ‬B‫ﺽی‬
Survival ‫ء‬:B‫ا‬
Survival ‫ة‬M‫ ا‬- %= ‫ء‬:B‫ا‬
Survivors )‫د‬M‫)ا >ن ) ا‬
Suspenders ‫>ن‬4 B‫ ا‬
Suspicious O ‫>ك‬E‫ﻡ‬
Swallow JB‫ی‬
Swan ?
Sweater >
Sweet >
Swimming B‫ﺱ‬
Swimming cap B‫ ا‬B-
Swimming pool B‫م ﺱ‬
Swimsuit B‫)>ب ا‬
Swing >‫أر‬
Symbol L‫رﻡ‬
Symphony ‫ﺱ>ﻥ‬
Synergism ‫ ا?>د‬T‫ﺕ‬
Syrup ‫<اب‬
System ‫م‬k‫ﻥ‬
T-shirt ‫ <ت‬+‫ﺕ‬
Table ‫و‬K
Table cloth ‫ﻡش اة‬
Tacit consent  ‫ ﺽ‬:‫ﻡ>ا‬
Tact ‫ ذوق‬- -B
Tail \‫ذی‬
Tailor ‫ط‬h‫ا‬
Tailor-made 3b ‫ت‬3‫ >ع >ا‬S‫ﻡ‬
Take- off – break through -*4‫اﻥ‬
Take over *ً = +>‫ ی‬/  ‫>م‬:‫ی‬
Take place ‫ ث‬M‫ی‬
Taken on \ ‫ م‬:‫ اﺱ‬/ @2<
Taken up *‫>ی‬K -‫@ و‬2<
Talking about people ‫ ث = ا س‬M‫ا‬
Tall \‫>ی‬K
Talons _h‫ﻡ‬
Tampons ‫م‬3
Tan +>K
Tandem ‫ ی‬:‫درا ذات ﻡ‬
Tangerine d‫ﻥرﻥ‬
Tangle ‫ك‬B‫ – ارﺕ‬p‫>ی‬E‫ﺕ‬
Tangle k ‫ ﻡ‬s E‫آ ﻡ‬
Tank d‫ی‬3
Tape f‫<ی‬
Tape deck @‫آﺱ‬
Tape dispenser ;3*‫ﻡ\ ا>رق ا‬
Target ‫اﻡ‬
Tax B‫ﺽی‬
Tax dodger _ ‫ا‬T‫ﻡب ﻡ ا‬
Tax evasion %B‫ﺕب ﺽی‬
Tax exemption %B‫إ=ء ﺽی‬
Taxi %‫ﺕآ‬
Tea ‫<ي‬
Teacher ‫ا رس‬
Team Sports / Games = ‫أب‬
Teapot ‫ي‬E‫إی; ا‬
Tease contract ‫رة‬g‫ ا‬:=
Teaspoon ‫ <ي‬:‫ﻡ‬
Technical terms   ‫ت‬M4S‫ﻡ‬
Technique :‫ی‬K -‫أﺱ>ب‬
Teddy bear ‫ا  ﺕ ي‬
Teeth ‫أﺱ ن‬
Telegram -
Telephone ‫ا>ن‬
Telephone line ‫ ﺕ>ن‬G‫ ﺱ‬، ‫ ﺕ>ن‬fb
Telescope ‫ﺕ>ب‬
Television ‫ی>ن‬L‫ا‬
Teller ‫ااوي‬
Temperate ‫ارة‬M‫ﻡ  ا‬
Temperature ‫ارة‬M‫در ا‬
Temple B‫ﻡ‬
Temporarily ً-z‫ﻡ‬
Ten ‫ة‬E=
Ten 10
Ten minutes ; -‫ د‬E=
Ten minutes past one a.m. B3 ; -‫ د‬E= ‫ا>ا ة و‬
Ten minutes past one p.m. ‫ ; ﻡءا‬-‫ د‬E= ‫ا>ا ة و‬
Ten minutes past two a.m. B3 ; -‫ د‬E= ‫ﻥ و‬7‫ا‬
Ten minutes past two p.m. ‫ ; ﻡءا‬-‫ د‬E= ‫ﻥ و‬7‫ا‬
Tender ‫ء‬4=
Tennis q ‫ﺕ‬
Tennis ball q ‫آة ا‬
Tennis court q ‫ﻡ_ ا‬
Tent b
Tenth <=
Term deposits \o‫ ا‬J ‫ودا‬
Term loan \o ‫ض‬-
Term loans \o‫ ا‬4‫وض ﻡ>ﺱ‬-
terrifying ch‫ﻡ‬
Test tube ‫ر‬Bb‫> أ‬B‫أﻥ‬
Tewlve 12
Thank you ‫<ا‬
the back row +h‫ ا‬cS‫ا‬
The books of Abraham and Moses +‫ إاه وﻡ>ﺱ‬cM3
The Boot maker of Damascus %:E‫ی ا ﻡ‬#Q‫ ا‬J‫ﻥ‬3
The Boot maker of Damasucs %:E‫ی ا ﻡ‬#Q‫ ا‬J‫ﻥ‬3
The chain of hope \‫ﻡ‬Q‫ﺱ ا‬
The day of judgement ‫ب‬M‫)ی>م ا ی >ﻥ ) ا‬
The dead +‫ا>ﺕ‬
The food we eat O‫آ‬.‫ى ﻥ‬#‫م ا‬4‫ا‬
The government’s policy statement ‫>ﻡ‬M‫ن ا‬
The Holy House ( kaaba ) ‫ام‬M‫@ ا‬B‫ا‬
the indian ocean ‫ ا ى‬fM‫ا‬
The Internet is for every one J? @‫ﻥﻥ‬Q‫ا‬
The Last Day bx‫ا>م ا‬
The Mediterranean sea f‫ ا>ﺱ‬o‫ ا‬MB‫ا‬
The national vote ‫>ل‬3Ž %‫ا د ا‬
The needy ‫>ن‬M‫ا‬
the other day ‫ أیم‬T # ‫ﻡ‬
The poor due ( alms giving ) ‫آة‬L‫ا‬
The press MS‫ا‬
The propagation of Islam ‫ﺱ*م‬g‫ ا‬E‫ﻥ‬
The Prophet’s Birthday ‫>ي‬B ‫ا> ا‬
The right path :‫ی; ا‬4‫ا‬
the suez canal q‫ ة ا>ی‬-
The true religion c M‫ا ی ا‬
The unseen _2‫ا‬
The wise chief M‫ ا‬q ‫ا‬
Theater ‫ﻡح‬
Theatre ‫اح‬
Theory of probabilities ‫ت‬QQ‫ی ا‬k‫ﻥ‬
There is no question GE ‫ ﻡ?ل‬Q
There may be >‫ ی‬- ، >‫ر ی‬
There might be ‫\ و>د‬M‫ ی‬، >‫ ی‬-
Thermos bottle ‫ﺕﻡ>س‬
These ‫ء‬Qz‫ه‬
They are ‫ه ی>ﻥ>ا‬
They are ‫ه ﺕ‬
They are ‫ﻥن‬g‫ ا‬2) ‫ ه ﺕ‬،‫)ه ی>ﻥ>ا‬
They are ‫ه ﺕ‬
They are ‫ﻥن‬g‫ ا‬2) ‫ ه ﺕ‬،‫)ه ی>ﻥ>ا‬
They were ‫ه آﻥ>ا‬
They were ‫ه آ‬
They were ‫ﻥن‬g‫ ا‬2) ‫ ه آ‬،‫)ه آﻥ>ا‬
Thief w
Thigh #h
Think ‫ی‬
Third 7‫ا‬
Thirsty i‫ﻡ‬t
Thirteen E= )*)
Thirteen 13
Thirty ‫)*)>ن‬
Thirty 30
Thirty one ‫وا و )*)>ن‬
Thirty two ‫أ)  و )*)>ن‬
This fall %M‫ ا‬c‫ی‬h‫ا‬
This month %M‫ ا‬E‫ا‬
This spring %M‫ ا‬J‫ا‬
This summer %M‫ ا‬cS‫ا‬
This week %M‫>ع ا‬B‫ﺱ‬o‫ا‬
This winter %M‫ء ا‬E‫ا‬
This year %M‫ام ا‬
Thoughtful ‫=; ا‬
Thousand c‫أ‬
Three )*)
Three 3
Three hundred  )*)
Three o'clock a.m. B3 77‫ا‬
Three o'clock p.m. ‫ ﻡءا‬77‫ا‬
Three thirty a.m. B3 cS ‫ و ا‬77‫ا‬
Three years ‫)*) أ=>ام‬
Throat ‫ ?ة‬
Throat ‫>م‬B‫ا‬
Throw ‫ف‬#:‫ی‬
Throw pillow B‫وﺱدة ﻥ‬
Thumb ‫إم ا‬
Thumbtack ‫د>س رﺱ‬
Thunderstorm ‫ ر= ی‬3=
Thurday qh‫ا‬
Thursday qh‫ا‬
Ticket ‫آة‬#‫ﺕ‬
Tie 4‫را‬
Tie f‫ی‬
Tie f‫ی‬
Tiger ‫ﻥ‬
Tights M‫اداء ا‬
Tile ‫*ط‬
Tilt \‫ی‬
Time @-‫و‬
Time study @->‫دراﺱ ا‬
Tin ‫ ی‬S-
Tip pE:
Tire ‫ر ﺱرة‬K‫إ‬
Tissues -‫ﻡ دی\ ور‬
To abstain from food and drink ‫اب‬E‫م وا‬4‫ = ا‬J ‫ی‬
To adopt Islam ‫ﺱ*م‬g‫ی ; ا‬
To be exempted from fasting ‫>م‬S‫ ﻡ ا‬%‫ی‬
To be stuffed f M‫ی‬
To belie religicn ‫ب  ی‬#‫ی‬
To break one’s coverant ‫ق‬7‫ ا‬w: ‫ی‬
To call for prayer ‫*ة‬S ‫ی دي‬
To change words from their con**** O‫ف ا = ﻡ>اﺽ‬M‫ی‬
To debate an issue ‫ ﻡ>ﺽ>ع‬p- ‫ی‬
To dissolve parliament ‫ن‬B‫\ ا‬M‫ی‬
To fire a worker (dismiss) \‫\ =ﻡ‬S‫ی‬
To give a month’s notice < ‫ر  ة‬4b‫ ا‬%4‫ی‬
To give notice \‫ر ك ا‬4b‫ ا‬%4‫ی‬
To hospitalise +E \: ‫ی‬
To interfere \b ‫ی‬
To judge with equity f: M‫ی‬
To modify ‫ ی ل‬/ ‫>ر‬M‫ی‬
To process food ‫م‬4‫ ا‬J S‫ی‬
To recite the creed ‫دة‬E ;4 ‫ی‬
To recruit workers ‫ی? =ل‬
To renegade from one’s religion O ‫یﺕ = دی‬
To renew the contract :‫ی? د ا‬
To testify E‫ی‬
To vote a law ‫ﻥ>ن‬- %= :‫>ت >ا‬S‫ی‬
To vote down ‫>ت ﺽ‬S‫ی‬
To wash hands up to the elbow :‫ ا‬%‫\ ا ی إ‬s
To worship B‫ی‬
Toast wM‫ ﻡ‬LBb
Toast SM‫ﻡ‬
Toaster  ‫ آ‬SM‫ﻡ‬
Today ‫ا>م‬
Toenail ‫ م‬:‫ ا‬JB3‫ إ‬t
Toes ‫ م‬:‫ ا‬JB3‫إ‬
Together ً‫ﻡ‬
Toilet ‫ﻡض‬
Toilet paper @‫ورق ﺕ>ا‬
Tolerant e‫ﻡﻡ‬
Tomato KK
Tomorrow ‫ ًا‬s
Tomorrow afternoon k‫ ا  ا‬s
Tomorrow evening ‫ ا ﻡءا‬s
Tomorrow morning B3 ‫ ا‬s
Tongue ‫ن‬
Tongue ‫ان‬
Tongue ‫ن‬
Toolbox ‫ وق ا ة‬3
Tools ‫أدوات ﻡﻥ‬
Toothache ‫ ا‬J‫و‬
Toothbrush ‫ﺱ ن‬o‫<ة ا‬
Toothpaste ‫ﺱ ن‬o‫ﻡ?>ن ا‬
Top -
Top management ‫دارة ا‬g‫ا‬
Top surgeons ‫ه ا?ا‬E‫ﻡ‬
Torah ‫ا>ارة‬
tort ‫ﺕ دت‬
Torte ‫ﺕ>رﺕ‬
Toss ‫ف هل‬#:‫ی‬
Totally ‫ﺕﻡ‬
Tote bag B:
Touch q‫ی‬
Touch q‫ا‬
Tour bus %‫ ﺱ‬q>‫أﺕ‬
Tour guide %‫ﻡ< ﺱ‬
Tourism Today ‫ ا>م‬O‫ا‬
Tourist attractions ‫ى اح‬2‫ ﺕ‬+‫<ء ا‬o‫ا‬
Tourist information ‫اﺱ*ﻡت ﺱ‬
tow hundred ‫ﻡ ن‬
Towel E ‫ﻡ‬
Towel rack c< ‫ﻡ\ ﻡ‬
Tower ‫ج‬
town hall +M‫ ا‬q?‫ا‬
Toy store _ ?‫ﻡ‬
Toys _
Tractor ‫ار‬
Trade ‫ﺕ?رة‬
Trade M‫ا‬
Trade balance ‫ان ا?ري‬L‫ا‬
Trade discount ‫ ﺕ?ري‬Sb
Trade routes ‫>ط ﺕ?ری‬4b
Trade union committee : ‫ا?  ا‬
Trade unions ‫ت ال‬:‫ﻥ‬
Trading posts ‫ ﺕ?ری‬L‫ﻡاآ‬
Tradition :‫ﺕ‬
Traffic ‫آ اور‬
Trail -
Train ‫ر‬4-
Transaction ‫ﺕ اول‬
Transaction ‫ – ﻡﻡ‬:3 – =
Transfer \: ‫ی‬
Transfer ‫ت‬Q:‫ﻥ‬Q‫ا‬
Transfer \: ‫ی‬
Transfer \‫>ی‬M‫ﺕ‬
Transferable \‫>ی‬M \-
Translate ‫ی‬
Transplant >T= ‫= زرع‬
Transport \: ‫ی‬
Travel agent +‫وآ\ ﺱ‬
Travel chart ‫آ‬M %‫رﺱ ﻥ‬
Travel costs ‫ ا‬c‫ﺕ‬
Travel insurance  ‫ص‬h‫ﻡ ا‬.‫ا‬
Traveler's check %‫ ﺱ‬G<
Tray  3
Treasury ‫اﻥ‬Lb
Tree ‫<?ة‬
Tremble c?‫ یﺕ‬،p‫یﺕ‬
Trend forecasting ?‫ﺕ‬Q zB ‫ا‬
Triangle 7‫ا‬
Tribe B-
Tricks \ ،‫ ع‬b
Tricycle )*7‫ا را ا‬
Trillion ‫ﺕی>ن‬
Tripod  ‫>ا‬:‫ ا‬%)*)
Tripod ‫اء ا?رب‬Q \‫ﻡ‬
Tront money ‫ م أﺕب‬:‫ﻡ‬
Tropical % ‫اﺱ>ا‬
Trowel =‫أدوات زرا‬
Truck  <
Trumpet ‫>ق‬B‫ا‬
Trunk ‫?ة‬E‫ع ا‬#
Tuba ‫>ق‬
Tubes _‫أﻥ‬
Tuesday ‫*)ء‬7‫ا‬
Tuesday ‫*)ء‬7‫ا‬
Tulip _>‫ﺕ‬
Tuna ‫ﺕ>ﻥ‬
Turbines ‫ﺕ ت‬
Turkey %‫ روﻡ‬G‫دی‬
Turn ‫دوران‬
Turnip @
Turnout %= ‫ل‬B-g‫ا‬
Turtle ‫ة‬M‫ا‬
Turtleneck sweater B- ‫ﺱ>ی‬
Tusk ‫ﻥب‬
Tutor Q ‫ﻡ‬
TV. set ‫ی>ن‬L‫ز ﺕ‬
Twelve E=  )‫ا‬
Twenty ‫ون‬E=
Twenty 20
Twenty five percent   ‫ون‬E= ‫ و‬b
Twenty one ‫ون‬E= ‫وا و‬
Twenty one 21
Twenty two ‫ون‬E= ‫أ)  و‬
Two ‫ا) ن‬
Two 2
Two fifteen a.m. B3 cS ‫ﻥ و ا‬7‫ا‬
Two forty five a.m. B3 J‫ ا‬Q‫ إ‬77‫ا‬
Two hours ‫ﺱ=ن‬
Two hundred ‫ﻡ ن‬
Two months ago ‫ <ی‬# ‫ﻡ‬
Two o'clock a.m. B3 ‫ﻥ‬7‫ا‬
Two o'clock p.m. ‫ﻥ ﻡءا‬7‫ا‬
Two thirty a.m. B3 cS ‫ﻥ و ا‬7‫ا‬
Two weeks ago =>B‫ أﺱ‬# ‫ﻡ‬
Two years ‫=ﻡن‬
Two years ago ‫ =ﻡ‬# ‫ﻡ‬
Two years old  ‫= ﺱ‬
Typewriter B‫ اﺕ‬x‫ا‬
Ugliness =E – eB-
Umbrella k‫ﻡ‬
Umbrella project ‫م‬o‫وع ا‬E‫ا‬
Unbelievable ‫ ق‬S‫ ﺕ‬Q
Uncle ‫ا‬
Unclear power ‫ ﻥ>وی او ذری‬-K
Uncomfortable e‫ ﻡی‬s
Under @M‫ﺕ‬
Under management ‫دارة‬Q‫>ر ا‬S-
Under the banner of Islam ‫ﺱ*م‬g‫@ >اء ا‬M‫ﺕ‬
Underconsumption ‫ﺱ*ك‬g‫ ا‬%‫ﺕ ﻥ‬
Underneath @M‫ ﺕ‬/ \‫اﺱ‬
Understand ‫ی‬
Undertake ‫ – ی‬# ‫ ی‬/ ‫ی ـ‬
Underwear b‫ دا‬q*‫ﻡ‬
Unemployment 4B‫ا‬
Unemployment rates 4B‫ت ا‬Q ‫ﻡ‬
Unfair ‫ =دل‬s
Unfamiliar ‫ ﻡ>ف‬s
Unfortunately ‹M‫>ء ا‬
Unfortunately ‹M‫>ء ا‬
Uniform ‫زى‬
Uniform value ‫ ﻡ> ة‬-
Union ‫د *د‬M‫اﺕ‬-O4‫را‬
Unique O \7‫ ﻡ‬Q / ‫ی‬
United M‫ﻡ‬
Unity ‫د‬M‫و ة – اﺕ‬
University ‫ﻡ‬
Unkind ‫ آی‬s ،‫س‬-
Unlicensed wb‫ ﻡ‬s
Unsecured loans ‫>ﻥ‬T‫ ﻡ‬s ‫وض‬-
Unthinkable ‫>ر‬S‫ ی‬Q -‫ل‬B 4h‫ ی‬Q
Unusual ‫ ﻡد‬s
Up ‫>ق‬
Upright ‫ﻡ ل‬
Upturn M‫ﺕ‬
Use \‫ی‬
Utilities facilities/ amenities ‫ =ﻡ‬J ‫ﻡا; – ﻡ‬
Vacant job b t‫و‬
Vacation 4=
Vacation ‫أزة‬
Vacations ‫زات‬g‫ ا‬/ ‫*ت‬4‫ا‬
Vaccination e:‫ﺕ‬
Vacuum cleaner  ‫ﻡ  آ‬
Valid vote eM3 ‫>ت‬3
Valley ‫واد‬
Valuation :‫ ی ا‬M‫ﺕ‬
Valve ‫م‬3
Van  <
Variable costs ‫ة‬2‫ ﻡ‬c‫ﺕ‬
Variance / divergence ‫ی‬B‫ﺕ‬
Variety ‫ﺕ >ع‬
Vase ‫زهی‬
VCR >‫ ی‬
Vegetables ‫اوات‬Tb
Vegetarian %‫ﺕ‬B ‫ا‬
Vegetarian +‫ﺕ‬B‫ ﻥ‬wh<
Vehicle B‫ ﻡآ‬/ =
Vein ‫وری‬
Velvet \h‫ﻡ‬
Verse ‫ى‬
Verse k‫ ﻥ‬/ <
Vest ‫)>ب‬
Veterinarian ‫ي‬4 _BK
Veterinary ‫ى‬4 _BK
Viable ‫\ *ﺱار‬-
Video cassette >‫  ی‬f‫<ی‬
View k ‫ﻡ‬
Village ‫ی‬-
Vinegar \b
Violin ‫ان‬
Visa ‫<ة‬.‫ﺕ‬
Visible exports ‫>رة‬k ‫درات ﻡ‬3
Vitamins ‫ﻡ ت‬
Vocational training % ‫ا ری_ ا‬
Volcano ‫آن‬
Volleyball ‫ ة‬4‫اة ا‬
Volume ‫ ار‬:‫? – ﻡ‬
Volume chart ?M %‫رﺱ ﻥ‬
Volunteer ‫>ع‬4‫ﻡ‬
Vrertical expansion %‫ رأﺱ‬J‫ﺕ>ﺱ‬
Wage per hour = ‫أ‬
Waist Sb
Waist Sb
Wait k ‫ی‬
Waiter ‫ﻥدل‬
Walking %E‫ا‬
Wall f 
Wallet _ kM‫ﻡ‬
Walnuts ‫>ز‬
Wander ‫ی?>ل‬
Want ‫یی‬
Wards +E‫=  ا‬
Warm i‫دا‬
Warning ‫ار‬#‫ﻥ‬g‫ا‬
Was made J 3
Washer 2‫ا‬
Waste basket ‫ﺱ ﻡ*ت‬
Waste energy -K ‫ د‬B‫ی‬
Waste matter ‫*ت‬T
Watch =‫ﺱ‬
Watchdog committee -‫?  ر‬
Watchtowers B-‫ااج ﻡا‬
Water ‫اء‬
Water bottle ‫ز ﻡء‬
Water cooler ‫د ﻡ‬B‫ﻡ‬
Water glass ‫آ>ب ﻡء‬
Water pipe burst ‫إﻥ?ر ﻡﺱ>رة ا‬
Waterfall ‫<*ل‬
Watering can ‫ر<ش ﻡ‬
Watermelon o‫ ا‬u4B‫ا‬
Watermelon u4
Waterway % ‫ا?ى ا‬
Wave >‫ﻡ‬
Wave  ‫ی>ح‬
We M‫ﻥ‬
We are ‫ ﻥ>ن‬M‫ﻥ‬
We are ‫ ﻥ>ن‬M‫ﻥ‬
We were  ‫ آ‬M‫ﻥ‬
Wealth ‫)وة‬
Wear ‫یﺕ ي‬
Wear away \‫ ی‰آ‬/ +B‫ی‬
Weather q:4‫ا‬
Weave d‫ﻥ‬
Wedding ‫زواج‬
Wedding ‫\ زف‬
Wednesday ‫رء‬o‫ا‬
Wednesday ‫رء‬Q‫ا‬
Weight ‫وزن‬
Weights ‫أوزان‬
Welcome B‫ﻡ‬
Welder ‫ّم‬M‫ا‬
West ‫ب‬2‫ا‬
West ‫ب‬2‫ا‬
Wet \B‫ﻡ‬
Wet \B‫ﻡ‬
Wet suit ‫  اء‬
Whales ‫ن‬
Wheat e-
Wheel ?=
Wheelbarrow ‫=? ا‬
Wheelchair ‫ﻡق‬
Wheelchair sports -‫ریﺽت ا‬
Whip ‫ب >ط‬T‫ی‬
Whip ‫ا>ط‬
Whipped cream ->h‫آی ﻡ‬
Whiskers ‫<>ارب‬
Whistle ‫رة‬3
White ‫أ‬
White wine ‫ أ‬#B‫ﻥ‬
Whole \‫آ‬
Wholesale ?‫ﺕ?رة ا‬
Wide J‫واﺱ‬
Wife ‫زو‬
Wild life ‫ی‬B‫ة ا‬M‫ا‬
Wildcat strike ‫وع‬E‫ ﻡ‬s ‫إﺽاب‬
Wilty ‫آء‬#‫< ی ا‬
Win ‫ی>ز‬
Wind e‫ری‬
Wind farms ‫>ة ایح‬: ‫ ﺕ ور‬J‫ﻥ‬S‫ﻡ‬
Wind surfing ‫ر‬MQ‫>ح ا‬
Windbreaker ‫ة  ی‬S- ‫ﺱة‬
Windfall i‫آ_ ﻡ‬
Windmill  ‫>ﻥ ه>ا‬K
Windmills ‫>ا ا>اء‬K
Window ‫ة‬#‫ﻥ‬
Window box ‫ك‬B< ‫ وق‬3
Window pane ‫ة‬#‫ ﻥ‬% %‫>ح ز‬
Windsurfing ‫ﻡ>اج‬o‫ریﺽ رآ>ب ا‬
Windy c3=
Wine b
Wine glass b ‫س‬.‫آ‬
Winery ‫ة‬h‫ا‬
Wing ‫ ح‬
Winter ‫ء‬E‫ا‬
Winter ‫ء‬E‫ا‬
Wire fence G‫ﺱ>ر ﺱ‬
Wisdom M‫ا‬
Withdraw _M‫ی‬
Withdrawal ‫اﺱداد‬
Without prejudice to ‫ دون اس ـ‬/‫*ل ـ‬bQ‫دون ا‬
Withstand ‫وم‬:‫ ی‬/ S‫ ی‬/\M‫ی‬
Witness ‫<ه‬
Wolf _ #‫ا‬
Woman ‫اﻡأة‬
Women in History u‫ اری‬+ ‫ﻥء‬
Wood _Eb
Wool ‫>ف‬3
Word – processor 23 ‫>ﺕ‬B‫آ‬
Work \=
Work conditions \‫وف ا‬t
Work cycle \‫دورة ا‬
Work evaluation \‫ ا‬:‫ﺕ‬
Work factor \2E‫ﻡﻡ\ ا‬
Work his way up O‫ﻥ‬.< J‫ یﺕ‬/ ‫ م‬:‫ی‬
Work licence \‫ ا‬Sb‫ر‬
Work load \‫\ ا‬
Work measurement \‫س ا‬-
Work permit \‫ ا‬e‫ی‬S‫ﺕ‬
Work study \‫دراﺱ ا‬
Workers gains ‫اﺱ_ ا‬
Workers rights ‫>ق ال‬:
Workers social welfare ‫= ل‬Q‫ا=ی ا‬
Workers’ remittances ‫>ی*ت ال ای‬M‫ﺕ‬
Workforce J S‫ <آ او ﻡ‬%) ‫)= د اﻡ‬
Working capital \‫رأس ال اﻡ‬
Works J S‫ا=ل – =ت – ﻡ‬
World peace +‫ا*م ا‬
World Wide Web ‫>ﺕ‬B ‫ی‬Lh‫م ﺕ‬k‫ﻥ‬
Worldwide ‫ ﻡ>ى ا‬+=/+=
Worm ‫دودة‬
Worried ;-
Worship B‫ی‬
Wounds ‫ا?وح‬
Wrench ‫ی>ي‬
Wrestling =‫ر‬S‫ﻡ‬
Wrist ‫اﺱ‬
Writer _‫اﺕ‬
x- axis %:o‫>ر ا‬M‫ا‬
y- axis %‫>ر اأﺱ‬M‫ا‬
Yam K4
Yard :‫ ی‬
Year  ‫ﺱ‬
Yell eS‫ی‬
Yellow 3‫أ‬
Yesterday q‫أﻡ‬
Yesterday afternoon k‫ ی ا‬q‫أﻡ‬
Yesterday evening ‫ ﻡءا‬q‫أﻡ‬
Yesterday morning B3 q‫أﻡ‬
You are ‫أﻥ@ ﺕ>ن‬
You are ‫أﻥ ﺕ>ﻥ>ا‬
You were @ ‫أﻥ@ آ‬
You were  ‫أﻥ آ‬
Your excellency G‫ﻡ‬h ،G‫ﺱدﺕ‬
Youth ‫ب‬BE‫ا‬
Zebra %E‫ر و‬
Zero 3
Zero deposit- import ‫>ی\ ا‬M‫اﺱاد  ون ﺕ‬
Zipper O‫ﺱ>ﺱ‬
Zoo ‫>ان‬M‫ ا‬:‫ ی‬
Zucchini ‫آ>ﺱ‬

The End Of This Book