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Part 8 - <-- | In connection with the obvious pressure which alien- controlled segments of the C.I.A. is bringing on a number of researchers and their families, and their apparentl ceaseless attempts to destro the lives of people who might be getting near the truth, we read the following e!cerpts of a letter from "illiam #. $%ill& 'nglish of Alamogardo, (ew )e!ico to "illiam ). Cooper, dated *une +, ,-8-. /ear %ill... ...I was e!tremel impressed with our most recent speech, and go on record that m research prett much confirms what ours had. It is interesting that we have managed to 0eep our collective buts in one piece over the past several ears, however that is something that could well be remedied ver shortl if we don1t ta0e certain precautions. In point of fact a great deal of pressure is being brought to bear on a number of people. )ost notabl ourself and %ill #teinman. I had spo0en with #teinman in person when he came to Alamogardo to see me and we discussed the possibilit of writing a boo0 together. It was about three wee0s after that I received a call from him. "hen he called he sounded ver frightened and said that he was leaving 234 investigation permanentl and suggested that I do the same. 5e would not give me an clear reason, but made it clear that he was in fear of his life and that of his famil . 5is loss to the field will be felt deepl , but were I he, I suppose that I would do the same thing. 2nfortunatel I cannot place m self in his position, as much as I would li0e to at times... Another man whom "illiam Cooper alleges is a CIA operative is %ud 5op0ins, well 0nown for his 6compassionate and understanding6 wor0 with tormented 234 abductees. 7he following involves a conflict between 5op0ins and /r. #tephen *. 8ur9weil, who had the 6audacit 6 to accuse 5op0in1s of wrong doing, and who ma have become the brunt of CIA-bac0ed character assassination as a result of this. #"4:( A33I/A;I7 43 /:. #7';' 82:<"'I= I originall became interested in the 234 sub>ect b meeting 5arr =evelson, a writer for 4)(I )aga9ine who told me about cattle mutilations and urged I attend an AP:4 meeting. I was not ver impressed with the meeting, but rather with an attractive woman named *oan 7hompson who appeared to be one of the few non-strange loo0ing people at the meeting. )s. 7hompson and $2(:'A/A%='& friends and later together we attended a )234( meeting held in %oston. $7his was about ,-8,.& )s. 7hompson e!plained that she was an emplo ee of the CIA and urged that I wor0 with )r. %udd 5op0ins to help with his research. $,-8?& )r. 5op0ins e!plained that he li0ewise was an emplo ee of the CIA. 6I1m the abduction specialist for them.6 5e was e!tremel concerned that the cover-up be maintained lest 1there be a revolution in this countr 1. 5e fearfull told me that 1alot1 of people have been abducted. 1we don1t 0now what the 234s did to them@ I wrote the boo0 to find out who had been abducted $1)issing 7ime1&@ the Aovt. has to get those people out of the militar @ the $i.e. the CIA& thin0s abductees ma have been programmed.1 $(ote. according to other sources perhaps the CIA should loo0 74 754#' 43 75'I: 4"( 8I(/ who have been 1implanted1 via the 1>oint1 CIA-alien interactions in underground bases, etc. 4r, is the CIA itself so compartmentali9ed and divided that some of them are wor0ing with the aliens and are coming under their control, while others are tr ing to resist the aliens1 attempts to implant and control peopleB 2ndoubtedl there must still be #4)' within the CIA who feel a sense of patriotism and who desire to fulfill their oath to uphold and defend the 2.#. Constitution. Is the CIA li0e the CCrd degree of )asonr itself in that half of them are serving the 6agenda6 while the other half are misled pawns whose patriotism is ta0en advantage of to carr out certain orders given them b the

-CH 3ifth Avenue. . 5op0ins said. As a medical doctor I was disgusted@ as an American I was sic0ened at this maltreatment of our own people. 1%eware when fighting a dragon that ou do not become oneE1 %asicall .1 5e was shoc0ed b the after effects of abductions@ people freDuentl committed suicide 34==4"I(A his 1h pnotherap 1@ man went on to become alcoholics or drug addicts such as )s. (otar Public . )arc /ie!ler. as well as possible implantation of CIA personnel during earl 1>oint1 tas0ed operations. as well as an instrument in initiating >oint alien-CIA activities since the 'isenhower era. I refused to cooperate with 5op0ins and reported him to the )edical Authorities as being involved in harmful and e!tremel Duestionable activities that were anti-humanitarian as well as Anti-American.. $#worn before <andra 5enderson. 7his was told to me b )s. Intelligence Communit has been a ma>or pla er in the alien coverup. 5op0ins was further causing in>ur to individuals alread in distress. ). personal integrit and ethical standards. count of (ew For0& "e seen in this letter not onl the damage that the 1intelligence1 communit is inflicting upon 1abductees1 and those who would plead their case. 7he (ew For0 #tate 4ffice of Professional Conduct was told lies $. )r.' I# 7:2' A(/ C4::'C7 74 75' %'#7 43 )F 8(4"='/A'./. but also the e!treme need for A'(2I(' counselors and therapists. from what we have covered in this file.6core6 groupB #uch a possibilit should at least be considered . we can conclude that the (#A . 5e threatened to get revenge b reporting me as 1mentall impaired1 #I(C' I believed in a government coverup and reported harassment. 7his. often since childhood.-8-& about m involvement in the sub>ect.#tate of (ew For0. An 1e!tra-cross connection1 or illegal tap was reported on m phone b Charles =auretano of the (F 7elephone Compan .. he claimed.#. 7he ps chiatrist is an 8G ear old man who believes he 0nows all there is to 0now from his te!tboo0s on ps chiatr . 5e made no provision for aftercare or follow-up. which itself .-8I&. 5e concluded that I was paranoid delusional $due to the telephone harassment& and that I was 1grandiose1 since I had 1special 0nowledge1. 5owever. I as0ed him wh he did the h pnosis if it caused the ps chological and ps chiatric problemsE 5e could offer no repl whatsoever despite repeated Duestioning. As for )r. ) life has been a nightmare ever since standing up and spea0ing out for m rights and as a patriotic American citi9enE I #"'A: 2(/': P'(A=7F 43 P':*2:F 75A7 A== 43 75' A%4. due to the connections which e!ist between the CIA and the Illuminati. was evidence of paranoid delusion.%ranton& 5e was ver upset about the amount of wor0 reDuired to investigate even one case. a powerful anti-American.CIA element of the 2. 4nce he obtained his 1information1. interruption of m medical practice b 1a third part 1 answering m line giving misinformation out to patients resulting in complete chaos to m office and grief to m self.. 1distrust the information passed on while under h pnosis. #ince I originall reported 5op0ins in . I have received numerous telephone calls at all hours@ notices from funeral parlors.-8C.JJ?..': been even one case of an patient of mine who Duestioned m professional e!pertise. "hen the ps chiatrist interviewed me I told him about the fact that the public 0nows nothing of this deplorable situation. % all medical standards )r. perhaps he should heed the ancient Chinese proverb which states. he would drop these people li0e hot potatoes and left them on their own. especiall Christian therapists. ) medical license is now on the line and hence m entire future careerEE I would li0e to add that since I have been practicing medicine since . Avonile %lac0man.-H8 there has ('. (F . I m self was appalled b the inhumane and medicall indecent standards of 1care1 being applied to these victims of (a9i-li0e brutalit . m telephone secretar $. It appears as if much concern and fear e!ists in the Intelligence Communit since the true nature of the 1alien1 problem was discovered. (ew For0.. 7here are far too few who are able to offer the much needed assistance to the thousands or tens of thousands of tormented abductees who have been victimi9ed b these predator vermin. 5op0ins.#tephen *. 7he #tate is reDuired b law to investigate all reports $even b non-patients& of possible ph sician impairment. 8ur9weil. 5e displa ed a complete lac0 of temperament and training $as well as a complete lac0 of compassion& for these people. and even anti-human element seems to still e!ist within the 1Compan 1. who understand the spiritual and ph sical ramifications of the victim1s ps chological problems resulting from their encounters with the alien entities.

. re-vitali9e the old 1treaties1 which the have constantl bro0en and never intended to 0eep. also called the %rotherhood of the /ragon.. %ill Cooper. and that is wh the so freel and so willingl too0 in and hid the members of "eishaupt1s group.. 7he small uproar turned into a full blown anti-3reemason movement .8?H an American 3reemason wrote a boo0 revealing )asonic secrets entitled 1I==2#7:A7I4(# 43 3:'')A#4(:F1.. 6. It1s secret s mbol is the allseeing e e in the p ramid.. 7he 3reemasons have A="AF# contained the core of Illuminati within their ran0s. and 'leusis. )ost of the greatest minds that ever lived were initiated into the societ of ) steries b secret and dangerous rites.. 7he Brotherhood of the Snake is devoted to guarding the 'secrets of the ages' and the recognition of ucifer as the one and on!" true #od..5ouses of worship and sacrifice e!isted in the ancient cities. 7he branch of the 4rder he founded in Aerman in .. and it appears as if it intends to continue to intimidate or eliminate various threats to the alien agenda.In . 7he realit is that overall global temperatures are becoming lower.5istor is replete with whispers of secret societies..6 Cooper Duotes from one #ecret #ociet source. serpent worshipping or saurian-controlled destro ers of America who are being carried awa b the maelstrom of >oint CIA-Alien subversion of the human race..seems to be a ma>or organi9ation through which the saurian gra s attempt to control masses of people.Adam "eishaupt.. C bele.. 7he *esuit connection is important. It appears that the CIA contains too man 1s0eletons in the closet1 to ever admit it1s mista0es. 7he %rotherhood of the #na0e is adept at throwing out deco s to 0eep the dogs at ba . . 7he were in fact temples built in honor of the man 1gods1. )organ caused a small uproar against the )asons. 7he oldest is the %rotherhood of the #na0e. a oung professor of canon law at Ingolstadt 2niversit in Aerman . continue the coverup of the alien malevolence such as the mutilations.1 . he states.++H was the same Illuminati previousl discussed.. . the guardians of the 1#ecrets of the Ages... . and so on. 7he elect are given 0nowledge of the ) steries and are illumined and are thus 0nown as 7he Illuminati or the Illuminated 4nes. 17he initiated elect communicate directl to gods $A=I'(#& who communicate bac0 to them..4n the obverse of the Areat #eal of the 2nited #tates the wise will recogni9e the all-seeing e e and other signs of the %rotherhood of the #na0e. "e can onl strongl recommend that an one who ma be tied-in with this group. Isis. #aba9ius. hide the unsavor 1financing1 methods such as drug-gun running.. 6. Plato was one of these initiates. continue to 1whitewash1 the obviousl threatening and antihuman nature of the gra -aliens. also released a document titled 6#'C:'7 #4CI'7I'# A(/ 75' ('" "4:=/ 4:/':6. and it still e!ists under man different names. which was later included in his boo0 1%'54=/ A PA=' 54:#'1. 6.. including those involved in facets of the CIA which are (47 directl tied-in to 6alien6 controlled compartments.... 4ne of the secrets that he revealed is that the last m ster at the top of the )asonic p ramid is the worship of =ucifer.Allegations that the 3reemason organi9ations were infiltrated b the Illuminati during "eishaupt1s reign are hogwash. In reference to the 1Cult of the #erpent1 which he claims is headDuartered in :ome...... was a *esuit priest and an initiate of the Illuminati. Duietl separate themselves from the organi9ation before the inevitable happens . #ome of the most famous were 0nown as 4siris.the documents that I read while in (aval Intelligence stated that Pro>ect AA=I='4 reDuired onl five pounds of plutonium to ignite *upiter and possibl stave off 75' C4)I(A IC' AA'. some of which were ver cruel.. Alobal warming is a hoa!.. in addition to the above.the imminent showdown between the 3reedom loving American Patriots and the sold-out. It is easier for the public to deal with and will give the ruling elite more time before panic and anarch replace government.

%ennett had insinuated himself into the confidence of *oseph #mith and after pressuring him eventuall C4(. A== of which have well-documented )asonic ties. 7he oath of initiation into 3reemasonr states that if secrets are told. #wedenborgs. 4ahspeans. Interest in several anti-)asonic boo0s was revived during that period..level members of the . #cientolog .atican are now 3reemasons $others allege that man 1secret1 high )asons e!isted in the . that )asons had tried to enter a water-filled 1hodges1 cave via boat near the town. see. near the small town of #alem. 7heosoph .':7:4( letter also stated that some oung men had e!plored an underground 1stairwell1 near #alem but turned bac0 when the became frightened. #t.. According to 5ansen. =lo ds boo0 was illustrated b a high-ran0ing )A#4( who had illustrated other )asonic wor0s. 7his group has been implicated in ever thing from briber to assassinations. "illiam )organ. . >ust as the =oadicean church of 1:evelation1 $see. .8IJ the anti-)asonic part was e!tinct.. 5ansen1s boo0 175' L2'#7 34: ')PI:'1 $2niv. 7ime reall does cure all ills. #eward. 7hurlow "eed..8?.b 5enr /ana "ard. Ann.m . of (ebras0a Press. 2nification Church.. etc.7he newspapers of the time state without reservation that he $)organ& "A# )2:/':'/ b )asons. According to a letter re-printed in :ichard 7oronto1s 1#5A. )4 GCJ+I&. the initiate will be murdered.. )asons had an 'K7:')' interest in a particular cave in =ivingston C4. Incidentall . etc.':7:4(1 letter9ine. "as %ennett a secret #cottish :iteIlluminati agent sent to infiltrate this new religion in an attempt to bring it under the influence of the IlluminatiB It certainl "42=/ (47 %' the first.. It is even alleged that the Illuminati-)asons deliberatel I(3I=7:A7'/ man of the old-line Christian denominations earl in the histor of America and in>ected their masonic poison to the point that man denominations became 1h brids1 of Christianit and )asonr $%aal worship&. have been infiltrated b 1the lodge1.atican connection %ranton&. has lifted the ban against 3reemasonr .when the author.. and that in fact the . the Pope. 1'7I/4:5PA1 $Aphrodite spelled bac0wards& in which he suggested that "illiam )organ was not murdered. in spite of the fact that =ucinda )organ $who later became one of the wives of *oseph #mith. P. 3awn ).atican. Communism. nor the last religion targeted in this wa . Central Intelligence Agenc . 4ne split contains the core of the =uciferian Illuminati and the other contains those who have no 0nowledge of it whatsoever. ('"#"A7C5 )AAA<I('. Fears after the incident occultist *ohn 2ri =lo d wrote a boo0. Cooper continues. as well as one old timers account of a man who allegedl entered into that or a similar cave onl to disappear 1for months1 onl to return with news 1from 'urope1. $"h does the name 1#alem1 0eep cropping up in connection to the cavernsB "e don1t 0now other than the fact that it does pla a part in )A#4(IC lore in connection to corrupted accounts of the ancient cit of *eru-#alem.-+I& a )A#7': )A#4( b the name of *ohn C. . (ationwide furor ensued that resulted in the creation of an anti-)asonic political part in . disappeared. . )an high. 8u 8lu! 8lan.. with the result that 3reemasonr suffered a severe loss of membership.atican controlled )asonr via #cottish :ite 1Illuminism1. 7he CCrd /egree is split into two. later coming forth as a 1god1 $a popular theme in )asonic thought&. P? is directl connected to the . It is powerful and dangerous.atican before the ban lifted. )organ had apparentl been drowned in =a0e 4ntario. )ethodists. =lo d suggested in his boo0 that )organ was instead ta0en to a cave in =ivingston Co. and that the former bans were merel smo0escreens to hide the #cottish :ite-.#.. *ohn Paul II. It lasted onl a few ears and b . and to the 2. #'. %ennett often made references to the 1Illuminati1. 8entuc0 and given an initiation in the subterranean world. As for the possible connection to *oseph #mith.Probabl the most notorious 3reemason lodge is the P? lodge in Ital . 'ven certain old-line Christian denominations such as the #outhern %aptists.4. $apparentl one =lo d had heard about and decided to incorporate in his fictionali9ed account&. according to 8laus *. 7he #5A. %rodie1s boo0 6(4 )A( 8(4"# )F 5I#74:F6&. *ehovah1s "itnesses..':A= other religious groups that have evidentl been targeted or initiated b the Illuminati include. )afia...J+C. I/'(7I3I'/ 5': 52#%A(/1# /:4"('/ %4/F. and "illiam 5. the 8nights of )alta..I(C'/ the religious leader to >oin the )asonic lodge.

1 6Cooper states that he has traced the histor of the nefarious Illuminati all the wa bac0 to the Ancient 7emple of "isdom in Cairo.In the Areat #eal of the 2nited #tates we see the ancient s mbol of the %rotherhood of the #na0e $or /ragon&.. 7he appear to oppose each other at the bottom ran0s $li0e the 1apparent1 conflict between socialist 3reemasonr and fascist :omanismB .'!-President *ohn Adams wrote to his successor. .. the 3reemasons. in fact.1 <-.A== of the intelligence officers I wor0ed for while in (aval Intelligence were )asons. .. let us Duote from an article which appeared in 1I((': =IA571 maga9ine. the . If ever there was a bod of men who merited eternal damnation on earth.. 17he practice 5egalian conflictMresolution.the heart of the %ilderberg Aroup consists of C.1throughout histor it has been a plo of the Illuminati to dub an one who told the truth as an anti#emite or a (a9i.+.:')')%':--('. 7he three committees are made up e!clusivel of members of all different secret groups that ma0e up the Illuminati. to ma0e people believe the had to worr about the *ews. 7his committee wor0s ear round in offices in #wit9erland. for it means a step bac0wards from light into dar0ness.. C. 17he Illuminati e!ist toda under man different names and man different occupations.' %''( /'C'I.54)' $ /4C2)'(7# .Part .' 75' A%I=I7F 74 :'C4A(I<' "5'( F42 5A. ?. then. CA -.. 7he onl prove m point when the emplo the same old tactics to shut people up and to intimidate them. 1I do not li0e the reappearance of the *esuits. I disapprove of the restoration of the *esuits. %o! HH?.total members of the Illuminati. . Is it an wonder. written b #herr 5ansen and %rad #teiger. H.. then.1 Cooper told us.--J is the right time with the right leaders.... long before the birth of Christ. . that so man people claim that this s mbol is used b the serpent race as wellB 7o sum-up what Cooper has said. 7he believe that the are the guardians of the secrets of the ages. misuse them all.it is this #ociet . because I don1t intimidate and don1t shut up. which as ou 0now is the all-seeing e e of the p ramid representing =ucifer.1 $for more information on the *esuits. and the %lac0 (obilit .. +. Chic0 Publications. I..J& . e!-chief of the #oviet secret police )i0hail Aorbachev.. e!-(a9i c anide gas salesman Pope *ohn Paul II. I3 F42 "4:#5IP A ='A/':.. ver wealth men. N . 1=i0e ou....': "4:#5IP A ='A/':. 17he Illuminati are e!tremel powerful..%ranton&. G..1the P:474C4=# 43 <I4( were published as a deception $b the :ussian #ecret Police&.1 ...... e!-chief of the CIA Aeorge %ush.atican. Chino. . 7he further believe that ever thing that the do is for the ultimate betterment and survival of human0ind--even if it means 0illing two billion people to reach their goal. all bound b an unhol alliance to bring in the (ew "orld 4rder. but at the highest levels the are actuall organi9ing and controlling the conflict which the have created to produce the solution that the see0.'/.. 7he don1t 0now what to do with me. 7homas *efferson. F42 75'( (4 =4(A': 5A.1 *efferson replied. 7he believe that the vast ma>orit of people would not 0now what to do with the real 0nowledge and the real truth and the real science--and would.. see.

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