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In exercise of the powers conferred by section 53 of Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1 !1 (1" of 1 !1) the Central #overn$ent in consultation with the Central %oard for the Prevention and Control of &ater Pollution hereby $a'es the followin( rules, na$ely )* CHAPTER I PRELIMINARY Shor ! "# $%& 'o((#%'#(#% ) 1) (1) These rules may be called the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Rules, 1 !"# (") They shall come into force on the date of their $ublication in the %fficial &a'ette#1 D#*!%! !o%+) 2) In these rules unless the conte(t other)ise re*uires,+ (a) ,Act- means the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1 !1. (b) ,Chairman- means the Chairman of the Central /oard. (c) ,form- means a form set out in the 0chedules. (d) ,meetin1- means a meetin1 of the Central /oard or a meetin1 of Committee constituted by the Central /oard. (e) ,member 0ecretary- means the member 0ecretary of the Central /oard. (f) ,0chedule- means a 0chedule a$$ended to these rules. (() ,section- means a section of the Act. (h) ,year- means the financial year commencin1 on the 1st day of A$ril. (i) )ords and e($ressions not defined in these rules but defined in the Act shall have the meanin1 assi1ned to them in the Act# CHAPTER II PROCEDURE FOR TRANSACTION OF ,USINESS OF T-E ,OARD AND ITS COMMITTEES No !'# o* (## !%.+) /) (1) 2eetin1 of the Central /oard shall be held on such dates as may be fi(ed by the Chairman#

(") The Chairman shall, u$on a )ritten re*uest of not less than five members of the Central /oard or u$on a direction of the Central &overnment, call a s$ecial meetin1 of the Central /oard# (3) 4ifteen clear days5 notice of an ordinary meetin1 and three days5 notice of a s$ecial meetin1 s$ecifyin1 the time and the $lace at )hich such meetin1 is to be held and an a1enda of the business to be transacted thereat, shall be 1iven by the member 0ecretary or Chairman to the members or any other officers of the /oard# (6) 7otice of the meetin1 may be 1iven to the members by deliverin1 the same by messen1er or sendin1 it by re1istered $ost to his last 8no)n $lace of residence or business or in such other manner as the Chairman may, in the circumstances of the case, thin8 fit# (9) 7o member shall be entitled to brin1 for)ard for the consideration of a meetin1 any matter of )hich he has not 1iven ten clear days5 notice to the member 0ecretary unless the Chairman, in his discretion, $ermits him to do so# (:) If the Chairman or $residin1 officer ad;ourns a meetin1 from day to day or any $articular day he shall 1ive reason thereof and no fresh notice shall be re*uired for such an ad;ourned meetin1# Pr#+!&!%. O**!'#r) 0) Every meetin1 shall be $resided over by the Chairman and in his absence, by a $residin1 officer to be elected by the members $resent from amon1st themselves# A"" 12#+ !o%+ o 3# &#'!&#& 34 ($5or! 4) 6) (1) All *uestions at a meetin1 shall be decided by a ma;ority of votes of members $resent and votin1 shall be by raisin1 of hands in favour of the $ro$osal# (") In case of an e*uality of votes, the Chairman or, $residin1 officer shall have a second or castin1 vote# 72or2() 8) (1) 4ive members shall form the *uorum for any meetin1# (") If at any time fi(ed for any meetin1 or durin1 the course of any meetin1 a *uorum is not $resent, the Chairman or $residin1 officer shall ad;ourn the meetin1 and if a *uorum is not $resent after the e($iration of fifteen minutes from such ad;ournment, the $residin1 officer shall ad;ourn the meetin1 to such time on the follo)in1 or on such other future date as he may fi(# (3) If the meetin1 is ad;ourned to some future date due to lac8 of *uorum, fresh notice )ill be 1iven to the absentee members as to the date and time on )hich the ne(t meetin1 )ill be held# (6) 7o matter )hich had not been on the a1enda of the ori1inal meetin1 shall be discussed at such ad;ourned meetin1#

M!%2 #+) 7) (1) Record of the $roceedin1s of every meetin1 alon1 )ith the names of members )ho attended the meetin1 shall be 8e$t by the member<0ecretary in a boo8 maintained by him e(clusively for the $ur$ose# (") The minutes of the $revious meetin1 shall be read at the be1innin1 of every succeedin1 meetin1 and shall be confirmed and si1ned by the Chairman or $residin1 officer at such meetin1# (3) The $roceedin1s shall be o$en to ins$ection by any member at the office of the Central /oard durin1 office hours# M$!% $!%!%. or&#r $ (## !%.+) 8) The Chairman or $residin1 officer shall $reserve order at a meetin1# ,2+!%#++ o 3# r$%+$' #& $ $ (## !%.) 9) (1) 7o business shall be transacted in the meetin1 )ithout *uorum# (") E(ce$t )ith the $ermission of the Chairman or $residin1 officer, no business )hich is not entered in the a1enda or of )hich notice has not been 1iven by a member under sub< rule (9) of rule 3, shall be transacted at any meetin1# Or&#r o* 32+!%#++) 19) (1) At any meetin1 business shall be transacted in the order in )hich it is entered in the a1enda circulated to the members under sub<rule (3) of rule 3# (") Either at the be1innin1 of the meetin1 or after the conclusion of the debate on a motion durin1 the meetin1, the Chairman or $residin1 officer or a member may su11est a chan1e in the order of business as entered in the a1enda and if the ma;ority of the members $resent a1ree, the Chairman or $residin1 officer shall a1ree to such a chan1e# Pro'#&2r# *or r$%+$' !o% o* 32+!%#++ o* 'o((! ##+ 'o%+ ! 2 #& 34 h# ,o$r& 2%&#r +23-+#' !o% (1) o* +#' !o% 11) 11) (1) The time and $lace of the meetin1 of a committee constituted by the Central /oard under sub<section (1) of section 11 shall be as s$ecified by the Chairman of the committee# (") Provisions of Cha$ter " of these rules shall as far as $racticable, a$$ly to the meetin1s of the committees constituted under section 11#

CHAPTER III 12) A member of a committee other than a member of the /oard shall be $aid an allo)ance of ru$ees fifty if he is a resident of =elhi and ru$ees seventy<five (inclusive of daily allo)ance) and also travellin1 allo)ance at such rate as is admissible to a 1rade I

officer of the Central &overnment in the case of non<resident, for each day of the actual meetin1 of the committee )hich he attends > Pro:!&#& that in case of a 2ember of Parliament )ho is also a member of the Central /oard, the said daily and travellin1 allo)ances )ill be admissible )hen the Parliament is not in session and on $roduction of a certificate by the member that he has not dra)n any such allo)ance for the same ;ourney and halts from any other &overnment source#

CHAPTER I? TEMPORARY ASSOCIATION OF PERSONS ;IT- T-E CENTRAL ,OARD M$%%#r $%& <2r<o+# o* $++o'!$ !o% o* <#r+o%+ =! h h# C#% r$" ,o$r& 2%&#r +23+#' !o% (1) o* +#' !o% 12) 1/) The Central /oard may invite any $erson )hose assistance or advice is considered useful in $erformin1 any of its functions, to $artici$ate in the deliberations of any of its meetin1s or the meetin1s of a committee formed by it# F##+ $%& $""o=$%'#+ o 3# <$!& o +2'h #(<or$r4 $++o'!$ !o% o* <#r+o%+ 2%&#r +23+#' !o% (/) o* +#' !o% 12) 10) (1) If the $erson associated )ith the /oard under rule 13 ha$$ens to be a non< official resident in =elhi, he shall be entitled to 1et an allo)ance of ru$ees fifty $er day for each day of actual meetin1 of the Central /oard in )hich he is so associated# (") If such $erson is non<resident of =elhi, he shall be entitled to 1et an allo)ance of ru$ees seventy<five $er day (inclusive of daily allo)ance) for each day of actual meetin1 of the Central /oard )hen he is so associated and also to travellin1 allo)ance at such rates as is admissible to a 1rade I officer of the Central &overnment# (3) 7ot)ithstandin1 anythin1 in sub<rules (1) and (") if such $erson is a &overnment servant or an em$loyee in a &overnment underta8in1, he shall be entitled to travellin1 and daily allo)ances only at the rates admissible under the relevant rules a$$licable to him > Pro:!&#& that in case of a member of Parliament )ho is also a member of the Central /oard, the said daily and travellin1 allo)ances )ill be admissible )hen the Parliament is not in session and on $roduction of a certificate by the member that he has not dra)n any such allo)ance for the same ;ourney and halts from any other &overnment source#

CHAPTER ? ,UDGET OF T-E CENTRAL ,OARD For( o* 32&.# #+ !($ #+ 2%&#r +#' !o% /0) 16) (1) The form in )hich and time )ithin )hich the bud1et may be $re$ared and for)arded to the &overnment shall be as $rovided in 4orms I, II, III and I? of 0chedule I#

(") The estimated recei$ts and e($enditure shall be accom$anied by the revised bud1et estimates for the current year# (3) The bud1et shall, as far as may be, based on the account heads s$ecified in 0chedule II#

CHAPTER ?I ANNUAL REPORT OF T-E CENTRAL ,OARD For( o* $%%2$" r#<or 2%&#r +#' !o% /6) 18) The annual re$ort in res$ect of the year last ended 1ivin1 a true and full account of the activities of the Central /oard durin1 the $revious financial year shall contain the $articulars s$ecified in 0chedule III and shall be submitted to the Central &overnment by 19th of 2ay each year#

CHAPTER ?II ACCOUNT OF T-E CENTRAL ,OARD For( o* $%%2$" + $ #(#% o* $''o2% + o* h# C#% r$" ,o$r& 2%&#r +#' !o% /8) 17) The annual statement of accounts of the Central /oard shall be in 4orms ? to I@#

SCHEDULE I FORM I C#% r$" ,o$r& *or Pr#:#% !o% $%& Co% ro" o* ;$ #r Po""2 !o% =etailed /ud1et Estimates for the Aear 1 ##### B+ee rule 19C Ad$inistration (E($enditure) ,eads of Account Actuals for the past three years +anctioned esti$ate for the current year 1 ----Actuals of last six $onths i#e#, 1 ----1 ----Actuals of six $onths current year 1 -----

1 ----1 .

1 ----3

1 ----" 5 / 0

1evised esti$ate for the current year 1 2-!

%ud(et esti$ate for the next year 1 2-

3ariations between colu$ns 5 4 ! 16

3ariations between colu$ns ! 4 11

5xplanation for colu$ns 16 4 11 1.

FORM II C#% r$" ,o$r& *or h# Pr#:#% !o% $%& Co% ro" o* ;$ #r Po""2 !o% E+ $3"!+h(#% 0tatementDdetails of $rovision for $ay of officersDEstablishment for the year 1 ### < 1 ### B+ee rule 19C 1 7a$e and desi(nation . 1eference to pa(e of esti$ate fro$ 3 +anctioned pay of the post " A$ount of provision for the year at the rate in colu$n 3(c)

8ini$u$98axi$u$ Actual pay of the person concerned due on 1st April next year (a) (b) (c) 5 / 0

Incre$ent fallin( due within the year ;ate of 1at of A$ount of incre$ incre$ incre$ent ent (a) ent (b) for the year (c)

:otal provision for the year i-e- total of colu$ns "4 5(c)

1e$ar' s

FORM III C#% r$" ,o$r& *or h# Pr#:#% !o% $%& Co% ro" o* ;$ #r Po""2 !o% No(!%$" Ro""+ B+ee rule 19C
7a$e and de si( nat ion 1 pa y ;earness allowanc e City co$pensator y allowance ,o$e rent allowanc e 5 <ver ti$e allowanc e Children education allowanc e 0 =ave travel concessio n ! <ther allowance s tota l




FORM IV C#% r$" ,o$r& *or Pr#:#% !o% $%& Co% ro" o* ;$ #r Po""2 !o% (Abstract of 7ominal Rolls) B+ee rule 19C Actual sanctioned Particulars of posts +anctioned stren(th as on 1st bud(et (rant 8arch, 1 ---1 ---1 ---7o- of posts Pay and included allowances 1 . 3 " I# %fficers (a) Posts filled (b) Posts vacant Total I+%fficers II# Establishment (a) Posts filled (b) Posts vacant Total II+Establishment III# Class I@ (a) Posts filled (b) Posts vacant

Total III+Class I? &RA7= T%TAE+I, II A7= III 1evised 1 --7o- of posts included 5 5sti$ates 1 --Pay and allowances / %ud(et 1 --7o- of Posts included 0 5sti$ates 1 --Pay and allowances ! 5xplanation for the difference between sanctioned bud(et (rant revised esti$ates and bud(et esti$ates

SCHEDULE II ,UDGET AND ACCOUNT -EADS B+ee rule 19(3)C Ad$inistration Heads of Accounts (Expenditure) 1# "# 3# 6# 0alaries# Fa1es# Travel e($enses# %ffice e($enses > (a) 4urniture (b) Posta1e# (c) %ffice machinesDe*ui$ment# (d) Eiveries# (e) Hot and cold )eather char1es# (f) Tele$hones# (() Electricity and )ater char1es# (h) 0tationery (i) Printin1 (>) 0taff car and other vehicles# (') %ther items# 4ee and honoraria# Payment for $rofessional and s$ecial services# Rents, rates and ta(esDroyalty# Publications# Advertisin1 sales and $ublicity e($enses# &rants in aidDcontributionsDsubsidies# Hos$itality e($ensesDsum$tuary allo)ances, etc# PensionsD1ratuities Frite offDlosses# 0us$enses# E($enses in connection )ith the settin1 u$ and maintenance of the /oard laboratory# %ther char1es (a residuary head, this )ill also include re)ards and $ri'es)# -#$&+ o* A''o2% + (R#'#!< +) Payments by Central &overnment#

9# :# G# !# # 1H # 11 # 1" # 13 # 16 # 19 # 1: # 1#

"# 3#

4ees# 4ines and other recei$ts#

SCHEDULE III B+ee rule 1:C CENTRAL POLLUTION CONTROL ,OARD ANNUAL REPORT FOR T-E FINANCIAL YEAR A<r!" 1, 19))) o M$r'h /1, 19))) Cha$ter 1 Introduction# Cha$ter " Constitution of the /oard includin1 chan1es therein# Cha$ter 3 2eetin1 of the /oard )ith ma;or decisions ta8en therein# Cha$ter 6 Committees constituted by the /oard and their activities# Cha$ter 9 2onitorin1 7et)or8 for air, )ater and soil *uality# Cha$ter : Present state of environment, environmental $roblems and counter< measures# Cha$ter G Environmental Research# Cha$ter ! Environmental Trainin1# Cha$ter Environmental A)areness and Public Partici$ation# Cha$ter 1H Environmental 0tandards includin1 time schedule for their enforcement# Cha$ter 11# Prosecutions launched and convictions secured for environmental 1 $ollution control# Cha$ter 11# =irections 1iven for closure of $ollutin1 industrial units# " Cha$ter 1" 4inance and accounts of the /oard# Cha$ter 13 Annual Plan of the follo)in1 year# Cha$ter 16 Any other im$ortant matter dealt )ith by the Central /oard# A77E@IRE0 1# 2embers of the /oard# "# %r1ani'ation Chart# 3# 0taff stren1th includin1 recruitment# 6# Publications# 9# Trainin1 CoursesD0eminarsDFor8sho$s or1ani'ed or attended# :# Consents to establish industries, o$erations $rocesses+issuedDrefused# G# Consents to o$erate industries o$erations and $rocesses+issuedDrefused# JJJ