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, communication en hancement and customer experience improvement in many global businesses - establ ished its US headquarters in Atlanta in 2013 to serve the needs of US clients an d to grow the network of channel partners. Atlanta, GA, January 16, 2014 -- MatsSoft CEO Martin Scovell said: "We already h ave excellent US reseller relationships with Vodafone Global Enterprise, Retelig ence, Junction Solutions and XcelPros, so our US base now enables us to offer on -the-spot support." At a time when markets are stifled by prevailing economic conditions, price comp etition is fierce and customers are exercising their right to switch allegiance between brands more than ever before, companies can no longer rely on operationa l efficiency or product innovation as the only routes to success. "The key is for organizations to appraise and improve the interactions they have with their customers" explained Mr Scovell, "because these interactions determ ine the customer's perception of value, and the way in which they will share tha t experience, not just with immediate friends, contacts and colleagues but incre asingly with the wider public via social media." The importance of customer experience is clear. But the challenge now transcends multiple channels, says Mr Scovell: "Organizations that want to deliver great c ustomer experience need to improve processes that transcend multiple communicati on channels including call centers, web and mobile devices. That's something tha t Business Process Management software like MATS® is ideally suited for." MATS® is a highly scalable, user configurable software platform upon which busines s applications are rapidly built and deployed. Adopted globally by organizations as a toolkit to simplify and enhance business processes, MATS® combines the relia bility of a scalable and proven enterprise platform with low-cost delivery, mean ing that small teams and departments within companies can collaborate and innova te in a risk-free environment. "Next-generation BPM technology (which Gartner has termed 'iBPM') has a critical role to play in customer experience solutions, connecting and engaging people, both internally between staff and departments, and externally between organizati ons and their customers and partners," says Mr Scovell. "iBPM clarifies the visi bility of business processes that might have been obscured, improves the flow of information where there might have been blockages and delivers contextual manag ement information in real time to support better decision-making." "The key lies in connecting people with processes - marrying operational rigor w ith the empowerment of staff, managers and customers, through a better flow of i nformation and a greater level of control. This approach, exemplified by the MAT S® platform, brings process to life so that the true value gained from iBPM can be realized in terms of better business performance. Proven results range from imp roved conversion of sales enquiries to greater retention of customers, as well a s error reduction and lower staff turnover. One of the most important contributo rs to these objectives is customer experience management; this is an area where CIOs are increasingly focusing their attention, supporting initiatives that enha nce the customer experience." MatsSoft are leading a workshop at the Process Excellence Week conference, Orlan do, Florida January 20 - 22, 2014. The workshop explores how to achieve improved customer experience and better business outcomes through an empowered approach to managing business process. More details about the conference and the workshop are available at

Notes for editors: Martin Scovell is CEO of MatsSoft® Ltd, the software provider and the creator of M ATS®, a highly configurable, collaborative and measureable platform upon which bus iness applications are rapidly built and deployed. MATS® transforms the way all bu siness processes are built, used and measured, empowering people to improve cust omer experience and drive better business outcomes. MATS® is quickly and easily de ployable in a wide range of business environments to manage process, productivit y, governance, communications and business reporting. This empowers an organizat ion to be more efficient and innovative, whilst also offering complete visibilit y and control. Used globally across many business verticals, MATS® offers a proven and genuine alternative to costly and inflexible legacy IT systems. MatsSoft® is dedicated to continuous innovation to ensure the MATS® platform evolves to meet th e changing needs of businesses everywhere. Further information from and Contact: Richard McCann Friday's Media Group Atlanta, GA 0-845-500-1140

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