School Uniform Policy

Introduction: This policy has been drawn up through a collaborative process involving the Parents’ Association, School Staff and the Board of Management. It is important that our pupils learn to present themselves appropriately. A neat and tidy school uniform helps our pupils to understand the importance of presentation and helps them develop their self-esteem and self-confidence. St. Cronan’s B.N.S. endeavours to maintain the highest of standards in matters of dress code and personal appearance for all pupils in the school and it is expected at all times as it represents the standards set by our school for our pupils. Pupils’ Appearance: Parents should ensure that pupils comply with these standards in matters of general appearance, dress and hairstyles at all times during the school term. The school uniform is to be worn by pupils on all school days unless parents are notified in advance of a change. On P.E. days, pupils should wear the school tracksuit. It is understandable that from time to time a child may come to school without the correct uniform due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case, the child should bring a written note to school explaining the reason for not having the correct uniform. Any child who comes to school twice in one week without the correct uniform and without a note, will have their parents/guardians contacted directly by the school to explain the reason. School Uniform:  Grey Trousers  Grey Shirt & School Tie  Blue School Jumper with St. Cronan’s crest  Black school shoes and grey socks - recommended P.E. Uniform:  St. Cronan’s Track Suit top and bottoms  Grey Aertex t-shirt or St. Cronan’s GAA Jersey  Trainers/Runners During good weather, school shorts (along with Aertex T-shirt and tracksuit top) with a St. Cronan’s crest may be substituted for school trousers / track suit trousers. Other Considerations:  Please ensure that all uniform items are clearly labelled with your child’s name.    Earrings are not allowed Unorthodox/unusual hairstyles including artificial hair colour are not allowed. Hair should be a single natural colour, and without shaved patterns. Hair must be kept out of the eyes at all times and long hair must be tied back.

St. Cronan’s B.N.S.

St. Cronan’s B.N.S., Bray, Co. Wicklow – November 2012

Uniform Policy Acceptance Form
Please review the attached School Uniform Policy, sign and return this form to the Principal. This policy document is also available on the school website;

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I agree to abide by the School Uniform Policy. An adult has explained all of the details to me. Pupil’s Signature: Date: ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

As the parent or legal guardian of the above pupil, I have read and accept the terms of the School Uniform Policy. I accept the School Uniform Policy

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St. Cronan’s B.N.S., Bray, Co. Wicklow – November 2012