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Education Transfer Plan PROPOSAL

1) Please fill out this form electronically by downloading it from under Summer Fellowships, Fellowship Forms. 2) Complete, print, and share with your Mentor for signature. Due to Peer Coach on or before Thursday, July 2, 2007

PROPOSED ETP TITLE: Creating Web Based Tutorials FELLOW NAME: Rob Curry FELLOW SUMMER E-MAIL: SPONSOR COMPANY: National Semiconductor MENTOR NAME: Tansie Iwafuchi ABSTRACT (50 words or less summarizing of the focus of your project:) The fellow will adapt the skills learned during the fellowship into the creation of web-based lessons and tutorials for the fellow's students in 6th grade Language Arts and History. This will then be put online for student use in the fellow's district and beyond as free shareware.. PROPOSED ETP TYPE: Traditional-Integrate Technology Subject: Other--please explain GRADE LEVEL: Middle School

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If “Other,” please describe:Language Arts/Social Studies Core / Web Unit Describe the need your ETP idea will fulfill in your classroom, teaching, or school. What are the main objectives of your plan? Students who do not master the learning objective will be able to take a remedial tutorial leading to possible mastery. Likewise, students who are in need of accelerated instruction as part of their GATE plan will be able to "work ahead" in taking the tutorial unit and pass the related assessment component. Likewise, students who are absent or on independent study can do these tutorials remotely and fill in the gaps in their becoming proficient in the state standards. Describe how your ETP idea will align with NBC or State standards: See for NBC or C3

Page 2 of 3 for more information An example will be a Language Art's Writing Unit. Using the web based course building strategies, students would be engaged in a web based tutorial covering writing techniques based on the following standards: 1.0 Writing Strategies Students write clear, coherent, and focused essays. The writing exhibits students' awareness of the audience and purpose. Essays contain formal introductions, supporting evidence, and conclusions. Students progress through the stages of the writing process as needed. Organization and Focus 1.1 Choose the form of writing (e.g., personal letter, letter to the editor, review, poem, report, narrative) that best suits the intended purpose. 1.2 Create multiple-paragraph expository compositions: a. Engage the interest of the reader and state a clear purpose. b. Develop the topic with supporting details and precise verbs, nouns, and adjectives to paint a visual image in the mind of the reader. c. Conclude with a detailed summary linked to the purpose of the composition. 1.3 Use a variety of effective and coherent organizational patterns, including comparison and contrast; organization by categories; and arrangement by spatial order, order of importance, or climactic order. Research and Technology 1.4 Use organizational features of electronic text (e.g., bulletin boards, databases, keyword searches, e-mail addresses) to locate information. 1.5 Compose documents with appropriate formatting by using word-processing skills and principles of design (e.g., margins, tabs, spacing, columns, page orientation). Evaluation and Revision 1.6 Revise writing to improve the organization and consistency of ideas within and between paragraphs. Describe connections between your proposed ETP and your Summer Fellowship. In the Summer fellowship, I learned to create web based learning units for industry using Power Point and the commercial product, ReadyGo (a web course autoring software application). I will use Power Point and web development products, such as Front Page, Dreamweaver or the free Mozilla Composer, to create student tutorials for the subjects I teach, Language Arts and Social Studies. What kinds of materials or resources will you need to develop or gather in order to make your ETP a success? (supplies, personnel, equipment, etc., needed for the project--Make sure this is realistic for your school site.) Use of existing computers and hoped for 2 new internet ready classroom computers for students to take the tutorials in class, especially for those who do not have access to technology at home. Give a basic overview of your plan: The plan will help to differentiate instruction as needed for the wide variety of different learners in my school. C3

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What kinds of assessments or evaluations do you have in mind? (rubrics, surveys, evaluation forms, etc.) Student performance could be assessed by the improvement in formal assessment, such as the currently used QuizLab assessment product I have successfully used in my classrooms for over 5 years. I would also have students fill in Gantt charts showing their progress in subject area mastery.

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