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IISME Daily Notes

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Rob Curry
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IISME Fellowship at National Semiconductor

Week #3 ~ Day #1: Monday July 9, 2007

Week #4 ~ Day #1
Arrived 7:15AM Monday July 16, 2007
• Arrived at 7:55
Lots of tasks to do • Met with Julie to go over
Very busy… revisions for flow charts.
Had access to Visio finally and I did the flowcharts as requested Made revisions and finished
Worked on Purchasing web course task.
Verified country codes…YU is no longer Yugoslavia…CS for • Met with Tansie to go over
Serbia and Montenegro in its place web courses. Started making

Week #4 ~ Day #2
Daily iisme Blog
Tuesday July 17, 2007
Week #3 ~ Day #2: Tuesday July 10, 2007

Arrived 7:35AM Will work through lunch to leave by 3:30 for a dentist
Week #4 ~ Day #3
Continued work on Purchasing web course…using suggestions by Wednesday July 18, 2007
Scanned some forms for Tansie…it refreshed my memory as to Mid-Summer Meeting at SCCOE
how to scan 8-Noon
Attempted to use PPT outline into course builder tutorial using MS Dentist Appt at 2-4PM
Word to edit…link to photos, charts and other resources Work on ETP for 4 hours on my and own time
Week #2 ~ Day #4
Used Visio to make class seating chart
Thursday July 19, 2007
Daily iisme Blog
Day #3: Wednesday July 11, 2007
Got here at 7:40. Week #2 ~ Day #5 Friday
Attended brown-bag talk by the CEO…it was pretty interesting but
went on for about 2 hours July 20, 2007
Figured out how to include clip art and other graphics to the
Ready/Go courses. Finished one course…should finish the other Arrived at
on Thursday. I briefly met Julie…said she’d talk to me in a few at
about 3:50 but had some pressing things to do…I waited 20
minutes past 9 hours before I left. Perhaps tomorrow.

Day #4: Thursday July 12, 2007

Got here at 7:58…call it 8AM…only 30 min lunch so I will leave at
4:30PM. Lunch with the other iismes.
Briefly met with Julie. She has flow charts to modify and she will
get them to me to refine eventually.

Big project deadline for Tansie and Julie due Friday, so I am going
to not bother them for the rest of the week.

I need to find out how to save and then send the completed
course, including the zip file with the graphics. For some reason, it
won’t attach though it did previously.

Day #5: Friday July 12, 2007

Arrived at 8:00 AM
Lunch 11:55-12:25

Worked on Web Course…Stephen suggested ways around attachment obstacle.

Late in the day, Julie brought me the flow charts to redo in VISIO.
I did the first one today. The other will wait until Monday.

R Curry/ETP Development Process

I developed web-based courses using the NSC Ready/Go program. For my

ETP, I have used my new-found skills to replicate a similar web course
development using Dreamweaver and Mozilla Composer.

Using web editors, such as MS Word (at NSC), Dreamweaver and Mozilla
Composer (on my own computers), I designed a template for the class
tutorials and started inserting content, links and questions.
See project, now online, at
Since I do not have access to any web editor other than MS Word at the
worksite, I will need to work on much of the ETP plan off site. Whatever I do
at NSC, ends up having to be redone later.

For the content, I am using chapter summaries from the district’s adopted
text programs.
The images are linked to their source on the web and can serve as catalysts
of interest for the students as they browse them.