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IISME Daily Notes

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Rob Curry
Exports and Customs Analyst
IISME Teacher Fellow
Building 19
(408) 721-2905

Week #2 ~ Day #1 Monday June 25th

•Arrived 7:03AM

•Checked email…set up signature on email and confirmed iisme nsc lun
IISME Fellowship at National Semiconductor for Thurs at Noon at Café 180

•Finished NSU Web creator tutorial~ Took tutorial quiz…2 X. Passed on

Week #1 ~ Day #1: Monday June 18, 2007 •Looked at ways to incorporate power point /web build transfer protoco
term) to putting my lesson planning on line

•Modifying class web with MS Word
•Happy to be at nsc •Discussed my ETP plan with Tansie and got additional tasks to work on
creating flow charts
•Orientation 8:30-10:45
• LUNCH (12-12:28): bbq beef burrito from Roach Coach (pretty good a
•Started work on cross checking numbers of items vs. new
only $3)
2007 Customs id #s • Worked on Flow Chart
• Left at 4PM
•Lunch at cafeteria with mentor, Noon-12:45

•Conference Call Group meeting, met group head Julie by
phone from NC
Week #2 ~ Day #2 Tuesday June 26th

•No access to Yahoo email for virus protection… •Arrived 7:23AM
•My wife called and was frantic as I accidentally took the keys for her car.
•Finished day 1 Project…I realize that I am getting old(er)—I
need non-bifocal reading glasses! •I had to run the keys home right away and got back by 8:52.

•Left at 5PM •I will only take a short lunch break today and that in the bldg 19 break room. Brough

· Effort to check out VISIO on Microsoft tutorials not possible because the computer
Daily iisme Blog not have the needed patch for Flash
· Continued reviewing of transferability of learned strategies to the school setting
Day #2: Tuesday June 19, 2007 · Met Raff, the department member not here during week #1.
· Tried to fax ET to IISME peer coach ~ it did not go through. I will have to pay to do
Kinko’s instead.
•Plan to arrive early did not work– I had to double back home to pick up Key terms from tutorials with great transferability to education:
my ID badge. Arrived 8:10am
Needs Assessment
•Taking online tutorial for Ready Go! What is needed?
Performance Gap
•No access to Yahoo!360 blog, so I will do a daily update on .ppt and Gathering Data
email it out. Focus Groups to determine things effectiveness

• Design
Well-Focused Learning Objectives
•Lunch: Cafeteria Patty Melt and Onion Rings, Lemonade Effective Structure
Sequence of Learning Content and Activities
• Appropriate methods of Learner Assessment and Course Evaluation
•I have taken the tutorial already and will review it again to get a better feel
for it.
Refreshing my memory of the position as posted: (from
• Created a huge power point and it turned out it needed to be much
smaller and concise…started truncating it and will finish on Wednesday. Position Export and Customs Analyst (National)
•Left at 5PM Position • Provide maintenance and support for the Export and Customs Administratio
Description: website • Assist in completing an on-line database form for internal shipment
to gather technical datasheets and submit them to the United States governm
review • Facilitate contacting NSC groups to determine the technologies they
Daily iisme Blog posted on external websites for further classification; will include tracking the
meetings • Special projects as assigned
Day #3: Wednesday June 20, 2007
Location: Sunnyvale/Santa Clara
Sponsor: National Semiconductor
•I arrived at 7:30AM Sponsor 1130 Kifer Road
• First task: Work on truncated ppt

•Second Task: Revise PPT Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Department: Export and Customs Administration
•I now have access to ReadyGo aaaa-aca4-anbc-v96-5abt Checked it Department We assist the company in determining the legal requirement that must be me
out…a bit more challenging than I anticipated Description: National Semiconductor to comply with United States import and export regu
Position Web page design
•Lunch: Brown bag…spaghetti, banana, Diet Pepsi Field:
Special travel Flextime is an option
•Took NSU online course on creating on-line courses or work
–Plan to finish on Wednesday Preferred Front Page experience Website management experience (we use Serena Co
education, HTML and or Java skills preferred
•Started creating ReadyGo course before NSU course was available so I including
will redo…learning process required
and desirable
•I feel that I am really doing worthwhile stuff now! computer
•I am going to adapt Gantt charts for student use to keep track of their Other Please note: citizens of Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, or North Korea are not
progress. desirable for this position.
skills or
•Left 4:15PM expertise:
U.S. No
Thursday June 21 Training The teacher will have access to website management training through on-lin
First Day of Summer received: corporate tutoring, we may also pay for outside class. The teacher will also re
some experience in working with technical groups and deciphering national
•Arrived at 7:20AM Semiconductor data sheets.
Position Background Check
•Checked notes from Tansie and checked email requirements:
Position 06/18/2007 - 08/10/2007
•Will work on studying web developer course tenure:
Position Filled
•Lunch was BBQ at Noon Status:

•Will be putting PPT’s into ReadyGo…first major task Tansie said no Had 10 minute lunch 11:50-12 Noon
worry about how quickly, so quality over speed

•Continued studying Web Developers online course NSC Time
7:20-7:45 = 0:25
–Need Assessment 8:50-11:50 = 3:00
12:00-4:15 = 4.15
–Performance Gap +____
•Gather Data
–Use Focus Groups

–Design 7:45-8:50 = 1:05

Thursday June 21
First Day of Summer

•Continued studying Web Developers online course
Week #2 ~ Day #3 Wednesday June 27th

Arrived 7:28AM
–Design (sounds like eduspeak to me)
Scanned Export License
•Well-focused learning objectives HP Director à Scan Document (not image) àSave As .pdf àemail the .p
•Well-focused learning objectives
to Tansie (I can’t add it directly to G Drive)
•Effective structure and sequence of learning content and activities
Delivered documents and boxes. To other buildings
–Learn / Do/ Check Worked at length with Ready/Go projects
–Create A Chapter Outline
Left at 4PM to send IISME ETP plan to Peer Coach
»use it to organize your source materials
NSCè 7:30AM – 12:00PM = 4.5
•Appropriate methods of learner assessment and course evaluation 12:30PM -- 3:30PM =3.0
TOTAL 7.5 hours

Web Developer Applications IISME è 3:30-4PM = 0.5 hours

•Process in Business and Education are much the same Lunch è 12:00 – 12:30PM = 0.5 hours

•Design (see next slide) is simple and consistant
Week #2 ~ Day #4 Thursday June 28, 2007

Arrived at 7:20AM
Friday June 22
Received email instructions from Julie to update the Global Export intranet Co
•Arrived at 7:20AM sent timesheet to mentor Page. I am looking forward to it. We are waiting on the various locations to s
the updated info and to find out if I can get use of Front Page when it comes t
•Continued Tutorial do the updating.

•Tweaked DPL and Purchasing courses in Ready Go…how do you see
web preview??

•IISME community meeting 12:15-1:10

•Quick lunch…1:15-1:25…hope to leave about 3:45 with extra work time

•Revised Back to School PPT using title/text that shows up in outline

•Figured out how to preview web version

•Did ETP draft and sent to mentor

•Did +/- chart on frames web or frameless
Friday June 22

•Frames vs Frameless for class web pages and web courses

– Mozilla not frame compatable

– ReadyGo model uses frames

•Navigation is easier to find with frames

– If Dreamweaver is on all my machines, than it can be used to revise and
reuse templates with frames

– Checked many commercial webs…most are frameless

– From what other NSC iisme fellows said, it seems that I work in the most
focused and task-oriented dept. Many others talk how they are in places
where most talk is NOT job related. I find that good!