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UNIT I INTRODUCTION 9 Definition of logistics – Concepts – Definitions – Approaches – Factors affecting logistics – Evolution – Scope – Importance and decision phases – Drivers of SC performance and obstacles in supply chain – Basic tasks of supply chain – The new corporate model. UNIT II LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT 9 Factors – Modes of transportation – Design options for transportation networks – Routing and scheduling – Inbound and outbound logistics – Reverse logistics – 3PL – Integrated logistics model – Activities – Measuring logistics cost and performance – Warehouse management – The new paradigm – The modular company – The network relations – Supply chain procurement process – Distribution management – Case analysis. UNIT III EVOLUTION OF SUPPLY CHAIN MODELS 9 Distribution in supply chain – Factors in distribution network design – Design options – Network design in supply chain – Framework for network decisions – Managing cycle inventory and safety – Strategy and structure – Factors of supply chain – Manufacturing strategy stages – Supply chain progress – Model for competing through supply chain management – PLC grid – Supply chain redesign – Linking supply chain with customer. UNIT IV SOURCING AND PRICING IN A SUPPLY CHAIN 9 Cross functional drivers – Role of sourcing in a supply chain – Logistics providers – Procurement process – Supplier selection – Design collaboration – Role of pricing and revenue management in a supply chain. UNIT V INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND COORDINATION IN A SUPPLY CHAIN 9 The role of IT in supply chain – The supply chain IT frame work – Customer relationship management – Supplier relationship management – Future of IT in supply chain – E-Business in supply chain – Bullwhip effect – Effect of lack of co-ordination in supply chain – Building strategic partnerships – CPFR. TOTAL: 45 TEXT BOOKS: Year of Sl.No. Author(s) Title of the book Publisher publication Sunil Chopra Supply Chain Management 1 PHI 5th Edition 2012 Peter Meindl Strategy Planning and operation Copenhagen Business Managing the Global Supply 2 Schary P B and Larsen T S School Press; 3rd 2007 Chain edition REFERENCE BOOKS: Year of Sl.No. Author(s) Title of the book Publisher publication Cengage Learning; 2nd 1 Jeremy F Shapiro Modelling the Supply Chain 2006 edition Simchi Levi D Kaminsky P Designing and Managing the McGraw Hill 2 2008 Simchi Levi E Supply Chain 3rd Edition Handbook of Supply Chain Auerbach Publications 3 James Ayers J B 2006 Management New York 4 John T Mentzer Supply Chain Management SAGE 2001 John Joseph Coyle C John Langley Supply Chain Management: Cengage Learning 9th 5 Brian J Gibson A Logistics Perspective edition Robert A Novack Edward J Bardi WEB URLs: 1. 2. 3. – 4. 5.