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Map 50 Macedonia

Compiled by E.N. Borza, 1994 Introduction
Map 50 Macedonia Map 51 Thracia

The single most valuable guide to Greek and Roman settlements as far east as Philippi is Papazoglou (1988). While ostensibly a treatment of Roman towns in Macedonia, it incorporates considerable information about pre-Roman periods at many sites, and includes exhaustive and valuable notes on the ancient sources and modern scholarship. Although now largely supplanted by Papazoglou on the treatment of individual sites and the road system, Hammond (1972) presents a comprehensive overview of the historical geography and topography of Macedonia. For Chalcidice, Zahrnt’s (1971) study emphasizes pre-Roman periods. TIR Philippi, covering those parts of Thrace lying within modern Greece, is generally accurate and has comprehensive bibliographies. Isaac (1986) is a useful survey with references to the ancient sources and modern scholarship. Since the 1920s much of Thrace, especially the Chersonese, has been a military zone, with the result that archaeological survey and excavation have been severely restricted. TIR Naissus provides information about hundreds of Roman sites within the modern state of Macedonia; for areas within Greece today, however, it is less reliable. References to south Slavic scholarly investigations more recent than those listed by it can be found in MAA and ArchIug. On the Greek side, two annual publications cover continuing archaeological work in the region: the summaries of recent work cited in BCH, and the archaeologists’ own reports in AEMT. RE remains a comprehensive guide to the ancient evidence for toponyms. The ancient courses of the principal rivers flowing into the central Macedonian plain are largely conjectural because over the centuries they have frequently shifted in this highly alluviated region. The extent of the lake below Pella–even its very existence in antiquity–is a matter of dispute. I do not follow Hammond’s reconstruction (1972, 142-52) here in several respects, since our views differ on the sea levels in antiquity relative to modern times. To illustrate this constantly changing environment, the map marks the approximate coastline in the late fourth century B.C., and again in the mid-second century A.D.; by the latter period, alluviation had progressed sufficiently to support a major Roman highway from the Pierian coastal plain to Thessalonica. It would be well-nigh impossible to cite in detail the scholarly literature for the placement of all the segments of ancient road marked. The methods by which such roads are reconstructed in this part of the Balkans–with varying degrees of confidence–often depend upon a multiplicity of interlocking evidence, including archaeological remains of roads, stations, bridges and milestones, as well as literary references. Autopsy, too, has been significant in some instances. For the most important route across the lower Balkans in antiquity, the Via Egnatia, TIR Naissus, TIR Philippi and RE should be consulted; on the details of some western sections of this road, see Hammond (1982; 1983) and Gounaropoulou (1985). Considerable detail on Macedonia is offered also in the sections on historical geography in Hammond (1972) and Hatzopoulos (1987; 1989). Thrace is less well served, both because of the remoteness of much of the region and because it has been less studied. TIR Philippi offers an excellent map and useful indexes, and the individual entries have the advantage of being well researched and up to date. Valuable discussions (with maps) of many other roads are to be found in Collart’s study of the vicinity of Philippi (1937), Samsares’ monograph on the historical geography of eastern Macedonia (1976), Hoddinott’s study of ancient Bulgaria (1975), and the presentation of evidence relating to roads in IGBulg and CIL III. Elaborate Macedonian tombs dot the countryside; many are found in places where there are no known ancient settlements. The absence of such evidence, however, may indicate only that the settlement has yet to be discovered. Even so, it remains problematic whether the Macedonians consistently built tombs in conjunction with a settlement. It is possible that these are to be found along roads, too, or in the countryside far from any town, in the manner of Etruscan and many Roman tombs.

145-46 Papazoglou 1988. Lex. Papazoglou 1988.464-65 TIR Naissus 13 ATL 1. 362-63 TIR Naissus 18 Papazoglou 1988. Axios Galatista Vasilikotikos 3 miles N Nea Kallikrateia Tremnik? MAC Aphytos S shore Lake Volve. 131-35 ATL 1. 337-39 TIR Naissus 19. Mihailov (ed. 190-91 Hammond 1972. 1993 Names Grid B3 A1 C3 A3 A4 B4 C4 C4 D4 D4 C3 A3 B3 C3 D4 D4 D4 B2 D4 D3 A1 D2 D3 B1 A1 B1 A2 A1 B1 D1 B1 Name Acerdos ‘Adcephalon’ Ad Decimum Ad Duodecimum Aiane Aigeai § Aigai(a) Aineia Aineion Pr. Tabula Imperii Byzantini 6. Hatzopoulos 1994. Sofia.). Lex. NH 4. Astraia? § Aestrienses Audaristos § Euristus Axios fl. 190 Papazoglou 1988. 4 vols. Hammond 1972. 1976 Tabula Imperii Romani K 35. NPauly Papazoglou 1988. Athens. 152-54. 145 Zahrnt 1971.465. 339-41 . NPauly Papazoglou 1988. Thrakien.. 337-39 Papazoglou 1988. NPauly 3 Papazoglou 1988. 428. Aioleion Aisa § Haisa § Lisai Allante § Atalante Almopia Aloros Amphax(it)is Anthemous Anthemous fl. 323-26 Papazoglou 1988. 3 Hammond 1983. Hakkert. I. 311-12 Papazoglou 1988. Hammond 1972. Apostolou 1988. 174-77 Zahrnt 1971. 333-35 Pliny. 1991 Tabula Imperii Romani K 34. Inscriptiones Graecae in Bulgaria Repertae. Thessalonike. DenkWien 221. 122-23 Hammond 1972. 1973-89. 218-22. 142-53. Naissus. Dyrrhachion–Scupi–Serdica–Thessalonike. Antigoneia Antigoneia? Aphytis Apollonia Argos Ar(r)olos § Arauros § [Arason] Asseros Astibos Astibos fl. Philippi. 1956-70 P. 84 (n. Banja Bansko Bargala Period RL RL RL RL ACHR ACHR ACH C C CHR CH CHR CHR CHR HR HRL ACHR CHRL RL RL RL R HRL R ACHRL CHRL R RL RL Modern Name / Location near Meliki near Basino Selo MAC Nea Anchialos 1 mile SE Dhrosia 1 mile NE Aiane Vergina Nea Michaniona Cape Touzla Bottike Nea Kallikrateia? 2 miles W Chalkedon Moglena Kypsele? E bank R. Vienna. Zahrnt 1971. near Polina 5 miles NW Stobi MAC 2 miles NW Kalo Kastro Assiros? Stip MAC Bregalnica MAC Radovište MAC Drenovo? MAC Axios / Vardar GRE / MAC MAC BUL Goren Kozjak? MAC Reference Papazoglou 1988. Papazoglou 1988.. 1978-93 G. 169-72 Hatzopoulos 1987 37-40.35 Papazoglou 1988. 1 Karamitrou-Mentesside 1989. NPauly TIR Naissus 20-21 TIB Thrakien 188 Papazoglou 1988. 182-83 Papazoglou 1988. 419-20 Papazoglou 1988. Soustal. Proceedings of the International Symposia on Ancient Macedonia. 327 ItMiller 580 RE 1. 4) Hakkert.762 MAP 50 MACEDONIA Directory All place names are in Greece unless otherwise noted Abbreviations AM 1-5 IGBulg TIB Thrakien TIR Naissus TIR Philippi Arkhaia Makedonia. 5 vols. Ljubljana. 32 Andronikos 1984.

92-93 Pazaras 1990 Papazoglou 1988.4. 148. Dysoron Gallikos Edessa Isar-Marvinci? MAC middle Haliakmon valley 3 miles E Kozani Mavroneri Reference Strabo 7. 93-94 TIR Naissus 39 TIR Naissus 40 TIR Naissus 40 TIR Naissus 41 TIR Naissus 41. Echeidoros fl. Papazoglou 1988. Hammond 1972. Anchialos? Khalkidike Drymos? fort and mine to W MAC fortified refuge MAC BUL fortified settlement MAC settlement. Bašino Selo Begnište *Begorra = Bokeria Begorritus L. Sokolovska 1978. 308-10 RE Καµβούνια Hatzopoulos 1989. 127-31 Sokolovska 1980. 177-80 Hammond 1972. Vermion CHR C RL CHR HRL AC RL RL RL R RL CHRL AC ACHRL CHRL R R RL RL RL RL R?L lower Haliakmon plain central Macedonian plain Khalkidike Metallikon 4 miles S Nea Syllata Titov Veles MAC Pieria Mts. 200-201 Papazoglou 1988. 350 Hammond 1972. Zahrnt 1971. NPauly Chalkidike Hatzopoulos 1989. Tiberios 1990 RE 2. 124-27 Zahrnt 1971. Hammond 1972. 181-82 PECS. 186 RE Hammond 1972. 164-65 Hammond 1972. Edessa (E)Idomene § Idomenenses Elimeia § Elimiotis Elimia Emathia = Botti(ai)a Enipeios fl. Doiran Doliche Doljani Dolni Balvan Dolno Čičevo Drvoš Duodea Dysoron M. Voras Kaimatsala MAC MAC Lake Vegorritis RL CHRL RL HR MAC Veroia lower R. 141-48. 117-18 TIR Naissus 44 TIR Naissus 45 TIR Naissus 45-46 TIR Naissus 49 TIR Naissus 49 RE. 111 ATL 1. Bermion M. 148 Hammond 1972. Berovo Ber(r)oia § Beroea Bisaltia Bogdanci Bokeria/ *Begorra Bolbe L. 116-23.7. 249-54 TIR Naissus 52 . 196 Papazoglou 1988. TIR Naissus 51 Papazoglou 1988. Borza 1989 763 CHRL CHRL HR ACHR RE Papazoglou 1988. 90-91. 351-55 TIR Naissus 27-28 PECS Farangi. = Bora M. Lauffer 1989. Period L RL Modern Name / Location Mt. 153-54. Papazoglou 1988. Tataki 1988 Papazoglou 1988. Strymon basin MAC Pharangi? Lake Volve Mt.482-83. fort MAC Epanome? Malathria / Dion Bansko? MAC Strumitsa BUL / MAC Doliche fortified settlement MAC MAC MAC fortified village and fort MAC by Lake Koroneia Mt. 162-63 TIR Naissus 25 Papazoglou 1988. Papazoglou 1988.MAP 50 MACEDONIA Grid A3 A1 A2 A3 C1 B3 D2 C2 A3 D3 A3 C3 B3 D4 C2 D4 A1 A4 C3 D4 C3 B1 B2 D1 A1 B2 C4 B4 C2 D2 C2 B4 B1 B1 A1 C1 D3 C2 C3 B3 B2 A4 A4 B4 Name Barnous M. 54 TIR Naissus 23 TIR Naissus 23 TIR Naissus 23. 171-78. Borboros? Botti(ai)a/ Emathia Bottike Bragylai § Bragylos Brea § Beria Bylazora? Cambunii M. Chalastra Chalcidice Charakoma Damjan Davidovo Dausara = Euboia Debrene Delisinci Demir Kapija Dikaia Diokletianoupolis = Pella Dion Doberos Doberos fl. Papazoglou 1988. 191-92 Hatzopoulos 1989. Bora/ Bermion M. 328-33 Hammond 1972.

33-38 TIR Naissus 62 Papazoglou 1988. 154-56 TIR Naissus 64 TIR Naissus 65 Papazoglou 1988. Papazoglou 1988. 172-73 Papazoglou 1988. Gigonos Gjuzemelci Glišič Gortynia § Gordynia § Gordinia(e) Gradec Gradište Grljane Grnčište Gujinovci Gurbita § Cubita Hadži Hamzali Haliakmon fl. 106-10. 193-94 C . Euboia/ Dausara Europos Europos Gallicum Genderros *Geneatae Gephyra Gigonis Pr. 224-25. 154 Papazoglou 1988. 32) TIR Naissus 61 RE. Khortiatis W Khalkidike TIR Naissus 68 TIR Naissus 69 TIR Naissus 69 TIR Naissus 69 Borza 1989. Savvopoulou 1989 Papazoglou 1988.764 Grid A3 A2 B3 B3 C3 C3 B3 A2 C3 D4 D4 A1 B2 C2 B1 A2 C1 A1 B1 A1 B1 A4 D3 D2 C4 C3 C2 D2 A4 D2 D3 C3 D3 C4 D2 B2 C2 D2 D3 D4 Name Eordaia Erigon fl. 114-15 Papazoglou 1988. Vokotopoulou 1986 BCH 116 (1992) 904 Papazoglou 1988. 104-10 Papazoglou 1988. 290-91 TIR Naissus 56 TIR Naissus 56 Zahrnt 1971. 87 (n. 60-61 Hammond 1972. Hatzopoulos 1989. 191-93. 181-82 TIR Naissus 59 TIR Naissus 59 TIR Naissus 60 TIR Naissus 60-61 TIR Naissus 61 ItMiller 572. 363 BUL village and sanctuary MAC settlement and mine MAC Lake Kerkines Mt. Axios crossing Cape Gigonis 2 miles W Nea Kallikrateia MAC fortified settlement MAC Gevgelija? MAC fortified settlement MAC fortified settlement MAC MAC fortified settlement MAC basilica and cemetery MAC NW Stobi MAC MAC Haliakmon Konios Neo Petritsi? Platamon Kouphalia? settlement and mines MAC BUL Kaisareia? BUL Kalamoto Reference Hammond 1972. 179-80 TIR Naissus 56 TIR Naissus 57 Papazoglou 1988. 180-81. ‘Heracleustibus’ Herakleia Sintike Herakleion Ichnai Idomene = (E)Idomene Ilovica Janovo Kaisareia Kalimanci Kalindoia § Alindoia § Tripoiai Kalokhori Kapatsi Kassandreia = Poteidaia Katerini Katunci Kavadarci Kazandol Kerkinitis L. 248-49 TIR Naissus 66 Zahrnt 1971. TIR Naissus 52 RE Papazoglou 1988. Vermion Crna MAC Sevastiana? Chryse? Europos Philadelphiana? Mylotopos? near Vitolište MAC R. Kissos M. 368-71 Papazoglou 1988. Borza 1992. Kithas § Kissos § Skithai Kitron = Pydna Period CHRL L HR ACHRL RL HRL R?L C RL RL CHRL L L R RL RL RL L RL CHRL CHR ACHR RL RL L RL CH R R R RL RL R MAP 50 MACEDONIA Modern Name / Location W Mt. 187 Zahrnt 1971. 130 Papazoglou 1988.

181-82. 142-50 Hammond 1972.MAP 50 MACEDONIA Grid C3 A1 C2 A4 C3 B1 C4 B1 B3 C1 C4 C3 B1 B3 B3 A2 C1 A2 B1 D4 D3 A2 C4 B3 C3 B2 A1 D2 D3 C1 D1 D3 C2 B4 B4 D4 A1 C2 D4 D1 C2 C1 Name Klitai Kneže Kosturino Kozani Krestonia Krivi Dol Krousis § Krossaie Krupište Kyrros § Scurio Laki Leibethra Lete Lezovo Loudias fl. Vardar MAC Kassandra / Pallene HRL HRL L Sandanski? BUL upper plain of R. Macedonia Maidoi Majdan Mečkuevi Mekyberna Mellissurgin Melnica Methone Mieza Moryllos Mrežičko Mrzen Muletarovo Mygdonia Negrevo *Neine Nikoklei Novi Dojran *Oblostos Olympus M.98. 365 (n. 150-52 Hatzopoulos 1989 TIR Naissus 88 TIR Naissus 89 TIR Naissus 89 Hammond 1972. Papazoglou 1988. Loudias L. 51-52 (no.2262-85. RE TIR Naissus 83 TIR Naissus 84 Zahrnt 1971. Olympos Nea Olynthos NE middle R. 186-90 TIR Naissus 75 Papazoglou 1988. 94) Papazoglou 1988. 224 TIR Naissus 85 Hatzopoulos 1990 PECS. 113-14 RE. Karamitrou-Mentesside 1989 Hammond 1972. 195-98 . 371-75 Papazoglou 1988. 350 Rizakes 1985. 252-55. 184-85 TIR Naissus 71 TIR Naissus 74 Papazoglou 1988. Olynthos Paionia § Paiones Palatianon Pallene/ Phlegra Paroikopolis/ Parthikopolis Parorbelia Parthikopolis = Paroikopolis Pehčevo Period CHR RL RL AHCR L L CHR RL HR ACHR L Modern Name / Location NE Lake Pikrolimne fortified settlement MAC MAC N Thessalonike fortified settlement MAC W Khalkidike fortified settlement MAC Arabessos? fortified settlement MAC Leptokarya? Lete MAC Loudias central Macedonian plain GRE / MAC middle Strymon valley BUL / MAC settlement and mine MAC fortified settlement MAC Molivopirgos Gerakarou? settlement and mine MAC N Nea Agathoupolis vicinity of Kopanos Ano Apostoloi MAC fortified settlement MAC BUL N Khalkidike settlement and mines MAC near Ilindenci BUL MAC Servia? Mt. TIR Naissus 97 RE 3 IGBulg 4. 376 Papazoglou 1988. Strymon fortified settlement and mine MAC Reference Papazoglou 1988. Tsakalou-Tzanavari 1989 TIR Naissus 79 Hammond 1972. 3-18 Thuc. 346-48 TIR Naissus 99 765 CHRL CHR RL? RL AC RL RL ACHR CH HR L RL R CHR L R R RL R AC HR ACHR HRL . 152-54 TIR Naissus 77 Papazoglou 1988. 37) RE 1 RE. Papazoglou 1988. PECS Papazoglou 1988. 307-308 RE Hammond 1972. 179-82 TIR Naissus 75 Zahrnt 1971. 2. 203-204 Papazoglou 1988. Hammond 1972.2. 182-86 TIR Naissus 90 Papazoglou 1988. 142-50 Hammond 1972.

Chrysostomou 1987 Hammond 1972.766 Grid C3 Name Pella/ Diokletianoupolis § Bounomos § Bounomeia Pella Perraibia Pešternica Petra Petralinci Petrovo Phakos Phlegra = Pallene Pieria Pimpleia Piperica Pirava Pleume Poteidaia/ Kassandreia Prdejci Pydna Pydna/ Kitron Pythion Rabrovo Rakle Razlog Razlovci Resava Rhaikelos § Rhakelos Rožden Sane Scurio Sindos § Sinthos Sinos § Sinelon Sintia Sintike § Sintes § Sintoi Skačinci Skotoussa Skydra Smojmirovo Sofilari Solenas Šopur Spančevo Spartolos Stenas Period ACHR/ L H L HRL RL L HR CHR HR R RL C AC HR R ACH RL R CHR RL L RL L RL AC RL C RL ACHR C MAP 50 MACEDONIA Modern Name / Location Arkhaia Pella Reference Papazoglou 1988. 135-41 StByz Πέλλα PECS. 117-18 TIR Naissus 100 RE 4. Olympus fortified settlement MAC Petra pass settlement and church MAC fortified settlement MAC near Pella N and E Mt. Papazoglou 1988. Papazoglou 1988. 141 Vokotopoulou 1985. 106-108 Papazoglou 1988. Zahrnt 1971. 106-108 Hammond 1972. Papazoglou 1988. 101 (n. 230-31 Hammond 1972. 381-82 Papazoglou 1988. 201 ATL 1. 213-14 Alexander 1963. 1) Papazoglou 1988. BCH 110 (1986) 718-19.548-49. 424-26 TIR Naissus 103 Papazoglou 1988. 198. Zahrnt 1971. 117-18 TIR Naissus 105 TIR Naissus 106 TIR Naissus 108. 219-21. 366-68 TIR Naissus 115 Papazoglou 1988. Olympus 2 miles S Dion BUL settlement and sanctuary MAC NW Khalkidike Nea Potidaia settlement and sanctuaries MAC near Makriyialos near Kitros Pythion? settlement and mine MAC MAC BUL fortified settlement MAC MAC near Aineia settlement and mine MAC Cape Pirgos near Kariatissa Nea Ankhialos? NW Khalkidike near Petrich BUL CHR L CHR HR RL RL CH RL RL C CHRL R. 103-105 Papazoglou 1988. BCH 114 (1990) 790 Hammond 1972. Papazoglou 1988. 366-68 Hammond 1972. Zahrnt 1971. Papazoglou 1988. 197-98. 172 C3 A4 B1 B4 C2 B2 C3 B3 B4 D2 C2 D4 D4 B2 C4 C4 B4 C2 A2 D1 C1 A2 C4 A2 D4 B3 C3 D4 D2 D1 A1 D2 B3 C1 B1 D4 B1 B1 D4 B2 SW Mt. 112 TIR Naissus 101 TIR Naissus 101 ATL 1. Struma / Strymon basin BUL / GRE fortified mountain refuge MAC Siderokastro Loutrokhoroi? MAC MAC MAC fortified settlement and mine MAC MAC W Khalkidike Gradec? MAC . 218-19 StByz ‛Ράκηλος TIR Naissus 110 Zahrnt 1971.538-39. 149-50 TIR Naissus 117 TIR Naissus 117 Tsigarida 1989 TIR Naissus 118 TIR Naissus 118 ATL 1. Hammond 1972. 236-37 ItMiller 573.550. 116-18 TIR Naissus 100-101 TIR Naissus 101 Papazoglou 1988. TIB Thrakien 424-25 TIR Naissus 108 TIR Naissus 108-109 Zahrnt 1971.

Papazoglou 1988. Leekley 1980. 9-10 . 205-12 Papazoglou 1988. Papazoglou 1988. 117. TIR Naissus 134 TIR Naissus 134 ArchRep 1967-68. Toronaikos Kolpos Trstenik Via Egnatia Vinica Vitolište Vodoča Vojšanci Volustana Vranja Zeus Olympios. Period HRL CH R HR RL AC ACHRL RL C RL RL RL RL R R HRL Modern Name / Location Pustogradsko / Stobi MAC Basilika? BUL / GRE MAC Ziliana Chorygi? fortified settlement MAC Thermaic Gulf 3 miles S Thessalonike Thessalonike / Salonica Strumica? MAC W Khalkidike Mt. T. Olympus Reference Papazoglou 1988. 190-96 TIR Naissus 139-47. Au Reference MAA (1981-82) 124 TIR Naissus 77 TIR Naissus 90 Borza 1982. 113 Hatzopoulos 1989.MAP 50 MACEDONIA Grid A1 D4 D1 C2 C4 C2 B1 C4 C3 C3 C2 D4 B4 D4 A1 B1 A2 C2 B1 B4 D2 B4 Name Stobi § Stoboi Strepsa Strymon fl. 247 TIR Naissus 125 See Map 51 TIR Naissus 128 See Roads TIR Naissus 132 TIR Naissus 132-33 TIR Naissus 133 TIR Naissus 133 Hammond 1972. 313-23 Hatzopoulos 1987 See Map 51 TIR Naissus 122 Papazoglou 1988. between Methone and Thessalonica Period R Reference TIR Naissus 71 Mines / Quarries Grid A1 C1 C1 C2 Location Mrzen Laki SW Negrevo in Dysoron M. 108-109 TIR Naissus 124 RE Thermaeischer Golf Vickers 1981. Tauriana Teranci Thermaicus Sinus Therme § Serme Thessalonica Tiberia § Tiberioupolis Tinde Titarion M. Sušica Sys fl. Titaros fortified settlement MAC MAC settlement and mine MAC MAC MAC Stena Sarandaporou BUL Mt. 335-36 Zahrnt 1971. 148 767 Bridge Grid C3 Location Kleidi. 12. Period HRL R L ACHR Material M Fe Pb Ag. 189-96.

F146 Papazoglou 1988. Beue Bolbe Braisoi Brousis Bullidum Bymazos Chedrolioi Dindryme Eleutheriskos Emporion Galadrai Gareskos Graia § Greia Grastillos Haisa Harmonia Hatera Horma Ilion Ioron Kallipolis Kallipolitai Kalliterai C R CHR C Period C H R R R C Probable Location Paionia Pieria Pieria Macedonia Pieria Paionia Macedonia near Thessalonike? Khalkidike Macedonia Almopia Pieria Macedonia Macedonia Mygdonia Macedonia? Pieria Macedonia Macedonia Macedonia near Bolbe L. 122-23 Papazoglou 1988.35 StByz Βύµαζος Zahrnt 1971. 253-54 StByz ∆ινδρύµη StByz ’Ελευθερίσκος StByz ’Εµπόριον Papazoglou 1988. 176-77 Papazoglou 1988. FGH 115. 118-19 Papazoglou 1988. 328 StByz ῎Αλπωνος Papazoglou 1988. 10 StByz Βεύη StByz Βόλβαι StByz Βραισοί StByz Βρουσίς Pliny. Andria Apsalos Askordos fl. 172-73 StByz ῎Ιλιον Papazoglou 1988. Aspis Bada Bairos Baition *Balla Baloion Bertiskon M. 120 Papazoglou 1988. 119-20 StByz Αἰραί Papazoglou 1988. 417 Papazoglou 1988. 172-73 Papazoglou 1988. 364-65 .768 MAP 50 MACEDONIA Road (see further Introduction) Grid A3 Name / Itinerary Via Egnatia Period RL Reference TIR Philippi 26-27 Unlocated Toponyms Name Abydon § Amydon Agassai § Akesai Aiginion Airai Akesamenai Almana Alponos Altos Ammites fl. 123-45 StByz ’Ανδρία Papazoglou 1988. 223 Theopompus. Macedonia Macedonia Macedonia Paionia Khalkidike Macedonia Macedonia Macedonia Pieria Parorbelia Elimeia Macedonia C Krousis Thrace coastal Pieria Almopia Macedonia Paionia Parorbelia Khalkidike Bisaltia Reference Hammond 1972. NH 4. 123-45 Papazoglou 1988. 254 StByz Γράστιλλος Papazoglou 1988. 341 TIR Naissus 62. fr. 120-22 StByz Βάλοιον Strabo 7. 118-19 StByz ’Ασπίς TIR Naissus 20 Papazoglou 1988. 349 Papazoglou 1988. 203 Hatzopoulos 1992. 349-50 Hatzopoulos 1992. 120 Papazoglou 1988. Papazoglou 1988. 337 Papazoglou 1988.

123-45 StByz Μισητός Papazoglou 1988. Phegetioi Philippoupolis Phylakai Physkelle Physkai Pieris Prass(t)ilos § Praxilos Rhamioi Sakos Skapsa = Ka(m)psa Skybros Smil(l)a Strobos Terpyllos Tiberioi Tirsai Tranupara Trapezous Tripoai Tristolos Tritonos R R CH C Period C C Probable Location Botti(ai)a Krousis Mygdonia Thrace Khalkidike Amphaxitis Bottia Khalkidike Macedonia? Krousis region of Kyrros Khalkidike Macedonia Pieria Macedonia Macedonia Macedonia Eordaia? Parorbelia Khalkidike Bisaltia Reference 769 Papazoglou 1988. 252 Papazoglou 1988. 184 Papazoglou 1988. 348-49 Papazoglou 1988. 231-33. 419 StByz Λίγγος Hammond 1972. 349-50 Hatzopoulos 1992. Olobagra Olyka Olbelos Ordaia Orthopolis Osbaioi Ossa Ouallai § Vallaei Pamphylia Paraipioi Paroreia Perdyla Petariskos fl. 120-21 StByz Παµφυλία Hatzopoulos 1992. 307 (n. 4) Papazoglou 1988. Hammond 1972. 111-12 Zahrnt 1971. 154 Hatzopoulos 1992. 118-19 StByz ’Ολόβαγρα StByz ῎Ολυκα StByz ῎Ολβηλος Papazoglou 1988. 216-17 StByz Τρίτωνος C R H CHR C CHR C C C C CHR C C C C Macedonia Khalkidike Macedonia near Thessalonike? Khalkidike Khalkidike Parorbelia Pieria Khalkidike Macedonia near Dion? W Bottike Khalkidike Pieria Macedonia Krousis Macedonia Mygdonia Amphaxitis Macedonia Thrace Bottike Botti(ai)a Sintica Macedonia . 218 Hatzopoulos 1992. 188-89 Papazoglou 1988. 184 Papazoglou 1988. 364-65 Papazoglou 1988. 252 Papazoglou 1988. 188-89 Papazoglou 1988. 188-89 StByz Στρόβος Papazoglou 1988. Misetos Mitys fl. 204-205 Hatzopoulos 1992. 123-45 Papazoglou 1988. 40) Papazoglou 1988. 341 Hatzopoulos 1992. 251 Papazoglou 1988. 223 Papazoglou 1988.MAP 50 MACEDONIA Name Kamakai Ka(m)psa § Skapsa Karrabia Kelenidin Kisseitai Kissynioi Kition Kombreia Lingos Lipaxos Mandarai Manita fl. 123-45 StByz Σάκος StByz Σκύβρος Hammond 1972. 224 Papazoglou 1988. 123-45 Papazoglou 1988. 216-17 Zahrnt 1971. 148-49 Papazoglou 1988. 223-24 Papazoglou 1988. 339 Zahrnt 1971. 123-45 Zahrnt 1971. 123-45 Papazoglou 1988. 167 (n. 77. 223 Papazoglou 1988. 120-21 Zahrnt 1971.

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