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The VMware vCenter Operations Advantages over Veeam

Top Reasons to Choose VMware vSphere with Operations Management (vSOM) over Veeam ONE
Veeam is a successful startup founded in 2008 by software veteran and entrepreneur Ratmir Timashev. Veeam’s popular Backup and Replication software has put them on the map, appealing primarily to mid-market VMware administrators. Veeam has also carved out a very robust partner community as well as engaged social media as a primary vehicle to engage the VMware community. Even though Veeam’s primary revenue stream stems from backup & replication they also sell a suite of products for management: (Veeam One and Management Pack for Microsoft SCOM) for VMware (and now Hyper-V) monitoring and reporting.

About Veeam

About VMware vCenter Operations Manager
-As part of vSphere with Operations Management
VMware vSphere is the most complete and robust virtualization platform on the market today for building cloud infrastructures. VMware vSphere with Operations Management combines the world’s leading virtualization platform with best in class management capabilities. This solution enables users to gain operational insight into vSphere while also optimizing capacity. The pricing, packaging and licensing schema for VMware vSphere with Operations Management is designed to simplify the experience of buying, deploying and managing VMware products.

Why Choose VMware? -The Top 5 Key Differentiators

• Automated Operations: Self-learning behavioral analytics ensures the most comprehensive platform management and automated operations of highly virtualized cloud and supporting infrastructure • Tight Platform Integration: VMware continues to simplify and innovate management by embedding and tightly integrating management capabilities into its cloud platforms that customers have learned and continue to trust • Innovative, accurate and actionable information: VMware goes beyond simple collection of vCenter historical metrics, vC Ops uses advance health-models to provide the most accurate and actionable data for fast and proactive root-cause and accurate capacity management & optimization • vSOM Economics: vSphere with Operations Management includes more value with additional capabilities for a lower price when bundled with vSphere • The VMware Software Defined Datacenter vision and strategy continues to lead innovation for highly efficient infrastructure to deliver agile cloud based services, and vSphere coupled with operations management is the foundation and “control plane” of this strategy

VMware – vCenter Operations Mgr
Self-learning analytics, Foundation for automated operations management, Built for Cloud. Integrated & scalable performance, capacity & chargeback Integrated performance & capacity management Rich metric collection & correlation – leverages all relevant vSphere performance metrics determine accurate root-cause. Value – vC Ops is a core component of delivering the Software Defined Data Center included in both the vCloud Suite as well as vSOM bundles

Veeam ONE
Built using static threshold based monitoring framework. Very inflexible and admin resource intensive and only identifies problems that have already occurred (e.g. CPU Ready, Memory Ballooning, etc) Integrated performance and capacity – but limited granularity and functionality as compared to vC Ops Veeam is a glorified reporting tool – no capacity analytics, vSphere health model, or interpretation of capacity demand / allocation beyond simple vCenter metric trending Limited metric collection and only monitors individual metrics which only provide limited information. Also, limits the ability for tools to scale No vision for SDDC

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adds complexity to the SCOM framework “Most of all. Veeam tries to differentiate through their “business view” dashboards. in its own right. with no need to establish static “events” and eliminates performance “blind-spots” © 2013 VMware. Veeam also claims to have “advanced capacity planning” which are simply trending reports from data collected from vCenter. as well as support for the migration from VMware to Hyper-V: “eliminating the need to purchase. Competitive Points to Leverage • Very light monitoring solution – does not provide much more than vCenter Server. vC Ops Foundation (free) edition should neutralize that threat • Veeam Management Pack is require for Microsoft SCOM as an additional expense – driving up the cost and complexity of a customer’s Microsoft management investment • Veeam requires a multi-tier server based install with a MS SQL-Server backend (again driving up costs through SQL Server license costs) • Veeam presents itself as a comprehensive reporting engine – however just reporting on raw vCenter data is simply not enough – vCOps includes analytic and health model data that can now be leveraged through advanced reporting capabilities within vCOps. The Veeam MP allows System Center 2012 to not only compete. vC Ops monitors thousands of performance metrics with automated threshold (events). Inc. –VMware Confidential: For use with VMware resellers and customers only and should not be redistributed or disseminated . or “hidden” issues. Their interface is non-intuitive (sometime even confusing) and only displays limited metrics. configure and learn an additional monitoring framework to manage your VMware infrastructure. Veeam Monitor provides partial capability. which could result in missing. System Center competing frameworks include a comprehensive monitoring solution for VMware.” vC Ops is not a monitoring framework. it is an automated cloud computing management framework purpose built to suit VMware infrastructure. aligning tightly with Microsoft’s anti-VMware crusade.The VMware vCenter Operations Advantages over Veeam Top Reasons to Choose VMware vSphere with Operations Management (vSOM) over Veeam ONE Veeam Monitoring Product Snapshot Veeam’s base monitoring solution “Veeam Monitor” (part of Veeam One) is a lightweight offering that is driven by metrics collected directly from vCenter. The Veeam solution is a light monitoring solution for VMware which. False. Veeam only offers a client-side thick client interface. and lightweight reports. Counter Veeam’s Claims on Microsoft SCOM Veeam has now gone aggressive on VMware. but to exceed VMware monitoring capabilities from competitors because it offers 175+ performance metrics and 500+ events”. Veeam is far from exceeding vC Ops capabilities. An intercepted communication exhibits language which promotes SCOM over vCenter Ops. which allows the user to group VMs in context to the business service they are supporting.