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Terms: K knit P purl RS right side WS wrong side st.

stitch K2tog knit 2 stitches together SSK slip, slip, knit BO bind off

Striped Boots

A note on striping: When switching between colors, pull color you want to use from underneath current color. This will make sure there are no gaps.

Sizes: Newborn, 3 mo, 6 mo, 12 mo Needles: US 2—2.75mm
circular or 4 double point Yarn: Fingering / 4 ply (14wpi)

Closeknit is a family run business located in Langfang, China. That's right, we live in a city in China that many people in the U.S. have never even heard of. We came to Langfang in 2003 to work with China's special needs orphans. We knit blankets, shawls, soakers, and many other baby items. These days I design patterns, pick out yarns, and work with several local woman to make closeknit’s products. This is in all my spare time - which is not much after homeschooling/mothering 8 children. Our striped boots have been one of my personal favorites since we designed them several years ago. I finally got around to writing out the pattern so all of you could enjoy it as well. I love how easily they come together, and especially the lack of seaming!

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K6 (7.15) st. for 6 (8.12. Repeat pattern until 18 (20. K4 (5.7) total remain for the edges. onto the same needle.12. on either side of decrease. along edge of instep.39) st. For sole: you should have 10 (11.6. 14) total rows.9) K2 tog.10) times.12.6. 20 (22. K1 round.36. 10 (11.36) total rows. Change color. 8 (9.13) st. On WS K 10 (11. Do not K these st.11.13) st.until 5 (6.20) total rows. Do not K these st. total. With the same needle. You work this way down the sole until you’ve used up all the side stitches . K2tog for rest of row. 18 (18. Also.3.11) st.10.1)st. on needle. EDGE Return to using original yarn. Explanation: This can be kind of confusing. 13) st. P1 round in contract color.12.23.60. Slip next 12 (13. Finished! . pick up10(11. Continue in pattern. onto spare needle.8. total on needle.12.13).I just like the look of SSK better) the last st. and SSK (or you can k2tog .24. 30 (30.12.26) rows total. total on needle. P1 round.32.Pattern is written for newborn size with other sizes in parenthesis.12) more rounds. Turn.13) st. Place all heel st.13) st. 50 (55. switching colors. 10 (11. onto working needle. 32 rows total Leave yarn at back of work. pick up 2 st. total on needle. in same color. total. K remaining stitches.0.12) st.4) times. along other side of instep. P1 round in main color Repeat pattern 3 (3.39) in main color Join to K in round {K1 round.25) st. K2 tog.9) st.12. SOLE Sole is K In main color Slip next 19 (21. total. remain for heel. Slip next 10 (11.10.65) st.7) K2 tog. onto spare needle.12.7)st. Change color. Then you turn and knit the other side. Break Yarn.13) st. SSK. For size 6mo.13) st. in pattern color. INSTEP On RS K next 10(11.12. 10 (11. Fold over cuff and tuck in yarn.7) st. K1 round.22. total. K0 (1. Turn.36. LEG Cast on 30 (33.14. K2tog. WS K 9 (10. K 30 (33. P1 round in contrast color K1 round. when you are knitting the stitches for the sole you knit the last stitch together with one from the side.6.18.9. RS K2tog. from the other side.6. Pick up another 10(11. with a st. 6(7. Flip work to inside and complete with 3 needle BO. in color that continues pattern. K8 (9.10. 5(6. Break Yarn.12. P1 round} Repeat pattern 9 (9. K2 tog. 8 (10. Repeat pattern until 5 (6.13) st. 13) st. You will pick up here later. (color may differ depending on which size you are making) Turn. Basically. I used double point needles so some of my directions may refer to those.12.24) rows are completed.8. then k2tog to finish off the 10 (11. With spare needle. Turn.11) st.