If the principles of Creative Mental Imagery are faithfully followed, they are sure to work in every area of your life. As I focused on my dreams and began to follow my new plan for success, I not only began to love myself more, but I found I was more open to a truly loving relationship. While I experienced a great deal of satisfaction in the area of my life's work, I sensed that there was still something missing. I had an abundance of success and happiness, but no one to share it with. I knew that one of the best things about success is sharing it with someone special. As I have often said, I believe that timing is one of the key elements to every successful situation. The right thing (or person) entering our lives at the wrong time invites certain disaster. It is vitally important that we become sensitive to proper timing when we create what we want. This skill, once mastered, will richly reward us the rest of our lives. The time came when I knew that circumstances were right for a loving, committed relationship, and so, I decided to use the principles I had been teaching and writing about to create my perfect mate. The reason I am sharing this with you is because I have discovered that loving work, when combined with a loving relationship, gives a human being the most dynamic power he or she will ever possess! I did not know this at the time, but I believed it on an intellectual level. Today, I know it to be a FACT! To demonstrate exactly how it works, I will share with you the manner in which I created my perfect loving relationship, using the principles discussed in this book, and also, in my previous books. We have already learned that you must know what you want before you can have it. The more clearly you are able to focus on your goals, the faster your subconscious will manifest it for you. Through a kind of trialand-error process, I had gradually gained a clear picture of the woman I could be happiest with, and also, the woman I could make happy. Her image was so clearly imprinted upon my mind, right down to specific

Adventurous 7. that I assumed it would take the rest of my life I to find her! Still. but I think you are really limiting yourself by being this specific. and if it is I focused on the end result. Anthony" is 17. but you'll have to be willing to compromise in certain areas if you hope to find a suitable mate. "It works for me and it works for you. Nonmaterialistic 8. Preferably from a small-town or country back 15. Likes country western music and dancing 12. You can have most of what you want.details and qualifications. The qualifications I had listed were as follows: 1. There is no perfect woman out there." he said. ground rather than a city 16. "Bob. Someone who enjoys horses 14. Why? Because once they are aware of your goal. looks great in jeans! 4. Pretty eyes 5. Some college background 9. I knew how the mind works. but in this particular instance. Someone who has no knowledge of who "Dr. Slim build. Someone who will make me weak in the knees the first time I meet her Nothing like being specific! I used all the techniques that I have worked with and written about to find the ideal relationship. Compatible in terms of religious beliefs 11. One thing I have found is that once you are clear on what you want. (You will meet him in another section of this book. Good sense of humor 6. I know this stuff works. you should communicate it to others. 5 feet 4 inches to 5 feet 7 inches tall 3. Age: 30 to 35 years old 2. the subconscious has no choice but to produce it." He then proceeded to give me the statistical probabilities of meeting such a person based on each qualification I had mentioned. Professionally skilled but not involved in an all-consuming career 10. Financially stable 13. he had a few doubts. I remember discussing all this with my friend Ramon.) Ramon believes as strongly as I do in our ability to create what we want. they can help you .

with all of my financial affairs and business dealings. In my case. I think she is perfect for you. and had a warm and generous smile. What the heck! I thought. I have learned to trust Lee with all of my innermost secrets. As it turned out. I began to wonder if Lee was preparing me for a plain-looking woman with the proverbial "great personality. I realized I was looking at the loveliest woman I had ever seen. for I sensed Cyndi's reaction to me. Cyndi was standing in front of her town house with her dog Bruto on a leash. the answer came through my secretary. She was slim and tanned. It'll be something different to do. The feeling appeared to be mutual. Knowing me as well as she does. I realized that I was indeed a bit weak in the knees. In any case. As I got out of the car and introduced myself. and she said: "You know.attract the right people or circumstances into your life. Cyndi had been described to me as an attractive woman. and I've seen you go through many situations in your life. Why don't I arrange dinner for the three of us so that I can introduce you?" Through the years. I've known you for a very long time. The worst thing that could happen was that she might not be entirely right. As we pulled into the drive. One day we were discussing personal relationships. . Lee. I haven't discussed this with her. I have come to trust her personal judgment and opinions in matters that concern me. but I think the two of you should meet. I was willing to give it a try. In any case. but I never mentioned her because I didn't think the time was right. I could feel my anxiety beginning to build. I felt confident that the evening would not be a disaster. although not a fashion-model type. and in view of this." When we arrived. I must admit that I've never seen you quite as ready for the right relationship as you appear to be now. Lee's friend Cyndi lived in Tucson. For over a year I've had someone in mind for you. which she later described as a kind of "electrical shock" as the two of us shook hands. As we drove toward Cyndi's town house near a Tucson mountain preserve. approximately 110 miles away.

he said: "Okay. no compromises. Cyndi later confessed to me that only one month before we met. she responded: "A cowboy or a doctor. but more as if we had already known one another a very long time and were just being reunited. I couldn't be happier!" Moral of the Story: Don't ever believe that you can't have it all. she met every qualification I had listed—no exceptions. And believe me. she got both. You CAN! But only if you are willing to TURN ON YOUR DREAM MACHINE! . in this case I was very definitely wrong." In my case. Remember. a friend had asked her what kind of man she felt she could become seriously interested in. your subconscious mind doesn't kid around! When I related this experience to my friend Ramon. Bob. The best way I can describe it is to say that it did not seem like we were meeting for the first time.To make a long story short. Rather kiddingly.

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