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CS 1000 Element Manager The Element Manager web interface resides on the Signaling Server.

Therefore, this section is applicable only for systems which have a Signaling Server. Element Manager is a simple and user friendly web based interface that supports a broad range of system management tas!s, including" # configuration and maintenance of $% %eer and $% Telephony features # configuration and maintenance of traditional routes and trun!s # configuration and maintenance of numbering plans # configuration of Call Server data bloc!s &such as configuration data, customer data, Common E'uipment data, ( channels) # maintenance commands, system status in'uiries, bac!up and restore functions # software download, patch download, patch activation The Element Manager web server resides on the Signaling Server and can be accessed directly through a web browser or *ptivity Telephony Manager &*TM). The *TM navigator includes integrated lin!s to each networ! system and their respective instances of Element Manager. +etwor! ,outing Service Manager The +etwor! ,outing Service &+,S) Manager is a web interface used to manage the +,S. The +,S Manager application resides on the Signaling Server.*ptivity Telephony Manager *ptivity Telephony Manager &*TM) provides an integrated suite of management tools for configuration, control, and analysis of CS 1000 and Meridian 1 networ!s. *TM is a single wor!station management platform that can scale into a client-server architecture. $t offers both a .indows +avigator and a .eb +avigator view of the networ! ystem administrators communicate with the system using $nput-*utput devices such as maintenance wor!stations, maintenance telephones, ,S /0/ 1ideo (isplay Terminals &1(Ts), teletypewriters &TT2s), and printers &%,Ts). Maintenance telephone, for certain maintenance and testing activities. 3or more information about the Maintenance Telephone, see the Communication Server 1000M and Meridian 1" 4arge System Maintenance &550 00/1 500) guide. Signaling Server To access the Signaling Server over a serial connection, refer to Signaling Server" $nstallation and Configuration &550 0001 /1/). Circuit cards Each circuit card is described in the Circuit Card" (escription and $nstallation &550 0001 /11). $f the hardware supports a serial interface, it is indicated in the guide. 2ou can install a modem router on the system to facilitate remote

Media 7ateway.eference 7uide &550 0011 100) &Content from *ption 11C and 11C mini Technical . There is no *1( message or other system message indicating the T+ for this telephone is defective or disabled. Signaling Server. and *peration &550 0001 065).management of components. and *peration &550 0001 06=) for information on connecting telephones. connect to the networ! as described in Communication Server 1000S" $nstallation and Configuration &550 0001 /10). 4ine Cards" (escription &550 0001 105) # Trun! Cards" (escription &550 0001 106) # Serial (ata $nterface Cards" (escription &550 0001 10=) # +T=(16 (ata 8ccess Card" (escription and operation &550 0001 1<1) # Multi purpose Serial (ata 4in!" (escription &550 0001 1<5) # Circuit Cards" $nstallation and Testing &550 0001 /11) # *ption 11C and 11C mini Technical . See Telephones and Consoles" (escription. (ata bits. See $% 4ine" (escription. see Circuit Card" (escription and $nstallation &550 0001 /11) for listings by card or Communication Server 1000M and Meridian 1" 4arge System %lanning and Engineering &550 00/1 1/0) for listings by module. To replace other e'uipment. There may or may not be dial tone when the handset is off hoo!. # Transmission mode set to (TE # Standard . 3or specific card slot assignments. $nstallation. +etwor! connections To access the Call Server. See Communication Server 1000M and Meridian 1" 4arge System $nstallation and Configuration &550 00/1 /10) for information on system cabling. . and 1oice 7ateway Media Card over the T48+ or E48+ networ! interface. The following are the re'uired configurations for the system" # :aud rate is limited to the type of hardware the S($ port can provide # . see >. %ort communication parameters %%% is designed to wor! in full duple9 communication and at various speeds.eference 7uide &550 0011 100) also appears in Telephones and Consoles" (escription. 1 Stop bit # +o parity 8 typical %%% lin! should be running at <600bps to obtain a reasonable throughput. $nstallation.S /0/C $nterface Telephone cannot ma!e or receive calls &no *1( message) The telephone cannot ma!e or receive calls. The data networ! connection is through a 4ayer / switch on the networ!.eplacing e'uipment? The cards that can be used in each module are listed in this document.

here l B # 0 15<" loops. Systems with 3ibre +etwor! 3abric . superloops which are multiples of @.) # Circuit Card . where" l B loop.A in 4( 1= ./0 *ff %remise Station &*%S) 8nalog 4ine card is an intelligent eight channel analog line card designed to be used with / wire analog +T5(00 and +T5(0@ 4ineside E1 $nterface card +T. +T.EA B +E.(0< analog message waiting line card The +T. u B unit .aiting 4ine card is an intelligent 16 channel analog line card designed to be used with / wire terminal e'uipment T+ Terminal +umber The T+ defines the location of the c B # 1 10" $%E cards of dual and enhanced loops . starting with superloop 0 # 0 /55" loops. CC7.(0< 8nalog Message . and Meridian 1 switch and modular digital telephones.(0/ (igital 4ine card is an intelligent 16 channel digital line card that provides voice and data communication lin!s between a CS 1000S. CS 1000M.M in 4( 1= # 0 1" $%E shelves on loops defined TE. +T1. M*1 or *DT. s B shelf. c B card. T+ appears when .(0/ digital line card The +T. lscu basic 1 3ormat for 4arge System.( in 4( 1= and superloops # 0" $%E shelf on loops defined TE../0 *ff %remise Station 8nalog 4ine card +T1.eference &550 00/0 /11) Circuit Card 4ine cards The following line cards are designed using the $ntelligent %eripheral E'uipment &$%E) architecture and are recommended for use in all new system designs. and *peration &550 0001 06=). Each of the 16 channels support voice only or simultaneous voice and data service over a single twisted pair of standard telephone wire.$ s B fnf /5 # 0 0" $%E shelves on loops defined TE.

the following systems are referred to generically as >system?" # Communication Server 1000S &CS 1000S) # Communication Server 1000M &CS 1000M) # Communication Server 1000E &CS 1000E) # Meridian 1 .here u B # 0 0" single density units # 0 =" double density units # 0 15" 'uad density units $n Communication Server 1000 +ortel Technical %ublications &+T%s).# 0 15" $%E cards of superloops .