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Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition - Version: to Information in this document applies to an platform.

!his note e"plains a#out the fre$uentl as%ed $uestions related to clonin& '()*S Oracle +ome usin& O,I.

Questions and Answers What is cloning and how does it work?

-lonin& is the process of cop in& an e"istin& Oracle installation to a different location and updatin& the copied Oracle +ome to .or% in the ne. environment. (urin& clonin&/ O,I repla s the actions that .ere performed durin& the actual installation of the home. -lonin& is similar to installation e"cept that O,I runs the actions in a special mode that is referred to as clone mode.

What are the different phases of cloning?
!he clonin& process has t.o phases: 1. Source Preparation Phase

(urin& this phase/ parses files in the source Oracle +ome to e"tract and store the re$uired values. 1t the source/ run a script called !his is a 2erl script that prepares the source for clonin& # recordin& the information re$uired for clonin&. !his script is &enerall found in the location: 3O'1-4E0+O*

• •



!his 2erl script performs all parts of the clonin& operation automaticall # runnin& O. and C!S Oracle "ome cloning do not re#uire this.I and various other utilities.I.ora/ and tnsnames.lo&/ =. • • 8hen archivin& the home/ also ensure that ou s%ip the script/ it handles the specifics that O. • • 2 O'161-! . !he -entral Inventor of the #o" .ora for archivin&. !his script uses the clonin& functionalit in O. 8hen ou run the script.I<.here the home is #ein& cloned is updated as is the Oracle +ome inventor >3O'1-4E0+O*E5inventor ?. 6or e"ample: 7ou can use 8in9ip on *icrosoft 8indo. Note: The cloned home and source home $ill not be identical in si%e& because the cloned home $ill have additional files created during the cloning operation. 2.d#f/ listener.s s stem computers and tar or &:ip on .ora/ s$lnet. atabase • 1rchive and compress the source Oracle +ome usin& our preferred archivin& tool. This script needs to be executed only for the Application Server Cloning. Cloning Phase • • On the destination s stem/ ou unarchive the Oracle +ome and run the clone.. *a%e sure that the tool that ou use preserves the permissions and file timestamps.ORACLE DATABASE CLONING FAQ's • NOTE: The need to perform the preparation phase depends on the Oracle product you are installing.I ma have missed.

ORACLE DATABASE CLONING FAQ's Why is cloning required? -lonin& is re$uired .ith &oin& throu&h the installation process # performin& separate steps to install/ confi&ure/ and patch the installation. !his contrasts . 7ou can also customi:e various aspects of clonin&/ for e"ample/ to specif custom port assi&nments/ or to preserve custom settin&s. installation . -lonin& ena#les ou to create a ne.hen ou . Disadvantages • !he clonin& process copies all of the files from the source Oracle +ome to the destination Oracle +ome.ith all patches applied to it in a sin&le step. • • • 'apidl deplo in& an instance and the applications that it hosts. Advantages and disadvantages of cloning? Advantages • • -reatin& an installation that is a cop of a production/ test/ or development installation.ant to deplo multiple Oracle +ome>s? from an e"istin& Oracle +ome. !hus/ an files used # the source instance located outside the source Oracle +ome@s director structure are not copied to the destination location. • -lonin& is not possi#le across platforms A O'161-! . 2reparin& an Oracle +ome and deplo in& it to man hosts.

6or more detailed information refer the .ill update the central inventor . . home. home. 8hen clonin& a source Oracle +ome/ all source home patches and settin&s are seamlessl cloned to the ne.ill create a central inventor .ote D0A212. D O'161-! . Do you need erl in your environment for cloning to work? 7es/ 2erl is re$uired. Since clonin& is done usin& the clone.ith the information re&ardin& the ne.6 or hi&her is re$uired for clonin& and should #e set in the environment.hich contains detailed information a#out the location of the lo& files for each command. Is it required to copy the Central Inventory for cloning the Oracle Home? -op in& -entral Inventor is not re$uired #ecause: • If it is not the first Oracle +ome on the tar&et Server: -lonin& .hich is a 2erl script.I? . script/ . -lonin& is much faster than manuall creatin& ne. homes and appl in& all source home patches and settin&s.ith the information re&ardin& the ne.1 >4ocation Of 4o&s 6or 2atch 1nd O.O!E : 2erl E. • If it is the first oracle home on the tar&et Server: -lonin& .ORACLE DATABASE CLONING FAQ's Where to find the cloning log files? 1ll the lo&s can #e found in B-entral0Inventor C5lo&s folder and BO'1-4E0+O*EC5clone5lo&s. Is cloning faster than the actual installation? 7es/ clonin& is much faster than the actual installation.

I clone command line.ini -debug : If ou use this ar&ument/ the script runs in de#u& mode.ere performed durin& the installation of the Oracle +ome li%e relin%in&/ updatin& the inventor / etc.ame for the Oracle0+ome #ein& clonedCH O'1-4E0)1SEGHB2ath 0to 0the 0Oracle0)aseCH (Only applicable to 11g) E O'161-! .ORACLE DATABASE CLONING FAQ's What is the difference !etween cloning and copying an Oracle Home ? • -lonin& re-pla s all the actions that . • ) cop in& the Oracle +ome from one server to another/ all the a#ove mentioned actions are not performed and also it is not possi#le to appl patches or patchsets to copied Oracle +ome.I: E&: -O -param6ile -:FOra+ome01FouiForaparam.ith the same confi&uration/ clonin& is the onl supported method. • • Simpl cop in& the Oracle +ome is not supported.ini file to #e used # O./ other than e"tractin& files from the soft. What are the different options availa!le for clone"pl ? -O : If ou use this ar&ument/ an thin& follo.are %it. What are the mandatory parameters for cloning #clone"pl$? O'1-4E0+O*EGHB2ath to the Oracle0+ome #ein&0clonedCH O'1-4E0+O*E0. -help : If ou use this ar&ument/ the script prints the help for the clone script. If the Oracle +ome has to #e deplo ed to multiple destinations .1* it is passed to the O. 6or e"ample/ ou can use this option to pass the location of the oraparam./ and hence the cloned home can #e patched usin& O2atch/ patchsets can #e installed to it/ etc.

C+ONE.E-.I<-#ased s stems: perl 'Oracle("ome)1clone1bin1clone.ORACLE DATABASE CLONING FAQ's E&: 8indo.ere installed outside the Oracle +ome/ for e"ample/ oui/ Ire etc. O!AC+E(" O!AC+E("O.E(NA.E-.s : perl 'Oracle("ome)*clone*bin*clone. Can you use 'ar utility for archiving and compressing the Oracle Home ? (o not use the Iar utilit for archivin& and compressin& the Oracle +ome/ as this causes the file permissions to #ecome lost. Why do you require cloner stage patches for %"&? -loner sta&e patches are re$uired .C:*u/0*app*product*oracle*clone( O!AC+E("O.hile clonin& 9i'2 installations #ecause in 9i'2 certain products .1u/01app1product1oracle1clone(home. 4inu"-#ased and . O!AC+E("O.C+ONE./ as opposed to 10& .here ever thin& is installed inside the Oracle +ome. 6 O'161-! .E(NA..E-. Do the source and the destination path #of the Oracle Home to !e cloned$ need to !e the same ? !he source and the destination path >of the Oracle +ome to #e cloned? need not #e the same.E-.

6or e"ample/ the cloned Oracle +ome can #e removed usin& file and add the follo.ORACLE DATABASE CLONING FAQ's Are the changes made !y applying one(off patches on the source Oracle Home also present after the clone operation? 7es/ all the chan&es made # appl in& one-off patches on the source Oracle +ome are also present after the clone operation. Does the si)e of the !inaries at the source and the destination differ ? 7es/ the si:e of the #inaries at the source and the destination ma differ #ecause these are relin%ed as part of the clone operation/ and the operatin& s stem patch levels ma also differ to the clone0command0line and preclone0command0line: J O'161-! .e have a clean #ac%up of the installation to create the tar&et home.I or patched usin& O2atch.loc? then edit the cs.loc file is present in a non-default location >default location is 5var5opt5oracle5oraInst.n so that . Is it necessary to shutdown data!ase#s$ and stop all processes running out of the Oracle Home !efore copying it for cloning? 7es/ it is recommended that the data#ase>s?/ listeners and an processes in the source home are shutdo.loc or 5etc5oraInst.o source and destination servers. !he cloned installation #ehaves the same as the source installation. 1dditionall / the num#er of files in the cloned home .een these t. What is the significance of the inventory pointer file #oraInst"loc$ while cloning? If the oraInst.ould increase #ecause several files copied from the source/ specificall those #ein& instantiated/ are #ac%ed up as part of the clone operation. Can you use the cloned Oracle Home as the source for another cloning operation ? 7es/ ou can also use the cloned Oracle +ome as the source for another clonin& operation.

ote EEKDJK.HO/-0clone0config0cs"properties file used for ? 3O'1-4E0+O*E5clone5confi&5cs.HO/-0clone0!in0prepare. 'efer *etalin% line to the cs.o/ data#ase and -'S Oracle +ome clonin& does not re$uire the script >3O'1-4E0+O*E5clone5 #in5prepare0clone.ith the -entral Inventor . 6or e"ample/ to specif a non-default location for the Oracle Inventor file on .I< s stem computers/ ou can add the follo.ith a different operatin& s stem user and &roup.I for clonin&.ORACLE DATABASE CLONING FAQ's -i&noreS s2rere$s -inv2tr4oc Bpath0to0oraInst.o/ clonin& across platforms is not possi#le #ecause the #inaries across platforms are different E& : )inar for Solaris cannot #e used on 4inu".clone"pl$ required for Data!ase and C+1 Oracle Home cloning ? . What is the *O+AC.ns It What is the difference !etween attachhome and cloning? (urin& clonin& O.-.ser5Lroup !hat O.hich is run to perform the clone operation.loc Can you clone the Oracle Home across platforms? .1 -lonin& 1 (ata#ase +ome 1nd -han&in& !he . 7ou can enter values in the line clone(command(line-'value).I repla s the actions that are performed durin& the actual installation of the home/ .properties file can #e used for passin& values in the command line to O. Is the preparation phase #*O+AC..-.hereas attachhome attaches an Oracle +ome to the -entral Inventor or to re&ister an e"istin& Oracle +ome .pl? durin& preparation phase. Can you clone with a different operating system user and group? 7es/ ou can clone .I command line/ .hen it is lost or corrupted. !he values entered here are appended to the file: K O'161-! .

loc .sh >as root? in the cloned Oracle +ome.ote: !o specif multiple ar&uements/ separate each ar&uement .pl. Is it required to run root"sh after cloning? 7es/ on .E-.E-.2invptrloc 1private1oracle1ora3nst.E( O!AC+E("O.I<54inu" installations/ after the clonin& operation is completed/ it is mandator to run root.E(NA.E-.E-. 9 O'161-! .ORACLE DATABASE CLONING FAQ's clone(command(line. As the variable O!AC+E(4ASE is not set& O53 thro$s the above error.'7ath to the Oracle("ome being(cloned). setup. Solution: Option 1: Specify the variable $hen invo6ing the O53 or clone. O!AC+E(4ASE-.'Oracle("ome(Name for the Oracle("ome being cloned).'7ath to the Oracle(4ase).exe 2clone 2silent 2noconfig O!AC+E("O. O!AC+E("O. perl 'Oracle("ome)*clone*bin*clone.. 2he following error#s$ occurred when doing a cloning " What is the reason0solution ? !!O!: >Onl applica#le to 11&? Values for the follo.ith a space. O!AC+E(4ASE-.'Oracle("ome(Name for the Oracle("ome being cloned).'7ath to the Oracle("ome being(cloned).'7ath to the Oracle(4ase). O!AC+E(" varia#les could not #e o#tained from the command line or response file>s?: O'1-4E0)1SE -lonin& cannot continue !eason: O!AC+E(4ASE is a mandatory variable for 00g cloning.

etalin6 .ote DEDDD2. O!AC+E(4ASE-. .1 00g 3nstall : 5nderstanding about Oracle 4ase& Oracle "ome and Oracle 3nventory locations Option 2: Set the variable O!AC+E(4ASE in the environment: set O!AC+E(4ASE-'7ath to the Oracle(4ase) 9 :indo$s .E-.E(NA. Then restart the cloning !!O!: !he home at BO'1-4E0+O*E0pathCis invalid or corrupt.ORACLE DATABASE CLONING FAQ's .na#le to continue clonin& !eason: The target O!AC+E("O.'Oracle("ome(Name for the Oracle("ome being cloned).'7ath to the Oracle("ome being(cloned).'7ath to the Oracle(4ase). O!AC+E("O.E variable supplied1passed for cloning Solution" 7ass a valid target O!AC+E("O.1run3nstaller 2clone 2silent 2noconfig O!AC+E(" varia#les could not #e o#tained from the command line or response file>s?: O'1-4E0+O*E0. 1#ortin& the clone operation.E-. E''O': Values for the follo. export O!AC+E(4ASE-'7ath to the Oracle(4ase) 9 5nix .E variable for cloning E''O': Oracle +ome has not #een specified.1*E -lonin& cannot continue 10 O'161-! . 8or more details On O!AC+E(4ASE in 00g : !efer .

ORACLE DATABASE CLONING FAQ's !eason: The mandatory variables re#uired 9passed.E 93n 00g O!AC+E(4ASE is also mandatory. 2lease select another name.E is the name of the Oracle "ome directory in $hich Oracle products are installed. !!O!: to create a ne. Solution: 7ass the mandatory variables O!AC+E("O. This should be uni#ue in a server1node.ith this name alread e"ists.ith name Bhome0nameC.ith name Bhome0nameC.E 3f any of the above variables are not passed& then O53 thro$s the above error.E 9for the ne$ Oracle "ome.E O!AC+E("O.E-.ith this name alread e"ists. Oracle +ome .E(NA.E < O!AC+E("O. 1n Oracle +ome .na#le to create a ne.E is already existing on the server.E(NA. 1n Oracle +ome .1run3nstaller 2clone 2silent 2noconfig O!AC+E(" to create a ne.'7ath to the Oracle("ome being(cloned).ith name Bhome0nameC.I-1019K: . 2lease select another name. Oracle +ome . O!AC+E("O.I-1019K: .E(NA.E(NA.E-.E(NA. !eason: The O!AC+E("O. Cloning re#uires an O!AC+E("O. The above error mentions that the value of the variable passed by the O!AC+E("O. Oracle +ome .I-1019K: . 11 O'161-! .IOE"ception: O.'Oracle("ome(Name for the Oracle("ome being cloned). for cloning are: O!AC+E("O. Eg: . $hich is not present in the server already. SEVE'E:O. 2lease select another name.ith this name alread e"ists.E(NA. 1n Oracle +ome .

3 =-.E $hich is not present already.E can be found in the file patch to central inventor 1Contents=.E $ill be Ora b0/g(home0 12 O'161-! .ORACLE DATABASE CLONING FAQ's Solution: Specify another O!AC+E("O. T@7E-.E-. 5nix : +ocate the ora3nst.+1inventory.E(NA.E(NA. The O!AC+E("O. :*0/>!?*db(0.Ora b0/g(home0. 1) "ere O!AC+E("O.E(NA.xml :indo$s : . +OC-.xml 9 by default.0.loc file 91var1opt1oracle or 1etc. and hence the location of Central 3nventory 8or example the entry $ill be : '"O.O.+*inventory.C:*7rogram 8iles*Oracle*3nventory*Contents=.E NA.