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Kuwait Oil Company (K.S.C.



Issued March 2000

It i$ impo%tant t&at KOC'$ wo%()o%*+ &a$ t&+ %+,ui%+- $(ill$ an- t%ainin. to *omp+t+ntly p+%)o%m t&+i% ta$($ in a &+alt&y/ $a)+ an- +n0i%onm+ntally $oun- mann+%. Tool1o2 tal($ a%+ an +))+*ti0+ m+an$ o) in*%+a$in. t&+ (nowl+-.+ o) wo%(+%$ on t&+ SE %i$($ t&+y )a*+/ an- t&+ p%+*aution$ %+,ui%+-/ w&+n *a%%yin. out t&+i% 3o1$. T&+y al$o +n*ou%a.+/ an- %+in)o%*+ $a)+/ &+alt&y an- +n0i%onm+ntally $oun- 1+&a0iou%$. T&i$ $+%i+$ o) SE tool1o2 tal($ &a$ 1++n -+0+lop+- to a$$i$t $up+%0i$o%$ to $+l+*t topi*$ )o% p%+$+ntation to t&+i% wo%(+%$. T&+y a%+ 1a$+- on .oo- -+mon$t%at+- p%a*ti*+/ 1ut may 1+ mo-i)i+- a$ %+,ui%+- to $uit pa%ti*ula% %+,ui%+m+nt$. KOC Sup+%0i$o%$ a%+ +n*ou%a.+- to %+.ula%ly *on-u*t tool1o2 tal($ wit& t&+i% wo%(+%$/ $+l+*tin. -i))+%+nt topi*$ )%om t&i$ $+%i+$. Cont%a*to% $up+%0i$o%$ a%+ al$o +n*ou%a.+- to u$+ t&+$+ topi*$ a$ $u13+*t$ )o% p%+$+ntation4-i$*u$$ion wit& wo%(+%$.

Objective of Tool Box Talks
T&+ imm+-iat+ $up+%0i$o% o) a $mall t+am o) wo%(+%$ 1%i+)$ t&+m on5 • • • t&+ wo%( to 1+ -on+ t&+ &a6a%-$ a$$o*iat+- wit& t&at wo%( p%+*aution$ n++-+- to -o t&+ 3o1 *o%%+*tly an- $a)+ly.

Features of a Successful Tool Box Talk
• • • • • • • • • 7i0+n 1+)o%+ t&+ $ta%t o) a ta$(. 7i0+n 1y t&+ imm+-iat+ $up+%0i$o% o) t&+ p+opl+ w&o will -o t&+ wo%(. Fa*+ to )a*+. Outlin+$ t&+ 3o1 o% ta$( to 1+ -on+. "%+a($ it -own into $t+p$. i.&li.&t$ (+y $t+p$. Emp&a$i6+$ *%iti*al $a)+ty p%+*aution$. C&+*($ an- +n$u%+$ un-+%$tan-in. 1y t&+ p+opl+ w&o will -o t&+ wo%( 1y ,u+$tionin. an- *o%%+*tin.. Summa%i6+$ t&+ point$ ma-+/ an- a$($ )o% any ,u+$tion$ 1+)o%+ $+n-in. t&+ wo%(+%$ to -o t&+ 3o1.
Pa.+ 2/68 Issued March 2000

re!aration b" t#e Su!ervisor
• • • • • • • •

D+*i-+ on t&+ topi*. C&oo$+ $om+t&in. t&at in0ol0+$ t&+ *u%%+nt 3o1/ an a**i-+nt t&at &a$ o**u%%+-/ o% $om+t&in. %+l+0ant to t&+ au-i+n*+. 8%it+ -own t&+ (+y point$ you n++- to *o0+% in t&+ tal(/ w&i*& $&oul- 1+ a1out t+n minut+$ lon.. 8%it+ -own w&y t&+$+ (+y point$ a%+ impo%tant to t&+ p+opl+ you a%+ tal(in. to. Do t&+y ma(+ t&+ 3o1 +a$i+%/ $a)+%/ ,ui*(+%9 Put t&+ point$ in a lo.i*al o%-+%. 7at&+% any 0i$ual ai-$ wit& w&i*& to illu$t%at+ t&+ tal(. T&+$+ *oul- 1+ 1oo(l+t$/ tool$/ +2ampl+$ o) .oo- an- 1a- p%a*ti*+$. C&+*( t&at t&+ pla*+ i$ $uita1l+/ $o t&at +0+%y1o-y *an $++ an- &+a%. T+ll t&+ au-i+n*+ t&+ tim+ an- t&+ pla*+ o) t&+ tal(. C&+*( out t&+ 0+nu+ an- t&+ 0i$ual ai-$.

• •

K++p a %+*o%- o) t&+ p+opl+ w&o att+n-+-/ an- t&+ topi* -i$*u$$+-. Follow up ,u+$tion$ t&at *oul- not 1+ an$w+%+- at t&+ m++tin..

Pa.+ 3/68 Issued March 2000

:.ui$&+%$ F$in. .+n Sulp&i-+ A**i-+nt4In*i-+nt R+po%tin. :. .B.:.$ F$+ o) Fi%+ E2tin. . >.A.. .En0i%onm+ntal Dama.<. A**i-+nt an.Sa)+ty Fall P%ot+*tion R+$pi%ato%y P%ot+*tion S+l) Contain+. .+ R+po%tin. TOPIC E2plo$i0+ O%-nan*+ R+$pon$i1ility )o% Sa)+ty Cli+nt4Cont%a*to% R+lation$&ip = Sa)+ty Rul+$ an. B.>.. :?.Am1ulan*+ P%o*+-u%+$ P%op+%ty an.TA"!E OF CONTENTS NO.!un*&+$ In*l+m+nt 8+at&+% Rul+$ +at St%+$$ an.. A&ma-i o$pital an.?. <D..uipm+nt y-%o. Pa*(+. <. .. :B.Spa*+ 4 G+$$+l Ent%y C%an+$ an.ulation$ Compla*+n*y ou$+(++pin. .O0+%&+a. in T&+ D+$+%t D+$+%t Animal$/ R+ptil+$ An. . . <:. In$i-+ 7at&+%in.Illn+$$ Fi%+ P%+0+ntion E "uil-in.uipm+nt an. on Flowlin+$ 8o%( N+a% C%u-+ Oil 8o%( O0+% 8at+% D%i0in. ."%+at&in.R+.Sa)+ty = 8+t Roa-way$ Pa.@.+ 4/68 Issued March 2000 . :D. Sa)+ty Roa. Appa%atu$ Po%ta1l+ 7a$ D+t+*tion E. .+at R+lat+. :<. @. :>.Pow+% !in+$ 8o%(in. <.E0a*uation P%o*+-u%+$ 8o%(in. ::. C+nt+%$ Con)in+. O))i*+ Sa)+ty.C. C.D. P+%$onal P%ot+*ti0+ E. :A. :@.In$+*t$ 8o%(in. :C. ?. A.

) El+*t%i*al Sa)+ty Po%ta1l+ El+*t%i* Tool$ 8+l-in. ??. ?A.uipm+nt !i)tin."la$tin. ?.Cuttin.+ an. <>. >B. ><.. ?@.Tool$ F$+ o) Comp%+$$+. !in+ "%+a(in.Sto%a. !a--+%$ Fo%(li)t Op+%ation +a0y T%an$po%t E. @.TA"!E OF CONTENTS (Cont. <A.#=Ray$ Mat+%ial an-lin. Ra-io.. >A. (7+n+%al Rul+$) El+*t%i* A%* 8+l-in. in T&+ D+$+%t 8o%( P+%mit$ E2*a0ation$ El+*t%i*al !o*(out Gal0+ !o*(out an. <?.7a$ Cylin-+%$ S*a))ol-in.+ Sto%a.. an.+ 5/68 Issued March 2000 . >?. <B. >C. an.) <<.in. ?D. ?:.Ta.. ?<. D%i0in. Comp%+$$+. >>. >@.uipm+nt 8o%(in. wit& +a0y E.F$+ an. an. ?B. >.an-lin. Sol0+nt$ F$+ o) E2plo$i0+$ D+molition Sa)+ty P%o*+-u%+$ an. <C. 7a$ 8+l-in. @:. ?C. (S&ot 1la$tin.%ap&y an. @D. >D. 8o%($&op P%a*ti*+ Ma*&in+ 7ua%-in. >:.. <@. ?>.Ri. o) C&+mi*al$ F$in.Ai% Pn+umati* Tool$ San.

%oa-$. ?.+$t -an. S&+ll$.+-.$u1 o%-nan*+ = many -i. "+ *a%+)ul on t&+ 1+a*&+$ = min+$ a%+ $till 1+in.1oo(l+t$ t&at you *an &an.$ to you% $up+%0i$o%. B.$&oul-+% *ontain$ un+2plo-+. 1.*onta*t Sa)+ty Di0 (EOD) on t&+ KOC )i%+ %a-io *&ann+l. @. Do not +nt+% 1un(+%$ an. "i. I) you $++ anyt&in.TOO!"O# TA!K H : E#P!OSIGE ORDNANCE PREPARATION 5 A$( EOD $+*tion i) t&+y &a0+ po$t+%$ o% illu$t%at+. -o not l+a0+ 1la*( top %oa.+% i$ alli+.%+na-+$ o% 1oo1y t%ap$..1+ in you% wo%( a%+a. In many *a$+$ t&+ &a%.*all you% $up+%0i$o%. NEGER TOFC FOR ANY REASON.$u1=o%-nan* +a*& p+%$on at t&+ tal(. R+po%t any )in-in. If "ou #ave so%e booklets #and t#e% out to attendees& Pa... 7%+na-+$/ Ro*(+t p%op+ll+. Alli+.up on t&+ $&o%+.+ 6/68 Issued March 2000 . Do not +nt+% any a%+a w&i*& i$ not *+%ti)i+.%+na-+$ (RP7)/ Mo%ta%$/ S&+ll$/ Min+$.+2*+pt on *l+a%+.o%-nan*+ *oul. >. In$p+*t you% a%+a$/ +$p+*ially n+w wo%( pla*+$ )o% any $u$pi*iou$ o13+*t$.w+apon pit$/ t&+%+ may 1+ . I) you a%+ not $u%+ i) an a%+a i$ *l+a%+-/ $up+%0i$o%$ $&oul. <.$an. wa$&+. w&i*& loo($ $u$pi*iou$/ o% o) w&i*& you a%+ not $u%+/ l+a0+ it alon+ an. . Do not *oll+*t $ou0+ni%$ o) 1ull+t$/ $&+ll$/ +t*. C. Typ+$ 5 a. Alway$ 1+ awa%+ t&at un+2plo-+. I) you a%+ -%i0in.ICl+a%+-I.not +2plo-+ on impa*t/ $om+ a%+ -ama. A.Su1=o%-nan*+/ Ro*(+y+$/ "om1$. :.

to p%o0i-in. <.ulation$ an. RESPONSI"I!ITIES FOR SAFETY :.+ 7/68 Issued March 2000 . @. Pa. KOC Fi%+ & Sa)+ty R+. a $a)+ an. Complian*+ wit& KOC Fi%+ & Sa)+ty R+. T&+ *o%%+*t p+%$onal p%ot+*ti0+ *lot&in. all wo%( pla*+ &a6a%-$.t&+ %+. mu$t 1+ wo%n at all tim+$ (R+)+% to Tool "o2 Tal( H:.t&+ +. B.TOO!"O# TA!K H ./ o))i*+ wo%(/ o% any ot&+% 3o1 )un*tion.all +mploy++$ $&oul.%+a. Do not ta(+ any %i$( w&i*& may *au$+ an in3u%y o% ot&+% a** i$ -+-i*at+.1+ )amilia% wit& t&+ * pu%$u+ $a)+ty a$ an +.p%o*+-u%+$ to $a)+ly o0+%*om+ any wo%( pla*+ &a6a%-. KOC Fi%+ & Sa)+ty D+pt. an.$a)+ wo%( p%a*ti*+$ i$ man-ato%y. i$ a0aila1l+ )o% *on$ultation *on*+%nin. A. >.oal to p%o-u*tion/ maint+nan*+/ +n. KOC Mana. R+po%t un$a)+ *on-ition$ an.uipm+nt an.&+alt&y wo%( pla*+ an.+. Employ++$ a%+ +n*ou%a.ual . ?. .ulation$ a%+ a0aila1l+ )%om Fi%+ & Sa)+ty D+pt.a*t$ to you% $up+%0i$o%. All +mploy++$ a%+ %+$pon$i1l+ )o% $a)+ty in KOC.ulation$ an.) Alway$ u$+ t&+ app%op%iat+ $a)+ty applian*+$ to +na1l+ you to *a%%y out you% -uti+$ in a $a)+ mann+%..

Alway$ u$+ %+.+. 8&+n mo0in. All *%an+$ an. Cont%a*to%$' +mploy++$ mu$t *omply wit& KOC (*li+nt) $a)+ty %ul+$ an. All +mploy++$ a%+ +2p+*t+. Do not %un $top li.TOO!"O# TA!K H < C!IENT4CONTRACTOR RE!ATIONS IP = SAFETY RF!ES AND RE7F!ATIONS :.uipm+nt mu$t &a0+ a *u%%+nt in$p+*tion4t+$t *+%ti)i*at+ a0aila1l+ at all tim+$. Pa.uipm+nt. wo%(. 1.&at$/ Sa)+ty 1+lt$/ +t*).mo1il+ +. )ollow t&+ KOC Fi%+ & Sa)+ty R+.. a%.%+.po$t+limit$. >.*on-ition$ w&i*& -o+$ not +2*++.+ 8/68 Issued March 2000 .p%+0+nt a**i-+nt$ )%om &app+nin. to a n+w 3o1/ $up+%0i$o%$ mu$t )i%$t o1tain a KOC wo%( p+%mit anan EOD *l+a%an*+ *+%ti)i*at+ 1+)o%+ $ta%tin. (i.p%ot+*ti0+ *lot&in.wo%(/ +t* 1+)o%+ $ta%tin. wo%(.&t$ o% $top $i.ulation$ an.n$ an. -.ulation$. R+po%t any KOC $a)+ty %+. .u+$t$ to you% $up+%0i$o% imm+-iat+ly. 8&+n a--%+$$in.ui%+. *omplian*+ 5 a. KOC $a)+ty in$t%u*tion$/ ta(+ all %+a$ona1l+ a*tion to *omply.)o% %oa. KOC in$i$t$ on t&+ )ollowin. Follow all t%a))i* %ul+$. an.-%i0+ at a $a)+ $p++. *.+..n$/ o1+y t%a))i* $i. Sup+%0i$o%$ mu$t o1tain p+%mit$ )o% +2*a0ation$/ &ot wo%(/ *ol. <.

E0+%y -ay/ %+min.$low -own w&+n %oa-$ a%+ w+t..ou%$+l0+$ to wo%( $a)+ly an. %ul+$ 5 :. &a1it$.%oa. DO NOT TOFC $u$pi*iou$ o13+*t$.not to ta(+ )ooli$& %i$($. R+po%t -an.*on-ition$ to you% $up+%0i$o% imm+-iat+ly.TOO!"O# TA!K H > COMP!ACENCY 8&il+ t&+ oil w+ll )i%+$ w+%+ 1u%nin.)o% many y+a%$. Follow all $a)+ty %ul+$/ an.*on-ition$ an.poo% -%i0in.w+ &a0+ to *on$tantly %+min.+%ou$ t&+ wo%( a%+a wa$. a%+ t&+ No.+%ou$ %oa. So/ %+m+m1+% t&+ )ollowin.+2plo$i0+$ will 1+ a &a6a%. <. "a.+ 9/68 Issued March 2000 . : *au$+ o) a**i-+nt$ in KOC a%+a$. Now t&+ )i%+$ a%+ out an. O%-nan*+ +2p+%t$ will %+mo0+ o%-nan*+ &a6a%-$ in wo%( a%+a$ a$ n+*+$$a%y $o %+po%t $u$pi*iou$ o13+*t$ to you% $up+%0i$o%. O%-nan*+ an. "+ awa%+ o) $lipp+%y %oa-$$+l0+$ an. DO NOT pi*( up any o13+*t$ w&+n you -onJt (now w&at t&+y a%+.i) you a%+ in -ou1t a$( you% $up+%0i$o% )o% . Follow all $a)+ -%i0in. Pa.ui-an*+.a *on$tant %+min-+% o) &ow -an. w+ &a. .you% )+llow +mploy++$ not to 1+*om+ *ompla*+nt.

an1a. En$u%+ t&at tool$ a%+ (+pt in tool 1o2+$ w&+n not in u$+. A.1+ +mpti+. C.o% $to%+.%u11i$& a%+ a )i%+ %i$( an. Pa. Do not allow oily %a. a0+ a loo( a%oun. Spill+.&ou$+(++pin.1in$ $&oul.l+a-$ to wa$t+.ui-$ mu$t 1+ wip+.oo.up imm+-iat+ly..pla*+.$ to a**umulat+/ t&+y *an i. ?.at $uita1l+ pla*+$ on $it+. 8a$t+ mat+%ial$ an. T&+y mu$t 1+ (+pt to an a1$olut+ minimum an.TOO!"O# TA!K H ? OFSEKEEPIN7 PREPARATION 5 :.&tly )ittin.*l+an on a DAI!Y 1a$i$.wit& -%y %+)u$+. All wo%( a%+a$ mu$t 1+ (+pt o%-+%ly an. li-$ an. 8a$t+ )oo.+t$ in t&+ way an. <. 8a$t+ *ontain+%$ $&all 1+ lo*at+. Do not 1%in. @.not 1+ mi2+.way$ o% $tai%way$.nit+ $pontan+ou$ mo%+ mat+%ial )%om t&+ mat+%ial$ ya%.t&+ a%+a an. to illu$t%at+ you% tal(.&a0+ ti. R+tu%n $u%plu$ mat+%ial$ to t&+ mat+%ial a not+ o) +2ampl+$ o) . .$& a**i-+nt & +it&+% $*%ap o% %u11i$& *ontain+%$. Foo.not l+$$ t&an on*+ p+% -ay Do not o1$t%u*t wal(way$/ %oa-way$/ . >.+ 10/68 Issued March 2000 . :D.t&an i$ n++-+-. It .

@. C. O))i*+$ a%+ %+lati0+ly $a)+ wo%( a%+a$ 1ut a**i-+nt$ an. En$u%+ t&at pow+% *o%-$ to o))i*+ ma*&in+$ a%+ not wo%n o% -ama. .+n*y +2it$/ a$$+m1ly point$). Di$*u$$ typ+$ o) a**i-+nt$ an. &a6a%-$. Do not $tan.ui$&+%$/ +m+%. Do not %+a. :<.TOO!"O# TA!K H @ OFFICE SAFETY PREPARATION 5 :. B.in3u%i+$ $till &app+n. Do not l+an 1a*( in *&ai%$ on two l+. Put *i.-oo%$ 1y u$in. you% )in. A. Alway$ *lo$+ -%aw+%$ an. Ma(+ $u%+ you (now w&at to -o in t&+ +0+nt o) a )i%+ in t&+ o))i*+ (lo*ation o) )i%+ ala%m$/ +2tin. :.in3u%i+$.+-. a0+ a loo( a%oun.+%$.$o t&at t&+y -o not *au$+ t%ippin. Di$*u$$ t&+ -an. *a$t+%$/ $*%+w$ mi$$in.. )%om a%+a$ o) *&ai%$.. >. R+po%t all -+)+*t$ in )u%nitu%+ +.-oo%$/ you may 1+ &it i) it i$ op+n+.1+ lai.$. Do not put p+n*il$/ p+n$/ $*i$$o%$/ +t*. t&+ &an-l+/ to Do not %un in *o%%i-o%$/ 8A!K.+%$..w&+n wal(in. ::. Pow+% *o%-$ $&oul.t&+ o))i*+$ a not+ o) &a6a%-ou$ it+m$ o% *on-ition$ to illu$t%at+ you% tal(. :D. Do not ma(+ you% own +l+*t%i*al %+pai%$ o% *onn+*tion$ = *all an +l+*t%i*ian. <. ?. in $tan-$ wit& t&+ point upp+%mo$t. mi$$in. Pa.a%+tt+ +n-$ in a$&t%ay$/ n+0+% in t%a$& 1in$.)%om t&+ ot&+% $i-+.+ 11/68 Issued March 2000 .tal( in )%ont o) *lo$+.

+ t&+ pa*(a.TOO!"O# TA!K H A PACKED !FNC ES :. OT 1+ a--+-/ $in*+ t&+ po$$i1ility o) *ontamination an. 1. *. an. Do not a-.to5 a.+. <.+%ou$. only to a -+$i.nut%itional 0alu+.i) it *oul. N+0+% +at a lun*& w&+%+ t&+ pa*(a. Pa.**(a. a &+alt&y/ nut%itiou$ pa*(+. Ta(+ *a%+ not to -ama.anyt&in. R+tain .n+0+% l+a0+ t&+ pa*(a. All t&+ p%+pa%ation*&/ t&+ )a*t t&at you may 1+ int%o-u*in. Di$po$+ o) any l+)t o0+% )oo. P%+0+nt )oo.uality in a l+$$ &y..1+*au$+ t&+y &a0+ no )u%t&+% *ont%ol a)t+% -i$t%i1ution/ t&+ )*(a. -.+$p+*ially a)t+% p+%$onal a1lution$. To -o $o will in0it+ *ontamination )%om in$+*t$ an-4o% ai% 1o%n+ pa%ti*l+$.%+at +))o%t$ ma-+ 1y all t&o$+ *on*+%n+.+.+ &a$ 1+*om+ -ama.un-+%$tan-$ t&+ .pa*(+. ). point$ mu$t 1+ a-& . an.i+ni* +n0i%onm+nt i$ -an. to a *ol. $ta))/ p%o-u*in. 1. $om+t&in. T%y to (++p t&+ lun*& in a $&a-+-4*ool pla*+ an. Alway$ wa$& you% &an-$ p%io% to &an-lin.anyt&in.+ op+n.i+ni* pa*(+lun*&+$ 1y t&+ *at+%in. Con$um+ t&+ *ont+nt$ o) t&+ lun*& pa*(a.i*al p%opa. It i$ +$$+ntial t&at +a*& +mploy++ app%+*iat+$ an./ +atin.ation. will 5 a.+ until it i$ n++-+-).nat+. Fa*ilitat+ an +))i*i+nt &an-lin.uality an.+ 1a*t+%iolo. *. +.i+ni* . No% $&oul.&a0+ *om+ into *onta*t wit& any $it+ mat+%ial$.t+mp+%atu%+ may +n*ou%a.+ a$ $oon a$ po$$i1l+ (1ut -o not op+n t&+ lun*& pa*(a.wa$t+ a%+a.-i$t%i1ution $y$t+m. o) a l+$$ &y. Sin*+ all t&+ n+*+$$a%y p%+*aution$ a%+ ta(+n to p%o0i-+ t&+$+ &y.+ 12/68 Issued March 2000 .

& F+1%ua%y) t&+ t+mp+%atu%+ *an -%op to )%++6in.. T&+ %ain an. 8in-$ will 1low )%om ?D to @D mil+$ p+% &ou% an.?D (ilom+t+%$ p+% &ou%. t&+ wint+% (++p a &+a0y *oat )o% u$+. a $t%on. Du%in. Do not t%y to wal( t&%ou. out o) -oo%$. <.an.may n++. Do not -%i0+ into t&+ -+$+%t -u%in.o. I) you a%+ out$i-+ -u%in.-o not +2*++.l+$ wit& you w&+n wo%(in. Alway$ &a0+ a pai% o) . >. O)) %oa-/ t&+ $p++. $an-$to%m./ &+a0y %ain$ will )all in Kuwait. Du%in.not +2*++. a S&amal you $&oul.oil t&at will wa$& onto %oa-$ will ma(+ -%i0in. 0+%y &a6a%-ou$& DFRIN7 EAGY RAINS REDFCE SPEED..?D KP an. Stay in-oo%$/ in a 0+&i*l+/ o% at a minimum/ $tay w&+%+ you a%+. A$$i$tan*+ o% t%an$po%tation *an 1+ %+.& a S&amal.1y %a-io. ?.+ 13/68 Issued March 2000 . In t&+ $p%in.$to%m$/ o% a IS&amalI/ *an o**u% in only a )+w &ou%$.u+$t+. @.*o0+% )%om t&+ win. Stay on %oa-way$ an.$an-.TOO!"O# TA!K H B INC!EMENT 8EAT ER RF!ES :. .to 1+ low+%. San. 8+at&+% in Kuwait *an 1+*om+ in*l+m+nt an. A.po$+$ a 0a%i+ty o) &a6a%-$.0i$i1ility *an 1+*om+ 0+%y poo%.limit in $u*& *on-ition$ $&oul. B. Pa.mo0+ in-oo%$ o% )in.. t&+ wint+% mont&$ (No0+m1+% t&%ou.

Apply *ool wat+% to t&+ 1a*( o) t&+ n+*( an...w%i$t$. +at +2&au$tion *an o**u% i) a p+%$on 1+*om+$ too &ot/ +2p+n-$ too mu*& +n+%.)o% &+at +2&au$tion i$ 5 Mu$*ula% *%amp$ mi. Rapi-/ $&allow 1%+at& &+at=%+lat+. Mu$*l+ *%amp$/ .illn+$$ $u*& a$ &+at +2&au$tion o% &+at $t%o(+.o% may 1+*om+ un*on$*iou$. Fi%$t Ai.i0+ i*+.. +at $t%o(+ may o**u% a)t+% &+at +2&au$tion &a$ $+t in an. Call )o% a$$i$tan*+ 1y %a-io )%om t&+ A&ma-i *lini*. . . ow+0+% in Kuwait/ t+mp+%atu%+$ *an +2*++.a1-om+n Nau$+a Di66in+$$ +lp t&+ 0i*tim to li+ -own in t&+ $&a-+ o% ai% *on-ition+.y/ an-o+$ not -%in( +nou. In $u*& *a$+$/ in*%+a$+ t&+ $alt inta(+ o) t&+ 0i*tim. = = = = <.)o% &+at $t%o(+5 . 7i0+ wat+% in $mall amount$ +0+%y . to < minut+$ until t&+ 0i*tim %+*o0+%$. P%o)u$+ $w+atin.& 1o-y t+mp+%atu%+ (0+%y &ot to t&+ tou*&). DO NOT .illn+$$+$. Pa. Kui*( a*tion in t&+ +a%ly $ta.?DDC o% :. <.+$ *an u$ually %+0+%$+ &+at=%+lat+..).&t o**u% a$ a %+$ult o) $alt -+pl+tion. +at $t%o(+ i$ 0+%y %a%+ 1ut i$ pot+ntially li)+ t&%+at+nin.+n+%ally in t&+ l+.&a$ t&+ )ollowin.$ an. D%y $(in (t&+ 0i*tim $top$ $w+atin. +at E2&au$tion :.DDF w&i*& may l+a.& )lui-$. $ymptom$ 5 = i. = = = = >. T&+ 0i*tim will 1+ -i$o%i+nt+.a%+a. T&+ $ymptom$ o) &+at +2&au$tion a%+5 Fi%$t ai.+ 14/68 Issued March 2000 +at St%o(+ :.TOO!"O# TA!K H C EAT STRESS & EAT=RE!ATED I!!NESS +at $t%+$$ i$ a %+$ult o) no%mal p&y$i*al +2+%tion.

= = = = -2 -3 Call )o% m+-i*al a$$i$tan*+ imm+-iat+ly. -own on &i$ $i-+. Pa*( i*+/ i) a0aila1l+/ a%oun. Pa..i0+ $alt. to < minut+$. F$+ wat+% i) i*+ not a0aila1l+.%oin a%+a.t&+ 0i*tim$ w%i$t$/ un-+% t&+ a%m$/ an.+ 15/68 Issued March 2000 . R+mo0+ *lot&in. Do not allow $t%o(+ 0i*tim to $wallow i*+ an.DO NOT . K++p t&+ 0i*tim lyin. Mo0+ t&+ 0i*tim into $&a-+ o% ai% *on-itionin. K++p t&+ 0i*tim *alm an.. )%om *&+$t to to%$o.wait )o% m+-i*al a$$i$tan*+ to a%%i0+.i0+ $mall amount$ o) wat+% to -%in( +0+%y . I) 0i*tim i$ *on$*iou$ .

.. Only u$+ p%op+% a$&=t%ay$/ DO NOT put *i..uipm+nt w&+n you l+a0+ a 1uil-in.+$ *an u$ually 1+ *ont%oll+-. Swit*& o)) all unn+*+$$a%y +l+*t%i*al t&+ +a%ly $ta. S+*u%ity . a )i%+/ $oun. On lo*atin. Do not o0+%loa..t&+ )i%+ +n-+a0o% to atta*( t&+ )i%+. In t&+ +0+nt o) )i%+5 :. Only i) you *an -o $o at no %i$( to you%$+l) $&oul. @.:/ . ?.TOO!"O# TA!K H :D FIRE PREGENTION = "FI!DIN7S :. Pa. T&o$+ )oun. you% nam+ an.a%+tt+ a$& o% 1utt$ in t&+ t%a$&$ pat%ollin.Smo(in. >. t&+ 1uil-in.. <. Smo(+ only in app%o0+. <. .$/ o))i*+$/ +t*/ $&all 1+ pa%ti*ula%ly al+%t )o% )i%+$.i0in.+l+*t%i*al $o*(+t$.an Fi%+ Station 1y t+l+p&on+ (@@@@C/ .+ 16/68 Issued March 2000 . . Do not u$+ &om+=ma-+/ tap+-/ +l+*t%i*al *onn+*tion$/ plu.$/ $o*(+t$/ +t*..t&+ +2a*t lo*ation o) t&+ )i%+./ <CB@<A<)/ . Call "u%. A%+a$..

.ui$&+% 1ut only i) $a)+ to -o $o E DO NOT TAKE FNDFE RISKS.TOO!"O# TA!K H :: FSE OF FIRE E#TIN7FIS ERS PREPARATION 5 :. >..O. Fi%+ +2tin. R+pla*+m+nt o% a--itional )i%+ +2tin.ui$&+%$ an.C Fi%+ Di0i$ion i$ a0aila1l+ to t%ain +mploy++$ on p%op+% )i%+ +2tin.)o% $tan-1y o% $a)+ty wat*& u$+. ?...ui$&+%$ a%+ maintain+. Pa. -5 Soun.ui$&+%$. <. In t&+ +0+nt o) a )i%+5 -4 F$+ t&+ )i%+ +2tin. Ma(+ $u%+ t&at )i%+ +2tin.t&+ )i%+ ala%m -6 E0a*uat+ to t&+ A$$+m1ly A%+a an.ui$&+% u$+. u$+.+ 17/68 Issued March 2000 . .u+$t+.ui$&+%$ .:/ . T&i$ +.uipm+nt *an 1+ %+.t&+i% u$+$4limitation$5 = = = = = D%y Pow-+% Foam 8at+% Ca%1on Dio2i-+ ( Fi%+ Fi%+ Station (T+l5 @@@@C4.+ o) -i))+%+nt typ+$ o) )i%+ +2tin.1+)o%+ $up+%0i$o%$ a$ n++-+-.oo*on-ition/ t&+ no66l+ i$ uno1$t%u*t+-/ an. K..t&at t&+ l+0+% pin i$ in pla*+.%+po%t to you% $up+%0i$o% -7 R+po%t )i%+$ imm+-iat+ly to "u%.. A$$+m1l+ a %an..4<CB@<A<).) alon.ui$&+% mu$t 1+ in$p+*t+.1y "u%.+ p%+$$u%+ i$ a**+pta1l+/ t&at t&+ &o$+ i$ in . E2plain t&+ -i))+%+nt typ+$ o) )i%+ +2tin.

uipm+nt n++-+.TOO!"O# TA!K H :.w&+n wo%(in.u+$t a %+$pi%ato% )%om you% $up+%0i$o%.uipm+nt/ an. A!! )i+l. 7+t +2ampl+$ o) all t&+ -i))+%+nt typ+$ o) p+%$onal p%ot+*tion +. FSIN7 PERSONA! PROTECTIGE EKFIPMENT PREPARATION 5 :.+ 18/68 Issued March 2000 . Tu%n in -ama. $an-/ p%+$$u%i6++.ui%+.%u11+% . in$i-+ 0+&i*l+/ +t*.1y t&+ p+%mit to wo%(.ui%+. C. a%ounop+%atin. +a%in.uipm+nt i$ a0aila1l+ )%om *ompany $to%+$.1lowin. ?. All p+%$onal p%ot+*ti0+ +.*on$t%u*tion/ an. R+$pi%ato%$ a%+ al$o $uppli+.uipm+nt i$ a %+. !+at&+% an. .a$ appli*a1l+.$t++l to+$ a%+ %+.)o% many 3o1$. p%ot+*tion i$ %+. $t%i(in./ w&+n wo%(in.a%+ %+.wo%( a%+a$. You may %+. wit& *&+mi*al$.a$ n+*+$$a%y o% w&+n %+. Foot w+a% mu$t 1+ o) $ t&+ *ompany wo%(pla*+$.ui%+m+nt o) +0+%yon+J$ 3o1. $a)+ty &+lm+t$ a%+ in$i-+ o))i*+$/ w&+n %i-in. B. O0+%all$ mu$t 1+ wo%n in all *+nt%al p%o*+$$ a%+a$ (7C'$/ 1oo$t+% $tation$/ tan( )a%m$ +t*. >. T&+ only +2*+ption$ )o% not w+a%in. F$in. a%oun. in noi$y a%+a$. p+%$onal p%ot+*ti0+ +.ui%+. +.) Sa)+ty &+lm+t$ a%+ %+.lo0+$ a%+ a0aila1l+ an.+. tool$ $u*& a$ *&ippin.uipm+nt/ w&+n u$in. <.)o% you% 3o1..w&+n &an-lin. Ey+ p%ot+*tion mu$t 1+ wo%n w&+n wo%(in. @. Pa.$a)+ty +.uipm+nt to you% $up+%0i$o% )o% )%++ %+pla*+m+nt.ui%+. At&l+ti* $&o+$ a%+ not allow+.

t&+$+ &a6a%-$. Pa. B. A.will 1+ .mu$t 1+ wo%n w&+n w+l-in. <. E0+n t&+ $mall+$t in3u%y mu$t 1+ %+po%t+.lo0+$ a%+ a0aila1l+ an.+ 19/68 Issued March 2000 .to you% $up+%0i$o% an.A!8AYS 8EAR YOFR 7!OGES w&+n $t%i(in.%+at *a%+ an./ $lin. @.uipm+nt/ +t*. &+a0y +.+a$ily/ w&i*& *an l+a.u$+ &an.a0oi. C. (+. *&i$+l$) wit& a &amm+%. +. A $mall $*%at*& o% *ut *an 1+*om+ in)+*t+.i0+n... In$p+*t mat+%ial$ to 1+ &an-l+. >.tool$ )o% $a)+ *on-ition an. $l+-..TOO!"O# TA!K H :< AND SAFETY :. anyt&in. Ta(+ . o% to%*& *uttin. Al$o/ in$p+*t &an.$/ u$in.in3u%i+$/ w+a% wo%( .lo0+$ a%+ a0aila1l+ $+%iou$ &+alt& p%o1l+m$.+%$ a%+ t&+ mo$t )%+.)in. . To p%+0+nt &an. 8+l-+%$ .u+nt typ+ o) in3u%y.+&amm+%$/ *a%%yin. Ru11+% . In3u%i+$ to &an-$$t 1+ wo%n w&+n &an-lin.p%op+% )i%$t ai.uipm+nt $u*& a$ pipin. ?.tool$ in a $a)+ mann+%. *&+mi*al$.)o% 1u%%$/ $plint+%$/ *%a*($/ +t* an.lo0+$ w&+n &an-lin..

w&+n wo%(in.lanya%. In t&+$+ *i%*um$tan*+$/ a $a)+ty &a%n+$$ mu$t 1+ u$+. >.TOO!"O# TA!K H :> FA!! PROTECTION PREPARATION 5 :. Fall p%ot+*tion i$ %+.(+. Sa)+ty &a%n+$$ an.t&. lin+ i$ %+*omm+n-+. T&+$t 1+ o) an app%o0+.L m+t+%$ (B )++t). at &+i.1y t&+ manu)a*tu%+%. . )%om a manli)t/ *%an+ 1a$(+t/ o% o0+% op+n wat+% o% *%u-+ oil$t 1+ in .to t&+ &a%n+$$.plat)o%m o% $*a))ol-in.w&+n wo%(in.t&+ n++.oon$.a0aila1l+ to $&ow *o%%+*t )ittin.typ+ $uppli+.atta*&m+nt.w&+%+ p+%$on$ *an )all mo%+ t&an . *annot 1+ a $uita1l+ )i2+.)o% p+%$on$ wo%(in.ui%+. T&+ $a)+ty &a%n+$$ wit& a lanya%.*on-ition )%+. !anya%-$ may not 1+ mo%+ t&an :L m+t+%$ (? )++t) in l+n. @. on top o) tan($) to a0oi.. A.oo. Fall p%ot+*tion i$ al$o %+. ?. & m+t&o-$$p+*t+. <.mu$t 1+ an*&o%+.ui%+-/ a %unnin.lanya%.u+ntly un*lip t&+ &a%n+$$.point an.+ 20/68 Issued March 2000 .1+)o%+ u$+. 8&+%+ )%++ mo0+m+nt i$ %+. Pa.&t w&+n a )i2+. a0+ a $a)+ty &a%n+$$ an.

Fo% $p+*i)i* .a$+$/ in o2y.ulation$ )o% )u%t&+% -+tail$ on %+$pi%ato% u$a. w+a% $uppli+. F$+ To p%ot+*t )%om nui$an*+ an-u$t E u$+ in 1lowin. >.n+. S+l)=Contain+"%+at&in.& *on*+nt%ation$ o) to2i* ..w&+n +nt+%in. R+)+% to Tool1o2 Tal( H:@ )o% -+tail$ o) SC"A an. @."%+at&in..)o% p+%$onn+l %+.& *on*+nt%ation$ o) to2i* Fi%+ Station *an i$$u+ S+l)=Contain+.+n*i+$ In &a6a%-ou$ $ituation$ +. <. Appa%atu$ (SC"A) o% ai% lin+ %+$pi%ato%$.1y manu)a* $ituation$ w&i*& a%+ imm+-iat+ly -an. woo-/ +t*.+ 21/68 Issued March 2000 . ai%lin+ appa%atu$ Not to 1+ u$+. "u%.a$ ma$($ Not to 1+ u$+.a$+$ 1a$+.+n -+)i*i+nt atmo$p&+%+$/ any +n0i%onm+nt &a6a%-ou$ to li)+/ +m+%. . R+$pi%ato%$ a%+ a0aila1l+ upon %+. To p%ot+*t )%om mi$t o% 0apou% E u$+.)o% -u$t$/ mi$t$/ 0apou%$ unl+$$ %+$pi%ato%$..+%ou$ to li)+.u+$t )%om you% $up+%0i$o%. :. o% w&+n ot&+% to2i*$ *annot 1+ %+mo0+.+n -+)i*i+nt atmo$p&+%+$ !imitation$ C&+*( manu)a*tu%+% limitation$ Typ+ o) R+$pi%ato% Du$t %+$pi%ato%$ C&+mi*al %+$pi%ato%$ C&+*( manu)a*tu%+% limitation$.ai% %+$pi%ato% u$ %+$pi%ato% mu$t )i%$t %+*+i0+ p%op+% t%ainin. Appa%atu$ (SC"A) Suppli+. Cani$t+% .ui%+. $an-/ n+a% *%u-+ oil $mo(+/ o% in $&op$ w&+n $an-in./ $awin.ui%+. Any +mploy++ w&o i$ a$$i. ?. M+-i*al app%o0al i$ %+.on *ani$t+% typ+ In &i. C&+*( Fi%+ & Sa)+ty R+. &i. Tim+ limit on u$a. 0+$$+l$/ $p%ay paintin.a$+$/ in o2y.$uppli+.TOO!"O# TA!K H :? RESPIRATORY PROTECTION PREPARATION 5 7+t +2ampl+$ o) all t&+ -i))+%+nt typ+$ o) %+$pi%ato%y p%ot+*tion 1%+at& w+a% SC"A o% $uppli+.uipm+nt.)%om t&+ wo%( a%+a.

T&+ Fi%+ Di0. a *%u-+ oil $to%a.%+$pi%ato%$ )o% pa%ti*ula% $u1$tan*+$ a%+ 5 = = = = y-%o.uipm+nt."%+at&in.n+. wit&out ai% $uppli+. a l+a( a pot+ntially to2i* +n0i%onm+nt/ $u*& a$ %+pai%in.u+$t. . O**upational Fi%+ Station.%+$pi%ato% mu$t 1+ t%ain+. <.to u$+ an ai%=$uppli+. will *on-u*t SC"A an.ui%+-/ $u*& a$ +nt+%in. t&+$+ limit$/ %+$pi%ato%y p%ot+*tion mu$t 1+ wo%n. SC"A i$ %+. T&+ limit$ )o% wo%(in. pa%t$ p+% million :DD pa%t$ p+% million :B M minimum >.i+n+ i$ a0aila1l+ to m+a$u%+ all to2i* $u1$tan*+$ on %+. ?.+n *ont+nt :D pa%t$ p+% million .+n*y wo%( i$ p+%)o%m+. A.w&+n &y-%o.uipm+nt. a -+$alt+% w&i*& may $till &a0+ non=+2plo$i0+ l+0+l$ o) &y-%o*a%1on p%+$+nt.TOO!"O# TA!K H :@ SE!F CONTAINED "REAT IN7 APPARATFS :. t&i$ +. In all *a$+$ w&+%+ SC"A i$ u$+-/ t&+%+ mu$t 1+ a $tan-1y $a)+ty wat*& po$ all tim+$.ai% lin+ $uppli+.ui%+.maintain$ t&i$ a $a)+ lo*ation/ )%om w&+%+ t&+ u$+ o) SC"A *an 1+ 0i+w+. Fo% no%mal wo%( in a%+a$ w&+%+ a to2i* atmo$p&+%+ i$ po$$i1l+/ an ai% lin+ $uppli+%+$pi%ato% i$ %+.1+)o%+ u$in.w&+n +m+%.u+$t.+n $ulp&i-+ Sulp&u% -io2i-+ y-%o*a%1on 0apou% (mi2+-) O2y. @.%+$pi%ato%$ on %+.+ tan( o% +nt+%in. S+l) Contain+. "u%. Any +mploy++ a$$i.+n $ulp&i-+ i$ p%+$+nt. I) t&+%+ i$ any po$$i1ility o) l+0+l$ +2*++-in. Appa%atu$ (SC"A) i$ a0aila1l+ )%om "u%. Pa.+ 22/68 Issued March 2000 .an Fi%+ Station al$o i$$u+$ an. w+ll &+a.

a$+$ an.a$ t+$t$ a%+ *on-u*t+. Pa. I) in -ou1t a1out t&+ p%+$+n*+ o) a pot+ntially -an.a$ -+t+*tion +. All p+t%ol+um .a$/ you% $up+%0i$o% mu$t *onta*t an o**upational &y.+n limit$. . -. ).i+ni$t n+*+$$a%y p%+*aution$ 1a$+. Daily . .a$ -+t+*tion +.a$ n+*+$$a%y to +n$u%+ t&at *o%%+*t m+a$u%+m+nt$ a%+ ta(+n.+n -+t+*to% will 1+ n++-+.)o% *ontinuou$ monito%in. o% i%%itatin. 1.%+pai%+.+ 23/68 Issued March 2000 .ula%ly an. *. 1.a$+$5 a. *.uipm+nt i$ a0aila1l+ t&%ou..$pa*+ o% +2*a0ation.a$olin+/ 3+t )u+l/ -i+$+l/ +t*.i+ni$t an. 7a$ -+t+*tion +. >.nition a%oun.+ *%u-+ oil/ . Ot&+% *ompoun-$ *an 1+ analy6+.u+$t. Sulp&u% -io2i-+.uipm+nt mu$t 1+ *ali1%at+.any +. *%u-+ oil/ .& t&+ O**upational y. E2ampl+$ o) w&+n . O2y.a%+ a$ )ollow$ 5 a. <. On o**a$ion/ a &y-%o*a%1on an.0apou% in*lu-in. o-ou%$ a%+ %+po%t+-.-+t+%min+ $p+*i)i* amount$ o) t&+ )ollowin. +.TOO!"O# TA!K H :A PORTA"!E 7AS DETECTION EKFIPMENT :.%+. P%io% to +nt%y into any *on)in+. y-%o.).+n $ulp&i-+.m+a$u%+m+nt will 1+ ta(+n. @. ?. Ca%1on mono2i-+.+mploy++$. $ou%*+$ o) i.$ will 1+ ..i0+n to $up+%0i$o%$ an.i+ni$t *an analy6+ an.i+ni$t./ o% u$in.upon %+.a$/ -i+$+l/ +t*.u+$t 1y O**upational y.o2y.on %+. 8&+n +0+% $t%on. All ./ to%*& *uttin.uipm+nt w&i*& i$ o% wa$ in p+t%ol+um $+%0i*+ (i. "+)o%+ w+l-in.+%ou$ .a$olin+/ natu%al .on )in-in. T&+ O**upational y.uipm+nt mu$t 1+ u$+.

S) i$ an +2t%+m+ly poi$onou$ .&+% *on*+nt%ation$ (a1o0+ a1out :DD PPM) p+%$on$ +2po$+.+n $ulp&i-+ i$ )oun..a$ w&i*&/ at low *on*+nt%ation$/ $m+ll$ li(+ %ott+n +. y-%o. TOO!"O# TA!K H :C oil )i+l-$ an. !OSS OF SENSE OF SME!! Di66in+$$/ &+a-a*&+$/ nau$+a/ a1-ominal pain$ a)t+% :? minut+$/ -an.. y-%o.+))+*t$ a%+ 5 E2po$u%+ l+0+l !+$$ t&an : PPM !+$$ t&an ? PPM !+$$ t&an :? PPM :DD PPM ?DD PPM . :DDD PPM PPM = Pa%t$ P+% Million. <.+n $ulp&i-+ lo$+ t&+i% $+n$+ o) $m+ll. T&i$ amount *an 1+ $m+ll+. Gi*tim i$ in$tantly un*on$*iou$ &y-%o.Sout&=Ea$t Kuwait ("u%. No p+%man+nt +))+*t$.1%+at&in. T&i$ amount *an 1+ $m+ll+.ui*(ly (:=.+n $ulp&i-+ ( .Non+.+%ou$ a)t+% <D minut+$ +2po$u%+/ %api-ly p%o-u*+$ un*on$*iou$n+$$ an-+at& i) +))+*ti0+ %+$u$*itation i$ not appli+-. No &a%m)ul +))+*t$.i$ $a)+ )o% B &ou%$ +2po$u%+ wit&out %+$pi%ato%y p%ot+*tion. +alt& +))+*t S *an 1+ $m+ll+.$.+n $ulp&i-+ &a$ -i))+%+nt +))+*t$ a$ +2po$u%+ l+0+l$ in*%+a$ T&+ +2po$u%+ l+0+l$ an. y-%o. minut+$). $top$.+ 24/68 Issued March 2000 . At &i.TOO!"O# TA!K H :B YDRO7EN SF!P IDE t&+ Di0i-+.i$ $a)+ )o% :D minut+$ +2po$u%+ wit&out %+$pi%ato%y p%ot+*tion. D+at& )ollow$ 0+%y .(%ott+n +. ..$). Ey+$/ no$+/ t&%oat/ 1+*om+ i%%itat+-. It may al$o 1+ p%+$+nt in Sout& Tan( t&+ 8+$t Kuwait (Mina.i$&) an.

1y %a-io o% t+l+p&on+ to "u%.. In $+%iou$ *a$+$/ "u%.. (S++ al$o Tool1o2 Tal( H.+ 25/68 Issued March 2000 .on t&+ app%op%iat+ N+a% Mi$$ Fo%m$ w&i*& a%+ a0aila1l+ at 0a%iou$ lo*ation$. a**i-+nt$4in3u%i+$ (al$o $++ Tool1o2 Tal( H ..1+ A&ma-i &o$pital. 7+t +2ampl+$ o) all t&+ -i))+%+nt typ+$ o) R+po%t Fo%m$. (KOC A**i-+nt R+po%t Fo%m) All N+a% Mi$$+$ $&oul. Pa. T&+ %+po%t $&all in*lu-+ all n+*+$$a%y p&oto. All wo%( %+lat+.$&all in*lu-+ %+*omm+n-ation$ )o% +liminatin.%ap&$/ -%awin. mino% in3u%i+$/ mu$t 1+ %+po%t+. @. = A**i-+nt an. >. <..in3u%i+$/ $&all 1+ %+)+%%+.D A&ma-i o$pital an. All in3u%i+$ $&all 1+ )ully in0+$ti.w&+n Fi%+ Station .ACCIDENT4INCIDENT REPORTIN7 PREPARATION 5 Fi%+ Station $ta)) will/ w&+%+ n+*+$$a%y/ noti)y t&+ poli*+ o% ot&+% 7o0+%nm+nt 1o-i+$. t&+ *au$+ o) t&+ a**i-+nt. ?. All in3u%i+$/ ot&+% t&an mino% )i%$t ai.p%o1l+m a%+ *l+a%ly $tat+. A. Ma(+ $u%+ t&at t&+ +2a*t lo*ation an.$/ +t* an.in3u%i+$ = an am1ulan*+ $&oul. P+%$on$ may 1+ $+nt to t&+ &o$pital 1y no%mal 0+&i*l+. .Am1ulan*+ P%o*+-u%+).at+. In *a$+$ w&+%+ it i$ -an.&+a. B. T&+ $up+%0i$o% $&all $u1mit a )ull %+po%t to Fi%+ & Sa)+ty D+pt.1y 1ot& t&+ 0i*tim'$ $up+%0i$o% an-/ w&+%+ n+*+$$a%y/ a m+m1+% o) t&+ Sa)+ty D+pt. $pin+ an.in3u%i+$/ in*lu-in.p%omptly to you% Sup+%0i$o% )o% -+t+%mination o) app%op%iat+ a*tion.E0a*uation P%o*+-u%+$).1+ *all+.+%ou$ to mo0+ t&+ 0i*tim = +.

Pa.) @. All illn+$$+$ o% in3u%i+$ w&+t&+% p+%$onal o% p%o3+*t %+lat+. I) in -ou1t a1out w&+t&+% an +mploy++ n++-$ an am1ulan*+/ 1+ *on$+%0ati0+ an..A&ma-i &o$pital $ta)) will +n$u%+ *a%+. to t&+ &o$pital wit& mino% illn+$$+$ o% in3u%i+$. You $&oul.1y pa%am+-i*$ *an 1+ %+. Do not ta(+ *&an*+$ wit& illn+$$ o% in3u%i+$.*all )o% an am1ulan*+. An am1ulan*+ may 1+ *all+. %a-io on t&+ IFi%+ *&ann+lI.t&+n to A&ma-i &o$pital.4<CB@<A<).. An am1ulan*+ $ta))+. >. S+%iou$ illn+$$ an-4o% in3u%i+$ may 1+ %+po%t+...%+*+i0+ p+%mi$$ion )%om you% $up+%0i$o% p%io% to %+po%tin.+n*y *on-ition +2i$t$..> &ou%$ p+% -ay an. ?.at any tim+ w&+n an +mploy++ i$ too ill o% Fi%+ Station (T+l5 @@@@C4.imm+-iat+ly to t&+ &o$pital i) an +m+%..u+$t+.+. R+po%t to t&+ &o$pital &an-l+ any illn+$$ o% in3u%y.uipp+.. .+ 26/68 Issued March 2000 .:/ .1y5 = = t+l+p&on+ to "u%..D A MADI :.. OSPITA! AND AM"F!ANCE PROCEDFRE T&+ A&ma-i &o$pital i$ $ta))+.$&oul.1+ %+po%t+to you% $up+%0i$o% an.TOO!"O# TA!K H . (DO NOT *all t&+ am1ulan*+ o% &o$pital -i%+*t 1y %a-io/ t&i$ *au$+$ *on)u$ t%a0+l wit&out m+-i*al a$$i$tan*+. <.

E2ampl+$ o) -ama./ +.: PROPERTY AND ENGIRONMENTA! DAMA7E REPORTIN7 :.%in-in.out/ +2*+pt a$ i$ n+*+$$a%y to %+$*u+ p+%$onn+l an. T&+ $*+n+ o) t&+ a**i-+nt $&all 1+ l+)t un*&an.+ o) *au$ti*/ a*i-i* o% to2i* *&+mi*al$.uipm+nt o% mat+%ial$.. A %+po%t $&oul.).TOO!"O# TA!K H .to Fi%+ & Sa)+ty D+pt. ?.%oun.p%+0+nt any a.+n*i+$ (Poli*+/ Fi%+ D+pt.> &ou%$. >.%a0ation o) t&+ in*i-+nt..until an in0+$ti.. Pa. All t&+ a1o0+ $&all 1+ Fi%+ Station will o%.$+%0i*+$ -u%in.:/ . ..4<CB@<A<) an. +2*a0ation wo%(.5 = = = = = = -8 -9 .ani$+ any n+*+$$a%y *oo%-ination wit& Kuwait . E2plo$ion o% )i%+ *au$ Fi%+ Station (T+l5 @@@@C4. Spilla.+ to un-+%..o0+%nm+nt a. A**i-+nt$ w&i*& *au$+ -ama. "u%.1+ $u1mitt+..ation &a$ 1++n *a%%i+. G+&i*l+ a**i-+nt$.Fi%+ & Sa)+ty D+pt. T&+ 1u%$tin. <. -ama. wit&in .+ to p%op+%ty o% to t&+ +n0i%onm+nt mu$t 1+ %+po%t+-/ even '#ere t#ere is no !ersonal injur". applian*+. Ma3o% +l+*t%i*al $&o%t *i%*uit o% )i%+.a$ $oon a$ po$$i1l+ to you% Sup+%0i$o%/ to "u%. Collap$+ o% )ailu%+ o) a *%an+/ -+%%i*( o% ot&+% li)tin... w&++l. o) a . E2plo$ion o% %uptu%+ o) p%+$$u%+ 0+$$+l.+ 27/68 Issued March 2000 ..+.+ to 1uil-in. Dama.+ a**i-+nt$ w&i*& mu$t 1+ %+po%t+-/ in*lu-+ t&+ )ollowin..

Ma(+ *+%tain t&at you %+po%t t&+ +2a*t lo*ation an. an +m+%. I) an a%+a &a$ to 1+ +0a*uat+-/ .E Fi%+/ Sa)+ty/ Am1ulan*+.. >. i0. Do not att+mpt to )i.&t a )i%+ i) t&+%+ i$ any t&%+at to you..M+-i*al a$$i$tan*+ a%+ a0aila1l+ wit&in minut+$ to any KOC lo*ation. 0+&i*l+$ o% +.o to an a$$+m1ly point an.natu%+ o) t&+ p%o1l+m.ui%+.+ 28/68 Issued March 2000 . I) an in3u%y/ )i%+/ o% ot&+% a**i-+nt o**u%$/ %+po%t to you% $up+%0i$o% imm+-iat+ly.+n*y/ i-+nti)y t&+ $+%0i*+ %+.). E0a*uat+ t&+ a%+a/ *all )o% &+lp an. . Fi%+ Station imm+-iat+ly (<CB@<A<4. a%+a i) t&i$ appli+$ to you% 3o1.uipm+nt.%+po%t to you% $up+%0i$o%.a$$i$t t&+ in3u%+-.:4. iii.. ACCIDENT AND EGACFATION PROCEDFRES :. In *a$+ o) an +m+%. 1. So -o not mo0+ an in3u%+. A**i-+nt p%o*+-u%+$ )o% t&+ KOC a%+ a$ )ollow$ 5 a. m+a$u%+.. <. You% $up+%0i$o% will pi*( an +0a*uation m++tin. ?. T&+ %ul+ -u%in.. Fi%+/ Sa)+ty an.. R+po%t t&+ a**i-+nt 1y %a-io o% t+l+p&on+ to "u%.. Al$o -o not alt+% an a**i-+nt $*+n+/ $u*& a$ mo0in.TOO!"O# TA!K H ..+n*y i$ DO NOT TAKE FNNECESSARY RISKS.+mploy++ ot&+% t&an a$ a li)+$a0in..

$it+.a$ t+$t an. .%oun. @.natu%al . an.ui%+ a 8o%( P+%mit. $a)+ wo%( p%o*+-u%+$. "+)o%+ l+a0in. A1$olut+ly no &ot wo%( o% 0+&i*l+ +nt%y i$ to 1+ p+%)o%m+. 7at& $u*& a$ pipin. 8&+n wo%(in. Alway$ t%+at +2*a0ation p+%mit $o un-+%. <. ?. in an op+%atin.+ 29/68 Issued March 2000 ."S'$ %+.TOO!"O# TA!K H .ta. an.o1tain t&+ 8o%( P+%mit )%om t&+ KOC p+%$onn+l 1+)o%+ $ta%tin.. Mo$t 3o1$ in$i-+ a 7C o% "S %+. Follow 0al0+ lo*(out an.lin+ 1%+a(in. 7C o% "S alway$ *&+*( in at t&+ *ont%ol %oom an.uipm+nt. on any +l+*t%i*al +. a%+a$ )o% *%u-+ oil$i-+ a 7C o% "S until a . out m+t&o-$ 1+)o%+ wo%(in.ui%+ $p+*ial p+%mi$$ion an.a &ot wo%( p+%mit a%+ i$$u+-.+l+*t%i*al *a1l+$ *an 1+ i-+nti)i+-. t&+ 7C o% "S %+po%t to t&+ *ont%ol %oom5 = to %+tu%n t&+ 8o%( P+%mit = to a-0i$+ op+%ation$ p+%$onn+l o) t&+ $tatu$ o) t&+ wo%( = to a-0i$+ t&at you a%+ l+a0in. B.ta.a$. F$+ +l+*t%i*al lo*( out an.pipin. C+nt+% (7CJ$) an. Pa.p%o*+$$in./ pump$/ *omp%+$$o%$/ +t*/ a$ i) it i$ un-+% p%+$$u%+. wo%(. >.< 8ORKIN7 INSIDE 7AT ERIN7 CENTERS AND "OOSTER STATIONS :. A.."oo$t+% Station$ ("S'$) a%+ *oll+*tion an. E2*a0ation$ in$i-+ 7CJ$ an.

8o%( in *on)in+.1+)o%+ any 0+$$+l +nt%y p+%mit *an 1+ i$$u+-. B. T&+ t+$t$ mu$t in*lu-+ t&+ )ollowin.$pa*+ 4 0+$$+l in*lu-+$ tan($/ -%um$/ 0+ntilation will 1+ %+.+n $ulp&i-+ at D pa%t$ p+% million. T&+ %+$ult$ o) . 7a$ t+$t$ a%+ %+. <.a$ t+$tin.i+ni$t.i) n+*+$$a%y.alway$ 1+ -on+ a$ a O1u--y $y$t+mP/ an.$pa*+ All *on)in+.1+ *on$i-+%+.+ pipin.ui%+.1+ in$tall+. .$pa*+$ $&oul.a$ at DM/ an.+/ t&+n $p+*ial +.+%$ -%ain$/ pip+$ o% any ot&+% +. A *on)in+. Any pla*+ -++p+% t&an :. @. ?. Ent%y into any 0+$$+l i$ pot+ntially -an.&y-%o.+n *ont+nt 1 to2i* $u1$tan*+$ w&i*& may 1+ p%+$+nt/ $u*& a$ *a%1on mono2i-+/ o% &y-%o.& t&+ o**upational &y. N+0+% +nt+% a *on)in+.a$ t+$t %+$ult$ a%+ out o) t&+ no%mal %an. Ai% 1low+%$ $&ul.+n.+n $ulp&i-+. may 1+ %+. :D.D./ +2*&an.+n at .a$ a *on)in+.+n $ulp&i-+/ o% ot&+% to2i* $u1$tan*+$. A.$pa*+$ mu$t 1+ 0+ntilat+.ula% $&i)t..oo.> CONFINED SPACE 4 GESSE! ENTRY :. +2*a0ation/ pit/ $ump) $&oul. ::. C.&a0+ a *on$tant )low o) mo0in.a$ 1 o2y. I) .? m+t%+$ (+. an. ai% 1+)o%+ a p+%mit *an 1+ . Continuou$ . 7a$ t+$t limit$ )o% a no%mal 0+$$+l +nt%y a%+ o2y..5 1 )lamma1l+ (*om1u$ti1l+) .1y t&+ o**upational &y.will 1+ p%o0i-+.u$in.a$/ &$pa*+ 4 0+$$+l until a G+$$+l Ent%y P+%mit &a$ 1++n i$$u+.)o%* t&+ D+pa%tm+nt *on*+%n+.%ant+-.+%ou$ -u+ to t&+ po$$i1ility o) o2y. li)+lin+$.+n -+)i*i+n*y/ p%+$+n*+ o) )lamma1l+ ..)o%*+.uipm+nt t&at may *ontain to2i* $u1$tan*+$ o% a la*( o) o2y.ui%+-.)o% no mo%+ t&an : %+.uipm+nt $u*& a$ %+$pi%ato%$/ p%ot+*ti0+ *lot&in.ui%+. 7a$ t+$t$ a%+ .a$ t+$t$ an.i+ni$t. >.TOO!"O# TA!K H .any $p+*ial p%+*aution$ mu$t 1+ w%itt+n on t&+ 0+$$+l +nt%y p+%mit.CM/ *om1u$ti1l+ .+ 30/68 Issued March 2000 .

man to -i%+*t t&+ *%an+.not l+a0+ t&+ *%an+ until t&+ pow+% $ou%*+ &a$ 1++n $wit*&+.pow+% an. a *%an+ to a n+w lo*ation/ pla*+ t&+ 1oom at t&+ low+$t an.$up+%0i$o%$ mu$t alway$ $u%0+y a 3o1 an.not+ t&+ lo*ation o) pow+% an.nal man/ %i.o)). Dama. T&+ t&%+at o) +l+*t%o*ution i$ to +mploy++$ *lo$+ to t&+ *%an+. .)o% *%an+$. N+0+% -%i0+/ o% mo0+ a *%an+ on a %oa-way wit& t&+ 1oom up o% +2t+n-+-. I) a pow+% lin+ i$ pull+.*ommuni*ation lin+$.. T&+ -%i0+% $&oul.imm+-iat+ly.l+ an.*ommuni*ation$ lin+$ a%+ a *on$tant &a6a%. T&i$ $&oul+liminat+ $t%i(in. Ma(+ *+%tain t&at t&+ $i.+ to *ommuni*ation lin+$ mu$t 1+ %+po%t+.lin+$. Pa.TOO!"O# TA!K H .+ 31/68 Issued March 2000 .-own 1y a *%an+/ DO NOT app%oa*& t&+ *%an+.. o0+%&+a. :>.u$+ a )la. O0+%&+a. :<.ot&+% p+%$onn+l al$o (now t&at pow+%lin+$ a%+ in t&+ wo%( a%+a. C%an+ op+%ato%$ an.? CRANES AND OGER EAD PO8ER !INES :.+% an. :?.. 8&+n -%i0in. :.

lyin.&+%/ &+at $t%+$$/ an.all +mploy++$ mu$t &a0+ +y+ p%ot+*tion in u$+. -.t+mp+%atu%+. $a)+ty poli*i+$ 5 a.$*o%pion$ w&i*& *an 1+ -an. "+ wat*&)ul an. Ot&+% $a)+ty %+. I) $om+on+ i$ 1itt+n o% $tun. All +mploy++$ mu$t 1+ p%+pa%+. . A. Pa.+ +2t%+m+ &+at o) ??I C o% &i. wint+% (i. in -+$+%t lo*ation$ mu$t 1+ in)o%m+..+%ou$. $till. t&+ )ollowin.&win-$). 1.+$p+*ially -u+ to poo% 0i$i1ility an. Sup+%0i$o%$ mu$t in)o%m +mploy++$ o) -+$+%t &a6a%-$ -u%in.ulation$ w&i*& p+%tain to t&+ wo%( a$$i. Al$o %+m+m1+% t&at t&+%+ a%+ animal$/ %+ptil+$ an. Do not tou*& $u$pi*iou$ it+m$.+ 32/68 Issued March 2000 . )i%$t ai-. pa*($/ $na(+$ ($om+ poi$onou$) an. *.& win-$/ low 0i$i1ility) an. Alway$ %+m+m1+% +2plo$i0+ o%-nan*+ $a)+ty %ul+$.in$+*t$ in t&+ -+$+%t $u*& a$ -o.&i. R+po%t $u$p+* Fi%+ Station )o% imm+-iat+ a$$i$tan*+.nm+nt. @. in t&+ -+$+%t/ t&+ 0+&i*l+ mu$t 1+ in$p+*t+. ?.& win./ %a-io o% t+l+p&on+ "u%.@ 8ORKIN7 IN T E DESERT Fi%+ Station.t&+ pot+ntial o) +y+ in3u%i+$. Am1ulan*+ p%o*+-u%+$. E2plo$i0+ o%-nan*+ $a)+ty %ul+$.+ low t+mp+%atu%+ an. in t&+ -+$+%t mu$t 1+ o1tain+-. >.a-0i*+ "u%. P+%$onal p%ot+*ti0+ +. +.uipm+nt. A -o*to% o% pa%am+-i* will . <. K++p t&+ p+%$on *alm an.$umm+% (i.uipm+nt )o% t%a0+llin.TOO!"O# TA!K H .&i. "+)o%+ -%i0in.i$ a *on$tant &a6a%.o%-nan*+ to you% $up+%0i$o% imm+-iat+ly an.)o% -+$+%t w+at&+% *on-ition$ an.i0+ you a-0i*+ on t&+ %a-io *on*+%nin. 8o%( p+%mit p%o*+-u%+$. All -%i0+%$ mu$t -%i0+ $lowly an. All +mploy++$ wo%(in.+.-o not att+mpt to &an-l+ o% *at*& -+$+%t animal$/ %+ptil+$ o% in$+*t$.

Do not mo0+ t&+ p+%$on.+ttin.1+ u$+.-o.+n*y A$$i$tan* KOC wo%( a%+a$.uito+$/ o% ot&+% p+$t$ 1+*om+ a p%o1l+m in t&+ wo%( a%+a/ a *ont%a*to% i$ a0aila1l+ to +2t+%minat+ 0+%min an. T&+ M+-i*al O))i*+% o) +alt& $&$+*t$. . S*o%pion$ a%+ al$o *ommon in Kuwait a$ a%+ $pi-+%$$+*t$ in t&+ -+$+%t w&i*& a%+ pot+ntially %+li+0+ pain.ot&+% in$+*t$ w&i*& 1it+.u+$t$ )o% t&+$+ $+%0i*+$ $&oul.1+ p+%)o%m+-5 SNAKE "ITE I) t&+ 0i*tim i$ mo%+ t&an :D minut+$ )%om t&+ &o$pital/ pla*+ a 1an. SCORPION STIN7 5 I) a0aila1l+ pla*+ an i*+ pa*(/ o% i*+ *u1+ on t&+ $tin.. San.*at$ *oul. <.0ip+%$/ a poi$onou$ $na(+/ &a0+ 1++n )oun. @. 1y %a-io o% t+l+p&on+ to "u%. R+po%t any animal an.1+*omin. )%i+n-ly wit& wil.-ia.t&+y will not po$+ any t&%+at to you.-o. I) mi*+/ ant$/ mo$.+%ou$. >. Fi%$t Ai. Do not ) t&+ o**upational &y. 1itt+n 1y a animal wit& %a1i+$.$ o% *at$.%+$ult in . !+a0+ all o) t&+$+ *%+atu%+$ alon+ an. ! Fi%+ Station. Ra1i+$ i$ p%+0al+nt in t&+ Mi-=Ea$t an.i+ni$t.%at$.+ mi*+ an.TOO!"O# TA!K H .*all )o% Em+%. )%om $&o*( to t&+ *lo$+ &o$pital. I) t&+ 1it+ -o+$ not &+al wit&in a )+w -ay$/ o% 1+*om+$ in)+*t+-/ t&+ 0i*tim $&oul. K++p t&+ 0i*tim *alm an.+ 33/68 Issued March 2000 . I) a p+%$on i$ 1itt+n 1y -+$+%t animal o% in$+*t/ t&+ )ollowin.$na(+ 1it+ o% $*o%pion $tin. T%an$po%t t&+ +mploy++ i) &+ i$ $u))$+ t&+ 1it+ an.1+ -i%+*t+.%+po%t to t&+ &o$pital. ?. T&+%+ a%+ $+0+%al (in-$ o) animal$/ %+ptil+$ an.imm+-iat+ly %+po%t to t&+ &o$pital )o% t+$t$ an-/ i) n+*+$$a%y/ t%+atm+nt.. SPIDER "ITE 5 I*+ *u1+$ o% an i*+ pa*( $&oul. )oo.a1o0+ t&+ 1it+ o% a1o0+ t&+ 3oint *lo$+$t to t&+ 1it+.A DESERT ANIMA!S/ REPTI!ES/ AND INSECTS :.$ an. Pa. Any %+. DO7 OR CAT "ITE 5 T&+ 0i*tim $&oul.wil.noti)y t&+ -+tail to t&+ G+t+%ina%ian )o% o1$+%0ation o) t&+ animal.out will al$o +n*ou%a.$&oul.

%+pai% o) )lowlin+$ i$ pot+ntially &a6a%-ou$ -u+ to t&+ p%+$+n*+ o) )lamma1l+ &y-%o*a%1on$ (*%u-+ oil an. on any )lowlin+$..&ot wo%( an.wo%( p+%mit i$ i$$u+-/ all +../ o% .1+)o%+ w+l-in. >.nition. )lowlin+$ al$o %+. .an. A &ot wo%( p+%mit an.ui%+$ a p+%mit.TOO!"O# TA!K H .1+)o%+ any $ou%*+ o) i. out any &ot wo%(. R+po%t t&+$+ $u$p+*t+.ui%+.1y t&+ D+pt.a$ t+$t$ a%+ i$$u+. Pa. Con$t%u*tion an.. Daily p+%mit$ an.a$ t+$t a%+ %+. o% *annot *%+at+ a $ou%*+ o) Fi%+ Station. A.natu%al . ?.uipm+nt mu$t 1+ int%in$i*ally $a)+/ non=$pa%(in. @.nition *an 1+ u$+-.o%-nan*+ to you% $up+%0i$o% imm+-iat+ly an.*uttin./ to%*& *uttin.a$ t+$t$ *on-u*t+. into t&+ lin+$ o% *a%%yin. Col. Sin*+ mo$t )lowlin+ wo%( i$ in t&+ -+$+%t you $&$..B 8ORKIN7 ON F!O8!INES :. All )+a$i1l+ p%+*aution$ mu$t 1+ u$+. <.a-0i$+ "u%.-aily/ 1+)o%+ wo%( 1+.alway$ wat*& )o% o%-nan*+ in t&+ wo%( Con*+%n+. Stoppl+$ mu$t 1+ in$tall+.a$).+ 34/68 Issued March 2000 . On*+ a *ol. R+m+m1+% = DO NOT TOFC $u$pi*iou$ o13+*t$.*olwo%( p+%mit$ 1+ i$$ %+mo0+ &y-%o*a%1on$ )%om )lowlin+$ 1+)o%+ 1%+a(in.%in-in.

Alway$ w+a% .&t. Roa-$ *an 1+*om+ 0+%y $lipp+%y w&+n *o0+%+. Sup+%0i$ion mu$t &a0+ *%u-+ oil %+mo0+.alway$ 1+ t%+at+.lo0+$ w&+n &an-lin. *%u-+ oil.& *%u-+ oil an.&an-lin.wit& a &ot wo%( p+%mit 1+)o%+ $ta%tin.+ 35/68 Issued March 2000 . wo%(.all ot&+% $a)+ty pip+$/ *%u-+ oil mu$t 1+ %+mo0+. NEGER wo%( o0+% $tan-in.&t to $uppo%t w+i.t&+ +n.uipm+nt *oat+.wit& *%u-+ oil. @.a$ a &a6a%-ou$/ an. Any +mploy++$ p+%)o%min. <.ui%+m+nt$ mu$t 1+ in pla*+ 1+)o%+ a &ot wo%( p+%mit *an 1+ i$$u+-.oon/ in$i-+ a tan(/ +t*. Pa.)lamma1l+ $u1$tan*+.1+)o%+ wo%( *an 1+ -on+. 7a$ t+$t$ mu$t 1+ -on+/ $toppl+$ mu$t 1+ u$+.wit& *%u-+ o% +2&au$t $y$t+m i. NEGER -%i0+ t&%ou.C 8ORKIN7 NEAR CRFDE OI! :. ?.?(p& w&+n -%i0in. +.)%om t&+ a%+a/ an.nit+t&+ oil.. C%u-+ Oil $&oul. *%u-+ oil/ $u*& a$ in an +2*a0ation/ oil la.limit i$ . >. *%u-+ oil. .TOO!"O# TA!K H . T&+ $p++. wo%( n+a% *%u-+ oil mu$t 1+ i$$u+. T&+ oil i$ too li. S+0+%al 0+%y $+%iou$ )i%+$ &a0+ o**u%%+w&+n p+opl+ &a0+ -%i0+n t&%ou. You *annot $wim in *%u-+ oil. on %oa-$ t&at a%+ *oat+.& $tan-in.

Pa.uipm+nt %+a-ily a0aila1l+ = !i)+1+lt$/ %op+$/ %+$*u+ 1oat$..1uoyan*y ai-$. pla*+$ )%om w&i*& a p+%$on *an )all into wat+% $&all 1+ )+n*+. T&+%+ $&all 1+ a p%op+% p%o*+-u%+ )o% %+$*u+ p+%$on$ )%om t&+ wat+% an. T&+%+ $&all 1+ $uita1l+ %+$*u+ +.3+tti+$/ all op+n $i-+$ o) wo%(in.TOO!"O# TA!K H <D 8ORK OGER 8ATER PREPARATION 5 :.)o% wat+% t%an$po%t $&all 1+ $oun-ly *on$t%u*t+..$up+%0i$+. ?. A$$+m1l+ +2ampl+$ o) p%ot+*tion +. >.uipm+nt (+. . Ot&+% t&an -o*($ o0+% o% n+a% wat+% t&+y $&all w+a% app%o0+. 1uoyan*y ai-$/ li)+1+lt$) 8&+n p+%$on$ a%+ wo%(in.o% app%op%iat+ly 1a%%i*a-+-.1y a *omp+t+nt p+%$on.all +mploy++$ $&all 1+ )amilia% wit& it..+ 36/68 Issued March 2000 . <. All 1oat$ u$+.

Ty%+ p%+$$u%+$ mu$t 1+ $+t to t&+ manu)a*tu%+%$ %+*omm+n-+. @.p%+$$u%+$. I) you &a0+ to %+-u*+ ty%+ p%+$$u%+ to *%o$$ $o)t $an-/ %+=in)lat+ w&+n you . It i$ a. Do not %un t&%ou.&way$.(now t&+ *o%%+*t ty%+ p%+$$u%+$ )o% +a*& typ+ o) 0+&i*l+. Pa.&+% ty%+ wall t+mp+%atu%+$/ w&i*& *an l+a. 7+t a ty%+ p%+$$u%+ .+n+%atin. So)t ty%+$ )l+2 mo%+ t&an *o%%+*tly in)lat+. <.limit$ on $t%++t$ an. R+m+m1+% it ta(+$ lon. N+0+% low+% ty%+ p%+$$u%+$ 1+*au$+ it i$ & a 1lowout. On -i%t %oa-$/ o% -i0+%$ion$ %oa-$/ -o not +2*++.&t$. T&i$ in*lu-+$ all pa$$+n.+t 1a*( on t&+ . oil/ ty%+ p%+$$u%+/ %+*&+*( o% 1la*( top. >.ty%+$/ . It i$ t&+ an. Alway$ w+a% you% $+at 1+lt. In$p+*t you% 0+&i*l+ +0+%y -ay 1+)o%+ -%i0in.%a0+l t&at it -o+$ on -%y pa0+m+nt.TOO!"O# TA!K H <: DRIGIN7 SAFETY PREPARATION 5 :.+%$ w&+%+ $+at 1+lt$ a%+ p%o0i-+-. ?.in+ )lui-$/ *l+an win-ow$/ *l+an &+a.ain$t t&+ law.&i. & 37/68 Issued March 2000 . O1+y lo*al $p++.>?(p&.&t$/ +t*.+% to $top on -i%t an.p%+0+nt $+%iou$ in3u%i+$.& %+..tail li. A $+at 1+lt *an $a0+ you% li)+ an./ in*lu-in. *&+*(in. .

wit& $an. -i$tan*+$ a%+ lon.+%ou$ %oa. 8&+n -%i0in.$lipp+%y -u+ to %ain/ an$+%iou$ a**i-+nt$ an. . ROAD SAFETY E DRIGIN7 ON 8ET ROADS In wint+%/ $om+ o) t&+ %oa.*an *au$+ 0+%y $lipp+%y/ &a6a%-ou$ *on-ition$.+% on w+t %oa-$.ot&+% 0+&i*l+$ on w+t %oa-$/ +n$u%+ t&at you (++p a .?D(p& E i) *on-ition$ a%+ 1a-/ %+-u*+ $p++.in3u%i+$ &a0+ o**u%%+-.oo.%oa-$)/ %ain wat+% mi2+. 1+&in. >.)ollow t&+$+ $a)+ty %ul+$.TOO!"O# TA!K H <.+ 38/68 Issued March 2000 .-i$tan*+ 1a*(/ in *a$+ t&+ 0+&i*l+ in )%ont $top$ $*& %oa-$/ -o not +2*++. :. REMEM"ER $toppin. 8&+n t%a0+llin.)u%t&+%. %ain/ %+-u*+ $p++. <.*on-ition$.at*& o% $an. Du%in. Pa.*on-ition$ in KOC a%+a$ 1+*om+ w+t an..$u*& a**i-+nt$ you $&oul. o)) 1la*( top %oa-$ (. Pa%ti*ula%ly w&+n $uit t&+ %oa. In o%-+% to a0oi. on $an-4. R+po%t -an.*on-ition$ to you% $up+%0i$o%.

Ca%%y t&+ )ollowin.+2p+*t+. Op+n t&+ t%un( an. @. 0+&i*l+ o% ai%*%a)t *an $++ you n++.o% $alt ma%$&/ $top you% 0+&i*l+ on )i%m . o))/ *&+*( t&+ 0+&i*l+=)u+l/ oil/ ti%+$ an.ula%ly. 8&+n o)) t&+ %oa-/ a$ )a% a$ po$$i1l+/ )ollow +2i$tin. . Ta(+ a %a-io o% mo1il+ t+l+p&on+ an.TOO!"O# TA!K H << DRIGIN7 IN T E DESERT :.w&++l ma%($.tim+ o) %+tu%n.uipm+nt (a$ a minimum)5 -10 -11 -12 -13 -14 <. K++p in t&+ $&a-+ an.+t$ $tu*(/ DO NOT l+a0+ you% 0+&i*l+ an. t%a*($ an. Pa. I) you $++ an a%+a a&+a. ta(+n an. la%. I) you 1%+a(-own o% t&+ 0+&i*l+ .$&a*(l+ at +a*& +na .t%y to wal( out. Stay wit& t&+ 0+&i*l+ at all tim+$ +2*+pt i) you *an $++ a %oa-way o% ot&+% in&a1itation wit&in : (m.o) t&+ 0+&i*l+ $o t&at any pa$$in.&*& o% )la$&li. Noti)y you% $up+%0i$o% o) t&+ %out+ 1+in.*ont%ol$. wat+% (minimum o) < lit+%$ p+% p+%$on) a $&o0+l a tow %op+ wit& an +y+ an.. "+)o%+ $+ttin. B.w&i*& loo($ $o)t/ +it&+% $an.+ 1ottl+$ o) -%in(in.+ 39/68 Issued March 2000 .-o a %+*onnai$$an*+ on )oot. p%o0i$ion$4+.&t a 3a*(+t/ it *an .an.$tay in *onta*t %+.a$$i$tan*+. A.a)t+% -a%(. >. ?.(++p p&y$i*al mo0+m+nt to a minimum.oo.%oun. at l+a$t .+t *ol.

ui%+. I) you -onJt (now i) t&+ p+%mit &a$ 1++n i$$u+-/ a$( you% $up+%0i$o%.o% &a6a%-ou$ a%+a = +l+*t%i*al wo%( = +2*a0ation$ = u$+ o) %a-ioa*ti0+ mat+%ial$..1+)o%+ wo%(in. >. Know &ow t&+y a%+ appli+an. @. . A.w&at you *an an. T&+ I$$uin.+ 40/68 Issued March 2000 .$p+*i)y any p%+*aution$ to 1+ ta(+n. in any *ompany O a6a%-ou$P anOR+$t%i*t+-P a%+a$. T&+ pu%po$+ i$ to aut&o%i6+ wo%( to 1+ *a%%i+. DO NOT START ANY 8ORK FNTI! YOFR AGE A PROPER 8ORK PERMIT.t&+ %+$pon$i1iliti+$ o) t&+ -i))+%+nt p+opl+ in0ol0+-. ?. Aut&o%ity will aut&o%i6+ t&+ 8o%( P+%mit an.*on-ition$ an.t&at you un-+%$tan. Pa. 8o%( p+%mit$ a%+ %+.out un-+% * $p+*i)y t&+ p%+*aution$ to 1+ ta(+n. Mo$t p+%mit$ a%+ %+n+w+. a*ti0iti+$5 = &ot wo%( = *ol.*annot -o.)o% all t&+ )ollowin. Aut&o%ity on *ompl+tion o) t&+ wo%( o% on +2pi%y o) t&+ p+%mit. Appli*ation$ )o% wo%( p+%mit$ a%+ ma-+ to t&+ D+pa%tm+nt (I$$uin.w&at t&+ p+%mit i$ )o% an. 8o%( P+%mit$ mu$t 1+ %+tu%n+.+. 8o%( P+%mit$ a%+ %+. B. Aut&o%ity) in w&o$+ a%+a t&+ wo%( i$ to 1+ -on+. Ma(+ $u%+ you un-+%$tan. 7+t *opi+$ o) t&+ -i))+%+nt typ+$ o) p+%mit. <.ui%+.TOO!"O# TA!K H <> 8ORK PERMITS PREPARATION 5 :.+0+%y $&i)t *& t&+ I$$uin.$pa*+ = 0+&i*l+ +nt%y into a %+$t%i*t+.wo%( = +nt%y into a *on)in+.

$tat+. A. Pa.a$olin+/ o% ot&+% &y-%o*a%1on i$ in an +2*a0ation. mu$t 1+ u$+-/ o% t&+ +2*a0ation mu$t 1+ $lop+. B. In $om+ *a$+$/ +2*a0ation$ will n++..%+*o%.ui%+. w&+n t&+ +2*a0ation -+pt& i$ .i+ni$t will *on-u*t . >. @.? m+t+%$.DD mm an ENTRY PERMIT i$ %+. !a--+%$/ w&+n %+.1+)o%+ +mploy++$ may +nt+%. !a--+%$ o% $tai%$ mu$t 1+ a--ition. It i$ 0+%y impo%tant to (now t&+ lo*ation o) 1u%i+. 8&+%+ only &an. -. " l+a$t :L m+t+%$ away )%om t&+ +-.+ o) t&+ +2*a0ation. o% $ a--ition.%+$ult$ on a wo%( p+%mit. T&+ O**upational y.%+at+% t&an :. An E2*a0ation Noti)i*ation C+%ti)i*at+ mu$t 1+ o1tain+-/ IN ADDITION TO OT ER 8ORK PERMITS/ p%io% to $ta%tin. E2*a0ation Noti)i*ation$ mu$t $i. C.a$ t+$t %+$ult$.ui%+-/ $&all not 1+ mo%+ t&an B m+t+%$ apa%t. 8&+%+ +2*a0ation$ 1+low :. any +2*a0ation wo%(/ %+.ui%+.w&+n +2*a0ation$ a%+ mo%+ t&an :L m+t+%$ -++p.tool$ a%+ u$+. on . +l+*t%i*al lin+$/ +t*/ 1+)o%+ +2*a0atin.ui%+. %ul+$ apply 5 a.+ 41/68 Issued March 2000 .a%-l+$$ o) t&+ -+pt&.in a--ition.ui%+.ui%+.a CO!D 8ORK PERMIT i$ %+. E2*a0ation$ in SO!ID %o*( a%+ t&+ only typ+$ +2+mpt )%om $&o%in. <.on +2*a0ation noti)i*ation. *.. ?. .TOO!"O# TA!K H <? E#CAGATIONS :. 8&+%+ +2*a0ation$ u$ 1+ . Ot&+% p%+*aution$/ $u*& a$ %+$pi%ato%$ may 1+ %+.w&+n *%u-+ oil/ . I) +mploy++$ a%+ to +nt+% an +2*a0ation t&+ )$ mu$t 1+ i-+nti)i+-/ ma%(+. T&i$ i$$.to p%+0+nt *ollap$in..a$ t+$t$ an. S&o%in. pow+%+.pipin.plant a OT 8ORK PERMIT i$ %+.a$ t+$t+. 1.-+p+n-in.n+.1y t&+ app%op%iat+ KOC En. E2*a0ation $poil mu$t 1+ mo0+.

<. lo*( (multi=lo*() $&oul.%+l+a$+ t&+ *%a)t lo*(.uipm+nt. 8&+n a lo*( out i$ -on+ un-+% a wo%( p+%mit/ t&+ lo*( out )o%m mu$t 1+ atta*&+..El+*t%i*al P+%mit4Cl+a%an*+ Fo%m$.an.TOO!"O# TA!K H <@ E!ECTRICA! !OCK OFT PREPARATION 5 :.uipm+nt. B. (S#o' co!" of For%) i. 8&+n wo%( i$ *ompl+t+-/ +a*& *%a)t mu$t $i.uipm+nt.1y t&+ p+%$on %+$pon$i1l+ )o% t&+ wo%( 1+)o%+ -+=i$olatin. An El+*t%i*al Cl+a%an*+ C+%ti)i*at+ mu$t 1+ *ompl+t+.+l+*t%i*ian. NO REPAIR 8ORK MAY "E PERFORMED ON ANY EKFIPMENT FN!ESS T E E!ECTRICA! PO8ER SFPP!Y AS "EEN DISCONNECTED AT T E SOFRCE AND P YSICA!!Y !OCKED t&+ top o) t&+ wo%( p+%mit. A . wo%(. t&+ +.a)t+% lo*( out to -i$*&a%.+l+*t%i*al lo*( out (S#o' co!" of For%)& T&+ Main 8o%( P+%mit mu$t al$o $&ow t&+ nam+4$i. C.+ 42/68 Issued March 2000 .uali)i+.%oun-+.& 0olta.1+ lo*(+. @.+ +. All lo*( out$ mu$t 1+ p+%)o%m+.natu%+ o) t&+ p+%$on %+$pon$i1l+ )o% +l+*t%i*al i$olation o) t&+ +. :D.all ot&+% *%a)t$ will atta*& pa-lo*($ 1+)o%+ $ta%tin.+a% an.onto t&+ $wit*& . An El+*t%i*al P+%mit (lo*( out )o%m) mu$t 1+ u$+.wo%( on t&+ +. (S#o' co!" of For%) .+ any %+$i-ual *u%%+nt. >. !o*($ will 1+ %+l+a$ %+*o%.only a)t+% +a*& *%a)t &a$ *ompl+t+. ?. Pa.n=o)) on t&+ wo%( p+%mit an.uipm+nt mu$t al$o 1+ . 7+t *opi+$ o) 8o%( P+%mit an.1y a . A.

a .*lo$+-.0al0+$. <.uipm+nt. @. in &y-%o*a%1on $+%0i*+. Al$o/ a &ot wo%( p+%mit mu$t 1+ i$$u+. All 0al0+($) u$+.. i$ -+p%+$$u%i$+./ +t*. mu$t 1+ wo%(+. ?.on t&+ 0al0+($) 1y t&+ p+%$on %+$pon$i1l+ )o% t&+ i$*(+. Alway$ ma(+ *+%tain t&at pipin.&+%. o% 1y a p+%$on o) Sup+%int+n-+nt aut&o%ity o% &i. an-4o% +.%in-in. Ta.*uttin. In *+%tain *a$+$/ pipin./ 0al0+$/ pump$ o% ot&+% %+lat+.t&at a wo%( p+%mit &a$ 1++n i$$u+.TOO!"O# TA!K H <A GA!GE !OCK OFT AND TA77IN7 :. T&i$ p%o*+-u%+ al$o appli+$ to -ou1l+ 1lo*( an. on pipin.only 1y t&+ p+%$on w&o in$tall+.uipm+nt mu$t 1+ *lo$ i$olat+ pipin. >. A IDAN7ER = DO NOT OPERATE I ta.1+)o%+ wo%( 43/68 Issued March 2000 .t&+ ta.1+)o%+ w+l-in. m+t&o-$/ mu$t 1+ in pla*+ 1+)o%+ &ot wo%( may 1+ -on+ on t&+ lin+.a$(+t/ *ol.+.o% $+al+.$ may 1+ %+mo0+.on w&i*& i$ -+p%+$$u%+-/ 1ut not 1lin-+-/ )o% 3o1$ $u*& a$ %+pla*in./ . Stoppl+$ o% ot&+% app%o0+. on pipin./ *uttin. .. mu$t 1+ pla*+. a lin+/ *&an. a 0al0+/ +t*.an.lin+ plu.

mu$t 1+ $toppl+-/ o% +.+. any &ot wo%(. 8&+n *ol.*uttin.I all 1olt$ in an +0+n mann+%. 8&+n u$in.&tly loo$+nin. F$+ a w+-.p%+0+nt t&+ pipin. All pipin. )%om I$nappin. C&+*( to ma(+ $u%+ t&+ lin+ &a$ 1++n -+p%+$$u%+.+./ o% I1%+a(in./ to%*& *uttin. ?. In ot&+% wo%-$/ DO NOT loo$+n 1olt$ in a *lo*(wi$+/ o% *ount+%=*lo*(wi$+ mann+% a$ t&i$ put$ unn+*+$$a%y $t%ain on t&+ ) <. Pa. -+0i*+/ $u*& a$ a Ipip+ *utt+%I o% Iwat+% *ool+./ w+l-in. a pip+/ u$+ a pip+ *utt+% $lowly an. @. 1olt$. 8&+n op+nin. .I apa%t. Di$mantlin.%in-in. a *ol.&a0+ a &ot wo%( p+%mit i$$u+. a lin+ at a )lan.+ 44/68 Issued March 2000 .an.1+ *ompl+t+ly loo$+n+. ot&+% $ou%*+$ o) i.a$ t+$t+.wo%( p+%mit &a$ 1++n i$$u+-.%+mo0+ p%o-u*t )%om t&+ a%+a 1+)o%+ p+%)o%min.+/ $ta%t 1y $li./ o% u$in..+-/ .p+%mit &a$ 1++n i$$u+-.t&at a 0ali. A.&a*($awI/ alway$ ma(+ $u%+ a *ol.. >.TOO!"O# TA!K H <B !INE "REAKIN7 :. "olt$ $&oul.+ $p%+a-+% to +n$u%+ t&at t&+%+ i$ no t%app+p%+$$u%+ 1+)o%+ %+mo0in.+ o% )lan. to +0+nly -i$t%i1ut+ p%+$$u%+ on t&+ )lan.nition.ually plu. pipin.*uttin. )o% %+pai%$ o% %+pla*+m+nt mu$t 1+ -on+ wit& E#TREME CAFTION.1+)o%+ . Allow any %+$i-ual p%o-u*t in t&+ pip+ to -%ain out oppo$it+ $i-+$ o) t&+ pipin.

8&+%+ n+*+$$a%y . Oil %a. p%ot+*tion i$ al$o a0aila1l+ p%+0+nt pa%ti*l+$ an.$ )%om ma*&in+$ $t%i(in. 8+l-in.TOO!"O# TA!K H <C 8ORKS OP PRACTICE ol. Fi%+ +. *on-ition.$/ +t*.%+.+ 45/68 Issued March 2000 .an..+$ $&all 1+ *l+an+. non=in0ol0+wo%(m+n.&t a))+*$t 1+ in . A.(+pt )%++ o) o1$t%u*tion$.to p%+0+nt t&+ FG li. . p+%$on$ on a-3a*+nt ma*&in+$ o% in t&+ wal(way$.$ $&all not 1+ a**umulat+ 1+*au$+ o) t&+ %i$( o) auto=i.wo%(in.)%++ )%om wa$t+ mat+%ial$/ %u11i$&/ +t*.up imm+-iat+ly. Pa.1y *omp+t+nt p+%$on$. +a%in. wo%($&op 1low $wa%)/ $aw-u$t/ )*omm+n-+.)o% u$+ w&+n op+%atin. :D. 8o%($&op$ $&all 1+ (+pt ti-y an. 7an. ?.ant%y *%an+$ a%+ in$tall+-/ t&+y $&all only 1+ op+%at+.uipm+nt mu$t not 1+ o1$t%u*t+.wit& t%a0+l ala%m$. i. All %u11i$& $&all 1+ pla*+. ::.way$ $&all 1+ *l+a%ly ma%(+. Ea*& ma*&in+ $&all &a0+ it$ own *l+a%ly ma%(+.oo.a%+a.ula%ly.& p%+$$u%+ *omp%+$$+. 8&+%+ o0+%&+a. >. <. $&all not 1+ u$+. a%+a$ $&all 1+ )ully $*$ o% $*%++n$ $&all 1+ pla*+.nition. Oil $pilla. Ey+ p%ot+*tion mu$t 1+ wo%n 1+ w&+n 1in$ o% -%um$/ w&i*& $&all 1+ +mpti+. T&+y $&all 1+ )itt+.uipm+nt.t&+ tool1o2 tal( in t&+ wo%($&op.*&ippin.uipm+nt. C. :. B. +.

$&ut=o)) )+atu%+$ Q a. w&i*& may tan. B.l+ in %otatin.ot&+% %otatin. N+0+% tap+ -own t&+ $a)+ty t%i.$aw$ an.$imila% ma*&in+$/ mu$t &a0+ t%an$pa%+nt . A $a)+ty t%i. loo$+ *lot&in.+% i$ %+l+a$+-. Pu$& $ti*($ mu$t 1+ u$+. . Ma*&in+%y op+%ato%$ mu$t a0oi. >.TOO!"O# TA!K H >D MAC INE 7FARDIN7 :.%in-+%$ mu$t &a0+ 1la-+$ an. All ma*&in+%y mu$t &a0+ -an.w+a%in. &an.+a%$/ *&ain an.+% w&i*& will $&ut t&+ -+0i*+ o)) a$ $oon a$ t&+ Ey+ p%ot+*tion i$ alway$ %+.. an..*&ip$. pa%t$. An +m+%.& )++. ma*&in+$/ lat&+$/ an.+n*y pu$& 1utton wit&in +a$y a**+$$ t&at will -i$*onn+*t pow+%.ta1l+ $aw$.+ 46/68 Issued March 2000 .ua%-+-. A.$p%o*(+t -%i0+$/ 1+lt -%i0+$/ $&a)t$/ $pin-l+$/ *&u*($ an. .+%ou$ pa%t$ . 7%in-in..-i$*$ . an.+% o) a pow+% p%+0+nt a**+$$ in**&in+$. All ma*&in+%y mu$t &a0+ on+ o) t&+ two )ollowin.mount+. ma*&in+ pa%t$.ui%+..w&+n u$in.$ u$+to *ontain *uttin. Pa.)i2+.&+l. ?. <.

a $t%i(in. 8oo. Alway$ w+a% +y+ p%ot+*tion w&+n u$in. 1.$. A0oi.+&amm+%$ $&all 1+ $+*u%+.$l+-.&an-l+$ )o% &amm+%$ an.+$.o) t&+ tool. )il+$ wit& 1a%+ tan. $t%i(in. &it $&all not 1+ &+l. It i$ impo%tant to maintain &an. 8&+n u$in.TOO!"O# TA!K H >: AND TOO!S :. In pa%ti*ula% att+ntion $&oul1+ pai.*on-ition.u$in.1y &an-.wit& tap+%+w+-. *. tool in pla*+ wit& %op+/ $ti)) wi%+ loop/ o% ot&+% m+an$ to (++p t&+ &an-$ away )%om 1+in. <. Fil+$ $&oul.+ 47/68 Issued March 2000 .+$/ $pann+%$/ &amm+%$/ +t*/ $&all 1+ )%++ )%om 1u%%$. -. . Alway$ &ol.oo.to5 a.tool$ in . St++l w+-.-own to p%+0+nt Imu$&%oomin. >.1+ t%imm+.I t&+ &+a. Non=$pa%(in.. Pa. a &amm+% to $t%i(+ a $pann+%/ *&i$+l/ +t*/ t&+ tool 1+in. &it 1y t&+ &amm+%.&a0+ p%op+% &an-l+$. 8oo-+n &an-l+$ $&all 1+ (+pt )%++ )%om $plint+%$ an.*%a*($. 1%a$$ tool$/ *&i$+l$/ +t*/ $&oul. tool$.

*omp%+$$+. Comp%+$$ 1low -u$t o% -i%t o)) an +mploy++$ $(in o% *lot&in./ o% )o% *oolin. Any p+%$on &an-lin. o$+ *ouplin. o% $&all w+a% +y+ p%ot+* 1+ u$+.TOO!"O# TA!K H >.i$ p%o&i1it+-. Fn-+% no *i%*um$tan*+$/ +2*+pt in an +m+%.wit& an app%op%iat+ p%+$$u%+ )o% *l+anin. FSE OF COMPRESSED AIR :. o% -%yin. ?.A 1a%4:D p$i. B. Fn-+% no *on-ition$ t&+ ma2imum p%+$$u%+ p+%mi$$i1l+ )o% $u*& pu%po$+$ $&all 1+ D. $&all 1+ )itt+.w&+n ot&+% mo%+ a**+pta1l+ m+t&o-$ a%+ imp%a*ti* &o$+$ u$+. @. o%$+play wit& *omp%+$$+.wit& pin$ o% ot&+% m+an$ to p%+0+nt a**i-+ntal -i$*onn+*tion.ulato%. t&+ &o$+. . pu%po$+-. $&all only 1+ p+%mitt+. Pa. i$ +2t%+m+ly -an.+n*y/ $&all t&+ ai% $upply 1+ *ut o)) 1y (in(in. Ai% lin+$ $&all 1+ )itt+. Fn-+% no *on-ition$ $&all *omp%+$$+. <..$ $&all 1+ )itt+.)o% *l+anin.+%ou$ an.wit& a p%op+% no66l+ w&i*& in*lu-+$ an.on4o)) 0al0+. T&+ u$+ o) *omp%+$$+. >.+ 48/68 Issued March 2000 .

C&+*( t&+ $p++. >. pn+umati* tool$. <.)o% p%op+% op+%ation 1+)o%+ u$+/ in* t&+ tool to %ai$+ an. A$$+m1l+ $om+ typi*al pn+umati* tool$. int+%nally.low+% pn+umati* tool$. ii) Ai% &o$+ *onn+*tion$ a%+ wi%+. i0) T&+ $a)+ty t%i. Ai% tool$ *an 1+ 0+%y noi$y.%in-+%$ an. -+0i*+$/ wi%+ 1%u$&+$/ +t*.o) t&+ tool/ pa%ti*ula%$ . ai% tool$. 5 i) Sa)+ty *lip$ in pla*+ to p%+0+nt t&+ tool )%om +3+*tin.%in-+%$/ *&ippin. Pn+umati* tool$ mu$t 1+ in$p+*t+.+t&+%.-%ill$.+ 49/68 Issued March 2000 ..1+ wo%n w&+n u$in.o. .tool$ a%+ *o%%+*tly in o%-+% to a0oi... Ma(+ $u%+ . Do not pi*( up/ o% low+% ai% tool$ 1y t&+ ai% &o$+. Pa.)ailu%+. out o) t&+ &ol-+%.+n to pow+% pn+umati* tool$. F$+ a %op+/ ti+. NEGER u$+ nit%o.l+$ w&+n u$in.+% automati*ally $&ut$ o)) w&+n %+l+a$+-. ai% tool$/ +$p+*ially .TOO!"O# TA!K H >< PNEFMATIC TOO!S PREPARATION 5 :. Ey+ p%ot+*tion i$ al$o 0+%y impo%tant w&+n u$in.$ o% +a% mu))$ $&oul. 8+a% . w&++l/ -i$*$ an. A. iii) T&+ tool i$ not l+a( Ea% plu. ?. @.%in-in.

man .$ $u*& a$ wi%in.w&+n $an. :D. -+a. Ai% &o$+ *ouplin.i) noi$+ l+0+l$ +2*++. A wo%( p+%mit i$ %+. B. $a)+ .to..+. @.l+$ a$ minimum +y+ p%ot+*tion an.ui%+. C&+*( wit& t&+ p%+0+nt oil mi$t an.wit& $a)+ty %+l+a$+ .$ mu$t 1+ pinn+.1la$t &oo-$ mu$t 1+ o) app%o0+.t&. ?. >. *an 1+ &a6a%-ou$ $an-1la$t. .-+$i.a**i-+nt$.A%+a$ (.B? -"A (-+*i1+l$).) <. *on*+%n+.wit& 1a%%i*a-+ tap+ an.1+)o%+ 1la$tin.& l+0+l$ o) *a%1on mono2i-+ )%om +nt+%in. N+0+% 1y pa$$ $an-1la$tin.. San.o. p%ot+*tion i$ %+. A $p+*ial p%o*+-u%+ i$ %+. Filt+%$ $&oul. t&+ $an.%ip$ $&ut/ wo%(in. in R+$t%i*$ $+t=up to p%+0+nt $an.n an.out %+.ui%+.-i%+*tion an.%oun-+.1la$t a%+a$ mu$t 1+ *l+a%ly ma%(+.uipm+nt i$ wo%n5 -15 -16 -17 San.o% wi%+.1la$t+%$ mu$t w+a% . a-3a*+nt wo%( a%+a$.1+ *&an. ::. Filt+%$ mu$t 1+ u$+.p%+*aution$ mu$t 1+ ta(+n to a0oi.ui%+. +.p+%$on$ a%+ allow+.uipm+nt mu$t 1+ p%op+%ly .$t%+n.%ip$/ o% I-+a. w+ll &+a-$.1la$tin.)a*+ $&i+l-$ mu$t 1+ %+a-ily a0aila1l+.TOO!"O# TA!K H >> SAND"!ASTIN7 (S OT"!ASTIN7) :. w+ll &+a-$.(+a%t&+-) to p%+0+nt $tati* Ta(+ a**ount o) win.1+)o%+ 1la$tin.1la$tin. A.alway$ u$+-. C. Pa. Only . +a%in.)%om +nt+%in. Employ++$ $uppo%tin. En$u%+ p%op+% p%ot+*ti0+ +. :.%ip$I $o t&+ no66l+ will $&ut o)) it .+t&+%.+ 50/68 Issued March 2000 . San.1la$t no66l+$ mu$t 1+ +.1la$tin. *+nt+%$/ in tan( )a%m$/ +t*. wit&out ai% )ilt+%$/ +t*. t&+ ai% &o$+.&i. San.

uipm+nt mu$t 1+ in .oo. 7+t a -+)+*ti0+ +2t+n$ion l+a.+ 51/68 Issued March 2000 .l+ in$ulation an.o0+%$p+*t+.i6+.%+pai% o) +l+*t%i*al -+0i*+$ mu$t 1+ p+%)o%m+.o0+% wi%in. wit& . i$ allow+-. ?. w&+n u$+.TOO!"O# TA!K H >? E!ECTRICA! SAFETY PREPARATION 5 :. All analy$i$ an.p%on.%oun-+..oo. Po%ta1l+ pow+% tool$ wit& m+tal *a$in.tool$ all &a0+ pla$ti* &ou$in. any %+pai%$.+l+*t%i*ian. >.ni6+.$tan-a%-$. El+*t%i* -+0i*+$ mu$t 1+ -+=+n+%. <.$/ +t*.p%io% to u$+. @.*%u-+ oil.$o*(+t$.o% +l+*t%i* pow+% tool $o you *an point out t&+ )ault$.$ an. All +l+*t%i*al +. Po%ta1l+ +l+*t%i* tool$ $&oul. mu$t )ollow %+*o. El+*t%i*al *o%-$ mu$t al$o 1+ p%ot+*$ an. T+mpo%a%y wi%in.$.p%io% to u$ $&ow *ommon -+)+*t$ to loo( )o%. Dou1l+ in$ulat+.on plat)o%m$/ lai.1y a *+%ti)i+.out 1+)o%+ *omm+n*in.wit&out *%a*($/ *o%-$ mu$t not 1+ )%ay+-/ +2po$+-/ o% tap+. 1a%+ wi%+ into outl+t$ i$ $t%i*tly p%o&i1it+-.*on-ition/$t 1+ . .$ &a0+ only $in. El+*t%i* *o%-$ mu$t 1+ (+pt out o) wat+% an. Pa. All 3oint$ $&all 1+ ma-+ wit& p%op+% plu.)%om )%ayin.1+ -ou1l+ in$ulat+-. El+*t%i*al -+0i*+$ mu$t &a0+ a plu.lo*(+. Pla*in.

+2t+n$ion l+a-$ to. 7+t $om+ po%ta1l+ +l+*t%i* tool$ an.o% -+)+*ti0+ tool$ mu$t 1+ ta(+n out o) $+%0i*+ imm+-iat+ly an. @. Po%ta1l+ +l+*t%i* tool$ $& any mann+%.+. Any $in.u$+ a$ +2ampl+$. .+t&+%. Ca1l+$ mu$t 1+ (+pt *l+a% )%om $tai%way$/ plat)o%m$/ wal(way$/ +t*/ w&+%+ a t%ippin.TOO!"O# TA!K H >@ PORTA"!E E!ECTRIC TOO!S PREPARATION 5$. Sin.l+ in$ulat+. T+mpo%a%y li. Dama..tool$ all &a0+ pla$ti* &ou$in.+ 52/68 Issued March 2000 .$. Po%ta1l+ +l+*t%i* tool$ $&oul.$.1+ ::D 0olt$ $upply. Ca1l+ t&+ +l+*t%i*al $&op )o% %+pai% point out typi*al -+)+*t$.1y t&+ manu)a*tu%+% mu$t 1+ in u$+ wit& all tool$. <.ua%-$ $uppli+. &a6a%. wi%+ .&tin. >.$ mu$t 1+ inta*t an. A. I-+nti)y -+)+*t$ an. $y$t+m$ mu$t &a0+ all lamp$ p%ot+*t+.not alt+%+.%oun-.wit& $t%on.%+tu%n+. Dou1l+ in$ulat+. ?.may o**u%. 1a%+ wi%+ into an outl+t i$ $t%i*tly p%o&i1it+-. Pa.l+ in$ulat+..1+ -ou1l+ in$ulat+-. Pla*in. All .tool$ &a0+ m+tal &ou$in.tool mu$t &a0+ a -+-i*at+.

En$u%+ t&at a wat+% &o$+ an-4o% Fi%+ E2tin.1a. an. ?. op+%ation$ p%o-u*+ to2i* . 8+l-+%'$ a$$i$tant mu$t al$o w+a% p%op+% p%ot+*ti0+ +. appa%atu$ mu$t 1+ u$+-. 8&+n it i$ n+*+$$a%y to p+%)o%m $u*& wo%( wit&in poo%ly 0+ntilat+.a$ ti. Pa. $*%++n$ w&+%+ po$$i1l+ to p%+0+nt ot&+% p+%$on$ . A .a%m4&an. >. In *on) 0+ntilation w&+n w+l-in.uipm+nt i) n+*+$$a%y.%+.+ 53/68 Issued March 2000 .*opy &a$ 1++n $+nt to Fi%+ & Sa)+ty D+pt. a1o0+ .wit& w+t ta%paulin$ w+i.uipm+nt t&at a w+l-+% $&oul. All w+l-in. o% *uttin. In a plant a%+a +n$u%+ t&at all -%ain$ wit&in . I) w+l-in.$ to p%o0i-+ a .uat+ 0+ntilation/ an..ot&+% $uita1l+ p%ot+*ti0+ *lot&in. <.oo.ula%ly in$p+*t+-. pap+%$/ %a... IFla$&I. A$$+m1l+ a *ompl+t+ $+t o) P+%$onal P%ot+*ti0+ E.wit& &an.u$+.a$+$ an./ in*lu-in.out p%io% to w+l-in. In$tall w+l-in.p%ot+*ti0+ +.+ttin.4)lam+ *uttin.&t $+al. 8+a% p%op+% p%ot+*ti0+ *lot&in.uipm+nt. C. Som+ w+l-in. +lp+%$ mu$t w+a% p%op+% p%ot+*ti0+ *lot&in.%oun.. Ey+/ )a*+ an.uipm+nt mu$t 1+ in u$+ -u%in.uipm+nt mu$t 1+ in .ot&+%$ )lamma1l+ mat+%ial$/ +. !+at&+% . mu$t 1+ wo%n. .an. +. +y+ p%ot+*tion.$/ oil/ +t*.a$ t+$t mu$t 1+ *a%%i+.u$+ %+$pi%ato%y +.t&+ %+.t&+ a%+a mu$t 1+ *l+a% o) )lamma1l+ .a%+a$/ 1%+at&in. :D.$pa*+. in any *on)in+.$pa*+$ +n$u%+ t&+%+ i$ a-+.l+0+l/ *ontain &ot $la. A. I) n+*+$$a%y/ u$+ )o%*+.. @. En$u%+ t&at t&+ app%op%iat+ ot 8o%( P+%mit &a$ 1++n i$$u+. all w+l-in.ui$&+%$ a%+ wit&in t&+ wo%( a%+a.&t+.auntl+t$/ ap%on$/ $pat$ an.D m+t%+$ a%+ *o0+%+. wit& $uita1l+ $&++tin. B.a$+$.*on-ition an.TOO!"O# TA!K H >A 8E!DIN7 (7ENERA! RF!ES) PREPARATION 5 :.


E!ECTRIC ARC 8E!DIN7 PREPARATION 5 :. ;. 7+t a %an.+ o) +l+*t%i* a%* w+l-in. +,uipm+nt in u$+ in you% a%+a (&ol- t&+ tal( in t&+ w+l-in. a%+a).

R+)+% to Tool1o2 tal( H >A )o% 7+n+%al Rul+$. Conn+*tin. an- -i$*onn+*tin. pow+% $upply *a1l+$ )%om t&+ main$ t&%ou.& plu. an- $wit*& 1o2+$ to w+l-in. t%an$)o%m+%$ an- .+n+%ato% $+t$ mu$t 1+ -on+ 1y a $(ill+- +l+*t%i*ian. En$u%+ t&at w+l-in. .+n+%ato%$4t%an$)o%m+%$ a%+ .%oun-+- (+a%t&+-). Only app%o0+- *onn+*to%$/ )ittin.$ +t*. may 1+ u$+-. En$u%+ .%oun- (+a%t&) %+tu%n *lamp$ a%+ in .oo- *on-ition an- lo*at+- a$ *lo$+ a$ po$$i1l+ to t&+ wo%( po$ition. All w+l-in. a%*$ ta(+n )%om t&+ $am+ ma*&in+ $&all 1+ o) t&+ $am+ pola%ity. In Alt+%natin. Cu%%+nt (AC) w+l-in. an automati* 0olta.+ %+.ulato% mu$t 1+ in$tall+to +n$u%+ $a)+ 0olta.+ limit$.

<. >. ?. @. A.

Pa.+ 54/68 Issued March 2000


7AS 8E!DIN7 AND CFTTIN7 PREPARATION 5 7+t a .a$ w+l-in. (it $o you *an point out t&+ impo%tant )+atu%+$.

:. R+)+% to Tool1o2 tal( H >A )o% 7+n+%al Rul+$. ;. S!ecial care %ust be taken in t#e #andlin* and use of acet"lene as it #as a ver" 'ide ex!losive ran*e& Acet"lene is also s#ock sensitive and c"linders %ust not be abused& <. 7a$4o2y.+n *ylin-+%$ in u$+ mu$t 1+ $+*u%+- to a w+l-in. *a%t/ o% ot&+% $uita1l+ $t%u*tu%+. (+e%onstrate) >. All +,uipm+nt mu$t 1+ in$p+*t+- p%io% to u$+ in*lu-in. %+.ulato%$/ &o$+$/ )la$& 1a*( a%%+$to%$/ to%*&+$/ +t*. ?. All p+%$on$ in0ol0+- mu$t 1+ )amilia% wit& t&+ i-+nti)i*ation *olou%$ )o% .a$ *ylin-+%$ (+... a*+tyl+n+ E ma%oon/ o2y.+n = 1la*() @. Cylin-+% *ap$ mu$t 1+ %+pla*+- on .a$ *ylin-+%$ p%io% to mo0in. to a n+w lo*ation. A. Ta(+ p%+*aution$ to p%+0+nt oil an- .%+a$+ )%om .+ttin. in$i-+ o2y.+n %+.ulato%$ o% on o2y.+n 0al0+ t&%+a-$.

Pa.+ 55/68 Issued March 2000


COMPRESSED 7AS CY!INDERS PREPARATION 5 :. ;. <. >. ?. @. A. B. C. :D. ::. :;. :<. 7+t a %an.+ o) -i))+%+nt *ylin-+%$ in u$+ in you% a%+a/ o% &ol- t&+ tal( at t&+ *ylin-+% $to%+.

Comp%+$$+- .a$ *ylin-+%$ mu$t 1+ &an-l+- wit& *a%+. !a%.+ *ylin-+%$ w+i.& up to A? (ilo.%am$/ o% :@D poun-$. 8&+n mo0in. *ylin-+%$/ u$+ a *a%t o% t%oll+y. N+0+% %oll *ylin-+%$ on t&+ .%oun-. A minimum o) two +mploy++$ a%+ %+,ui%+- to &an- *a%%y *ylin-+%$. D+mon$t%at+ $a)+ &an-lin. t+*&ni,u+$. Cylin-+% *ap$ mu$t 1+ in pla*+ w&+n *ylin-+%$ a%+ not in u$+/ +$p+*ially w&+n *ylin-+%$ a%+ t%an$po%t+-. Cylin-+%$ $&oul- 1+ $to%+- $+*u%+ly to p%+0+nt t&+m )%om )allin. o0+%. R+.ulato%$ $&oul- 1+ in$p+*t+- -aily in*lu-in. a**u%at+ .au.+$/ -+nt$ o% *%a*($ in .au.+ *o0+%$ +t*. D+mon$t%at+ u$in. a 1%o(+n %+.ulato% to $&ow )ault$. Cylin-+%$ $&oul- n+0+% 1+ pla*+- in u$+ w&il+ layin. on t&+i% $i-+. Cylin-+%$ in u$+ $&oul- 1+ $+*u%+- in an up%i.&t po$ition. N+0+% oil o% .%+a$+ *ylin-+% 0al0+$ an-4o% %+.ulato%$ 1+*au$+ o) t&+ -an.+% o) *au$in. an +2plo$ion. Full an- +mpty *ylin-+%$ $&oul- 1+ $ ((+pt $+pa%at+) an- RFF!!J an- REMPTYJ noti*+$ -i$play+- a** G+&i*l+$ *a%%yin. )lamma1l+ .a$ *ylin-+%$ mu$t *a%%y $uita1l+ )i%+ +2tin.ui$&+%$ anp%omin+ntly -i$play t&+ %+l+0ant wa%nin. $i.n$. Smo(in. i$ p%o&i1it+-. Cylin-+%$ mu$t n+0+% 1+ li)t+- 1y t&+i% 0al0+ *ap o% .ua%-. Cylin-+%$ mu$t 1+ $to%+- $o t&at t&+y a%+ p%ot+*t+- )%om -i%+*t $unli.&t. You $&oul- 1+ )amilia% wit& t&+ i-+nti)i*ation *olou%$ )o% .a$ *ylin-+%$ (+... a*+tyl+n+ E ma%oon/ o2y.+n = 1la*().

Pa.+ 56/68 Issued March 2000

Rollin. C. Dia.+ 57/68 Issued March 2000 .&+% t&an < tim+$ t&+ na%%ow+$t $*a)) 1oa%-$ mu$t 1+ in*lu-+.ulation$.w&i*& +2*++.oo. Employ++$ a%+ not allow+.wi-t&.1%a(+$ mu$t 1+ $+t w&il+ wo%( i$ -on+ on t&+ $*a))ol-. ?.TOO!"O# TA!K H ?: SCAFFO!DIN7 PREPARATION 5 :. . $*a))ol-$ may not 1+ &i.&t/ 1y @ m+t+%$ in wi-t& mu$t 1+ $+*u%+. S*a))ol. B.w&++l$ mu$t 1+ +.t&+ m++tin.ui%+. Pa.1oa%-$ mu$t 1+ p%+0+nt mo0+m+nt.:D m+t+%$ in &+i. A. m+t%+$ in l+n. All $*a))ol.$+*u%+.point out .)%am+$ mu$t 1+ tu1ula% $t++l *on$t%u*tion. No mo%+ t&an :. S*a))ol.1ay.)%am+ mu$t 1+ u$+.onal $uppo%t$ a%+ al$o %+. <. an..t&.uipp+. at a $*a))ol-/ an. >. mu$t 1+ *on$t%u* $*a))ol-$ w&i*& a%+ 1+in. @.on all $*a))ol-$.1a.? m+t%+$/ i$ allow+.maintain+. S*a))ol.%ail$ an.-own/ o% ot&+%wi$+ $+*u%+. mo0+-. All $*a)) t&+ $t%u*tu%+ at ? m+t+% int+%0al$.plan($ mu$t +2t+n. :D.plan($ mu$t 1+ a l+a$t ?D millim+t+%$ t&i*(/ an. Tu1ula% $*a)) %i-+ on %ollin.1+tw++n &o%i6ontal 1%a*in. An a**+$$ la--+%/ $+pa%at+ )%om t&+ $*a))ol. 1%a(+$/ all $*a))ol-$.on +0+%y ot&+% $*a)) minimum o) . ol./ o% l+-.+%$ a**o%-an*+ wit& KOC Fi%+ & Sa)+ty R+.wit& wo%($t t&+ )%am+ $uppo%t 1y at l+a$t <D *+ntim+t+%$/ an.)+atu%+$ o) t&+ $*a))ol-. ::.

TOO!"O# TA!K H ?. !a--+%$ $&oul.oo.o% ti+. C.t&+ la--+% w&il+ anyon+ *lim1$ o% wo%($ )o%m t&+ la--+%.. <.at t&+ top o) t&+ la--+% to p%+0+nt tippin. Paint will *o0+% *%a*($ o% $plint+%$ w&i*& may ma(+ t&+ la--+% un$a)+.on t&+ top $t+p o) a la--+% w&il+ wo%(in. u$+-. >.no &i. All la--+%$ mu$t 1+ in . M+tal la--+%$ $&all not 1+ u$+. B. an +2t+n$ion la--+% )o% a**+$$ to a %oo)/ pip+ %a*(/ +t*/ t&+ top o) t&+ la--+% mu$t$ mu$t 1+ u$$$ o% woo.$.*%a*(in. !ADDERS :. la--+%$ mu$t not &a0+ any *%a*($/ $plint+% o% 1%o(+n %un.pow+% lin+$/ )o% a**+$$ to t%an$)o%m+%$/ +t*. t&+ +2t+n$ion la--+% i$ not po$$i1l+ t&+n a $+*on. E2t+n$ion la--+%$ mu$t 1+ $+*u%+. Fi1+%.n+0+% 1+ paint+-.+ 58/68 Issued March 2000 . la--+%$ mu$t 1+ )%++ )%om 1+n-$ an.)o% a**+$$ to p+%)o%m +l+*t%i*al wo%(.&+% t&an t&+ $+*on. ?. M+tal )ol-in. I) tyin. w&il+ 1+in. A. 8&+n u$in. . 8o%( may 1+ p+%)o%m+. )%om t&+ top o) t&+ la--+%. All la--+%$ mu$t &a0+ $a)+ty )++t to &+lp p%+0+nt t&+ la--+% )%om $lippin..$o t&at t&+%+ i$ : unit o) &o%i6ontal -i$tan*+ )%om t&+ 0+%ti*al )a*+ )o% +0+%y > unit$ 0+%ti*ally. 8oo-+n )ol-in.a minimum o) : m+t+% a1o0+ t&+ point w&+%+ wo%( will 1+ -on+..a%oun. @.*on-ition.1+ +%+*t+. Pa. !a--+%$ $&oul..p+%$on mu$t &ol.%un. T&+ u$+ o) &om+ ma-+ la--+%$ i$ $t%i*tly p%o&i1it+-. N+0+% $tan.

ua%i2) !i)t *ont%ol$ 2) o%n 2i) Mi%%o%$ <.)o% +mploy++$ u$ it+m$ 5 i) "%a(+$ ii) En.1+)o%+ -%i0in.uipm+nt. R+po%t any un$a)+ +. a0+ t&+ tal( a%oun. D%i0+ )o%(li)t$ $lowly an.%oun-. (+$p+*ially %+a%). T&+ )o%(li)t mu$t 1+ in$p+*t+.uipm+nt *an 1+ u$+-.uipm+nt to you% $up+%0i$o% )o% %+pai%. @.+%$ a%+ not allow+.+ loa-$ an. B. Pa$$+n. C.+ 59/68 Issued March 2000 . A. N+0+% allow an +mploy++ to %i-+/ o% $tan.-aily 1+)o%+ u$+ )o% t&+ )ollowin. Al$o/ alway$ t%a0+l unloa-+.$oun..t&+ )%ont 0i+w i$ 1lo*(+-/ t%a0+l in %+0+%$+ $o a )ull 0i+w *an 1+ maintain+-. 8&+n *a%%yin.wit& t&+ )o%($ no mo%+ t&an L m+t+% )%om t&+ .ain a**+$$ to +l+0at++. Do not li)t loo$+ +.on )o%($ to ma(+ %+pai%$.in+ )lui-$ iii) y-%auli* lin+$ i0) +a.uipm+nt. Pa. ?.nal$ 0iii) O0+%&+a. Employ++$ op+%atin. A $p+*ial )o%(li)t plat)o%m mu$t 1+ u$*+%ti)i+.on pall+t$.t&+ &o%n at *o%n+%$ o% int+%$+*tion$ to al+%t ot&+% +mploy++$. All loa-$ mu$t 1+ pla*+. .TOO!"O# TA!K H ?< FORK!IFT OPERATION PREPARATION 5 :. a )o%(li)t mu$t 1+ $p+*ially t%ain+. a )o%(li)t to . la%. "+wa%+ o) 1lin..a typi*al )o%(li)t t%u*(. R+pai%$ mu$t 1+ ma-+ 1+)o%+ t&+ +.tail li.&t$ 0) Ti%+$ 0i) "a*(=up ala%m 0ii) Tu%n $i.4op+%ation t&+ +.$pot$ w&+n -%i0in.uipm+nt.on )o%(li)t$. >.

t&+ app%op%iat+ li*+n$ .oo. :D. Pa$$+n. Op+%ato%$ $&all not %+)u+l +. No +.uipm+nt in*lu-+$ t%u*($/ -o6+%$/ m+*&ani*al $&o0+l$/ $i-+ 1oom$/ *%an+$/ . :.1+yon.uipm+nt t&+y a%+ op+%atin. D%i0+%$ o) t%u*($ $&all not %+main in t&+ *a1 w&+n t&+ t%u*( i$ 1+in. t%u*(/ o% 1u*(+t o) a m+*&ani*al $&o0+l/ unl+$$ it &a$ 1++n $+*u%+ly p%opp+.uipm+nt. It i$ p%o&i1it+.wit& a $uita1l+ )i%+ +2tin.+ 60/68 Issued March 2000 .uipm+nt wit& t&+ +n. All op+%ato%$ $&all 1+ p%op+%ly t%ain+. >.to p%+0+nt a**i-+ntal low+%in..uipm+nt $&all 1+ )itt+.o% *&o*(+. ?. . C.ui$&+%.+.%a-+%$ an.uipm+nt unl+$$ t&+%+ i$ a p%op+%ly in$ %unnin.)o%( li)t t%u*($. All &+a0y +. A. ala%m..uipm+nt. @.uipm+nt/ ot&+% t&an t%u*($/ $&all 1+ )itt+. Pa. loa-+. No p+%$on $&all wo%( un-+% t&+ +l+0at+. B.*on-ition.uipm+nt $&all +nt+% a %+$t%i*t+. Many p+opl+ &a0+ 1++n (ill+..1y *%an+/ 1a*( &o+/ *lam $&+ll o% $imila% m+an$.+%$ $&all not %i-+ on +. !oa-=*a%%yin.$+at )o% t&+m/ wit& $+at 1+lt$.on t&+ typ+ o) +. ::.a%+a wit&out a wo%( p+%mit. <. +a0y t%an$po%t +.wit& a %+0+%$in. 8&++l mount+.w&+n t&+ 0+&i*l+ &a$ mo0+.$imila% +.TOO!"O# TA!K H ?> EAGY TRANSPORT EKFIPMENT :.o% 1++n -%i0+n o)).uipm+nt mu$t 1+ p%op+%ly maintain+. T&i$ appli+$ pa%ti*ula%ly to m+*&ani*al $&o0+l$/ t%u*( *%an+$ an.1o-y o) a tippin. All t&+ %+$t un-+% t%u*( o% it+m o) &+a0y +./ an$&all &ol.*apa*ity.. 0+&i*l+$ $&all not 1+ loa-+.t&+i% %at+.

in+ noi$+. Op+%ato%$ mu$t 1+ +2t%a 0i.uipm+nt -aily = mi%%o%$/ &o%n/ 1%a(+$/ +t*. ::. R+m+m1+% t&+ %+0+%$in. . "a%%i+% o)) $it+ i) n+*+$$a%y. P+%$onn+l 1+wa%+ = op+%ato%$ &+a%in. <. ?.. It i$ $t%i*tly )o%1i--+n to $l++p on %+$t un-+%n+at& a &+a0y 0+&i*l+. i$ imp+-+. P+%$onn+l mu$t 1+ awa%+ o) lo*ation o) plant at all tim+$. "+wa%+ o) 1lin.ilant. :.nal$/ w&i$tl+/ ai% &o%n/ 0i$ual. C. St%i*t a-&+%+n*+ to *on-ition$ o) p+%mit to wo%( a%+ to 1+ maintain+. @. EAGY EKFIPMENT Sup+%0i$o%$ mu$t $t%i*tly *ont%ol wo%( $it+ = (++p p+%$onn+l *l+a% o) op+%atin.t&%ou.TOO!"O# TA!K H ?? 8ORKIN7 8IT :.a%+a E &an$i.&out 3o1. ala%m. P+%$onn+l wo%(in.$p+*t +. Op+%ato%$ $&oul. >. :D. n+a%4wit& plant to %+main *on$tantly al+%t. B.+ 61/68 Issued March 2000 .+$t+. plant. A. Sup+%0i$o% to %+main in *ommuni*ation wit& op+%ato%$ in *on..-u+ to +n.$pot$ to op+%ato% (+$p+*ially %+a%).

:D.*+%ti)i+. lin+$ may 1+ %+..1+in.-& Pa. NEGER E#CEED T E SAFE 8ORKIN7 !OAD.nal$ mu$t 1+ $tan-a%. *%an+ li)tin. D+)+*ti0+ $lin. Si. E.*on-ition/ in*lu-in. Any -+)+*ti0+ +.%i. A$$+m1l+ a num1+% o) $lin./ only . All $lin. :<. All *%an+ &oo($ mu$t &a0+ Sa)+ty *at*&+$. B. N+0+% t%a0+l a$.+ 62/68 Issued March 2000 .%+pai%+-4%+pla*+1+)o%+ u$+.uipm+nt mu$t 1+ in$p+* mu$t a**ompany t&+ $up+%0i$o% an. >.to *ont%ol aw(wa%.i0+ $i. All *%an+ op+%ato%$ an.o0+% p+%$ )lui-$/ ti%+$/ loa. :. T#e use of . @.-i%+*t a *%an+ w&il+ 1+in. A ) p+%)o%m t&i$ wo%(.w&+n op+%atin.)o% t&+ w+i. Pa%ti*ula% *a%+ mu$t 1+ u$+.ui%+..un-+%n+at& a loa.oo. ::.TOO!"O# TA!K H ?@ !IFTIN7 AND RI77IN7 PREPARATION 5$/ tan-+m li)t$/ +t*.$i.$ wit& -+)+*t$ = &a0+ t&+ tool 1o2 tal( in t&+ *%an+ ya%-.$ mu$t 1+ in$p+*t+.. &y-%auli* lin+$/ +n.-aily 1+)o%+ u$+. A. All *+%ti)ia1l+ li)tin.*&a%t i$ a0aila1l+/ +t*. .$ mu$t 1+ %+pla*+imm+-iat+ly.&t o) +a*& loa-. <. Ma(+ *+%tain t&at ampl+ *l+a%an*+ i$ (+pt 1+tw++n a *%an+ an. C. li) mu$t 1+ %+po%t+..#o%e/%ade0 or %odified liftin* e1ui!%ent is strictl" !ro#ibited& .+% o% 1an($man $&all . Ta.+%$ mu$t 1+ $p+*ially t%ain+. mo0+-.uipm+nt mu$t &a0+ a *u%%+nt *+%ti)i*at+. +. S&a*(l+$ mu$t 1+ %at+. ?. N+0+% $tan. *lo$+ to pow+% lin+$. a *%an+/ o% mo0in.-aily to +n$u%+ it i$ in .pow+% lin+$. 8&+n -i%+*tin.nal$ to *%an+ op+%ato%$.

>.+ mu$t in)o%m all $up+%0i$o%$ an. All a6a%-ou$ o% R+$t%i*t+. <.to p%o0i-+ p%ot+*tion a.#=%ay$ an. A. %a-ioa*ti0+ $ou%*+$ mu$t al$o in$p+*t t&+ a%+a w&+n )ini$&+.%ap&y an. "+)o%+ ta(in.ui%+.$ a%+ ta(+n -u%in. to ma(+ $u%+ t&at %a-iation l+0+l$ -o not po$+ a &a6a%.u$+ o) %a-ioa*ti0+ $ou%*+$ mu$t 1+ *on-u*t+. out any %a-io.8o%( P+%mit a0aila1l+. . 8&+n )ini$&+. any +mploy++. T+*&ni*ian$ u$in.%ap&y wo%( o% u$in.A%+a$. Do Not Ent+%=Ra-iation a6a%-I mu$t 1+ pla*+. Ra-iation %+a-in.1+)o%+ ta(in. ?.ui%+. #=%ay+. T&+ a%+a mu$t 1+ +0a*uat+. Pa. All %a-ioa*ti0+ $ou%*+$ a%+ (+pt in $p+*ial *ontain+%$ t&at $&i+l. out. A Ra-iation 8o%( P+%mit i$ %+.+%.= IDan. a0+ *opi+$ o) Ra-iation P+%mit an. A (Main) 8o%( P+%mit may al$o 1+ %+. %a-io=i$otop+$.to +n$u%+ t&at no %a-ioa*ti0+ mat+%ial i$ l+)t 1+&in-.uipm+nt/ t&+ t+*&ni*ian in *&a%. @. an #=%ay.+ 63/68 Issued March 2000 . a -i$tan*+ *al*ulat+.a%oun. #=%ay o) any +.t&+ a%+a 1+in.n$ $tatin.1+)o%+ *a%%yin. Si./ t&+ t+*&ni*ian will in)o%m $up+%0i$o%$ t&at t&+ a%+a i$ $a)+ to p+%)o%m t&i$ wo%(.1y p+%$on($) *+%ti)i+-4aut&o%i$+.p%+0+nt %a-iation )%om l+a(in.+mploy++$ wo%(in. #=%ayin.ain$t a**i-+ntal +2po$u%+.TOO!"O# TA!K H ?A RADIO7RAP Y AND #=RAYS PREPARATION5 :.#=%ayin. in t&+ a%+a..

. @.way$ $&all 1+ l+)t to allow +a$y a**+$$ to all mat+%ial$/ +it&+% 1y p+%$onn+l o% m+*&ani*al li)tin.uipm+nt mu$t 1+ p%o0i-+-. .*omp+t+nt op+%ato%$ $&all u$+ )o%( li)t t%u*($ ($++ Tool "o2 Tal( H ?<). AND!IN7 & STORA7E All mat+%ial$ $&all 1+ p%op+%ly $to%+. <. an.uipm+nt a$ app%op%iat+. :D.*apa*ity.on %a*($ o% pall+t$. Alway$ w+a% wo%( ..uat+ )i%+=)i. mat+%ial$. ?. t&+ Comp%+$$+. A.uipm+nt $&all only 1+ u$+. M+*&ani*al li)tin. Golatil+ an. Manual &an-lin. a $t%ai.wit&in it$ %at+. C. +. +.TOO!"O# TA!K H ?B MATERIA! :. away )%om t&+ main $to%+$.o% 1+nt o0+%.lo0+$ w&+n & a**o%-an*+ wit& p%o*+-u%+ No.1uil-in. Su*& +.1y t&+ mat+%ial$.C. Pa. >. mu$t 1+ -on+ *o%%+*tly/ u$in. A-+.a$ *ylin-+%$ $&all 1+ $to%+. +.uipm+nt mu$t 1+ %+a-ily a**+$$i1l+ an.& a $+pa%at+/ w+ll 0+ntilat+.1+n-in.not o1$t%u*t+. Only t%ain+. 7an.$.)lamma1l+ mat+%ial$ $&all 1+ $to%+.&t 1a*( an. B. 8&+n *a$+$/ +n$u%+ t&at all nail$ a%+ +it&+% pull+.+ 64/68 Issued March 2000 . woo-+n pa*(in.

E. Fully in$t%u* p%ot+*t+-/ $+*u%+/ a%+a$ away )%om ot&+% mat+%ial$. All to2i* $u1$tan*+$ $&all &a0+ t&+i% *&a%a*t+%i$ti*$/ typ+ o) &a6a%. $u*& *&+mi*al$ $&all 1+ 5 = = ?. o% $ou%*+$ o) i. Pa.a*tion *l+a%ly -i$play+.nition in *&+mi*al $to%a. All p+%$onn+l &an-lin.o)) an" t&+ &a6a%-$ an. >.+%ou$ *&+mi*al$ t&+ a%+a mu$t 1+ *o%-on+.wit& app%op%iat+ p%ot+*ti0+ *lot&in.+ 65/68 Issued March 2000 .i0+ o)) 0apou%/ $&all 1+ $to%+.+t&+%.+m+%.+%ou$ int+%=a*tion/ $u*& a$ a*i-$ an.+y+ wa$& )a*iliti+$ $&all 1+ a0aila1l+ w&+%+ t&+%+ a%+ a*i-i* o% *au$ti* *&+mi*al$.$ol0+nt$/ $&all not 1+ $ Fi%+ Station noti)i+-.TOO! "O# TA!K H ?C STORA7E & AND!IN7 OF C EMICA!S :. @. In *a$+ o) $pilla.-ata $&++t$ $&all 1+ a0aila1l+ )o% all *&+mi*al$.+ a%+a$. <..)i%$t ai.on t&+ *ontain+% la1+l.a$+$/ app%op%iat+ %+$pi%ato%y p%ot+*tion $&all 1+ imm+-iat+ly C&+mi*al$ w&i*& &a0+ a -an.*lo$+ to.1uil-in. C&+mi*al$ $&all 1+ p%op+%ly $to%+. In *a$+ o) to2i* 0apou%$ o% .in w+ll 0+ntilat+. 7a$+$/ o% *&+mi*al$ w&i*& . . Suita1l+ $a)+ty $&ow+%$ an./ 1oot$/ *&+mi*al $uit$/ .lo0+$/ +y+ p%ot+*tion/ %+$pi%ato%y p%ot+*tion/ a$ n+*+$$a%y.+ o% l+a($ o) -an.+n*y a*tion.uipp+. a6a%. B. T&+%+ $&all 1+ no $mo(in. C. A.$.

R+$pi%ato%$ may 1+ %+.ot&+%$. mu$t 1+ *on-u*t+.+ t&+ m++tin. Pap+% *o0+%all$ a%+ wo%n w&+n u$in.%u11+% *o0+%all$ mu$t 1+ u$+. %u11+% 1oot$/ %u11+% .ui%+.%+. Sa)+ty m++tin.)o% *l+anin. a non= &a6a%-ou$ $ol0+nt an. 1+)o%+ u$+. a$ n+*+$$a%y. $ol0+nt$ in*lu-in.1y t&+ Con$+%0ation & En0i%onm+nt Di0. Sa)+ty in)o%mation on +a*& $ol0+nt an.ui%+. P%ot+*ti0+ +. T&i$ p%a*ti*+ may *au$+ t&+ $ol0+nt to 1+*om+ )lamma1l+ o% -+*ompo$+ .p%ot+*ti0+ *o0+%all$. >.+ 66/68 Issued March 2000 . <. Sol0+nt$ mu$t 1+ app%o0+.p%ot+*ti0+ +.TOO!"O# TA!K H @D FSIN7 SO!GENTS :.w&+n &a6a%-ou$ *&+mi*al$ a%+ u$+.uipm+nt i$ atta*&+-.w&il+ u$in. N+0+% &+at $ol0+nt$. Pa. o)) &i.lo0+$/ an. Typ+$ o) $ol0+nt$ in u$+ 1y KOC +mploy++$ in*lu-+ S+ntin+l @D@/ T%im+t&yl+n+ 7ly*ol/ an. .. Sol0+nt$ a%+ u$+. You% $up+%0i$o% will a%%an. ?.to *l+an +.&ly to2i* )um+$.uipm+nt mu$t 1+ wo%n w&+n &an-lin. @. $ol0+nt$.i1in..uipm+nt/ +$p+*ially to $t%ip ta% an.oil )%om any $u%)a* in)o%m +mploy++$ o) $ol0+nt &a6a%-$ 1+)o%+ t&+ initial u$+ o) a $ol0+nt.

o% non=$pa%(in. T&+ u$+ o) +2plo$i0+$ i$ $t%i*tly *ont%oll+.n+./ o% *a%t%i-.+. C. D+tonato%$ $&all 1+ $to%+.-%y. >.1y KOC. All +2plo$i0+$/ -+tonato%$ an. + $&all 1+ p%op+%ly t%ain+.TOO!"O# TA!K H @: FSE OF E#P!OSIGES :.+$ t&+ imm+-iat+ a%+a $&all 1+ *l+a%+. o)) +l+*t%i*al -+tonato%$.ain$t a %+. ?.. Any +2plo$i0+$ $to%+ mu$t 1+ *l+an an. :.t&+ (+y $&all 1+ (+pt 1y a %+$pon$i1l+ p+%$on nominat+. mat+%ial. : &ou% in t&+ *a$+ o) a *&a%.$&all 1+ appoint+.wit&in :. Pa.ui$ition $i.o) all p+%$onn+l ot&+% t&an t&o$+ +n.m+n $&all 1+ po$t+.)%om it$ imm+-iat+ p%omin+nt po$ition$ on t&+ p+%im+t+% o) t&+ t&+ 1la$ w%itin. T&+y $&all p%+0+nt t&+ +nt%y o) p+%$on$ to t&+ a%+a an. El+*t%i*al -+tonation $&all not 1+ u$ all tim+$ w&+n not in u$+ an. In t&+ +0+nt o) a mi$)i%+ no p+%$on $&all app%oa*& t&+ *&a%. B. S&ot$ $&all no%mally 1+ )i%+.a. :<. :D.1y an aut&o%i6+.+.+2p+%i+n* :D minut+$ a)t+% t&+ la$t att+mpt to )i%+ it +l+*t%i*ally. @.o% u$+.+ 67/68 Issued March 2000 .1y t&+ Kuwait Aut&o%iti+$. T&+y $p+*i)y t&+ *on-ition$ )o% t%an$po%tation an.+ )i%+ 1y )u$+. It $&all 1+ (+pt $+*u%+ly lo*(+. 1y KOC mana. Any tool$ u$+. wit&in t&+ $to%+. "+)o%+ $ t&+ $to%+ $&all 1+ woo. F$+ o) +2plo$i0+$ $&all *+a$+ on t&+ app%oa*& o) a t&un-+% o% +l+*t%i*al $to%m.t%an$po%t+. <.an.+l+*t%i*ally.&t$ o% ot&+% m+an$ o) i.a.+ until a)t+% 5 = -18 :>.in-i*at+ 1y $i.$+pa%at+ly )o%m t&+ 1ul( +2plo$i0+$. Fla. E2plo$i0+$ $&all only 1+ &an-l+.uipm+nt $&all only 1+ i$$u+.KOC %+p%+$+ntati0+. T&+%+ $&all 1+ no $mo(in.?(m o) any %a-io o% t%an$mitt+% $in*+ t&+y a%+ *apa1l+ un-+% $om+ *on-ition$ o) $+ttin. *&a%. wo%(.wit&in :D m+t%+$ o) any +2plo$i0+$.+. .a$$o*iat+.+ w%appin.nal to t&+ S&ot=Fi%+% t&at t&+ a%+a i$ *l+a% 1+)o%+ &+ )i%+$ t&+ *&a%.$to%a. A.1y a *omp+t+nt S&ot=Fi%+%. E2plo$i0+ $&all not 1+ %+mo0+. li.nition p+%mitt+.+m+nt.

-+1%i$/ +t*. F$+ *ommon $+n$+ w&+n wo%(in..+ 68/68 Issued March 2000 .lo0+$ w&+n &an-lin./ u$+ o) *uttin. Alway$ w+a% . )%om $ta%tin. a%+a$.ui%+. 8o%( p+%mit$ an. $a)+ty %ul+$ a%+ %+. 1. 8+t -own a%+a$ a$ n+*+$$a%y to (++p &ot $ $u%+ a p+%mit &a$ 1++n i$$u+.a$$i$t in -i%+*tin. to%*&+$/ &an-lin. up &+a0y loa-$. 1. -+1%i$ o% $*%ap t&+ )ollowin.un-+% $u$p+n-+.5 a. +. >. on a -+molition 3o1. Ma(+ $u%+ you (now +2a*tly w&at to -o$. lin+. -u%in. $*%ap mat+%ial. AS"ESTOS E 2#eck 'it# "our su!ervisor. -+molition in0ol0+ u$+ o) *%an+$/ p+%)o%m %i. -. -ama. $a)+ty %ul+$ a%+ %+.p%io% to to%*& *uttin. *.1a*( in3u%i+$ an. 8&+n u$in.+t a$$i$tan*+ in pi*( p%+0+nt t&+ loa. a%+ %+.uipm+nt wit&in +a$y %+a*& o) to%*& *uttin.+ o% in3u%y. A 1an($man mu$t a**ompany an. a *%an+ -u%in. *. -. an.&tin.o)) mu$t 1+ $+*u%+. ?. @. D+molition in0ol0+$ -i$mantlin..ui%+.. %ul+$ a%+ %+. Pot+ntial &a6a%-$ -u%in.)%om $&i)tin...TOO!"O# TA!K H @..&aulin. K++p )i%+ )i. All mat+%ial to 1+ &aul+. -+1%i$ 1y &an-/ &aulin.5 a.+ tan($/ 1uil-in. $to%a. 8&+n &an-lin. ot&+% +. all *%an+$. All loa-$ mu$t &a0+ a ta.t&at you *ommuni*at+ *l+a%ly wit& )+llow +mploy++$. En$u%+ t&at 1ot& *ut $+*tion$ will 1+ $ta1l+ a)t+% $+pa%ation an. *. to%*& t&+ )ollowin. <.uipm+nt. a *uttin.a$ t+$tin. -+molition t&+ ) op+%at+ *%an+$ an. Employ++$ mu$t 1+ *+%ti)i+.5 a. Sp+*ial %ul+$ apply to -+molition )i%+$ o% -ama. DEMO!ITION SAFETY PROCEDFRES :.1+)o%+ to%*& *uttin..will not tall o% toppl+/ *au$in. A$( you% $up+%0i$o% an. Do not allow p+opl+ to $tan. Pa.. A0oi.$/ +t*. 8&+n u$in. t%an$po%t. 1.