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Word Forms

Hey guys! I’m kinda bored! Let’s do something! Let’s talk about Word Forms! Isn’t it interesting?

not all of the definitions are the same. . However.It sounds great! There is a wide variety of techniques used to learn vocabulary in English. This learning vocabulary technique focuses on using word forms as a way to broaden your English vocabulary. word forms relate to a specific meaning. Of course. In other words. the definitions are often closely related The great thing about word forms is that you can learn a number of words with just one basic definition.

place or thing. eat. under 7. Examples: Ouch! Oh no! Hey! Alas! . Examples: run.) Adjective. Examples: on.) Prepositions. cry 2. or words and sometimes a word added to a sentence to convey strong emotion. who 4. an nouns. Example: and 8. ours. at. another adverb. fast. Example: I.are the words that connect sentences.Let’s start off by quickly reviewing the Eight parts of speech in English: 8 Parts of Speech 1.) Conjunctions. today.are action words. 3. Examples: blue ballpen.modifies a noun or a word used to take place of a noun.) Interjection. phrases.) Adverb. Example: actively.)Verb.) Pronoun.modifies a a name of a person. once 6. cold weather 5. away.)Noun. pronouns and phrases to other words in a sentence. clauses. during. you. in. a phrase or a clause.

Not all eight parts of speech will have a form of each word. caregiver. a word will have related adjectives and adverbs. studied. Here are some examples: Noun: student Verb: to study Adjective: studious. Sometimes. caretaker. studying Adverb: studiously Some words will have more variations. careless. careworn Adverb: carefully. carefulness Verb: to care Adjective: careful. carefree. carelessly . Take the word care: Noun: care. there are only noun and verb forms. Other times.

there are some words that are used to construct numerous compound words. powerable. brainpower. powerlessly. powerlessness. powerpoint. to empower. powerlifting. horsepower. hydropower. overpowered. superpower. firepower. However. powered. to overpower Adjective: empowered. overpowering. candlepower. powerpc. Compound words are words made up by taking two words and putting them together to create other words! Take a look at words derived from power: Noun: power. powerful. overpoweringly Not all words have so many compound word possibilities. empowering. . powerless Adverb: powerfully. willpower Verb: to power.Other words will be especially rich because of compounds. powerboat. powerhouse.

Verbs -ise -ize -ate -ify Advertise Organize Communicate Verify Adjectives -ous -ious -al -ial -ic -ive -y -ing -ed humorous hilarious emotional influential generic creative thrifty interesting embarrassed .There are suffixes used with words to refer to a particular part of speech. Please take a look at the table below.

Here’s more! Nouns (Person) -er -or -ess -ist -ast -ian -ant -ent -ee -ic -man -woman -person -eur Teacher Actor Actress Artist Gymnast Electrician Accountant Resident Employee Mechanic Fisherman Policewoman Salesperson Chauffeur Nouns (activity. characteristic) -tion -ation -ment -ing -ness -ance -ence -ity -ty -ry -y -ism -ics -ure reaction cooperation advertisement accounting happiness maintenance difference ability specialty dentistry assembly journalism linguistics architecture . field.

She programs computers . What type of work do you do? (I'm in) accounting. I drive a bus.Here is how you apply it! What do you do (for a living)? I'm a barber. What is his/her occupation? He's an architect. What does he/she do at work? He types letters. What field is he/she in? She's in dentistry. What do you do every day? I fix cars.

1.Let’s see how far we’ve come. Give what is being asked. Please answer the exercises below with all your might. It’s all or nothing! I.) A word which is a noun Bake bakery bake 4.) A word which is a verb Complete completion completely 2.) A word which is a verb Rejuvenate rejuvenating rejuvenated . Underline the word for your answer.) A word which is an adverb Final finalized finally 3.) A word which is an adjective Sick sickness sickly 5.

complete completion completely 3. I don't know where I'm going on my vacation. bake bakery bake . complete completion completely 2. You can buy excellent rye bread in that _____ . This is my _____ vacation plan: I'm going to San Francisco for a week. I haven't _____ my plans yet. final finalize finally 5. Don't press the 'submit' button until you're _____ finished with these 10 sentences.Here’s more! Please put a check inside the circle for your answer! I know you can do it! 1. Don't press the 'submit' button before _____ of all 10 sentences. final finalized finally 4.

No. sick sickness sickly 8. I think Dave's been working too hard. I hope his vacation will give him the _____ that I think he needs.6. I hope his vacation will be _____ for him. I'm sure he'll feel _____ after his vacation. rejuvenate rejuvenating rejuvenated 9. however. I think Dave's been working too hard. It smells _____ sweet to me. I think Dave's been working too hard. rejuvenate rejuvenated rejuvenation Just believe in yourself! You can do it! . sick sickness sickly 7. I'm just feeling very tired right now. I don't like her perfume. No. rejuvenating rejuvenated rejuvenate 10. I'm not _____ .

I like proverbs! I can apply them in my daily life.Hi Guys! I’m Nemo. Proverbs . I hope you don’t mind if we talk about it now.

"pardon the expression" It is a short pithy saying in frequent and widespread use that expresses a basic truth or practical precept. Also.It’s okay with me! Proverb is a word or phrase that particular people use in particular situations. “Don't judge a book by its cover” which means don't judge anyone and anything by appearances. even if it's late. . than not do it at all. Do you know some proverbs? Of course! I know the proverb “Better late than never” which means it's better to do something.

The best things in life are free. fool me twice. Never put off till tomorrow what Don't postpone something you can do 10.Below is the list of other proverbs I know and their respective meanings! Please see them. out of mind. 2. Like father. 3. 16. Love is blind. Fool me once. Thank you very much! Proverb 1. You call home the place where the people you love are. The early bird catches the worm. You don't have to pay for what is important : happiness. shame on me. now. 14. Meaning What is suggested sounds easy but it is more difficult to actually do it. can be done today 11. good health. The more haste. 9. Never give up. quickly. father's. like son. A quiet person can have much knowledge or wisdom. even if it's not as much as you wanted. the less speed. Half a loaf is better than none. 8. We tend to forget people or things that we do not see. Easier said than done. Manners make the man. One should learn from one's mistakes. A person in love does not see the faults of the person 7. Never say die. 4. Patience is a virtue It is good to be patient. 12. Prevention is better than cure repair the damage or cure the disease later. No man is perfect. sword . easy go. Easy come. It is easier to prevent something from happening than to 15. friendship. A person makes more progress if they do things less 19. Home is where the heart is. he/she loves. Still waters run deep. Nobody is perfect. A son's character can be expected to resemble his 6. 17. The pen is mightier than the Words and communication have greater effect than war 20. 13. Out of sight. it as soon as you can. If you want to do something successfully. 5. Money obtained without difficulty is easily spent or lost. shame on you. and fighting. You should be grateful for something. you should do 18. Money is the main cause of wrongdoing and problems. Money is the root of all evil. Possibly: a person's manners show their origins.

People tend to circulate bad news (accidents. 18. A good example is the best sermon. It is human nature to make mistakes. Where there's a will. Walls have ears. What you eat has an effect on your well-being. 8. 4. A clean body is just as important as a pure soul. Union is strength. You are what you eat.Wow! You’re awesome! Here are mine! I hope you‘ll appreciate them. A group has more force than an individual. 19. he thinks sober. therefore one should To err is human. 6. Be careful. 13. until you try. 20. You never know what you can do 2. 3. Procrastination is the thief of time Delaying an action for too long is a waste of time. 1. 16. Time is valuable and should not be wasted. Try first before deciding not to do something. I’m sure you can learn something from them! Break a leg! Proverb You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. Meaning You help me and I'll help you. to forgive divine forgive. No man is an island. 7. 14. We all need other people. Cleanliness is next to godliness. 12. If you sleep too much. Unwillingness easily finds an excuse. A person with determination will find a way of doing something. 11. first served. Giving an example is better than giving advice. you are not able to think clearly. illness etc. First come. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. there's a way. People could be listening. Time is money. agree with it. Different people have different tastes. . appearance. The first person in the line will be attended to first. 15. 9. A person who doesn't want to do something always finds a reason to avoid it. Too much bed makes a dull head. People speak more freely under the influence of alcohol. very quickly. 17. What a man says drunk. A person's character is more important than their Beauty is only skin deep. If you don't object to something it can be assumed that you Silence gives consent. 5.) Bad news travels fast. 10.

) Like father. . B. there's a way B. Encircle the letter of the correct.) A person in love does not see the faults of the person he/she loves.) The more haste. like son 2. A. 5. 3. C. B. to forgive divine B.) Too much bed makes a dull head.) Love is blind. C.) Home is where the heart is.) Beauty is only skin deep.) Be careful.) You help me and I'll help you. A) Cleanliness is next to godliness. A.) Walls have ears.) To err is B.) Bad news travels fast C. A.) Never say die.) Where there's a will. C.) A clean body is just as important as a pure soul. 1. human.) The best things in life are free.) Never give up. the less speed. C. People could be listening. 4.) Union is strength.Did you learn something from the proverbs tackled? Can you still remember some of the proverbs mentioned and their meanings? Prove yourself to me! !___________________________ _ directions I.) A group has more force than an individual A.

3.) Out of ___________. there's a way. 2.) ____________ easily finds an excuse.) Where there's a will. Beholder sight cure cite coal island country unwillingness 1. 4.) No man is an _____________. Choose your answer from the choices in the box. Give the meaning of the proverb. Fill in the blank. . out of mind. 5.) Beauty is in the eye of the _______________.) Manners make the man.II. III. Proverb Meaning 1. 2.) Prevention is better than ____________. A word can only be used once.

3.) The early bird catches the worm 4.) The pen is mightier than the sword 5.) Half a loaf is better than none Bye! Take a rest for a while! .