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Hey! Let’s go to the next level! We will talk about Homonyms and Homophones!!! Aren’t you excited?

Homonyms and Homophones

What are homophones and homonyms? What is the difference between them? Also. Homophones are groups of words pronounced in the same way but differing in meaning or spelling or both. . Homonyms are groups of words pronounced or spelt in the same way but having different meanings. please name some examples of homophones and homonyms. as for example bear and bare. For example: a person with the same name as another like the name “Rose”.

More examples of Homophones and Homonyms below! Homophones Ad Add Ant Aunt Ate Eight Bye Buy hi high Peace Piece Part of Speech noun verb noun noun verb noun noun verb noun adjective noun noun Meaning advertisement increase by Insect The wife of your uncle Simple past form of “eat” number Goodbye Purchase Greeting Greater than normal in degree Absence of war part Homonyms Bark bark Left left Stalk stalk Net net Part of Speech noun noun noun noun noun verb noun noun Meaning The sound a dog makes The outer layer of a tree trunk Past tense of leave Opposite of right Part of a plant Follow or harass a person Short for “internet” A trap made of netting to catch fish or birds or insects .

) Sea _____ 5.) red K. Column A _____ 1.) Plain _____ 8.) Its _____ 7.) past I.) Tail _____ 13.) Soil Q.) Passed _____ 6.) rows F.) Eye _____ 3.) Raid S.) Tell R.) Rose _____ 11.) plane B.)Sell .) Sail _____ 9.) Not _____ 15.) Read _____ 14.) Knows Column B A.) sale D.) see O. Write the letter of the correct answer in the space provided.) roll J.) Allowed _____ 2.) soul C.) I P.) Whine _____ 10.) wine L.) nose M.Let me see how good you are at homophones and homonyms! Please match Column A with Column B.) it's E.) Sole _____ 4. Choose the letter of the correct answer.) aloud N.) tale G.) Role _____ 12.) knot H.

________ 3. Please don't (meddle / medal) in my affairs. Write down your answer in the blank provided.)________________ 7. They'll reach the (peek /peak) of the mountain by daybreak. Make sure you (peel/peal) the apple before you eat it . My car's broken down . Don't (pore / poor) over it . Break a leg! 1. _____________________ .Here’s another! Please choose the word that fits the sentence.__________________ 5.___________ 4.)___________________ 8. We've planted a (fir/ fur) tree in the back garden . Can you give me a (toe / tow. It's rude to (stair/stare) at people . __________________ 6. Read the text quickly . ____________ 2. I've got a headache and my throat's (soar / sore.