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My Tech 600 Notebook using Google Chrome Presentation

By:Cameron Strichko

Computer Vocab: 4 ways to SAVE and STORE information
Network: Connection that the computers are connected to and run using the internet RAM: Random Access Memory - it’s the memory inside the computer In the Clouds: Memory using the Internet USB: Universal Storage Device also known as a Flash Drive

Computer Vocab Continued
Mouse: It’s hardware that controls your cursor Monitor: It’s hardware that is a screen - like a tv Keyboard: It’s hardware that helps us to type Headphones: It’s hardware that helps us listen to things on the computer Hardware: Pieces of the computer that you can touch

Computer History with Bill Nye
- The first computer took up an entire gym! - Original computers had cords that needed to be switched in in order to run different programs - 0 and 1 are called Binary numbers and are switches the programs run - The WORLD WIDE WEB, WWW , was created in 1989! It’s 24 years old!

Computer Vocabulary Continued
Microsoft Word: Its software that you can type a paper with it Google Chrome: It’s software that you use to Google, email, create presentations, etc. iPhoto: It’s software you can use to save photos and edit them Paint: It’s software that helps you edit images, paint a picture, highlight an image, etc.

Qwerty keyboarding
-Name of the keyboard … from the letters in the first row - Home row: is where our fingers and hands are placed -ASDF GH JKL;

Google Documents
It’s an Internet based program through Google Chrome similar to Microsoft Word. You can type papers, type report, created a table, add images, change font, color, and italicize, underline and bold words.Also, you can Link Websites too and create drawings.

Google Presentations
Its Internet based program through Google Chrom similar to Microsoft Word Powerpoint.

You can create a slideshow presentation.

The Internet
It started with just 1 computer in order to send information! Then, 2 got connected and 3 and here we are today!!!

3 Things to Internet Research
1. Be safe! 2. Make sure your website sources are accurate, reliable and true! 3. Give credit to the original author - Do not plagiarize! Example: According to, “New fossils recast a flat-faced oddity as a star species

July 12, 2001
According to the medal of honor was created on July 12 1862. Babe Ruth makes his MLB debut on July 12 1914

Tips to prevent plagiarism!
*Copy and paste the URL/WEB address, into your notes and/or project such as: *If You copy the author's exact words,place them in “quotation marks” *Record CITATION information on your Source Sheets such as: copyright date, day you used the website, author’s first and last name, title of book/magazine/Website, editors name, publishing company and

Tips to prevent plagiarism for Images on Google Drive
*Give the source if using Google Images by copying and pasting the URL/WEB address

*OR use Stock Images and you don’t have to copy URL because they are allowed for Google Drive usage

MLA on Noodle Tools
* Modern Language Association *Chardon Schools adopted the MLA rules to properly cite all sources *BIBLIOGRAPHY at the end of your paper or product *You create the bibliography using your source information/sheet that you copied and/or pasted and place into Noodle Tools

Accurate research through the decades using “Quotes”
GOAL: Choose ONE fact that is the author’s exact words, place the words in quotes and give credit to the original source….

Cameron Strichko’s Example: According to, “ The Korean war starts on June 25, 1950”. “The Korean war end on July 27 ,1953”.

InfOhio : Student Research Center
Its a database! LGCA - Lake Geauga Computer Association PAYS so we can belong to InfOhio!

ALWAYS reliable, accurate and at our Middle School level so we can read and understand text or info
Search with KEYWORDS FILTER our results

InfOhio : Student Research Center
9 Ways to filter Results Magazines : Pop culture and current events Newspapers: World events , daily updates, headlines Books and Encyclopedias:General Info,past history Biographies: Specific Person Radio & TV News Transcripts: Play by play of the report Country Reports: Country State/Province Reports: State or Province Primary Source Documents: Declaration of Independence Photos, Maps and Flags: Photo or Map or Flag

InfOhio World Book Student
It’s a date base too! It’s the electronic/online version of World Book Student. At the end of MOST articles World Book Student gives the MLA Citation information. 100% accurate, reliable and true!

InfOhio World Book Student
* You can double click on ANY word to find the definition! *You can highlight your search term in the text!
“Cookie are a small, baked treat. The word cookie comes from the Dutch word koekje, meaning small cake. Similar treats are called biscuits in Australia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.” MLA: Shaffer, Janet. "Cookie." World Book Student. World Book, 2013. Web. 12 Nov. 2013.

Claim-Assertion (state what you think), topic sentence. Evidence-*Paraphrase or summarize *set up then add DIRECT QUOTE *Date from graph or chart Explanation-how your evidence proves your claim.

EVIDENCE BASED TERMS *Because *For example *For instance *The author stated *According to the text *On page ____, it said

Somethings I want for Christmas are a Dell PC or a brand new xbox 360 to play games with friends online.If I got a xbox 360 I could play games on my own device so my brother can't kick me of my xbox when ever he wanted, but if i got a PC i would be able to search the web and play a game at the same time.If i got a xbox i could play many new games with people all over the world and make new friends.

Lets be safe online
1.Don’t talk to people you don’t know 2.Ask your parents if you're unsure about something 3.Don't post any personal info 4.Don't be a cyberbully 5.Don’t tell people that you're away from your house

3 Words that Describe Break
1.Fun 2.Cold


Spreadsheet helps us….. 1.Organize 2.Plan 3.Keep track 4.List 5.Add sums 6.Get averages 7.Get maximum 8.Get minimum 9.Add pictures 10.Add graphs 11.Count 12.Insert charts 13.Color cells 14.Make spreadsheets

Before you Facebook,Instagram,Text,Twitter or post on the Web: T: Is it true? H: Is it helpful? I: Is it inspiring? N: Is it necessary? K: Is it kind?