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Egyptians Built The Pyramids. We built Project S2di0. It’s no accident. This is our work from 2013.

Depicted visually with assisting annotations to communicate the message. What is the message here? In many ways its down to your own interpretation. We want to communicate common human emotions like hope, belief and a sense of togetherness. We also want to contribute. The aim is to create something and then return this offered value to a community. This value can be taken, ripped apart, smashed up and regurgitated for the use of other people, their projects and creative endeavors. Creative Eco-System Occurs. Thanks to everyone who has helped us and contributed to the project.

Drop in Sessions 8 Weeks

To begin the year we decided to kick off with 8 weeks of drop in sessions. This was due to a high number of people being sent to us by the NCVS for volunteering opportunities. We decided to invite all people who inquired, to an open session on a thursday evening, in which we explored recording, art and music in a informal way. These sessions where great fun, we made friends, created some kind of popularity and hopefully offered insights to curious minds.

We volunteered time and space to make this happen! The sessions were popular, moving on from this we wanted to continue on the same route but in the future create resource’s to make them happen without the struggle and in a bigger way

We had a wide range of people attend. What we learnt from this was the importance of targeting a particular age group of people who the sessions would be able to benefit. Using Web applications like Mail Chimp was the most effective way to communicate to 100 plus people to let them know what, when, where and entice them to come and join the program. These were the attributes of the success.

Defkon 1 Recording Sessions
These guys are a crazily talented bunch of musicians. We recorded a 4 track EP with them. Micing the drums was one of my favourite parts of this project, the drummer was ace, the vocals where heartfelt and raw, uncut. The bass through the TLA preamp was awesome. The guitarist produced much of the music employing electronic production, iphones and macbooks, with the live instruments. These guys came in off the back of the 8 week drop in sessions. You can check out these guys here.. defkon1-2

Lisa Newton Audiobook Recording Sessions Boogles Books Ltd
Lisa Newton, Serial entrepreneur, Author of many books, leader within her field of being a bookkeeper and entrepreneur. It was a great pleasure to record 5 of her books and convert them into an audible form. The books we recorded were ‘Cosmic Ordering With Vision Boards’, ‘How to start you own bookkeeping business and be successful’, ‘How to make the most of your money’, ‘97ways to market your accountancy business’, ‘How to write a book in Two weeks’. You can find out more about Lisa, her books and her company here..... booglesb

Lady Paradox Recording Sessions
Lady Paradox, Jazz Artist. We put together a small unit of musicians, Tom Harris, Sky Silyia and Will Pettipher, learnt her songs and went out the old fashioned way!

We played at the bodega in Nottingham. Did some demo style studio recordings too of some of the practice sessions which found their way online and seem to be quite popular in Japan! You can hear Lady Paradox here....

Raphael Blake Recording Sessions
We managed to get in alot of work at the start of the year with Raphael. We ended up recording and producing an EP for him, consisting of 5 tracks. Raph is a powerful spoken word poet. He’s part of the Mouthy Poets Company and has strong networks of his own South of the Country. The EP was deeply jazz inspired, complementing Raph’s Smooth tones and gestures. Yet to be released this one......You can hear Raph’s Music here.....

Yakil Recording Sessions
Yakil, African Brother Number One! Came blessed us with his proffesionalism. Music is a serious passion for this guy, although he is light hearted in his expression and way of being, a good balanced character. You can hear his music here....

Natalia Brown Recording Sessions
Natalia Brown, lovely, young Nottingham Artist. We recorded and produced a series of her own songs and covers she had used for the development of her practice. It was an attempt to introduce her to the radio stations and pluggers of the world. She came to us through Kofi Management, who is a Manager of Musicians and Artists. You can check out Natalia Music and her website here... MissNataliaKavina

Art Space Development (Cleaning out the loft)
We achieved the impossible with this one, the Utopian dream. Loft space once occupied with the remains of a pigeon home. On a budget of £30, for masks, protective suits, bleach, bin bags. We cleaned it out and turned it into an art space.

Vinspired Drop in Sessions 6weeks
As planned, The mission to purvey good sound continued. Vinspired Cashpoint fund, contributed the funds for the cost of the space and some resources for the project. This was amazing, we continued the drop in sessions for another 6 weeks with more volunteers and curious minds.

During the sessions we involved participants in recording, music productions and painting. Repainting the control room a coffee coloured brown. Will Pettipher designed some flyers to help promote the sessions.

Marita & The Peaches Recording Session
We only managed to spend a day in the studio but it was a great day. Maxed out the S2di0 capability as you see the audio rack was put to the test. Fun, Funky, All girl & boy drummer, band. Amazing chemistry between the group.

Marita’s songs and vocal abilities are able to shine and be complimented by her talented band! You can hear Marita and the Peaches here on their soundcloud...... maritanottzsinger

Mouthy Poets: Say Sumthin 5
We contributed our time and skills to the Sold out Mouthy Poets show in June!! We did an open stop frame animation workshop in the Nottingham Playhouse and also hosted an open jam with some musicians, mic, multitrack recorders. We used the animation we created as a visual backdrop for a 5 minutes performance during he show too. Check out the Mouthy Poets Project here...

Meadows Youth Centre
We partnered with Nottingham City Council and Meadows Youth Centre to run a 6 week program at their unused recording studio. The reason we were their is to help as their studio needed some TLC and some facilitators to run some music sessions. The young people where full of life, creativity and passions for music, we volunteered our time and hope that it inspired and provided an outlet for them! We couldn’t take loads of pictures of the sessions without consent but we did our best to document the project

Awards for all Grant: ‘Ideas - A Million and One’
Big Lottery, Awards for all grants were kind enough to fund our project! This was a huge step forward, things became much ‘realer’, the untapped potential had been realised. The Project was simple, we were funded to run 26 progressive workshops at the S2di0, involved and including people in the process of building the S2di0, technical skills and creative skills. Again flyer Design by Will Pettipher.

The process began. We worked from the inside out, spending the initial time on the building work, installing a Hot Water tap, which was a disaster of an installation, resulting in water everywhere, flooding 1st floor Personal Storage Building! We had the broken window fixed, 2 years overdue, this is why funding was essential. Leon Bailey lead the Acoustic Installation program, giving him the opportunity for his precious skills to shine. We involved volunteers and curious minds in the process also, Enlightening!

Mouthy Poets Workshops
In preparation for an Sequential Album Recording Project, carrying on from the previous year with the Mouthy Poets, we did two workshops to warm up for the album sessions.

We did a group project where everyone created a super-hero out of clay, and incorporated a camera, and created a short stop-frame animation with each of the superhero. In the control room we did one to one music production with each of the poets in which everyone had a chance to create a piece of instrumental music, molded specifically for their poetry piece. This was in warm up for the album recording, to create familiarity with the studio environment and get involved in the ocean of music production. This process proved to be highly effective, we utilsed the whole s2di0 space, included a small group of participant and create an output!! Amazing!!

These are the photo’s from the second of the workshops. David Keye, Keyboard player extraordinaire joined us for the session, we began some preliminary recordings for the album had a informal open jam session. Leon Bailey Joined us also for the session as a volunteer recording engineer.

Chasing Tales : Album Recording
The pictures speak more words than I can write........

Produced at Project S2di0 with Mouth y Poets
wise Things I’ll never forg et - Abi Hutchinson Blue Skittles - Ingr id Mclaren One last time - Pega h Mehrvand Brother - Hayley gree n Beardz - Matt Wasylko Oceans & time zone Scars - Josh Judson s - Jeren Ganiyeva eyes - Chumbeh Njie I am beauty - Sacha

Shout Proj

ect Presents


!"# $ ) # * % & '( +$

Born through Death’s

in association with The Renewal Trust and Children in Need

As you can see, they were great sessions, with lots of happy people. It also was a great album too, you can hear it here.... album/chasing-tales This could be described as the most triumphant part of the year!

Chasing Tales Film!
We also did a film for the project. During the sessions there were two camera’s rolling most of the time, taking pictures and video clips. It only made sense to consolidate these files into one film.

We were enough lucky to have the opportunity to be involved in a launch night for the CD. The film was screened here. We got to here some live poetry and have pizza too.

Nottingham Black Archive Documentary/Film Narration

Film-maker Ioney Smallhorne made this documentary with Nottingham Black Archive, documenting historical achievements of older generations which founds our world today.

This felt like an important project, we spent a day in the S2di0 recording Mr Crossdale who narrated the documentary with much style. The documentary will be available soon, screened somewhere in Nottingham and online I imagine.

You can find out more about Nottingham Black Archive here...

Drop-In Sessions-12 Week Programme/Volunteer Network
We ran the drop in sessions for 12 weeks on a Thursday evening 6pm till 9pm. Ironically the sessions seemed to be more popular when we didn’t have any funding then when we did. This was interesting observation and something to build on. There was also a seasonal difference which was a factor I think. We gave out a consistent message on the sessions and involved people in music production, Art and Sculpture projects, Open Jam Sessions. We built a supportive following, employed people to lead sessions, gave people the opportunities to also lead sessions, giving them the needed experience for employment opportunities. Leading on from this I would like to do more. I think it was a really useful, use of the space, the project is fundamentally about using and sustaining a space. I can’t help but be slightly demoralised by events that followed the project, but this has lead me to deepen my understanding of what I am trying to do and reconnect with the reason I wanted to do this. I’ve learnt the importance of ‘expressing a consistent message’, this externalise’s itself as a ‘creative framework’ or ‘infrastructure’, this itself doesn’t need to be complex, rather the opposite, the more simplified the better for the participant. This consistent message begins at the beginning and is internal. The message is determined by the roots, reasons and beliefs, which command behavior, which command results, which command everything. Volunteers, curious minds, participants need this in order to sustain curiosity, and to allow interests to blossom into fruits of knowledge and internal resource’s they can render as useful. What is important here is not what it has been done. The object of this document isn’t to marvel in any of our achievements. Rather the opposite, where from this point of identification, evaluation and reflection, is the project is going to go? This is more like a court or judge, jury, executioner scenario, who’s head will it be?

Often the initial or long term affects of activities, such as the ones in question, are invisible to our eyes. They are more like ripple in pool. I think for this reason, this amplifies the importance of ‘shouting’, speaking out loud, for ears and brains to hear. My mistake has often been expecting the receiving ears/brains to immediately understand the calls, this is incorrect to expect this.

These recipients are often unable to comprehend immediately this information in the way which it is intended. But it works like imagery, the brain can’t un-hear what it has received, so wether it understands immediately or not is unimportant. It’s more about receiving the information and reading it later, like an email. There is a latency in communication To speculate where the project can go from here is the next question in our imagined court of law. In many ways it has proved its point, proved it is possible and made it happen! There are certainly internal improvements to be made, it’s been wresting its own potential, the small things. We began as a community group, so knowing our roots here is important, having a strong affiliation, understanding the wheels of the voluntary sector and the value it can offer to skill based employment prospects. Particularly in relation to high numbers of music technology entrants and low numbers of access points to apply acquired skills, this has been our niche in offering provision. Creating employment is a good idea. Digital arts, digital media, digital technology being the home of innovation in this age. Innovation being the hotbed for growth. Growth being the calling for sustaining employment. So this is the path. To answer the problems of future society, in its specialist field, in an unique way, tailored. Purveying good art, good music, to support its sustainable development, to

challenge idea’s being put forward, to nurture young talent, something like an oak tree in a forest. There has to be an eco-system. The interesting undercurrent of our miniature eco-system that is worth noting, is the creative re-use of resources. This is our currency, we behave in an opposite way to ‘hungry consumer’, more like the ‘noble savage’. This situation is one of necessity, we fix things rather than replace them, we collect unused item from free-cycle, gumtree. We are always on the look out for scrap-wood, often in skips, left in run down urban area’s of the city like Meadows, Sneinton. Anywhere there is an opportunity we will take it, and find a creative use for it. There is an old tradition which echo’s this type of human behavior but there is also a futuristic quite unsettling edge to this. It doesn’t answer questions of environmental un-sustainability, economic un-sustainability and challenges mindset of our generation. Are more and more people doing this? For a self-started, independent eco-system to fail, this proves the Capitalist objective to be correct. It means you shouldn’t give us money, because we are inadequate. You shouldn’t give us responsibility of anything beyond our own life’s, power or influence, as we will destroy it. It says only a select few individuals are capable of running their own business and the rest should accept their predetermined position, forever in the hands of a large corporate employer, which dominate and monopolies the marketplace, this is status quo. This is the responsibility/risk of taken on the responsibility of funding/finance. On the other hand, if the system succeeds, sustains, grows, develops, this perhaps can serve as an answer or challenge to capitalism itself, only if it is independent of capitalism, if it is a co-culture of the capitalist system, it, itself serves the capitalist system. Not to say this is a bad thing, but more to raise awareness of this matter, as it does have an affect on our understanding, which helps us determine our decisions. This perhaps is the importance of creating a ‘kind’ enough system that can function to serve the objective of the project, which simplifies the process’, makes workflow more effective, this would be the kind thing to do, to begin at the beginning with treating ourselves with kindness, this internal action, externalises itself and radiates, this is could also function as a healing process.

The idea of togetherness, people working in unison, requires its leaders and symbolic order. Leaders not that serve as dictators or egomaniacs but people who can set us free. This is the function of the leader. In some ways this is an optimistic, idealistic outlook, in some ways our outlook determines our destination. A radical question, would need a radical answer. In the UK, there are provisions for radical questions and also radical answers. We must count ourselves lucky we have the opportunities such as receiving funding from national organisations to to forge change. There are few countries which have this privileged. This is why British culture is to complain regularly, the paradox of choice is the dissatisfaction it creates. I think our biggest opportunity is through this gateway, access to funds and start ups, we have the chance to re-define the terminology which delegates meaning in culture and society. I think the terminology is the bones of the culture. This, for me is the most important impact/influence or function an arts and culture programme can have today. My biggest fear is for you, reader, listener, observer is too look inside of this bubble and find there is nothing there, for there to be no substance. I would prefer for there to be no hype, only substance than to offer or create hype without the substance. Without an offering of their to be something to learn or something to contribute. Popularity isn’t something I worry about, I think substance is the source and is flawless of the depending factors which popularity demands. Popularity on a timescale is interesting area of thought. Especially within creative realms, do things get better over time? Or do they just get bigger? This being a whole another subject tangent. I often see projects such as this that don’t gain any popularity until long after it is done and dusted and stands only as a time-capsule, a preserved memory. We should see a project like this as a resistive force, active in resistance against suppressive force’s of culture and society. Back to our court of law this is the defense lawyers ending statement. Back to the jury for the final verdict, leaving Caesar to decide. This tangent was completely unexpected but for people who like to read and want to understand things from the inside out, it is here. It a diagnosis of the wider implications of this project, it explores a few different dimensions and outlooks, speaks the unspoken and reads the unwritten laws that govern this.

The route is collaboration.