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My favorite movies: American Beauty, Austin Powers, The talented Mr.

Ripley, Runaway bride, Scream 3 My favorite movies: American beauty Ranking- **** excellent The best word to describe this movie is eccentric. If you are a type of person who appreciates every minute of your life, then you may just really enjoy this movie. If you are a type of person who does not appreciate every minute of your life and the people around you, then you need to see this movie and learn to appreciate it. American Beauty is a beauty of film. It is funny, wise and incredibly well made. Kevin Spacey ( who by the way looks georgeous) really deserved his Oscar for his portrayal of a man who spins his life around – he makes it feel all natural. American beauty is one of my all-time favorite movies. I highly recommend it. ( If not because of the story plot, just because of Kevin Spacey) Austion Powers : The Spy who shagged me Ranking *** great This movie has also brilliant moments, but not because of the screenplay but because of the main actor and his work in this movie. If you saw this movie, I am sure you will agree with me that Mike Myers is extremly tallented person even if you have never seen him before. Austion Powers is not a Bond Parody, it is a story about “sixties” and it reminds us that people had more sex in 60´s than today. Austion Powers is a sex-symbol with cavities, unmodern glasses and hairy chest- I mean extremly hairy chest. If you like crazy comedies I would recommend you to see this movie. The talented Mr. Ripley Ranking *** great The talented Mr. Ripley is really extraordinarly intelligent thrille, which force you to symphatize with main role. But I must warn you- the main role in that movie is a “monstrum”. The main idea of this movie is: it is better to be false somebody, than true nobody. This movie is about a man who had a dream and was not afraid to kill because of his dream. I think it is a great movie but not that kind I really like. But it is worth for seeing it. Runaway bride Ranking** good This was one of my favorite movies 2 years ago. It is a romantic comedy and in that time I really liked comedies. The story is interesting and of course it has happy end. Julia Roberst and Richard Gere made this movie even more interesting. It is like Pretty Woman- which is really my favorite movie. I would recommend it especially for girls who like romantic movies with happy end and who like to cry. But if you want to spend evening with really interesting movie choose another one and watch this one with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Scream3 Ranking** good It is the final, third movie of the trilogy. But I think it is the worst of all. The screenplay does not have those things tht dominated in the first two parts – typical irony and humour. The first two movies wereparodical the third Screa, is just an ordinary thriller. Also the killing, thrilling scenes are less overworked and the “best” is the dis closure of the murder /murderers. But in fact, Scream 3 is not that bad. If you want to spend scary night , I recommend you to see this movie but there are a lot of better horrors or thrillers.

I think this movie is worth seeing. To watch this or similar movies is the easiest way to find out something about the historical and political situation of specific country. They are all either Chinese or Tibetan semi-professional actors who are living in exile. the boy is going to live. Also the music is incredible. discovered in a two year old boy the reicarnated Dalai Lama. It is important when a historical movie conforms to reality. but in spide of this. There are many reasons why I consider Kundun my favirite movie. There are no famous actors in this movie.My favorite movie is "Kundun". . it is the movie that makes the film tense and unique. the real Dalai Lama's niece beautifully plays Kundun's mother. The actual Dalai Lama is therefore the fourteenth reicarnation. the story is placed in Tibet. learning from other Lamas.. Secondly. Lama. the unforgettable music still sounds in my ears. The beautiful colors are dominant in this movie. It is also very iteresting to observe how diverse people are living in different countries at different times. There are also family members of the Dalai Lama playing in this movie. In the movie story. Buddha transforms himself into Dalai Lama. In 1950. He is living in a monastery. in the Lasa Palace. For example. When I say to myself "Kundun". The movie. in a country I like for its Buddhist roots. was made in cooperation with the Dalai Lama. He is going to be the highest Tibetan religious and political representative. Nine years later. who lives in exile today. According to the Lama-philosophy. First of all. It is the story of the early life of the fourteenth Dalai Lama. Kundun. Kundun was written by Melissa Mathison and directed by Marti Scorsese. a wandering Tibetan monk. I like this movie for its processing. together with his family. The story begins in the year 1937 in Tibet. Actually. Kundun (or also Dalai Lama) is forced to leave the country. the movie appears to have authenticity. China attacks Tibet. they are excellent performers.