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Human Resource Centre

presents a 2 day workshop on

“Inter-Personal Skills”

Thursday 17th & Friday 18th March, 2005

Is your natural self most like this0n erstan in" the characteristic1 typical behaviours of the types! Preferences+ The 2un"1 2acobi wheel! 3pproachin" the Types+ Some 4o(s 5 4on(ts! The Insi"hts Types+ Interpersonal style of each! I entifyin" 5 0n erstan in" ifferences .ivin" an Receivin" .in ee $ this course was esi"ne to link in very closely to or"anisations( "rowin" nee to fully un erstan an support their people! It is important that mana"ers$ e'ecutives an staff are able to work effectively in teams .which is a very uni#ue approach to selfawareness$ lea in" to improve inter-personal relations! %our success is very much linke to the sub&ective &u "ement that others have of you$ especially those workin" above$ alon"si e an for you! Their perceptions of you has a "reat eal to o with your personal an corporate effectiveness! This intensive$ hi"hly interactive pro"ram will help you to accomplish a critical self-assessment! %ou will e'amine inter-personal intan"ibles in this settin"$ in a way that is rarely offere to most e'ecutives an mana"ers! %ou will have the opportunity to e'periment with an e'amine your present interactive style an be "iven an opportunity to re efine an improve it! The worl (s lea in" or"anisations reco"nise that continuous improvement in the way people are mana"e is a vital part of the #uality e#uation .Theme: The ability to interact effectively with people is the key to peak performance in both work an personal life! This key can be turne on by our Insi"ht System .3bility to interact with ifferent in ivi uals! 6ivin" in harmony with the 7ental 6aws 8uil in" a Positive 7ental 3ttitu e .hat o you seeThe .our Personality /ua rants .Self-Concept an Self9steem! Communicatin" with the ifferent types1customers : internal an e'ternal! 3ctive listenin" 3ssertiveness .both within their own epartments an crossfunctionally$ to achieve #uality results! So it is vital therefore$ that everyone has an un erstan in" of self$ in ivi ual an team ynamics) an un erstan in" of what makes people an teams tick$ an an awareness of the influence they can have over the way others function so as to ma'imi*e the potential of the teams in which they operate! Workshop contents: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Perception+ .ee back 4ele"ation Han lin" emotional stress$ frustration an an"er What you will learn from the program: Kno yourse!": This intense$ hi"hly interactive pro"ram will help you to accomplish a critical self-assessment! %ou will have the opportunity to e'periment with .

an e'amine your present interactive style an be "iven an opportunity to refine an improve it : in response to strai"htforwar an frank fee back that you will receive! #nteract ith others: %ou will learn about an have practice in <power listenin"($ <effective thinkin"($ <"ivin" an receivin" fee back($ <effective #uestionin"($ <bein" assertive an learn to say “no” as well as irect han s-on e'perience in ealin" with ifficult people! %ou will learn some new an powerful techni#ues to han le stress more effectively an will become more sensitive to the subtleties of "roup ynamics : one of the critical aspects of successful team mana"ement! Who shou!d participate: 3ll in ivi uals e'pecte to work in an or"anisational set-up! The workshop has been esi"ne for all e'ecutives an mana"ers who are seekin" to improve their interpersonal an communication skills to achieve their ma'imum potential! Workshop Fees: Rs! =$ >>>1.orl wi e$ . Aysya 6ife$ ICICI 8ank$ iB Technolo"ies$ In ian Cil Corporation$ @ess Technolo"ies$ @ovo @or isk Pharma$ Cracle Solution Services$ Philips Software Centre$ Park . Ltd. Pvt.per participant! Facu!ty: The workshop will be facilitate by 7r! S! S! ?alyanpur who has been accre ite an traine by Insi"hts Trainin" an 4evelopment 6t !$ 4un ee$ 0?! $!ients ho ha%e attended our %arious trainin& orkshops in the past and 'ene"ited 3alayance$ 3ller"an In ia 6t $ 3nalo" 4evices$ 3lstom Pro&ects$ 8horuka Power$ 8iocon In ia$ 8uhler In ia$ Concor e 7otors$ 4aimler Chryslar Research Centre$ C!R! Seals In ia$ 4H6 9'press .e woul su""est to avoi isappointment$ that you sen us your nomination form by courier at the earliest alon" with a local che#ue1 eman raft payable in 8an"alore rawn in favour of “Human Resource Centre for Trg.obain$ Siemens Public Commn! @etwork$ Tata Coffee$ Titan In ustries$ Thomson Press$ Tri"ent Software$ Tyco 9lectronics$ 0sha Comm Technolo"ies$ A4C In ia 6t !$ Aenkateshwara Hatcheries$ .rin well @orton$ Hewlett-Packar $ Himalaya 4ru" Co!$ Hin ustan 3eronautics 6t !$ Honeywell In ia Software$ I@.e will be takin" a limite number of participants on a <first come first serve( basis! . Cables$ Sasken Comm Technolo"ies$ S3P 6abs$ Shoppers( Stop$ Spectrum Infotech 6t !$ Sube' Systems$ Saint .” If a can i ate is unable to atten $ you coul nominate a replacement! However$ in case of cancellation of a nomination we will refun E>F of the re"istration fees! (uman )esource $entre GHB$ Ith 7ain$ 2aymahal 9'tension 8an"alore I=> >J=! .roup of Hotels$ RP.ipro 6t !$ an many moreD . & Dev.

Tel+ >E>-BHIH BJHJ 9-mail+ hrcKhrc!co!in .

What past participants have had to say about our training workshops The two ay seminar on “Inter-personal Skills with the Insights Model” was an e'cellent$ enli"htenin" an memorable e'perience! 7aya(s psycholo"ical assessment on my personality style an behaviour has been of "reat help$ I believe the report is accurate to the e'tent of L>F! I will try my level best to utilise my stren"th an overcome my weaknesses in future! 7y ob&ective in life is to DD an to achieve this "oal I will follow the tips I "ot from your workshop! Thank you once a"ain! ?!7! 8opanna$ 7ana"er : Human Resources Tyco 9lectronics Corpn!$ 8an"alore “7y team an I have recently participate in the workshop on “Interpersonal Skills” which was facilitate by 7r! ?alyanpur an 7rs! 7aya$ I came back a chan"e man an want my wife to take this course!” 3shish I! Chitkara$ Pro&ect 7ana"er Hewlett-Packar ISC$ 8an"alore “The workshop on “ mpowering !eople for !eak !erformance” con ucte by Human Resource Centre was par-e'cellence! It has provi e me with a better un erstan in" of myself$ hi"hli"htin" my stren"ths an areas for improvement$ so that I can work on them an improve myself to become a "reater asset to my or"anisation! I su""est that companies shoul sen more people$ especially those who are mana"in" people an pro&ects$ to such pro"rammes in future! This will help in improvin" the overall or"anisation(s culture!” @aveen Srivastava$ Sr! Pro&ect 9n"ineer CyberCash In ia Pvt! 6t !$ 8an"alore “This is &ust to say thank you for an e'tremely "oo “ Inter-personal Skills” trainin" pro"ramme which we went throu"h earlier this month! The pro"ramme was very ifferent from any other pro"ramme I have atten e ! 3n it has "iven me a lot of inputs on how an what to chan"e in myself! I am lookin" forwar to your oin" many more trainin" pro"rammes within our or"anisation”! Ram as 8hat : 7oul 4esi"n Section 7ana"er Tyco 9lectronics Corpn!$ 8an"alore .

)M Workshop Tit!e: “Inter-Personal Skills” 0ates: Thurs! MNth 5 .ri! MEth 7arch$ B>>I Time: >LH> to ME>> hrs 1enue: 8an"alore OAenue will be notifie laterP! 2articipants3 0etai!s: .a'+ QQQQQQQQQQQQQ 4esi"nation Che#ue14raft @o! QQQQQQQQQQQ t ! QQQQQQQQ for Rs!QQQQQQQQQ rawn on QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ O8ankP in favour of “Human Resource Centre for Tr"! 5 4ev! Pvt! 6t !”! O@ame 5 4esi"nation of 3uthorise Si"natoryP . 6ast ay for Re"istration+ >E!>H!B>>I .)*+#.T)-T#.ull @ame M! B! H! J! I! Representin" Company+ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 3 ress+ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Tel+ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ .r&anisations nominatin& "our and a'o%e discount of "#$% i!! 'e e!i&i'!e "or a &roup Please note that registrations will only e confirmed on recei!t of your !ayment./ F.