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Introduction to Research: Peer Review for Research Paper

Reviewer’s name: Writer’s name:
Read the entire paper once to get a general idea, then answer the following: 1. Does the paper have the correct MLA layout: double-spaced in i!es "ew Ro!an 1#$

#. Mention your opinion of the title. In what ways does it reflect the idea of the paper$

%. &rite down one thin' that( in your opinion( !a)es the introduction attention-'rabbin'.

*. Please write down the thesis of this paper. If it is not a 'ood thesis accordin' to the criteria we have discussed in class( please point this out to the writer. +Re!e!ber( the thesis should not be 'eneral( va'ue( or a !ere fact, it should !ention what the paper is 'oin' to discuss-.

.. Please write down the topic sentences of the first % para'raphs. hen( loo) at the topic sentences of each para'raph( and if these sentences do not reflect the !ain idea of a para'raph( please !ention it to the writer.

/. Please loo) at how the para'raphs are connected: write down # different ways in which para'raphs are connected +throu'h transition words0phrases( )eywords( or ideas-. If the para'raphs are not clearly connected( please !ention this to the writer.

1. Please choose one para'raph and loo) at the structure +topic sentence( focus on one idea( sentence structure( and evidence fro! sources to support this idea-. 2n the research paper( please write in the !ar'in what you consider to be the !ain idea of the para'raph and circle the evidence the writer has used in order to support the idea +loo) for in-te3t citations-. 4. Please loo) at how the infor!ation fro! sources is incorporated in the paper. 5or e3a!ple( is there a lead-in for each 6uote or paraphrase +7accordin' to89( 7as : su''ests0!entions0points out0ar'ues0e3plains0!aintains89 etc.-$ Are the 6uotes and paraphrases followed by the writer;s co!!ents( etc.$ Is the infor!ation fro! sources clearly cited in parenthetical docu!entation +in-te3t citations-$ If not( please point this out to the writer.

<. Please loo) at the conclusion. Does it brin' to'ether the ideas developed in the paper or does it !erely function as a closin' idea of the last para'raph0idea discussed$ Please point out the necessity of a stron'er conclusion.

1=. Please loo) at the &or)s >ited list. Are all the authors in the &or)s >ited list !entioned in the research paper$ Are the entries in the &or)s >ited list arran'ed in alphabetical order( not nu!bered$ Are the entries docu!ented correctly accordin' to MLA style +author( title( correct punctuation$-$ If not( please point this out to the writer.

11. Please !ention one thin' you li)e about this paper +'ood introduction( 'ood thesis( welldeveloped para'raphs( 'ood conclusion( etc.-.

1#. Please !ention one thin' that needs to be i!proved in order to !a)e it a stron'er paper.