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3.1 Introduction In this essay, I am going to write about the most famous and most visited festivals in United Kingdom. United Kingdom is the country full of festivals and the place where every man can find entertainment. “A festival is an event, usually and ordinarily staged by a local community, which centers on some unique aspect of that community.” !any types of festivals serve to meet specific needs, as well as to provide entertainment. "hough many have religious origins, others involve seasonal change or have some artistic significance. In addition, certain institutions celebrate their own festival to mar# some noteworthy occasions in their past. "hese occasions could be the day these institutions were founded or any other occurrence, which they decide to commemorate periodically, usually annually. "here are various #inds of festivals in United Kingdom, so I am going to choose the cities that I consider that are the biggest places of the famous festivals in United Kingdom, and these cities are $ondon and %dinburgh. %&cept these two cities, I am going to ta#e one more city about which I never learned anything before. I am going to write about it because I would li#e to #now better about that city and the festivals that it offers, and that city is '&ford. 3.2 London’s Festivals As soon as you enter the city, $ondon opens its gates of hospitality and the options to entertain yourself are endless. (ou will be engrossed in the energy of the city and you will be swept off your feet when it comes to being entertained by the people from $ondon. It is always bubbling with activity during the day and during the night. $ondon is the centre of tourism in %ngland and offers numerous tourist attractions for the travellers and visitors. !usic, firewor#s, street theatre, dance, and the parades all )oin to form the festive activities in $ondon. $ondon will ma#e you laugh until you drop with the comedy shows it has to offer. "he greatest $ondon*s festival is $ondon*s +ew (ear*s ,ay -arade, but there is also a great number of other interesting festivals li#e .'/ /ovent 0arden 1estival, ,ulwich 1estival, 2ampstead and 2ighgate 1estival, $ufthansa 1estival of .aroque !usic, %ast .arnet 1estival, $ondon3 International festival of "heatre 4$I1"5, August Kids 6ee#, ../ $ondon -romenade /oncerts, $ondon festival of /hamber !usic, $ondon to .righton 7eteran /ar 8un, %uropride $ondon, !ardi 0ras Arts 1estival, and many others.



"he +ew (ear*s . "here were hundreds of musicians and dancers. GC:.ay -arade . It is the biggest festival of its #ind in the world.ay -arade is the well.oth sides of the streets can receive 9: a million people. and it lies on the 8iver /herwell and on the 8iver "hames. and the most famous college is '&ford University. 1inally. and also +orman castle and the . $ondon has evolved in to one of the 6orld*s great street spectaculars with up to <. '&ford was "he 8oyalist /apital. "he city is about ?< #ilometres of $ondon.London in :<< .uring the %nglish /ivil 6ar. and it was then #nown as Lord Mayor of Westminster's Big Parade. 4 >>:5 $ondon3 6orld . but in those times.1 London’s New ear’s !a" #arade “"he +ew (ear*s . hundreds of thousands of spectators on the streets . and a live television audience of tens of millions. and a ma)or entry in the United Kingdom. which is made up of many individual colleges. which is located in the county '&fordshire. "he first this parade too# place on st =anuary >?@. "he event was renamed in the London Parade in >>A.#nown $ondon*s festival. "he festival was formatted in the twentieth century. %ngland. and it is the main place of '&ford*s festivals.$olume %&. and then in the Millennium Parade in :<<<.3.otanic 0ardens. p. Its main attraction is the the most beautiful. . and that name continues even today and it is part of the $ondon -arade 1estival.ay -arade is good for $ondon and millions of people worldwide en)oy it.londonparade. the parade was a rather poor according to parades in these years. 'ne of the oldest.”: $ondon*s +ew (ear*s .2. this festival was spectacular every year. the -arade raises large funds each year for charity. "his occasion offers a free entertainment for all the family.oo# International. /hrist /hurch today is one of the leading /olleges in "he University of '&ford F with : C http399www. GCA C . and also a huge amount of international media are there on that day. "here is always something new to chec# outD 3. the festival too# the name The New Year’s Day Parade . built in a great variety of architectural styles.u#9history9history'f-arade A The World Boo !n"y"lo#edia. and the best #nown is /hrist /hurch /ollege.C !oreover.<<< performers from across continents. which is held each year in =anuary. which would be entertained by various #inds of performances. /hrist /hurch was the inspiration for $ewis /arroll*s EAlice in 6onderland* and more'f-arade http399www. /hrist /hurch is the most magnificent and architecturally impressive of all the '&ford /olleges. the 0reat 2all was the setting for the 2ogwart*s 2all in = K 8owling*s 2arry -otter films.3 $%&ord’s Festivals '&ford is one of the most beautiful cities in %urope. who amused the audience. Btarting in >>@.A .

but those who want to go to the 1estival can be dropped off and pic#ed up from strictly definite points only. and not all parts of /hrist /hurch are accessible to wheelchair users.3. . /orpus /hristi /ollege will be included in the program of the 1estival for the first time this year 4:< <5 because it offers a great number of little and beautiful quads. tal#s. a level wal#ing surface may not be encountered everywhere. as well as the contemporary reputation of its . “"he 1estival reflects the great literary traditions of "he University of '&ford. and public figures. philosophers.o&fordliteraryfestival.” %&cept these festivals for older public.uring "he 1estival.odleian $ibrary and other prestigious venues. and enquiry.com9inde&:. and pleasing to the eye gardens. “"he college maintains levels of lighting appropriate to the environment of a historic academic institution and lighting levels are variable. scientists. "here are also many events held in "he Bheldonian "heatre.G It is also important to say that there are many disabilities. an ancient library. "he '&ford $iterary 1estival is highly praised for its motivating and challenging program and the e&cellence and courage of its debates. "he third 1iction /reative 6riting /ourse will be held in /orpus /hristi. critics. discussions. there are also festivals for children. /hrist /hurch comprises buildings from several centuries. ceremonies. theologians. "here is the warmth of the welcome for all who attend "he 1estival.” All people should ta#e appropriate care.phpJAccessibility A . "he organiHers did not ensure many places for par#ing. "he Bheldonian "heatre is the official place of the 1estivals meetings. and some most prestigious events. debates.epartments and Institutes in every field of scholarship. readings. the /athedral 4and /ollege /hapel5 offers /horal %vensong services and special events. which are also great and entertaining. Artists. and the opportunity for the public to meet and unite with authors. I G I http399www. "his /ollege is founded in G @. "he . research.phpJAbout http399www. historians.1 $%&ord Literar" Festival "he '&ford $iterary 1estival is held each year in !arch and it lasts for nine days.undergraduate and postgraduate students from home and out of the country. "hey said t'at li(its on t'e nu()er o& w'eelc'air users are )ecause o& sa&e evacuation in case o& &ire or ot'er ur*ent situation. children*s writers. and those buildings are not built in accordance with contemporary building norms. 3. environmentalists.com9inde&:. "he /ollege provides a splendid variety of facilities and venues for the 1estival. poets. and medics. architects. writers. and its historic /olleges.inners in the outstanding and beautiful surroundings of /hrist /hurch that is the home of "he 1estival and /orpus /hristi /ollege. and engineers will )oin novelists. politicians.o&fordliteraryfestival. It offers a fantastic range of meetings. $iterary $unches and . Although buildings are maintained to a good standard.

which is hosting talents from the entire world 4pipers. e&citing. A great number of officially unrelated organiHations arranges these festivals.+ Edin)ur*'’s Festivals "his city is very popular for the all #inds of festivals and other things for entertainment. "he :< < %dinburgh !ilitary "attoo is one of the world*s most spectacular festivals.com9inde&. great number of rooms in historic and modern buildings or traditional bloc#s. and with $ondon and /ardiff is one of the most beautiful cities in 0reat . "he %dinburgh 1estival 1ringe is the biggest arts festival in the -eople of all ages and bac#grounds have a very good time. unpredictable. and an amaHing motorcycle display team5.> It is also important to mention festivals. and even have a laugh. "he huge range and number of artistic events. singers.” 2owever. and those festivals are the :< < %dinburgh !ilitary "attoo and the annual %dinburgh 1estival. %dinburgh is generally #nown all through the world as the 1estival /ity. "he stress is very much on music of the popular bands. valuable. "hey get together. terrific spea#ers. there is also a wide variety of accommodation.phpKcatidLC<GMArtsN:<andN:<%ntertainment < http399www. which presents diversity of artists and events.u#9 http399www.festivals9edinburghs. "here is also a list of some other %dinburgh*s festivals.edinburgh9edinburghs.u#9visiting.festivals > http399www. and ideas aplenty. en)oyable.eif. which are very renowned in %dinburgh. meet authors. 6hen readers meet writers.@ "he '&ford $iterary 1estival*s profile and reputation continue to grow.edinburgh G .edinburgh9about. )oin in lively tal#. "his 1estival offers entertainment. the %dinburgh 1estival 1ringe. challenging.com9inde&:.phpJ/hrist/hurch http399www. or a couple of nights with brea#fast each morning in the 0reat 2all. and a larger following. with something for everyone3 theatre. meaning there is no single event officially termed the %dinburgh 1estival. It offers e&periences that ma#e life unforgettable.edinburgh9about.o&fordliteraryfestival. e&hibitions and much more. performances. "hey are %dinburgh @ ? http399www. ? I am going to write about the most famous %dinburgh*s festival. and memorable things happen. dancers.“1or many 1estival. comedy. and writers meet readers. and many hotels in the city or very near the city. e&ploration. and e&hibitions ma#es a trip to %dinburgh unforgettable. humorous. e&plore new ideas. 7isitors come to %dinburgh every year to e&perience the eight summer festivals*.co.edinburgh. dance.edintattoo.ritain. < "he annual %dinburgh 1estival is a collection of free festivals held from August. At each level. It has become a true festival of ideas. It is all very e&citingD 3. it has become a fantastic celebration for '&ford of things well written and things well said. %ach year it attracts new writers.goers one of the greatest pleasures is the opportunity to stay at /hrist /hurch for all > days or perhaps a long wee#end.

when it was overta#en by comedy. "here are a growing number of awards for 1ringe : C http399en. : "here are more than :<<< shows. through to new wor#s.1 Edin)ur*' Festival Frin*e "he %dinburgh 1estival 1ringe 4"he 1ringe5 started life as a small scale fringe event to the %dinburgh International 1estival in >A@. “Beveral venues use their own tic#eting systemsP this is partly due to issues of commissions and how tic#et revenue is distributed. .” 2owever. music. opera.wi#ipedia. and Bamuel .=aHH and . from :<<? is being held in late =une5. "his festival lasts for three wee#s every August alongside several other arts and cultural festivals.oo# 1estival 4a free boo# festival based around secondhand boo#shops in the 6est -ort area5. "he 1ringe got its name in >A? after 8obert Kemp. but later 1estival 1ringe Bociety too# in charge the organiHation of the 1ringe. visual arts. CGN of shows were comedy and :?N were theatre. a Bcottish playwright.” . dance. and in :<<> C@N of shows were world premieres. C A computeriHed boo#ing system was first installed in the early >><s. In :<<>. collectively #nown as the %dinburgh 1estival. comedy.wi#ipedia. "he %dinburgh 1estival 1ringe has grown dramatically since its beginning. allowing tic#ets to be bought at a number of locations around the city. and children*s shows.ecause of the failure of the computeriHed tic#eting system. and wor#shops5. Bha#espeare*s 2amlet. %dinburgh International 1ilm 1estival 4it was traditionally held in August but. %dinburgh has spawned many notable original shows of which the most noticeable are "om Btoppard*s play 8osencrantH and 0uildenstern Are . 1estival of Bpirituality and -eace. particularly on the 8oyal !ile. students and volunteers were ta#ing care about organiHing the festival. music. !oscow Btations.+.org9wi#i9%dinburghQ1estival http399en. but theatre was the largest genre in terms of number of shows until :<<?. but in the following year.org9wi#i9%dinburghQ1estivalQ1ringe I . “"heatre events can range from the classics of ancient 0reece. %dinburgh / 1ame and so on. dance. In addition to tic#eted events 4those included in the program5. %dinburgh International 1estival 4the original festival consisting of classical and contemporary theatre. and 6est -ort . there is also an ongoing street fair. In the beginning. musicals.ead. and was reinforced by the :<<? failure of the main bo& office. 6illiam Bha#espeare. It includes theatre. but is now the largest of all the festivals and certainly the largest arts festival in the world. it recovered. : Angry !en. there seems to be more private enterprise than beforeO I am afraid some of us are not going to be at home during the eveningsD*. tal#s. 1estival of -olitics. wrote during the second %dinburgh International 1estival3 E8ound the fringe of official 1estival drama. which has been the foremost growth area over the last :< years.lues 1estival. there is no selection committee to approve the entries so any type of event is possible. the 1ringe faced the biggest crisis in its history. 3.

"his 1estival offers entertainment. Although. In this essay. A . . e&ploration. poets. artists. $ondon*s +ew (ear*s . and ideas aplenty. and the biggest spectacle in the United Kingdom. "he most popular city of festivals is %dinburgh. vri)edan paSn)e5 http399en. It offers a huge amount of entertainment every year. -onclusion "his essay provides you with great number of details of the most spectacular United Kingdom*s festivals.ay -arade is the greatest festival of its #ind in the world. and dance. and %dinburgh. all its performances were rather poor. you can introduce many writers. and scientists.uring this festival. but on the different venues. it has lots of amusing and interesting shows and performances. politicians. but in the beginning. It stays as the greatest arts festival in the world. and its greatest festival is '&ford $iterary 1estival. 3. theologians. .ord -ount/ 2. and you can also have long discussions with them. music. and also in the whole world.00 1L$SSA2  !ntertainment 4raHonoda. we can say that the United Kingdom is a site of the greatest festivals in the world. which includes theatre.wi#ipedia.ecause of all this. you will also find out many remar#able and interesting things about $ondon. Habava5 !e&inition/ an activity that is diverting and that holds the attention  A Noteworthy 4HnaRa)an. for the most part in the field of drama. the festival had many crises. historians. so we can say that they are also very profitable. because it offers everything in one city.org9wi#i9%dinburghQ1estivalQ1ringe @ . '&ford is a city situated very close to $ondon. and because of its immensity. "he 1ringe is an opportunity for ideas and achievement unique in the United Kingdom. All the festivals that I was writing about are very specific and unique. '&ford..shows. comedy. %dinburgh*s most amaHing festival is %dinburgh 1estival 1ringe. places that are the locations of these festivals. it is the largest and the most noteworthy arts festival nowadays. All these festivals are very important and significant for the culture and tourism of the United Kingdom.

#oristan5 !e&inition/ yielding material gain or profitP Tprofitable speculation on the stoc# mar#etT ? . iHloSbe5 !e&inition3 the act of e&hibitingP Ta remar#able e&hibition of musicianshipTP a collection of things 4goods or wor#s of art etc. rub5 !e&inition3 the outside boundary or surface of somethingP a part of the city far removed from the centerP Tthey built a factory on the outs#irts of the cityT  .class norm of two children per familyT  $aria(le 4vari)abla. prestiSan5 !e&inition/ e&erting influence by reason of high status or prestigeP Ta prestigious professor at a prestigious universityT5  Norm 4norma. odati poRast5 !e&inition/ mar# by some ceremony or observationP T"he citiHens mar# the anniversary of the revolution with a march and a paradeTP be or provide a memorial to a person or an event  !ngross 4obuHeti. Ruvan5 !e&inition3 widely #nown and esteemedP Ta famous actorTP Ta celebrated musicianTP Ta famed scientistT  +ringe 4granica. priHor5 !e&inition3 something or someone seen 4especially a notable or unusual sight5P an elaborate and remar#able display on a lavish scale  Profita(le 4unosan. m)esto Hbivan)a5 !e&inition/ the scene of any event or action 4especially the place of a meeting5P in law3 the )urisdiction where a trial will be held  Prestigious 4otm)en. ovladati5 !e&inition3 consume all of oneUs attention or timeP T2er interest in butterflies absorbs her completelyT  $enue 4m)esto nat)ecan)a. prom)en)ivo5 !e&inition3 something that is li#ely to varyP something that is sub)ect to variationP Tthe weather is one variable to be consideredT  !)hi(itions 4postave.#e"ta"le 4gluma.5 for public display5  *enowned 4poHnat. m)erilo5 !e&inition3 a standard or model or pattern regarded as typicalP Tthe current middle. predstava.!e&inition/ worthy of noticeP Ta noteworthy advance in cancer researchT  'ommemorate 4#omemoraci)a.