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“Positioning yourself as the provider of choice for vision and eye health care.”

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The Future
Major Challenges
1. 2. 3. Patient access Patient retention Sustaining and growing profitability

Keys to Success
A. Understand basic concepts
1. Consumers - what do they want? 2. What is marketing 3. Patient care vs. patient management

Consumer Needs (1st Concept)
* Consumers -- What do they want?

1st Concept What Do Consumers Want?
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Thorough exam Tested with high tech equipment Convenience Quality and service Good price (70/30 Rule)

V _ _ _ _ !

Internal . External .What is Marketing? (2nd concept) Two Types 1.fulfill needs patient care retention revenue/patient referrals What is Marketing? Two Types 2.create awareness speaking screenings yellow pages advertising Why internal first? Why external second? Marketing Internal Decor Equipment Brochures Training Products Services Recall Preappointing Referral Guaranteed CL External Accessibility Visibility Yellow Pages Pricing Newsletters Advertising Civic Participation Civic Promotions Website Direct Mail DON’T BECOME THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN TOWN Who are you? Geographical Area Geographical Area Patient Base Potential Patients Household with kids Females 17-24 Females 25-54 Adults 55+ Civic Groups Schools Insurance groups Business owners Target Markets (Specific Groups) Optometric Practice (Demographics/Psychographics) 2 .

. .External Marketing Practice Life Cycle & New Patients Introductory Stage New Patients % of total patients who are new patients % of new patients from external marketing % of new patients from internal marketing 90% 80% 20% 33% 40% 60% 33% 20% 80% Our Challenge . Present Patients Provide high quality vision and eye health care Potential Patients Recognize consumer trends .use internal and external strategies to maintain competitive edge Growth Stage Maturity Stage External Marketing Two Types of Consumers Referred Potential Patient Stimulate Through Internal Marketing Utilize Present Patients Respond to Doc's Name Consult White Pages of Phone Book Directory Receptionist Converts to Patient Base External Marketing Practice Life Cycle Stages Non-Referred Consumer Stimulate Through External Marketing Need to Go Outside Present Patient Base Respond to Trade Name Consult Yellow Pages of Phone Book Directory Receptionist Converts to Patient Base Introduction Growth Maturity Decline External Marketing Background Summary Sales Goals Objectives Strategies Budget Internal External Donations Challenges Opportunities MAR KE T IN G JAN CA UA LEN RY DAR FEB RU ARY AP R IL Marketing Calendar 3 .

000/month or $1.000 from external marketing Non-referred consumers $4.$4.Civic participation 5.External marketing = 8% of gross 2.Non-referred consumers .Example 1.Internal marketing = 2% of gross .Monthly events .$48.000 per week Objective – 5 patients per week @ $250 per patient Strategy options Target females 17-24 Target females 25-54 Screenings (in-office) Civic participation Budget Internal marketing = 2% of gross sales External marketing = 3-7% of gross sales Develop Marketing Calendar Monthly events Cost per month 4 . Strategy .brainstorming Challenges – new patients Opportunities – households with families.Cost per month Example Background . Budget . schools. Sales Goal .Screenings (in-office) . etc.000 . Objective = 5 patients/week @ $250 3. Develop monthly calendar . External marketing sales goal = $48.000/month or $1. insurance groups (VSP).000/week Example 4.Target females 17-24 .

sports. External Marketing Visibility Civic Activities Community Speaking Marketing Events Internal and External Signage Screenings Message: External Marketing External Marketing Marketing Calendar: Yellow Pages PLAN AHEAD! Put it to use! (See Sample) 5 . Slogan & Logo Examples Name Yourself to Market Yourself ADVANCED EYECARE C E N T E R Where Your Vision Is Our First Concern Of Richmond Professional Care Your Eyes Deserve eye care plus Professional Attention Your Eyes Deserve EYECARE S P E C I A L T I E S OF CRAIG. etc.External Marketing The Right Start External Marketing Trade Name. glaucoma. MEEKER & STEAMBOAT SPRINGS External Marketing Target Marketing Women: Make over 82% of health care purchase and timing decisions Cataracts.

Serve as educational vehicles 2. Need special offering 6. Must sign HIPAA consent form External Marketing On-Hold Message Tapes On-Hold Messages Courtesy to callers Entertainment Education Services Products Generate interest 6 . Retain existing clients 5.Yellow Pages Tips Develop trade name and logo No personal pictures Leave some white space Position right side Co-op advertising Yellow Pages Tips List USP’s Treat eye disease Complete vision and eye health Guaranteed CL trial Laser surgery management Daily. Get vendor support 7. evening. Attract new patients 4. Help drive sales 3. weekend hours External Marketing Newsletters Increase Patient Retention & Loyalty Education External Marketing 1.

Remember. External Marketing Newspaper When do women read the paper? Newspaper Good for older women Wednesday/Sunday coupon days 2” x 7” cost effective Can’t target specific audience Can supplement radio External Marketing Office Brochure Group Picture Mission Statement Health care pictures Dispensary pictures Hours Etc.External Marketing Radio Prefer 60 seconds vs. External Marketing Many Other External Marketing Options TV Cable Direct Mail Website Magazines 7 . 30 seconds. your target audience.

would you do it?” (Dr. 5. Patient Care vs. 8. eye health protection and quality of life. Let Me Ask You… “If you could prescribe a pill that enhances patient comfort. 7. Write your marketing plan for the next 12 months. 9. 14. A Few Steps to an External Program 1. • Civic involvement and community events • Community speaking • Vision screenings • Publishing/News releases • Special Cause promotion • Open houses and other public events Create practice trade name/logo/slogan (according to regulations) Implement a complete program for PHYSICAL visibility. 13. 6. 15. Implement a total program for sales promotion. Peter Shaw McMinn) 8 . Constantly monitor success and make changes accordingly Stay with it. Select the right vehicles Set your external marketing budget and allocate Select advertising media and vehicles. 4. 2. Implement a complete program for Public Relations. Define your external marketing target market. Define your position relative to competitors. 12. 10. 3. Patient Management (3rd concept) What is Patient Care? What is Patient Management? What is our business? So. Set external marketing objectives and projections. Implement a well-rounded advertising campaign. Implement a complete program for internal marketing. 11.

Protection. Transition lenses for leisurely outdoor activities not requiring protection (hiking. Specialty tints for golfers. Quality of Life 6.) 2. 9 . Quality of Life 3. Protection. Specialty computer lenses (tint. Professional Obligation Enhance quality of life for our patients. soccer. Maximize our patient’s eye health (Patient Care) 2. 4.Prescription for… Prescription for… Comfort. Patient Management Basic Concepts Controlling patient perceptions of value of the work we do. checkers. 5. etc. Transition lenses for patients whose job requires moving indoor and outdoor repeatedly during the day 8. Maximize our patient’s vision (Patient Management) NOTE: Both often require a prescription. baseball. Polaroid lenses for golfers? Prescription for… Can We Agree? Comfort. Specialty polycarbonate or safety lens designs for plumbers. antireflective coating. etc. Protection. Polycarbonate transition lenses for tennis. and consequent actions they take. shopping. What better way than to maximize the health of their eyes and vision? Can We Agree? Professional Obligation 1. Polaroid lenses for patients who enjoy recreation associated with water: Boating Skiing Swimming Poolside Fishing Beach bum Comfort. through all interaction with doctors and staff. Quality of Life 1. progressive lens design) 7. electricians. family gatherings.

Recommendations Fulfilling Patient Needs Keys to Success B.PM PHYSICAL RECEPTION -. Biggest step b.Data Collection Basic Concepts Exam Room Goal: Persuade patient to accept our recommendation. Data Collection a. accept our fee and refer new patients. Doctor's Recommendations a. Pick the place c. Functional needs (primary) b. 3-step process Repeat recommendations Ask for questions Bow out 10 .” Baton pass to staff a. Occupational needs Comfort Protection (Welcome/Welcome Back) PM EXAM ROOM -. It’s your mission c. Trio b.Recommendations Fulfilling Patient Needs 2. comply with instruction(s). Hobby needs c. Think function -. 1. Step Out of the Box! “Take care of the patient first and the money will be there.not fashion Need Recommendations Benefits Want Primary (Eyewear/CL) Function No brainer! Secondary (Eyewear/CL) Medical benefits Fun benefits PM EXAM ROOM -.

I wish all the best for you in the years ahead . .Notes It was a privilege to spend some time with you today. Brad 11 . .