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Sumaya Ahmed H00228886

Weekly Reflections

Week 1:  Explanation of the attitude, goal setting and life management First week in this course I learned that attitude is a strong belief toward people, things, and situations. More view goal setting is to set a target plans and goals that you want for your future. And setting goals will help you become more successful in your career, Long term and short term goals will make your life easier and meaningful. Furthermore I learned about the life management which is to creating a life plan for what you are doing in your life, for example your personal life, education and career life. Also it is important to know what your priorities are and what you must do first. Acutely it was an easy week for us as we started. And it was like a review for us and refreshing for the information, so I didn’t faced any problem during the first week. The only unclear outline about the course was an issue for us, because we don’t know how the marks are divided and what we will learn exactly.

Week 2:  Career planning Second week was an easy week for us as they teach us about how to setting our goals for the future career. As before we never thought about it, so it was a great opportunity for us and it was the time to know what we will work in the future and where. I learned many things about the careers that we have it in the companies and the most important was that I know the different between working in the private sector or public sector. And I learned more about the semi-government sector. I faced the problem while I think about the companies types. Thus all of the local’s people want to work in a public sector for their main reasons. So it was hard for me to believe that there are many of the private sector offers the jobs better than public, b ut while I’m research and read more about the private and public and what are the different between the offering jobs there. I know that everyone should have a reasons for chosen either in private, public or semi-government.

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Sumaya Ahmed H00228886

Week 3:  CV production In week 3 we learned about the CV as before we know a lot but in this session I learned that the CV means Curriculum Vitae literally which means ‘course of your life’. And it is a reflection and summary of your background, education, skills and information that will support you for applying for any job. All of us have a CV, but in this session I know how to make the CV as short as it is possible and to make it more attractive for the employers or HR managers. In this week I recognize the most important skills that the employers look for it and what are the important skills that we must write it in the CV and how it will benefit us in the job interview. New skills that I learn it and add it is how to update your CV during the time. For example if I am doing or taking any new qualifications or job experience, I must directly write it in the CV to have the latest update for my CV and to be ready for any job interview or any one will ask me. Problems that I faced during week 3 was that when I start to write a new CV, I don’t have a job experience and I don’t know what to write in this section of the CV. However I overcome this problem by asking the teacher and CV clinic, and when I’m sta rt thinking about it, I found it about that I had a booth in Dubai Women’s Collage Bazaar and I worked for 3 days, so I add it as a work experience in my CV.

Week 4:  Cover letter (work shop with Athija from career center) After we learned how to do the CV, they start to teach us about how to write a cover letter for the company. Actually it was my first time heart cover letter and I learned many things during this work shop. The cover letter like a letter we must write it for the company to let them know that we are care about the job that we apply for it. I learned that in cover letter I should match the job description and what they want with my skills and qualifications. I faced problems because it was my first time to write a cover letter but I asked my teacher to help me and I went to career center to help me more in knowing how to matching the skills with job descriptions. I need to develop myself in finding the job that real will be same as my major and my career goals, because when we will work in place that we are happy and satisfy us.

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Sumaya Ahmed H00228886

Week5:  Online job research For this week we learned that strategy for searching for any job and how you will figure out what is the good job for you and will matched with the skills and qualifications. We learned how to search online and find out the job opportunity for us. I knowledgebase about what are the information that the companies need when I will apply for the job online. The new evidence that I add it to my experience in searching for a job is that I now about the DWC portal and Mehnaty portal, they post a lot of jobs and they updates al the times, also they have a lot of information about the job descriptions and what the skills that they are looking for it in a candidates, so this link is a useful website for us while we are looking for our future career. I faced problems such as how to look and search for job in a specific way that before I searched only on Google but know I now that I must go into the company official website and press the career page to look for a specific job in a specific department. The most beneficial is the quote that “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to
work a day in your life.”

Week 6:  Social networking For week 6 we learned about social networking as we knew about it before because we learned in a several courses. I learned more about how to relate the social networking within the job applications. Actually I didn’t face any problem. As we know are more attract with the social med ia networking. So it was an interesting chapter for us and we enjoy on it. As we are teenagers and adults, so we are focusing on it more than our families. The more interesting part for this chapter was that I find it out which type of social networking that I use it more than others and how many hours I spend on it per day. I learned that via social media we can find the work and we can post any work advertisement. Also via social media we can apply for the job and to be in contact with the employers.

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Sumaya Ahmed H00228886

Week 7:  Job interview and what are the appropriate and inappropriate behaviors In week 7 we took the chapters about the job interview and what are the best way and look to have a job interview. It was a useful chapter that I never attend any job interview, so I learned how the employers going to ask me and what kind of question they will ask us. Also I learned the appropriate and inappropriate behaviors in the job interview, and how we should prepare ourselves for the interview. We had a lot of activity and video to explain more about the job interview, and it was the most interesting part on this chapter. I add to my experience the kind of the question as I thought before that they will only ask about the job and skills. However I find that the employers may ask me about the life and why they will hire me for this position, so I have to prepare myself for any kind of the questions and I should put in my mind that maybe the employers are less educate than me. I faced only one problem in this session which is that I never ever had any job interview before, so while the teacher start I feel lost, but after that I leaned more information and now I’m ready for any job interview, as we have a lot of activity which help us.

Week 8:  Team work For week 8 we learned about the team work and what are the strategies for working in a team. I learned that we should divide the work in a group because each member has to do some tasks. Also I learned that for a team work we must set together and help each other to have the work in a professional way. The team work must be better than individual work because it has a lot of ideas and concepts. The new task that I learned and I benefits for it that we must have a boss in a team to dived the work and set a plan for what each member should do. We must have a leader who will lead us to the right path. I didn’t get any hard problem or issue because it was an easy chapter for us , as we are working in a group during our education in the collage.

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Sumaya Ahmed H00228886

Week 9:  Conflict and Negotiation In week 9 we learned a lot of new information but the most important was the conflict which is a disagreement or tension between two or more parties, Negotiation which means creating a solution that is fair to all involved parties, and mediator which is a neutral third party that helps resolve a conflict. The new thing that I add it to myself and I really benefits from it, it is that we should avoid any conflict and assumptions on the work environment because we need to have a good reputation between the employees in the work to have a good feedback from them. And we should be willing to resolve any problems or issues between the employees, we must have a background about how to deal with people and help them to solve their problem before start any job. Firstly I challenged myself in this chapter because it was a new topic and new information for me, however it was useful and interest because everyone should learn new things and never stop learning.

Week 10:  Accountability and workplace relation Week 10 was a beneficial and advantageous week for me because a learned much new information such as accountability which means reports back on accepted responsibility, responsibility which means the employees accepting the power being given to them and the obligation to perform. I learned about how to deal with the employees in the workplace and the work place relationships with the managers, colleagues and staff. It was a great time that I spend it in this session because I add a lot of skills in how to deal with people and I know that the relationship with the employees in work places are very important to have a good reputation and continue working in this places. I faced problem from the beginning because I don’t know about the work environments and I hate to deal with people for the first time, because we are different and have a different value and some of them doesn’t friendly with us. I stick in my mind a nice quote which is “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”

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Sumaya Ahmed H00228886

Week 11:  Electronic communication For this week (week 11) I learned about the main electronic communication that we need it in the work and we use it to deal with employers when we apply for a job. And the common communication tools are e-mail, internet, mobile and software. The most important things that I learned in this session were how to write a professional letter for the employers; also I learned how to have a phone call with your manager and how you should talk with them. The main thing was that we should avoid any communication during the job interview because it may interpret the interview. Actually I didn’t faced any problem in this session as it was something that I have a background about it and I know many thing about this topic as they teaching us many time. I interest in this quote and I benefit from it which is “Be a yardstick of quality. Some people
aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected.”

Week 12:  Major choice In week 12 we have to choose our major that we will study it next semester. So they are given us the over view about everything in the major, as we are business students and we have about 7-8 majors. I learned everything about the major that I want to study it next semester, so know I am sure about what I want and I choose it. I faced problem in the time, as they give us short time to submit our choice for the major, but I overcome it because from the beginning I choose the major and in this session I want to make sure that I will study it. The most important thing that I learned is the different between the accounting and finances and I make sure that I will study accounting. And I learned what will be the specific courses for each single major and where we will work after graduation and for which position.

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Sumaya Ahmed H00228886

Week 13:  Work placement choice (work shop with Athija from career center ) In week 13 we attended a useful workshop which is about the work placement. As we will do our placement next semester, so we should start and plan where we want to work and why. I learned from the work shop to figure out where I will work and matched the place with my major and job title that I hope to have i. I learned who to apply for work them and how I will choose the company for a huge numbers of the companies that they give it to us. Actually I faced the problem with choosing the company that we want for the list, because we have to choose only 3 from a 30 companies. So it was hard for us to choose as the most of them are good companies and from the private sector. But we choose the better because it will be an opportunity for us to work them and try their work. I have to improve myself by putting the priority first and choose the best for me within realistic reasons. Because for the work placement we have to choose what are better for us to learn and develop ourselves there.

Week 14:  Industry expert (Event in MPH in DWC ) Week 14 was the most interesting week as the career center prepares an event for us with more than 10 private companies such as FDEX, Jumeirah Group, Al Mashreq Bank, and Standard Chartered Bank. The event take place in the MPH and it was for all students who take Creating Your Future course. The companies divided into 4 sessions and each session was about a specific department. The sessions are about Marketing Yourself and Job Search Strategies, Marketing Yourself and Job Search Strategies, Diversity in the Workplace (Intercultural Intelligence and Career Discovery Wheel. It was a useful for me as I learned how the private company work and they are focusing on what part. I learned about the skills that private companies are looking for it in the employees that they will hire them for the job position. I didn’t faced problems however it was a great opportunity for me that I attended the event and learned more as I will graduate after a year, so now I have background about these companies.

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Sumaya Ahmed H00228886

Week 15:  Mock Job Interview Week 15 was the last week in the semester 1 and the session for this course was to doing a mock job interview. As previously we did a lot of practicing for the job interview in the class and we learned how to be self-confident and answer all the questions. Also I learned how to deal with the employers who will ask me the questions. I learned more about what kind of the question they will ask us. The most important thing that I learned and it was a new that I shouldn’t sharing any of my personal life information in the job interview and I must carry my CV and cover letter with me for the job interview, even if I’m post it online for them, in case if they ask for it. I faced problem with the time during the mock job interview, as we didn’t have the schedule for it. But we stay together till all of us finished and we shared our experiences in the interview. Also I faced problem with the job advertisement that the most of girls doesn’t know that the teacher need the job advertisement and we start to find it out while the others are doing the interview and we print it. I reflect that I should improve myself with the time management and I should prepare myself before the interview day to be ready for any situation that I will see myself on it.

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