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Invansys Technologies

Investment Analytics & Systems

Invansys – an Overview Invansys Technologies is a software services and consulting firm specializing in the asset management domain.  Overview   Founded in 2005 Currently has 20 employees and multiple projects underway with a balanced mix of onsite and offshore presence Over 15 years of collective experience in working in and managing technology projects in the asset management industry Areas Of Expertise     Portfolio Management & Accounting Order Management Systems & FIX engines Reconciliation Frameworks Portfolio Valuation & Security Pricing Products & Services     Customized Software & Application Development Proprietary Portfolio Management & Accounting System Consulting on Software Systems purchase & implementation Implementation & Integration with third party systems  Customers   An established private equity firm in New York with AUM ~ $500 mm A PIPE (Private Investment in Public Enterprise) fund. fund of funds and investment banks to fulfill their software requirements in front. We work with hedge funds. middle and back offices. AUM ~ $200 mm A start up hedge fund in New York with AUM ~ $30 mm 1/16/2014 Confidential 2 . private equity companies.

Order Management Systems (Customized Development) .Connectivity to market feeds .) Mark to Market Realized. automated SEC filings .Customized development to customer‟s unique requirements 1/16/2014 Confidential 3 .Real Time Pricing . Unrealized P/L FX Drift (Multi currency trade) Accrued Interest Calculations - Accounting Risk Measurement Compliance (SEC Filings) Reconciliation with Fund Admin Reconciliation with prime broker Our Solutions Algorithmic Trading platforms .Position Management Systems (Customized Development) .Algorithmic Trading .Customized development of Reconciliation engines.Consulting to evaluate 3rd party products and conduct cost benefit analysis of the implementation .Our Solutions Front Office Middle Office Back Office Key technology intensive activities .Integration with 3rd party systems .Order Management - Trade booking (Position Mgmt. products Invansys PMS Invansys PIPES .FIX Engines & Certification frameworks .Our Portfolio Mgmt.

multi-user capabilities. Smart tools to keep track of key portfolio events.Our Products  Invansys PMS  Invansys PMS is the next generation portfolio management software in use by some of the biggest funds in the industry. Integrates with your Administrator and Prime Broker feeds for seamless import and export of data. Black Scholes warrant calculator with options to select yield curves and volatility values. Multi-currency and multi-portfolio capable.      Invansys PIPES     Invansys PIPES is the complete Deal Workflow solution for Private Equity and PIPE funds. corporate actions etc. customizable reports. very-short implementation time and world-class after sales support make it the ideal back office choice for all funds. It's easy set up. user friendly screens. Smart tools to help in conversion and exercise of securities 1/16/2014 Confidential 4 . Track 144 A dates and apply custom discount schemes for restricted securities. Integrates with Bloomberg and other data sources to download real time stock prices and other financial data.

Sybase.Technology Coverage        Microsoft Technologies – VB/VB. Applets and Servlets Open Standards .0/8. COM/DCOM.NET.NET. ASP. Jini. VBA(Macros). Apache Databases – Oracle 8i/9i. SQL Server 2000.1/6. Swings. SOAP. SQL Server 2000. Active X components Java Technologies – J2EE framework. PHP Application servers – Weblogic 5. FIX/FIXML.Web services. EJB„s.  FIX certification suites  Crystal decisions reporting suite  Trading systems like Neovest and RealTick 1/16/2014 Confidential 5 .0 Web Servers – Microsoft IIS.Portfolio accounting system. mySQL Financial platforms –  Appia FIX engine  Advent„s Geneva . XML.

software platforms and databases 1/16/2014 Confidential 6 .Our Value Proposition  Dedicated approach .Given we are a small firm. the management team pays personal attention to each stage of the project  Strong asset management focus – Strong mix of business and technology experience in asset management providing a well-rounded perspective on issues at hand  Strong quality standards – Focus on maintaining rigor and quality of work by hiring the best and setting high standards of performance  Focus on cost control – Optimum allocation between onsite and offshore resources to minimize cost of implementation  Wide technology coverage – Experience across all the major programming languages.

Risk Management Groups. Helped the bank in subsequent roll out and implementation of the system at various clients across the United States  Rolled out a new Portfolio Accounting system at a multi-billion dollar hedge fund in Stamford. Accounting and Compliance departments  Developed a Trade Booking system for hedge fund clients of a premier investment bank in New York. designed.CEO & Founder  Tarun Gupta   Hands on project management experience (has run teams of 5-20 people) Prior to founding Invansys Technologies. developed and managed the implementation and integration of major IT systems required by Operations. India 1/16/2014 Confidential 7 . 6 years of experience advising leading investment banks & hedge funds across functions and technology domains  Conceived. USA   An expert in both Microsoft & open source technologies Bachelor of Technology from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi. CT.

Build for UAT .Technical Design .Code - - Installation on Client Machines Integration with client‟s other systems -Bug Fixes Training -Call Support -User Common Timelines 4-6 weeks 12 weeks for each phase 4 weeks Ongoing Interface Business Analyst Technical Architect Project Manager Developers Project Manager Developers Maintenance Team Location Onsite Onsite/ Offshore Onsite Offshore 1/16/2014 Confidential 8 .Build for Deployment .Our Working Model Stage Requirements Gathering Development Deployment Maintenance / Support Deliverables .Functional Spec .Project Plan .

New York with AUM ~ $500 mm  Our Solution:  Developed a custom Deal Booking and Portfolio Valuation system for the fund.  Development was broken down in 2 phases of 3 months each to ensure faster rollout of necessary functionality. Stock Warrants & convertible securities.  Did a requirement analysis session for 4 weeks  Provided the fund with a comprehensive plan to develop a new system and load the historical positions. The work was absolutely professional and on time. including the delivery milestones. Client Testimonial: “It is a very pleasant experience working with Invansys Technologies. Client Testimonial: “In the beginning we were hesitant to hire Invansys Technologies for this project but our fears were allayed when they provided us with a detailed plan. Their complete understanding of this business makes it very easy for us to communicate our requirements. interest rates and volatility information  Uses Black Scholes and Binomial models to price the options.”  1/16/2014 Confidential 9 . Subsequently. We were always on the lookout for people who not only understood the technology but the business side of it as well.  Linked with Bloomberg to get basic data like Underlying price. We found an ideal partner in Invansys Technologies. we offered more work to Invansys as we are very satisfied with their level of dedication”   Client 2: A PIPE (Private investment in Public Enterprise) fund. for the completion of the system. AUM ~ $200 mm  Our Solution:  Developed a pricing tool for Stock Options.What our Customers Say  Client 1: An established private equity firm.