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Death Night

An adventure for use with GURPS Horror

Copyright (c) 1996 by Richard Lunsford

Nathan Robertson Me Fecit Anno Domini MMVIIII

GURPS is a trademark of Steve Jackson Games, and its rules and art are copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games . All rights are reserved by Steve Jackson Games. his game aid is the original creation of Richard !unsford and is released for free distribution, and not for resale, under the permissions granted in the Steve Jackson Games "nline Policy.


This G R!" #orror adventure is written for the $odern %ay& Conversion to other ti'es re(uires 'odification) especia**y in transportation) 'edia and forensics techni(ues& %esigned for three to si+ 1,,-pt characters) the adventure stresses detective and co'bat s.i**s& /ther usefu* s.i**s inc*ude fast-ta*.) forensics) research and Low-*eve* 'agic and psi powers (%ivination) !recognition and !sycho'etry) 'ay enhance the 'ood) particu*ar*y if the G$ assigns these abi*ities secret*y& 0ntended for p*ay over two or three sessions) %eath 1ight offers a chance to convert 23ust !*ain 4o*.s2 to 24ear*ess $onster "to'pers2& 5ritten as a /ne "hot) it presents severa* opportunities to *aunch an e+tended ca'paign& /ccu*t contacts) psycho .i**ers & & & even a 4ourth Reich& Choose those best suited to your ca'paign& The seeds are p*anted6 deve*op'ent is up to you& 7n8oy&

cri'e) 'oderate prices provide decent *iving and rea* 'oney buys the fri**s& Costs and conditions shou*d appro+i'ate those given& 0n poor areas) so'e advantages 'ay beco'e disadvantages as attractiveness and obvious wea*th attract unwanted attention& Pete's Trailer od!e

This trai*er par. has ad8oining *aundro'at) a s'a** grocery for the bare essentia*s and space for over si+ty trai*ers& Rent is <1=>? 'onth with uti*ities for space) <=>,?'onth for a trai*er& !rices at the store are >@ above average& !eter $cCa**ister owns and 'anages the par.& #e doesn2t a**ow fast driving or *oud parties) but is otherwise to*erant& Cri'e is a rarity6 $cCa**ister carries a big stic. to .eep it that way& The par. is c*ean and we**-.ept) with *arge *ots and a'p*e space& The tenants are 'ost*y c*ass fo*. who .eep to the'se*ves& "im#son A#artments A three story bui*ding owned by 7dward "i'pson) this apart'ent co'p*e+ features *ower c*ass housing at a no'ina* price& Roo's inc*ude two bedroo's) bath) .itchen and *iving roo' with two c*osets& Rent is <=>,?'onth without board& The co'p*e+ is dirty and graffiti ridden) but the roo's are functiona*& $r& "i'pson is never in town6 co'p*aints are ta.en by $s !etrish) a hatefu* o*d crone who ignores the'& "ervice is non-e+istent) and tenants 'ust tend to their own prob*e's& A ro** against Research or "treetwise at -A revea*s that "i'pson bribes the bui*ding inspectors& A critica* success produces proof& Recent*y) a *oca* gang has *ain c*ai' to the bui*ding) terrori9ing tenants and vanda*i9ing apart'ents& "evera* rapes and 'uggings have been reported) and i**ega* narcotics abound& !eop*e are so afraid that a good reaction is needed to get he*p in an e'ergency& Mont!omer$ %abins 7ach year) 7vans'ith hosts a nu'ber of vacationers * for a peacefu* country retreat with the per.s of a nearby popu*ation center& And each year) a part of that e+perience is $ontgo'ery Cabins& 4or <1),,,?'onth) custo'ers en8oy a private *og cabin with two bedroo's) .itchen) bath and spacious den with firep*ace set in a beautifu* hardwood forest five 'i*es east of 7vans'ith& A*so provided is a supp*y of firewood and the use of the private *a.e& 7*ectricity is by way of gas-powered generators& /n*y cabin residents 'ay hunt and fish on the thousand acre spread& %olle!e Dormitories The &$&7& ca'pus has four huge dor'itories) two coed and two e+c*usive to 'en and wo'en) respective*y& 7ach dor' is two stories and of sturdy bric. construction& A sing*e dor'itory houses up to >,, students) running at about two-thirds capacity& !rivate and shared roo's are avai*ab*e& Both f*oors have bathroo' and showering faci*ities& A *aundry roo' is on the first f*oor of each dor') as are vending) co.e) cigarette and ('ost recent*y) condo' 'achines&

7vans'ith is a 'odest co''unity of four thousand in northern $ichigan west of 7scanaba) nest*ed in a va**ey bordered by 'ountains near the $eno'inee Range& 0n addition) over two thousand students attend the niversity of $ichigan at 7vans'ith) and a hea*thy tourist popu*ation abounds the year round& 7vans'ith2s econo'y thrives on touris' and *oca* industries such as forest products and iron 'ining& %ue to this strong econo'ic base) 7vans'ith is growing rapid*y and offers e+ce**ent services re*ative to its si9e& Lifesty*es range fro' rura* to suburban) with a predo'inant*y'idd*e c*ass popu*ation& Cri'e has risen in recent years) with a sharp increase in drug and vanda*is'& ".iing and hunting are the 'a8or recreationa* activities& Curious*y) the weather and terrain) 7vans'ith2s greatest assets) are a*so its worst *iabi*ities& The heavy snowfa** and rugged surroundings so favorab*e to s.iers sea* off the va**ey for 'onths at a ti'e during bad winters& This year wi** have one of the worst& A 'ap of centra* 7vans'ith is provided) showing #ighway 11: ('ain street) and 'a8or area *ocations& This highway runs fro' the southern tip of the va**ey through town) three 'i*es out to the co**ege& The popu*ation di'inishes 'oving outward fro' 'ainstreet) graduating fro' near urban s(ua*or to 2the stic.s2& Cedar and pine border the region) with ta** 'ountains on the northern border& 5i*d*ife is abundant) and so are R;s and vacationers&

Where the Heart is

7vans'ith hosts a variety of *iving areas tai*ored to the individua*& /bvious choices inc*ude dor'itories) fa'i*y-owned ho'es and wor.-provided housing& /therwise) *odgings go as budgets a**ow& There are severa* a*ternatives to those *isted be*ow& !rice ref*ects (ua*ity of housing and *ocation (near 'a** or s.i *ift)& Lower cost *odgings are seedier and sub8ect to higher


7ach dor' is overseen by a dor' 'onitor and two student assistants& /fficia**y) a** students are in their roo's by 1, p' curfew& Actua**y) 'onitors ignore a** but the 'ost f*agrant vio*ations& Loud) rowdy parties brea. out wee.ends and guns) drugs) and other contraband abound& The coed dor's are s*ea9y and so are 'ost of the coeds& !Cs with *echerousness or addiction wi** have no prob*e' 'eeting the need here& "erious students study in the *ibrary& %or' persona*ities to f*esh out co**ege *ife are the G$2s prerogative&

orders by phone and de*ivering the i**ega*s in pi99as& %e*ivery boys co**ect the 'oney and the !a*ace does a whopping business& A ro** against Area Dnow*edge -6 or "treetwise -A infor's a character of the The Parlor 4or ice crea') yogurt and tofu) peop*e go to the !ar*or) a s'a** desert bar in the southern part of town& The par*or is owned and operated by the three Ross*ey sisters& "ervice is friend*y but s*ow (they push the tofu)& The par*or has strugg*ed a*ong for the past five years) and a sharp drop in touris' cou*d drive it under&

7vans'ith2s econo'y re*ies *arge*y on touris') especia**y by way of restaurants and renta*s& Curious*y) none of the big na'e chains have prospered) owing to snow-ins and pressure fro' the Cha'ber of Co''erce to discourage non-*oca* businesses& "evera* 2gas station groceries2 serve the town) as we** as those be*ow& &arne$'s &ur!ers This restaurant is owned by Barney %anie*s) a port*y fe**ow who coo.s and directs four waitresses& Barney2s serves assorted drin.s) so'e $e+ican and a** greasy fast foods& Custo'ers are served at the drive-in window or interior cafe& Barney2s is a *oca* youth hangout due to the s'a** arcade in bac.& A 8u.ebo+ p*ays the *atest roc. 'usic& The "mo'e House Roger $i*ton owns the "'o.e #ouse) a *arge *og cabin-sty*e restaurant *ocated at the north end of 'ainstreet& The "'o.e #ouse offers stea.) ribs) roast and other gri**ed) barbecued and burnt fare6 it2s a 'eat and potatoes p*ace& Beer and whis.ey are served (soft drin.s on re(uest)& 5ee.end shows provide entertain'ent via country western bands& Tuesday is *adies2 night (dates drin. free)& !rices run about <C&,,?'ea*& 4ive waitresses tend the *arge cafe and sa*ad bar& The coo. (and unofficia* bouncer) wor.s in bac. over a huge fire pit6 his na'e is %ra.e 7dwards) and he is one 'ean 'an& Those with Area Dnow*edge .now better than to cross %ra.e& "am's "ea Food Em#orium At the heart of 7vans'ith) this (uaint eatery serves a** 'anner of seafood and fresh-water cuisine& "a'2s is c*assy and sophisticated with a party at'osphere& "a' 'ing*es with custo'ers and arranges entertain'ent& $ost patrons prefer the buffet) <:&>,?person) <C&:> with crab *egs& The Pi((a Palace The !a*ace caters 'ain*y to teenagers and fa'i*ies with chi*dren& !rices are average) about <C&>, for a 'ediu' pi99a and pitcher of Co.e& !atrons have access to pinba** and video ga'es& The !a*ace offers free de*ivery anywhere in 7vans'ith) and specia* prices for *arge orders& 5hat owner Anthony "travas.i and the co''unity don2t .now is that the !a*ace serves as cover for an area drug ring& The chef) Brad Ash*ey and three de*ivery boys supp*y *oca* buyers)

The Evansmith Mall 0n 19C:) the Cha'ber of Co''erce contracted area business'en to construct a shopping 'a**& The 'a** was successfu*) strengthening the *oca* econo'y and increasing touris'& "'a** but growing) the 'a** is a center for youth) shopping and co''unity events& Business hours run fro' 9E,, a&'& thru 1,E,, p&'&) seven days a wee.& Shop Mart: "i'i*ar to 5a*'art or "ears) "hop $art is a depart'ent store featuring a variety of c*othes) *uggage) records and tapes) toys) sporting goods) ite's for ho'e F garden and schoo* supp*ies& Lay-a-way costs an added 1>@6 regu*ar prices are >@ above average& 7ight chec.-outs serve the pub*ic& The on*y store of its .ind in 7vans'ith) "hop $art does great business& 7veryone in town shops here& Troy's: Troy2s is a c*othing store and the on*y serious co'petitor to "hop $art& $ost 'erchandise is fa'i*y attire geared to the co*d c*i'ate& Troy2s has average prices with a good se*ection& The Ski Shop: T#7 p*ace to buy and a** the accessories) p*us s.i c*othes and fashionab*e winter wear& "tan "anders owns the ".i "hop) and a*so gives s.i *essons& The Shoe Shack: Reebo.) 1i.e) Adidas and other popu*ar brands are priced at G>@) inc*uding boots) sanda*s and for'a* footwear& Lay-a-way costs an e+tra 1,@& Styles 'n Smiles: 4our hair sty*ists at a ti'e wor. in this beauty sa*on) which a*so se**s hair care products& The c*iente*e is *arge*y fe'a*e6 'ore 'en choose the Barber "hoppe& By coincidence) the bouti(ue is a*so a gossip 'i** ("treetwise ro**s at G1)& The Barber Shoppe: The Barber "hoppe services 'en and boys ages one to one hundred& 4our barbers cut here) dea*ing in G&0&s) crew-cuts and other sty*es fro' the #ac.2n "*ash schoo* of hair care& /*der 'en gather here to socia*i9e) and have decided 'ore than one e*ection& As a resu*t) $ayor Bi** Todd is a fre(uent custo'er& The Refreshment Rack: "erving fast food and cafeteria fare) this eatery has severa* specia*ty shops carrying 'ost every .nown food& A *arge) open court provides tab*es and chairs& 0n the center is a stage for *oca* shows&


Pat's "#ortin! )oods and Pa*n "ho# The on*y sporting goods dea*er aside fro' "hop $art and the ".i "hop) !at2s sa*es ca'ping) hunting and fishing supp*ies) and hand*es sports e(uip'ent orders for the high schoo* and co**ege& !at "trong wi** fi+) trade) buy or se** any type of firear'& #e a*so carries assorted a''unition& 5ith an Area Dnow*edge -A or "treetwise ro**) a !C *earns that !at dea*s in i**ega* ar's& /n a 4ast-Ta*. ro** -A or the reco''endation of a regu*ar custo'er) !Cs 'ay buy e+p*osive and ar'or piercing she**s) u9is) assau*t rif*es and grenades& !at doesn2t se** to .nown cri'ina*s) catering 'ore to ho'e security) surviva*ists and co**ectors& 0f anything happens to !at) his friends wi** co'e after so'ebody& "tuart's Hard*are Leroy "tuart owns the business) but his son 3a'es runs it whi*e he vacations in 4*orida& Landscaping 'ateria*s) ite's for gardening and a** basic hardware are G>@ standard cost& Custo'ers 'ust .now their own needs6 3a'es can bare*y ring up prices& The %rac' House 7vans'ith2s on*y drug store) the Crac. #ouse is owned and operated by Gera*d Brad*ey) phar'acist& The stoc. inc*udes a** co''on drugs) phar'aceutica* supp*ies and practica* 8o.e nove*ties& Brad*ey is decided*y neurotic6 c*ean and unbribab*e) yet coveting his reputation as a drug *ord& #e is .nown to try his practica* on custo'ers) and is a friend of %r& "anders&

rounds of a''o& /n*y Turner and the deputy in charge have the .eys to it& 7ach officer receives a &IC with 1= rounds) nightstic. and handcuffs& The depart'ent owns four panda cruisers) and Turner drives his own B*a9er& The prisoner faci*ities inc*ude eight two-person ce**s and a group shower& $ea*s are by specia* arrange'ent with the "'o.e #ouse& Dillan's To* Truc' and Auto "ervice Auto rip-off is 'ore *i.e it& A'idst a ha*f-do9en bac.yard garages) %i**an2s is the on*y *arge sca*e operation in 7vans'ith& !rices on parts and service are G1,@6 sing*e wo'en and the 'echanica**y i**iterate get roo.ed for a whopping G=>@& 5hen business is dragging) Bob and his A 'echanics 2arrange2 future prob*e's for cars in the shop& A "treetwise or Area Dnow*edge ro** -I revea*s %i**an2s dishonesty& 0f cha**enged) %i**an and crew deny everything) growing vio*ent if pushed& Evansmith &an' o+ %ommerce /ne of the cornerstones of 7vans'ith2s prosperity) the ban. offers 11 a&'& to : p&'& service si+ days a wee. with a =A-hour auto-te**er out front& 0nterest on savings genera**y run about :@) *oans about 1>@& To encourage town growth) *oans are easi*y obtained& %ue to se'i-annua* snow-ins) the ban. ho*ds a *arge cash reservoir during the winter) protected by an ar'ed guard and security syste's (7*ectronics ("ecurity "yste's) -1, to bypass)& Rest*ood Mortuar$ The deceased in 7vans'ith are seen to by its on*y funera* ho'e) which offers a fu** *ine of cas.ets) 'onu'ents and f*ora* offerings& The is $orti'er #odges) who runs the $ortuary and hand*es buria* arrange'ents& The bereaved 'ay choose fro' four *oca* ce'eteries or have a body shipped& $r& #odges provides si'p*e services to the poor free of charge& Rollin's Par' 1a'ed in honor of town founder 1athanie* Ro**ins) this =,-acre par. has dense hardwood growth) grassy 'eadows and a chi*dren2s p*ay ground& The par. is 'aintained by the Cha'ber of Co''erce and *oca* vo*unteers& Lots of teenagers co'e here at night to 'a.e out& The "'i i+t

Evansmith Re!ional Hos#ital Bui*t in 19:= with a grant fro' a *ate citi9en) 7vans'ith Regiona* provides (ua*ity 'edica* care to the co''unity& 0t2s a s'a**) three story faci*ity with ad8oining *ot and a s'a** staff to treat everything fro' pneu'onia to s.iing in8uries& 5hen the va**ey is snowed in) 7vans'ith Regiona* is the on*y 'ed-center avai*ab*e) so crucia* supp*ies are stoc.ed in advance& 0n *ight of fisca* rea*ities and the s'a** popu*ation) the hospita* offers severa* non-traditiona* services such as denta* and psychiatric& A *arge 'orgue is *ocated in the base'ent) with ad8oining autopsy *ab& !atho*ogist and $edica* 7+a'iner %r& A*e+ "anders hand*es the autopsies and acco'panies the po*ice at ho'icide scenes& 1o body 'ay be 'oved without his consent& Evansmith "heri++'s De#artment Law and order in 7vans'ith are 'aintained by the "heriff2s %epart'ent) co'posed of "heriff 1ea* Turner and 1= deputies& Turner is at his office 1, a'-6 p') $onday through "aturday) and si+ deputies operate at a** ti'es6 two at #H and four on patro*& The sing*e-story bric. bui*ding is divided into four 'ain areas6 Turner2s office) staff wor.roo') rec roo' and ho*ding ce**s& The rec roo' has weights and e+ercisers for fitness training& The weapons * ho*ds 6 rif*es) A shotguns) C pisto*s and >,,

1ortheast of 7vans'ith and four 'i*es north of the co**ege) the ".i Lift is run by %avid Greer and wife) !at& A ride up *oo.out 'ountain (>)=,, feet up) is <=,) *ess for partia* trips& Greer is a part-ti'e a'bu*ance driver for 7vans'ith Regiona*) and .nows enough first aid to he*p accident victi's& The ".i Lift is his retire'ent&

Westchester %onsolidated "chool 5estchester has been in operation since an ug*y scanda* c*osed the 5oodhi** "choo* for Boys in 19>=& The student body runs 8ust over a thousand) grades D-1=& The educationa* progra' is


e+ce**ent) with co'puter-assisted instruction and generous contributions fro' area businesses& The drop-out rate is *ow) and 'ost students pursue higher education& A dar. c*oud on the hori9on has co'e& %rugs& "ince the turn of the decade) absenteeis' and ca'pus vio*ence are up whi*e grades have fa**en& %espite recent*y added 'eta* detectors and a *ibera* search po*icy) 'any students carry weapons) and youth gangs are growing& ,niversit$ o+ Michi!an at Evansmith Located three 'i*es north of 7vans'ith on a 1)>,, acre tract) &$&7& is a 'odest co**ege serving over =),,, students in co''on fie*ds of study& 7stab*ished in 191>) &$&7& is an accredited institution offering the bache*or of science in 16 'a8or progra's) the bache*or of arts in 9 and an associate2s degree in A areas& C*asses and 'ost faci*ities are open to the pub*ic& "evera* instructiona* c*asses in surveying) co'puters and data processing provide continuing education to the pub*ic& Tuition is <=,,?c*ass ('a+& tuition <C,,?se'ester)) p*us <A,?c*ass for 'ateria*s& 4u**-ti'e students ta.e A-6 courses?se'ester& !Cs 'ay pursue study in 'ost 'enta* and so'e physica* s.i**s& A few facu*ty 'e'bers contract private*y with area businesses for product testing and research& The head of the "cience %epart'ent) %r& $organ) consu*ts with the "heriff2s %ept& on evidence ana*ysis& 4acu*ty have acade'ic specia*ty s.i**s of about 16&

'ost serious cases& #is deep) resonant voice and i'posing presence i'pact heavi*y on pub*ic opinion& #e is gent*e but stern) a conservative with a strong sense of right and wrong& Late*y) 4ather "tan*ey has ta.en an interest in seeing that $ayor Todd doesn2t get re-e*ected& The 'Nam Growing frustration with the *ac. of a ;&A& center in town *ed *oca* vets !eter $cCa**ister and !at "trong to construct a private rec center for 7vans'ith2s veterans& 0nfa'ous*y na'ed) the 21a' inc*udes a bar) poo*) hot tub) gy' and bow*ing a**ey& The a**ey is open to the pub*ic6 <>?ga'e p*us <=?person for shoes) ha*f-price for veterans& A co'bination of (ua*ity faci*ities and ca'araderie draws scores of vets and business is good& !ete ' profits to cover costs on*y) so prices are ->@ average for drin.s and vending 'achines (average for non-veterans)& Denn$'s Disco 1 Arcade T#7 happening p*ace in 7vans'ith) %enny2s caters to the eighteen and o*der crowd& /pen fro' seven p&'& a** night) this p*easure pa*ace stays pac.ed ti** c*osing ti'e& 2%enny2 is %enny A*e+ander) a ho*d-over fro' 5oodstoc. who never rea**y ca'e down off his *ast acid trip (in 196C) no *ess)& The e+pansive dance f*oor features strobe *ights and a c*assic disco ba**) band stage) %&3&2s pit and bar& Ad8oining the dance f*oor is a huge arcade& The f*oor stays hot as %enny %&3&s 5ednesday-"aturday) four days per wee.& !Cs with Addiction or Lecherousness are at ho'e here& 7very dea*er) tra'p and gigo*o for 'i*es around gravitates to %enny2s *i.e a 'oth to f*a'e& Anyone can find 8ust about anything) though reaction ro**s affect the (ua*ity of the 'erchandise&

-./N Evansmith Radio DJK1 is a radio station owned by the university and operated by students 'a8oring in broadcasting and re*ated fie*ds& The station a*ternates between Roc.) Country and 3a99 depending on student preference& 0rregu*ar news casts spot*ight *oca* and nationa* happenings& Radio reception for other stations is sporadic and poor6 'ost townspeop*e .eep a *ot of tapes& The Evansmith Testi+ier The Testifier is 7vans'ith2s on*y newspaper) and 'ost fee* it2s enough& !ub*ished wee.*y) the Testifier averages 1>-=, pages and graphic) *urid photos& 4our staff reporters write regu*ar co*u'ns and cover *oca* events& /wner and !ub*isher Arnie !a*'er churns out candid editoria*s about po*iticians and area scanda*s& ndaunted by three fai*ed *ibe* suits) Arnie continues to decide e*ections and pro'ote civic i'prove'ent&

The %omin!
Disa##earance 2"e#t0 34th5 5e begin with the disappearance of Reggie "tans) son of Curtis and A'e*ia "tans& Loca* news broadcasts over ha*f the state show photographs and a brief su''ary& Reggie was a studentath*ete at &$&7& active in nu'erous organi9ations with no .nown ene'ies& Reggie2s !ontiac was found abandoned two days ago between the ca'pus and town) *ights on and battery dead& Reggie was not found& !hotographs show a bright) handso'e young 'an with cur*y b*ac. hair and green eyes& The on*y c*ue so far is his shoe) found 'ired in a ditch& !o*ice suspect the boy 'ay have fa**en victi' to fou* p*ay& The distraught "tans p*ead for pub*ic support& Curtis "tans is a C&!&A& with e+tensive ho*dings in area business6 he offers <1,),,, reward for infor'ation on his son2s whereabouts& 4urther) he hires any !&0& or investigator he finds& 0f the !Cs have a Reputation) he ca**s the'& "tans provides <>,, apiece up front& #e be*ieves his son was .i**ed by so'e pervert and buried in the woods& Curtis cannot 8oin the search because of A'e*ia& #is wife is 'ad with grief&

)atherin! Points
First %atholic %hurch o+ "t0 Paul The three churches in town are a** we** attended) with *oose deno'inationa* boundaries& The Catho*ic Church is strongest) en8oying over three hundred parishioners& A s'a** staff of five *esser !riests provide up.eep) hear confessions and answer (uestions about Church doctrine& 4ather #aro*d "tan*ey de*ivers ser'ons and heads the church& 4ather "tan*ey a*so counse*s the


The "cene o+ the %rime The abandoned car is ha*fway to the co**ege on a highway shou*der& "heriff 1ea* Turner and two deputies 'eticu*ous*y scour the cri'e scene) barricaded off with sawhorses and ye**ow ribbon& Civi*ians are not a**owed within fifty feet without %ip*o'acy) 4ast-Ta*. or Law 7nforce'ent& Turner says there2s no evidence to indicate the boy didn2t *eave the car of his own vo*ition& %eputies found his shoe entrenched in 'ud) but otherwise nothing& Any !C viewing the scene with a ro** -A notices a 'atted patch of grass near the car& Another ro** suggests a *arge body *ay here for so'e ti'e& 0f to*d) Turner suggests so'eone feigned in8ury to get the boy out of the car) overpowered and dragged hi' into the woods& 4urther bears this out& nfortunate*y) recent rains have re'oved 'ost sign& Turner is gratefu* for he*p6 if shown this 'uch) *ater reaction ro**s are at G=& 1othing e*se can be found here& Further Investi!ations 5ith no evident *eads) Reggie "tan2s 'ay never be found& !o*ice are (uestioning Reggie2s .nown associates) and react at -1 to outsiders around& Reggie was *ast seen *eaving a night c*ass in $usic Appreciation around CEI, *ast Thursday night& 7veryone thought he was heading straight ho'e& Curtis "tans .nows nothing usefu* but suggests (uestioning Reggie2s co**ege professors and friends& #e suspects so'e ha9ing ritua* 'ay have gotten out of hand& First &lood 2Nov0 6st05 This encounter occurs at the co**ege or so'ep*ace iso*ated after dar.& Characters 'ay be students) patro*'en) reporters investigating a**egations of steroid use etc & & & or searching for Reggie& They shou*d cross the deserted ca'pus at night& Read the fo**owing passage& You leave the library, ushered by an old custodian with a rude disposition. Icy air wafts over you with a chill to freeze the blood. 'It's cold,' you think, breath cloudy against the distant street lights. Your watch says 9:1 . !rost crunches underfoot as you cut across ca"pus towards the "oonlit parking lot. #here's no one else in sight. You breath the cold night air, clothes flapping in the wind. $hivering and invigorated, you nearly stu"ble over the body. % large, burly "an in a ca"pus guard's unifor" lies sprawled on the ground, his body obscenely twisted and broken, throat torn out. &e has been bled white. %n e'pression of agony lingers on his face. (ne lifeless hand grips a .)* pistol. 4right Chec.s at -=& 4orensics) !hysician or 0&H& -A revea* he died within the hour& Another ro** suggests that whi*e the corpse is drained of b*ood) there2s none on the ground) indicating death before the throat wound& The pisto* has been fired& Twice& 5hen the !Cs are ready) continue&

% screa" cuts the night. +y the post office lies a young wo"an apparently in shock. % "assive, shadowy figure lifts a struggling night watch"an high overhead. #he sound of breaking bone is sickening, and the watch"an is cast aside in a broken heap. &e turns to the wo"an . . . 4right Chec.s at G1& 0f the characters .eep sti** and (uiet) they have one 'inute before Dore sees the'& #he frost betrays your presence, and he whirls to face you. %"idst darkness there is a gli"pse of harsh, angular features with hideous, sunken eyes that burn like coals. % bald head glea"s in the "oonlight. ,orn, "oldering clothes hang fro" a haggard fra"e. &is "outh splits in a grisly snarl, and his teeth see" dagger-like and long. ,ith a sudden lurch too swift to follow, he is on you. Dore reaches the !Cs in one round) entering c*ose co'bat with fists& The pisto* can .noc. hi' down but won2t stop hi'& 0f a gun is fired students and security co'e rushing onto the scene6 Dore f*ees in two rounds& 0f no one e*se fires a shot) the cripp*ed watch'an does& Dore won2t chase those who f*ee6 those who fight are beaten unconscious and *eft for dead& Pic'in! u# the Pieces Anyone who f*ed can vanish into the crowd& A'bu*ances b*are onto the scene fro' 7vans'ith Regiona*) with two po*ice cruisers and a detach'ent of ca'pus security& 0n8ured are ushered into the a'bu*ances (whether they want to go or not) and ta.en to the hospita*& %eputies (uic.*y cordon off the area whi*e security pushes bac. on*oo.ers& Turner orders the crowd to disperse after (uestioning and state'ents& The Mornin! A+ter 2Nov0 3nd5 nconscious !Cs wa.e the ne+t day in hospita* beds& They are roo'ed in twos with a deputy posted outside& By "heriff2s orders on*y fa'i*y have visitation privi*eges& Turner co'es in toward *ate afternoon for state'ents& #e interviews each character under a %octor2s supervision) pressing for a description of the assai*ant& Turner is suspicious if he2s had prior contact with the !Cs& %etai*s fro' *ast night are s.etchy& The young wo'an2s na'e is Ange* Lewis) a sopho'ore at &$&7& under sedation for deep shoc.& The night watch'an suffered a bro.en bac. and is in critica* condition with >,?>, odds for surviva*& Litt*e evidence was found) save for footprints and fibers the victi's2 c*othing 'ay have pic.ed up& !*aster casts and c*othing are in transit to a cri'e *ab in Lansing& 0t about a wee. to get the resu*ts& 5hi*e the battered and bruised recuperate) the 7vans'ith Testifier runs an e+c*usive on 2The Ca'pus Di**er&2 Ange*) the night watch'an) and incapacitated !C2s receive front page attention& An interior shot depicts the dead ca'pus guard) Chris Brad*ey) partia**y covered by a sheet& %rawing on the co**ege connection to Reggie "tan2s disappearance) the Testifier asserts


there 'ay be a Gainsvi**e-sty*e 'urderer sta*.ing the ca'pus& The artic*e features interviews with terrified students and ' inf*a''atory re'ar.s about the "heriff2s %epart'ent& 0t c*oses with a suggestive L5ho wi** be ne+tML "ororit$ Part$ Massacre 2Nov0 7th5 After *eaving the hospita*) each !C receives an invitation to a party "aturday night at the %e*ta "ig'a sorority house& Ad'ission is four buc.s a head for buffet costs) and the party is open to 'e'bers and guests& The invitations are courtesy of Ange* Lewis& The sorority house is a *arge) ;ictorian sty*e 'anse with ba*conies and terrace& 0t is *ocated off ca'pus) surrounded by dense oa.s& "orority 'e'bership consists of twenty gir*s) 'ost wea*thy) beautifu*) or both with strong riva*ry between 'e'bers of the in-crowd& The party starts at eight& Guests find a *avish buffet) drin.s and the 'ain *iving roo' c*eared for a dance f*oor& Roc. and Ro** b*asts away whi*e peop*e dance before huge spea.ers or eat in the ad8acent dining roo'& (/pportunities abound for !Cs w?Lecherousness) Addictions) %ancing or Carousing)& Toward 'idnight the dancing dies down and guests watch ;&C&R& 'ovies on big screen T; or pursue private 'atters e*sewhere& /ne coup*e goes out on the ba*cony & & & "udden*y a piercing screa' rings out (4right Chec.s at GA)& A hearing ro** p*aces it upstairs) and an 0&H& ro** reca**s the ba*cony& 1one of the others react i''ediate*y6 the !Cs are first at the scene& 5hat they find is horror& A'idst scattered anti(ue furniture *ie the bodies of two students& The 'an2s s.u** is crushed) his sweater ca.ed with gore& A wo'an spraw*s bac. in si*ent screa') throat *aid open to the bone) b*ood sti** 8etting fro' torn arteries& #er hand twitches& 4right Chec.s at -1& 7ach investigator 'ay ro** 0&H& to notice a strong rese'b*ance between a dead student and a character (G$2s choice)& 7ven the c*othes are si'i*ar& And as they wait in si*ence for the po*ice and a'bu*ances) a hot) 'usty s'e** fi**s the co*d night air& The s'e** of b*ood& It )ets Worse An a'bu*ance with %r& A*e+ "anders and three po*ice cruisers arrive within the hour& The 'a.eshift cri'e s(uad out*ines the bodies whi*e a po*ice photographer snaps the area and guests& 7veryone is ushered downstairs to the 'ain *iving roo') where po*ice ta.e na'es and state'ents& A para'edic sedates severa* peop*e) and after two hours 'ost go ho'e& 1o one saw the attac.) though a few give the !Cs accusing g*ances& 4uture reactions with co**ege students are at -1& Turner spea.s with the !Cs private*y) noting the rese'b*ance between a character and victi'& #e be*ieves the assai*ant *earned na'es and faces fro' the Testifier and wants to e*i'inate witnesses fro' before& Turner can2t spare 'anpower for a =A-hour watch) so a patro* passing their ho'es occasiona**y wi** have to do& 0f they see or hear anything odd) the !Cs are to ca** the "heriff2s office) and Turner advises

against going out a*one or at night& /ff the record) he suggests going ar'ed with a warning6 s*ain guard Chris Brad*ey was ar'ed) and it didn2t save hi'& Meet the Press 2Nov0 68th5
Two days after the i**-fated %e*ta "ig party a character is accosted by Audrey 5i*son) roving reporter for the Testifier& Audrey offers <>, for an e+c*usive) <1,, if pressed& "he2s interested in ru'ors that the attac. was intended for a !C) and what 'easures po*ice have ta.en to protect hi'& Audrey has a copy of the *ab report fro' Lansing on the ca'pus assau*t& "he as.s about the overcoat and any facia* features the !Cs re'e'ber& 0f Audrey gets the story) future reactions fro' po*ice are at -1 and) if !Cs share infor'ation they haven2t to*d the po*ice) an interrogation is he*d in their honor& Audrey2s artic*e sy'pathi9es with victi's and critici9es the "heriff2s %ept& for inaction& Turner is not p*eased&

Rest in Peace 2Nov0 69th5

Brian "to*owit9 and Cynthia Bradford are *aid to rest "unday at %e*iverance #i** ce'etery) with services by 4ather #aro*d "tan*ey and Restwood $ortuary& Response fro' the co''unity resu*ts in a tre'endous turnout) inc*uding such area *eaders as $ayor Todd and editor Arnie !a*'er& Audrey is covering the event with a ca'era& A *ight rain fa**s fro' an overcast s.y& The cere'ony is we** perfor'ed and si'p*e) 4ather "tan*ey2s rich baritone rising against the wind& !roceedings go as p*anned) e+cept for a side*ines argu'ent between the $ayor and Arnie) and Curtis "tans ca**ing Audrey a 2da'n ghou*&2 After services) the bereaved are *ed away in *i'ousines&

A )rave Matter 2Nov0 67th5

Two days *ater) po*ice investigate reports of vanda*is' at Crossett Ce'etery& !Cs 'ay hear of it by T;) radio or phone ca** fro' Audrey or Turner& 0nvestigators find two po*ice cruisers and a green hatchbac. by the iron gates& The "heriff and Audrey argue outside6 a good reaction or Law 7nforce'ent is needed to go in& Three deputies search the area) one *eading a pair of Ger'an "hepards& /n the far side stand ten open graves) disinterred bodies cast about and coffins 'issing (4right Chec. G=)& /n a or 0&H&-I ro**) so'eone deter'ines that a shove* was used here two nights ago& Another ro** -= discovers a huge shoe 'ired in the botto' of one grave& The o*d wooden shac. behind the ce'etery is e'pty) and the front door open& Abner 3en.ins is gone without trace) save for *arge trac.s on the porch& The authorities find nothing but a few trac.s and the use of a shove*6 after a two day investigation) the graves wi** be refi**ed& The dogs cover ground unti* a wind passes over fro' the graves& They wi** not go near the shac.) graves or shoe) cowering at first and if pressed& %anger "ense or !sycho'etry senses vague evi* over the ce'etery& The s.y bui*ds towards a stor') and by the ti'e %r& "anders and the forensics peop*e arrive) the rains have begun&


Face the Nation 2Nov0 36st5 nder fire fro' $ayor Todd and the Testifier) "heriff Turner ca**s a press conference& !Cs are invited as witnesses c*ose*y invo*ved with the investigation& Co'e 4riday) the town ha** hosts a capacity crowd of concerned citi9ens and reporters fro' across the state) inc*uding a T; news crew fro' Lansing& %espite atte'pts by deputies at crowd contro*) chaos reigns& $ayor Todd opens with a speech e'phasi9ing support for the "heriff2s %ept& and their investigative efforts& Todd is confident that a suspect wi** be apprehended soon& #e then gives the f*oor to "heriff Turner for (uestioning) and the torture begins& Huestions range fro' whether Reggie "tans is presu'ed dead (yes) to what is being done to protect chi*dren& Arnie !a*'er is in rare for') critici9ing *ow po*ice presence and 2fai*ure to bring ade(uate resources to bear2& Turner discusses the investigation in detai*) disp*aying p*aster casts and the *arge shoe) if found& !Cs are as.ed about po*ice protection) how threatened they fee*) etc & & & !ub*ic opinion hinges *arge*y on their testi'ony& Ro** a reaction for the 'ain !C This governs pub*ic reaction to the "heriff2s %ept& in genera*& :utsider 2Nov0 33nd5 7ar*y ne+t 'orning after the conference) a !C is approached by !au* Gabrie*) reporter for the Lansing 0n(uirer& Gabrie* is after an e+c*usive and be*ieves the characters wi** *ead hi' to it& 4or inc*usion in !C activities) he offers anony'ity for the duration of the investigation) favorab*e 'edia coverage afterwards and the 0n(uirer2s resources& Gabrie* is a*ready fa'i*iar with the na'e) face and bac.ground of a** whose invo*ve'ent is pub*ic .now*edge& 7'pathy or an Aura spe** shows that Gabrie* is on the *eve* though a'bitious and se*f-centered& 0f the !Cs accept Gabrie*) he wi** abide by agree'ents and e'p*oy his resources in their interest& 0f they don2t) he2** shadow the') (uestion ac(uaintances etc & & & "hou*d the group a**y with Gabrie*) Audrey 5i*son is hereafter hosti*e& )race Period 2Nov0 33nd;37th5 4or about a wee. no new attac.s or incidents are ca**ed in) though po*ice are busy with pran. ca**s and fa*se a*ar's& %isappearances have been reported) but so 'any have *eft 7vans'ith due to the attac.s that po*ice can2t deter'ine who2s 'issing& 0nvestigators 'ay visit "tans) Turner or other 1!Cs and review *ab resu*ts and casts fro' the cri'e scenes& Gabrie* (whether invo*ved with the !Cs or not) searches state po*ice records to find out if the .i**ers struc. outside 7vans'ith& The 'edia specu*ate that he2s 'oved on because of an increased po*ice presence& $ost are s.eptica* and the streets are deserted after dar.& /n the I,th of 1ove'ber) a snowfa** co'es to the va**ey) and by the Ath of %ece'ber drifts are two feet deep& %ra.e 7dwards and %avid Greer run snow p*ows down 'ain streets and the highway to the co**ege) but the ice-covered roads are ha9ardous

(%riving ro** to navigate c*ear roads)& The bac. roads are i'passab*e and 7vans'ith2s va**ey is sea*ed off fro' the outside save by snow'obi*e) p*ane and foot& &ad Tidin!s 2Nov0 37th5 1oon broadcasts are interrupted by reports of a body discovered in northern 7vans'ith& $iss !atty Rye found the re'ains of an unidentified 'an whi*e wa*.ing her dogs this 'orning near her ho'e& 5itnesses say the body was tang*ed in the top of a *arge pine and appeared 'au*ed& 0t was recovered by po*ice with the aid of an 7vans'ith 4ire %ept& truc.& Both the "heriff2s %ept& and $iss Rye dec*ined interview pending notification of fa'i*y& !atty is shown warning off the news crew with a shotgun& 0f the !Cs don2t visit !atty on their own) Turner ca**s for a favor& $iss Rye was uncooperative with po*ice but he thin.s she2** ta*. to the'& The trip to !atty2s about twenty 'inutes on dirt roads in poor condition (%riving chec. or be stuc.)& ;isitors find a *arge) two story house sitting in an acre yard with a huge oa. out front and chic.en coop around bac.& A big Ger'an "hepherd and Rotwei*er ho*d !Cs in their car& "he has a !it Bu** and $astiff in the house& $iss Rye recogni9es the group fro' the Testifier and ca**s off her dogs& /n at *east a 1eutra* reaction she invites the' inside to ta*.& 7ach 'orning !atty wa*.s her dogs through the woods and bac.& Today about a ha*f-'i*e out) the dogs started grow*ing *i.e so'ething was watching the'& $iss Rye didn2t see the body at first) but she fe*t so'ething wrong& And then she *oo.ed up& LBu99ards)L !atty says& LBranches was fi**ed with bu99ards& %a'ndest thing) though & & & they was a** (uiet& The who*e woods was (uiet as the dead& Ka cud fee* how bad it was& An2 then 0 saw it&L "he .nows *itt*e e*se6 the vu*tures stripped the body too 'uch to te** how he died& 0f as.ed) !atty says the throat was gone and the body very pa*e& "he offers to *ead the' to the site to'orrow) but not now since it2s getting dar.& !atty wi** not hear of being guarded or 'oved) and wou*d-be house watchers 'ust contend with Rodney) Rhodey) Rodchester and Rut*edge& The Findin! 2Nov0 3<th5 Turner drives to $s Rye2s noon after Church) inviting !Cs on a neutra* reaction or appropriate s.i** ro** (%ip*o'acy) 4ast-Ta*.)& Those here before notice so'ething different) so'ething wrong& An o'inous air *ies over the yard& The front door stands open& 5ith a "'e** or #earing ro**) investigators notice f*ies and an awfu* stench& The Ger'an "hepherd hangs fro' an oa.) i'pa*ed with a pitchfor.& The condition and drying b*ood suggest it2s not recent (4orensics or ;eterinary p*ace death about 'idnight)& 4reeing the dog re(uires a contest versus "tr 1A& /ut bac.) chic.ens run free and the cow *ies dead) its nec. bro.en& The other dogs are nowhere to be found& The house see's undisturbed save for the open door& revea*s two *arge shoe prints before the porch) but none *eading to the'N /nce inside) a dry whisper drifts fro' upstairs& L#e*p 'eeee & & & L $s Rye *ies co**apsed at the top of the stairwe**) pa*e and de*irious& %iagnosis p*aces her in severe shoc. due to


'assive b*ood *oss& An 0&H& ro** notices two ho*es near the 8ugu*ar vein& Turner radios for he*p) but by the ti'e an a'bu*ance arrives) she is co'atose& !ara'edics diagnose her as severe*y dehydrated with acute ane'ia& /nce at 7vans'ith Regiona*) $s Rye receives a b*ood transfusion) broad spectru' antibiotics and i&v& f*uids& /n*y staff 'ay visit in the critica* ward (4ast-Ta*. or Reaction ro**s at -I)& A** witnesses and her doctors are as.ed to .eep this (uiet unti* %r& "anders and the "heriff2s %ept& find the cause&
!atty dec*ines steadi*y over the ne+t two days despite repeated transfusions& $any sa'p*es are ta.en and tests run but nothing co'es bac. positive) *eaving doctors to cite shoc. and hidden infection& "anders suggests a stress-induced autoi''une pheno'enon - !atty2s syste' is destroying transfused b*ood ce**s& 0''une-suppressant steroids and che'otherapy drugs have no ti'e to wor.& 5hen death c*ai's her on the third day) an autopsy is schedu*ed that night&

0f the va'pire was s*ain) they 'ust e+p*ain a da'aged corpse& #o*y sy'bo*s and water have no effect) and fangs aren2t conc*usive& %epending on the evidence at hand and a reaction ro**) Turner ranges fro' visib*y sha.en to charging the investigators with desecration of a body and) without a be*ievab*e story) withho*ding evidence& #e won2t accept the va'pire theory) but wi** consider cu*t activity or a hoa+& "anders and the !Cs are on*y charged on bad or very bad reactions) but then future reactions fro' po*ice are at -=& They2re he*d without bai* (re(uires %ip*o'acy) 4ast-Ta*. or Law -A) and tried within a wee.& 0f convicted) they get the strictest sentencing and the Testifier and "heriff2s %ept& *in. the' to the .i**ings and Reggie2s disappearance (Bad Reputation -A) recogni9ed often)& /therwise) the hospita* and po*ice report $s Rye as a heart attac. victi' and c*ose the case& Gabrie* gets the story fro' !Cs or an anony'ous source) but doesn2t fi*e it with the Lansing office& Ket&

Dar'ness )athers 2Dec0 =rd5

0ncarcerated or not) !Cs see a news report (read the Testifier) hear gossip etc) on the bruta* s*aying of the Tigers gang& 1eighbors reported gunshots *ast night and deputies found eight 'e'bers dead in a vacant house on 1,2th and $ap*e& Three were .i**ed by shotgun) the other five by .nives or crushing weapons& The "heriff2s %ept& suspects a riva* gang since *ab e(uip'ent and drug parapherna*ia were found but no narcotics& Tigers *eader Car*os Corte9 is sought for (uestioning and is the on*y 'e'ber unaccounted for& 0n other news & & & 0nvestigators with Area Dnow*edge or "treetwise 'ay *earn the Tigers are a *oca* youth gang dea*ing in drugs and petty theft& 5ord on the street says an upstart gang fro' the 7ast side ca**ed the %eads cut into the drug ' unti* the Tigers wasted a pair *ast 'onth& The %eads are a s'a** group *ed by %erric. 5e**s with a reputation for tactics and ruth*essness& They say the %eads wi** do anything & & & and get away with it& 0nvestigators find the %eads at their hang-out in the s*u' section of town with Area Dnow*edge or "treetwise (if they *ac. appropriate s.i**s Gabrie* or Turner can he*p)& The house is a bro.en down two-story 'anse with boarded windows& ;isitors 'ay 'a.e a ;ision ro** -A to spot a sawed-off shotgun trained fro' an overhead window& Car* and Ra9or turn away guests with threats and weapons& Those with 7'pathy or !sycho*ogy rea*i9e both are terrified and %anger "ense or !sycho'etry senses a vague) i**-defined 'enace pervading the house& Gang 'e'bers won2t *isten to reason and attac. if trespassers threaten or won2t *eave& 0nterrogation atte'pts are at -A& They .now %erric.2s a va'pire) and has been for over a wee.& %erric. *ed the assau*t on the Tigers and carried Car*os bac. to the attic& #is screa's shoo. the house a** night& The attic is in tota* dar.ness and if investigators have *ight they find Car*os) b*ood*ess and i'pa*ed to an overhead rafter with a *arge .nife (4right Chec. -1)& A 'o*dering trun. sits in a far corner) wrapped in heavy chains with a pad*oc.& 5ithin *ies %erric.) his face fi+ed in a b*oody gri'ace (4right Chec. G=)& 0f he %erric. char's the strongest !C and disso*ves to 'ist) refor'ing behind a stragg*er (0&H&-A to see) for a rear head b*ow& #e fights to the death if need be6 any infor'ation he gives consists of *ies&

The A*a'enin! 2Dec0 6st5

5hichever !C2s 'ost *i.e*y gets a *ate evening ca** fro' %r& "anders the' to co'e in for (uestions whi*e he wor.s& "anders thin.s the po*ice 'issed so'ething and 'eans to find it tonight& 0f he does) he wants to (uestion witnesses then (and "anders isn2t co'fortab*e a*one with the body6 he saw throat wounds now gone)& #e2** be waiting at the hospita* entrance in twenty 'inutes& "anders as.s to hear the story again as he dons s'oc.) scrubs and prepares the 'orgue) whether $s Rye touched Abner 3en.in2s body or was i** ear*ier& 5hen he *eads the investigators into the autopsy roo') she2s under a white sheet on a tab*e in the center of the f*oor& "anders 'oves for it) and the horror begins& A dry) static charge of 'a*ignancy bui*ds) a tangib*e presence of evi*& %anger "ense screa's warning6 Aura or !sycho'etry perceive a gathering dar.ness or entity in the air over her body& 7veryone fee*s overwhe*'ing danger) instincts crying to *eave& "anders pauses ha*fway to the tab*e& The sheet 'oves & & & And the va'pire Rye *unges out (4right Chec.s-1)) "anders with bone-crushing force& As he fa**s) she turns to the rest& !atty Rye fights unti* repe**ed by ho*y sy'bo*s) s*ain or !Cs f*ee the roo'& 0f driven off) she disso*ves into 'ist LThe #ead'aster wi** co'e) chi*drenN Beware the night&L n*ess *eft to die) "anders needs treat'ent for fractured ribs and interna* b*eeding& #e2s conscious and as.s how they2** e+p*ain this to the authorities& 4or hi'se*f) he be*ieves& 0f !Cs refused to co'e tonight) to'orrow2s Testifier reports "anders 'urdered (torn throat) and Rye2s body sto*en& "ander2s body was drained and won2t rise&

He Whom Has Not "een

Turner as.s (uestions whi*e doctors tend the in8ured) and he2s not happy with the answers& 0f !atty Rye escaped) !Cs 'ay concoct a story (Contest of 4ast-Ta*. or Acting vrs 0&H&) or suggest an intruder disguised as !atty) but what2s the 'otiveM 0f so'eone wanted the') how2d he .now to go to the 'orgueM "anders was too in8ured for a pran.) and Rye2s body is gone& 5orse) the body 'ay carry infectious disease&


The Pa*n0 5ithin a wee. an investigator is accosted by deputy Britt Ty*er (recogni9ed on 0&H&-=) * red-eyed and *ist*ess) *i.e he hasn2t s*ept& Ty*er c*ai's the "heriff wants hi' to ride in and e+a'ine new evidence and insists they go in his cruiser& Ty*er is #einreich Dore2s s*ave) driven by an overwhe*'ing urge to .i** those dangerous to Dore (G$s 'ay chose i'portant 1!Cs first)& !Cs 'ay notice so'ething wrong with %anger "ense) %etect Lies) 7'pathy) !recognition or !sycho*ogy& A ca** to the "heriff2s %ept& discovers Britt2s been 'issing a** wee. and Turner didn2t send for anyone& #e as.s to ta*. to Britt& 0f the !C refuses to go or confronts Britt with Turner2s ca** he opens fire with a &IC6 otherwise) he drives to a sec*uded area first) steps out of the car and attac.s (4right Chec. GA)& 0f successfu*) he 'oves to the ne+t investigator unti* stopped or none re'ain& 0f Britt is subdued he goes insane) frothing at the 'outh and shouting *unacies& A ro** of 0&H& *earns he2s afraid Lthe #ead'aster wi** get hi'&L $orta**y wounded or not) Britt gasps out 25oodhi**2 before death or unconsciousness& !o*ice cars arrive on the scene short*y) and the deputy cannot be roused& Cop-.i**ing is serious) and if Ty*er died his .i**er(s) is(are) he*d at *east =A hours) after which a reaction ro** is 'ade at G= with *ega* aid or Law s.i**) G1 if Turner was ca**ed or witnesses were present p*us any 'odifiers the party has ac(uired& A poor reaction indicates ho*ding for arraign'ent in a wee. with bai* avai*ab*e on a neutra* or better reaction (ro** again)& 4uture reactions fro' *oca* deputies are at -=& The Hunt &e!ins 5oodhi** 'ay be researched at the university *ibrary in the records section& A Research ro** -A finds crude records) but this infor'ation was provided by the 4irst 7piscopa* Church of 7vans'ith which 'ay have better records& 4irst 7piscopa* hand*ed both the spiritua* needs and record .eeping of 'ost of 7vans'ith unti* the town too. charge in 1969& Library fi*es c*ai' 5oodhi** was estab*ished as a private finishing schoo* for boys in 191= by 5a*ter $itche**) a teacher fro' Boston) $assachusetts& $itche** ran the schoo* unti* his death in 19AA) when it was purchased for an undisc*osed su' by Conrad Gui*es) an i''igrant fro' Ger'any& The schoo* re'ained in session unti* 3une 6) 19>=) short*y before %r& Tho'as 5estchester for'ed 5estchester Conso*idated) which beca'e coed in 196> and a pub*ic institution in 19:1& Records say 5oodhi** c*osed but not why or what happened to Conrad Gui*es) nor is the schoo*2s *ocation given& /*d issues of the Testifier) dating fro' 1C9A) are .ept on 'icrofi*' at the *ibrary and have severa* artic*es fro' the 19AA->= period& There were 'any accidents at 5oodhi** (and 'ore unreported)) inc*uding severa* bro.en bones) serious burns and at *east four disappearances& "evera* boys were withdrawn) and Gui*es was accused of unusua**y harsh discip*ine a*though no charges were fi*ed& The Testifier reports that on $ay =A) 19>=) two wee.s before c*osing cere'onies) the body of Conrad Gui*es was found hanged in his ce**ar) ridd*ed with .nives& 5hen the ce**ar was e+a'ined authorities found the buried

s.e*etons of the four 'issing boys and occu*t parapherna*ia& "ubse(uent investigations fai*ed to trace the 'urderer but uncovered Conrad2s secret past& #is rea* na'e was 3oseph #einreich Dore) and he was no 3ew& 4B0 officia*s *earned that Dore f*ed to the &"& after deciding the A+is wou*d *ose 5or*d 5ar 00) and investigators with Law 7nforce'ent or govern'ent contacts can *earn the C0A traced Dore to the "" and convicted 1a9i sy'pathi9ers aiding hi'& 0f researchers peruse *ater artic*es) they find that on /ctober 1C) 196C) authorities found the re'ains of the wife and two chi*dren of Jebadiah 5hate*y) 'urdered with an a+e& 5hate*y was never found) and *oca*s credit hi' with a rash of disappearances in the forest over the ne+t few years& The "heriff2s %ept& never c*osed the case) but on*y the o*der townsfo*. re'e'ber and few be*ieve the ru'ors& The %hurch The 4irst 7piscopa* Church of 7vans'ith was founded in 1C>A when the town was a *u'ber co''unity) and hand*ed its spiritua* needs and record .eeping& $any pub*ic records at the university were copied fro' the Church2s and are notorious*y inco'p*ete& 4irst 7piscopa* has dec*ined over the decades) but sti** serves a s'a** congregation in northern 7vans'ith) and those researching *oca* history are referred there& The Church is in a wooded area northeast of town at the end of a dirt road& 0n(uirers *earn the church has been c*osed over a wee. for renovation) whi*e no one has seen the 'inisters or renovators& A new priest na'ed 4ather Ca'be** has assured ca**ers that wor. is underway but says the c*ergy are in private retreat and can2t see anyone& /n a Good reaction a parishioner 'ay revea* suspicions6 the 'inisters have never gone into retreat a** at once and even the deacons are turned away& Ca'be** said services wi** resu'e in about a 'onth and suggested ca**ers engage in private study unti* then& Three days ago) the *ines went dead& The road to the Church is b*oc.ed by a tree cut with an a+e) re(uiring a co'bined strength of I>G to 'ove& A wooden sign attached to the tree says LC*osed for renovation&L Trac.ers 'ay find *arge) fa'i*iar trac.s near the base of the tree& The church is a 'i*e down the road& 4irst 7piscopa* is sty*ed after a 'inicathedra*) white wood and stone construction with stained g*ass windows and no sign of renovation& Those with %anger "ense or !sycho'etry sense a sic. corruption about the p*ace) and on an 0&H& ro** notice unnatura* (uiet& Trac.ers 'ay find Dore2s trac.s at the edge of the grounds) 'eeting the sanda*ed feet of another) the dirt stained with a few drops of b*ood& /n entering the Church investigators 'a.e 4right Chec.s) at -= if they noticed no signs& They stand in a huge congregationa* roo' with twin rows of pews dusty fro' *ac. of use& The bodies of three parish priests dang*e fro' an overhead rafter by be** rope) i'pa*ed with .nives and 'issing their eyes& A *one figure hunches over the a*tar) sobbing& #e is obvious*y insane) staring off into space and ta*.ing to no one& 0f (uestioned) he says his na'e is 4ather 4rancis Ca'be**) sent fro' a 1ew Kor. se'inary

/ 10 /

four years ago& Last 'onth) he began having drea's) drea's in which he wa*.ed a*one at night and spo.e to the dar. 'an& The dar. 'an pro'ised 4rancis power) to*d hi' he was chosen to p*ay a ro*e in the !LA1& 5hat the !LA1 was 4rancis didn2t .now) but when he *oo.ed in the dar. 'an2s eyes it didn2t 'atter& But first) he had to prove his *oya*ty& #e had to 'a.e sacrifice& 4rancis *oo.s to his three co**eagues and shudders& #e says the dar. 'an *ied& 5orse) when the heinous deed was done) he 'ade 4rancis drin. of his b*ood& 4rancis gri'aces) fi**ing a crysta* fro' the ho*y fountain& 5hen he drin.s) the 'ad priest bursts into a writhing) screa'ing bonfire that nothing can douse (4right Chec. -1)& #e dies shouting L"ee. the schoo* that is no 'oreNL A** records pertaining to 5oodhi** were burned by 4rancis& !o*ice won2t investigate for days) and the party won2t be connected with it un*ess they ca** the authorities& The three priests have been dead a wee. and Ca'be** *eft a written confession on the a*tar) but his death re'ains a 'ystery& 0t2** eventua**y go down as an instance of spontaneous co'bustion& The D$in! /ver the ne+t few days 'atters worsen as investigators see. 5oodhi**& 0f Britt Ty*er was captured) he hangs hi'se*f with a sheet in his ce**) horror etched on his face (4right Chec. G=)& There are *arge footprints outside his window& #eading ho'e after dar. two days *ater) "heriff Turner is attac.ed and torn apart by four huge dogs& A Ger'an "hepherd and Great %ane were shot to death and witnesses saw a Rotwei*er& That sa'e night Gabrie* and %r& "anders disappear (un*ess run as !Cs)& "earchers find Gabrie* spraw*ed in his "i'pson Apart'ent) ha*featen body covered with rats (4right Chec. -1)& The corpse is too decayed and eaten to te** 'uch) and the neighbors heard nothing& "poradic disappearances are reported) with a 'assive e+odus fro' 7vans'ith sending the econo'y into a depression and $ayor Todd into a fren9y& An e'ergency 'eeting of the town counci* (inc*uding $cA**ister) !a*'er) 4ather "tan*ey) "trong and the $ayor) na'es deputy Tho'as Rogers acting "heriff& Roger2s reaction to the party hinges on their re*ationship with Turner& The counci* ca**s in anyone connected to recent events for (uestioning) and they2re ready to *isten& 5hi*e the counci* won2t accept va'pires) they 'ight (on a Good reaction) consider precautions) 8ust in case& Arnie !a*'er and !at "trong .now about 5oodhi** and re*ate the sordid affair if as.ed& The "heriff2s %ept& can2t investigate due to the need to protect peop*e here) but the counci* wou*d *i.e the !Cs to *oo. into it& They can *end supp*ies) and !at can bo*ster the party2s confidence if not their chances&

'obi*es fro' %avid Greer which can cover ha*f the distance (%riving ro** -= for hidden ha9ards)) but the rest 'ust be covered on foot or horsebac.& This area is uninhabited) and those with Botony or 1atura*ist s.i** 'ay notice no *ogging2s occurred for over a decade and hunters see no deer stands or dirt roads& Trac.ers chec. at -A for prints fro' a dog pac.) and -6 to find shoe prints (s'a**er than Dore2s but sti** *arge)& /n 0H -=) so'eone finds the o*d far'house& :nslau!ht An o*d far'house stand withered and ancient against the pines) paint *ong since pee*ed fro' crac.ed wa**s& The windows are bro.en and the f*oors crea. ("tea*th at -=)) whi*e a 'a*ign air hangs over a**& 0t see's *ong since abandoned& #orrib*e evi* *ingers sti**& Jebadiah *ies waiting) *iving on whatever he can .i**& #e .nows this house inti'ate*y ("tea*th G1) and can enter through the stor' ce**ar) catching stragg*ers a*one& Jebadiah goes for the throat fro' behind at -1 (GA stationary target) G= surprise) -> throat) -= aw.ward position)& Jebadiah attac.s *oners and pursues to the death or the edge of the forest& 5hichever co'es first& Jebediah has the fu** powers of a !sycho Di**er (see G R!" #orror) through the Lodger of 5oodhi** (Creatures of the 1ight)6 if he *ives when it is dispatched) he beco'es a si'p*e cra9y 'an& !o*ice wi** arrest hi' after he assau*ts ca'pers three 'onths *ater) who beat hi' unconcious and tie hi' up& 0f the !Cs destroy Dore w?o the #ouse) he co'es for the' in 7vans'ith& /ne by one& 0f !Cs trave* on foot) Jebadiah can figure their probab*e course (Area Dnow*edge ro**) and design traps a*ong the way& $ost are crude (snares strong enough to dis*ocate a hip or an.*e) sha**ow pits w?a few crude wooden spears) etc & & & )& These are detected w?0H-I (concea*ed under snow)& 5orse) he can) on a contest of "tea*th F Ca'ouf*age vrs gaurds2 A*ertness (best of #earing or ;ision)) pass through ca'p at night and ta.e pac.s& /r disab*e snow'obi*es& The Pac' 5oodhi**2s sentience fee*s the characters draw ever nearer6 drawing on decades of suffering and death) it twists nature itse*f& !si2s and those with $agica* Aptitude 'ay sense a horrib*e forboding in the air) *i.e a dor'ant evi* bui*ding to be un*eashed& This is the Lodger2s presence) as the #ouse on 5oodhi** su''ons a b*i99ard& The air is so charged no astra* trave* or te*epathy is possib*e) nor psycho'etry or precognition& The group can2t withstand the b*i99ard6 they have to find she*ter& Those with appropriate "urviva* s.i**s 'ay find a defensib*e cave or ha*f-fa**en tree with enough cover to 'a.e a functiona* *ean-to6 others 'ust i'provise (use G R!" Basic "et to assess situation)& A concerted effort shou*d produce crude she*ter with a s'a** fire& 5hi*e the !Cs go to ground) the Lodger sends a ca** through the va**ey& Larger) fera* dogs) great gri99*ed beasts) s*ip *eashes) *eap

Final Hunt
:ver the Hills 5oodhi** is beyond the north-eastern tip of the va**ey) over thirty 'i*es fro' 7vans'ith in hi**s covered with dense forest& A crude guess of its *ocation 'ay co'e fro' *ibrary fi*es or Arnie and !at& The town counci* can arrange the *oan of four snow-

/ 11 /

pens or co'e fro' the a**eys) surging into the forest& A success w?!recognition -> 'ay fore-te** their co'ing& They gather in the forest whi*e !Cs find she*ter) bound by centra* wi**& They are treated as Ghou*s (G R!" ;a'pire6 G= "T w?G1 da'age6 otherwise as *arge dogs) G R!" Basic "et)& Their eyes g*ow ye**owish in the fire *ight when they attac.& 0f !Cs 'ade "urviva* ro**s) they2ve 'ade she*ter we** before night and the dogs 'ove in during day*ight6 otherwise) the attac. co'es at night (w?%ar.ness pena*ties6 %ogs unha'pered by dar.ness)& The !ac. inc*udes at *east two dogs per !C) 'ore if they2re we** ar'ed) and the beasts use fiendish inte**igence6 the first attac. wi** co'e when so'eone *eaves the she*ter for rest roo' purposes (0H vs& %og2s "tea*th 1= or be caught a*one)& The dogs 'ay dash in a'ongst the !Cs to render gunfire dangerous) grab supp*ies and run and other p*oys& 0f out'atched) they retreat to trai* the group) awaiting opportunity& The #ouse2s goa* is to insure the group cannot reach 5oodhi** within ear*y day*ight hours (the b*i99ard) and wear the' down (the dogs)& Trave* the day after the dog2s assau*t wi** probab*y reach 5oodhi** about =E,, (dar.ness fa**s at >E,,)& "how'obi*es 'ay cut ti'e to 1E,,& Trave* the night of the assau*t is suicide6 if Jebadiah *ives) he hunts the periphery of their ca'p& The dogs obey hi'& Woodhill The years since 19>= have not been .ind to 5oodhi**& /rigina**y a ten acre spread with ad'inistrative office) two education bui*dings and two dor'itories with sports faci*ities (for the ti'e)) what re'ains are a dor' (the other2s co**apsed re'ains sprouted pine and cedar6 occasiona* rotted boo.s or furniture are found in brush)) the two education bui*dings (rotted and dangerous6 each !C on =nd f*oor ro** %e+ or fa** through) and) hidden by ti'e) the three-story Ad'inistration bui*ding& !Cs with Aura) !recognition or !sycho'etry sense a vague) i**defined evi* spread over the grounds6 a ro** -> directs the' to the ad'inistration bui*ding& The Ad'istration bui*ding is concea*ed natura**y by a *arge hi** (Conrad Gui*es rebui*t it in 19A> for privacy and to inti'idate chi*dren sent there)) and the Lodger inhabiting it& $assive trees hide the bui*ding on a** sides6 vines encu'ber visitors& $any poisonous are drawn here6 the Lodger su''ons rats to 'aintain the' throughout the grounds& Rando' !Cs ro** 0&H& vrs the sna.es2 Ca'ouf*age (1=) or are struc. (noteE in the author2s e+perience) stationary ratt*e and copper heads are hard to see in *eaves and brush)& The do not enter the Ad'inistration bui*ding itse*f& The Lodger wants !Cs to reach it 8ust after dar.) to feed fro' their suffering& To this end it can su''on re'aining dogs fro' The !ac.) send a swar' of rats (not sna.es6 repti*e brains are too pri'itive) or a*ter weather& 0t 'ay do a** these things to heighten the o'inous 'ood and esca*ate tension& Attac.s aren2t geared to .i**) 8ust wear down !Cs so Dore wi** win out& $a.e as 'uch of the grounds as you want6 when !Cs arrive) they find torn) rusted wrought iron gates and fence around the grounds (running its peri'eter finds Ad'inistration)& %ar.

c*ouds gather and dri99*e fa**s) bui*ding to *ight rain (*ater that night) thunderstor') with *ightning tearing the s.y& Thunder the forrest and two bo*ts scorch the grounds) the first the iron fence) the second near the !Cs (who' 0H chec.s revea* are not at a high point and shou*dn2t have been threatened)& The Lodger a**ows the !Cs to search the ruins as day*ight fades) then guides the' to it (with I *ightning behind the hi** or a te*epathic 2drawing2)& Their first sighting of the o'inous edifice) with its evi* aura against a bac.drop of rain and *ightning) ca**s for a 4right Chec. G=& The house a*'ost see's to & & & *eer at the'&

The House on Woodhill

The o*d Ad'inistration bui*ding is a three-story 'ansion covered with vines and tree *i'bs6 a c*oying oder of 'o*d) wisteria and honey-suc.*e *inger even in winter& The first f*oor was ad'inistration proper6 it contains a waiting roo') ;iceChance**or2s office) three secretaries offices and a *arge fi*e roo' with rusty 'eta* cabinets) *oc.ed (and e'pty6 *aw enforce'ent sei9ed a** fi*es in the T>= scanda*)& A** *oo. rif*ed through) *ong ago& The staircase is very narrow) wooden wa**s c*osing on the c*i'ber fro' a** sides (to inti'idate chi*dren6 'ay frighten c*austrophobes)& G= detects Dore2s prints on the stairs (-1 with poor *ighting)& The second f*oor was the #ead'aster2s ho'e6 it contains .itchen and dining areas) a den) study and bedroo'& Thic. dust covers everything& 1othing has been disturbed in ages& The study has two .erosene *a'ps and a'p*e stoc.s of .erosene& Gui*e2s private *ibrary inc*udes o*d vo*u'es) with a few va*uab*e first editions and signed nove*s& /f particu*ar note are wor.s on anato'y) showing wear fro' use even now) with notes in the 'argins fro' an e+peri'enter (if !Cs have seen Gui*e2s writing) they 'ay recogni9e it)& A*ongside the' is an o*d dissection .it (a*so worn fro' use)& "evera* disp*ays offer testa'ent to one of his hobbies6 bui*ding ships in bott*es& They are (uite intricate& 1othing on this f*oor has been touched since 19>=&
The stairwe** opens to a s'a** roo' with two wooden stoo*s (where boys waited) so'eti'es hours) for punish'ent)& !si2s 'ay fee* hope*ess dread& The 'assive wooden door is too ta** (: feet)) with a *ow set .nob& 0t opens into Conrad Gui*e2s office& The office is a barren p*ace) with a *arge des.) #ead'aster2s chair and two s'a**) hard wood chairs& Those in the chairs were at a disadvantage6 the ta** #ead'aster *oo'ed over the'& !si2s 'ay fee* pain and despair& A s'a** waste can contains Tbirching2 switches (finished and so preserved)& "o'e are worn& $ost of the des.2s contents were ta.en in the scanda*6 searchers *eft an o*d) rusted pair of handcuffs) two *engths of chain and another dissection .it& Bits of rag suggest gags& There is *itt*e e*se to find unti* so'eone 'oves a rotted /rienta* rug by the des. over the brass ring of a trap door&

Into the )round

The trap door has a *arge 'odern stee* *oc. underneath) but is un*oc.ed (perhaps the va'pire is out)& 0t opens on a s'a** staircase down) narrower than before) through the bui*ding and into the ground& The stairs *ead twenty feet be*ow ground *eve*) to a *arge underground cha'ber (=,+=,+=, ft) reinforced by perserved wooden bea's& The cei*ing *oo.s ready to co**apse& $us.iness and 'o*dering wood give it a stagnant odor&

/ 12 /

Throughout the roo' are the decayed re'ains of torture devices& Rusted 'anac*es hang fro' the far wa**) .nife b*ades are strewn about) hand*es rotted away& A rac. is bui*t into the north wa**& "ets of p*iers hang with other too*s on the south wa**& The center of the cha'ber has a crude stone a*tar) grey stone stained with b*ood fro' *ong ago& "o'e is fresh (4orensics G=)& The stone is a sing*e piece& Chains *ie beside it& The earth before the a*tar has been turned recent*y& %igging uncovers so'e of the twenty buried here6 those on top are fresher) and the is on*y starting to pee* away fro' bone (#T -= to withstand the stench)& 5orse) the Lodger 'ay choose to Ani'ate %ead (if a cadaver grabs a !C w?surprise (GA)) 4right Chec. -I) and can raise up to A 9o'bies& The roo'2s f*oor co'es a*ive with tor'ented 'oaning of the da'ned6 bodies shiver and twitch (4right Chec. -=) -A if so'eone was grabbed)& The Lodger 'ay e'p*oy 7"! and ;entri*o(uis' to 'a.e a corpse spea. to !Cs (G$2s option what is said & & & so'ething *i.e LRe8oin us in #e**) 3a'ie& 3oin usNL) (4right Chec. -=)& 0f !Cs stay) the corpses reenact the *ast 'o'ents of *ong-ago victi's (one dons the 'anac*es) then screa's hoarse*y through rotting voca* cords as another beats hi'6 two bind a third to the rac.)& The Lodger 'ay a*so uncover !hobias with 7"!) and create i**usions of these (on a fai*ed 4right Chec.) a !C 'ay e'pty a gun at one)& 0t wi** wait unti* the !C is heading bac. up the stairs (%e+ ro** - a'ount 4right Chec. fai*ed or fa**)& 5hen !Cs reach the trap door) it is *oc.ed (and the hard wood of the door and stairwe** wa**s is strong6 appropriate too*s are needed)& 5hen !Cs escape the shaft) it uses %eath ;ision (G R!" $agic) on the') possib*y fo**owed by 4ear (whatever is needed to drive the' out)& The Final %on+lict Against the soft g*are of the fu** 'oon) #einrich Dore *oo's before the edifice) sun.en features visib*e in fu**) ho*ding a 'eat c*eaver& Around hi' stand ten *arge dogs of various breeds (4right Chec.s -=)& 1ow that the party has been weathered by the others) the Lodger2s 'ain son has co'e to c*ai' the'& The dogs grow*) and a** entrances to the Ad'inistration bui*ding s*a' shut and *oc. (if necessary) using 'oaning of the dead and i**usions to .eep !Cs out)& %epending on past events) #einrich 'ay converse with the party a few rounds& "udden*y) a trio of dogs brea.s fro' the trees and vau*ts over the cru'b*ed gate& !Cs 'ay recogni9e the 'astiff) pit bu** and rotwei*er as !atty Rye2s (4right Chec.)) a** decayed with an odor reaching everywhere& The dogs bo*t for Dore2s group) with a shattering roar unheard in 'orta* dogs& 7ven he shows fear when the 'astiff 'eets his dober'an in 'id-*eap and crushes its s.u** in his 8aws& The three Brac.ish #ounds (G R!" Creatures of the 1ight) c*ose with the re'nants of the pac.& The dogs have two specia* abi*ities6 neither the Lodger nor Dore can contro* the') nor 'anifest a supernatura* power within their presense (>, range)& #einrich cannot shape shift) nor can the Lodger te*e.inese or apport ho*y sy'bo*s fro' their hands) etc & & & Dore is as hu'an as he wi** ever be again&

0t can end right here& The #ounds can finish Dore if necessary6 !Cs need on*y occupy hi' whi*e they finish the pac.6 the #ounds can destroy a va'pire (a*though he wi** c*ai' two of the')& /r Dore 'ight brea. away to hide within the Lodger (which the #ounds won2t enter)& !Cs can stay the night and enter by day) endure the Lodger and sta.e hi' in s*u'ber& The Lodger 'ay a**ow Dore2s destruction to def*ect attention& The #ounds wi** never har' the party (friends of $rs& Rye in *ife6 if she wasn2t destroyed by the') the dogs hunt to bring her peace)& 0f !Cs attac.) the #ounds f*ee& The #ounds are a benevo*ent force which wi** prow* the forrests north of town preying on*y on wi*d*ife) a counterpoint to the Lodger2s evi*& 0f Jebadiah *ives) they sta*. hi' off and on& The Lodger goes to ground) suggesting the evi* died with Dore& n*ess burned) it soon ca**s another evi* 'an& #e 'ight be a chi*d-.i**er) a canniba*) a psychopath & & & or a** these& 5hat is certain is that the Lodger wi** not rest unti* it is inhabited by an evi* 'an) of inte**ect and intensity& And its ce**ars wi** .now hu'an tor'ent and pain again&

A##endi> A? :ther Adventures in Evansmith

The od!er 5hoever the Lodger su''ons 'ay co'e in si+ 'onths or ten years& 0t2** ta.e ti'e) but he2** co'e& #e 'ay be a psycho .i**er) a 'age or a werewo*f& The #ouse won2t ris. another va'pire for decades& #e 'ight avoid the !Cs for safety) hunt the' for revenge or ignore the'& #is wea.ness is the need to occasiona**y bring victi's to the #ouse& #e 'ay .eep the' in chains to starve) feeding it) so he need not *ive there& The #ounds 'ay i'pede his co''ute& Hi!h "ta'es !atty Rye shou*d be *eft to the #ounds6 she is too pathetic for a fu** adventure) a*though a sing*e hound 'ay co'e to the !Cs by day and gesture to be fo**owed) *eading the' to her resting p*ace6 the #ounds reason hu'ans can destroy her 'ercifu**y& The dogs how* around her for hours before f*eeing into the forrests& %erric. 5e**s is another 'atter& 5e**2s .een 'ind and ruth*ess 'ethods 'ay *ead to a Ttreaty2 with !Cs (he honors his word)) a pre-e'ptive stri.e or going to ground& #e 'ay f*ee to a city (1ew Kor. or Chicago)& #e isn2t above using terrorist tactics to discourage pursuit6 %erric.2s hench'en can co''it arson) 'urder and rape) and *etters 'ay threaten ene''ies if he isn2t *eft a*one& #is gang is s'a**) but the *ega* invu*nerabi*ity of street gangs (every 'e'ber in 8ai* has a buddy on the street to get revenge) and %erric.2s tactica* acu'en 'a.e the' for'idab*e& #e won2t 'a.e other va'pires un*ess he has to for 'usc*e& Visitin! Di!nitaries Lodgers are powerfu*& #einrich was .nown by a few inf*uencia* beings through correspondence& The deaths of either 'ay be .nown in the supernatura* co''unity and investigated by the

/ 13 /

Caba*& 0f the Lodger *ives) it can co''unicate everything about the !Cs (un*ess 7"! was prevented)) right down to persona* %isadvantages and Huir.s& /dds are the Caba* wi** *et the 'atter go6 the !Cs sett*ed a persona* grudge against a rogue whose activities drew too 'uch attention) benefiting a**& /r they 'ight be assassinated for security reasons6 they are watched for awhi*e) regard*ess& 0f the Lodger was destroyed) their investigation wi** be 'ore in the "a' "pade2 tradition) and !Cs 'ay encounter investigators& &oo's 1 %orres#ondences Before his death (and after)) Conrad Gui*es was a potent 'ystic who studied wide*y the arts of con8uration and contro*& #is activities in *ife enab*ed the Lodger to reani'ate hi' as a va'pire in death& #is *ibrary 'ay contain boo.s with rare occu*t infor'ation) protective wards and sigi*s) and a coup*e with su''oning rites (G$s are refered to Chaosiu'2s Ca** of Cthu*hu products for e+ce**ent e+a'p*es)& "i'i*ar*y) he 'ay have owned a few si*ver bu**ets and other wards& 0f you don2t want !Cs using the rites) re(uire hu'an sacrifice) 'u*ti-year ritua*s) the Lodger2s aid) etc & & & "o'e are written in Ger'an& $ore i'portant is his correspondence) both before his death in 19>= and after (so'e contacts noted in both)& #is *etters and 8ourna*s 'ay contain 'uch infor'ation regarding powerfu* individua*s) possib*y with wea.nessness and possessions noted& !erhaps a 'age is co'ing to town ne+t 'onth to trade for so'e of Dore2s b*ood& 5i** the !Cs intercept hi'M 0f the G$ uses G R!" ;a'pire) the $as(uerade) area !rinces 'ay have ordered Dore to tone it down) and his rep*ies 'ay *ead to a new ca'paign (or e+istence)& References to the Garou presence and "id $ontgo'ery2s .enne* 'ay *ead down other roads& 0f the !Cs don2t .now %e+ter) he2s 'entioned as an e+peri'ent and infor'ant6 the wor*d changed over forty years& "uch *etters are found wherever you wish& Ne* Recruits 0f the !Cs are a group) they 'ay need to rep*ace *osses& 0f the G$ doesn2t a**ow the o*d pre-trained ready for action new*y ro**ed !C to 8u'p in) you 'ay ro*ep*ay the a(uisition of new 'e'bers and?or their training& Trying to convince such characters of what was faced 'ay be difficu*t) perhaps *eading to a 'eeting with %e+ter or the #ounds&
The !Cs the'se*ves are potentia* recruits for 'any organi9ations& The Chi** Ga'e2s "A;7 and 5hite 5o*f2s ;a'pire Arcanu' are two e+a'p*es& /ccu*t hunters 'ay hear of the !Cs direct*y or co'e to town investigating6 they 'ay contact the party with new *eads (you didn2t .i** the Lodger & & & what do you 'ean you *et the #ounds goNMNM & & & etc & & & )&

0 hope 'ore peop*e write 2freeware2 adventures *i.e this) for ga'ers a** over& 0t wor.s *i.e this6 0 retain a** rights to 'y wor.) but a**ow individua*s (you) to 'a.e copies for persona* use (which inc*udes running the adventure with friends)& This is not shareware and you don2t owe 'e 'oney (if for so'e bi9arre reason you send so'e) 02** ta.e it)& 5hat 0 want is to hear fro' you) G$s) p*ayers and 8ust readers& 5hat do you thin.M %id you en8oy the adventureM %id you run it or read itM 5hat specifica**y did you *i.e?dis*i.eM 5hat wou*d you changeM 5hat .ind of horror adventures wou*d you *i.e to seeM $y 0nternet address is r8*unsfordO*ife&ua's&edu and 'y regu*ar address isE .ichard /unsford .t 0, +o' 19 .ison, %rkansas 1122 3 0 have a Litt*e Roc. address) but 0 don2t .now where 02** be after 3une 296 so 'y fo*.2s address above wi** do& 0 rea**y need to hear fro' you6 0 copy and paste e-'ai* to a 5ord docu'ent on 'y $acintosh (which 0 access the schoo*2s ;AP syste' through via 'ode')) so it2s part of 'y per'anent record& 0 ran %eath 1ight for co**ege friends (%a'ian) 3eff) 3u*ie) Denny and To''y) at 'y o*d co**ege in $ontice**o) Ar.ansas& 5e finished after si+ hours p*ay (0 a*'ost fe** as*eep driving ho'e after 1 a&'& in the fog)& 5e went off on tangents6 To''y2s 'artia* artist *i.ed to pic. fights with toughs at "i'pson Apart'ents) %a'ian2s C0A agent (yes) 0 *et hi' run it) tried to bust Brad Ash*ey2s drug-running operation at the !i99a !a*ace after hearing of it with "treetwise (Ash*ey 'otioned a f* to go in bac. whi*e he was at gunpoint6 !Cs didn2t stop hi') so he du'ped the Cocaine down the sin.& Turner wasn2t p*eased but he sensed wrongdoing and %a'ian2s !C was C0A) so it s*id& There wasn2t enough residue for a bust& To''y2s character antagoni9ed the %eads at their house and fo**owed one6 %erric. 'ateria*i9ed overhead and struc. hi' down as a bargaining chip for peace (which *asted)& And they never reached 5oodhi**6 we2d p*ayed si+ hours) it was 1 a&'& and 0 hadn2t finished writing the adventure& 0nstead) Dore struc. at Ange*2s house6 Turner got the ca** got the ca** and bu99ed the !Cs& They arrived to find Ange*a2s father dead by the front door) her 'other screa'ing) Ange* in near-shoc. and Turner he*d over the va'pire2s head& #e threw Turner over a car into a tree) snapping his spine and .i**ing hi'& The !Cs s*a''ed Dore into the house with their car) then got out and sprayed hi' to death& 0 thin. they had so'ething *i.e "uper "oa.ers *oaded with ho*y water) and they destroyed hi' as he was turned to 'ist& 02' sorry) but G$ing is stressfu* after 6 hours and it was a bad ti'e to (uit& 0 had a good group of p*ayers and 0 'iss the'& They were good friends& 0 wish you cou*d read the bog beast ta*e %a'ian ran on our ca'pus6 we ro*e-p*ayed ourse*ves& 1ow that was horror&

A##endi> & Me
0 hope you en8oyed %eath 1ight& 02' => years o*d) in 'y I rd year of 'edica* schoo*& 02ve been ro*e-p*aying since high schoo*) nu'erous and sundry ga'es& 0 began this pro8ect in high schoo*) evo*ving and editing it over severa* years& 0t2s been an off-and-on 8ob) but it2s given 'e a creative out*et) a chance to share and a *ot of fun) which is what ro*e-p*aying2s about&

/ 14 /

Peter MacAlister Age: >=6 >211L) 1C9 *bs6 Thinning b*ond hair and brown eyes& ST: 11 !": 11 %&: 11 HT: 1= !o ge: C HP: 11 #ill: 11 Per: 11 'P: 1= Parry: C Spee : >&:> Mo$e: = (La'eness) SM: , !R: 1 or 9?I (Dev*ar vest)

Skills: Accounting-1=6 Ad'inistration-1,6 Ani'a* #and*ing (Cats)-116 %etect Lies-116 %ip*o'acy-96 Guns-1=6 0nterrogation (5here2s the rentM)-1I6 7*ectronics?7ngineering ($aintenance)-1=6 !rofessiona* ".i** (!*u'bing)-1=& )*(ipment: Co*t-Browning $19,C &=> pisto*6 Big screen T;6 $eat c*eaver (a*ways concea*ed on her person)6 1= cats& "id Mont!omer$ Age: >A6 >29L) 1I> *bs6 Thic. stee* grey hair& Lean and 2hardened&2 $etis Bone-Gnawer6 Crinos for' dar. brown with b*ac. b*otching6 few gray strea.s& #ideous*y evi* * with enor'ous teeth& %efor'ity 'anifests as twisted) stooped *oo'ing posture& ST: 1, (1C) !": 1= %&: 1= HT: 1I (=,) !o ge: 9 (11) HP: 1, (=6) #ill: 1= Per: 1= (1A) 'P: 1I (=,) Parry: 9 Spee : 6&=> (C) Mo$e: 6 (C) SM: , (G1) !R: 1 (G=6 vs& Crushing)

9 '' Baretta (16)E =dG= pi 1= Guage "hotgun (16)E 1dG1 pi AD-A: (16)E >dG1 pi C*ub (1A)E 1dG1 sw cr? 1d-1 thr cr #unting Rif*e (16)E :d pi Large Dnife (1,)E 1d-1 cut?1d-1 i'p $-16 (16)E >d pi 4rag Grenade (:)E Cd cr e+ QIdR nar'ed (1>)E 1dG1 sw cr? 1d-1 thr cr Traits: %a'age Resistance 1 (Tough ".in)) %uty (7vans'ith in e'ergencies?deputy)) La'e (Left *eg)) Lega* 7nforce'ent !owers 1 (part-ti'e deputy)) /verweight) "ense of %uty (;eterans)) "tatus 1 (7vans'ith)) 5ea*th (Co'fortab*e)& &(irks: sua**y carries big stic.6 ;iet 1a' 'e'orabe*ia6 nconcious*y dis* Asians6 Conservative po*itics6 $ature de'eanor& Skills: Area Dnow*edge (7vans'ith)-1A6 A+e?$ace -1A6 Boating-1A6 Braw*ing-1>6 %riving-1I6 4irst Aid-1=6 Guns ('ost) inc*uding 'i*itary issue)-166 Law-1=6 "earch-1=6 "treetwise-1I6 "urviva* (3ung*e?4orest)-1A6 "trategy-1I6 "wi''ing-1A6 Tactics-1I6 Traps-1A& )*(ipment: 3eep6 Dev*ar vest6 C*ub6 "evera* *arge .nives6 9'' Baretta6 Ca'ping gear6 I 4rag Grenades (1 dud)6 AD-A: assau*t rif*e6 $16A1 sub'achine gun6 Re'ington $ode* :,, hunting rif*e) Re'ington $ode* C:, 1=-gauge shotgun&
Miss Petrish
Age: 6,6 >2>L) 11, *bs6 5ispy white hair6 haggard and shrive**ed&

A+e (16)E swG= cut Chain "aw (:)E swG1d cut 4angs (1A)E 1dG1 i'p Ta*ons (1A)E Id sw cut?i'p?1dG= cut?i'p nar'ed (1A)E 1d (Id) sw cr?1d-= (1dG=) thr cr Traits: Co''on "ense) %a'age Resistance 1 (Tough ".in)) %anger "ense) $etis (Crinos for' on*y6 see G R!" 5erewo*f the Apoca*ypse)) "ense of %uty (to area garou)) "tatus = (*oca* garou)) 5ea*th (5ea*thy)& &(irks: Deeps 'eat in free9er6 1o gun (hunts hi'se*f)6 raw 'eat6 Co''ited to secrecy of Garou presence6 hu'an f*esh& Skills: Accounting-1=6 Acting-1A6 Ad'inistration-1=6 Area Dnow*edge (7vans'ith?4orests)-1A?166 A+e?$ace (a+e)-166 Braw*ing-1A6 Boating-116 %riving (3eep)-1I6 Leadership-1I6 !rofessiona* ".i** (Ta+ider'y)-1>6 "trategy-1=6 Tactics-1=& )*(ipment: Cabin6 /*d 3eep6 Large wood a+e6 Chain saw6 Ca'ping gear (unused)6 7*ectric generator for cabin6 Ta+ider'y e(uip'ent6 $any 'ounted speci'ens&
Backgro(n : 0f the G$ wants a Garou presence) "id can be a Garou whose cabins are ho'e?resort to .info*. and fe**ow garou across the "tates& !Cs 'ay be suspicious when to*d 2no vacancies2 whi*e cabins stand e'pty) ta*es of s*aughtered deer carcasses and hu'an hunters2 harrowing f*ight fro' 2bigfeet2 into dar. forest coup*ed with two disappearances& The e+act nu'ber of *oca* garou varies) usua**y >-=,& Runs are he*d nights of the fu** 'oon) and natives avoid the forests east of town without .nowing why&

ST: C !": 9 %&: 9 HT: C !o ge: :

HP: C #ill: 9 Per: 9 'P: C Parry: :

Spee : A&=> Mo$e: A SM: , !R: ,

&=> !isto* (1=)E 1d pi$eat C*eaver (A)E 1d-= cut nar'ed (9)E 1d-= sw cr? 1d-I thr cr Traits: Appearance ( nattractive)) Greed (1=-)) 0nto*erance (7veryone)) 5ea*th (Co'fortab*e)& &(irks: 5atches *ots of T;6 Be*ieves the 7n(uirer F "tar6 1ever goes outdoors6 Considers tenant co'p*aints 2insufferab*e whining26 cats6 "' dope&

/ 15 /

&arne$ Daniels Age: I=6 >2:L) =I, *bs6 Brown hair ba*ding& Cheerfu*& ST: 1, !": 1, %&: 11 HT: 1, !o ge: C HP: 1, #ill: 11 Per: 11 'P: 1, Parry: C Spee : >&,, Mo$e: > SM: , !R: ,

Skills: Acting-1I6 Ad'inistration-1A6 Area Dnow*edge (7vans'ith)-1=6 Area Dnow*edge (Chicago)-116 %ip*o'acy-1A6 %riving ($oped)-1=6 !sycho*ogy-1I6 "avoire4aire-1>&

)*(ipment: 7'poriu' business& Battered o*d 'oped& 7+tensive co**ection of c*assica* 'usic and anti(ues at ho'e&

nar'ed (1,)E 1d sw cr? 1d-= thr cr Traits: Appearance (Attractive)) Charis'a G=) 4at&
&(irks: youth6 Loves a business6 a*ways cheerfu*6 energetic6 * heavy 'eta*& Skills: Accounting-116 Ad'inistration-116 Area Dnow*edge (7vans'ith youth scene)-1A) %riving (Car)-1=&

&rad Ashle$ Age: ==6 621L) =,, *bs& $id-*ength b*ac. hair w?brown eyes& Lean and 'uscu*ar&
ST: 1= !": 1I %&: 1= HT: 1= !o ge: 9 HP: 1= #ill: 1= Per: 1= 'P: 1= Parry: 9 Spee : 6&=> Mo$e: 6 SM: , !R: ,

Dra'e Ed*ards Age: A=6 62AL) =6, *bs6 B*ac. crew-cut) b*ac. eyes& Beard stubb*e& $assive bui*d6 dar. co'p*ected& ST: 1A !": 1I %&: 9 HT: 1A !o ge: 9 HP: 1A #ill: 9 Per: 9 'P: 1A Parry: 9 Spee : 6&:> Mo$e: 6 SM: , !R: 1

nar'ed (1,)E 1dG= sw cr? 1d-1 thr cr

Traits: Appearance (Attractive)) Charis'a G=) 0ntuition) !atron (;arious drug supp*iers - bai* F *awyer6 9-)) "ecret (%rug supp*ier)&
&(irks: %oesn2t do drugs6 reggae and heavy 'eta*6 "aving for co**ege& Skills: Ad'inistration-1,6 Accounting-1=6 Area Dnow*edge (7vans'ith)-1A6 %riving (Car?$otorcyc*e)-1I6 Guns (!isto*)-1=6 Dnife-1=6 Law-116 !rofessiona* ".i** ($oney *aundering?%rug processing)-11?1=6 "urviva* ( rban)-1=6 "treetwise-1I6 "trategy-1=&

nar'ed (1>)E =d sw cr? 1d thr cr

Traits: Appearance ( nattractive)) %a'age Resistance 1 (Tough ".in)) %istinctive 4eature (vague*y threatening)) #igh !ain Thresho*d) /dious !ersona* #abits -1 (threatening body *anguage)) Rapid #ea*ing) Reputation -= ($ean6 7vans'ith) 11-)& &(irks: Huiet*y contained anger within6 0'pression is one of contro**ed vio*ence6 subt*e*y frightening peop*e6 Crue*6 Deeps within the *aw (usua**y)& Skills: Area Dnow*edge (7vans'ith)-1=) Braw*ing-1>) Broadsword (C*ubs)-1I)>) %riving ($otorcyc*e)-1>) %riving (Car)-1I) Gun (&1=-gauge shotgun)-1I) 0nterogation-1I) 0nti'idation-1I) Dnife-1>) Dnife-Throwing-1=) "urviva* (4orrest)-1I) "wi''ing-1A&

Pat "tron! Age: 6=6 62=L) 1>, *bs& Ba*ding grey hair6 shop-.eeper stereotype w?beady b*ac. eyes and penetrating stare& Age i'possib*e to te**6 *oo.s petrified&
ST: 11 !": 1= %&: 1A HT: 1= !o ge: 9 HP: 11 #ill: 1A Per: 1A 'P: 1= Parry: C Spee : 6 Mo$e: 6 SM: , !R: ,

@"am@ Andrea Poulschivae Age: I66 >21,L) 1I> *bs6 $ost*y ba*d w?few brown hairs6 green eyes& Rese'b*es cross between a barber and a 4rench steward& ST: 9 !": 1= %&: 1= HT: 11 !o ge: C HP: 9 #ill: 1= Per: 1= 'P: 11 Parry: 9 Spee : >&:> Mo$e: > SM: , !R: ,

4irear's (1A6 G$2" Choice) (16)E ;aries $-16 (1A)E >d pi nar'ed (1=)E 1dG1 sw cr? 1d-1 thr cr
Traits: Co''on "ense) %anger "ense) Greed (9-)) 0ntuition) Lightning Ca*cu*ator) Longevity) /dious !ersona* #abits -1 (Gives peop*e the creeps)) !atrons (ar's c*ients F supp*iers)) "ecret (0**ega* ar's 'erchant)) 5ea*th (5ea*thy)& &(irks: 27thica*2 ar's 'erchant (won2t supp*y cri'ina*s)6 "o*itary6 .i**ing6 "urviva*ist (Be*ieves ne+t war wi** be civi* after econo'ic co**apse)& Skills: Accounting-1>6 Area Dnow*edge (7vans'ith)-166 Artist ( Bio*ogy (Botony)-1A6 4ast-Ta*.-1A6 Guns (Any)-1A6 #istory (7vans'ith)-1A6 0nterrogation-1A6 Dnife-1=6 Law-1=6 !oison-1I6 Research-1=6 "hort sword ($achete)-1I6 "treetwise-1>6 "wi''ing-1=6 Traps-1=& )*(ipment: A** sports supp*ies6 #unting ar's) p*us $-16 sub'achine guns at ho'e and in store& Can a(uire 'ost guns and body ar'or6 even odds of ac(uiring a f*a'e thrower&

nar'ed (1>)E 1d-1 sw cr? 1d-= thr cr

Traits: Charis'a G1) %ependent (#as retarded 1= yr-o*d son6 wife died in chi*dbirth))Language (4rench6 Accented?Literate)) ;oice& &(irks: and efficient6 !atient F Loving6 /*dfashioned6 /bsessed with 7'poriu'2s good na'e6 Rides a $oped&

/ 16 /

Dr0 )erald &radle$A Pharm0D Age: IC6 >211L) 1C, *bs& Cur*y b*ac. hair and 'oustache& 0nte**igent eyes& ST: 11 !": 1, %&: 1= HT: 11 !o ge: C HP: 11 #ill: 1= Per: 1= 'P: 11 Parry: C Spee : >&=> Mo$e: > SM: , !R: ,

"heri++ Neal Turner Age: I66 621L) =,, *bs& Thic. b*ond hair (thinning in spots) w?*itt*e grey) b*ue eyes& 5ar' s'i*e6 hard-'usc*ed) wiry bui*d& "*ight*y rigid 'ove'ent) but gracefu*& ST: 1= !": 1A %&: 1= HT: 1I !o ge: 9 HP: 1= #ill: 1= Per: 1= 'P: 1I Parry: 1, Spee : 6&:> Mo$e: 6 SM: , !R: 1 or 9?I (Dev*ar vest)

nar'ed (1,)E 1dG1 sw cr? 1d-1 thr cr

Traits: Charis'a G1 (when he uses it)) Lecherousness (9-)) /dious !ersona* #abit -1 (suggests he2s hand*ing i**ega*s)) /verweight) Reputation -1 (as 2shady2)) "tatus 1 (!har'acist)) 5ea*th (Co'fortab*e)& &(irks: 7n8oys being weird6 7asy Going6 repti*es6 4riend*y6 0nfor'a* at for'a*s& Skills: Accounting-1I6 Area Dnow*edge (7vans'ith)-1I6 Bio*ogy (Botony?7co*ogy?Joo*ogy)-11?1=?1A6 Che'istry-1=6 %riving (Car)-1=6 4ast-Ta*.-116 Law-116 1atura*ist-1I6 !oisons-1A6 !rofessiona* ".i** (!har'aco*ogist)-1>6 Research-1=6 "wi''ing-1=&

G*oc. 1: 9+19'' (1>)E =dG= pi 1= Guage "hotgun (1>)E 1dG1 pi Tear Gas "he**E %'g =d-1(,&>) cr Brass Dnuc.*es (1>)E 1d-1 cr Tonfa (1A)E 1dG1 sw cr? 1d-1 thr cr nar'ed (1>)E 1dG= sw cr? 1d-1 thr cr Traits: Appearance (#andso'e)) Charis'a G=) Code of Conduct (upho*d *aws)) Co''on "ense) %a'age Resistance 1 (Tough ".in)) %ependent (5ife)) %uty to 7vans'ith (11 or *ess)) 0nto*erance (%rug-re*ated activity)) Lega* 7nforce'ent !owers ("heriff)) Rapid #ea*ing) "tatus =& &(irks: Co**ects guns F .nives6 4a'i*y 'an6 4riend*y but stern6 Conservative po*itics6 Ro'antic&
Skills: Accounting-1=) Ad'inistration-1A) Area Dnow*edge (7vans'ith)-1>6 (Co**ege?"choo*s)-1I) Artist ( -1I) Braw*ing-1>) Carousing-1I) Co'puter /peration-1=6 Cri'ino*ogy-1A6 %ip*o'acy-1I) %rive (Any)-1A) 7scape-1I) 4ast-%raw (pisto*)-1I) 4ast-Ta*.-1I) 4irst Aid-1A6 Guns (Any) -1>) #istory-1=) 0nterrogation-1A) Dnife-1=) Law-1A) Leadership-1A) $echanic-1I) !oisons-1=) Research-1A) Riding (#orse)-1I) Running-1=) "crounging-1I) "earch-1A6 "hadowing-1I6 "tea*th-1=) "trategy-1I) "treetwise-1A) "wi''ing-1I) Tactics-1I) Tonfa-1A& )*(ipment: 3ai* ar'a'ents G I stun guns6 Tear gas6 Town 8ai*6 Dev*ar body ar'or6 Brass .nuc.*es6 !o*ice B*a9er6 dogs (>)6 Access to po*ice records) G hospita* records w?warrent (re(uires s.i**?reaction contest w?3udge)) 7+tensive nationa* infor'ation syste' on .nown fe*ons w?4inger !rint 0&%&6 =-story ho'e&

Dr0 Ale> "andersA M0D0 Age: A,6 62) 1C, *bs& Thic. red hair co'bed straight) green eyes& Loo.s professiona* yet casua*& sua**y dressed in .nee-*ength white coat w?na'e e'broidered on *ape*& Carries %r&2s bag& ST: 11 !": 11 %&: 1I HT: 1= !o ge: C HP: 11 #ill: 1I Per: 1I 'P: 1= Parry: C Spee : >&:> Mo$e: > SM: , !R: ,

9 '' Baretta (16)E =dG= pi nar'ed (1,)E 1dG1 sw cr? 1d-1 thr cr
Traits: Appearance (Attractive)) Co''on "ense) %ependent (African Grey !arrot) LCrac.ersL)) 0ntuition) /dious !ersona* #abits -1 ($orbid "ense of #u'or?!ecu*iar 'anneris's)) "ense of %uty (#ippocratic /ath - won2t interfere w?good sense)) "tatus ($&%&?!atho*ogist) =) 5ea*th (5ea*thy)& &(irks: ani'a*s6 #u'orous cynicis'6 Lecherous6 ninterested in sports or hunting6 photography& Skills: Accounting-1=) Ad'instration-1=) Area Dnow*edge (7vans'ith)-1=6 (7vans'ith Regiona* #ospita*-1A)6 ($edica* co''unity-1A)) Bio*ogy (Botony?7co*ogy?Joo*ogy)-11?11?1I) Braw*ing-1=) Che'istry-1I) Co'puter /peration-1A6 %ip*o'acy-1= (rare*y e+ercised)) %riving (Car)-1I) 4ast-Ta*.-1=) 4irst-Aid (as !hysician)) 4orensics-166 Guns (!isto*)-1I) Dnife ("ca*pe*)-1=) Literature-11) 1atura*ist-11) !hysician-1A) !hysio*ogy-166 !oisons-1>) Research-1I) Riding (#orse)-1=) "wi''ing-11& )*(ipment: !hysician2s F 4irst Aid e(uip'ent (in bag)6 access to 'ost che'ica*s and *abs6 access to hospita*) 'orgue F re*ated records) &9-'' Baretta pisto*) *arge =-story ho'e on outs.irts of 7vans'ith) African Grey !arrot F huge (<1,,,) cage (usua**y open)&

&obb$ Dillan
Age: IC6 62IL) =I, *bs& Thic. shou*der-*ength 'ane of greasy b*ac. hair6 brown eyes& $uscu*ar physi(ue& sua**y in greasestained wor. c*othes&

ST: 1I !": 1= %&: 11 HT: 1= !o ge: 9

HP: 1I #ill: 11 Per: 11 'P: 1= Parry: 9

Spee : 6&,, Mo$e: 6 SM: , !R: ,

nar'ed (1>)E =d-1 sw cr? 1d thr cr "'a** Too*s (1A)E =d sw cr? 1dG1 thr cr 5rench (1I)E =dG1 cr Traits: Appearance (Attractive)) %oub*e-3ointed) Greed (1=-)) /dious !ersona* #abits -= ( nc*ean6 fou* 'outh)&

/ 17 /

&(irks: 'echanics6 7n8oys ripping off the 'echanica**y ignorant6 /n*y respects 2rea* 'en26 %rea's of owning a #ar*ey6 Considers wo'en good for two things6 house wor. and & & & Skills: Accounting-11) Area Dnow*edge (7vans'ith)-1>6 A+e?$ace (Large wrenches)-1I) Braw*ing-1I) Broadsword (s'a**er too*s-treat as c*ub)-1A) Carousing-1I) %ip*o'acy-1,) %rive (Any)-1A) 4ast-Ta*.-1=) $echanic-1>) "crounging-1I) "treetwise-1=) "wi''ing-1I&

Skills: Accounting-1=6 Ad'inistration-1A6 Area Dnow*edge ( $7)-166 Bio*ogy (Bioche'istry?7co*ogy?Genetics?Joo*ogy) -16?1I?1I?1A6 Carousing-1I6 Che'istry-1>6 Cri'ino*ogy-1=6 %ip*o'acy-1I6 %riving (Le+us)-1=6 4ast-Ta*.-1A6 4orensics-1>6 #istory (A'erican?5or*d)-1=6 Leadership-1I6 Literature-1=6 1atura*ist-1=6 !hysics-1=6 !hysio*ogy-1C6 !oisons-1>6 Research-1>& )*(ipment: Access to che'istry *ab supp*ies F e(uip'ent& Can consu*t with variety of scientific e+perts (F other fie*ds of study on ca'pus w?Good Reaction)& Le+us& /wns two-story o*d-sty*e Brownstone ho'e in rit9ier part of town6 five acre estate with a b*ac. iron gate& %r& $organ is an inti'idating*y focused and capab*e 'an6 his dedication has cost hi' two 'arriages and any rea* friendships& #e has) in essence) so*d his *ife to professiona*is'& As Thoreau 'ight say) he *ives a *ife of L(uiet desperation&L Editor Arnie Palmer Age: >>6 >26L) 1I> *bs& Thic. white hair F bushy eyebrows& Brown eyes& ST: 9 !": 1= %&: 1= HT: 11 !o ge: C HP: 9 #ill: 1= Per: 1= 'P: 11 Parry: C Spee : >&:> Mo$e: > SM: , !R: ,

)*(ipment: $echanic2s "hop w?e(uip'ent (cutting F we*ding torches) 'eta* gas bott*es) acids) *ots of gaso*ine F oi*)) 3eep Mortimer Hod!es Age: >I6 >2CL) 1A> *bs& 1eat*y cut white hair6 thic. horn-ri''ed g*asses& "tate*y for'a* but friend*y 'anner& ST: 9 !": 9 %&: 11 HT: 9 !o ge: : HP: 9 #ill: 11 Per: 11 'P: 9 Parry: : Spee : A&>, Mo$e: A SM: , !R: ,

nar'ed (9)E 1d-1 sw cr? 1d-= thr cr Traits: Bad "ight6 %eaf (in *eft ear)) Reputation G= (honorab*e? we**-.nown)6 5ea*th (Co'fortab*e)& &(irks: 7'acu*ate*y dressed6 A*ways po*ite6 2%istinguished2 'anner6 Trace of British Accent6 Cares about peop*e&
Skills: Ad'inistration-1=6 Accounting-1I6 Acting-1I6 Artist (5oodwor.ing6 used to 'a.e coffins)-1I6 %ip*o'acy-1A6 %isguise (i'proving corpses2 *oo.s)-1I) %rive (#earse)-1I6 #istory (A'erican?British)-1A6 Law (#and*ing deceased2s estate)-1I6 Literature-1=6 $echanic (.eeps up cre'atoriu') etc)-1=6 !rofessiona* ".i** (>6 Research-1=&

nar'ed (1=)E 1d-1 sw cr? 1d-= thr cr Traits: 7idectic $e'ory6 7ne'y ($ayor Todd) C-)6 /dious !ersona* #abits (B*owhard on *oca* po*itics)6 Reputation G= (7+ce**ent *oca* 8ourna*ist6 "ense of %uty (Report scanda*s regard*ess of who or what is invo*ved)6 "tatus 16 Truthfu*ness (9-)& &(irks: Loves scanda*s6 /pinionated6 Loves %etective stories6 pub*ishing vio*ent stories F photos6 Be*ieves the pub*ic shou*d .now everything) as soon as possib*e& Skills: Accounting-116 Acting-1I6 Ad'inistration-1I6 Area Dnow*edge-166 Carousing-1I6 Co'puter /peration-1I6 Cri'ino*ogy-1A6 %riving-1= (o*d *i'e green ;o*.swagon)6 4astTa*.-1I6 4irst-Aid-1=6 #istory (7vans'ith)-1A6 Law-1A6 Leadership-1I6 Loc.-! !hotography-1A6 !rofessiona* ".i** (7ditor?3ourna*ist? !ub*isher)-1>6 !ub*ic " Research-166 "earch-1A6 "hadowing-1I6 "tea*th-1=6 "treetwise-1A& )*(ipment: /wnerE 7vans'ith Testifier F !re'ises (Twostory brownstone)6 /*d *i'e ;o*.swagon6 Loc.-! too*s6 ;ariety of specia* effects ca'eras F deve*op'ent .its&

)*(ipment: nderta.er2s faci*ity F cre'atoriu'& B*ac. #earse& Dr0 Paul Mor!anA PhD 2Patholo!ist;PhDA not M0D05 Age: >,6 62) 1A> *bs& 1eat*y cut thin brown hair6 wire-ri''ed g*asses& Loo.s 2gri'&2 ST: 1, !": 11 %&: 1> HT: 11 !o ge: : HP: 1, #ill: 1> Per: 1> 'P: 11 Parry: : Spee : >&>, Mo$e: > SM: , !R: ,

nar'ed (11)E 1d sw cr? 1d-= thr cr

Traits: Bad "ight (wears g*asses)6 7idetic $e'ory6 Charis'a G16 /dious !ersona* #abit -1 (0nti'idating*y co'petant)6 Reputation G1 (Researcher F distinguished facu*ty 'e'ber - scientific co''unity)6 "tatus = (!h%6 #ead of "cience %epart'ent)6 5ea*th (5ea*thy)6 5or.aho*ic&

&(irks: Thin.s students are *a9y and a'otivated (te**s the' so)6 A*ways 2professiona*26 Tries to be 2the best26 0nto*erant of disrespect6 #igh opinion of hi'se*f&

/ 18 /

Father Harold "tanle$ Age: A>6 62=L) =,, *bs& Thic. brown hair6 co''anding) stern appearance with soft brown eyes& ST: 1I !": 1= %&: 1I HT: 1= !o ge: 9 HP: 1I #ill: 1I Per: 1I 'P: 1= Parry: 9 Spee : 6&,, Mo$e: 6 SM: , !R: ,

%enny is a s*ob and has *itt*e of va*ue besides a ban. account& #e has no auto& %enny2s vice den is opposed by 'any townspeop*e) *i.e $ayor Todd (po*itica* reasons)) 4ather "tan*ey (re*igous) and the Ladies2 Au+i**ary (busybodies)& #is s.i** at tai*oring his operation to the *aw) out-debating opponents on its *ega*ity F fast-ta*.ing the *ess deter'ined reinforce %%FA2s overwhe*'ing popu*arity with *oca* youth& %enny has an uncanny .nac. for anticipating threats to his business& %urtisBAmelia "tans ST: 11?9 !": 9 %&: 1=?1, HT: 1,?9 !o ge: : HP: 11?9 #ill: 1=?1, Per: 1=?1, 'P: 1,?9 Parry: : Spee : A&:>?A&>, Mo$e: A SM: , !R: ,

nar'ed (1=)E =d-1 sw cr? 1d thr cr Traits: Appearance (attractive)6 Charis'a G=6 C*erica* 0nvest'ent (/rdained Catho*ic !riest)6 Code of #onor ( pho*d Catho*ic %octrine)6 %uty to parishoners (visiting hospita* patients) etc&&& )6 #onesty (9-)6 $agic Resistance = (vs& va'piric abi*ities on*y)6 Reputation G= (#onesty)6 "ense of %uty (fight evi*)6 True 4aith6 Truthfu*ness6 ;oice6;ow (Ce*ibacy6 !overty)& &(irks: Conservative right-wing co''unity activist6 Co'passionate6 7ager to oppose 2rea*2 evi*6 !rag'atist& Skills: Accounting-116 Ad'instration-1A6 Area Dnow*edge-1A6 %ip*o'acy-1I6 %riving-1=6 4ast-Ta*.-1=6 Geography-1=6 #istory (Catho*ic Church)-1A6 Leadership-1A6 !sycho*ogy-1I6 !ub*ic " "treetwise (Confessiona*)-1A6 Theo*ogy-1>&
4ather "tan*ey is on good ter's with 'ost townspeop*e) inc*uding Turner& #e has I,, active parishioners to draw on in crises) a few with True 4aith& #e is a good inroad to other Churches& Denn$ Ale>ander Age: A>6 >2>L) =I, *bs& "tringy thin brown hair6 5ide brown eyes& 5ears touristy c*othes F ref*ective shades& %eep) raspy %3 voice& ST: 9 !": 9 %&: 1= HT: 9 !o ge: : HP: 9 #ill: 1= Per: 1= 'P: 9 Parry: : Spee : A&>, Mo$e: A SM: , !R: ,

nar'edE Curtis (9)E 1dG1 sw cr? 1d-1 thr cr nar'edE A'e*ia (9)E 1d-1 sw cr? 1d-= thr cr Traits: %e*usion (Reggie is a*ive and co'es to 'e at night A'e*ia)6 Greed (9-6 Curtis)6 !atron (various inf*uentia* co''unity 'e'bers6 fair*y powerfu*) co''on)6 "tatus 1 (Cha'ber of Co''erce6 City Counci*)6 5ea*thy& &(irks: (Curtis) /bsessive-Co'pu*sive6 nco'fortab*e disp*aying affection6 Ad'ires 2'acho&2 horses& (A'e*ia) Ta*.s about Reggie as though he2s a*ive6 variab*e (uir.s of psychotic behavoir (wanders out at night) sets ob8ects on fire) babb*es at i'aginary peop*e)& Skills: (Curtis) Accounting-1>6 Area Dnow*edge-(7vans'ith Business)-1A6 Carousing-1I6 Co'puter /peration-1=6 %ip*o'acy-1I6 %riving (Cadi**ac)-1=6 4ast-Ta*.-1=6 Law-1=6 !ub*ic " Research-116 Riding (#orses)-1I&
)*(ipment: The "tans own a *arge white Cadi**ac) two story bric. ho'e and spacious five acre estate surrounded with wrought iron fence& /wn = Tenessee 5a*.ers (horses) .ept here& Curtis runs an independent C!A fir' F bro.erage hand*ing 'oney F ta+es for 'any of 7vans'ith2s powerfu*6 he can2t independent*y pro'ote investigators) but he can da'n the'& Heinrich -ore Age: C6 (appears A>)6 62AL) =>, *bs& Ba*d with chise*ed) predatory face6 sun.en du** red eyes F gnashing) fi*thy fangs& #aggard and *oo'ing6 ba*d& $ou*dering brown c*othes and s'e**& ST: =I !": 1I %&: 1= HT: 1A !o ge: 9 HP: 1C #ill: 1= Per: 16 'P: 1A Parry: 9 Spee : 6&:> Mo$e: 6 SM: , !R: , (or 9?I (Dev*ar vest))

nar'ed (9)E 1d-1 sw cr? 1d-= thr cr Traits: Charis'a G=6 Co''on "ense6 %anger "ense6 4at6 0ntuition6 La9iness6 Lecherous (6-)6 Luc.6 Reputation (/wns house of i**-repute?a*ways recogni9ed)6 ;oice6 5ea*th (;ery)& &(irks: $i+es 5oodstoc. F !un. sty*es6 nco'fortab*e dea*ing w?peop*e outside %3 ro*e6 Loves fried food6 "upports drug *ega*i9ation6 %oesn2t use drugs any'ore& Skills: Accounting-1=6 Acting-1A6 Area Dnow*edge (7vans'ith)-1A6 Area Dnow*edge ($usic 0ndustry)-1A6 Bio*ogy (Botony)-1=6 Carousing-1I6 4ast-Ta*.-1I6 Law-1I6 $echanic (Audio e(uip'ent)-1=6 !rofessiona* ".i** (%3)-1A6 !ub*ic " "crounging-1I6 "treetwise-1A&
)*(ipment: %enny2s %isco F Arcade w?s'a** house behind it&

A+e (1I)E AdGI cut Braw*ing?4isticuffs (1I)E AdG1 sw cr? =dG1 thr cr C*aws (1I)E AdG> sw cr? =dGI thr cr Large Dnife (1A)E Ad-1 sw cut?=dG1 thr i'p Teeth (1I)E =d cut 9i (1I)E Id-1 pi

/ 19 /

Traits: Berser. (9-)) Greed (6-6 !ower?$ystic 'ight)) /dious !ersona* #abits ("evere)) !atron (9-6 Lodger)6 "adistic (6-)) "ecret (;a'pire)) "ense of %uty (to Lodger)) ;a'pire (1osferatu6 see be*ow)& &(irks: 7n8oys .i**ing with an a+e6 #ates hu'ans6 Covets 'agica* paraphena*ia6 Loathe to use 'odern techno*ogy6 !*ans to beco'e a va'piric god& Skills: Ad'inistration-1A6 A*che'y-1I6 Area Dnow*edge (Area around 7vans'ith)-1A6 A+e?$ace-1I6 Bio*ogy (Botony)-1=6 Braw*ing-1I6 Broadsword (C*ub)-1=6 Ca'ouf*age-1I6 Che'istry-1I6 7scape-1A6 4ast-%raw (Dnife)-1A6 Guns (!isto*s? "ub-'achine guns)-1I6 #istory (Ger'an?7vans'ith2s)-1:6 0nterrogation-166 Dnife-1A6 Dnife-Throwing-166 Leadership-1=6 1atura*ist-1=6 !oisons-1I6 !rofessiona* ".i**s (1a9i /fficer? %ean)-1A6 !ub*ic " Research-1A6 "crounging-1A6 "hadowing-1A6 "tea*th-1A6 "trategy-1I6 Tactics-1I6 Traps-1A&
)*(ipment: $ost anything in 7vans'ith) Dore can have6 he carries two *arge .nives in his c*othing and often an a+e on his bac. (see G R!" #orror)& 0f anticipating great opposition) he can a(uire a Dev*ar ;est and 9i through contacts in town& #e possesses whatever 'ystic to'es the G$ desires& Dore2s past is the G$2s discretion6 one possib*e origin is that of a for'er "" officer who f*ed Ger'any after seeing the tides of war turning) reaching A'erica before such refugees beca'e suspect& 0n this country the distinguished aristocrat 'ight find refuge in the ro*e of %ean of a boy2s schoo*) a 'an e+pected to wie*d authority and be stern) with enough power and autono'y to suit #einrich& 5hy notM nder cover as a 3ewish refugee) such a 'an 'ight 'a.e a new *ife& /r) in the finest tradition of #&!& Lovecraft) 'aybe there2s nothing e+otic about Dore & & & 'aybe he2s 8ust a p*ain o*d evi* 'an whose sou*2s strong 'a*ignancy reached out to so'ething e*se& #is 'ystic dabb*ings can easi*y *ead to a Things $an 5as 1ot $eant to Dnow encounter) and who .nows what *in.s the Lodger 'ight have with the'&

The fo**owing is courtesy of $r& 3erander of the "teve 3ac.son foru'sE Vam#ireC Nos+eratu 2 664 Points 5 Attrib(tes: "T G1, Q1,,R6 #T G> Q>,R Secon ary Attrib(tes: #! -> Q-1,R6 4! G> Q1>R6 !er GA Q=,R& A $antages: C*aws (B*unt c*aws) QIR6 %oesnSt Breathe Q=,R6 0''unity To $etabo*ic #a9ards QI,R6 Leech (B*ood Agent) -A,@6 #ea*s 4!) G6,@) QI,R6 $age "ense Q>R6 $agery 1 Q1,R6 1ight ;ision 9 Q9R6 !esti*ence Q1R6 "upernatura* %urabi*ity (4ire) Q1>,R6 Teeth ("harp teeth) Q1R6 Te'perature To*erance 1, Q1,R6 naging Q1>R& !isa $antages: Bad "'e** Q-1,R6 %ependency (#u'an b*ood) co''on) dai*y) (Aging) GI,@) Q-I9R6 %ependency (7arth fro' own grave) occasiona*) dai*y) Q-6,R6 %raining (#u'an b*ood) co''on) i**ega*) Q-1,R6 %read (Re*igious sy'bo*s) occasiona*) > yards) Q-1AR6 %read (Running water) co''on) Q-=,R6 %read ("a*t) co''on) Q-=,R6 4rightens Ani'a*s Q-1,R6 0nfectious Attac. Q->R6 Lifebane Q-1,R6 1octurna* Q-=,R6 "ocia* "tig'a (%ead) Q-=,R6 "upernatura* 4eatures (1o Body #eatT) 1o Ref*ection) 1o "hadow) !a**orT) Q-=6R6 ncontro**ab*e Appetite (B*ood) (1=) Q-1>R6 nhea*ing (!artia*) can hea* using Leech) Q-=,R6 ;u*nerabi*ity ("ta.e through heart) rare) +=) Q-1,R6 5ea.ness (#o*y water) occasiona*) 1d?'in) (Reduced Ti'e 1) G=,@) Q-=AR6 5ea.ness ("un*ight) very co''on) 1d?'in) Q-6,R& Racially %nnate Spells: Ani'a* Contro* (Rats) (#) 0HG> Q=AR-166 Beast "u''oning (Rats) (#) 0HG> Q=AR-166 Body /f Air (#) 0HGA Q=,R-1>& 'eat(res: Can be turned using True 4aith Q,R6 %read (Gar*ic) Q,R6 Regains body heat and *oses pa**or te'porari**y after feeding Q,R6 "teri*e Q,R&

/ 20 /

EvansmithA Michi!an 2#o#0 4A6=95

/ 21 /

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