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Aboriginals are us Aliens are them HOLIANS versus HELLIONS Ignorance our Albatross Truth our Ammo their

Alamo Understanding Infidels makes sense when dealing with Abrahamic made roblems Holians holier than thou as !od is m" witness a matter of #it to wit IT Invincible Triad Humanit" $S irit %orce Law& 'ule of Law

SPIRIT: strength, courage, character, guts, will, strength of mind, fortitude, FORCE
HOLIANS Home(grown Original Local Indigenous Aboriginal Native Solidarit" www)*ots+,-.)com Occult /rushers www)Infidels+,-.)com All in one or none
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United Nations Alien 6ionist Insidious *u ets
The Star of 7avid in the Leningrad /ode89 -,,4 /E
U on inde endence in -:.49 the new ;ewish state was formall" named Medinat Yisrael9 or the State of Israel9 after other ro osed historical and religious names including Eretz Israel $<the Land of Israel<&9 6ion9 and ;udea9 were considered and re=ected)>+2? In the earl" weeks of inde endence9 the government chose the term <Israeli< to denote a citi@en of Israel9 with the formal announcement made b" Ainister of %oreign Affairs Aoshe Sharett)>+B? The name Israel has historicall" been used9 in common and religious usage9 to refer to the biblical Cingdom of Israel or the entire ;ewish nation)>+5? According to the Hebrew Dible the name <Israel< was given to the atriarch ;acob $Standard Yisraʾel9 IsrāʾīlE Se tuagint !reek0 ἸFGHIJIsraēlE

<struggle with !od<



after he successfully wrestled with the angel f the L rd!>+:?
;acobKs twelve sons became the ancestors of the Israelites9 also known as the Twelve Tribes of Israel or Children of Israel) ;acob and his sons had lived in /anaan but were forced b" famine to go into Eg" t for four generations until Aoses9 a great(great grandson of ;acob9>3,? led the Israelites back into /anaan during the <E8odus<) The earliest archaeological artifact to mention the word <Israel< is the Aerne tah Stele of ancient Eg" t $dated to the late -3th centur" D/E&)>3-?

The area is als "n wn as the $eing h

H ly Land# ly f r all A$raha%ic religi ns including ;udaism9 /hristianit"9 Islam
and the DahLKM %aith)

Habitual liars NE#S N Never Ending #ar Stor"
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An h nest &ew tells the Truth

AE N Aother Earth the Hol" Land of HOLIANS According to some theories of democrac"9 o ular sovereignt" is the founding rinci le of such a s"stem) >3? However9 the democratic rinci le has also been e8 ressed as <the freedom to call something into being which did not e8ist before9 which was not givenS and which therefore9 strictl" s eaking9 could not be known)<>.? This t" e of freedom9 which is connected to human <natalit"9< or the ca acit" to begin anew9 sees democrac" as <not onl" a olitical s"stemS >but? an ideal9 an as iration9 reall"9 intimatel" connected to and de endent u on a icture of what it is to be humanTof what it is a human should be to be full" human)<>2? HOLIANS do not need to aint the icture of what IT is to be full" human for #e are One Truthers vs %ork tongued re tilians Our red brothers and sisters attem ted to tell us so long ago9 but now we see and hear for self See them on /*A/ erha s onl" one tine noticed la"ing same tune other tine in cheek side to side attem ting straight face a ear ale 'etire all oliticians immediatel" for onl" then TNT Time Necessar" Think htt 011www)"outube)com1watchOvPhQ,BnI,.=,g Two e8tra terrestrials are working with the American government And the" decided 'etired /anadian 7efense Ainister *aul Hell"er should wra it u for the truths of Hell"er was hell to all still on the =ob How %reedom of Information works US Air %orce htt 011www)"outube)com1watchOvP5gLR46BvlUU Evidence for the Tall #hite Aliens
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htt 011www)"outube)com1watchOvPV-!'Vg"7w!g Noam /homsk" on the State /or orate /om le8 ( A Threat to %reedom and Survival htt 011www)"outube)com1watchOvP8,kg!-VBRn, Noam /homsk" ( US Israeli /rimes Against *alestine $%ULL&