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Vergil - Aeneid 1 Lines 1 - 11: Vergil’s statement of the theme of the poem is followed by the invocation to the Muse and

by the mention of Carthage, Juno’s beloved city. I sing of arms and the man, exiled by fate, who first from the coasts of Troy came to Italy and the Lavinian shores; he was much buffeted by land and sea by the violence of the gods, through the unforgetting anger of cruel Juno; and [5] he also suffered much in war until he should found a city and bring his gods into Latium, from where came the Latin race, the Alban fathers, and the walls of lofty Rome. O Muse, tell me the causes, of how the divine will was violated, or why the queen of the gods was angered, and why she drove a man, [10] famous for his piety, to traverse so many perils and to enter into so many toils. Can there be so much anger in the hearts of the heavenly gods? Lines 12 – 38 The history of Juno’s enmity to the Trojans - her dear city Carthage was threatened by a decree of the Fates to be destroyed by a Trojan race, and she hated Troy’s people ever since the insult set upon her by the judgement of Paris. There was an ancient city, Tyrian colonists held it, Carthage, opposite Italy and the distant mouth of the river Tiber, rich in wealth and most ruthless in the pursuits of war; [15] Juno is said to have loved this one place more than all lands, even more than Samos; here was her armour, here was her chariot; that here the goddess intended to be the capital for the nations, if the fates would allow it in any way, and already she cherished it. But indeed she had heard that a race was springing from Trojan blood to one day overthrow the Tyrian towers [20]; henceforth a people ruling far and wide and proud in war would come for the destruction of Libya; thus the Fates were unrolling. The daughter of Saturn, fearful of this, and mindful of the old war she had long since fought at Troy for her beloved Argos - [25] not yet even had the reasons for her anger and her bitter resentment left her mind: deep in her heart remained stored the Judgement of Paris, and the injustice of her slighted beauty, and the race she hated, and the honours paid to the ravished Ganymede. Inflamed with all this besides, she was keeping at a distance far away [30] from Latium the Trojans who had been tossed on all the sea, the ones left by the Greeks and pitiless Achilles, and they were wandering, throughout many years, driven by the fates, over all the seas. So vast was the struggle to found the Roman race! Hardly out of sight of the land of Sicily they were spreading their sails happily for the open sea, [35] and with their bronze prows, they were churning the sea to foam, when Juno, nursing the eternal wound deep in her breast, said this to herself: “What! Am I, defeated, to give up my undertaking, am I not able to keep the king of the Trojans away from Italy?”

But I. the all-powerful Father hid them in black caves. [75] she may spend all her years with you and make you the father of beautiful offspring.” . and the loveliest of them in form is Deiopea. Was not Pallas Athene able to burn the Argive fleet and sink it in the sea.Lines 39 – 49 Juno. son of Oileus? She herself. Turning over such things in her burning heart to herself. Ajax. and muses that in her humiliation of failing to stop the Trojans. seized that man in a hurricane. no one would worship her. Juno. or as a suppliant lay offerings on her altars? Lines 50 – 64 Juno visits the cave of Aeolus. carrying Troy into Italy and its vanquished household gods. fearful of this. as a suppliant. and I will join her to you in lawful wedlock and I will make her your very own. soliloquizes angrily on her humiliating position. and both the sister and wife of Jove. Here King Aeolus in his vast cavern keeps under his sway the brawling winds and the howling storms and he restrains them with prison chains. Immensely flattered. having hurled Jupiter’s swift fire from the clouds. they would surely carry off with them impetuously seas and lands and the deep sky and they would sweep them though space. for to you the father of the gods and the king of men has given the power to calm the waves and to raise them by the wind. and heaped over them high mountain masses. he agrees. [60] But. Lord of the Winds. a place teeming with the raging winds of the South. She speaks of Minerva’s retribution on Oilean Ajax as a model of revenge. offering a beautiful nymph as a bride if he does her will. If he didn’t do so. I have fourteen nymphs of outstanding beauty. [65] “Aeolus. am waging war with one race for so many years! Will anyone call upon the power of Juno in the future. overwhelm and sink their ships. gave them a king who should know how to tighten and loosen the reins when commanded. scattered the boats and disturbed the sea with the winds. while with his chest pierced he was breathing out flames and impaled him on a sharp crag. a race hateful to me is sailing the Tyrrhenian sea. [70] or drive the men asunder and scatter their bodies over the sea. so that if you do me this service. then addressed him with these words: Lines 65 – 80 Juno asks Aeolus to cause a storm. on account of crime and frenzy of one man. I am forbidden by the fates. the goddess came to Aeolia. and. who walk as queen of the gods. motherland of storm-clouds. Aeolus sits in his lofty citadel holding his sceptre and he soothes their spirits and he tempers their rage. under a fixed treaty. [55] They roar in protest around their fortress with the mighty rumbling of the mountain. seeing the Trojans cheerfully voyaging on from Sicily. drive force into the winds. For sure.

Suddenly the clouds snatched away the sky and the daylight from the eyes of the Trojans. my duty is to carry out your orders. strikes full on his sail and lifts the waves to the stars. shrieking from the North wind. The storm has mastered [120] now the strong ship of Ilioneus. Some of the men hang on the crest of the waves. and they blow over the lands in a hurricane. bravest of the race of the Greeks! Why could I not have fallen on the fields of Troy and breathed out this life at your right hand. So he spoke. The Trojans. he thus cried aloud: “O three times and four times blessed are those [95] whose fate it was to die before the faces of their fathers beneath the high walls of Troy.” Lines 81 – 123 Aeolus releases the winds. [85] the East and the South winds together. the surging seethes with sand.[110] a huge ridge topping the sea. [90] The heavens thundered and the sky thick with lightning flashed. Here and there swimmers are seen in the vast ocean. and then the prow swings round and gives its side to the waves. The South wind snatched three ships and hurled them on hidden rocks . a pitiable sight. the winds. with the side joints loosened. The storm falls violently upon the ships. when look. The oars snap. to others the yawning sea reveals its seabed amid the waves. Aeneas laments that he did not die at Troy. face death. and the South-West thick with storms. Before the very eyes of Aeneas a huge toppling wave strikes full on the stern one ship which was carrying the Lycians and faithful Orontes. and they roll the vast waves towards the shore. you grant me to recline at the feasts of the gods. the East wind forces three ships from the deep into shallows and the sandbanks of the Syrtes. whatever it is. now the ship of brave Achates. [105] there follows on in a heap a sheer mountain of water. [80] and you make me powerful over the storm-clouds and storms. and the ship in which Abas sailed. and everything threatened instant death to the men. but then three times in the same spot the ship is whirled round and round by the wave and a devouring whirlpool engulfs it in the sea. black night brooded over the sea. and many are wrecked. where the Simois seizes and sweeps beneath its waves so many shields and helmets and bodies of brave men?” As he is flinging forth such words a gust. fierce Hector lies. where. O Queen. O son of Tydeus. They swooped down upon the sea. and Trojan treasure. under the spear of Achilles. and the ship in which Aletes of great age sailed. caught in a hurricane. rush forth where a way is given. as if in a formed column. and planks. It is thanks to you that I have this kingdom. and dashes them on shoals and surrounds them with a heap of sand. and amid the waves the armour of the men. is to search out what you desire. . Suddenly the limbs of Aeneas grew weak with chilling dread. There followed the shouting of men and the creaking of ropes. he groaned and lifting his palms upwards to the the Italians call the Altars which are in the middle of the waves .Aeolus said this in reply: “Your task. all let in the hostile flood and gaped at every seam. [115] the helmsman is dashed out and swept away head first. and from its lowest depths they upheaved it all. [100] where mighty Sarpedon lies. and have the sceptre and favour of Jupiter. and turning his spear he struck the hollow mountain on its side.

he raised his gentle head from the crest of the wave. . they fall silent. under whose summits the waters are still and safe. Cymothoe and Triton working at the same time pushed off the ships from sharpened crags. Just has when often in a great nation dissention breaks out and the common crowd rages with passion and now torches and rocks are flying . Aeolus may officiate in his palace. and inside fresh spring water and seats of natural stone. He then sets about calming the sea with the help of Triton and Cymothoe. they find a safe refuge. and brought out the sun again. On this side and that vast cliffs and twin crags loom into the sky. [165] then. and he soothed the swollen sea sooner than he had finished speaking. He saw the fleet of Aeneas tossed about over the whole of the sea. is a scene of shimmering woods and a dark grove overhangs with quivering shade. Away with you. He summoned the East and the West winds to him .their rage supplies weapons. and flying behind in his chariot gives reins. hurry. The exhausted followers of Aeneas strained to head for at speed the nearest land. worn out. if perchance they catch sight of a man heavy with piety and good services. a lovely natural harbour. and to raise such great masses of water? You whom I .thus the whole din of the ocean fell silent. and speak this to your king: it is not to him power over the ocean and the pitiless trident was given by lot but to me. and that a storm had been sent forth. There is a place in a deep inlet: an island forms a harbour [160] with the barrier of its sides. he governs their spirits with words and soothes their hearts . o east wind. o winds. Meanwhile Neptune seriously disturbed felt that the sea was being churned with a great rumbling.Lines 124 – 156 Neptune notices that an unauthorised storm has arisen and realises it is Juno’s doing. So he spoke. and glided over the vast waves with light chariot wheels. and stand by with attentive ears. holds immense rocks. after the father looking down on the sea from heaven and carried through the clear sky turns his horses. and sends a message to Aeolus not to meddle with the sea. and looking out from the deep. nor did the stratagems and anger of Juno did escape the notice of her brother. and rule in the closed prison of the winds. Under the headland opposite is a cave of hanging rocks.but it is better to soothe the agitated waves. You will atone for your crimes to me another time with a different punishment. above that. the Trojans crushed by the waves and the downfall of the sky. and laid bare the vast sandbanks of the Syrtes. do you dare to disturb heaven and earth. He. and from the lowest depths still waters flowed back. and they set course for the coast of Libya. Lines 157 – 179 The Trojans. put to flight the gathered clouds. and calmed the sea. Neptune himself raised them with his trident. where you have your home. then. where every wave from the deep is broken and divides itself into diminished ripples. they make a fire and start to prepare a meal. make for land. He sternly rebukes the winds. and spoke such things as follows: “Does so great a confidence in your birth hold you? Now against my will.

where the fates promise a quiet home. Others placed bronze cauldrons on the shore and lit fires. and made the number equal with his ships. Aeneas took shelter. to this place it is divine law that the kingdoms of troy will rise again. they flay the hides from the ribs and lay bare the entrails. From here he made for the harbour. spoiled by the waves. And perhaps it will please you to remember these things one day. then he shared out the wine which the good Acestes had stowed in casks and the illustrious man had given on the Trinacrian shore to them as they were departing. Meanwhile Aeneas climbed a crag and searched the whole view far and wide to the ocean. the whole herd followed these from behind. darts which faithful Achates carried. and distributed it to all his allies. weary after their labours. O you who have suffered more serious things. first he scattered the leaders themselves. “O friends. Lines 180 – 222 Aeneas climbs the cliffs. and they prepare to scorch with flame the rescued grain and to grind it on stone. they take out the corn of Ceres. with their high heads of branching antlers. Endure and save yourselves for better times. for we were not unacquainted with evils before. and whipped up a flame in the tinder. and laid dry fuel all around. and soothed their lamenting hearts with his words. others cut it into trembling slices and skewer it on spits. You have faced both rabid Scylla and her deep echoing caves. The famished Trojans feast cheerfully and then they talk of their lost companions. and they put on the shore their limbs drenched with brine. or of Capys or the arms of Caicus on his high stern. and he stifled the pain deep in his heart. We are making for Latium through so many various perils and through dangers of the circumstances.the home of the nymphs. and the tools of Ceres. if he might see any trace of Atheus. send away gloomy fear. then he breaks up the rest of the whole crowd driving them with his shafts between the leafy groves. Aeneas stopped and he seized both a bow and swift arrows in his hand. vainly looking seawards for further survivors. although inside he is despondent. tossed about by the wind and the Phrygian biremes. nor did he stop before the victor spread out on the ground seven huge bodies. He kills some stags and carries them back to his men. Then. god will also give an end to these circumstances. These men applied themselves to their game and to the coming banquet. and were grazing along the valley in a long line. [175] and caught the fire in leaves. and disembarking with great longing for the land the Trojan gained possession of the longed-for beach. . here no chains hold weary ships. There was no ship in sight. no anchor with its hooked bite fastens them. summon your courage. First of all Achates struck a spark from flint. So he spoke such things and sick with his immense troubles he feigned hope with his expression. comforting them with words of hope. [170] Here with seven ships mustered from all his fleet. and you have endured the Cyclops’ rocks. but he saw three deer on the shore wandering about.

and then he spoke as follows: “Spare your fear. your offspring.Aeneas will found his destined city. we have lost our ships (it is unspeakable!) and because of the anger of one we are betrayed and kept far from the shores of Italy. whether to believe that they were alive. stopped at the highest point of the sky thus. having escaped from the middle of the Greeks. what have the Trojans been able to do. And now the feast was ended. [240] now the same misfortune follows these men driven on by so many disasters. The father of men and gods smiling on her [255] with the look with which he brightens the sky and clears up storms. and moving between hope and fear. I used to console myself with this for the fall of Troy and the sad ruins. And while he was turning over in his heart such cares. from the restored blood of Teucer. Lines 223 . His purpose is unchanged . imploring him in tears to end Aeneas’ sufferings and to allow him to reach Italy. Under a great Caesar. War will be enchained and Peace will triumph. to whom. or that they endured the most extreme things and that they no longer heard their summonings.253: Venus comes to Jupiter. and Romans of Trojan stock will become lords of the world. O father. they discuss with long conversation their missing allies. when Jupiter looking down from the height of heaven on the sea flying with sails and the lands lying below and [225] the shores and the far spread peoples. now he lives settled in tranquil peace: [250] but as for us. [245] from where through nine mouths with a mountain’s mighty roar. after suffering so many deaths. now of Amycus and the cruel fate of Lycus with him and brave Gyas and brave Cloanthus. However he founded the city of Padua as a home for his Trojans and gave a name to the race and dedicated the arms of Troy. O great king. weighing one destiny against another. my lady from Cythera: the destiny of your descendants remains . and go beyond the spring of the Timavus. her shining eyes brimming with tears: “O you who rule the affairs of men and of gods with your eternal laws. kissed his daughter lightly on the lips. Pious Aeneas lamented most of all now the fall of fierce Orontes. rather sad. [235] the Romans would be leaders. and fixed his eyes on the kingdom of Libya. who would hold the sea. to whom you grant the heights of heaven. what thing so great has my Aeneas been able to do against you. what thought has changed you? Indeed. [230] and you who terrify with your lightning.Then they recovered their strength with nourishment and spread out on the grass took their fill of old wine and rich game meat. After hunger was driven out with their feast and the tables were set aside. who would hold the lands with all power. could safely make his way into the Illyrian gulfs and the innermost realms of the Liburnians.296: Jupiter comforts his daughter with a smile and a kiss. the whole world is closed off because of Italy? Having promised for sure that from here one day as the years roll by. what end do you give to their labours? Antenor. a sea of water bursts out and covers the fields with a sounding ocean. Is this the reward for piety? Is it thus that you restore us to greatness?” Lines 254 . spoke to him. as he surveys the world. Venus.

He replies that he has not. Him. harsh Juno. At once he carries out his orders. [265] until a third summer has seen him reigning in Latium and three winters have passed since the Rutulians were laid low. I will speak. disguised as a young huntress. silver-haired Faith and Vesta and Quirinus with his brother Remus will administer justice. will be closed. On them I impose no limits of time nor place. will change to better counsels. [285] and will hold dominion over the vanquished Argos. he too will be called upon in prayers. will give birth to twin offspring. There will come a day. and will found the walls of Mars. and he sent down from on high the son of was Ilus while the kingdom of Troy stood firm in sovereignty .unchanged for you. will roar hideously with his bloody mouth. with wars laid aside the years of bitterness will become soft. Furthermore.334: Aeneas goes to reconnoitre. [280] who now in her fear troubles the sea and the lands and the sky. who now receives the surname Iulus. a royal priestess. From this noble stock there will be born a Trojan Caesar. since this worry gnaws repeatedly at you. his hands shackled behind his back with a hundred brazen knots. ignorant of destiny. the race that wears a toga. [290] you will welcome to heaven. pregnant by Mars. [300] should bar them from her territory: through the great expanse of hair he flies on the oarage of wings and speedily alights on the shores of Libya. This your son (for. [295] sitting on savage weapons. above all the queen takes on a gentle mind and kind purpose towards the Trojans. so that the lands and citadels of newly-built Carthage may open in hospitality to the Trojans. further unrolling the secrets of the fates I will disclose more) will wage a huge war in Italy and he will crush to pieces fierce tribes and he will set up customs and city walls for his people. [275] Then Romulus. inside impious Rage. and. and asks if he has seen another huntress pass by. will receive the people. So he spoke. [260] and you will take great-hearted Aeneas high up to the stars of heaven. his fame with the stars. and will call the people Romans after his own name. joyful in the tawny hide of the she-wolf. the Gates of War. Then. Lines 296 . . thus it has been decreed. as the years glide by. a name passed down from the great Iulus. you will see the city of Lavinium and its promised walls.304: Jupiter sends Mercury to Carthage. But the boy Ascanius. anxious no more. and with me will cherish the Romans.will fulfil in empire thirty long years while the months roll along [270] and he will transfer his kingdom from its seat at Lavinium. in days to come. to bound his empire by the ocean. no thought has changed my mind. Julius. Lines 305 . grim with iron and close-fitting seams. in case Dido. laden with the spoils of the East. . and with the divine will the Phoenicians lay aside their savage thoughts. the rulers of the world. I have given them dominion without end. and asks her to tell him what country he has reached. his nurse. when the house of Assaracus will reduce Phthia and famous Mycenae to slavery. and he will fortify with great power Alba Longa. to ensure that Dido will treat the Trojans kindly. his mother meets him. Here then for three hundred unbroken years will the kingdom endure under Hector’s race until Ilia.

[355] and he . You see the Carthaginian realm. young men. whoever you are. Pygmalion.[330] be gracious. richest of the Phoenicians in gold. holds sway. and tells him the story of Dido. more monstrous in crime beyond all others. “Hey there. but I shall trace the main outlines of the story. on what coasts of the world are we cast.” Lines 335 . set out. [240] Dido. grasping in his hand two spears tipped with broad steel. many a victim will fall by our right hands at your altars. we are wandering. [315] wearing the face and dress of a young girl. and he was heedless of his sister’s love. [325] Thus spoke Venus. and the weapons of a young girl. and thus in reply began the son of Venus: “None of your sisters have I heard or seen – but how am I to address you. [320] with her knee bare and her flowing dress gathered in a knot. lifting up his pale face with the strange pallor of the dead. accompanied just by Achates. pray. driven here by the wind and the huge waves. and then to bring back the news to his comrades. But her brother Pygmalion held the kingdom of Tyre. And for a long time he hid the deed and by pretending much in his wickedness he deceived the love-sick lover with empty hope. [350] struck down secretly with a sword Sychaeus who was unaware. He hides the fleet in a covered arch of trees under overhanging rocks. and inform us. amid the forest. the winding story is long. who dwells there. tell me if by chance you have seen one of my sisters wandering about here. Across his path. a race not easy to handle in war. impiously before the altars. closely encircled by trees and quivering shade: he himself. Knowing nothing of the people or the place. whether man or wild beasts. who came from the city of Tyre. and to learn to what coasts he has come with the wind. and blinded by his lust for gold. and he was greatly loved [in love] by the unhappy Dido. came his mother. or pressing with shouting the track of a foaming boar”. the Tyrians and the city of Agenor. as soon as kindly light was given. For from her shoulders she had a light bow hanging in the style of a hunting girl and she had given her hair to the winds to scatter. Her husband was Sychaeus. for he sees just wasteland. And she spoke first. O maiden? For your face is not mortal nor does your voice sound human: O goddess surely – are you the sister of Phoebus? Or are you one of the race of nymphs? . But in her sleep came the very ghost of her unburied husband. escaping her brother. Between the two men came frenzy. beneath what sky. [335] Then Venus replied: “Indeed I do not consider myself worthy of such honour: it is the custom of Tyrian girls to wear the quiver.[305] But dutiful Aeneas. and had joined her to him with the due rites of a first marriage. equipped with quiver and wearing the skin of a spotted lynx. either a Spartan or one such as Thracian Harpalyce when she out-tires horses or outstrips the fast-flying Hebrus in flight. and to bind their ankles high with purple boots. The tale of injustice is long.360: Venus tells Aeneas where he is. but the bordering territory is Libyan. considering very many things through the night. and lighten our burden. decided to go out and to explore this new land. [345] to whom her father had given her as a virgin.

and they filled them with gold. To her asking such questions. if by chance the name of troy has reached your ears. and the race from highest Jove. a storm drove us by accident to the Libyan coasts. and it has been driven into safety by shifting winds. and they bought only as much as they could enclose with the hide of a bull. Those who had savage hatred or bitter fear of the tyrant came together. and from that they called it Byrsa. unless my parents have falsely taught me augury in vain. an incalculable weight of silver and of gold. enduring no more of this lamenting interrupted in the middle of his grief thus: Lines 387 . Dido began to prepare her escape and her companions. shattered by the waves and the East wind. following the fate given to me. my fame is known to the heavens above. not. See twelve swans in a joyful line.386 Aeneas tells Venus who he is.392 “Whoever you are. [360] Alarmed by this. who are you then. from what shores have you come. they seized ships which by chance were ready. that the eagle of Jove having glided from the heavenly heights disturbs in the open sky. I seek an Italian homeland. Vesper would before shut day away in closed Olympus. with my goddess mother showing the way. a woman became a leader. what path do you keep?” Summary 361 . Go now and take yourself off from here to the queen’s d oor. and he revealed all the secret crime of the house. But you. you who draw the breath of life and have come to the Tyrian city. Seven barely survived. they play on .laid bare the cruel altars. With twenty ships I embarked upon the Phrygian sea. and his chest pierced with the sword. carried over the varied seas from Troy. if I were to proceed retracing the tale from the very beginning and there were time to hear the records of our labours. I am pious Aeneas.” Venus. I myself. now in a long row they seem either to have settled on land or gaze down at the ones who are already settled. driven from Europe and Asia. and the calamities he has suffered on the path which his mother has shown him to take. We are from ancient troy. returning. unknown and in need traverse the Libyan deserts. Aeneas with a sigh drew his words from the depths of his heart: “O goddess. hateful to the gods. the riches of greedy Pygmalion were carried on the ocean. As. They came to the places where now you see huge walls and a citadel of newly built Carthage rising. who carries with me in my fleet my Penates snatched from the enemy. and as a help for her journey he brought her to light from the earth ancient treasures. [390] For I tell you that your companions are restored and your fleet returned. Then he urged her to hasten her escape and to leave her native land. I believe.

[430] Just as bees in early summer amid flowery meadows. he followed her as she was running away with such a voice: “You too are cruel. and to roll up rocks by hand.” Summary 393 . and from her head her hair breathed the divine fragrance of ambrosia. . [435] a lazy herd. The Tyrians pressed on eagerly. “Happy are they whose walls are already rising!” cried Aeneas. for having deceived him. Aeneas marvelled at the size of it. The choose laws and magistrates and a holy senate. Make haste now. when the work keeps them busy in the sunshine when they bring out the grown-up young of their race. and happily floats away to Pathos. huts once.440: Aeneas and Achates quickly go ahead. turn your steps. Venus hides Aeneas and Achates in a cloud of mist. [420] and looked down from above upon the opposite towers. as busy as disciplined bees. so do your ships and your crews either hold the port or enter the mouth with full sail. he marvelled at the gates and the din and the paved streets. out of the hive: the work is all aglow and the fragrant honey is redolent of thyme. She herself went away high to Paphos and joyfully revisited her home. and lifted his eyes up towards the roofs of the city. here some are digging a harbour. and by what way the path leads you. fitting adornment for the stage to be. in case anyone could see them. or pack the oozing honey and swell the cells with sweet nectar. and they hew out of the cliffs huge columns. or someone could touch them. and he turned his steps to the city: But Venus enclosed them with a dark fog as they were walking. And soon they were climbing the large hill which towered large over the city. or receive the loads of their coming in. When he recognised his mother. some to lay out the line of walls. and from a hilltop they marvel at the sight of the Tyrians building their city.noisy wings and circle the sky and utter their song. Meanwhile Aeneas and Achates hurried on their way where the pathway pointed. here others lay deep foundations for a theatre. She spoke and turning her rose-tinted throat she shone again. though Aeneas shouts after her angrily. why do you toy with you son so often with false disguises? Why is it not allowed to join hand in hand and to hear and give back true words?” He blamed her with such words. and a hundred altars burned with Sabaean incense. and cause them delay. or in a martial column keep the drones. Lines 418 . where her temple was. and the goddess spread around them a thick covering of mist. demand the reasons of their coming. her robe flowed down to the bottom of her feet. or to build the citadel.417 Venus reveals herself in all her beauty and majesty. and with her gait she laid bare the truth of her godhood. and were fragrant with fresh garlands. [420] some to choose a site for a building and to demarcate it with a ditch.

He sees the battles at Troy in order. an illstarred boy. the rafters were bound with bronze. and to have greater trust in is stricken fortunes. rich with gifts and the power of the goddess. and he clings face up to the empty chariot. and mingled with the men. So he spoke. is there now what region on earth is not full of our toils? See Priam! Here virtue also has its reward. in which first the Carthaginians tossed about by the waves and a hurricane in the place which queenly Juno had indicated dug up a sign.493 They find a grove in the heart of Carthage. so wonderful to tell. and nourished his spirit with empty pictures. to which the bronze thresholds were rising with steps. and the hinges creaked with bronze doors. Release your fear. humbly mournful and beating their breasts with fists. and the famous war now known throughout the whole world. the sons of Atreus and Priam and Achilles angry with both. crested Achilles harassing them in his chariot. the fierce head of a horse. and bearing a sacred robe.Summary 441 . while waiting for the queen. on this side the Phrygians flee. He brought himself enclosed by the cloud. The goddess turned away and kept her eyes fixed on the ground. For under the huge temple he examined each thing. groaning much. which the son of Tydeus betrayed at the time of first sleep and ravaged cruelly with much slaughter. and unequally having come to meet Achilles in battle is dragged by his horses. most delightful with shade. On some part Troilus fleeing. Achates. the skill and artifice among them and the product of their labour. A sacred grove was in the middle of the city. with his weapons lost. and wet his face with long streaming tears. He stopped and said crying “what place. Here first in the grove a new matter arose and calmed his fear. his neck and hair were dragged through the ground and the dust was marked by his backwards facing spear. And not far off he recognises through his tears the white canvassed tents of Rhesus. where a temple to Juno is being built. Here Sidonian Dido was building a huge temple of Juno. Meanwhile to the temple of hostile Pallas the Trojan women went with loose locks. and was not seen by anyone. and turned his fiery horses into the camp. yet grasping the reins. the Trojan youth pursuing them. before they had eaten Trojan food and drunk the waters of the Xanthus. this fame brings some safety. here first Aeneas dared to hope for his safety. through the middle of them. For he saw the Greeks waging war around Pergamum on this side fleeing. . for thus they would be a race eminent in war and rich in provisions throughout the ages. while he marvels at the prosperity of the city. on its walls they see depicted many scenes from the Trojan war. these are the tears of things and mortal sorrows touch the heart.

and is rooted to the spot in one fixed gaze. for the chosen men were coming for all the ships. He recognised himself too mingled with the chiefs of the Argives. urging on the work and the kingdom about to be. she carries a bow from her shoulder and walking she rises above all goddesses. but they mean no harm to Carthage. and presides over the business of the city. bearing herself like such joyfully through the middle of the people. most beautiful in form. and Priam holding out his weaponless hands.519 While Aeneas marvels at the pictures (still invisible in the mist Venus has set around him) Dido comes into the temple. Then indeed he gave a loud groan from the depth of his heart. while he astonished. the queen. After they entered . Suddenly he sees some of his lost companions arrive. Just as Diana. Sergestus and brave Cloanthus approaching and other Trojans. Raging Penthesilea led the lines of the Amazons with crescent shields. While these wonderments were seen by Dardanian Aeneas.560 Aeneas hears Ilioneus. a golden girdle fastened her bared breasts. and shone out in the middle of the soldiers. joy seizes Latona’s silent heart. the senior of them all. beautiful as Diana. and the Ethiopians battle lines and the weapons of black Memnon. Summary 520 . and as a maid she dared to do battle with men.Three times Achilles had dragged Hector around the walls of Troy. as he caught sight of the spoils. They stayed hidden and covered in the deep fog they spied what fortune there was for the men. whom a thousand mountain nymphs follow and gather on this side and that. a warrior woman. or along the ridges of Cynthus guides her dancing chorus. and they sought the temple with shouting. just that they want permission to refit their ships and go on their way. the chariot. why they came. asking for the queen’s favour. they eagerly longed to clasp their hands. Then enclosed by weapons and resting upon a high throne she sat at the doors of the goddess. and Achates was too shocked at the same time by hope and by fear. and the body of his friend himself. just so was Dido. Summary 493 . on what shore they left the fleet. She gave justice and laws to the men and she shared out equally the labour of work with just portions or she handed it out by lot: When suddenly Aeneas saw in the great gathering Atheus. and was selling his lifeless body for gold. Dido. explaining who they are. and had carried far off to other shores. under the middle of the temple dome. asking for mercy. but the unexpected matter confused their spirits. on the banks of the river Eurotas. proceeded with a great crowd of youths crowded together. He himself was gobsmacked. whom the dark hurricane had scattered on the sea.

Harsh events and the newness of my kingdom force me to act in such a manner. There are also cities and arms in the lands of Sicily. Trojans. She will send a search-party to find Aeneas whom she would so much like to see.578 Dido promises to send the Trojans safely on their way. there is not the strength in these minds. an ancient land. than whom no one was more just and greater in piety nor greater in war and with weapons. Then Dido casting down her gaze. we wretched Trojans. her city will be theirs. either to Italy or Sicily. nor arrogance so great in the conquered. we few have sailed to this place on your shores. and there is no longer any hope remaining in Iulus. the greatest Ilioneus began thus with a calm heart: “o Queen. and he scattered us completely with the bold south winds and through the waves with an overwhelming surge and along impassable rocks. keep terrible flames away from our ships. But if they would like to live in Carthage. and to protect my boundaries far . beg you. Ilioneus spoke with such words. they stir up war. We have not come either to lay waste to the Libyan households with the sword. the Greeks call Hesperia. There is a place. and he does not yet lie dead with the cruel shades. you would not regret first striving in kindness. and distinguished Acestes is from Trojan blood. If the fates protect that man. to whom Jupiter has given a new city to found and to rein in with justice proud peoples. and it is granted to set course for Italy. Our king was Aeneas. If however our saviour is lost and the sea of Libya has you the best father of the Trojans. May we lead in our fleet weakened by the winds and fit it with timber from trees and to shape oars. When suddenly stormy Orion rising up in the tide carried us on the hidden shoals. if he is fed by the heavenly breezes. and look more closely on our affairs. spare our pious people.and they were given leave to speak their minds. as they prefer.” Summary 561 . so we gladly seek Italy and Latium. carried by the winds over all the seas. still hope in the gods remembering right and wrong. The Oenotrian men cared for it. let us at any rate seek the straits of Sicily and the home ready for us from where we were driven to this place and the king Acestes. What race of men is this? What land so barbarous allows this custom? We are kept away from the hospitality of the sand. there is no fear. powerful in arms and fertile soil. and all the Dardanians were shouting with one voice. nor to turn stolen booty to the shore. now a rumour has it that a later race called it Italy from the name of their leader. If you scorn the human race and the mortal arms. shut away your worries. if our allies and king are restored. and first they do not allow us to set foot on the land. spoke briefly: “Release fear from your hearts. This was our course.

and I will help you with my wealth. First Achates addressed Aeneas: “Son of a goddess. One is missing. Who does not know the race of Aeneas. everywhere.and wide with a guard. Trojan Aeneas. What ages so joyful bore you? Who were the parents who produced so great a daughter? . left behind by the Greeks. the men. Whether you choose great Hesperia and the fields of Saturn or the lands of Eryx and the king Acestes. the rest agree with your mother’s words. O you Dido alone pitying the unspeakable labours of Troy. May the gods. and suddenly and unexpectedly for everyone he spoke: “I am here in person. like the beauty skilful hands add to ivory works. Aeneas stood firm and shone in the bright light. “ He had scarcely said this. who does not know the city of Troy. when suddenly the clouds surrounding them parted and vanished into thin air. Trojan and Tyrians will be treated by me with no division. which we ourselves saw submerged in the middle of the waves. if there is any justice anywhere. Aeneas reveals himself to Dido. the radiant light of youth and joyful charm to his eyes. what thought now rises in your mind? You see ever thing safe. if he is cast away and wandering by some wood or town.” Summary 579 . for his mother herself had breathed on her son beautiful hair. It is not in our power to pay you worthy thanks. Aeneas. his face and shoulders similar to a god. both brave Achates and father Aeneas long burned to burst out of the cloud. or when silver or Parian marble is surrounded by yellow gold. nor in the power of the Trojan race whatever and wherever they are. bring a worthy reward for you. your fleet and friends restored. saying that he will remember her always.612 Achates and Aeneas long to make themselves known. if any powers respect pious men. and Venus makes her son as beautiful as a god. whom you seek. Then he addressed the queen thus. The mist suddenly disperses. driven by the same south wind! Indeed I shall send along the shores trusty men and I shall order them to comb the furthest parts of Libya. Do you wish to settle as equals seated with me in these kingdoms? The city which I build is yours. or the fires of such a great war? We Carthaginians do not have minds so blunted nor does the sun yoke his horses so far from the Tyrian city. Would that your king himself were here. bring in your ships. and the mind conscious of right for itself. who are scattered throughout the great world. needy of everything. I shall send you in safety with an escort. snatched away from the Libyan waters. who shares your city and home with us. and on land and the sea exhausted now by every peril. and the brave deeds. Their spirits raised by these words.

a hundred fat lambs with their mothers. and in gold are engraved the brave deeds of the ancestors. she sent no less than twenty bulls with his comrades to the shore. a wonderful gift from her mother Leda: moreover there was a sceptre. and to bring him himself to the city. joyful gifts of the gods. The enemy themselves bore the Trojans with high praise.656 Aeneas sends Achates to fetch Ascanius. telling how she has long known and loved the tale of Troy.” Summary 613 . seeing new kingdoms with the help of Belus. So he spoke. at the same time she led Aeneas into a royal building. then at the man’s perils so great.As long as rivers flow in channels. a hundred of her largest pigs with quivering backs. snatched from the ruins of Troy. Meanwhile. which Illione .. Not ignorant of evil. Sidonian Dido was amazed at the first sight. son of a goddess.642 Dido welcomes Aeneas happily. and he sought his friend Ilioneus with his right hand and Serestes with the left and then the others. which she had taken out from Mycenae when she made for Troy and her unlawful wedding hymns. She takes him into her home. as long as shadows move on hollows of the mountains. a robe stiff with figures in gold. and wanted that they were born of the ancient stock of Trojans. I’ve learned to aid the unfortunate. adorned by Argive Helen. Moreover he ordered him to bring gifts. and proclaimed a divine offering in the temples. young men enter our halls. as long as the sky nourishes the stars. So come. Already from that time the fall of the Trojan city was known to me and your name and the king of the Greeks. Summary 643 . your name and praises will always remain. brave Gyas and brave Cloanthus.” So she spoke. whatever lands summon with me. a very long succession of events traced through so many heroes from the ancient beginning of the race. and spoke thus from her mouth: “What fate follows you. and to bring rich presents for Dido from the ships. But the interior of the palace was arranged in royal luxury and they prepare a banquet in the middle of the hall: covers worked with skill in regal purple. Me too a similar fortune has cast through many labours and willed that I at last find rest in this land. then my father Belus was laying waste to fertile Cyprus and the victor held it in his power. and a cloak bordered with yellow acanthus. honour. Aeneas (for his fatherly love did not suffer his mind to relax) sent swift Achates to the ships to bring this news to Ascanius. In dear Ascanius all his parental care was fixed. and prepares to entertain him magnificently. driven out from his country’s territory. through dangers so great? What force joins you to these vast shores? Are you that Aeneas whom kindly Venus bore to Dardanian Anchises at the water of the Phrygian Simois? And indeed I remember that Teucer came from Sidon. massive silverware on the tables.

Summary 695 . when she gives you a hug and presses sweet kisses. The royal boy prepares to go to the Sidonian city by the summoning of his dear father. and finds the feast just starting. she arranges with Cupid to substitute himself for Ascanius. for sure she feared the doubtful palace and the twin tongued Tyians. remaining from the ocean and the flames of Troy. Therefore she addressed winged Amor with these words: “My son.” Amor obeys the words of his dear mother and takes off his winds. she will not stop with such a great turning point of events. you alone are my strength.had once worn.722 Cupid brings the presents. when royal Dido receives you most joyfully on her lap among royal feast and flowing wine. happy with Achates as a guide. But Venus guides peace and rest through Ascanius’ limbs and the goddess keeping him warm on her bosom raises him into the groves of Idalia. to you I seek refuge and as a suppliant call on your power. bearing gifts. Juno’s anger burns her and her worry comes back persistently at night. breathing sweet shade. Everyone marvels at what he . you might breathe into her hidden fire and deceive her with poison. so that. and rejoicing struts about with Iulus’ walk. It is known to you how your brother Aeneas is cast on the around every shore by the hatred of unjust Juno. so that no divine power can change her. or interrupt things in the middle. and often you have grieved with my pain. where soft marjoram embraces him with flowers.. And now Cupid was going obeying his orders and he bore royal gifts for the Tyrians. my great power. the eldest of Priam’s daughters. So I plan to take in the queen with stratagems and enclose her with the flames of love. I shall lull him to sleep and hide him away above lofty Cythera or above the sacred seat of Idalium. now listen to my thoughts. my greatest care. considered new wiles and new plans in her heart. Phoenician Dido holds him there and delays him with flattering words.694 Venus plots to fire Dido with love for Aeneas. Achates hastening these commands in this way proceeded to the ships Summary 657 . By what way you can do this. how Cupid changed in appearance and face might come in the place of sweet Ascanius and with gifts might inflame the passionate queen. and a necklace of pearls. You. and I fear what may turn about with Juno’s hospitality. no he can know nothing of my trickeries. for not more than one night wear his face in trickery and as a boy assume the known face of the boy. and weave fire in her bones. and a double crown with gems and gold. but she might be held in great love for Aeneas with me. a son who scorns the Typhoean bolts of the greatest father Jupiter. But the lady of Cythera.

This queen demanded a bowl heavy with gems and gold and filled it with wine. and all unknowingly her heart springs to love. Phoenician Dido. and that our children remember it. Servants pour water on their hands. and they recline above purple quilts. Dido. and you o Tyrians. ordered to recline on embroidered cushions. and at the lovely child who brings it. and is placed in their midst. for they say you give laws of hospitality. Inside there are fifty serving girls.” . the queen already has settled herself on a golden couch amid regal canopies. Summary 723 . which Belus and everyone from Belus’ line were accustomed to using. and is equally moved by the boy and the gifts. But he mindful of his Acidalian mother gradually began to erase the memory of Sychaeus and tried with living passion to stir up her mind so long settled and her unaccustomed heart. Iopas sings of the wonders of the universe.brings. and tables were removed. As soon as there was quiet in the banquet. Noise filled the palace. fill the gathering with good cheer. When he came. a hundred other girls and just as many male attendants equal in age to load the tables with the sacrificial food and lay out drinking cups. with her eyes. he sought the queen. then silence fell in the palace. Dido plies Aeneas with eager questions. and they share out Ceres’ bread in baskets. cannot sate her heart and catches fire in her gaze. They marvelled at Aeneas’ gifts. Dido prays that this may be a day of joy for the Tyrians and Trojans. and bring napkins from smooth shorn sheep. Dido cannot keep her eyes off him. may you wish that this day is happy for the Tyrians and those who have set out from Troy. whose task it is to arrange the long feast in order and to tend the hearth flames. Ignorant of how great a god was settled. to her misery. and finally begs for the whole tale of Troy. No less Tyrians came together in crowds along the joyful halls. and the robe and the cloak embroidered with yellow acanthus. and voices roll out through the great halls. When he hung round Aeneas’ neck in his embrace and sated the great love of the deceived father. lit lamps hung down from lacquered gold panels and flaming candles dispelled the night. Already father Aeneas and already the Trojan youth have gathered. they marvelled and Iulus and the face and pretended words of the passionate god. May Bacchus the giver of joy be near and good Juno. And above all the unlucky woman. they set up great wine bowls and wreathed wines with garlands. destined for future ruin. with all her heart clings to him and keeps him warm meanwhile on her lap.756 The feast takes its course. “Jupiter.

from where came the race of men and beasts. now in which armour came the son of Dawn. come on. and the Trojans followed. After the other princes drank. Thus he sang of the wandering moon and the labours of the sun. and your wanderings. he swiftly drained the brimming bowl. for already a seventh summer brings you wandering over all the lands and seas. now how great Achilles was. and tell me from the very beginning. why suns hasten to extinguish themselves in the ocean in winter or which delay stands before them lingering in the nights.” . and he drenched himself with golden plenty. the rainy Hyades and the twin Bears. from where came rain and fire. about the treachery of the Greeks” she said. challenging him. The Tyrians shouted out with applause. “and the downfall of your people. asking many things about Priam.She spoke and poured a liquid offering on the table and was first after the libation to touch the bowl to the tip of her lips. of Arcturus. now what sort horses Diomedes had. No less did unlucky dido spend the night in varied conversation. “Nay. Long haired Iopas whom the greatest Atlas taught played his gilded lyre. many things about hector. and was drinking deep of her love. as a guest. then gave it to Bitias.