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Small Owls

Kristi Tullus,
This tutorial provides a detailed description, with clear step-by-step photos, to make a 6,5 cm ( .6!" tall owl. #attern is written in $n%lish, usin% standard US crochet terminology. Skills required: &in%le crochet stitch, double crochet stitch, triple crochet stitch, chain stitch, slip stitch, increasin% and decreasin%. 'n this tutorial ' will e(plain startin% a piece with ma%ic rin% (ad)ustable loop", *inishin% a piece, )oinin% pieces, knottin% and hidin% yarn tails. Difficulty: easy+ ,ree crochet tutorials are available on my blo%. -oin me on ,acebook to keep up with the latest news, ask advice, share photos and ideas. ,eel *ree to email me with any .uestions. *

Copyright © 2013 TÜ Spire 0ou 120 publish this pattern on your website or blo%, use as a teachin% aid in any *ree class or e-course, or as part o* a *ree crochet pattern. #lease link back to

© 345 T6 &pire

one in each stitch hdc " hal* double crochet stitch dc > double crochet stitch tc " triple crochet stitch ch " chain stitch inc > increase . 8 m/53% (433yds/53%" / 43 ply / 8 wpi / 9: medium. http://sidrun. work in a continuous spiral (e(cept eye patches". • 8 mm (4/5!" sa*ety toy eyes or buttons. beads. 7se a hook as small as possible in order to achieve a ti%ht %au%e that retains stu**in% and does not allow it to show throu%h the *abric. waddin% etc. • 0arn needle. make two sin%le crochet stitches *rom the same stitch inc3 " double increase . ' used worsted wei%ht cotton. Abbreviations: • • • • • • • • • • • • • 1: " number o* the round mr# n " ma%ic rin% . . inc. • 2ll stitches are worked into both loops. crochet two stitches to%ether usin% the invisible decrease method $hdc# dc# dc% & crochet all these stitches into one stitch sc 9. crochet n sin%le crochet stitches into the ad)ustable loop sc > sin%le crochet stitch sc n > make n sin%le crochet stitches. 0ou will need about 4:% or 54m (59yds" o* yarn .:5 mm (7& si/e 4/= .ee © 345 T6 &pire . Materials & Tools: • 0arn. • 7se a stitch marker or a piece o* yarn to mark the end or the be%innin% o* a round. scissors. number o* stitches in a round a*ter *inishin% said round Notes: • ?o not )oin at the end o* each round. 1ove the marker up a*ter completin% each round. • $mbroidery *loss. #ick a crochet hook at least a si/e smaller than su%%ested on yarn label. stitch marker.Small Owl 2 Tip! 0ou can use the same pattern to make lar%er or smaller toys by usin% *iner or bulkier yarn. polyester *iber*ill. • &tu**in% . • <rochet hook. repeat '3() . . unless stated otherwise in the pattern. make three sin%le crochet stitches *rom the same stitch dec > decrease . 4 % *or the body and 5% *or details. 5 . /<" or accordin% to the yarn. wool. *elt.spire.

repeat sc 5. (ou may need to increase or decrease the num#er of chain stitches in the first round. sc 9 sc 6. sc 6 1. sc 5. sc 4 . inc ( . dec. This marks the center of the face. (&'HT %&N' 1: mr. Place a stitch marker (or a piece of yarn) into the 19th stitch on round 11. inc5 ( . sc @. tc. E e )at*+es /) 0or s/fety eyes# st/rt 1ith / ch/in /nd form / ring 0or em2roidered eyes# st/rt 1ith / m/gic ring 4. hdcB. dec. )oin with a slip stitch throu%h the *irst chain to *orm a rin%. Cut the yarn and !eave in the yarn tail. sc 9 1*: sc 49. http://sidrun.: sc. 6 sc. sc 44. tcB (6" (44" Make a slip stitch into the next stitch. 6 2: Asl st. &inish the ed e #y crochetin around it !ith sin le crochet stitches (see pa e )). hdcB. inc5 ( . Asc. "ttach safety eyes and then stuff the #ody. <hain 5. sc 9. Adc. around (:" (49" &asten off cleanly (see pa e ') and !eave in the yarn tails on the !ron side. inc ( 5. )oin with a sl st to *orm a rin% 2: ch 4. 5. &tart the second round with a chain stitch. sc 6 (6" (49" ( " ( @" (5 " EYE PATCH ! sa"et e es Note! %oin all rounds !ith a slip stitch (sl st) to et perfectly round eye patches. 1: ch 5. inc ( 5.12: sc in each stitch 13: sc 43. Adc.spire. leavin a lon tail and dra! the end throu h the stitch. dcB. sc 49. :. dcB. sc 9. Ahdc. dec. (. sc 8 1-: sc. EYE PATCH – embroidered e es Note! %oin all rounds !ith a slip stitch (sl st) to et perfectly round eye patches. inc ( . inc5 ( . inc. Ahdc. tc. sc sc 9. dec. inc ( (6" (44" 1: mr. sc 4@. inc around (49" &asten off cleanly (see pa e ') and !eave in the yarn tails on the !ron side. dec. dec 1(: sc . sc :. Cut the yarn. sc @ 1+: sc 6. dec. dec. <rochet : sin%le crochet stitches into the rin%.Small Owl 3 BODY 1: 2: 3: *: +: mr. ch .ee © 345 T6 &pire . $eave the top seam open for no!. dec. dec. . 6 2: inc ( . sc @. )oin with sl st (:" Make sure your safety toy eyes !ill fit throu h the center snu ly. #E$T %&N' 1: mr. 1ake sure the back bar o* your sa*ety eye will *it throu%h the center snu%ly. )oin with sl st 2: ch 4. dec. sc 5. *asten o** (5 " (53" ( @" ( 6" ( 9" ( 4" ( 3" 3: ch 4. dec. scB.

1ake sure you are satis*ied with the placement o* the eyes be*ore pushin% the washer to © 345 T6 &pire . #lace a stitch marker into the 48th stitch on round 44. between the loops and behind the stitch (the vertical bar". This marks the center o* the *ace. . #ush the sa*ety eyes throu%h the eye patches and the body *abric.inish the last sc. 'nset it throu%h the ne(t stitch *rom back to *ront. 9. 'nsert the needle into the previous stitch *rom the top. http://sidrun. . Crab the yarn and pull until the top loop is the same si/e as other stitches.Small Owl 2) Use this method for / cle/n finish & eye p/tches# 1ings * 4. 5. T+e "a*e 2) 3tt/ch s/fety eyes# se1 on the eye p/tches /nd em2roider the 2e/k /nd eye's) 4.spire. <ut the yarn and pull the yarn tail throu%h the loop. . 5. 2ttach the eyes to either side o* the stitch marker. Thread the yarn tail onto a needle.

you will have to switch the © 345 T6 &pire . 9. This way you can *asten yarn ends securely with knots on the wron% side. 1ake a *ew stitches throu%h the center and sew over the top ed%e. $mbroider the eye(s" and beak with cotton embroidery *loss or a yarn that will not bleed color.inish the last stitch.inish o** cleanly and weave in the yarn tails. draw up a loop. 5. &ew the eye patches to the body. cut the yarn and draw the end throu%h the loop. 5. draw throu%h both loops. %in.spire. 6. &ew the win%s to the body with matchin% yarn. Deave the top seam open. .s /) 4/ke the 1ings /nd finish the edge 2y crocheting /round it 1ith single crochet stitches Se1 the 1ings to the 2ody 4. 'nsert the hook throu%h the *irst stitch. Eeave it in on the wron% side.Small Owl + 9. . . 5. #ull the yarn ti%h a*ter ech stitch to make the stitches smaller. 'ncrease a*ter every two stitches. yarn over. 56! '* you are le*t handed and crochet *rom le*t to ri%ht. <ontinue crochetin% with sc-s. http://sidrun. 1ake *our sin%le crochet stitches into one stitch at the tip o* the win%.

spire. <ut o** lon% ends. to-*+es /) Close up the se/m 0/sten the y/rn t/il 1ith / knot /nd hide it inside the 2ody 3dd e/r tufts to the corners of the 2ody © 345 T6 &pire . @.asten with a knot and hide the yarn tail inside the body. 2dd a bit more stu**in% and close up the top seam.Small Owl ( $inis+in. =e care*ul not to stretch a lar%e hole into the *abric. . <ut a *ew pieces o* yarn. http://sidrun. . usin% the lon% yarn tail le*t on the body. =rin% the yarn to the side o* the body. #ush the knot close to the body. 2) Squee7e /nd squ/sh the o1l to redistri2ute the stuffing /nd co/8 it 2/ck into / perfect sh/pe Tip! 7se a lar%e yarn needle or a *ine knittin% needle to help redistribute the stu**in%. split them and draw throu%h the corner.

0arn over and draw throu%h the & St/rting / piece 1ith /n /d?ust/2le loop: 2 ma%ic rin% is a way to be%in crochetin% in the round by crochetin% over an ad)ustable loop and then pullin% the loop ti%ht. Crab the )oin with your thumb and *ore*in%er. 6. .uired number o* sc *or the *irst round.Small Owl - 63S9C 349:U. 5. © 345 T6 &pire . &tart the *irst sc. usually si(. 5.spire. <ontinue crochetin% over the loop and the yarn tail until you have the re. 0arn over and draw throu%h the loop. #ull the yarn ti%ht. Crab hold o* the yarn tail and pull until the center is ti%htly closed.U49 T<C=59>U<S 1 4/gic . @. 'nsert the hook throu%h the startin% loop *rom *ront to back. 2lternatively you can chain . 'nsert the hook throu%h the loop *rom *ront to back. 9. 4. ?raw up a loop. This does not count as the *irst sin%le crochet stitch. crochet n sin%le crochet stitches into the nd chain *rom hook. %rab the yarn and draw up a loop. 1ake a loop an inch *rom the yarn end. :.

Crab the yarn and draw the yarn tail throu%h the stitch *rom back to *ront. Co down throu%h both loops o* the stitch and into the same hole. . 4. <ut the yarn and pull the yarn tail throu%h the loop. 5. Ehen pieces are di**erent color. 'nsert the hook throu%h the ne(t stitch. #ull the yarn ti%ht.Small Owl . loosen it and start over. =rin% the needle back up directly under the ne(t stitch. stop a*ter step . 1ake a slip stitch in the ne(t stitch. 4. This makes the stitch almost invisibly small. 3 Stuffing the pieces: &tu**in% is what %ives shape to your *inished ami%urumi. http://sidrun. 2 0inishing /n open piece th/t 1ill 2e /tt/ched to /nother piece: This is a way to *inish an open piece that will later be sewn to another closed or open piece. Then it is best to start over and stu** more li%htly. you have overstu**ed. Keep addin% until your piece is *irm and holds shape. '* you start %ettin% lumps. use the yarn you used *or the open piece to sew it to the closed piece.spire. 'nsert the hook throu%h the ne(t stitch and draw the yarn tail throu%h the stitch *rom *ront to back. . '* you need to leave a yarn tail *or sewin%. Doosen the stu**in% between your hands and add a little bit at a time. so take your time. '* you can see the stu**in% throu%h the *abric. =rin% the needle up throu%h the *abric under a stitch o* the open piece. * Se1ing /n open piece to / closed piece: This is a method *or sewin% an open piece to a closed piece. pull out all the stu** © 345 T6 &pire .

. 9. © 345 T6 &pire . 4. %oin% up and throu%h the piece. 1ake a double knot. #ull li%htly on the yarn tail and cut it o** close to the *abric. 5. 0arn tail will completely disappear into the *abric http://sidrun. @. <ut o** the loop end with. 'nsert the needle into the same hole.spire. ?o not push the *irst knot close to the *abric.Small Owl @ + 0/stening 1ith / knot /nd hiding the y/rn t/il: This tutorial will show how to knot the yarn tail and hide it inside a piece. 'nsert the needle under one loop o* a stitch ri%ht ne(t to the hole. =rin% the yarn up throu%h the *abric a*ter you have *inished sewin%. 6. #ull until you have a small loop. This method can be used when the yarn tail and the main piece are the same color. 8. 5. #ull li%htly until the knot disappears into the *abric.