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The Difference between Economic Value and Human Value

More quality service equates to more value being added to others, and that means the more benefits that come with that service rendered. If you want to increase the level that you are at economically, there are two things you can do: 1) Solve better quality problems. 2) Serve more people with your solutions.

It is either you have leverage and scale your business to serve more people, or you solve problems that the market place values higher. If a person cleans the floor at Asda Walmart, then they are paid for that service, they are paid in proportion to how much their solution helps others. If a person is the CEO of Asda Walmart, they are in charge of organisaing all the employees, and the hundreds of stores across the UK. This is significantly more responsibility, but there is also a higher pay attached to the solution. Some people only like to look at the negative aspects of business, like corruption, but when we think about it the CEO still serves more people than those in the organisation. The CEO has to take the most accountability, and make the highest or most important decisions for the whole business or organisation.To a large extent the success or failure of the business or organisation is on their shoulders.They get paid according to the service we render to the market place. Your pay is not based on your worth as a human being, but your level of action. Many people have potential that they never exercise in their lifetime. The CEO of Asda Walmart is not more valuable as a person, than the person cleaning the aisles or stacking shelves. We all have the potential to do great things. You can only prove value with action and results. If you do things that will advance peoples lives than you will make more money. If you do it on a consistent basis, and scale it by finding ways to serve more people, you will increase how much you make even more. This is how economic value, and wealth building works. People that look at Football players and say: ‘oh they do not deserve to be paid so much, nobody should have that much money.’ They reveal that they are valuing that individual based on their value as a human being. This is where the insecurity comes. It is also the reason why certain men can feel insecure when their partner earns more than them, or women do not like their partner to pay for certain things because they want to show ‘independence’. We confuse economic value with real human value. Rich people sometimes get prideful because they feel they are more important, people in positions of power can also feel puffed up. People look for trophies, and outside rewards to give them a sense of self esteem and confidence. The entitlement mentality does not work when it comes to providing ‘economic value.’ Actual contribution and results matter, not just what we think we should get. I recently heard a conversation on my way home, where a young man was upset about being undervalued. He had every right because he made significantly more than the

targets he was set to achieve. The only thing he had to do was to show bring those contributions to the attention of the right people. Nobody can deny you when you create greater economic value, and you do not have to stay long somewhere where you are not appreciated. Somebody else will appreciate your contribution. Value and results speak louder than words, and even previous accolades. Feel free to like this post, and share with others that may benefit. You can also give me a shout on twitter, I promise not to bite: @LesliePoku