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BkIII:1-18 Aeneas Sails to Thrace

After it seemed to the gods to overturn the power of Asia and the innocent race of Priam, and to cut down proud Ilium, and all Neptune’s Troy smoked at the ground, we are driven by the omens of the gods to search out different exiles and deserted lands, and we built a fleet under Antandros itself and the mountains of Phrygian Ida, doubtful where fate might bear us or where it might give us over to settle, we assembled our men. The first summer had just begun , and father Anchises ordered to set sail with the fates, when crying I abandoned the shore of my homeland and the harbour and fields, where Troy had been; I was borne as an exile on the deep with my allies and son and great household gods. The far off land with vast fields where Mars is worshipped, Thracians plough it, once ruled by bitter Lycurgus, a former friend of Troy and allied Penates, as long as fortune lasted. I was borne to this place, and on the shore in the curving bay, beginning it with unjust fates, I made my first city with the name Aeneadae from my own name. BkIII: 19-68 The Grave of Polydorus

I was sacrificing to my mother, Daughter of Dione, and to the gods with auspices of the work which was begun, and I was offering gleaming bull to the king above of the heaven dwellers on the shore. By chance there was a mound next to us, on the top of which there were shoots of the cornel tree and quivering myrtle with dense branches. Having approached, as I tried to tear up the green foliage from the ground, to cover the altars with leafy branches, I saw a hideous omen miraculous to tell. For where first the tree was pulled from the ground with broken roots, from this drops dripped with dark blood, and they stained the earth with their foulness. Icy dread shook my limbs and my cold blood congealed in terror. Again I proceeded to tear up pliant stem of another, and to test the causes hidden deep within; black blood followed from the bark of the second one. Turning over many things in my heart I began to pray to the nymphs of the field and the father mars, who rules over the Getican fields, to duly look favourably and lighten the omen. But after I approached a third branch with greater effort, and struggled on my knees on the opposing sand – am I to speak or should I be silent? – a lamentable groan was heard from the depths of the mound, and an echoing voice was brought to my ears: “Why do you injure a wretch? Now spare my sepulchre; spare from sinning your virtuous hands. Troy bore me who am no stranger to you, nor does this blood flow from a log. Alas, flee the cruel lands, flee the shore of avarice; for I am Polydorus; here a crop of iron covers me pinned down, and has grown into sharp spears.” Then indeed I was stunned, and my mind crushed with doubtful dread, and my hair stood on end and my voice stuck in my throat. Once unlucky Priam secretly had ordered this man Polydorus with a great weight of gold to be nourished by the Thracian king, when already he was despairing in the arms of Troy and he saw the city was surrounded by a blockade.

and when it was fixed gave it to be inhabited and to scorn the winds.” I had scarcely spoken these words. tore apart every divine law. Amid the sea there is a sacred land dearest to the mother of the Nereids and to Aegaen Neptune which the devoted bow Bearer bound back as it wandered around the shores and coasts to lofty Myconos and Gyaros. We humbly sought the land and a voice was carried to our ears: “Hard Trojans. gloomy with sky-blue ribbons and black cypress.He. to depart from the wicked land. We joined our right hands in hospitality. and mild whispering south wind called to the deep. and the earth was piled huge on his tomb. save the other Pergamum of Troy. and with intermingled confusion great joy rose and everyone asked what this city was. o accursed greed for gold? After terror left my bones. to flow in our hearts. our own special home. reflecting on the reminiscences of aged men. I reported the oracle of the gods to the chosen leaders of the people and my father above all. the same will joyfully receive you restored to its fertile breast. Everyone was of the same opinion. said “Listen. grant us to us weary ones a city walls and a race and a city to endure. What are we to follow? Or to where do you command us to go? Where do we lay down a seat? Grant us father. and they who will be born from them. an omen. my companions led away the ships and filled the shores. suddenly everything seemed to tremble. he slaughtered Polydorus and gained possession of the gold by force. and we came under his palace. and we cried for the last time with a loud shout BkIII: 69-120 the Trojans Reach Delos Then. we had faith in the sea and the winds granted calmed seas. this land most gently received us weary in its safe harbour. having followed the cause of Agamemnon and his conquering arms. to abandon the defiled hospitality and to give the south winds to the fleet. met us. we brought in foaming bowls of warm milk and saucers of sacred blood. Seek out your ancient mother. and learn your hopes: Crete lies in the middle of the sea. the altars stood with the shades. and we set up a spirit in its tomb. and the whole mountain seemed to move around. where Mount Idaeus is and the cradle of our race. to where Phoebus calls the wanderers and orders to return? Then my father. and the sons of your sons. and around the Trojan women loosening their hair as is the custom. we set out from the harbour and the lands and cities recede. the same king of men and priest of Phoebus his temples bound with ribbons and sacred laurel. I sailed to here. The king Anjus. when the power of Troy was broken and fortune fell back. I worshiped the temples of the gods built in ancient stone “Grant us Apollo. he recognised his friend the old Anchises. and the cauldrons bellowed with the sanctuaries opening up.” This spoke Phoebus. and asked what they thought. Therefore we established the funeral rites for Polydorus. having gone out we worshiped the city of Apollo. left behind by the Greeks and pitiless Achilles. here the house of Aeneas will stand in sovereignty in all the coasts. the island of mighty Jove. What do you not force human hearts. . the thresholds and the laurel of the god. what land first bore you from your ancestors’ root. o princes.

and I encouraged a race joyful in its name to love the hearths and to race a tower with a roof. we traversed over the swollen sea under you in your fleet. Apollo foretells here what would to say to you. a black sheep for the Storm. I saw before my eyes standing as I was lying in sleep. Olearos. and the yoked lions coming under the chariot of the mistress. I called it Pergamum. From here there is the mother. when suddenly there came a plague and a death dealing year. So he spoke and. he made worthy sacrifices on the altars. or were dragging around their sick bodies. a third dawn shall set our fleet on the shores of Crete. when you reach Delos. and the shores of Crete were deserted and the homes were empty from the enemy. where the full moon was streaming through the inserted windows. then Sirius burned on the barren fields. We. and. a bull for Neptune. from where our greatest ancestor. and he chose a place for a kingdom. We left the port of Ortygia and flew on the sea. The shouting of the sailors rose with diverse competition. BkIII: 121-171 the Plague and a Vision Rumour spread that the prince Idomeneus had been driven out and withdrew from his ancestral kingdom. men lived in the lowest valleys. from where might he command we attempt help for our labours? To where does our journey turn? It was night. and sleep held the animals in the land.They inhabit a hundred mighty cities. handsome Apollo. and the sick crops denied nourishment. let us follow. and a white one to the favourable Zephyrus. clear in bright light. and the temples were standing abandoned. inhabitant of Cybele and the bronze cymbals of Corybantes and the Idaean grove. And now the ships were quite beached on the dry shore. My father urged us to go back on the sea and revisit the oracle of Ortygia and Phoebus. Therefore eagerly I worked on the walls of the longed for city. the sacred statues of the gods and the Trojan penates which I had taken out with me from Troy and out of the midst of the flames of the city. the richest kingdom. Naxos revelling in the hills and green Donysa. Not yet had Ilium and the Trojan Citadels stood. and snowy Paros. from here there is the faithful silence of her sacred rites. a bull for you. let us the winds and seek the Cretan kingdoms. I was giving laws and homes. Therefore go. by what the orders of the gods lead. we in the same way shall raise those descendants about to . the youth worked in their marriages and newly sown fields. They left sweet life. to pray for mercy. Teucer was carried first to the Rhoetean shores. when Troy burned accompanied you and your arms. now may Jupiter be present. and we traversed the foaming straits abundant in islands. Then they spoke this and removed my worries with these words. the grass was dry. And they are not distant with a long journey. what end does he bring for our weary circumstances. they urged their allies “We make for Crete and our ancestors!” The wind rising from the stern followed us on our way and at last we flowed to the ancient shores of the Curetes. the Cyclades scattered along the sea. corrupting limbs and laying waste to the trees and crops. in the ruined pull of the sky. and lo! He sends us moreover to your thresholds. if I duly recall what was heard.

the sailors with no delay striving churn up the foam and sweep along the dark blue water. finally first land was seen to raise itself. and we shall give power to the city. nor could he remember his path amid the waves. and that he had been deceived by a strange error of our ancient home. and there was the sea on all sides.come to the stars. and from all sides there was sky. But who should believe that the Trojans would come to the shores of Hesperia. these are the special homes for you. Having joyfully completed the sacrifice I informed Anchises. and the father Iasius. harassed by the fates of Troy. and with a few remaining. bearing the night and storm and the waves shuddered in the darkness. then icy sweat ran down along my whole body. Come now and joyfully bring these not to be doubted words to your long aged father. There is a lace. we pressed on with oars. Change your cornfields. or order you to settle at Crete. the Greeks call it by the name Hesperia. an ancient land. and I made a libation of pure gifts in the hearth. scattered. The sails fell. We also forsook this home. He recognised our ambiguous origins and the two ancestors. On the fourth day.” So he spoke and we all rejoicing obeyed. Then he related “son. and no lands appeared any longer. Now I recall that she foretold what was owed to our race.” BkIII:172-208 The Trojans Leave Crete for Italy Astounded by such visions and by the voice of the gods – this was not a dream. After the boats reached the seep. and do not abandon the long labour of flight. Jupiter denies the Dictaean fields for you. may he search out Corythus and the Ausonian lands. the clouds rolled in the day and dewy night stole away the sky. or whom then Cassandra the prophetess would move? Let us give way to Phoebus. and let us. you make ready a great city for great people. and I reached my upturned hands to the sky with a cry. were cast on the vast whirlpool. For three doubtful days we wandered the ocean in the blind fog. and to reveal mountains in the distance. follow better things. then a dark rain cloud settled above our heads for me. and to roll out smoke. but I seemed to recognise their expressions in person and their veiled hair and their present faces. forewarned. and we hurried on the vast sea in our hollow ships. and laid out the matter from the beginning. and just as many nights without stars. Palinurus himself said he could not make out the day and night in the cloud. from here Dardanus was born. now rumour has it later peoples have called the race Italian from the name of the leader. We were driven from our course. Delian Apollo did not urge these shores for you. my body leapt from the bed. powerful in arms and fertile soil. BkIII: 209-277 the Harpies . Immediately the winds rolled on the sea and the great expanse of water rose. and often she called Hesperia and often the Italian kingdoms. fires roared in the broken clouds. from whom first our race came. and we wandered on the blind waves. we spread our sails. Cassandra alone used to prophesy such a fall to me. Oenotrian men tend it.

But father Anchises down from the shore with his palms outstretched addressed the great divinity with his voice and pointed out the worthy honours: “Gods. and with the winds summoned you will go to Italy.” Then he ordered us to snatch away the rope on the shore and to loosen the shaken off rigging. and flocks of goats with no guard along the grasses. their courage fell. and they do as ordered. whether they were goddesses. by which course the wind and the helmsman called. and they shake their wings with great cries. and calmly save us devoted men. we fled on the foaming waves. But you will not surround your granted city with a wall before dread hunger and your injury of the slaughter will drive up to consume your gnawed tables with your jaws. and quickly gliding under the stars in flight they left the half-eaten booty and traces of filth. do you bring war against the ready and drive the innocent harpies from their native kingdom. and they lay down covered swords along the grass and they conceal hidden shields. foulest excrement flowing from their stomachs. where they gliding down made a sound along the curving shore. keep away these threats. avert such a disaster. and they left their former tables in fear. called by the Greek name. Strophades stand. My comrades flow in. not wounds on their back. and faces always pale with hunger. and they foul everything with their filthy touch. and it is allowed to enter its harbour. But suddenly. encircled by trees and quivering shade. which the all-powerful father announced to Phoebus and Phoebus Apollo announced to me. but in prayers and offerings to beg for peace. South winds stretched the sails. . which dreadful Celaeno and the other harpies inhabit. Celaeno. Then I order my comrades to take up arms. then on the curving shore we build seats and we feast on our rich feast. I the greatest of the furies. and to wage war with the dreadful race. gods. They have the face of maidens. and bursts forth this cry from her breast: “Sons of Laomedon. You seek Italy in your course. and they loot the feast. or they were dreadful and fatal birds. to foul the ill-omened birds of the sea with steel: but neither do they receive any violence to their feathers. We flood in with swords and we call on the gods and Jove himself in a share of our plunder. then there is a dreadful cry among the repulsive odour. the harpies are here in a horrifying swoop from the mountains. unlucky prophetess. One sits on the lofty crag. after the home of Phineus was closed. hooked claws. and no longer felt glad in arms. Not differently. Therefore. We saw everywhere on the field a happy herd of cows. Misenus gives a sign from the high watchtower in the empty air. and they attempt new battles.” But icy blood curdled in my comrades with fear entering in. we draw up the tables again and we replace the fire on the altars: again from the divided sky and the blind shadows the shrieking band flies around their prey with clawed feet. and they defile the banquet with their mouths. even a war for your slaughter of the cattle and the heifers you butchered? Therefore receive these words of mine and fix them in your hearts.Saved from the waves the shores of the Strophades first receive me. islands in the great Ionian Sea. Again in a deep inlet beneath overhanging rocks.

which. leaving the fleet and the shore . or if kindly light has departed. I replied to her frenzy only a few words. My allies eagerly strike oars on the sea and sweep the waters. she stiffened in her gaze.And now amid the waves Zacynthos appears. She spoke and poured out tears and filled the whole place with cries. a cause for tears. I spoke. I advanced In the port. and the sterns stood on the shore. and she was calling to Hectors shade at the tomb. heat left her bones. she slipped. terrified by the great miracle. Alas. my voice breaking. My comrades slippery in with oil work in the gymnasia of their homeland. BkIII:278-293 The Games at Actium Therefore at last we gained passion of the unlooked for land and we were purified for Jove and burned altars with prayers. when by chance Andromache was consecrating to hectors ashes annual feasts and sad gifts in a sacred grove in the city at the water of a false Simois. and moved. and I lead a life through everything which is strangest. I was stunned. Soon both the cloudy peaks of Mount Leucata appeared and Apollo’s headland. Meanwhile. do not doubt . Then I ordered to leave the harbour and to sit at the cross beams. We soon leave behind the windy towers of Phaeacia and we pass on the shore of Epirius and we come into the Chaonian harbour and approach the lofty city of Buthrotum. on the opposite door posts. to address the man and find out about such great happenings. We escaped the crags of Ithaca. gaining the wife and the sceptre of Pyrrhus son of Aecaeus. To here we wearily sought and entered the small city. for you see truly. “Are you bringing your true appearance. I set up a shield of hollow bronze. that Helenus son of Priam ruled in the Greek cities. son of a goddess? Do you live. and Dulicium and Same and Neritos harsh with stone. where is hector”. along with two altars she had dedicated. it is good to have evaded so many Greek cites and to help our escape through the midst of our enemies. an anchor was cast from the prow. and my heart burned with miraculous desire. empty on the green turf. the sun rolls round the great year. carried by the Great Abas. the kingdom of Laertes. Indeed I am alive. and Andromache had again come away with a husband from her homeland. and we cursed the land nourisher of savage Ulysses. what occurrence has received you fallen from such a great husband. and finally after a long time she only just spoke. As she caught sight of me coming and she utterly gobsmacked saw all around Trojan weapons. and I make a sign with this verse: Aeneas dedicates these arms from the conquering Greeks. and winter rouses the waves with the icy north winds. feared by sailors. a true messenger for me. and we celebrated on the shores of Actium with Trojan games. or what fortune worthy enough for Hector’s Andromache has revisited you? Are you still the wife of Pyrrhus?” . BkIII:294-355 Andromache in Chaonia Here an unbelievable rumour of events filled our ears.

and a dry river with the name Xanthus. and loosened the sacred ribbons of his sacred head. the language of birds and the omens of their striving feathered wings. who has named the Chaonian fields and all of Chaonia from the Trojan Chaon. and Spartan wedding songs. Phoebus. who understands the will of Phoebus. ordered to die at the enemy tomb under the lofty walls of Troy. a share of the kingdom was returned and passed to Helenus. the laurel of Claros. evil to say. when Heroic Helenus son of priam brought himself from the city accompanied by many men. he then. and I recognised a little troy and an imitated Pergamum for many people. whom now is your Troy – ? But is there any care missing of a parent to a child? Did his father Aeneas and uncle Hector rouse him into any ancient courage and manly spirit? Crying. she was pouring out such things and was vainly stirring long lamentations. I was carried along the varied sea. mediator of the gods. only the harpy Celaeno foretold a strange portent. and he himself led me by the hand to your threshold. and announces sad angers and ill-omened hunger – what dangers do I above all avoid? Or following what can I overcome such great dangers?” Here Helenus. But what winds. and then the priest prophesied from his divine mouth these things: . what fates have given this course to you? Or what god has driven you unknowingly to our shores? What of the boy Ascanius? Does he survive and is he nourished by the breezes. having given birth in slavery. anxious by so much power. and bore the distain of Achilles’ spawn and the arrogance of his youth. who did not bear any lots of fate. they consecrated cups of wine in the middle of the courtyard. And also the Trojans were no less enjoying the friendly city. the tripods. the king received them in his spacious porticoes. I approached the prophet with these words and I asked such things: “Troy born. tell me – for a favourable oracle told me my whole course and all the gods have urged me to seek Italy in their will and to attempt furthest lands. of Leda’s daughter. they held their dishes for a feast placed on gold service ware. By the death of Neoptolemus. “O daughter of priam.She bowed her head and spoke with a lowered voice. But Orestes. inflamed by great love for his stolen bride and driven by the Furies of his crimes captured him unawares and butchered him on the altars of his fatherland. first according to custom having sacrificed bullocks. BkIII:356-462 The Prophecy of Helenus And now one day and another day went on. and he much he poured forth dearth between every single word. having pursued Hermione. and added this citadel of Troy and Pergamum on the summits. and I embraced the doorposts of the Scaean Gates. I advanced. entreated the gods’ peace. nor as a captive touched the bed of a victorious master! When our homeland burned. and the sails called to the breeze and the canvas was inflated by the swollen south wind. he sent me to be had as a servant to the servant Helenus. one lucky beyond others. and he recognised his own people and joyfully led us to the threshold.

the land on the left and the sea on the left in a long circuit are sought. And do not you fear the future gnawing of your tables: the fates will find a way. and must traverse the water of the Ausonian sea in your ships. First she has the face of a person and with beautiful maiden breasts down to her groin.“Son of a goddess – for faith in the well omened gods above has shown you to go along the sea. and Apollo summoned will be present. thus the king of the gods has cast the fates. First of all a long impassable path separates you far off by long lands from Italy. white young around her teats. son of a goddess. It is better to go round the point of Trinacrian Pachynus. Let your comrades keep the custom of your sacred rites. no hostile appearance will occur and disturb the omens. White. But in the blind shadows a cave surrounds Scylla. if Apollo fills his soul with the truth. one thing which is for everything. so that you may move around more safely on a friendly sea and you can settle in the Ausonian harbour. and you already will loose prayers at altars placed on the shore. keep them yourself. you must flex an oar in the Trinacrian waters. lingering. But when the wind carries you having departed to the shores of Sicily. stretching forth with its mouth and dragging ships on the rocks. lying on the ground. flee these lands and this shore of the coast of Italy. and to circle a long course. and he rolls the changes. I shall foretell this one thing to you. if there is any wisdom in Helenus. and three times it sucks down vast waves with a deep whirlpool of its abyss into the downward gulf . every city is inhabited by hostile Greeks. covered in your purple robe. battered by force and by vast destruction – only the great age of eternity is strong enough to change it. here there is that little Petelia. joining the tail of the dolphin with the belly of a wolf. and flowed between the fields and the divided cities on the shore in its narrow surge. Moreover. but following with the immense body of a sea monster. so that among the sacred fires in honour of the gods. and the confines of narrow Pelorus grow thin. than to have seen Scylla once hideous in her vast cave and the rocks echoing with dark dogs. On the right Scylla blocks the side. this order is turned – I shall set forth a few things to you from many with these words. let your descendants remain chaste in their religious duty. flee the shore and waters on the right. at the water of a secluded river a huge sow. Furthermore. this will be the place of your city. which you unknowingly reckon is nearby and whose neighbouring port you prepare to enter. if there is any faith in the prophet. Here both Narycian Locri have placed a city. you keep them stored up in your mind: when you are disturbed. and repeating it again and again I shall warn you: respect first the divinity of mighty Juno . on the left implacable Charybdis. and again it raises them alternately under the breezes and strikes the stars with the water. when the fleet sent across the sea is settled. of the Meliboean leader Philoctetes relying on its wall. and the infernal lake and the island of Aeaean Circe: I will give signs to you. veil your hair. and Lyctian Idomeneus has blocked the Sallentian fields with a military band. the sea came into the middle by force and it cut off the side of Hesperia from Sicily with water. And before you can build your city in a safe land.when each of the two was one land continuously. They say that these places once were torn apart. for the fates deny Helenus to know the rest and Saturnian Juno forbids him to speak. found under oak trees on the shore will lie having given birth to a litter of thirty piglets. this true rest from your labours. However. which is lapped closest to the surge of our sea.

you will see the raving prophetess. the weapons of Neoptolemus. and a plume of long hair. so his mouth.with prayer. the wife of hector. breastplate with hooks triple weaved with gold. he added guides. Take the last gift of your people. when a light breeze drives them with a turned hinge and the door disturbs the delicate leaves. which may be mementoes of my hands for you. she arranges in their number. and consigns notes and names on leaves . but go to the prophetess and ask in your prayers that she recite the oracles themselves. who under the deepest crag recites the fates. and may bear witness to the long love of Andromache.” BkIII:463-505 The Departure from Chaonia Accordingly he ordered gifts heavy with gold and carved ivory to be carried to the ships. look on your land Ansonia. and the divine lakes and the Avernus whispering with groves. twice snatched from the destruction of Troy. Go now. and also kitted out my comrades with weapons. These stay unmoving in that place. Although your friends complain and the course calls your sails to the deep by force and you can fill the canvas with favourable wind. Meanwhile. and a Phrygian cloak for Ascanius (nor did she withdraw her respect). The interpreter of Phoebus addressed him with much respect: “Anchises. but the same. lest any delay might happen in the rushing wind. care of the gods. so his hand. so did he used to bear his eyes. thus at last leave Trinacria to arrive at Italy lands as a victor. Anchises was ordering to fit the fleet with sails. and packed huge silver in the keels. Farewell. they are gone unanswered. She will reveal for you the people of Italy. He added horses. overcome the powerful mistress with humble gifts. and the cone of a fine helmet. . those wars about to come. and take mighty Troy to heaven with you deeds. o the sole likeness of my Astyanx left to me.” he said “no one happy in piety of a son. and she respected will give a favourable course for you. To here when you have come down and approached the city of Cumae. worthy of proud marriage with Venus. that part of Ausonia is far off which Apollo has spread out. gladly recite vows to Juno. Whatever verses the virgin writes on the leaves. he filled up our rowing crew.” I departing spoke these words with tears welling. and in what way you might endure or flee each labour. nor does she set them back in position. never then does she take care to take them as they flutter about in the stone cave. and leaves them secluded in the cave. or join the verses. Why moreover do I continue and delay by speaking the rising south winds?” And no less did Andromache gloomy at the final departure bring robes embroidered with weft of gold. and willingly loose her voice in her mouth. These are the things of which you are allowed to be warned by my voice. nor do they pass from their line. here for you there will be no cost in the delay of any worth. And yet it is necessary to glide past it on the sea. she burdened hum with textile gifts and spoke such things as follows: “Receive these. take it by sails. and they hate the home of the Sibyl. and there were his own gifts to my father. and now he would be coming to maturity with you equal in age. and Dodonan cauldrons.

I saw here. and one day we shall make the kindred cities and neighbouring peoples one Troy. with snow white splendour. the horses are armed for war. and he took the breeze with his ears. And everywhere we attend to our bodies on the dry shore. The son vanished meanwhile and the dark mountains were shadowed. the first omen. four horses on grass. o host land. Rest is obtained for you. not sluggishly. I shall see the city granted to my race. sleep overwhelms our weary limbs. Hesperia. The longed for breezes grew and the port lay open. and which might be met less by the Greeks. grazing on the field far and wide. you bring war.” Then we prayed to the holy power of arms clashing Pallas. having shared oars by lot. from his covering. towering crags send down their arms on the twin walls. And now dawn was reddening with the stars put to flight. and he tested all the winds. and Orion armed with gold. which your hands have made. Not yet was night coming under the middle of its orbit driven by the hours Palinurus rose. we moved camp and attempted a way and spread the wings of the sails. I wish that you see the likeness of the Xanthus and Troy. standing on the high stern: “Gods of the sea and of the lands and powerful of the storms. there is also hope of peace. and called the gods. when far off we saw dark hills and low lying Italy. bring us and easy path with the wind and breathe on us favourably”. for which the same originator is Dardanus and the same history. my comrades hailed with joyful shouting. who first received our exulting. Mad father Anchises said. to whom fortunes are already accomplished. these arms the threaten war. he noted all the stars gliding in the silent sky. After he saw that all was in accordance with a calm sky. and the temple lies back from the shore. and he filled it with wine. The port curved by the eastern wave in an arc. now nearer. no water of the sea must be ploughed. the projecting rocks seethed with salty spray. rainy Hyadas and the twin Triones. “Italy” Achates first exclaimed. nor must you search always for the fields of Ausonia receding back. it itself is hidden.” BkIII:506-547 In Sight of Italy We were carried on the sea next to neighbouring Ceraunia from where the journey to Italy and the course on the waves was shortest. But yet one day the same quadrupeds might be used to coming under with the chariot. we are called from one destiny to another. we stretch out. and a temple appeared in the citadel of Minerva. My allies gathered the sails and turned the prows to the shores. If ever I enter the Tiber and the neighbouring fields of the Tiber. he gave a bright sign from the ships. in Epirus.“Live happily. and he observed Arcturus. Then father Anchises took up a great bowl with a garland. with better auspices. in the lap of the longed for land at the water. “Italy”. and with a yoke bearing the reins in harmony. may this care remain in our descendants. and we veiled our .

when suddenly from the woods the strange form of an unknown man utterly exhausted in its thinness. The entire cohort made for port side with oars and the wind. Three times the crags give shouting among the hollow ricks. and the sand mixes with the tide. but otherwise a Greek. and once sent in arms of his homeland to Troy. whenever he changes his weary flank. and the gods. BkIII:588-654 Achaemenides And now the following day rose with the first light of dawn. the Lacinian goddess raises herself . and we heard a huge roar of the sea and the struck rocks far away. and unknowing of the way we glided to the shores of the Cyclops. these horrible rocks. and this life-giving light of heaven. For there were neither the fire of the stars nor the bright pole in the starry sky. smoking with a pitch-black hurricane and glowing ash. and first Palinurus turned his groaning prow to the waves on the left. And he when he saw Dardanian dress and Trojan weapons far off. opposite. BkIII:548-587 The Approach to Sicily Without delay immediately with the prayers completed in order. soon doubtfully he brought himself to the shore with weeping and prayers: “through the stars as my witness. bear me. we turned ends of the covered sailyards. Then far off the Trinacrian Etna was seen from the wave. and we leave the homes of the Greeks and the mistrusted fields. by rite we gave out the ordered sacrifices to Argive Juno. Protected by a wood. this is Charybdis. and sometimes it bursts forth a black cloud to heaven. the shallows leap about.heads with Phrygian robes before the altars. There is a rumour that the body of Enceladus half burned by lightening was buried here in a mass. and the Caulon’ citadels and shipwreck causing Scylaceum. and broken cries at the shore. Helenus foretold these crags. but clouds in the dark sky and stormy night held the moon in the rainstorm. and again we come down with to the depth of hades with a withdrawing wave. . occasionally vomiting it heaves up the crags and the torn off innards of the mountain. and with a roar it gathers up liquefied stone under the breezes. the dreadful filth and the uncut beard. and the sky is covered with smoke. and placed above him mighty Etna. but Etna thunders next to it with horrific destruction. Take us. We were raised to the sky by curving whirlpools. From there Tarentum’s bay of Hercules is seen (if the rumour is true). that the whole of Sicily trembles with the rumbling. We looked back. and it boils over from its lowest depth. to breathe out flames with its rent furnaces. terrified by the sight hesitated a little. and we did not see the cause of the sound. and equally rise up against it with oars!” And no less did they do as ordered. and Aurora moved away the moist shade from the poles. and it raises globs of fire and licks at the stars. and as a suppliant stretched his hands to the shore. o comrades. Meanwhile the wind with the sun abandoned weary men. There is a harbour unmoved by the approach of the winds and huge itself. . and three times we see the burst spray and the dewy stars. we bore through for that night the immense monstrosity. and pitiable in his dress came forward. the clothing fastened with thorns. and in the orders of Helenus. and checked his step. And Father Anchises said “doubtless.

carry me away to lands whatever they are. it will be a joy to have died at the hands of men. For as soon as he was filled with his feasting and buried in wine he placed down his curving neck. flee and tear your rope from the shore. it is enough to have escaped the evil race. and I acknowledge that I attacked the Trojan households in war. I myself saw him take two bodies from our number in his great. which alone under the grim brow was lying hidden. for this. Rather you take this life in any death whatsoever. Three times already the horns of the moon have filled themselves with light. we prayed to the great divine power. He feeds on entrails of wretched men and black blood. and I am dragging with my life in the woods. I know that I am one from the fleet of the Greeks. The branches give an unhappy sustenance. like an argive shield or the torch of Phoebus. Reviewing everything. toss me in the waves. a hundred other abominable Cyclopes live at these curving shores and they wander the high mountains. nor did Ulysses endure such things or did the Ithacan forget himself in such a great crisis. I have resigned myself to this. and he strengthened his spirit with ready security. vomiting gore and flesh scraps mixed in with bloody wine through his sleep. whatever may have happened. and we bore through his eye with a sharp state – massive. at last with his fear laid aside. spoke these words: I am from the homeland Ithaca.” He had spoken and embracing the knees and clung on to the knees. But flee. and lying back in the middle of the cave. Here. He. when we saw on the mountain summit the very shepherd Polyphemus. and their warm joints twitching under his teeth.” BkIII:655-691 Polyphemus He had scarcely spoken. . a horrendous sight. and the grass feeds me with torn up roots. For of such a kind and of such size as Polyphemus who shuts in his hollow cave woolly sheep and milks their udders. and drown me in the vast sea. if the injustice of our crime is so great. I saw him gnaw their limbs dripping with black clots. unremembering. moving himself among his sheep in a vast mass and seeking the shore he knew. a companion of unlucky Ulysses. and our duties were allotted. then to show what fortune tormented him. and lay massive along the cave. he himself is enormous and strikes the high stars – gods. dash them on the rock. as they anxiously left the cruel thresholds. I first caught sight of this fleet coming to the shore. this was not unpunished. Indeed. inside shadow. o wretched ones. my comrades. A huge home with gore and bloody feasts. with the name Achaemenides. this will be enough. and with the father Adamastus being a poor man – would that fortune had remained so – I set off to Troy. deserted me in the vast cave of the Cyclops. and at last joyfully we avenged the shades of our allies. among the deserted dens of beasts. If I die. not delaying much. and the cruel threshold streamed with fore. and I observed the huge Cyclopes from the cliff. berries and stony cherries. keep away such a scourge from the lands – neither easy to see nor kind to anyone. We urged him to tell us who he was. Father Anchises himself gave his right hand to the young man. together around on all sides we were spread out. from what race he was born. rolling about.O Trojans. and I quaked at the sound of their feet and their voice.

Arethusa. either path with a small distinction of death. and walked now through the middle of the sea. and he turned his step to the sound of voices. indeed. it was decided to give the sails back. BkIII:692-718 The Death of Anchises An island lies stretched out in the Sicilian bay opposite billowy Plemyrium . once the breeder of great-hearted horses. We anxiously hastened our flight from there. saved in vain from so many dangers. stooping with striving oars on the sea. palmy Selinus. I sail by the mouths of Pantagia with natural stone. We them the Etnan brothers vainly standing with a fierce eye. we turned. From here the port of Drepanum received me and the joyless shore. Yet look. after being driven by so many storms on the sea. and Camerina appeared far off granted never to be moved by the fates. here you left me weary. Then the height of Acragas shows it’s most massive walls distant. Sharp fear drove us to send out rigging headlong by any means. Here. traversing the wrong shores back again. and Gela named from its massive river. and bearing their heads high in the sky. or cone bearing cypresses stand. and far within the land of Italy was terrified. The orders of Helenus warned us against going between Scylla and Charybdis. he raised a massive cry. nor dread Celaeno. Next we went along the lofty cliffs and the jutting rocks of Pachynus. he washed the flowing blood from his gouged eye. earlier men named it Ortygia. most excellent father. alas I lost my father Anchises. and I left you. and I passed the difficult shallows of Lilybaeum with hidden rocks. Such were the things Achaemenides showed. woolly sheep accompanied him – this his only pleasure and the comfort of evil. river of Elis. gnashing his teeth with a groan. this the end of my long journeys. by which the harbour and all the waves shook. the waves did not yet wet his tall thigh. alas. There is a rumour that Alpheus. he now merges with the Sicilian waves at your mouth. unless the course held. But the race of the Cyclopes roused rushed from the woods and the high mountains to the harbour and filled the shores. where no power was given to lay hold of us with his hand nor to equal the Ionian waves in force by following. This was the last toil. thus having received the deserved suppliant.hideous. drove secret paths to here under the sea. in the high wood of Jupiter. the solace of all of my cares and woes. when he warned us of many horrors. the companion of unlucky Ulysses. After he touched the depths of the waves and turned to the sea. Thus father Aeneas . and then I passed the very fertile soil of marshy Helorus. and the Megarian bays and low lying Thapsus. whose eye was taken. and silently we cut the rope. had not predicted these griefs to me. just as when airy oak trees on a lofty peak. with the granted winds. a horrible meeting. the north wind sent from the narrow seat of Pelorus is here. and the Geloan fields. He felt it. and to stretch out the sails with the favourable winds. and Etna bellowed in its curving caverns. We venerated the great divinity at the ordered place. A chopped off pine in his hand kept him straight and made his steps steady. or the grove of Diana. huge. Even the prophet Helenus.

with everyone attentive to him alone retold the fates of the gods. At last he fell silent and having made an end here he rested. and he described his journey . .