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1-53 Dido and Anna Discuss Aeneas

At regina gravi iamdudum saucia cura volnus alit venis, et caeco carpitur igni. Multa viri virtus animo, multusque recursat gentis honos: haerent infixi pectore voltus 5verbaque, nec placidam membris dat cura quietem. Postera Phoebea lustrabat lampade terras, umentemque Aurora polo dimoverat umbram, cum sic unanimam adloquitur male sana sororem:

But the queen long since wounded by a deep love/passion/care fed/nursed the wound in her veins and was seized by dark fire. Many times the man’s courage and over and over honour of his race came back to her mind : his face and words stayed fixedly in her heart, and the care of love did not give calm rest to her limbs. Later Dawn was illuminating the lands the with the lamp of Phoebus and had scattered dewy shade/ cool night from the axis of heaven, when she thus addressed her likeminded / kindred spirit sister barely in her right mind

“Anna soror, quae me suspensam insomnia terrent! 10Quis novus hic nostris successit sedibus hospes, quem sese ore ferens, quam forti pectore et armis! Credo equidem, nec vana fides, genus esse deorum.

Anna sister, what dreams terrify me with anxieties! Who is this trange guest who entered our home, how he bears himself in appearance, how brave in his heart and arms! I reckon at any rate, nor do I believe it vainly, that he is of the race of the gods!

Degeneres animos timor arguit: heu, quibus ille iactatus fatis! Quae bella exhausta canebat! 15Si mihi non animo fixum immotumque sederet, ne cui me vinclo vellem sociare iugali, postquam primus amor deceptam morte fefellit; si non pertaesum thalami taedaeque fuisset, huic uni forsan potui succumbere culpae.

Fear has shown ignoble hearts; alas by what fates he was tossed about! What wars he sang of which he underwent! If it were resting not set and fixed in my heart, that I not wish to join myslelf with a nuptial chain to someone, after my first love cheated me by his death ; if I had not come to hate the marriage chamber, I could perhaps submit to this one temptation/guilty pleasure.

20Anna, fatebor enim, miseri post fata Sychaei coniugis et sparsos fraterna caede Penatis, solus hic inflexit sensus, animumque labantem impulit: adgnosco veteris vestigia flammae.

For I confess, Anna, that after the fate of my poor husband Sychaeus and the Penates scattered by my brother’s slaughter, this man alone has changed my will and shaken my weakening purpose; I recognise the traces of the old flames.

Sed mihi vel tellus optem prius ima dehiscat, 25vel Pater omnipotens adigat me fulmine ad umbras, pallentis umbras Erebi noctemque profundam, ante, Pudor, quam te violo, aut tua iura resolvo. Ille meos, primus qui me sibi iunxit, amores abstulit; ille habeat secum servetque sepulchro.”

But may the land first split asunder to its depths for me, or may the all-powerful father strike me to the shadows with his lightning, the shades of pale Erebus and deep night, before, Shame, I dishonour you, or I destroy your laws. He, who first joined me to him in marriage, stole my love; may he have it with him and care for it in his tomb.

30Sic effata sinum lacrimis implevit obortis. Anna refert: “O luce magis dilecta sorori, solane perpetua maerens carpere iuventa, nec dulcis natos, Veneris nec praemia noris? Id cinerem aut Manis credis curare sepultos?

Thus having spoken, she filled her bosom with rising tears. Anna replied “O you who are more beloved to her sister than life, will you be consumed/ waste away in your youth as you greive alone forever, will you not know sweet children nor the rewards of Love? Do you believe that ash or the spirits of the buried dead are concerned with this?

35Esto: aegram nulli quondam flexere mariti, non Libyae, non ante Tyro; despectus Iarbas ductoresque alii, quos Africa terra triumphis dives alit: placitone etiam pugnabis amori? Nec venit in mentem, quorum consederis arvis? 40Hinc Gaetulae urbes, genus insuperabile bello, et Numidae infreni cingunt et inhospita Syrtis; hinc deserta siti regio, lateque furentes Barcaei. Quid bella Tyro surgentia dicam, germanique minas?

It is so/true; that before now no suitors have influenced you afflicted, not one of Libya, nor one of Tyre; Iarbus was scorned and other leaders whom rich in triumphs the African land nourished; will you still fight with peaceful love?

dum pelago desaevit hiemps et aquosus Orion. this one you see. 70quam procul incautam nemora inter Cresia fixit pastor agens telis. At first. et tacitum vivit sub pectore volnus. instauratque diem donis. and when the rites are performed indulge in hospitality. Iunoni ante omnis. and the unbridled numidians and inhospitable syrtis surround you. and consulted the breathing organs of cattle with their chests splayed open. and invent reasons for delaying. pecudumque reclusis pectoribus inhians spirantia consulit exta. she inflamed her burning spirit with love. mactant lectas de more bidentis legiferae Cereri Phoeboque patrique Lyaeo. what kingdoms you will see rise with such a husband! With the armies of Teucer attendant. whole the sky is not manageable/ hostile. 60Ipsa. 55spemque dedit dubiae menti. causasque innecte morandi. poured between the horns of a glittering cow or before the faces of the gods at the rich altars and established the day with gifts. pulcherrima Dido candentis vaccae media inter cornua fundit. hanc cernes. liquitque volatile ferrum . Principio delubra adeunt. and Phoebus and father Lyaeus (Bacchus). and the threats of your brother? 45Dis equidem auspicibus reor et Iunone secunda hunc cursum Iliacas vento tenuisse carinas. and gave hope to her wavering mind. totaque vagatur urbe furens. and stormy Orian rages on the sea. there a region of dry desert and raging Barceians far and wide. tenens dextra pateram. holding a libation bowl in her right hand. Uritur infelix Dido.Nor does one of those in the lands you have settled come into your mind? here the gaetulian cities. sacrisque litatis indulge hospitio. and to Juno before all the others. Quam tu urbem. sister. dum non tractabile caelum. solvitque pudorem. 54-89 Dido in Love His dictis incensum animum inflammavit amore. quassataeque rates. they visited shrines. When she said these things. 65Heu vatum ignarae mentes! quid vota furentem. quid delubra iuvant? Est mollis flamma medullas interea. a race insurmountable in war. cui vincla iugalia curae. Dido herself. qualis coniecta cerva sagitta. soror. pacemque per aras exquirunt. quae surgere regna coniugio tali! Teucrum comitantibus armis Punica se quantis attollet gloria rebus! 50Tu modo posce deos veniam.” I reckon at any rate that the Trojan boats touched this shore with the wind through auspicious gods and with favourable Juno. with what great actions glorious Carthage will raise itself. Why will I speak of rising wars in Trye. while the boats have been shaken. You only ask the gods for mercy. What a city. they sacrificed the chosen beasts according to custom to lawgiving ceres. aut ante ora deum pinguis spatiatur ad aras. and sought peace through the altars. while a storm/winter. and weakens her sense of shame. most beautiful. in whose care are nuptial bonds.

stratisque relictis incubat. minaeque murorum ingentes aequataque machina caelo. nunc eadem labente die convivia quaerit. pendetque iterum narrantis ab ore. a great and memorable power. nec famam obstare furori. haeret lateri letalis arundo. non arma iuventus exercet. and that her reputation did not stand in the way of passion. talibus adgreditur Venerem Saturnia dictis: “Egregiam vero laudem et spolia ampla refertis tuque puerque tuus.nescius. infandum si fallere possit amorem. just like a deer pierced by an arrow. 90-128 Juno and Venus 90Quam simul ac tali persensit peste teneri cara Iovis coniunx. Non coeptae adsurgunt turres. After. As soon as the beloved wife of Juno felt that she was gripped by such heartsickness. what use are temples for a lovemad woman? Meanwhile her soft marrow is aflame and the silent wound live under her breast. and again she hangs from the lips of the storyteller. or prepare the ports and the defences for safety in war. the works hangs interrupted. Alas how ignorant are the minds of priests! What use are prayers. now the same woman seeks him at the banquest as the day slips away. portusve aut propugnacula bello tuta parant. Iliacosque iterum demens audire labores exposcit. and absent she sees and hears him absent. mediaque in voce resistit. sola domo maeret vacua. the daughter of Saturn approached Venus with such words: “You and your son indeed bear back noble praise and ample spoil. and she stops in the middle of her speech. 75Sidoniasque ostentat opes urbemque paratam. The towers which were begun did not rise. aut quo nunc certamine tanto? Quin potius pacem aeternam pactosque hymenaeos . 80Post. which a farmer driving forth a missile has pierced off her guard at a distance among the Cretan groves. aut gremio Ascanium. and the dark moon presses the light again and the descending stars urge sleep. Nunc media Aenean secum per moenia ducit. or she keeps Ascanius on her lap. pendent opera interrupta. illum absens absentem auditque videtque. ubi digressi. she begins to speak. Sed quis erit modus. genitoris imagine capta. magnum et memorabile numen. and she begs mindlessly to listen to the toils of troy again. and has left unknowing with winged iron. and reclines on the couch he has left. Now she leads Aeneas with her through the middle of the cits. lumenque obscura vicissim luna premit suadentque cadentia sidera somnos. 95una dolo divom si femina victa duorum est! Nec me adeo fallit veritam te moenia nostra suspectas habuisse domos Karthaginis altae. the youth did not work at arms. Unlucky dido burns and wanders through the whole city raging. the lethal shaft clings to her side. alone in her home she vainly laments. with the image of his father captured. 85detinet.if the woman has been conquered by the connivance of two gods together! But the truth does not escape my notice so that in my city you have held the homes of lofty carthage in suspicion. she wanders through the Dictaean woods and forests in flight. if it is possible to deceive unspeakable love. the huge pinnacles of the walls and the machines level with the sky. illa fuga silvas saltusque peragrat Dictaeos. and shows the Sidonian wealth and the city she has built. incipit effari. when they have left.

aut foedera iungi. atque dolis risit Cytherea repertis. Aeneas and together with the most wretched Dido prepare to come into the grove to hunt. liceat Phrygio servire marito. this will be their wedding hymn. by which she might turn the kingdom of Italy to the Libyan shores – Venus ventured thus in reply: “who may be so mad to deny you or prefer to contend with you in war.100exercemus? Habes. adverte.for she felt that she spoke with a pretended purpose. so long as fate follows the action which you relate. et tonitru caelum omne ciebo. Let us therefore rule these people together and with equal auspices. ubi primos crastinus ortus extulerit Titan. conubio iungam stabili propriamque dicabo. docebo. I will pour in from above on these black cloud with hail mixed in. adero. aut tecum malit contendere bello. or he approves the peoples to be mixed or joined in treaties. 120His ego nigrantem commixta grandine nimbum. Communem hunc ergo populum paribusque regamus auspiciis. hic hymenaeus erit. miscerive probet populos. si Iuppiter unam esse velit Tyriis urbem Troiaque profectis. and reveals the world with his rays. I will join them in stable marriage and call her his won. where rising sun god first shows tomorrow’s dawn. while the lines are shaking and the forest is ringed with the encircling net and I will stir the whole sky with rumbling. Diffugient comites et nocte tegentur opaca: speluncam Dido dux et Troianus eandem 125devenient. I shall follow!” then royal juno followed thus: 115“Mecum erit iste labor: nunc qua ratione. tota quod mente petisti: ardet amans Dido. Now listen. si modo. quod memoras. Tu coniunx tibi fas animum temptare precando. sequar. The leader dido and the Trojan will come down to the same cave. I will teach you briefly by what way it is possible to bring about what the matter at hand. and has dragged passion through her bones. The companions will scatter and they will be covered by shady night. traxitque per ossa furorem. You as his right it is right for you to test his intent by asking. radiisque retexerit orbem. et.” But what will be the way. quo regnum Italiae Libycas averteret oras— sic contra est ingressa Venus: “Quis talia demens abnuat.” . I will be present and if your will is sure for me. To her . saltusque indagine cingunt. paucis. Leave that task to me.”—Non adversata petenti adnuit. desuper infundam. 110Sed fatis incerta feror. quod instat confieri possit. Perge. Lead. dum trepidant alae. or now why such great rivalry? Why do we not work rather on eternal peace and wedding pact? You have what you have sought with your whole mind: loving Dido burns with passion. dotalisque tuae Tyrios permittere dextrae. factum fortuna sequatur. tua si mihi certa voluntas. Tum sic excepit regia Iuno: but I am borne uncertain by the fates. Venatum Aeneas unaque miserrima Dido in nemus ire parant. let let her be a servant to a Phrygian husband and entrust the Tyrians as a dowry to your hand.” 105Olli—sensit enim simulata mente locutam. whether Jupiter wishes there be one city with the Tyrians and those set out from troy.

encircled with/ dressed in a Sidonian cloak with an embroidered hem. Postquam altos ventum in montis atque invia lustra. plagae. hunting speats with broad steel and a pack/force of keen scented hounds. Aeneas himself more handsome beyond all others walks and joins his column of his allies with hers. 130It portis iubare exorto delecta iuventus. massylian horsemen flow out. . tela sonant umeris: haud illo segnior ibat 150Aeneas. tantum egregio decus enitet ore.Not opposed to what she was seeking. crines nodantur in aurum. Her bow is from gold. ecce ferae. caprae decurrere iugis. she fastens her purple tunic with golden brooch. aurea purpuream subnectit fibula vestem. and establishes the dancing. aut fulvum descendere monte leonem. spears rattle from his shoulders. Sidoniam picto chlamydem circumdata limbo. Just as when Apollo leaves behind the Lyvian winter and the streams of the Xanthus and visits his maternal Delos. At puer Ascanius mediis in vallibus acri gaudet equo. and chomps fiercely at the foaming bit. 140Nec non et Phrygii comites et laetus Iulus incedunt. Qualis ubi hibernam Lyciam Xanthique fluenta deserit ac Delum maternam invisit Apollo. and presses his flowing hair adorning it with tender leaf and encircles it with gold. and smiled at the tricks she discovered. Massylique ruunt equites et odora canum vis. Venus agreed. lato venabula ferro. Apollo himself walks on the ridges of the Cynthus. the chosen young people come from the gates gates when her radiance has arisen. At last she sets out. and mingled around the heights the Cretans and dryopes and painted Agathyrsians shout. mixtique altaria circum Cretesque Dryopesque fremunt pictique Agathyrsi. her hair is woven with gold. Tandem progreditur. and her horse with sounding feet stands marked out with purple and gold. with thin nets. Reginam thalamo cunctantem ad limina primi Poenorum exspectant. 129-172 The Hunt and the Cave Oceanum interea surgens Aurora reliquit. magna stipante caterva. ac frena ferox spumantia mandit. saxi deiectae vertice. mollique fluentem fronde premit crinem fingens atque implicat auro. spumantemque dari pecora inter inertia votis optat aprum. Meanwhile rising Dawn left the oceans. ostroque insignis et auro 135stat sonipes. Furthermore the Phrygian companians and happy Iulus proceed. Cui pharetra ex auro. iam praeterit illos. snares. alia de parte patentis transmittunt cursu campos atque agmina cervi 155pulverulenta fuga glomerant montisque relinquunt. Ipse ante alios pulcherrimus omnis infert se socium Aeneas atque agmina iungit. retia rara. The leading men of the Poeni wait for the queen at the threshold lingering at her couch. so great was the beauty which shone from his distinguished face. ipse iugis Cynthi graditur. iamque hos cursu. 145instauratque choros. with a great crowd following closely. aeneas went no more sluggishly than him.

ingrediturque solo. cui. quam nuntia veri. streams flowed down from the mountains. tam ficti pravique tenax. she flourishes by speed. so many tongues. she called it marriage. et Tyrii comites passim et Troiana iuventus Dardaniusque nepos Veneris diversa per agros tecta metu petiere. so wonderful to tell. 160Interea magno misceri murmure caelum incipit. she soon raises herself to the breezes. huge. Ille dies primus leti primusque malorum 170causa fuit.After they came into the high mountains and the impassable dens. et caput inter nubila condit. Both the Tyrian attendants and the Trojan youth and the Dardanian son of Venus spread out everywhere among the fields sought shelter in fear. who has as many feathers on her body. rumour came through the great cities of Libya. ira inritata deorum. viresque adquirit eundo. and by going acquires strength. mox sese attollit in auras. tot linguae. look wild coats. hoc praetexit nomine culpam. Nocte volat caeli medio terraeque per umbram. Primeval earth and Wedding Woman Juno gave the sign. ingens. nec dulci declinat lumina somno. luce sedet custos aut summi culmine tecti. the nymphs wailed from the highest peak. totidem ora sonant. Illam Terra parens. Earth her parent. as there are watchful eyes below. malum qua non aliud velocius ullum. That first day was the cause of death. incited by the anger of the gods. and he longed in prayers for a foaming boar to be given among the idle herd. that first day the cause of evils. tot subrigit aures. summoque ulularunt vertice nymphae. extremam (ut perhibent) Coeo Enceladoque sororem 180progenuit. parva metu primo. fulsere ignes et conscius aether conubiis. so many pricked ears. 173-197 Rumour Reaches Iarbas Extemplo Libyae magnas it Fama per urbes— Fama. she goes out to the sun and buries her head among the clouds. Dido and the Trojan leader came down to the same cave. clinging to the rocky peak. turribus aut altis. a horrible monster. for she was unconcerned with her appearance or reputation. insequitur commixta grandine nimbus. monstrum horrendum. there followed on a cloud mixed with lightning. et magnas territat urbes. neque enim specie famave movetur. he hid her guilt with this name. a sister to Coeus and Enceladous. mirabile dictu. run down from the heights. fire flashed and the heavens were party to the marriage. rumour. nec iam furtivum Dido meditatur amorem: coniugium vocat. the same number of sounding mouths. with a small fear at first. or for a tawny lion to come down from the mountain. so they sat. 165Speluncam Dido dux et Troianus eandem deveniunt: prima et Tellus et pronuba Iuno dant signum. 175mobilitate viget. Meanwhile the sky began to be thrown in to confusion with great rumbling. But the boy Ascanius delighted in his fierce horse in the middle of the valleys. and no longer did Dido think her love secret. pedibus celerem et pernicibus alis. quot sunt corpore plumae tot vigiles oculi subter. 185stridens. ruunt de montibus amnes. She flies by night through the shade in the middle of the sky and the . produced her last. than which no other evil is swifter. At once. down from another part deer cross over at a run the fields lying below and the mass together in dusty flight and left the mountains.

These things the foul goddess spread everywhere in the mouths of men. Isque amens animi et rumore accensus amaro dicitur ante aras media inter numina divom 205multa Iovem manibus supplex orasse supinis: He had been conceived by Jupiter Hammon.hearth. et pariter facta atque infecta canebat: venisse Aenean. when you wield lightning. Maeonia mentum mitra crinemque madentem subnexus. rapto potitur: nos munera templis quippe tuis ferimus. 195Haec passim dea foeda virum diffundit in ora. excubias divom aeternas. 215Et nunc ille Paris cum semiviro comitatu. nequiquam horremus. or on lofy towers. quae nostris errans in finibus urbem exiguam pretio posuit. rapta Garamantide Nympha. pecudumque cruore pingue solum et variis florentia limina sertis. and to whom I gave laws to be placed. heedless of their kingdomns. to which man beautiful Dido deemed worthy to join her in marriage. templa Iovi centum latis immania regnis. caecique in nubibus ignes 210terrificant animos et inania murmura miscent? Femina. Protinus ad regem cursus detorquet Iarban. when he ravished a Garamantian Nymph. she directed to the king Iarbas. in the daytime she sits guard either on the highest rooftop of a building. father. and the floor with fat blood of cattle and the thresholds bloomed with various garlands. And he mad in his mind and incensed by the rumour. fovere regnorum immemores turpique cupidine captos. captured by a shameful lust. and does black lightning in the clouds terrify our hearts and empty rumblings intermingle? A woman who wandering in my territory placed a small city for a price. that Aeneas had come. do we shudder in vain. conubia nostra reppulit. Immediately. eternal guardians of the gods. to whom I gave land for ploughing. cum fulmina torques. incenditque animum dictis atque aggerat iras. cui litus arandum cuique loci leges dedimus. 198-218 Iarbas Prays to Jupiter Hic Hammone satus. quam longa. he had devoted ever living flames. and she terrifies great citis. was said to have begged Jove as a suppliant before the altars among and amidst the divine powers of the gods with his hands raised: “Iuppiter omnipotens. 200centum aras posuit. cui se pulchra viro dignetur iungere Dido. scorns marriage with me and receives the lord Aeneas into her . Rejoicing. vigilemque sacraverat ignem. and she sings facts and fiction alike.” All powerful Jupiter. shrieking nor do her eyes close in sweet sleep. and inflamed his heart with these words and increased his anger. to whom the Maurusian race on embroidered cushions makes bacchic offerings at their banquets. genitor. cui nunc Maurusia pictis gens epulata toris Lenaeum libat honorem. now they were keeping themselves warm for the all winter long. far and wide in his kingdom he had placed a hundred temples to Jove. an te. she then fills the ears of the people with variable gossip. born from Trojan blood. Troiano sanguine cretum. look upon these things. ac dominum Aenean in regna recepit. aspicis haec. famamque fovemus inanem. She is as tenacious of fiction and lies as she messenger of truth. Haec tum multiplici populos sermone replebat 190gaudens. nunc hiemem inter se luxu.

and to bring the whole world under his rule of law. then he took his wand. nec super ipse sua molitur laude laborem. et primum pedibus talaria nectit 240aurea. He had spoken. nec prolem Ausoniam et Lavinia respicit arva? Naviget: haec summa est. If no glory of such great matters incites him. et turbida tranat . oculosque ad moenia torsit regia et oblitos famae melioris amantes. Dardaniumque ducem. but I surely have brought gifts to yout temples and cherish your empty reputation. and ordered such things. or by what hope does he delay among a hostile race. Tyria Karthagine qui nunc 225exspectat. Non illum nobis genetrix pulcherrima talem promisit. address him and bring down my words through the swift breezes. Mercury prepared to obey the power of the mighty father.” Dixerat. ac totum sub leges mitteret orbem. aut qua spe inimica in gente moratur. others he sent under gloomy tartarus. All powerful Jove heard him begging with such words and holding the altars. Then thus he addressed Mercury. has gained what he’s snatched. and moreover he himself does not exert effort for his own praise. this is the sum of it. does not glance back to the cities given by fate. qui gravidam imperiis belloque frementem 230Italiam regeret. but that he would be the one to rule Italy. who now lingers in Tyrian Carthage. my some. 219-278 Jupiter Sends Mercury to Aeneas Talibus orantem dictis arasque tenentem 220audiit omnipotens. nate. does the father begrudge Ascanius the Roman citadels? What does he plan. tum virgam capit: hac animas ille evocat Orco pallentis. And now that Paris with his band of half men. 245Illa fretus agit ventos. dat somnos adimitque. and the Dardanian leader. quae sublimem alis sive aequora supra seu terram rapido pariter cum flamine portant. Tum sic Mercurium adloquitur ac talia mandat: “Vade age. voca Zephyros et labere pennis.kingdoms. fatisque datas non respicit urbes. Ille patris magni parere parabat imperio. or land like a rapidly firce surrent. and first he fastened his golden sandals to his feet. and he gives and takes away sleep . this he called pale spirits to Orcus. Graiumque ideo bis vindicat armis. nor does he look again to his Ausonian descendant and the fields of Lavinium? He shall sail. alias sub Tartara tristia mittit. and he opens their eyes in death. and not why she rescued him twice from the weapons of the Greeks. genus alto a sanguine Teucri proderet. et celeris defer mea dicta per auras. heavy with empire and crying out for war. sed fore. Si nulla accendit tantarum gloria rerum. let this be my message. which carried him high with wings either above the seas. et lumina morte resignat. to produce a race from the lofty blood of Teucer. and he turned his eyes to the royal walls and the lovers forgetful of their better reputation. Call the Zephyr and take your wings. hic nostri nuntius esto.” This is not such as his most lovely mother promised me. who binds his chin with Phrygian bonnet and flowing hair. “go now. adloquere. Ascanione pater Romanas invidet arces? 235Quid struit.

he saw Aeneas laying the foundation of citadels and renewing buildings. aut qua spe Libycis teris otia terris? At once. et tenui telas discreverat auro. iamque volans apicem et latera ardua cernit Atlantis duri. and he was eager in a Tyrian purple mantle flowing down from his shoulders. 260Aenean fundantem arces ac tecta novantem conspicit. and are you now building a beautiful city. cinctum adsidue cui nubibus atris piniferum caput et vento pulsatur et imbri. As soon as he touched the huts with his winged feet. quae circum litora. gifts which rich Dido had made. litus harenosum Libyae ventosque secabat materno veniens ab avo Cyllenia proles. Not unlike this. from here he sent his whole body headlong to the waves. to the sandy shore of Libya. hinc toto praeceps se corpore ad undas misit. and had interweaved with a thin thread of gold. avi similis. Hic primum paribus nitens Cyllenius alis constitit. dives quae munera Dido fecerat. atless of Cyllene. “do you now lay foundations of lofty Carthage. Atlas. Ut primum alatis tetigit magalia plantis. he flew between the lands and the sky. and he cut the winds in two coming from his maternal grandfather. caelum ac terras qui numine torquet. or by what hope are you wasting time in leisure in the Libyan lands? Si te nulla movet tantarum gloria rerum. and already flying he saw the summit and steep sides of harsh Atlas. Haud aliter terras inter caelumque volabat. Mercury accosted him. he drove the winds. what are you planning. Tyrioque ardebat murice laena demissa ex umeris. like a bird which flies low around the shore. nec super ipse tua moliris laude laborem. Then rivers drop off his aged chin. you forget your kingdom and your duties? The ruler of the gods himself sent me down from radient Olympus to you. resting on balanced wings. alas. whose pine covered head is incessantly wreathed with black clouds and is beaten by both the wind and the rain. caelum qui vertice fulcit. and his beard is stiff with bristling ice. Relying on it. atque illi stellatus iaspide fulva ensis erat. circum 255piscosos scopulos humilis volat aequora iuxta. tum flumina mento praecipitant senis. Atlantis. and he flew through the stormy clouds.nubila. excessively fond of your wife. around the crags full of fish next to the sea. Ascanium surgentem et spes heredis Iuli . who supported the sky at the top. heu regni rerumque oblite tuarum? Ipse deum tibi me claro demittit Olympo regnator. 265Continuo invadit: “Tu nunc Karthaginis altae fundamenta locas. and he had a sword glittering with yellow jasper. et glacie riget horrida barba. pulchramque uxorius urbem exstruis. Then Cyllenian mercury first stopped. 270ipse haec ferre iubet celeris mandata per auras: quid struis. he who turns the heaven and earth with his divine power: he himself orders me to bring these commands through the swift breezes. 250nix umeros infusa tegit.

fearing all safety. motusque excepit prima futuros. If no glory of such great matters moves you. helpess in her mind. Ardet abire fuga dulcisque relinquere terras. your heir. Iulus. et quae mollissima fandi tempora. totamque incensa per urbem bacchatur.” Tali Cyllenius ore locutus mortalis visus medio sermone reliquit. nocturnusque vocat clamore Cithaeron. sese interea. and his voice clung to his throat. Ocius omnes 295imperio laeti parent ac iussa facessunt. et quae rebus sit causa novandis dissimulent. temptaturum aditus. This thought seemed better than the alternative. in partisque rapit varias perque omnia versat. he called Mnestheus and Sergestes and brave Serestus. Eadem impia Fama furenti detulit armari classem cursumque parari. nor do you moreover exert effort by your praise. quis rebus dexter modus. qualis commotis excita sacris Thyias. and what time of speaking was most. that the fleet was armed and the course was set. now to there. classem aptent taciti sociosque ad litora cogant. omnia tuta timens. Heu quid agat? Quo nunc reginam ambire furentem audeat adfatu? Quae prima exordia sumat? 285Atque animum nunc huc celerem. et vox faucibus haesit. Haec alternanti potior sententia visa est: Mnesthea Sergestumque vocat fortemque Serestum. Alas what was he to do? By what speech now might he dare to solicit the lovemad queen? What opening introductions should he take? And now he cast his swift mind to here. and he vanished far off from their eyes into thin air. But indeed Aeneas out of his mind was struck dumb at the sight. and they concealed the reason for these changes of plan. and the Roman land are owed. That same impious rumour brought down to her in her maddened state. 290arma parent.275respice. and drove their comrades to the shprs. nunc dividit illuc. and his hairs stood on end in terror. He longed to go away in flight and to leave the sweet lands. 280arrectaeque horrore comae. and they prepared their weapons. 279-330 Dido Accuses Aeneas At vero Aeneas aspectu obmutuit amens. Swiftly all obeyed his command joyfully and completed his orders. and he considered the various aspects in every part and he turned it through all ways. to whom the kingdom of Italy. cui regnum Italiae Romanaque tellus debentur. quando optuma Dido nesciat et tantos rumpi non speret amores. At regina dolos—quis fallere possit amantem? praesensit. and they silently readied the fleet. what way in these circumstances was right. astonished by such a great warning and the power of the gods.” Cyllenian mercury spoke such words. ubi audito stimulant trieterica Baccho orgia. since most excellent Dido did not know and did not expect such great love to be broken would seek an exit. et procul in tenuem ex oculis evanuit auram. back and forth. But the queen sensed his trickert – who can deceive a lover? – and she first anticipated events to come. look upon Ascanius as he grows up and the hope of him. 300Saevit inops animi. and burning she . attonitus tanto monitu imperioque deorum. She raged. and left mortal sight in the middle of his speech. meanwhile he.

would Troy be sought along the surging sea by your ships? Why are you running from me? By these tears and your right hand (since I myself self nothing else if misery for me). change that mind of yours. si quis mihi parvulus aula luderet Aeneas. qua sola sidera adibam. you traitor. pity this falling house. hospes? Hoc solum nomen quoniam de coniuge restat. si non arva aliena domosque ignotas peteres. and at night Cithaeron summons her in shouting. to silently leave my lands? Did neither our love. 320Te propter Libycae gentes Nomadumque tyranni odere.” On account of you the races of Libya and the kings of the Numidians hate me. nec moritura tenet crudeli funere Dido? At last she accosted Aeneas moreover with these words. perfide. nor Dido. fuit aut tibi quicquam dulce meum. si quis adhuc precibus locus—exue mentem. et istam— oro. Did you really hope you could hide such a great wickedness from me. To whom will you give me up as I am dying. which alone I might reach the stars. if you weren’t seeking fields of another and unknown homes. in a cruel death check you? Quin etiam hiberno moliris sidere classem. nec te data dextera quondam.frenzied through the whole city. te propter eundem exstinctus pudor. by our marriage. sed Troia antiqua maneret. by the wedding hymns which we begun. qui te tamen ore referret. miserere domus labentis. si bene quid de te merui. I for my part should not seem wholly deceived and deserted. about to die. who might yet recall you with his face. et. 310et mediis properas aquilonibus ire per altum. 325Quid moror? An mea Pygmalion dum moenia frater destruat. if ever I deserved well of you. per inceptos hymenaeos. and before that my reputation. tantum posse nefas.e because of you in the same way my modesty has been destroyed. and if anything of me was sweet for you. Tandem his Aenean compellat vocibus ultro: 305“Dissimulare etiam sperasti. since that’s all that is left me from the name of husband? Why so I stay? Until Pygmalion my brother destroys my city or Gaetulian Iarbas siezes and marries me? If there had been a child for me who had been begotten from you before you should flee. Do you really toil at the fleet in the wintery nights and hasten to go through the deep sea in the middle of north winds. aut captam ducat Gaetulus Iarbas? Saltem si qua mihi de te suscepta fuisset ante fugam suboles. cruel one? Why. Cui me moribundam deseris. . Troia per undosum peteretur classibus aequor Mene fugis? Per ego has lacrimas dextramque tuam te 315(quando aliud mihi iam miserae nihil ipsa reliqui) per conubia nostra. infensi Tyrii. my Tyrians are hosti. but if ancient Troy were standing. fama prior. when the biennial festival rouses her when she hears the bacchic cry. my guest. 330non equidem omnino capta ac deserta viderer. nor my pledge which was once given. some small Aeneas playing for me in my palace. tacitusque mea decedere terra? Nec te noster amor. crudelis? Quid. and I beg – if there is any place yet for prayers. just like a maenad roused by the shaken rites.

aut haec in foedera not think that – nor did I ever put forward marriage torches. 350invidia est? Et nos fas extera quaerere regna. But now Grynean Apollo have ordered me to strive to great Italy. et obnixus curam sub corde premebat. haec patria est. 360Desine meque tuis incendere teque querelis: Italiam non sponte sequor. vocemque his auribus hausi. I should first care for the city of Troy and the sweet relics of my ancestors. 355quem regno Hesperiae fraudo et fatalibus arvis. this is my homeland. Ille Iovis monitis immota tenebat lumina. et recidiva manu posuissem Pergama victis. or enter into this pact. nec coniugis umquam praetendi taedas. as often as fiery stars rise. quae plurima fando enumerare vales. dum memor ipse mei. while breath controls these limbs. quotiens astra ignea surgunt. regina. Neque ego hanc abscondere furto speravi—ne finge—fugam. Ausonia Teucros considere terra. Phoenissam. Italiam Lyciae iussere capessere sortes: hic amor. what jealousy is there that the Teucrians settle in Ausonian land? And it is right for us to search out foreign kingdoms. the boy Ascanius and the . dum spiritus hos regit artus. he pressed down the care in his heart. I shall speak about this matter a little. negabo 335promeritam. 340Me si fata meis paterentur ducere vitam auspiciis et sponte mea componere curas. Pro re pauca loquar. should the lofty halls of Priam remain. If fate were to lie open that I lead my life under my own auspices and to put together my concerns of my own will.331-361 Aeneas Justifies Himself Dixerat. numquam. This is my love. admonet in somnis et turbida terret imago. and the sight of the Libyan city occupies you. my queen.” As often as night covers the earth with dewy shade. and should I have placed in a recovered Troy with my hand for the the conquered. while memory itself is mine. Nunc etiam interpres divom. 345Sed nunc Italiam magnam Gryneus Apollo. I did not hope to hide this flight secretly . the oracles of Lycia have ordered me to Italy. At last he replied briefly: “I never. nec me meminisse pigebit Elissae. quae tandem. a Phoenician woman. in my sleep the disturbed ghost of my father Anchises warns me and terrifies me. deny that you deserve the most which you can reckon up in speech. me puer Ascanius capitisque iniuria cari. If the cities of Carthage. urbem Troianam primum dulcisque meorum reliquias colerem. Tandem pauca refert: “Ego te. and he kept his eyes fixed with the warnings of Zeus and resolute. She had spoken. Libycaeque aspectus detinet urbis. nor will it be a regret for me to remember elissa. Iove missus ab ipso— testor utrumque caput—celeris mandata per auras detulit. Me patris Anchisae. Si te Karthaginis arces. Priami tecta alta manerent. quotiens umentibus umbris nox operit terras. ipse deum manifesto in lumine vidi intrantem muros.

Doubtless this task is for the gods above. now the oracles of Lycia. Nusquam tuta fides. Scilicet is Superis labor est. supplicia hausurum scopulis. Suscipiunt famulae. Now the prophet Apollo. ea cura quietos 380sollicitat. I do not hold you back. I myself saw the god entering the walls in the clear light and his voice clung in these ears. I. I received him. and she incensed addressed him thus: Your mother was not divine. aut miseratus amantem est? She gazed at him as he was saying such things. find your kingdom over the waves.” His medium dictis sermonem abrumpit. Cast out on the shore and needy. this is a concern to trouble their calm. aflame. seque ex oculis avertit et aufert. et sic accensa profatur: 365“Nec tibi diva parens. pete regna per undas. Dabis. sed duris genuit te cautibus horrens Caucasus. sequere Italiam ventis. socios a morte reduxi. Alas I am driven by the Furies. neque dicta refello. 375amissam classem. What is there to say after this? Now now not even greatest Juno nor father Saturn looks on these things with friendly eyes. poenas. Nowhere is fidelity safe. . and she surveyed the whole man with silent eyes. or refute your words: go. nec Saturnius haec oculis pater aspicit aequis. nor was Dardanus the originator of your race. et nomine Dido saepe vocaturum. generis nec Dardanus auctor. I led back his missing fleet. improbe. cum frigida mors anima seduxerit artus. I led his allies from death. conlapsaque membra marmoreo referunt thalamo stratisque reponunt. Audiam et haec Manis veniet mihi fama sub imos. or restrain myself waiting for something worse? Did he groan at my weeping? Did he turn his eyes to me? Did he shed tears in defeat.Now even an agent of the gods sent by jove himself – I swear on both our heads – brought down orders through the swift breezes. and Hyrcanian tigers nursed you. and now an agent of the gods sent by jove himself bears terrible orders through the breezes. Heu furiis incensa feror! Nunc augur Apollo. 362-392 Dido’s Reply Talia dicentem iamdudum aversa tuetur. Hyrcanaeque admorunt ubera tigres. et auras aegra fugit. instantly hostile. et regni demens in parte locavi. aut quae me ad maiora reservo? Num fletu ingemuit nostro? Num lumina flexit? 370Num lacrimas victus dedit. 390linquens multa metu cunctantem et multa parantem dicere. rolling her eyes this way and that. si quid pia numina possunt. huc illuc volvens oculos. egentem excepi. Sequar atris ignibus absens. nunc Lyciae sortes. omnibus umbra locis adero. Eiectum litore. perfide. but the bristling harsh Caucasus produced you on the rough crags. or pity his lover? Quae quibus anteferam? Iam iam nec maxuma Iuno. 385et. Nam quid dissimulo. I shall not follow Italy of my own accord. and I mindlessly placed him in part of my kingdom. totumque pererrat luminibus tacitis. Neque te teneo. nunc et Iove missus ab ipso interpres divom fert horrida iussa per auras. Cease rousing both me and yourself with your complaints. seek Italy on the winds. For why do pretend. Spero equidem mediis.

groaning loudly. and went back to his fleet. about to die in vain. What feeling did you have Dido as you looked upon such things? What sighs did you sigh. Quis tibi tum. . Then indeed the Trojans were gathering. and to turn away her worries with words.But I for my part hope that you will draion the cup of suffering amid the crags. and over the whole shore they led down swift ships. et litore celsas deducunt toto naves: natat uncta carina. the whole path is aglow with the work. quid non mortalia pectora cogis? Ire iterum in lacrimas. Exact your punishment. pars grandia trudunt obnixae frumenta umeris. But pious Aeneas. and now to try again with prayers. opere omnis semita fervet. cernenti talia sensus? quosve dabas gemitus. iussa tamen divom exsequitur. and they bring leafy oars and unfashioned oak from the woods. I shall be present as a shade in all places. 395multa gemens magnoque animum labefactus amore. Migrantis cernas. I shall follow you. when you beheld the shore busy far and wide from the highest tower. frondentisque ferunt remos et robora silvis 400infabricata. You could see them leaving and rushing from the whole city. followed the commands of the gods. Dido. and often call Dido by name. et supplex animos submittere amori. and humbly to submit our hearts to love. Her maidservants took her up. totumque videres misceri ante oculos tantis clamoribus aequor? Improbe Amor. pars agmina cogunt castigantque moras. praedamque per herbas 405convectant calle angusto. although he longed to soothe her by comforting her as she grieved. fugae studio. classemque revisit. although absent. With these words she broke off mid-speech. and his heart shaken with great love. and carry across their booty through the grass in a narrow track. the resinous prow floats. 415ne quid inexpertum frustra moritura relinquat. And just like ants when they destroy a pile of grain. leaving him in great fear and hesitant and ready to say many things. and you saw the whole plain was in confusen with such great clamourings before your eyes? Wicked love. Tum vero Teucri incumbunt. totaque ex urbe ruentis. lest she leave anything untried. tectoque reponunt. and when icy death has separated my spirit from my limbs. some struggle against the large grain and push it forward with their shoulders. and sick at heart she fled the breezes and she turned from his eyes and took herself off. Ac velut ingentem formicae farris acervum cum populant. some drive the column and set right the delays. if virtuous divine powers are able. iterum temptare precando cogitur.. ready for flight. what do you not force mortal hearts? We are forced once more into tears. it nigrum campis agmen. quamquam lenire dolentem solando cupit et dictis avertere curas. mindful of winter. cum litora fervere late 410prospiceres arce ex summa. wicked one. the black column goes on the fields. 393-449 Aeneas Departs At pius Aeneas. and they place it in their nest. with black fires. and brought back her fallen body to her bedchamber and placed her on her bed. hiemis memores. I shall hear and this news shall come to me among the shades below.

puppibus et laeti nautae imposuere coronas. or the spirits of the dead. placidasque viri deus obstruit auris. soror. quod prodidit. and they come together from all sides. strong with the strength of years with gusts now from here now from there. Ac. Miserae hoc tamen unum exsequere.“Anna. nor did I violate the ashes of father Anchises. Hunc ego si potui tantum sperare dolorem. soror. nor did her hear any voices yieldingly. cur mea dicta neget duras demittere in auris. 420et perferre. sola viri mollis aditus et tempora noras. 435Extremam hanc oro veniam—miserere sororis— quam mihi cum dederit. Quo ruit? Extremum hoc miserae det munus amanti: 430exspectet facilemque fugam ventosque ferentis. it stridor. aut voces ullas tractabilis audit. 445ipsa haeret scopulis. but the tree itself clings to the crag. If I could have expected such great pain as this. or send a fleet to Pergamum. circum undique convenere. I could have endured it. let him for an easy flight and winds to whisk him away. et. even to trust private feeling to you. Solam nam perfidus ille te colere. You see them hastening over the whole shore. a creak came and the high branches covered the ground struck from the trunk. potero. Talibus orabat. To where does he rush? Let him give this last gift to wretched lover. why does he deny my words to be sent down into his harsh hearing. mens immota manet. requiem spatiumque furori. Anna. arcanos etiam tibi credere sensus. dum mea me victam doceat fortuna dolere. and as much the it reaches tartarus with its root. vides toto properari litore. I seek empty time. rest and space for passion. cumulatam morte remittam.” Go.which when he has granted to me. I shall repay handsomely by dying. and such weeping her most wretched sister brought back and forth. I beg this last mercy – pity your sister. She was saying such things. oro. and the god blocked the calm ears for the man. and the sailors joyfully place wreaths on their sterns. and humbly address the proud enemy. And just as the north winds on the alps strive together to uproot an oaktree. velut annoso validam cum robore quercum Alpini Boreae nunc hinc nunc flatibus illinc eruere inter se certant. while my fortune teaches me. sister. et altae consternunt terram concusso stipite frondes. lacrimae volvuntur inanes. carry out this one thing for me in my misery. nevertheless. I did not swear with the Greeks to annhialate the Trojan race at aulis. I don’t now beg for our former marriage. so it reaches the heavenly breezes with its . but he was moved by no tears. vocat iam carbasus auras. sister. which he betrayed. talisque miserrima fletus fertque refertque soror: sed nullis ille movetur fletibus. atque hostem supplex adfare superbum: 425non ego cum Danais Troianam exscindere gentem Aulide iuravi. classemve ad Pergama misi. Fate stood in the way. nor that he give up care for beautiful latium or leave his kingdom. nec patris Anchisae cineres Manisve revelli. nec pulchro ut Latio careat regnumque relinquat: tempus inane peto. and already the sail is calling the breezes. tantum radice in Tartara tendit: haud secus adsiduis hinc atque hinc vocibus heros tunditur. et magno persentit pectore curas. conquered to grieve. mihi. I. Non iam coniugium antiquum. For that traitor cared for only you. you alone know the way of approaching the man easily and the time to do so. 440fata obstant. quantum vertice ad auras aetherias.

et. multaque praeterea vatum praedicta priorum 465terribili monitu horrificant. and she always seemed to her to be left alone. aut Agamemnonius scaenis agitatus Orestes armatam facibus matrem et serpentibus atris cum fugit. the sacred milk turn black. maestam dictis adgressa sororem. when night held the lands covered. nox cum terras obscura teneret. she was weary of gazing at the vault of heaven. 470et solem geminum et duplicis se ostendere Thebas. and twin suns and a double Thebes revealed to view. and alone the owl often laments with mournful song. She spoke of this vision to no one. moreover. horrendum dictu. semper longam incomitata videtur ire viam. terrible to tell. Then indeed unhappy Dido terrified by the fates. ultricesque sedent in limine Dirae. and draws out long calls into grief. many a prophecy of the ancient seers terrified her with its dreadful warning. or orestes son of agamenon driven on the stage when he fled his mother armed with torches and black serpents. not even her sister. Hoc visum nulli. which she had kept with amazing honour. non ipsi effata sorori. miro quod honore colebat. Eumenidum veluti demens videt agmina Pentheus. no differently was the hero buffeted this way and that by the constant voices and he very much felt worries in his great heart. And that she might complete her undertaking more. 455fusaque in obscenum se vertere vina cruorem. 450-503 Dido Resolves to Die Tum vero infelix fatis exterrita Dido mortem orat. Fierce Aeneas himself grove her raging in her sleep. semperque relinqui sola sibi. ac spem fronte serenat: Just like maddened Pentheus saw the line of the vidit. latices nigrescere sacros. Moreover there was in the palace a shrine in marble for her former husband. solaque culminibus ferali carmine bubo saepe queri et longas in fletum ducere voces. bound round with snow-white fleeces. vain tears were shed. she saw when she placed gifts on the incense burning altars. tempus secum ipsa modumque exigit. Agit ipse furentem in somnis ferus Aeneas. Quo magis inceptum peragat lucemque relinquat. and festive greenery: here she seemed to hear voices calling and words of her husband. Therefore when she lay . turicremis cum dona imponeret aris. consilium voltu tegit. begged for death. and the wine poured turned itself into filthy blood. Ergo ubi concepit furias evicta dolore 475decrevitque mori. and deserted to seach for Tyrians in the land. velleribus niveis et festa fronde revinctum: 460hinc exaudiri voces et verba vocantis visa viri. Praeterea fuit in tectis de marmore templum coniugis antiqui. taedet caeli convexa tueri. always to go a long way unaccompanied. and the avenging Dirae sit on the threshold. his mind remained unmoved. et Tyrios deserta quaerere terra. and relinquish the light.

and who gave feasts to the dragon and cared for the sacred branches in the tree. Testor. I bear witness. lectumque iugalem. tuumque dulce caput. nor did she imagine such great frenzy in her mind. germana. ast aliis duras immittere curas. next to the border of ocean and the setting sun is Ethiopia. 500Non tamen Anna novis praetexere funera sacris germanam credit. and you. Tu secreta pyram tecto interiore sub auras 495erige. sistere aquam fluviis. and all his attire. pallor simul occupat ora. You set up a pure secretly in an inner courtyard under the breezes. but bring cruel pain to others: Haec se carminibus promittit solvere mentes quas velit. guard of the temple of the hesperides. Hesperidum templi custos. exuviasque omnis. The furthest place. et sacros servabat in arbore ramos. that I arm myself with magic arts unwillingly. scattering dewy honey and sleep inducing poppy. viam—gratare sorori— quae mihi reddat eum. on the gods. you'll see the earth yae under her feet and the wild mountain-ash to come down from the mountains.” However anna did not believe that her sister was disguising her funeral with strange rites. quam morte Sychaei: ergo iussa parat. or fear more serious things. superimponas: abolere nefandi cuncta viri monumenta iuvat. vel eo me solvat amantem. which he impiously left fixed in my room. cara. the priestess swears and shows me to destroy all memorabilia of the nefarious man. and your sweet head. to stop water from rivers and to turn the stars back. and the marriage bed on which I perished. spargens umida mella soporiferumque papaver. et vertere sidera retro. monstratque sacerdos. 480Oceani finem iuxta solemque cadentem ultimus Aethiopum locus est. et descendere montibus ornos. dear sister. nec tantos mente furores concipit. With her incantations she promises to free minds who whish but bring harsh cares to others. et fronde coronat . to return him to me. than when Sychaeus died: she therefore obeyed the orders. ubi maxumus Atlas axem humero torquet stellis ardentibus aptum: hinc mihi Massylae gentis monstrata sacerdos.hold of her madness overcome by grief and she decided to die. germana. 490nocturnosque movet Manis: mugire videbis sub pedibus terram. aut graviora timet. deos et te. here a priestess I've been told of the race of the massylians. quo perii. et arma viri.” Haec effata silet. With her incantations she promises to set free what hearts she wishes. thalamo quae fixa reliquit impius. where greatest atlas turns the axis of ears on his shoulder fitted with blazing stars. and she addressed her gloomy sister with these words: “Inveni. rejoice with your sister. and she moves nighttime spirit. I found a way. epulasque draconi 485quae dabat. intenditque locum sertis. and put on it the arms of the man. she deliberated with herself the time and the way. magicas invitam accingier artes. 504-553 Dido Laments At regina. or to free me from loving him. pyra penetrali in sede sub auras 505erecta ingenti taedis atque ilice secta.

when the pyre was erected high in the innermost courtyard under the open air with pine and cut up oak. and triple Hecate and the three faces of virgin Diana. one foot shaken off from its bonds. tergeminamque Hecaten. erebus and chaos. pecudes pictaeque volucres. precatur. haud ignara futuri. and the priestess with her hair flowing intoned threehundred gods with her mouth. a love charm snatched away for a mother. Nomadumque petam conubia supplex. Nox erat. and and love rising again raged. magnoque irarum fluctuat aestu. or receive the nighttime darkness in her eyes or heart. her cares redoubled. and a caul torn from the brow of a newborn foal. She herself near the altars with sacred grain in her devout hands. It was night. silvaeque et saeva quierant aequora: cum medio volvuntur sidera lapsu. tum. quid ago? Rursusne procos inrisa priores 535experiar. then she prayed. Erebumque Chaosque. Sparserat et latices simulatos fontis Averni. quaeque lacus late liquidos. Stant arae circum.funerea. moreover she placed the garments and the sword left behind a statue on the bed. si quod non aequo foedere amantes curae numen habet iustumque memorque. 515quaeritur et nascentis equi de fronte revolsus et matri praereptus amor. unum exuta pedem vinclis. when every beast is silent and the cattle and the coloured birds. Sic adeo insistit. if there was some power just and attentive that cares lovers in an unjust pact. juicy with the milk of black venom. she hung the place with garlands and wreathed it with funereal greenery. and the woods and savage seas were at rest. and swelled with great surge of anger. et crines effusa sacerdos 510ter centum tonat ore deos. in veste recincta. tria virginis ora Dianae. The altars were standing around. somno positae sub nocte silenti lenibant curas. oculisve aut pectore noctem accipit: ingeminant curae. when the stars were rolled in the middle of their descent. silently placed in sleep under the night they soothed their cares and their hearts forgot their labours. her clothes unbound. . super exuvias ensemque relictum effigiemque toro locat. she about to die called the gods to witness and the stars conscious of fate. not ignorant of what was to be. She had scattered water signifying the fountain of Avernus. At non infelix animi Phoenissa. falcibus et messae ad lunam quaeruntur aënis pubentes herbae nigri cum lacte veneni. But Phoenician Dido was unhappy in her heart nor did she ever free herself in sleep. quaeque aspera dumis rura tenent. Ipsa mola manibusque piis altaria iuxta. 525cum tacet omnis ager. rursusque resurgens saevit amor. secumque ita corde volutat: “En. But the queen. and there were herbs cut with a silver sickle sought at moonlight. testatur moritura deos et conscia fati 520sidera. whatever held the countryside harsh with brambles. whatever held the watery lakes far and wide. et corda oblita laborum. et placidum carpebant fessa soporem corpora per terras. quos ego sim totiens iam dedignata maritos? Iliacas igitur classes atque ultima Teucrum iussa sequar? Quiane auxilio iuvat ante levatos. nec umquam 530Solvitur in somnos. and weary bodies throughout the land were enjoying quiet sleep.

tu prima furentem his. nor to touch such cares! I did not keep the pledge promised to the ashes of Sychaeus! she was bursting such great laments from her heart. fac velle. perdita. 554-583 Mercury Visits Aeneas Again Aeneas celsa in puppi. do you not know or feel yet the treachery of Laomedon’s race? Quid tum. free from the the marital bene apud memores veteris stat gratia facti? 540Quis me autem. Heia age. iam fervere litora flammis. potes hoc sub casu ducere somnos. what am I doing? Shall I be mocked and again try out my former suitor. vocemque coloremque et crinis flavos et membra decora iuventa: 560“Nate dea. Huic se forma dei voltu redeuntis eodem obtulit in somnis. tales nec tangere curas! Non servata fides cineri promissa Sychaeo!” Tantos illa suo rumpebat pectore questus. lost woman. nocti se immiscuit atrae. rursus agam pelago. and turn away this grief by steel. et ventis dare vela iubebo? Quin morere. nec Zephyros audis spirare secundos? Illa dolos dirumque nefas in pectore versat. quos Sidonia vix urbe revelli. overwhelmed by my sister. sinet. or should I carry myself on with my Tyrians and with my whole band of my people crowded round. more ferae. ratibusve superbis invisam accipiet? Nescis heu. given I wanted to. sola fuga nautas comitabor ovantes. on their proud ships? Alas. si te his attigerit terris Aurora morantem. dum praecipitare potestas? Iam mare turbari trabibus. and there might remain well in their memories gratitude of my former deeds? Who will allow me. et. in the manner of wild beasts. cernis. necdum Laomedonteae sentis periuria gentis? So she began in this way. What the. rebus iam rite paratis. ferroque averte dolorem. demens. and considered to herself in her heart thus. 565Non fugis hinc praeceps. Varium et mutabile semper 570femina. ut merita es. . shall I humbly seek a husband of the numidians. I was not allowed to live my lify without guilt. and shall I again drive to the sea and shall I order to set sail with the winds those whom I only just tore away from the city of sidon? Surely. alone I shall accompany in flight the exultant sailors. germana. 555carpebat somnos. rursusque ita visa monere est— omnia Mercurio similis. Well. You sister. varioque irarum fluctuat aestu. malis oneras atque obicis hosti.” Sic fatus. 550Non licuit thalami expertem sine crimine vitam degere. certa mori. an Tyriis omnique manu stipata meorum 545inferar. you who first burdened me with these evils as I was raging and exposed me to my enemy. quae te circum stent deinde pericula. whom I so often deemed unworthy to be my husbands? Therefore shall I follow the Trojan fleet and every last order of the Teucrians? Because they might delight when they were helped by my previos aid. Tu lacrimis evicta meis. iam certus eundi. rumpe moras. or will receive me. die. as you deserve. nec. saevasque videbis conlucere faces. a hated woman.

strictoque ferit retinacula ferro.” Dixit. and he struck the cables with the drawn iron. holy one of the gods. Know that a god sent from heaven above urges to hurry our flight and to cut the twisted rope. subitis exterritus umbris. et aequatis classem procedere velis. how can you draw out your sleep under such calamity. All together had the same eagerness and they rushed and hastened.Aeneas on his lofty stern. Let us follow you. deripientque rates alii navalibus? Ite. vaginaque eripit ensem 580fulmineum. while there's there possibility of hastening? Soon you will see the sea being disturbed by shipsm and savage torches aglow and soon the shore will be lit with flames. rapiuntque ruuntque. his golden hair. Idem omnes simul ardor habet. complexion. O be with us. 584-629 Dido’s Curse Et iam prima novo spargebat lumine terras 585Tithoni croceum linquens Aurora cubile. ibit hic” ait “et nostris inluserit advena regnis? Non arma expedient. terque quaterque manu pectus percussa decorum. break this delay. Aren’t you fleeing from here hastily. Swiftly loose the sails. et considite transtris. and sit at the crossbeams. awake. pressing on they churned the foam and swept the blue waves. corripit e somno corpus. Regina e speculis ut primum albescere lucem vidit. viri.” He spoke and drew his shining sword from its sheath. and don’t you hear the favourable west winds drawing breath? Determined to die. the shores were deserted. whoever you are.” So he spoke and he faded into the black night. madman. was enjoying sleep. “Pro Iuppiter. ferte citi flammas. and she swells with the varying surge of anger. quisquis es. 590flaventesque abscissa comas. and that the fleet was setting . A woman is a always a changeable and capricious thing. date vela. adnixi torquent spumas et caerula verrunt. Sequimur te. Tum vero Aeneas. she turns griefs and dread wickedness in her heat. as to his voice. now with matters prepared rightly. latet sub classibus aequor. Then indeed Aeneas. terrified by the sudden appearance of the shade. et sidera caelo dextra feras. sociosque fatigat: “Praecipites vigilate. now sure of his going. solvite vela citi. To him the figure of a god returning appeared in his sleep with the same appearance. impellite remos!— 595Quid loquor. calm one and helo us. the sea was covered under the ships. and don’t you see what danger surrounds you then. nunc te facta impia tangunt. totaque ex urbe sequentur. and again thus it seemed to warn him – it was like mercury in everything. sancte deorum. and bear favourable stars in the sky. imperioque iterum paremus ovantes. litoraque et vacuos sensit sine remige portus. and let us obey gladly your command. Deus aethere missus ab alto 575festinare fugam tortosque incidere funes ecce iterum stimulat. And now dawn first was casting the earth with new light leaving the yellow bed of Tithonus. aut ubi sum? Quae mentem insania mutat? Infelix Dido. Go. shook his body from sleep and woke his allies “quick. litora deseruere. Adsis o placidusque iuves. and limbs graceful with youth: “son of a goddess. men. As soon as the queen saw that daylight was brightening from her watchtower. if dawn reaches you as you delay in these lands.

regno aut optata luce fruatur. qui terrarum flammis opera omnia lustras. strike their oars! – what am I saying. quem subiisse umeris confectum aetate parentem! 600Non potui abreptum divellere corpus. quem secum patrios aiunt portare Penates. If it is necessary that the accursed man reach a harbour and sail to lands. there his goal is fixed. receive this. whom they say carried on his shoulder his father exhausted by age! Couldn’t I have torn asunder his seized body and scattered it in the waves? Could I not have killed his allies. 610et Dirae ultrices. and lie unburied amid the sand. olim. It was right then. cum sceptra dabas. three and four times she hit her beautiful breast with her hand and she tore her golden hair. tuque harum interpres curarum et conscia Iuno. torn from Iulus’ embrace. hic terminus haeret: 615at bello audacis populi vexatus et armis. and set sail. and Hecate wailed to throughout the cities at nightly crossroads. finibus extorris. moreover I myself should have given myself up. – well this is the pledge and loyalty. accipite haec.out with level sails. but troubled by war and bold armies of people. quocumque dabunt se tempore vires. et nostras audite preces. Quem metui moritura? Faces in castra tulissem. mediaque inhumatus harena. and she realised that the shore and the harbours were empty without rowers. and served him up for feasting at his father’s table? Truly the fortune of battle has been uncertain – let it be so. exiled from his territories. and turn your richeous will to my evils. cum se sub leges pacis iniquae tradiderit. non ipsum absumere ferro Ascanium. Nullus amor populis. and hear my prayers. or where am i? what madness changes my mind? Unhappy Dido. et sic fata Iovis poscunt. and you. auxilium imploret. et di morientis Elissae. complexu avulsus Iuli. . I should have stamped out the father and son with the race. Whom do I on the brink of death fear? I should have brought torches to his camp. o Tyrii. 620sed cadat ante diem. 625Exoriare aliquis nostris ex ossibus ultor. and avenging furies. cinerique haec mittite nostro munera. qui face Dardanios ferroque sequare colonos. I should have filled his hearths with flames. nocturnisque Hecate triviis ululata per urbes. the interpreter and knower of these cares Juno. stirpem et genus omne futurum exercete odiis. Haec precor. Tum vos. Ascanius himself with the sword. hanc vocem extremam cum sanguine fundo. and follow from the whole city and others drag our ships from the docks? Go swiftly bring fire. videatque indigna suorum funera.—En dextra fidesque. memet super ipsa dedissem. et undis spargere? Non socios. natumque patremque cum genere extinxem. who illuminates all efforts of the lands with your flames. nec. patriisque epulandum ponere mensis?— Verum anceps pugnae fuerat fortuna:—fuisset. nec foedera sunto. when you gave him the scepte. 605implessemque foros flammis. a stranger. scorn our kingdoms? Will not my people hold weapons in readiness. O sun. will he go” she said “and will he. and when he has submitted himself to laws of an unjust peace. for him whom they say carries with him his homelands penates. meritumque malis advertite numen. Si tangere portus infandum caput ac terris adnare necesse est. “Sol. “for Jupiter. but let him fall before his time. nunc. let him beg help. Tum decuit. and the gods of dying Elissa. now your unholy deeds affect you. and so the fates of Jove demand. let him see the undeserving deaths of his people. let him not enjoy his kingdom or the longed for light of life.

and send this service to my ashes. broke into the house through its inner threshold. a gift that was never sought to this end. 635dic corpus properet fluviali spargere lympha. ensemque recludit Dardanium. tuque ipsa pia tege tempora vitta. Here. But Dido. pugnent ipsique nepotesque. peregi. plague this stock and the whole race to come with hatred. At trepida. et. Then briefly she addressed Barce the nursemaid of Sychaeus: for black ashes had her own in her former homeland “Dear nurse. o Tyrians. maculisque trementis interfusa genas. Let there rise up some avenger from my bones. anxious and frenzied by the great undertakings. rolling her bloodshot eyes. who might pursue the Dardanian colonists with torch and sword. and pale for her coming death. sanguineam volvens aciem.” This I pray. I beseech shore against shore. fluctibus undas imprecor. et nunc magna mei sub terras ibit imago. Let there be no love or treaties between our peoples. Tum breviter Barcen nutricem adfata Sychaei. et pallida morte futura. and she lay on the bed. et partis animum versabat in omnis. dixitque novissima verba: So she spoke. and bring the sacrificial victims and noble offerings with her. et altos conscendit furibunda rogos. furiously climbed the tall pyre. weapons against weapons. and she was turning her mind this way and that. Sacra Iovi Stygio. 640Dardaniique rogum capitis permittere flammae. invisam quaerens quam primum abrumpere lucem. delayed a little in tears and thoughts. et pecudes secum et monstrata piacula ducat: sic veniat.” She said these words. 650incubuitque toro. 645interiora domus inrumpit limina. and the maid hastened her steps with an old woman’s zeal. et coeptis immanibus effera Dido. in whomever strength is granted in time. quae rite incepta paravi. the waves against swells. and unsheathed a Trojan sword. Hic. or at some time. arma armis. dum fata deusque sinebant. and seeking to end her hateful life as soon as possible. paulum lacrimis et mente morata. meque his exsolvite curis. perficere est animus. finemque imponere curis. and I pour out this last cry with my blood. namque suam patria antiqua cinis ater habebat: “Annam cara mihi nutrix huc siste sororem. now. and spoke most strange words: “Dulces exuviae. and to put an end to my cares. 630-705 The Death of Dido 630Haec ait. Then as for you. . accipite hanc animam. which duly I have begun and prepared. and to entrust the pyre of the Dardanian man to the flames. so she may come. after she caught sight of the Trojan clothes and the bed she knew. and with trembling cheeks flushed with red stain. and sprinkle her body with river water. It is my thought to complete the rites of stygian jove.Litora litoribus contraria. postquam Iliacas vestes notumque cubile conspexit. and you yourself cover your temples with sacred ribbons. bring my sister Anna here: tell her to hasten. non hos quaesitum munus in usus. let them fight.” Sic ait: illa gradum studio celerabat anili. Vixi. them and their descendants. quem dederat cursum fortuna.

concussam bacchatur Fama per urbem. the sky echoed with the loud lamentation. and free me from my cares. but I’ll die all the same!. thus. et. fuit? Me fraude petebas? Hoc rogus iste mihi. flammaeque furentes culmina perque hominum volvantur perque deorum.” Sic fata. and the sword foaming with blood. and raging flames were rolling over the roofs of men and gods. populumque patresque Sidonios urbemque tuam. si litora tantum numquam Dardaniae tetigissent nostra carinae!” Dixit. mea moenia vidi. ac morientem nomine clamat: she had spoken. “Sic. ensemque cruore 665spumantem. moaning and womanly wailing. I'm happy to go under the shades. Clamour rose through the lofty halls. hoc ignes araeque parabant? Quid primum deserta querar? Comitemne sororem sprevisti moriens? Eadem me ad fata vocasses: idem ambas ferro dolor. os impressa toro. no differently than if all Carthage or ancient Tyre were falling to the invading enemy. soror.655Urbem praeclaram statui. germana. Dixerat. atque illam media inter talia ferro conlapsam aspiciunt comites. sparsasque manus.” Sweet reminders. receive this soul. and the stained hands. The palace groaned with weeping. I have lived and I have completed the course which fortune had granted. if be. gradus evaserat altos. sic te ut posita crudelis abessem? Exstinxti te meque. non aliter. Audiit exanimis. rumour raved though the disturbed city. poenas inimico a fratre recepi. resonat magnis plangoribus aether. Her sister heard. semianimemque sinu germanam amplexa fovebat cum gemitu. with an anxious run disfiguring her face with her nails and beating her chest with her fists she rushed though the crowd and called out to the dying woman by name: 675“Hoc illud. Lamentis gemituque et femineo ululatu tecta fremunt. Let the cruel Dardanian swallow with his eyes this fire from the dea. sic iuvat ire sub umbras: Hauriat hunc oculis ignem crudelis ab alto Dardanus. and now my great shade shall go beneath the lands. “thus. 685ore legam. 680His etiam struxi manibus. and let him take the omen of my death with him”. while the fates and god allows. 660sed moriamur” ait. atque atros siccabat veste cruores. trepidoque exterrita cursu unguibus ora soror foedans et pectora pugnis per medios ruit. atque eadem hora tulisset. I set up a noble city. extremus si quis super halitus errat. avenging a husband. ulta virum. if only the Dardanian boats had never reached my shores!” she spoke and her face pressed in the couch she said “I’ll die unavenged. too happy. felix. It clamor ad alta atria. my brother. et. and her companions saw her amid such words when she’d fallen on the sword. “Moriemur inultae. happy allas. quam si immissis ruat hostibus omnis 670Karthago aut antiqua Tyros. Date volnera lymphis abluam. I exacted punishment from an enemy. . I see my walls. et nostrae secum ferat omina mortis. heu nimium felix. patriosque vocavi voce deos.

sister? did you seek to deceive me? This pyre here. or by a deserved death. I should catch it with my moith. All the warmth ebbed at the same time and her life vanished on the winds. the pain by the same sword. three times she fell back on the bed. infixum stridit sub pectore vulnus. 695quae luctantem animam nexosque resolveret artus. Three times she raised herself and she lifted herself on her forearm. teque isto corpore solvo. Therefore dewy iris though the sky on saffron wings. 700Ergo Iris croceis per caelum roscida pennis. before her time. and she stemmed the dark blood with her robe. ingemuitque reperta. subitoque accensa furore. sed misera ante diem. Stygioque caput damnaverat Orco. and she kept her half alive sister warm in her embrace with groaning.So was it for this. and your city. Illa. inflamed with sudden madness. nondum illi flavum Proserpina vertice crinem abstulerat. Irim demisit Olympo. and she would the light from the lofty sky with her wandering eyes. and I free you from this here body. devolat. rursus deficit. et supra caput adstitit: “Hunc ego Diti sacrum iussa fero. 690Ter sese attollens cubitoque adnixa levavit. tried to raise her heavy eyes. and the Sidonian fathers. to free the struggling spirit and the captive limbs. I should bathe your wounds with the waters. sister. and had condemned her life to stygian orcus. graves oculos conata attollere. the piercing wound hissed under her breast. and again she failed. and she sight when she found it. and I called the gods of this country with my cry. and the people. so that thus I might be absent cruelly as you were placed here? You’ve killed you and me. and if some breath hovers. . Proserpina had not yet taken from her head golden hair. For because she had not died through fate. mille trahens varios adverso sole colores. as commanded. et dextra crinem secat: omnis et una 705dilapsus calor. oculisque errantibus alto quaesivit caelo lucem. this fire and altars were prepared for me? Did you scorn your sister as a companion when dying? You should have called me to the same fate. sent iris down from Olympus. But Dido. longum miserata dolorem difficilisque obitus. Nam quia nec fato. Tum Iuno omnipotens. atque in ventos vita recessit. trailing a thousand different colours in the shifting sun. and the same hour should have bourn us both. ter revoluta toro est.” Sic ait. I even built this with my own hands.” So she spoke and she cut the hair with her had. So she spoke and she climbed the high steps. pitying the long suffering and difficult death. but wretchedly. flew down and stood above her head “I bear this offering sacred to Dis. then all powerful Juno. merita nec morte peribat.