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Aeneid book 4 vocab alit venis multa…multus lampade umentem polo dimoverat degeneres arguit iugali pertaesum + genitive

taeda uni sensus adigat violo resolvo carpere flexere desaevit delubra exquirunt bidentis legiferae pinguis instaurat consulit exta volatile saltus vicissim maret stratis propugnacula minae dotalis abnuat probat titan venatum radiis alae indagine saltus iubare retia

nourish, feed, nurse? veins over and over lamp damp pole remove ignoble, degenerate show nuptial come to hate, weary pine wedding torch one - feminine acc, feeling, will drive dishonour loosen, void, destroy 2nd pass s, consumed influence rage shrine, temple seek 2 teethed i.e. animals law giving rich (aras) established consult (a deity) organs flying woods again lament cloth, couch ramparts pinnacles of a dowry decline subjunctive approve sun god hunt, supine rays wings, i.e likes for hunting encircling - i.e. nets woodland radience nets

dusty she who prepares the bride. covered with dust. a watching. fly. support full of fishes. begin renew green . top to prop up. jasper sparkling. matron of honour to be lively or vigorous. stay. purple . adorns enfold. to thrive. ground garlands dine to bind or tie under. bind below clasp visit establish dance arrange. devise open to go. bride's-woman. bright floor. sail. glittering purple dye. flourish. gains (ever new and greater) strength in her course inconstant. winged foot. various. glistening. entangle more slugglishly. changeable. penetrate summit. sole of foot lay the bottom. make a foundation. coif. found. increase lying out on guard. abounding in fish flies low cut divide furnished with wings. or pierce through. keep up by props.rara venabula odora sonipes chlamydem limbo subnectit fibula invisit instaurat choros fingens implicat segnior lustra pulverulenta pronuba viget adquirit multiplici aggerat excubias pingue florentia solum sertis epulata subnexus mitra madentem mentum invidet struit resignat tranat apicem fulcit piscosos humilis secabat alatis plantis fundantem novantem iaspide stellatus murice thin hunting spears keen scented sounding feet state cloak border fasten.colored precious stone. bloom acquire. turban flowing chin grudge plan. glittering. keeping watch fat shining. slowly den full of dust. bind on beneath headband.

seek to gain to dissemble.. full. abundant thrust. issue. divide resinous float leave. assert. part winsg perf pass fem acc regret To put forward. push. resolute to acquire. posterity. pretend nuptial torch the oracles of the Lycian Apollo cover survey crag keep back drain put asunder. etc. shove.laena telas discreverat invadit uxorius teris heredis ambire dissimulent facessunt trieterica adibam moribundam suboles suscepta obnixus promeritam pigebit praetendi taedas sortes operit pererrat cautibus reservo hausurum seduxit uncta natat Migrantis ruentis formicae farris acervum populant calle grandia trudunt castigant semita carbasus arcanos exscindere revelli cumulatam tractabilis eruere lined upper garment. or bear strenuous. private destroy disturb. race. violate shall abundantly reward yielding uproot . friendship. destroy. get. secret. to crowd or shove forward set right. triennialthe festival of Bacchus go to Dying offspring. spoil track path full-grown. lineage to get. sail Hidden. large. for his favor. perform recurring every three years. progeny. disguise. great. conceal. firm. a cloak. beget. allege. uxorious waste (time) heir solicit one for something. stock. separate. correct ways or paths linen. concealed. depart rush ant grain heap ruin. divide To assail with words. to hide. gain. earn. to strive for. keep secret complete. hold out. mantle web interweave. accost excessively fond of one's wife.

blend sit. triumphant crowd round expose offer to spend. fluctuate. bramble redouble. the horned owl lament deliberate make joy. drive. pass free from. repeat. intermingle. crossbank. push. uncertain. gird round clothing. smite. scorn. reach oars I . strike. foreigner. consider suitor deem unworthy to reject as unworthy. to waver. reiterate. equipments. strike buffet weary incenseburning fluid. arms Grits or grains of spelt coarsely ground and mixed with salt pluck enjoy rest thorn-bush. rightly. immigrant pour scorn to hold in readiness to tear off. increase be restless. remove violently. well to mix in. hesitate. snatch away. pull down to strike against. tear away. aright. to rage. vacillate. disdain. cable watch tower level stranger. bank for rowers be with us rope. congratulate poppy the wild mountain-ash arm.flatibus tunditur taedet turicremis latices revinctum velleribus festa culminibus ferali bubo queri exigit gratare papaver ornos accingier exuvias mola carpebant quierant dumis ingeminant fluctuat volutat procos dedignata ovantes stipata obicis degere expertem rite immiscuit considite transtris Adsis retinacula speculis aequatis advena inluserit expedient deripientque impellite remos memet gust beat. duly. unquiet. refuse exultant. swell. gable of or belonging to the dead or to corpses owl. settle a cross-beam. devoid of without fitly. summit. roof. intermix. milk reboound fleece festive the top. doubtful.

swallow agitate mar. disfigure nail both climb half-alive captive . pursue black. offerings pyre of an old woman anxious agitated very wild. exiled. savage pupil of eyes drain. fierce. banished work at.extorris exercete ater piacula rogum anili trepida effera aciem Hauriat concussam foedans unguibus ambas evaserat semianimemque nexosque roscida driven out of the country.



. seek to gain . etc.. to strive for.

swell. vacillate. hesitate. fluctuate. . to waver.